Another World Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on AW
Rachel learned she was pregnant. Felicia and Sharlene fought, and Sharlene took a step toward full recovery. Ryan's ghost urged Bobby to keep Vicky safe. Gary and Sharlene worried about Josie going undercover as a prostitute.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on AW
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Monday, January 13, 1997


Sharlene continues to pose her doubts about Josie's new assignment. Josie angrily asks if her mom was afraid she will start turning tricks again. Sharlene assures her that's not the case but she was afraid for Josie's safety. Sharlene asks what Gary thinks and Josie says she hasn't told Gary yet as Gary walks in and asks what she hasn't told him. Sharlene leaves and Josie told him about the new assignment from Gabe posing as a prostitute. Gary gets angry and told Josie its too dangerous and that Gabe was using Josie to get to him. He says he was sure Gabe was protecting Grant because this is just an attempt to divert Gary's attention away from the case. Gary explains to Josie that it will not be easy testifying against other cops. She asks for his support and backup when she takes the assignment.


Jake stops CIndy before she leaves Sassy's but doesn't heed Ryan's "advice" that she pulling a fast one. Jake asks some questions about the bartender Randy and Grant but Cindy avoids the questions and quickly exits with Jake's coat and Ryan in hot pursuit. Later, Jake questions Tomas about Cindy and their new positions on the board of Grant's foundation. Tomas assures Jake that Cindy's relationship with Grant was purely professional while Randy eavesdrops on the conversation.


Cindy (and Ryan) arrive at Grant's apartment and she throws Jake's coat at Grant, telling him she does not want to see anyone get hurt and was out of his scheme for good. THeir shouting wakes Kirkland who asks who Daddy's new friend is. Kirkland sees Ryan, who indicates to Kirkland not to let anyone know he was there. Kirk asks if Uncle Jake was there because he spies the candy Jake always brought for them. Grant told Kirk not to call Jake "uncle" and that Cindy brought the candy. Kirkland asks if Cindy was Grant's girlfriend which Grant denies. Cindy leaves, but not before telling Grant she is through. Grant sends Kirk to bed with the promise not to tell anyone Cindy was there. Later, the Jake imposter shows up and Grant gives him more supplies.


Back at Vicky's, Bobby tries to talk to Vicky about what was going on between them. she tries everything to evade the conversation saying she doesn't want to talk about it. But Bobby was insistent and he lets her know that he cares for her a great deal. Vicky stops him and says she feels like she is hurting ryan. Bobby says he understands that she loved Ryan but also that there was something between them. He asks her to go away with him so he can tell her something about himself. Vicky agrees to think about it as Jake arrives. She says good night and the two guys are left alone to talk. When Bobby finds out Cindy spilled something on Jake's coat and now its missing, he told Jake something was not right because cindy was connected with Grant. Jake doesn't want to hear it and was more interested in finding out bobby and Vicky are going away together. He doesn't like it but doesn't overreact as usual. Meanwhile the Jake-imposter buys some stuff at the newstand and the man behind the counter calls him "Mr. McKinnon"

VICKY/RYAN: In bed, Vicky writes a letter to Ryan, unaware he was right next to her. He tells her that he thought he wouldn't feel anything after he died but he feels everything he always has for her. She told him that a part of her died with him and she would do anything to be with him again. Ryan realizes that the reason he was still around was because they have not let each other go. He tries to tell her she has much to live for but she says the only thing that's keeping her around are the children. Finally, Vicky went to sleep, clutching the letter and told Ryan goodnight. He was right behind her, hugging her close although she can't feel it and the two of them lie in bed together.

Tuesday, January 14, 1997


Sharlene was being difficult about leaving for her therapy appointment but Felicia was insistent. They are stopped on their way out by Carl who again inquires about Rachel. Felicia told him she cannot betray Rachel's trust again by discussing her with him and begs Carl to give Rachel up for both their goods. Carl says to himself that will never happen. Arriving at the hospital, Felicia leaves Sharlene with Tomas and her therapist and went to find John. They share a few moments together while Tomas told Sharlene they are not satisfied with her progress and want to start a new therapy regimen. Later, Tomas confides in Felicia his frustration over Sharlene's lack of progress and suggests that she may have given up on walking again. Alone with Sharlene, Felicia taunts her by calling her a coward to try and revive some of Sharlene's fighting spirit. The two women have an angry confrontation which causes Sharlene to kick her leg out and trip Felicia. Realizing what just happened, both dissolve into tears.


Jake meets Amanda and Alli at Carlino's on Alli's request. Alli gleefully informs Jake they are staying in BC and that since he and Paulina are divorces, he can marry her when she grows up. Her crush on Jake was more than apparent and Jake plays up to it and obviously has a great relationship with the girl. He and Amanda engage in some of their usual banter and Amanda teases him that falling for Vicky has made him a changed man. Jake assures Amanda that he and Vicky will end up together. When Amanda is called to the hospital, Jake agrees to watch Alli, much to her excitement.


Bobby corners Cindy at the hospital and convinces her to have breakfast with him. She agrees after a few attempts to refuse. Bobby tries to probe about Grant but then switches tactics and warns Cindy about Jake, saying Jake is paranoid and blames Cindy for his stolen jacket. Cindy becomes very nervous and upset and quickly leaves. She went to Grant's who already knows she spent time with Bobby. Scared, Cindy tries to get out of the scheme again saying Jake was on to them. Calling her stupid, Grant refuses and again threatens going to Gabe. He told her he still needs her for one more assignment. Her exit was observed by Bobby who has followed her to Grant's. Bobby reports the connection to Carl. Grant calls the Jake-imposter and tells him their timetable has been moved up and to continue to study the video on Jake. Meanwhile, Grant went to find Bobby and has a small intentional confrontation with him. Later, Grant listens as Bobby makes plans with Vicky to discuss their day trip away together.


Rachel has another fainting spell at the mansion and Matt insists she go back to the hospital for tests. Amanda meets them there and everyone is concerned except for Rachel, who continues to deny anything was really wrong. John asks her about her symptoms and she reports some nausea. He watches her intently and asks if she herself doesn't know what's wrong. Rachel continues to insist its just menopause but John told her to wait for the test results. Matt was comforted by Sophia while waiting for the results. Its Sophia who told Carl that Rachel was at the hospital again, knowing Matt will be angry with her. Carl rushes to the hospital and pleads with Amanda & Matt to tell him what's wrong with Rachel. Meanwhile, John reveals to Rachel that she was pregnant and she sits and stares at him in shock and disbelief.

Wednesday, January 16, 1997


Rachel was stunned to find out she's pregnant. She told John that its not possible and this was the worst possible timing because she and Carl are not even together. John reminds her of the power of a love for a child but Rachel doesn't think its enough even though Carl will think it is. She begs John not to tell her family her condition until she has time to think it over. John reluctantly agrees and told Amanda, Matt, Paulina and Carl that Rachel is suffering from exhaustion. Carl accuses him of lying but Paulina convinces him to leave before Rachel sees him. When Rachel comes out of John's office, her kids immediately start arguing about who of them can best take care of her. Rachel sneaks off to the maternity ward and watches new parents with their newborn. Paulina finds her and talks about how lucky she feels to have Joe and Dante and how she'd love to have another baby. She doesn't catch on why Rachel might be at the maternity ward and agrees not to tell the others she saw Rachel there. Rachel went to Sassy's and meets up with Michael. He says he saw her at the hospital and asks if she was ill. Rachel tries to evade the question but Michael reminds her how important it was for him to rely on his family during his bout with leukemia. When Rachel turns to leave, she runs into a stricken Carl. She assures him she is fine and told him to worry about himself, not her. Carl worriedly asks if he was the cause of her illness (how ironic was that question!).


After Sharlene kicks out her leg and trips Felicia in anger, both women start to cry in happiness and disbelief. Felicia calls for a doctor and Josie and Tomas arrive. Josie angrily demands what felicia did to her mother but Felicia explains Sharlene moved her leg. After the doctor examined her, he explained that her intense anger may have been channeled into the muscles in her leg causing it to move. He told them all that Sharlene was now on the road to a full recovery. Sharlene cries with happiness and asks her children to stay with her. Sensing she was not welcome, Felicia graciously went to leave but not before Tomas stops her and thanks her for getting through to Sharlene. Later, Felicia shares Sharlene's breakthrough with John.


Vicky brought her letter to Ryan's grave and talks to him as he stands behind her listening and answering her. Bobby arrives and told her he understands she was still grieving and that's why he wants to get her away from everything for a while. She gets upset and leaves and Bobby yells at the sky in frustration for Ryan to "act like a ghost in the movies!" Ryan, just as frustrated, yells he's been trying to do that for months. Bobby follows Vicky to Sassy's where they run into Grant. Grant again makes several insinuating remarks about Vicky's immoral behavior to try and goad the two of them. After Grant leaves, Vicky defiantly agrees to go away with Bobby as soon as possible. They arrive back at her house and Vicky laments how she feels she's missing so much of life. Bobby told her she was wonderful mohter and the boys are so lucky to have her and are wonderful children despite all the tragedy they have experienced. Bobby then told her that he dreams about being with her but that he knows she was not ready to be over Ryan, whom she loved with her heart and soul. He assures her that he'll wait and doesn't want to rush things. If they get together, great, if it doesn't work out and they're just friends, that's fine too. Vicky smiles and says they'll need to bring lots of candy bars. They both go up to bed. Meanwhile, Grant toasts to tomorrow being "the first day of the rest of his life" (or something like that) and throws his champagne glass in the fire.


Back at the cemetery, Ryan asks someone for help and Bridget appears. She explains to him that his love for Victoria was keeping him there and that he must protect her. Ryan asks how he's supposed to do that when no one can hear him and he's tried everything to do so. Bridget asks if he's tried everything "he's dreamed of"? Ryan finally gets the play on words and realizes he can communicate through dreams. He immediately wants to go to Vicky and warn her about Grant but Bridget cautions him about doing so b/c of how Vicky will probably react to the information. Ryan decides to communicate with Bobby because he has always been the one who has sensed Ryan's presence even though he hasn't admitted it. That night, Bobby dreams he is in the cemetery. Scared he tries to wake himself up, but Ryan stops him. Stunned, Bobby stares at Ryan who told him that Bobby must recognize him. Bobby yells that Ryan was dead and Ryan agrees, warning him that Bobby will end up the same way. He shows Bobby 2 gravestones with Bobby's and Vicky's names on them and the dates 197. Ryan keeps repeating to keep Vicky "safe", the secrets are in the "safe", be "safe". The two men stand face to face and Ryan bites out to "stop Grant."

Thursday, January 17, 1997


Kirk calls Grant in the morning and told him that Bobby and Vicky are planning on leaving for their trip at 12:00. Etta Mae comes out on the porch and Kirkland hides the phone behind his back. Meanwhile upstairs, Bobby was still trying to wake up from his dream. Ryan told him that it was his voice Bobby heard on the train tracks to save Steven and Bobby must listen to him now. Ryan warns Bobby to take care of Vicky and to protect her. Bobby wakes up and rushes outside yelling for Vicky. Etta Mae admonishes him for scaring Kirkland and told him that Vicky went with 3 other mothers to a teacher's conference at school but will be back shortly. Relieved, Bobby says he needs to go see some people.


Josie arrives at the station locker room with clothes to wear while she's working undercover as a prostitute. She tries to blow it off but Gary tells her that he's worried about her working on this assignment. She told him that she was more worried about him losing his badge over the investigation on Grant. Bobby interrrupts them and says that he needs to talk to Gary. Josie was not pleased Gary was having a civilian assist on his investigation and angrily leaves. Bobby told a skeptical Gary about his dream and Ryan's warning and asks Gary to call Grant into the station so Bobby can break in to his suite. Gary says they need more than the testimony of a ghost, even if it was of a dead police captain. Bobby told Gary that he owes him one because Bobby put himself on the line for Gary. Gary agrees to trust their gut instinct and says that he'll be the one to break into Grant's. Later, Josie must cover for Gary with Gabe who wants to know where Gary went off to. Bobby also goes to see Carl at the cemetery with Ryan watching. Carlimmediately believes Ryan visited Bobby, saying Ryan appeared once to him in a dream as well. Carl says he feels Ryan has been with them for a while and that bobby should heed Ryan's warning and get Vicky out of town as soon as possible but not to tell her of the danger.


Grant calls Cindy over and says that he has one more job for her to do. Ryan listens, trying to figure out exactly what Grant's plan is. Grant tells Cindy to cozy up to Tomas and to make sure he was in the place specified by Grant at a particular time. He assures Cindy that Tomas is just a dupe but reminds her that she was a willing accomplice. Later, Grant calls the Fake-Jake and says things are going down today. Grant gives him "the paper bag" and went over a list of the events that need to happen.


At the Herald, Amanda told Jake he has no idea how to run a newspaper. As always the 2 start squabbling and he throws her out of the office. She listens as one of the Herald workers makes a 12:00 appointment for Jake, telling the other party that's the only time he can meet. Amanda then listens to the conversations going on in Jake's office through an intercom. She hears the secretary tell Jake he must meet with the distributers at 12:00 or they'll go somewhere else. Jake and Chris continue to discuss his problems with Vicky and Chris warns Jake not to blow off the meeting to go running over to Vicky's to stop her from going away with Bobby. Chris reminds Jake that Vicky doesn't like to be controlled. When Jake realizes Amanda was listening, he yells at her that his day couldn't get any worse. Meanwhile, the Fake-Jake siphons gas from Jake's car so he'll run out just as he gets out of town. Sophia comes to see Matt, who was not pleased when Nick approaches Matt in the bathroom, saying he knows that Matt was taking advantage of Sophia. Matt says what he and Sophia does was none of Nick's business and leaves with Sophia as Nick watches.


Back at Vicky's, Kirkland asks Ryan if he wants to help clean his truck. Ryan signals no. Then Kirk went to ask Bobby who was checking his truck over to make sure there are no other problems. When Kirkland mentions his "special friend" who lives in the attic, Bobby pauses and says that Kirkland never told Bobby what his friend looked like.


After watching Grant leave his suite, Gary breaks in but must hide when he hears a noise. Its Carl who breaks into the safe and finds a mouse trap. Carl wonders aloud if Grant was playing a game with him and exits, leaving the safe and the suite door open. Gary comes out of the bedroom and sees the open safe. He turns around to see Grant staring at him.

Friday, January 18, 1997


Grant walks in his suite to find Gary standing in front of the open safe. Gary tries t play it off that he got a call their was a robbery there but Grant doesn't buy it and went to call Gabe. Gary told him to go right ahead because Gabe suspects Grant of being involved with Cody. Ryan stands in the background and told Gary not to trust Grant. Grant was too nervous to call Gary's bluff and Gary told Grant that he will stick to Grant like glue b/c he knows Grant was up to something. After Gary leaves Grant tries to calm himself down while Ryan continues to try and figure out his master plan.


When Kirkland starts to talk about his "special friend" who lives in the attic, Bobby gets a strange feeling. He shows Kirkland a picture of Ryan and asks if that was his friend. The boy gets very excited and says, "yeah! That's him! Why do you have his picture?" Bobby says to himself that Ryan has been there all along and asks Kirkland to keep the identity of his special friend a secret until Bobby and Vicky get back from their trip. Kirkland makes a comment about how everyone was always asking him to keep secrets. Before Bobby can find out what he means, Vicky comes in. Kirkland decides to keep the secret and went upstairs to pack. Vicky starts to try and get out of going on their trip, saying they can be alone and talk right at the house. Bobby points out that she needs to get away and everything will be there when she gets back. He leaves to go get some sandwiches and Vicky told Etta Mae its hard for her to leave the house and the boys.

CARL/CINDY: Carl approaches Cindy at the hospital and asks her about her connection to Grant. Cindy was able to escape without answering any questions and Carl spies Rachel's medical files. He waits around until he can swipe them at which point he finds a note that says her files are being kept in John's office. He says to himself that everyone was conspiring to keep her health a secret and says he's going to the source to get his information.


At Carlino's, Donna and Michael try to ignore the other's presence but end up bickering over who was following who. Vicky comes in with the boys and convinces them life was too short to argue over who was right and who is wrong. She acts as a mediator and gets each to apologize to each other. Donna promises she won't pressure Michael about marriage again because she'd rather lose him as a husband than as a lover and friend. Vicky watches happily as they kiss and make up.


Sharlene continues to work on her physical therapy with Tomas. Grant arrives, followed by Gary. Grant wonders to himself why Tomas was still at the hospital and not with Cindy. Grant was relieved when Tomas gets a call from Cindy who asks Tomas to meet her at Sassy's. Grant happily takes Sharlene to Carlino's where he runs into Vicky and the boys. He went to say hi to Kirkland and makes a comment about not being allowed to stay longer. Vicky told him she wouldn't enforce the restraining order at a time like this. Later, Vicky says goodbye to her sons and her parents and leaves to meet Bobby at the house. Grant whispers, "Goodbye Victoria."


Amanda and Rachel babysit Dante for Paulina who was not feeling well. Amanda leaves the baby with her mom while she went to make some calls. Rachel wonders if she can go through parenthood again and says that now was supposed to be "her time." But she can't help feeling something while holding the baby. Amanda listens when Rachel told Dante that she thought her life was over. Amanda demands to know what her mother's real condition was because she is so worried. Rachel told her to get off her back and leaves the room. She runs into Alli on the stairs who told her grandmother how much she loves babies. Alli asks where babies come from and Rachel asks her what she thinks. Alli says Paulina told her that when 2 people are in love, God gives them a baby to share that love. Rachel wistfully agrees that's a good explanantion.


Cindy follows Bobby to Sassy's and then calls Tomas and asks him to come get her to take her home because she feels sick. She then asks Bobby to stay with her, acting like she can't be left alone. Ryan observes the whole charade and wonders what she was up to. Bobby agrees to stay until Tomas arrives. Meanwhile, Jake runs out of gas in the country and finds out his cellphone is missing. As Tomas was walking to Sassy's, he see who he thinks was Jake emerge from the bottom of Bobby's truck. Tomas asks if its Jake and Fake-Jake stares back at him.

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