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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, April 21, 2003

After Barbara tells Paul that she is certain that Rose was one of the two women who participated in her abduction, Paul confronts Rose in the hotel bar and asks her directly if she had anything to do with Barbara's abduction. Just as Rose is about to confess to Paul, Dusty, who has been eavesdropping, interrupts. He tells Paul that he and Rose were working on renovations for the shop the entire time the kidnapping took place, and, in fact, he has notes on his calendar which will prove it. Paul leaves Dusty and Rose at the bar and rushes back up to tell Barbara that Dusty has provided an alibi for Rose. Barbara is furious, of course. Paul returns, and Dusty leaves them. As soon as Dusty is out of their sight, his cell phone rings, and Barbara demands that he come up to her room immediately.

Rosanna, still in her wedding dress, tries to convince Craig that he should forgive her for lying to him because she was trying to help Lucy. Craig, stone-faced, refuses even to look at Rosanna, insisting over and over that she lied to him. He walks out of the gazebo and up the stairs, past Lucy and Katie. Lucy asks him again to accept Aaron, but Craig refuses. Lucy then regretfully tells Craig that if she has to choose between her father and Aaron, she will choose Aaron. Craig tells Lucy that she is making yet another bad decision, and walks upstairs. When Rosanna comes into the living room, she asks Lucy to spend the night at Katie's house, and Lucy and Katie leave. Rosanna goes upstairs to find that Craig has packed a bag and that he intends to spend the night somewhere else. She protests that it is their wedding night, and Craig responds, "Enjoy it." as he walks out the door.

Bonnie discovers the pictures of Marshall and Jessica in Marshall's briefcase. She tears the pictures up, and when Marshall returns to his room, he finds a torn picture. Bonnie bursts in and confronts Marshall with the tape of him and Jessica making love. After Marshall takes the tape from Bonnie, she points a gun at him. At that moment, Jessica comes in the door behind bonnie. She tries to take the gun from Bonnie, Marshall joins the struggle, and the gun goes off, ending the program.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Jessica has been shot. Just before she passes out, she tells Bonnie that it wasn't her fault. Bonnie is racked with guilt. Marshall does damage control, insisting John treat Bonnie for shock and thereby limit her legal culpability. Marshall gets Ben out of jail to be with Jessica and makes a statement to Margo that protects Bonnie. Bonnie goes home and isn't arrested. Ben is by Jessica's side, declaring his love. The police pick up Henry by the cabin, and Jack informs him that he's a suspect. Panicked, Henry goes to Emily and warns that he will bring down Rose and Emily with him. Carly overhears Emily and Henry. Emily confesses to Carly her part in the kidnapping. While Carly is weighed down by the knowledge, she pledges to stand by Rose and Emily. Later, she feels guilty when Jack tells her how much he believes in her. Furious Barbara accuses Dusty of falling for Rose and fires him. Jack, who has discovered Dusty's phone messages to Barbara, arrives and questions Barbara. Barbara threatens to sue Jack if he tells Rose and Paul. Realizing she still needs Dusty, she agrees to his terms. Chris fills in Hal about Alison's problems in jail. Hal is skeptical, but Chris tells him about seeing the knife. Hal promises Chris he will do something about the potential threats against Alison in jail, but asks him not to say anything to Emily.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Jessica has been moved to ICU, and Ben hasn't left her side. Bonnie and Isaac return, but Bonnie refuses to get checked out again or take any more sedatives. She wants to tell the cops the truth, but Marshall and Isaac try to keep Margo away from her. Marshall gives Bonnie legal advice: don't say a word to anybody. Jessica confides in Ben what actually happened and asks to see Bonnie. Bonnie is too ashamed to see her mom but Isaac convinces her to go in and they have a touching reunion. Jessica urges her daughter to listen to Marshall. Jack informs Carly he has evidence that links Emily to the kidnapping. Carly pleads with Jack not to go after Emily and he agrees to talk to Hal about it first, but then orders a search warrant for Fairwinds. Katie is comforting Rosanna when Barbara arrives looking for Craig and her designs. When Katie blurts out that Craig is gone, Barbara tells Rosanna that Craig kidnapped her for Carly. This gets to Rosanna but she throws Barbara out. Once she's alone, she tears the place upside down and finds a brochure to the cabin in the desk. Carly shows up to warn Craig about the search warrant and Rosanna declares she has found the proof to link them to the crime. Alison hears the specifics to the plot to kill Regina. Off of Hal's call to the warden, the girls receive a surprise inspection that turns up nothing. Meanwhile, Emily goes nuts when she finds out about Alison finding the knife. Hal learns nothing was found, but Emily and Chris are not convinced. They head out to demand that Alison is moved to another cell, unaware that Hal has taken care of this already. During the move, Alison sees the girls retrieve the hidden knife. When they make their move, Alison pushes Regina aside and finds herself facing the girls and the knife just as Chris and Emily arrive.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Dusty, from his hotel suite, makes a call to find out if his deposit from Barbara Ryan has been made yet. He finds that it has and says that he will be there shortly. He hangs up the phone and starts to get dressed. Someone knocks at the door. Dusty, thinking it is the housekeeper, says that she can come back later to clean up. Molly, from the other side of the door, suggests that maybe she can clean up now. Dusty reluctantly opens the door. He tells Molly that the place looks pretty good and he won't need her for a while. Molly says that she has made a mess of things and she needs to clean up now. Dusty lets her come in. Molly comes in and apologizes for what she did with Mike at Rosanna's wedding. She tells Dusty that he has been nothing but up front with her and she is sorry that she tried to pull what she did. Dusty accepts her apology. Molly suggests that they make up in bed. Dusty tells her that he is expected at a meeting, but he won't be long. He tells Molly to go put on something flimsy and meet him back at his room. She takes off her coat and asks it this will do. She has hardly anything on. Dusty looks at her and says that her faith in forgiveness is awe-inspiring. He says that he won't be long. She tells him to hurry back. After Dusty leaves, she starts to get undressed. When she gets down to her bra and pants, there is a knock at the door. She rushes to the door thinking it is Dusty. When she opens the door, two big men are standing there. They ask for Dusty Donovan. Molly tries to cover herself. She tells the men that Dusty isn't there and she tries to shut the door. They push their way in and say, "That is not a problem, since it is you we want to talk to, Mrs. McKinnon."

When Dusty gets downstairs, he stops by the bar and orders a bottle of champagne to be sent to his room. The bartender asks if his friends are the champagne sipping type. Dusty questions him. The bartender says that two thick neck guys were asking about him earlier. Dusty mutters, "Damn it!" Dusty runs out of the bar and back up to his room. He walks in on the two guys harassing Molly. Dusty orders the two men out of his room. He makes sure that Molly is ok and then he goes out in the hall and tells the two men that they are not to talk to his friends, ever. The two men let him know that as long as he owes them money, they will talk or harass whom ever they want. One of the men shove Dusty and then they walk away. Dusty goes back into the room where Molly is getting dressed. Molly tells him that she is freaked out and she wants to know what that was all about. Dusty tells her that some of the people that he does business with are a little unconventional. Molly responds by saying, "Oh please, Dusty. You have five minutes to tell me what is going on or I'm calling the cops." He tells her that they don't need to call the cops. She tells him that she is worried about him. He tries to blow it off like it is nothing. She gets upset and says that their time of having fun together has just ended. She stomps out of the room.

Jack shows Hal the evidence that Emily had bought a watch exactly like the one that Barbara had ripped off her kidnappers arm. Hal can't believe that Emily would be involved with Craig. Hal asks Jack who knows about this evidence. Jack says that the only other person that knows is a desk sergeant and he has been sworn to secrecy. Hal says that he doesn't know how to handle this. Jack says that he knows how he feels. He adds that Barbara had it coming but he knows they have to go by the law. Jack gets a call that his search warrant is ready. He tells Hal that he has to go. Hal asks Jack not to say anything to Barbara, yet. Jack agrees and wishes his friend good luck. Jack leaves Hal sitting alone.

At the juvenile facility, Alison helps the guard from getting stabbed by her two inmates. In the scuttle, Alison gets a cut on her hand. Emily and Chris are waiting outside in the hall and Emily is yelling for help from someone. Finally, another guard shows up and unlocks the door. A few more guards show up and break up the fight between the inmates, Alison and the guard they were trying to stab. The inmates are dragged out as they hurl threats back at Alison. Emily and Chris rush in to see Alison. The guard that Alison helped comes over and says that if it weren't for Alison, she would be dead. She leaves and Chris takes a look at Alison's hand. Emily comes back from talking to the guard and tells Alison that she is a hero. Alison blows it off and says that she isn't a hero. Emily says that the guard was so impressed that she is going to go to bat for Alison at her next appeal. Alison can't believe it. Emily says that they are going to put Alison in protective custody until the appeal. Emily has to leave and Chris stays behind and finishes dressing Alison's hand. Alison tells him that she can't believe that he believed her. She says that usually no one believes her. She adds, of course, that is her trademark, not telling the truth. Chris tells her that he won't be able to come to the facility anymore because his father will be on his tail. Alison thanks him for helping her and for fixing her hand. She leans in and kisses Chris on the lips. Chris gently pushes her away. Alison asks if she just kissed him and he says that she did. She reminds him that he was involved in the kiss too. He tells her that it won't happen again because doctors don't kiss their patients. She says that it doesn't count because he isn't a real doctor. Chris snickers a little. She reminds him that was his words and not hers. He tells her to stay out of any fights and he will see her later. When Chris is gone, Alison says, "Who needs a boy like Aaron when I can have a man like Chris."

Susan returns to the hospital from her seminar in Florida. When Bob Hughes sees her, he tells her how good she looks. Susan has had a makeover complete with a new hairdo. She tells him that the time away in Florida was good. She says that for a little while she could forget about having a daughter in a correctional facility. Emily walks in and tells her mother about Alison at the juvenile facility. As Emily is talking, she tells her mother about Chris being there and staying behind to check out Alison's hand. Bob overhears and questions Emily about Chris. He says that Chris is on the verge of losing his job because he is not supposed to practice medicine outside of the hospital. Emily tries to smooth things over, but Bob is still upset. After Bob walks away, Emily tells her mother that she hopes she didn't mess things up for Chris. Susan tells Emily that Bob lost a patient today and he isn't himself. Emily takes a look at her mother and tells her how great she looks. Susan confides in her daughter and tells her that while she was in Florida at the seminar, she met a man. She tells her Emily how great he is and how much fun they had. Emily is so happy for her mother. And, Emily is happy for Alison. Emily goes happily on her way home to see Hal.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna shows Carly the information about the cabin in the woods that she had found in a false bottom of a desk drawer. She accuses Carly of being in with Craig on the kidnapping. Carly reminds her that she was just as surprised as she was when Barbara came up missing. Carly tells Rosanna that she wants to see Craig. Rosanna informs her sister that Craig had packed up and left her on their wedding night. She explains that she helped Lucy see Aaron and Craig got mad and left her. Carly tries to convince her sister that Craig loves her and she should not give up on him. She adds that Jack is out for Craig's blood and he will be there at any moment with a search warrant. She tells Rosanna that she has to get rid of any evidence that would incriminate Craig. Rosanna says that the only reason she wants them to stay together is for Monte Carlo. Carly says that she won't deny that she doesn't want anything to happen to Monte Carlo. Rosanna tells her sister that she looked Craig in the face and asked him point blank and he lied to her. Carly reminds Rosanna that she lied too. Rosanna says that all she did was help Lucy steal a little lone time with Aaron. But Craig committed a felony to help Carly get out some designs. Rosanna tells her sister that she is so tired of Craig putting Carly first. The doorbell rings and Carly tells Rosanna that is Jack and she should hide any evidence. Rosanna decides to listen to her sister. Jack walks in and shows Rosanna the search warrant. Rosanna hides the information about the cabin behind her back. She tells Jack to go ahead and search. Jack looks around the room that is in a shamble. He asks what happened. He looks at Carly, but Carly says that she is just there visiting and doesn't know anything. Rosanna tells Jack that she started doing his job for him. Jack informs her that she doesn't have to testify against her husband, so if she has any information to share, he would appreciate it. She tells him that Craig did not share any information with her. Jack asks where is Craig. Carly looks at Rosanna and tells her that it is ok, she can tell him. Rosanna tells Jack that Craig got mad at her for allowing Lucy to see Aaron behind his back and he left her on their wedding night. Jack apologizes for pressing the issue and says that he needs to start searching the house. Rosanna says, "After you." As Jack leaves the room, Rosanna hands Carly the information about the cabin and walks out after Jack. Later, Rosanna comes back into the living room where she left Carly. As they are having a little tiff, Jack walks back to the door. He overhears Rosanna say, "If Craig comes back and I find myself filing for a divorce, I will come after you with everything I've got."

When Emily gets home she finds Hal sitting at the table in the kitchen. She starts to ramble about her day and Alison and her mother. Hal just looks at her. She asks what is wrong and starts to wonder about the kids. Hal tells her that the kids are ok and settles her down. He shows her the receipt from the watch that she bought to replace the one that Barbara grabbed from her wrist. Emily starts to think. Hal tells her that she is thinking so loud that they can hear her in China. He tells her that she is not getting out of this one and he wants to hear it. She gives up and turns to him. She says, "Fine! I did it. I kidnapped Barbara Ryan."

Friday, April 25, 2003
by Andy

Katie fixes Mike dinner in thanks for him fixing up her roof. She makes conversation and asks him how he's dealing with the whole Molly thing. She predicts that Molly will have her fun with "Rusty" and then come crawling back to him when she's finished. They hear a knock at her door. Katie opens her door, and finds Molly in tears, looking for Mike. She barges in and tells him that she was just assaulted by two thugs at the Dusty's suite. Just then she realizes she probably shouldn't have come to Mike for help, but that doesn't stop her from sobbing in fear on his shoulder. Molly says she just didn't know where else to turn. Katie says, "You knew right where to go Molly. Straight into Mike's open arms." Mike decides to pay Dusty a visit on Molly's behalf and takes off for the Lakeview. Once he's gone, Katie asks Molly if she thought about calling the police, but Molly dismisses her question and says, "Stay out of it. This is no game Katie." Katie scoffs, "Really. Did you forget the number to 9-1-1?" Molly has had enough. As she turns to leave, she orders Katie to tell Mike he can find her at home. She spits back, "Tell him yourself." Molly thinks it's funny that Katie might have feelings for Mike, and she wonders aloud that if it develops into something, and if things get rocky, "he'll come back to me." She turns and leaves Katie's cottage without closing the door behind her. Katie storms up to the door, slams it shut and yells, "I'm not falling in love with Mike! I'm not falling in love ever again you witch!"

At Fairwinds, Rosanna repeats Thursday's threat to Carly that if Craig doesn't want her in the end, Rosanna will come after Carly "with everything I've got!" Jack catches the tail end of this conversation and tells Rosanna to back off. Carly looks on with witching eyes as Jack defends her. Seeing Carly gloat almost forces Rosanna to tell Jack everything she knows, but she holds back...for now. She nevertheless tells Jack that if he's looking for a motive as to why Craig might be involved in Barbara's kidnapping, he should "look no further than your wife. Because she is the reason for everything that he does." With that, she walks upstairs to take care of a splitting headache and tells them they should show themselves out, "sooner, rather than later." Once Rosanna has left, Jack turns to Carly and wants to know the real reason why she came to visit her estranged sister. She lies and says she just stopped by to chat. He doesn't buy her excuse and tells her to stay out of the way of his investigation, then walks off in a huff. Carly shrugs.

At the Munson household, Hal holds up the receipt that proves Emily bought a second watch. "Been shopping lately Em? Bought yourself a brand new watch to replace the one that Barbara took off your wrist?" Emily turns from her husband and walks a few feet away searching her brain for an excuse. Hal comes up behind her and says, "Your brain is working so hard they can hear it in China!" Backed into a corner with no escape, Emily relents and says, "Fine. I did it. I kidnapped Barbara Ryan." Hal wipes his face. He was hoping Emily would come up with a credible excuse. He presses further, "Whose insane idea was this?" She admits it was Craig calling the shots, but later laments that "we" got caught, implying someone other than Craig. Hal immediately picks up on Emily's slip up. "Define ‘we'." Emily feigns hearing Daniel calling for her, but Hal stops her and wants answers. Emily pushes back and tells him to back off, "we took good care of Barbara." Then Emily plays the victim card and Hal tries to soothe her. He wonders if she is convicted, how he's going to live without her for twenty-five years. Emily gives up and tells him it was Rose that helped. A little later, Carly bursts in, and without seeing who is in the room, says to Emily, "I just dodged a huge game of hide and seek." Hal steps up and asks if she was hiding or seeking. Emily says that Hal knows everything. Hal picks up the phone and says that it's time to call Tom for legal counsel. Carly snatches the phone away and says there is another option. "Order Jack to destroy that receipt. No receipt. No trail. No Jail. It's perfect." Hal immediately says that he won't destroy evidence. Carly pulls his heartstrings, "Then Emily goes to jail." Hal gives Emily a hug and Emily shoots Carly a ‘thank you' glance. He tells the girls he'll talk to Jack first thing in the morning then walks out of the room. Carly and Emily give each other a hug. Outside the house, Carly calls Jack and tells him she needs to speak with him.

Rose stops by Dusty's place excited to tell him the salon could be open in a couple of weeks. They talk a little bit about Molly, and Rose counsel's him to kick her to the curb, "You could do much better." Dusty looks at her like she is his next conquest, and says that all the good girls in the town are either married or involved. There are awkward pauses neither person tries to shorten. Later, Rose starts to leave, but Dusty takes hold of her arm, and says that she's been a good friend. After another awkward pause, she smiles, and leaves. Later, Mike bangs on Dusty's door and when Dusty answers, Mike demands that he get control of the thugs that threatened Molly, or else he'll have to answer to Mike. Dusty denies that there even is a problem, and Mike walks away in a huff.

Barbara sits herself down at a table in the Lakeview Lounge. Henry, sipping a martini, sidles up to her and extends his hand to introduce himself. Barbara stops him and says, "I know who you are Mr. Coleman." Henry says, "I'm flattered." Babs says, "Don't be." He tries to make small talk about her recent abduction, but Barbara turns the tables on him and begins to extract info from Henry. Once he figures out what is happening, he tries to excuse himself, "It's my turn to volunteer at the homeless shelter." She dangles a nugget of info that Rose and Emily will soon be arrested for her kidnapping. He sits down when she tells him a third conspirator, a male, will also be implicated. She slathers sugar all over Henry and offers him a "deal with a bunch of zeros on the end. You tell me what I want to know and I'll be very, very good to you." He timidly leans forward and asks, "What do you want to know?" She zooms in for the kill. She wants him to squeal on Rose and Emily and "then you will be protected." Henry sits back and says, "Just protected? ‘Cuz I swore I heard something about zeros." Babs says that he'll be rewarded, and that she will tell the police that "you had a change of heart" and came back to let me loose. Henry says, "Mercy is my middle name." She squeezes her imaginary fist tighter and promises to point her finger directly at him if he doesn't cooperate. At this point, Henry confesses everything. "Craig called all the shots," and he, Rose, and Emily did all the legwork. Barbara smiles and tells Henry to go home and clean up any errant evidence that might be left about.

After Henry is gone, Barbara immediately calls Paul. "Get down here. I need to speak to you. I have some disturbing news about Rose." A little later, Paul arrives, but seems put out for his effort. He doesn't want to hear anything negative about Rose. Barbara pulls out some preliminary sketches that prove she worked on a line for Rosanna. The beauty of his mother's work strikes Paul. She says the final product was destroyed and no matter who did it, they should be punished. Paul's hair begins to rise on his spine and he threatens to leave if she badmouths Rose. She says that she has an eyewitness proving Rose's involvement. Paul pauses. "That's impossible." She tries to broker a deal for her son's loyalty if Rose is guilty. "Will you stand by me in the end?" Rose walks in on the tail end of the conversation. Barbara scolds her for barging in on the private meeting. Rose says, "Blow another tune Barbara." She asks her son once more for his loyalty. "I'm your mother. I raised you." Paul relents and says that if it plays out as his mother suggests, he will stand by her. Mother and son hug, and Rose nearly vomits.

After Barbar leaves, Rose says, "I don't know what you're trying to do, but what you did do is sell me out...and I don't like it!" Paul grovels, "The woman wears me down." They sit down and Rose wants Paul to make a promise also. "If it comes down to a fight between me and pick me." Paul says, "No matter what." Just then, the phone rings. Emily tells Rose that Hal and Jack know the truth, and if she's smart, she'll tell Paul before he has a chance to hear it from someone else.

Carly finds Jack at the station, and with a straight face, tells him that she wants to play things honestly from now on. Jack snickers. She asks him if she needs to prove it and grabs his arm and drags him into the interrogation room. She comes clean and tells him Emily confessed to Hal, but "she doesn't deserve this." Jack scoffs, "Oh come on. Emily committed a crime." Carly's voice lowers and says, "Maybe...maybe not." Jack reminds her he has the receipt. Carly asks him, "What if the receipt was lost?" Jack starts to feel dirty and doesn't want to help her, but Carly persists. "These are our friends. Is it justice that Emily should be punished when Barbara wasn't? Who really deserves justice this time around? Barbara or Emily? Start thinking like a friend. Love Hal enough to allow him to break the rules." As if that wasn't enough guilt, she heaps on another layer, "I know you'll do what's right...G-man." She leans down and kisses him on the cheek, then walks out the door leaving him staring off into space. Outside, she calls Emily and tells her to back off Hal because she thinks Jack will come through for them. Emily is forever grateful, then worries about Rose.

At the Lakeview, Rose is inches from telling Paul the truth when Emily calls her again telling her that everything may work out after all. After building Paul up to prepare for a big bomb, Rose backs out with a lame excuse to go help Lily with her children. After she leaves, Paul purses his lip and says, "You are one rotten liar Rose D'Angelo. What are you so afraid to tell me?"

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