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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, December 2, 2002

The Oakdale Three arrive at Vanderbilt, instantly recognized by students there. Craig and Holden arrive at Vanderbilt, and they find out that Hal had already arrived there. Hal confronts all three young people, but the Vanderbilt students band together to separate Hal from Alison, Aaron, and Lucy. As the three escape in the Volkswagen, Craig and Holden spot them.

Isaac apologizes for his attitude to Bonnie. Their discussion is interrupted by Ben and Jessica, and both Isaac and Bonnie leave. Ben questions Jessica about T. Marshall Travers, but she makes an excuse to rush out. Lisa comes in just as Jessica is leaving, and she tells Ben that she is worried about Isaac and his fixation on Marshall Travers. Lisa and Ben speculate that Bonnie is romantically involved with Marshall.

Marshall meets with Margo, and Bonnie questions Margo about Marshall after he leaves. Bonnie tells Margo that she has evidence linking James Stenbeck to the Lakeview Hotel on the night of the murder. Marshall and Jessica meet at the police station, and Margo watches the two of them having what appears to be a very private conversation. Margo then meets Bonnie in a private room where Bonnie shows her a partially burned vampire costume, which she says that she found at Fairwinds. Margo wants to trace the cape to the costume shop, but Bonnie tells Margo that she wants to keep the cape so that she can trade it for the tape of Marshall and Jessica. Bonnie tells Margo that running this sting on Marshall Travers is the only way she can find out what kind of man he really is. Bonnie agrees to check in with Margo, so that Margo can set up round-the-clock surveillance. But as Bonnie passes Marshall, she tells him to meet her in the Lakeview Lounge in ten minutes, because she is prepared to offer him a deal. Marshall grabs her by the arm and warns her to walk away while she still has a chance. Their heated conversation is overheard.

Molly tells Mike that they are expecting a tiny little visitor in the very near future, as she is moving her things in with him, then she explains that she had offered to babysit for Jackie, Jr.. When the baby arrives, Molly comments that he looks very large for a preemie. She leaves Jackie with Mike for a few minutes, and, when she returns, she finds Mike telling a fairy tale to Jackie. In a few minutes, Mike smiles adoringly at the picture of Molly with a baby. Molly admits that she regrets missing out on Abigail as a baby, and Mike confides that he would love for the two of them to have a baby.

Jack is off to the hearing, optimistic about his future with Carly and their two boys. Carly opens her home pregnancy test as soon as he leaves. The doorbell rings, and Emily appears. Emily confides that she had followed Hal and had appealed to him to come home, but Hal had refused to come home before he caught up with Aaron. Now Emily is very discouraged, as she confides to Carly. Carly, in return, confides to Emily that she might be pregnant and shows her the test. Carly takes the test and tells Emily that she is pregnant, but she swears Emily to secrecy, because Carly thinks this is the wrong time to tell Jack about the pregnancy. Jack returns while they are talking, and tells the two women that he now has full temporary custody of Jack, Jr. (J.J.). Jack leaves, and Emily demands to know why Carly doesn't want to tell Jack that she is pregnant. Carly tearfully tells Emily that she is afraid that the baby might not be Jack's.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

While Margo tells Jessica and Paul about the costume being rented and both being put on Brandy's credit card, Bonnie talks to Marshall hoping he would cave, but he doesn't. He warns her again and tells her the sting she is planning isn't going to work. She tries to tell him she is only doing this to protect her mother but he isn't buying. He leaves in a huff and Ben catches Bonnie leaving after him. Ben questions her about their visit and thinks she is having an affair with him. He wants to know the truth as to an affair between her and Marshall. Meanwhile back at the station...Paul fails to see a connection since there is no eye witness. Margo promises to get more evidence and leaves and Jess reassures Paul who agrees Margo can do the job. Marshall later shows up at the station asking who knew about the charred costume besides Bonnie since he thinks someone else knew.

Carly tells Emily about being pregnant and not being sure who the father is. After Emily gets a little judgmental, Carly reminds her about Tom and her having his son. Emily then backs off and they discuss what to do next. Carly said she isn't sure about having the baby but wants to see a doctor first so Emily calls hers and tries to get an appointment. Emily also tells her she knows the mystery man is Craig and Carly firmly denies that. The doctor's office calls just when Jack walks in and has no idea what the call is about. Later Molly and Mike show up and Mike helps Jack with a swing while Molly tells Carly about them talking about having kids. Carly tries to put a stop to it right away.

Emma receives a surprise visitor when Rosanna shows up. Emma told her about not being there at Thanksgiving and Rosanna said she didn't feel she would be welcomed. Emma told she seems a little jealous over what Carly and Molly have and Rosanna says she is completely happy. Emma asked her why she stayed if she feels no one likes her.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Katie and Simon celebrate their anniversary. She tells him to pick one special moment. Her moment is seeing him at the hospital before she had the liver transplant surgery. It gave her the strength to come back. Simon says his most memorable is "right now." Katie gets mad because she realizes that Simon can't come up with a special moment. Simon says he can't think of one special thing because every time with her is special - even little everyday things. As they are leaving the Lakeview, they run into Emily who is very upset. She asks them if they can trace down the kids again. Katie tells her they can't right now but not to worry because she saw them and they are "totally fine."

Lucy and Alison are fighting. Alison wants to sleep in the car while Lucy and Aaron want to stay in an old barn for the night. Alison decides to go to the car and Lucy gets upset when Aaron goes after her. Alison gets mad and takes off in their car. Lucy is happy that she can have some time just with Aaron. They begin to kiss but Aaron pulls away because he doesn't want to pressure her into anything. Lucy says she is ready. They decide it's time to become even closer but Lucy says they don't have birth control. Aaron takes a condom out of his wallet. He says he bought it while they were in Maryland - after the night they almost slept together. They climb up to the loft ready to take the next step in their relationship. Meanwhile, Alison is crying - alone - in the car. She feels like she needs to talk to somebody so she decides to call Emily.

Bonnie rushes over to the police station to see Jessica who is furious that Margo and Bonnie tried to bribe Marshall. Jessica says that Bonnie only proved how na´ve she is. Bonnie tells her mother that Ben suspects that Bonnie is having an affair with Marshall. Jessica feels bad that Bonnie is paying for a mistake that Jessica made. She says that she'll take care of things - including getting the tape. Bonnie says she just wants them to get their lives back together.

Barbara goes to Java Underground looking for Bonnie. She talks to Isaac and lets it slip that Bonnie went to Fairwinds on Thanksgiving night. Isaac is surprised and angry to hear this. Bonnie walks in, goes up to Isaac and says, "I have one thing to say to you - this" and she gives him a heartfelt hug. Barbara approaches them and apologizes for her slip. She also tells them she learned that Marshall and James met in Rio six months ago. Barbara tells Isaac not to be too mad at Bonnie because she saved Barbara's life that night. Bonnie tells Isaac he can trust her. She leaves, telling Isaac she is going to see her mother.

Ben goes to see Marshall and tells him that he knows about the affair. Marshall at first thinks Ben knows about Jessica but he then realizes that Ben mistakenly thinks Marshall is having an affair with Bonnie. They argue but Marshall does not tell him the truth. He tells Ben to leave his room. As Ben leaves, he asks the Bell Hop if he'd like to earn a little extra money to watch Marshall's room, then call Ben when Marshall receives a female visitor.

A female visitor goes over to Marshall's room. The bellhop sees her and calls Ben. Marshall opens the door and Jessica is there. She tells Marshall that she wants the videotape and that she'll do anything to get it. "Anything" he asks. She replies, "Anything."

Thursday, December 5, 2002

Carly tries to get Jack to stay home from work with her. Jack reminds her that they are still running on a skeleton crew. He reminds her that she hasn't been feeling well enough to have any sexual escapades. He says that maybe after her visit tomorrow with the doctor she will feel better. The baby starts to cry and Jack goes upstairs to check on him. After Jack is upstairs, Carly says a prayer. She looks up to heaven and says, "In the grand scheme of things, I don't ask for a whole lot. So, forgive me for asking for a doozy here, but please let that pregnancy test be wrong. Please, please don't let me be pregnant with Mike's baby."

Craig opens his hotel room door and sees Rosanna standing there. She tells him that she needed to see him. Holden picks up his things and tells Rosanna that he was just leaving and walks out. Rosanna walks in and Craig closes the door. Rosanna goes on about how she knows that Craig has been disappointed in not finding Lucy, but she needs to have sex and she was wondering if he would be interested. He grabs her and says, "Oh yes!" The two start kissing and taking their clothes off. After they have made love, Rosanna tries to make Craig feel better about not finding his daughter. She suggests that they take a bath together and soak away the tension. She tells Craig to go and run the bath water and she will check her messages. He tells her to not be too long and he goes into the bathroom. She calls her voice mail and hears a message from the OB/GYN office. They are calling to confirm her appointment and if she needs to cancel, just give them a call.

Alison calls Emily to complain about Aaron and Lucy. Emily tries to get Alison to tell her where she is. Alison says that she is in the middle of nowhere. Emily pleads with Alison to come home. Alison says that she feels so alone. She adds that it is just she and a big billboard of the king with the blue suede shoes. Emily asks, "Where is Aaron and Lucy?" She says that she ditched them, but she needs to get back to them. Emily tells Alison that there is some new evidence that proves that Aaron didn't set the fire. Alison asks if Will changed his story and Emily informs her that Will is still in a coma. Alison says that this is never going to be over. She asks Emily what if Will dies. Emily tells her that Will isn't going to die, but she needs to come home. She pleads with Alison to please come home and she will take care of everything. Alison says, "Tell mommy that I love her." Alison hangs up. Emily hangs up and says, "Hang on baby, I will bring you home."

Aaron and Lucy made love in the hayloft and then fell asleep. Aaron wakes up from a nightmare and realizes where he is. He strokes Lucy's hair and asks if she is ok. She shakes her head yes. He asks if she is sure. She asks if he remembers that he said that she would feel different after they were together. He asks her if she feels different and she tells him that she does. She adds that she feels like she belongs to him. She lifts her head and tells him that she loves him. He says that he loves her too and he kisses her on the forehead. Lucy gets up and gets dressed. She tells Aaron that he needs to get dressed because Alison could be back anytime. Aaron starts to get dressed. He asks Lucy if she wants him to get dressed because she doesn't want Alison to see her naked lover or do you not want her to know that we are lovers at all. Lucy says, "Well, both." Aaron asks if she is ashamed of him or what they did. She says that she is not ashamed and she is glad that they made love. She explains that Alison is in love with him too and she will just ruin the time they spent together. Aaron says that every time they want to be together, they will make Alison angry and she will go away and they can have a couple of hours together. Lucy asks, "You mean, this is wasn't a one and only time?" Aaron tells her that this was just the beginning. Lucy asks what Aaron is smiling about. Aaron tells her that he just made love to a girl that he is in love with. Lucy leans in and kisses Aaron. As they hug, she has a huge smile on her face. Alison finally shows up and finds Lucy and Aaron in a lip lock. She asks if that is all they do. Alison is waiting for the two to yell at her but Lucy tells her that she is glad she had some time to herself. Alison wonders why they aren't mad at her. Lucy tells her that they all need a break from each other from time to time. Lucy tells her that she is glad that she is back. Alison makes a smart comment back to Lucy and Aaron tells her not to be that way. Alison stomps out of the barn and Lucy and Aaron shake their head and follow her out.

Emily runs into the police station and asks Jack if they can talk in private. She and Jack go into the interrogation room. Emily tells Jack about Alison calling. Jack asks if she knows where the kids are. Emily tells him that she doesn't know for sure, but she can take a wild guess. Jack wants to call the police in the area, but Emily asks if they can just call Craig and Holden. Jack asks if she wants to alienate her husband. Emily says that she wants the kids to come home, not have a bust with sirens blaring. Jack asks where she thinks they are. Emily says that Alison said something about the king as in Elvis. Jack asks if she thinks they are in Memphis.

Jessica tells Marshall that she will do anything to get the tape back. Marshall says that they need to make sure that they do everything. He pushes her hair away from her face and kisses her. Marshall takes Jessica to his bed and they lay down together. Marshall starts to kiss and caress her. Jessica realizes what she is doing and turns her head. Marshall comments that she can give him her body, but she will keep her emotions in check. She reminds him that she loves another man. Marshall asks where was that love when they slept together before. She tells him that she doesn't want to hurt him. He tells her that he is not hurt. He adds that he can't be the little lap dog like Ben. Jessica asks Marshall what Stenbeck did to him. He says that Stenbeck didn't do anything to him. He asks Jessica if she knows why he works for Stenbeck. Jessica shakes her head. Marshall says that he is as low and cruel and hateful as he is. He pulls her back down on the bed. He tells her that for future reference, she didn't want him because she saw the good in him. She slept with him because she wanted a taste of evil. He traces her mouth with his finger and kisses her.

Outside the hotel room, Ben shows up when the bellhop had called him to say that Mr. Travers had a female visitor. The bellhop asks Ben if the woman that is in the room is his girlfriend. Ben says that the woman is his brother's girlfriend. The bellhop tells him that maybe it would be better to not get involved. The bellhop leaves Ben outside the hotel room.

Back inside the room, Jessica realizes what she is doing. She gathers her things together and tells Marshall that she can't believe that she almost made the same mistake again. As she opens the door to leave, Ben is standing there. She says, "Ben?!" He says, "Jessica? What are you doing here?" Marshall says that she is there on personal business. Ben asks about Bonnie. He thought Bonnie was in the room. Marshall says that Jessica came looking for a certain videotape, which I have. Jessica looks at Marshall with pleading eyes. Marshall walks over and takes out the tape. He asks Ben if he would like to see what is on the tape. Ben asks Jessica, "What is going on here?" Jessica tells Ben that they need to leave. Marshall plops the tape in the player and starts the machine. Ben sees Jessica on the tape in Marshall hotel room. Marshall is undressing her and taking her to the bed. Ben says, "What the..." Marshall tells Ben that the woman couldn't get enough and if she would have been that enthusiastic in the courtroom, she might still be D.A. Ben is sickened and Jessica is devastated. Ben grabs the remote control from Marshall and stops the tape. Ben turns to Jessica, but he can't look at her. He walks out of the room. Marshall ejects the tape and tells Jessica, "You wanted the tape and here it is." Jessica asks if he had it all along. Marshall says that Stenbeck told him where it was and he went and got it. Marshall tells her that he wanted to see how far she would go to get the tape back. Jessica asks, "And Ben?" Marshall tells her that was just for kicks. Marshall asks why there is no yelling or physical violence. Jessica says that she would have to give a damn about him. Jessica says that she realizes that he just did this to throw her off her game right before Paul's trial. She says that he did all this because he has to win. Jessica grabs the tape and says, "Thanks for the tape." Marshall says that he is sorry for having to part with such a treasured souvenir. Jessica says that she hopes he got an eyeful, because he will never have the pleasure again. Marshall tells her to never say never. She asks if she was a memorable lover. He says that she was the best. She tells him that if he thought she was good in bed; just wait until they meet again in the courtroom. She adds, "You ain't seen nothing yet." She turns and leaves his hotel room and slams the door behind her.

Henry is in the lobby at the Lakeview trying to pickup women. When he strikes out, he goes back to his table and says that he needs a woman who has a keen sense of adventure, a woman who laughs in the face of danger, a woman who loves the smell of fear. A woman approaches him and says that he has found her. Henry looks up and sees the female guard that threw him out of the Monte Carlo building the night he was spying on Carly. He jumps up and says, "Magda!!" He hugs her and says that he hasn't seen her since the night that she kicked him out of the Monte Carlo offices. Then he asks if she remembers him. She makes a face and says, "How could I forget?" He tells her that he has been looking all over town for her. She says that she had heard that and that is why she is there to break his freakin' kneecaps. He tells her to calm down. He explains that he was looking for her because he needed some information and he will be willing to pay for the information. She asks how much money is he talking about. He tells her fifty percent. She tells him sixty percent because a girl has to pay for her karate classes. Henry says that he totally understands and he makes a deal. He asks if she can tell him who was with Carly Tenney at the Monte Carlo offices the night that she kicked him out. She tells him that the man is head of the construction crew at the hospital. He asks if she can give him a name and she says, "Mike Kasnoff." Henry gets a big smile on his face.

Back at Jack and Carly's house, Carly is daydreaming about the night she spent with Mike. Jack comes downstairs and brings her out of her dream. He tells her that he will go with her to her doctor's appointment. She says that she is a big girl and she can go to see her doctor all by herself and if she needs backup, she will let him know. She scoots him out of the house and off to work. After he goes out the door, she leans against the door and has a very worried look on her face. Carly lies down on the couch and falls asleep. She has a dream about being pregnant. In her dream, she tells Jack that she doesn't know how she got pregnant and Jack tells her that they have been blessed with a miracle. Carly starts to have labor pains. Rosanna shows up in her dream as the doctor and starts to deliver Carly's baby. Craig walks in with a huge birth certificate and wants to fill in the name of the daddy. He asks Carly is the father the policeman or the construction worker. Jack and Mike are standing in front of her with their arms around each other and smiling at her. The baby is born and Jack, Mike, Craig and Rosanna stand around looking at the baby. Jack looks at Carly and says that the baby is not his. Carly says that it is his baby. Carly asks who the baby looks like. Everyone steps away except for Mike. Mike stands alone with a big smile on his face. Carly starts to scream and wakes her self up from her dream. The doorbell rings and she fixes her hair and heads for the door. She opens the door and Henry is standing there. She tells him that whatever he is selling, she is not buying. He tells her that he was going to call first. She says that it was good he didn't call because she would hang up on him. He informs her that he is there to save her marriage. She gives him a look. He says that he has evidence that she was drunk and disorderly with a Mike Kasnoff the night before her wedding. He goes on to say that he thought about going to Rosanna about the matter, but he thought he would give her first dibs on buying him off. He asks, "How does fifty thousand dollars sound?" Carly asks if he needs fifty thousand dollars to pay off his martini tab at the Lakeview. Henry says that she still has a great sense of humor and she is going to need it because he has a witness that can place her and Mike Kasnoff at her office the night before her nuptials. She tells him that he is way off track and he is messing with the wrong woman. He says that someone should have told Mike that before she did the deed. Carly gets very mad at Henry and tells him to get out. Then she pushes him out the door. He tells her that he is just trying to keep her life in Milltown safe from the talons of Rosanna Cabot, which is very cheap, but not as cheap as sleeping with her cousin's boyfriend. Carly yells, "Leave me alone!!" She slams the door in Henry's face.

Friday, December 6, 2002
by Andy

Lucy and Aaron are standing in the rain at Rhodes College holding a sign that reads, "Will work for food." Another couple runs for cover from the rain and bump into Aaron and Lucy. Ruthie tells them her car is about ready to explode, and Aaron offers to help fix the car for some food.

Alison finds her way into a sorority fund-raiser, where she spies a guy begging for people to dunk him in a water tank, but no one seems to care. Alison bargains with him. If he buys some hot dogs for Aaron, Lucy and herself, she'll raise a lot of money with that dunk tank. He agrees and steps aside. Alison immediately begins to berate the crowd, prompting them to want to dunk her. People line up and start throwing balls at the bull's eye. Lucy walks in and Alison insults her. Lucy borrows a dollar and is the first one to hit the bull's eye, dropping Alison into the water.

At the hospital, Rosanna receives news that she must have corrective surgery. The OB/GYN leaves her alone to fill out pre-op forms. Rosanna sits down, looks at the forms, then places a call. "Can I - Can we - Can I talk to you?" Around the corner, Emily and Carly arrive to get the results of an official pregnancy test. Carly walks toward registration, but spies Rosanna. Rosanna sees Carly, sets her papers on the chair, gets up, and says, "Carly. Here to depress the sick, or get a little from your favorite foreman?" Carly returns with a jab of her own, "Actually Rosanna I dropped in here to get a DNA test. Part of my never ending quest to prove that we aren't related." Rosanna fishes further for the real reason why Carly is at the hospital, when Emily steps forward and announces that she is the one who has the appointment and she just brought Carly along for support. Rosanna wishes them both well in the ongoing pursuit of 'the Oakdale Three.' Carly smirks and says Hal will bring them home safely. "Poor Hal with the state of mind he's been in these days. Oh, I'm so sorry. He's your [looking at Emily] husband isn't he. And [looking at Carly] the father of your child. Whoops. The chief of detectives has been busy these last couple of years. Must be quite a guy." Emily turns and walks away. Carly pushes Rosanna's buttons also by skewering her history with men. "No man ever seems to want you enough." Rosanna doesn't want to mud wrestle so she tries to leave. Carly stops her and tells her to call Henry off. She doesn't appreciate him blackmailing her. This is news to Rosanna, and her horns perk up. "Sounds like she's up to something. Doesn't it Emily." Carly looks caught. Rosanna vows that Jack will find out what she was up to with Mike the night before the wedding and walks out of the room. Carly says to Emily, "Remind me to stay away from Rosanna when I'm pregnant. She makes me want to throw up." Dr. Schiller walks into the room and Emily introduces her to Carly. The doctor finds the pre-op papers Rosanna left on her chair and picks them up. Carly offers to help her sister out in any way she can, but the doctor declines her offer.

Mike rushes into Al's diner to get his breakfast and spies a absolutely wrecked Ben wallowing over a cup of coffee. Mike asks him what's wrong. "Lies man! Lies are going on all around me! She betrayed me, and I'm going to get the man that made her do it." Mike tells him that sometimes people slip up and encourages him to give Jessica another chance. Perhaps Mike is practicing his own excuse speech when he'll have to explain why he slept with Carly the night before her wedding. Ben doesn't buy it. He says, "My mamma told me you don't cheat on someone that you love!" He starts to beat himself up for not trusting his gut when he thought she was seeing another man. "She made her choice! She chose Travers." Ben suddenly realizes that Isaac knew all along. Mike offers to take the drunk Ben to see his brother.

At Java, Bonnie and Isaac find out that Neia Bellaguese was Marshall's main squeeze throughout his time in college. Further research shows that she left Boston to go back home to Rio shortly before graduation. Jessica calls Bonnie looking for Ben. She tells her daughter that Ben now knows everything. Bonnie's jaw drops.

Bonnie rushes to meet her mother at the Lakeview and tries to console her by saying Ben will eventually come around. Jessica is in a daze. Bonnie is happy that her mother finally owned up to what she did. Jessica says, "I didn't own anything. I didn't tell Ben." Bonnie wants to know where the tape is. Jessica shows her the tape and says she has the one and only copy. She tells her daughter that, "Marshall played the tape for Ben. He watched for a minute or two. Then he turned it off and walked out." Bonnie destroys the tape. Jessica says she's going to bury herself in her work to try to numb the pain. She picks up her things and leaves the Lounge. Bonnie vows to help her mother win in the courtroom.

Ben arrives at Java and lunges at his brother in anger. "You knew! And you never told me! You let me walk into a porno flick without warning me!" Mike and Isaac settle him down, but Ben is still sorely wounded. Isaac figures out that Bonnie knew all along about the tape. Ben tells Isaac that Marshall pushed play, and the tape showed Marshall and Jessica making love. Isaac wants to exact revenge on Marshall, but Ben warns him off. "That pleasure will be mine. And mine alone." Isaac tells him it wasn't Marshall who cheated on him. It was Jessica. Jessica walks down the stairs and says, "Isaac's right." She tries to touch Ben, but he recoils. He spits, "You better finish what you have to say, because this is the last conversation we're ever going to have!"

Bonnie pays Marshall a visit in his room. "What happened between you and Stenbeck in Rio six months ago?" Marshall denies any meeting ever took place. Bonnie accuses him of compromising his morals because of "something or someone. Tell me about that someone. Why is she worth risking everything that matters?" Marshall shows her the door. Bonnie stops him in his tracks, "What about Neia?"

Back at the hospital, Emily looks into Will's room and sees Barbara hovering at his side. Carly comes out of her appointment and announces that she is pregnant. Emily is excited for her, but Carly wants to keep it a secret for as long as possible. Emily asks if she found out anything regarding Rosanna's surgery, but Carly didn't have any luck, "God knows I tried to weasel it out of her." Carly waffles, "Explain to me how I can be so madly in love with my husband, but pregnant by another guy." Emily says she now has to "Beg Barbara to call Hal and ask him to come home." Carly doesn't envy her, but sticks around for moral support.

Aaron catches up with Lucy and Alison with fifty dollars in hand from fixing the car. Just then Holden and Craig arrive and ask the kids if they can go somewhere to talk. Holden tells them about new evidence that might exonerate Aaron. The kids agree to talk and walk away with Craig and Holden.

Hal finds someone who is willing to give him information about Aaron, Lucy, and Alison. The kid directs him toward the runaway group. Hal is stunned that someone actually helped him without giving him any trouble.

Emily walks into Will's room, "Barbara?" Babs says, "I didn't give you permission to come in here." Emily asks her to call Hal as a favor. "If and when Hal calls, I will tell him NOT to come home unless he's dragging Aaron Snyder behind him. Will doesn't need his father here, he has me." Dr. John comes in and pulls Barbar into the hall to chat.

Emily sits down next to Will and consoles him. She speaks gentle and kind words, "You know, I was thinking if you come home, I bet your dad would come home too." Will's fingers start to squeeze her hand, and then he blinks his eyes open.

Rosanna sits with Emma at Al's diner. She's looking for comfort because, "It seems I'm going to have surgery. It's not life threatening, but after this operation, I'm not going to be able to have a baby."

Carly comes home, sits on the couch, and looks at her pregnancy vitamins. The doorbell rings and she hides the pills in the couch. She yells, "It's open," and Henry lets himself in. Henry tells Carly he knows it was Mike who slept with her the night before her wedding. She says it's all lies. He pulls out the home pregnancy test he found in her trash. Now that he has proof, he asks her who he should discuss this news with, "you, or your handsome hubby?"

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