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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 29, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, August 29, 2005

At La Clinica de la Vida, Lucinda discovers that Keith illegally transporting human organs. Keith convinces Lucinda that he is trying to help others in the same way she is seeking help for herself in Mexico. The two strike a bargain to keep each other's secret.

Meg runs into Holden at Al's Diner and tells him about the mistake she made when she surprised Dusty in Chicago, finding that he had brought Jennifer along on his business trip. Holden advises Meg not to push so hard.

In Jennifer's hotel room, Jennifer bounces off the walls trying to seduce Dusty until she breaks a glass and cuts her hand. Jennifer panics when Dusty suggests going to a hospital. Not recognizing that Jennifer is high on drugs, Dusty tells her that she is "acting out," and that she should take time to heal. Dusty tells Jennifer that he cannot have casual sex with her because they are much more than friends, and that their relationship is too special to mess up. As soon as Dusty leaves her room, Jennifer goes straight for the white powder again.

The judge announces that the paternity tests prove conclusively that Casey Hughes is not the father of Rory Cabot. The judge tells Gwen that he will give her one more chance to name the father of her baby the next time court convenes. Margo confronts Gwen and Will and tells them that she is disappointed in them for betraying Casey. It finally occurs to Gwen that the baby must not even be hers.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Emily brings up the incriminating footprints again and asks what Paul plans to do with them. Nervous, Paul gets off the subject by surprising Emily with gifts for her son but a suspicious Emily questions his motives. Will interrupts and drops the bomb that Gwen thinks the baby she's trying to get from Carly may not even be hers. Meanwhile, Casey lambastes Gwen for trying to trap him. At the same time, Will confers with Bob about Gwen's suspicions of a baby switch. Bob doesn't think a baby switch is possible and cautions Will to be Gwen's friend but to take care of himself as well. Meanwhile, back at Al's, Paul surprises Gwen by offering his help. Jennifer scores another hit of Crystal Meth and mixes it with double-doses of her antidepressants. Though Paul remains oblivious, Dusty begins to see a change in Jennifer but when he mentions it, she goes off on him. Dusty tells her he will back off but remains suspicious. Facing the possibility that re-injured Henry might never get out from under their feet, Mike puts in a call to his friend and physical therapist who promises to have Henry back on his feet in no time. But, Katie and Mike are stunned when Maddie announces that she will be staying in Oakdale and attending school at Oakdale Latin. The news causes Katie to worry that even if Henry recovers physically, he will have a hard time stabilizing himself economically now that he's got a young teenager to look after. Later, however, after the examination which Henry fakes, the physical therapist tells Mike he's not sure there's anything physically wrong with Henry and the problem could stem from the emotional stress he has been under. Just as Mike is about to tell Katie the news, a bouquet of flowers arrives for Katie, to Maddie's delight.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Susan went to see Emily at Paul's and was surprised to hear that Daniel was going to move into Paul's with Emily. Emily noticed the baby's footprints were on the table so she rushed Susan out but gave her a key to Paul's before she left in case she ever needed to watch Daniel. Emily than called Paul and told him she was putting the baby's footprints in the wall safe. After Susan left Paul's she meet up with Hal to tell him about Daniel moving into Paul's. They were both still worried about Emily so they decided to go to Paul's to search around for something suspicious.

Carly called the bank to make sure that she could write a check for $10,000 for Iris. After Carly got off the phone Jack wanted to know why Carly wanted to take $10,000 out of the bank, she covered by saying she wanted to make sure they had enough money in the bank to cover the lawyers fees for the case against Gwen. Carly left to go give Iris the money. Carly told Iris this was the last of the money she was going to get from her when Emily showed up; Iris made an excuse that her and Carly were old acquaintances and left but not before she told Carly she would stay in touch. Emily told Carly how happy she was with Paul and that nothing would stand in the way of her happiness as Emily looks on at Rory. Carly told Emily that Gwen lied and Casey was not the father of her baby. A shocked Carly listened as Emily suggested that Carly just give the baby back to Gwen.

Paul was telling Gwen how he wants to help her get her baby back and pay for her lawyer bills. Paul also tried to convince her that maybe Carly switched the paternity tests to make it look like Gwen was lying about the father. They were interrupted when Will stopped by so Paul snuck out the window. Will told Gwen he wanted to take money out of his trust fund to help pay for the lawyer. Knowing Paul just snuck out of the window Gwen got Will to leave. After Will left Paul came back and tried to explain why he did not want Will to know he was there but Gwen did not but his act and wanted to know what his true motives were.

Katie wondered who sent her the flowers but Mike thinks he knows who sent them, Simon. Katie did not believe Simon would ever try to contact her again but than started to have doubts herself and was afraid he might come back and ruin her relationship with Mike again. Mike told Katie he would never let anything come between them again. Meanwhile Maddie is sending an email to Bryon as Katie thanking him for the flowers he sent Katie.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Carly is unnerved by Emily's suggestion that she give up the baby. She realizes that Emily's reasoning stems from her desire to keep Rosanna's baby far away from Paul. Meanwhile, Paul allays Gwen's suspicions about why he wants to help her and says that her best hope of a normal, safe life with her child is for her to leave town and never return. Gwen is torn about taking this extreme step and is also still very upset about the idea of claiming in court that she doesn't know who the baby's father is. She does, however, agree to think it all over. Meanwhile, Hal and Susan search the penthouse for clues to what may be upsetting Emily about Paul's recent behavior. They come across the wall safe that holds the baby footprints and Hal manages to crack it. Before they can look inside, Emily interrupts. Susan tries to cover why they're there and then leaves when Hal asks to speak to Emily alone. It seems Hal is making progress in getting Emily to open up about what's bothering her until Paul walks in and sees them standing together in front of the safe. Lily learns from Meg that Lucinda went on her trip alone and Lily's annoyed about being kept out of the loop. Meg shrugs it off and later goes to take Lucinda to chemo. Meanwhile, Lucinda receives very positive test results from her treatment at the Mexican clinic. Her good news prompts her to overlook any qualms about the illegal organ transplants connected to the clinic. When Meg arrives to pick her up, Lucinda says she's not going to have chemo and is taking another treatment route. She orders Meg not to tell anyone and despite Meg's arguments, Lucinda refuses to reconsider. Later, Lily and Keith arrive in time to hear Meg quit as Lucinda's nurse and Lily demands to know why.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Dusty went to Barbara's home to tell her he was worried about Jennifer's behavior; as they talked, Jennifer walked in and became upset that they were talking about her. Dusty left, and Jennifer followed him out into the hall to apologize for jumping on him; meanwhile, Barbara looked in Jennifer's purse, found her prescription bottle, and counted the pills in it. When Jennifer came back in and saw what she was doing, she was even angrier, but Barbara ignored that and asked her why there were so few pills left in the bottle. Jennifer said some had fallen down the sink drain, and she told Barbara that right now, what she really needed was for Barbara to believe in her and be there for her, because people like Dusty just couldn't understand the pain she was going through. Barbara assured her that she was on her side.

Dusty ran into Meg at Java and told her he was worried about Jennifer's behavior. Meg suggested it was possible that Jennifer was trying to manipulate Dusty because she wanted him to be her protector; Dusty became upset and told Meg that Jenn wasn't like that, and he told her to stay away from Jennifer. Dusty ran into Jenn on her way out of Barbara's place, and Jennifer told him how upset she was that he had been discussing her behavior with Barbara; she told Dusty to get out of her life. Dusty went inside and told Barbara that she shouldn't have told Jennifer about his concerns about her behavior; he told her she'd better help Jenn, because Jenn was falling fast. Later, Jennifer went to Java and complained loudly and irritably about her coffee not being hot; Meg overheard her and ordered new coffees for the 2 of them, then sat down at Jenn's table. She told Jenn she wanted to apologize for having intruded on them in Chicago, but Jennifer told Meg that she and Dusty weren't together in that sense and never would be, because Jenn now thought that Dusty was a jerk and she couldn't stand him.

At Paul's apartment, Hal told Emily that he'd been worried about her; Emily told Hal that it was time she showed him something, and she went to Paul's wall safe and took out some papers. Paul was at the door to the apartment, watching quietly, as Emily gave the papers to Hal. Hal saw that they were divorce papers and that Emily had already signed them. Emily told him that after today, when Hal and Susan had basically broken into her home to try to find something to use to destroy Paul, she realized that she was ready to proceed with the divorce, because things between her and Hal were truly over now. Paul came into the room and asked Hal to leave, and Emily told Hal she didn't need his help; Hal told Emily she needed someone's help. Paul congratulated Emily for standing up for herself; Emily told Paul that she was with him 100%. They made love, and afterward, Paul told Emily he thought he should talk to Barbara and make sure she didn't give Will access to his trust fund, and that they needed to make sure Gwen got custody of Rory and left town with him, and that she knew that the money to do that came from Paul, not from Will. Susan arrived and asked to talk to Emily alone; Emily said there was nothing she wanted to talk about without Paul there, so Susan told her she'd try to find her later, when she'd be alone. Emily demanded to know right then and there what she wanted to talk to her about, and Susan said she thought Emily was making a terrible mistake by hooking up with Paul, because she didn't think Paul was actually over Rosanna yet, and she thought that bringing Daniel into the situation to live with Emily at Paul's place was a terrible decision. Emily told Susan she had worn out here welcome --- permanently. Paul again congratulated Emily on standing up for herself; he got the baby footprints out of his safe, and together, he and Emily burned them, thus getting rid of the only existing evidence that proved that Rory was not the baby Rosanna adopted.

Lucinda told Lily and Sierra that she was exploring alternative cancer treatments, which included a facility in Mexico. Lily and Sierra were shocked to hear this, but when Lily looked to Keith to see what he thought of all this, he excused himself, saying this was obviously family business. Lucinda praised him for his discretion and then tried to explain her decision to Lily and Sierra. Keith left, and Lucinda left her lab report with her daughters, telling them to peruse the results for themselves. Sierra told Lily that they had to do something to stop Lucinda from pursuing this alternative treatment, so when Lucinda returned to the room, Sierra told her they had taken her driver's license and her passport so that she would be unable to leave the country. Lucinda said she had traveled the world with just a library card before and could certainly manage to get to Mexico, but Sierra added that she had ordered the Worldwide pilot to take the corporate jet to back to Montega and stay there until she told the pilot to return. Lucinda became quite angry and ordered Lily and Sierra to leave her house immediately; when they did so, she picked up her phone and called Keith, telling him she had to see him right away. When Keith arrived, Lucinda thanked him for not telling Lily about her trip to Mexico, and he thanked her for not telling Lily about his business at the clinic with the organ transplant mission. Lucinda said she would try to forget that, and in return, she needed something from Keith. She then told him what Sierra and Lily had done about her passport and the jet, and Keith realized she wanted him to fly her to Mexico and back; he told her there was no way he could do that behind Lily's back, but Lucinda told him she wasn't asking him (she was telling him).

Will and Gwen sat together at Java talking, and Gwen told him that she didn't trust Paul or his motives for wanting to help them. Will insisted that Paul would help them because he didn't want to let Will down again, and that Paul could talk Barbara into loosening up her restrictions on Will's use of his trust fund money. Gwen left, and later, Hal arrived; when Will told him what was going on, Hal warned him not to trust Paul, because the only reason Paul would offer to help Will was if there was something in it for Paul. Hal also told Will that he thought Gwen was desperate, and that when people get desperate, other people get hurt.

Carly called Barbara on the phone and asked her some questions about Gwen; when she asked what she could tell her that might help Carly keep Gwen away from the baby, Barbara suggested Carly check out Gwen's apartment, because it surely held at least some code violations. Carly got Bert to let her into the apartment, and once inside, she took several pictures of the place with her camera. She was interrupted when Gwen walked in, demanding to know what she was doing there. They fought, with Carly telling Gwen that she would take her photos to the judge and Gwen telling Carly that she'll get her son back. Later, Gwen went to Carly's house, and after knocking, she pushed her way past Carly and into the house, demanding that Carly give her the camera. They fought again, and Carly shoved Gwen, who fell into the baby carriage outside the house, knocking it down. This brought back a memory for Carly of Iris's baby's carriage; meanwhile, Gwen told Carly, "You're not going to win!" and left.

Outside Gwen's apartment, Will waited for her return, and when she came back, she told Will that she now thought that Carly was the one who messed with the DNA results; Will told her that she was starting to sound desperate and that the reason other people were doubting Gwen was that her story kept changing about whether Casey was the father, whether Casey had messed with the DNA results, or whether the baby was even hers. Meanwhile, at Carly's house, she continued having flashbacks of Iris and the empty baby carriage, and she smiled to herself and said that she had finally figured out a way to keep Gwen from getting her hands on Rory.

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