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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, June 7, 2004

A skeptical Margo leaves Mike's house after talking to Mike and Pilar. On the front steps, she tells Mike that she now believes Katie and that Mike should do the same. Pilar tears herself away from eavesdropping on their conversation to answer her cell phone. Russ is angry that there is an all points bulletin out for him because of the diversion he created at Pilar's request. He demands that Pilar bring him some money immediately to the alley behind Yo's diner. He warns her, "If I go back in the joint, you're going to be my date!" By the time Mike comes back inside, Pilar has finished packing. Mike insists that Pilar tell him where she was the night before when she disappeared during the night. Instead of answering, Pilar storms off, asking Mike, "How can you expect me to stay with you when you obviously don't believe a word out of my mouth?" She goes directly to meet Russ, tells him that she has money coming soon, and asks him not to give up after they have come so far. Unbeknownst to them, Simon overhears every word of their conversation. After Russ leaves, promising to go to the police if Pilar doesn't get money to him that very night, Simon comes out from hiding and grabs Pilar, telling her, "You're in a hell of a lot of trouble." Surprisingly, Pilar spits back, "Whose fault is that? It's about time you showed up!"

Meanwhile, at Katie's house, Henry tells Margo his theory that Pilar robbed him and Katie for money to give Russ. Margo tells both of them that she now believes Katie, and they hug before Margo and Henry leave. Mike comes to the door soon afterward and tells Katie that he has been wrong about everything.

Paul and Barbara ask the Mother Superior for information on Annie Weatherby, who worked at the orphanage when Jordan Sinclair was there. Paul and Barbara are distressed to find no records on Jordan, and Paul begs the nun for help , telling her that Jordan might be his brother. The Mother Superior leaves Paul and Barbara in her office after telling them that she could never hand over a birth certificate without permission. However, as she walks out the door, she tells them that the certificates are filed by year of admission. Alone in the office, Barbara and Paul find Jordan's birth certificate, issued in Buffalo, New York, and see that James is listed as Jordan's father. However, the date is different from Paul's birth date, so they believe that Barbara could not be his mother.

Back in Oakdale, Jordan meets Jennifer for coffee and apologizes that their first days of being in love have been tainted by his troubles. They are interrupted by Detective Jack Snyder, who tells them that James Stenbeck is willing to talk to Jordan. Although Jennifer offers to go along, Jordan insists that he wants to protect her from a man as dangerous as James. The two declare their love for each other before Jordan leaves with Jack. Back in Barbara's suite, Jennifer becomes frightened for Jordan and leaves him a message on his cell phone, asking him to be careful. She imagines finding Jordan locked in James' cell, and herself locked in the room outside the cell. At the prison, Jordan greets James, whose back is turned.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

After a nifty opening featuring James Stenbeck, Jordan meets James. James tells him that he has waited for this for a long time. He then asks Jordan, "You have questions?" "Yes," replies Jordan, "who am I?" James tells him that he felt like he knew him before he was born. James starts to tell Jordan the story he has concocted about his past. He tells him that he was closer to his Father than his Mother. When Jordan asks questions about his Father, James tells him that the man who was his Father was a very complex man. However, you have his curiosity and his ambition. He and I wanted the same thing. A son that loved him. Jordan is feeling as though he wished his Father wasn't dead. James gives Jordan the idea that perhaps his Father isn't dead. As soon as Jordan hears this, he is wondering why his Father hasn't contacted him. James says that he was just speaking rhetorically. What he really meant was that sometimes someone who has meant so much lives within us, even when they are not here. He asks Jordan if he is a good dancer. When James finishes talking, Jordan tells him that no matter what, he didn't feel special, he felt alone. James may have brought him to this place, to fulfill his destiny, but no thanks. Jordan is in love with Jennifer Munson. He is not an orphan anymore and he can make up his own mind not. James calls him "an ungrateful imbecile." "You want your son, don't you?" asks James, " then you better damn well take what I'm offering you. Jordan knows that James is threatening his son and tells him to rot in hell. Jordan tells him that he will no longer allow him to tell him what to do, how to live or who to love, and, if you come anywhere near his son, he will rip his heart out. Jordan threatens to take James down if he tries anything. James is overjoyed, thinking that his son has some spine. Paul walks in, and hearing James calls Jordan, "his son," thinks that Jordan knows. Jordan is perplexed, and asks, Paul, "What are you doing here?" Paul asks James if they planned this whole thing together. Jordan is mystified. He doesn't know what is going on. Paul blasts James and then wants to know why he forced his son into their lives. Jordan is knocked for a loop. "What are you talking about?" says Jordan. James apologizes to Jordan. He tells him he didn't want him to find out this way but, he is his Father.

Mike is at Katie's house. He is there to help her and feels he owes her that much since Pilar has made her life miserable. He heard about her family jewelry being stolen and wants to help retrieve it. He believes what Henry said, that Pilar is the one who stole it. Mike and Katie talk and she tells him that Simon is back now and will help her. Mike tells her that when they were together, she backed away because of Simon and then he backed away from her. He tells her to make sure that she is not using love for gratitude. Katie tells Mike that he deserves better than Pilar and he thinks she deserves better than Simon. Simon comes back with Katie's jewelry. She is grateful and happy.

Pilar and Simon talk. It seems that Simon paid Pilar to keep Mike away from Katie. When she couldn't do the job herself, she hired Russ. Now Russ has threatened to turn her into the police if she doesn't pay him the money she owes him. Pilar tells Simon that Miss Katie wouldn't like the idea that her husband paid someone to keep Mike away from his wife. Pilar remembers that Simon followed her around for a week. He wanted to be her potential employer; they make a deal. Pilar is to convince Mike to leave town with her. Pilar goes back to Mike's house. She tries to get in but, he has chained the door to keep her from entering.

Margo is at the firing range and is envisioning past incidents with Doc. He sneaks up on her and draws her into a conversation. He tells her that she wants to spend the night with him no matter what she says. She says suppose I did, then what? She can only imagine having to go back home to her husband and betraying him. She says she just can't do that. Doc tells her again that it will happen. If not today, maybe a year from now, but, it will happen. Doc gives her his room number and pass. He also tells her that they want each other.

Carly is visiting Rosanna. Carly tells her to finish packing so they can go to Fairwinds. Cabot will have lots more room and she won't be so afraid. Rosanna is so afraid that Jordan will take Cabot. Carly advises her to talk with Jordan. Rosanna tells Carly that Paul thinks James is Jordan's Father. If that is the case, she needs Jordan on her side, because, Cabot will need both his parents. Carly fears Rosanna will run again, but Rosanna says no. She will let Jordan get to know his son. As soon as Carly leaves, Rosanna calls for her hotel bill. She plans to leave.

Barbara is looking at a copy of Jordan's birth certificate. It says James Stenbeck is his Father. Barbara is relieved to know that Jordan is not Jennifer's brother, but what will Jordan end up doing, being related to James. Paul says it's about time to find out what's going on.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Rosanna, looking down at Cabot tells him that she must keep him away from Jordan, even though he might be his Father. Rosanna has concocted another plan to make a break with Cabot. She pays the woman delivering her dinner enough money so that the woman hides Cabot in the serving cart. Rosanna then tells the guard outside (who has just relieved the previous guard) that she is going out shopping and her sister is watching Cabot. She walks to the elevator when Paul calls out to her. He tells her he just left James and thought she would want to know what happened. Rosanna puts him off and tells him she will get back to him in about an hour. She hopes that he will understand. Rosanna has put everything aboard the plane. She is about to embark when Paul comes up and asks her, where she is going.

Dusty goes to speak with Lucinda, Craig, Lucy and Lily. He tells them the person who he thought was responsible for coming after him was not the people he thought. Lucy is still in danger.

Margo thinks of two scenarios as she stands in front of Doc's door. Her sense of reason comes back and she slips the pass key under Doc's door and leaves. Margo is now at the gym and so is Doc. Both are struggling with their physical attraction to each other. Jessica asks Margo, what is causing her to burn up? Margo tells her that she ended it with Doc. Jessica about doubles over, and realizes this could be it. She could be pregnant. Margo tells her to go and get a pregnancy test and find out. Jessica rushes off. Margo finishes her workout and heads for the men's steamroom since she was told that the ladies' room was broken. She finds that as she is about to relax that Doc is also inside.

Paul asks his Father, "why was Jordan kept a secret from him his whole life and why is the Mother's name marked with an X?" Paul is furious and James has him escorted out by the guard. James is now left with his other son, Jordan. James tells Jordan that his Mother died in childbirth. James reassures Jordan that he was always looking out for his best interest. Jordan tells him that the feelings he has for him will always be those of contempt. He will never speak his name again. Jordan has said that James has controlled him for the last time. Jordan calls his Father a monster. James feels as though Jordan will regret it. He reminds him that since parents mean so much to him, he doesn't think he could leave well enough alone.

Barbara tells Jennifer that Jordan Sinclair is James Stenbeck's son.

Jennifer cannot believe her Mothers news. She tells her that James has been controlling and grooming Jordan from the beginning. Jordan enters the room that Barbara and Jennifer are in, just as Barbara is telling her that she must leave Jordan.

Craig asks Lucy if she is nervous about leaving. She says she's never been so happy to leave a place in her life. As they are saying their goodbyes, a man carries Lucy's luggage to the limo. Outside, stands Dusty. He sees that familiar mark on the limo driver's arm and remembers that he once encountered the man himself. He tries to stop the driver but is arrested.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Carly discovered that Rosanna had left, called Jack and Paul. Carly accused Paul of having something to do with Rosanna leaving. When Paul arrived, Carly walked up to him and asked where they were. Before Paul could answer, Jordan walked in demanding to know where he son was. Jordan came unglued and went after Paul. Paul finally broke and told them that Rosanna and Cabot had left. He also told Jack that Jordan was James' son. Jordan said that even though he was James's son, he would never be like him or be manipulated by him. After Jordan had a chance to calm down Paul told him that he doesn't realize how powerful and sick James is. Paul told him to ask anyone especially Barbara, who has been tortured by James for two decades. Paul said that there was no escape. Jack agreed. Paul finally told Jordan to put Cabot first and let Rosanna hide. Paul continued to tell Jordan about James' influence when Jack came in and said that Rosanna's plane deviated from its original flight plan and they were as good as gone. Jordan said it wasn't good enough and said that if Jack wouldn't help him then he would go to someone who would!

At Barbara's, Jennifer and her were arguing about Jordan's relationship to James. Barbara was extremely concerned about what James could do to them. Jennifer told her mother that she was not going to give Jordan up and gave Barbara an ultimatum to accept it or never she her again. Jennifer ran out with Barbara in pursuit. As Barbara approached the door she ran into Walker. Walker listened intently as Barbara went on about Jennifer. Walker stood up for Jennifer saying she was a grown woman and knew what she was getting herself into. Walker actually came to take Barbara to dinner and convinced her that she should go with him!

Doc was waiting for Margo in the sauna. He refused to give up on his pursuit for her. He told her that it was fate because they kept getting thrown together. Margo told him that she couldn't go through with it and that was why she returned the key. Doc told her that he was longing for her and, as she kept saying no, Doc passionately kissed her. As they started to make love, the attendant knocked on the door. He asked Margo if she was alright. Margo covered by saying that it was very hot in the sauna leaving Doc by himself.

Jessica was daydreaming about having a baby while she waited for the results of her home pregnancy test. Later, Jessica showed up to meet Ben for dinner and told him that she was not pregnant. As they were talking about it Ben was paged. After he left, Margo called Jessica and told her she needed to see her. Margo arrived and told Jessica what happened between her and Doc. Margo, who was truly upset, denied sleeping with him but admitted she kissed him. She also admitted that she stopped Doc but liked the attention. She said she loved Tom and didn't want to hurt him. Margo received a call from the station, thanked Jessica and left. Jessica went to see Doc told him that she had something to say!

Lucy's driver was actually one of the thugs who attacked her at Metro. Dusty tried to stop the limo but was stopped by the other thug. Dusty got away and started to follow the limo. Lucy's driver saw Dusty and tried to avoid him. Dusty thought he had lost them but caught up and knocked the driver out taking a kicking and screaming Lucy to a deserted cabin. Dusty then explained to Lucy that the driver was the one who attacked them. Lucy didn't buy it and tried to escape. Dusty got her and told her to sit down and listen to what he had to stay. After sparring with each other, Dusty placed a call to Hal who promptly told him to turn himself in for assaulting a federal officer.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Kim overhears Jessica talking to Doc. She comes over to see what all the fireworks are about. Doc makes light of the lawyer, client disagreement. Kim walks off and Jessica tells Doc, get out of my friends life. Jessica starts to say more when she doubles over. Doc gets her to the hospital. Outside the room, Doc waits. Margo arrives. Doc informs her that Jessica was telling him to stay away from her. Margo tells Doc one more time that it's over.

Inside Jessica's room, her Doctor is telling her that what she was doing was too early to be trying other options. She says that further medicine is against what she stands for. If she wants to try other things, she will have to find another Doctor. Jessica tells the Doctor, she will look for a new Doctor. Doc, Kim and Margo all come in to see how she is doing.

Paul warns Jordan that James will use everything he can to destroy his life. He will always want something in return. "What about Jennifer, do you want to expose her to James Stenbeck," asks Paul. He asks Jennifer to help him convince Jordan that contacting James again is deadly. However, Jennifer tells Jordan to do whatever he has to do to get his son back. You don't know what you are doing or asking for if you go to James.

Barbara is remembering some of the evil things that James has done, while telling Walker that she used to make excuses and hide Paul from James, so he wouldn't influence him.

James, in his jail cell, is vowing to give his son everything. Not his son, Paul, but his other son Jordan. Barbara is to blame for all of his son Paul's shortcomings, but, he has another chance with Jordan. He has had no influence from a woman in his life, because he saw to that. James tells his Doctor, that Jordan, will come to him soon, seeking his assistance. James comments that he has waited for this day, all his life.

Jordan is at the jail. James tells him he is invaluable in a situation like this. He tells Jordan to come closer; he has waited a long time for this. Jordan asks James, " how and if he will ever be able to find Rosanna and Cabot?" "Can James help him do that?" "Does he know where his son is?" James says, "Rosanna is in flight with her precious cargo Cabot, now, but he will know as soon as she lands." James tells Jordan that when he has his son back and safe at home, maybe he will bring him to see his Grandfather. He would like to see him.

Paul and Jennifer arrive at Barbara's suite and want to see her. Walker answers the door and steps outside. He tells them that Barbara is somewhat upset and please put off their visit until tomorrow. Walker tells them, "now is not a good time." Jennifer gets the message and ushers Paul away. Inside, Walker re-enters and Barbara and he drink a toast to themselves. Later, Jordan tells Jennifer that James wants to meet Cabot. Jordan asks Jennifer if Paul tried to see Barbara. "Yes," says Jennifer, but she was preoccupied. Paul is speaking on the phone to someone. He says, "Please tell Rosanna that Paul wants her to be safe."

James speaks to himself. He says, "A Father needs to be patient if he wants to gain his son's respect, and when he has Cabot safe in Jordan's arms, he will have his love.

At the Police Station, Hal is trying to explain why Dusty kidnapped Lucy. Everyone is asking questions, but no one has any answers, only ideas. Meanwhile, Lucy is behaving like a spoiled brat, so Dusty contains her. He tapes her mouth shut. Dusty tells her, that the place she is in, is safe for now. He will take care of her, and try to get her some things to make it easier for her, but, she has to calm down.

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