Another World Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on AW
Ryan's ghost showed Vicky how her death would affect those she loved and convinced her to return to her life. When Bobby found Vicky, she had amnesia. Joe was worried he'd fail the test that would allow him to become a police captain. Cindy started a fire and ran away, leaving an unconscious Lorna in the path of the blaze.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on AW
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Monday, January 27, 1997

(Let me start with a disclaimer...I am too emotionally distraught at the moment to do Monday's episode justice. The whole episode dealt with Ryan helping Vicky come to the decision to go back to her life on earth and in doing so, leave him and Heaven for the moment. Paul Michael Valley and Jensen Buchanan were exquisite in every way possible. I gave myself an enormous headache from all the crying. So this recap will be short and sweet because I'm still trying to deal with Ryan/PMV's departure - again!)

HEAVEN and EARTH(Ryan/Vicky and the rest of BC):

Newly married, Ryan and Vicky rejoice in being together again. However, Ryan figures out that Vicky doesn't realize she may be dead and looks for Bridget for advice. Bridget appears although Vicky can't see her and explains to Ryan his love for Vicky and hers for him was what brought him back. And now, they must use that love to help Vicky figure out what staying with him might mean. Bridget tenderly lays her hand on Vicky's head,gives her a kiss and disappears. Ryan takes Vicky back to BC to see how her death has and will change things for many people. They visit her memorial service and she was heartbroken to see Jake and her parents and her sons so distraught. Then Grant comes and takes Kirkland away over the hysterical protests of Steven and Vicky. Our 2 favorite ghosts are then transported 10 years in the future. As they visit different places in BC, Vicky continues to hold onto Ryan getting strength and comfort from his love. Kirkland has turned into a miniature Grant and was at odds with Steven. Jake has continued to mourn and has reached rock bottom. Vicky tries to reassure Jake that she was okay because she was with Ryan but of course Jake can't hear her. Grant has been able to manipulate his way into getting everything he wanted because vicky wasn't there to stop him. Carl was still full of rage and Donna and Michael have remained apart. Kirkland and Steven have a major confrontation at the train trestle -- a scene very similar to a past one involving Ryan and Grant. Vicky's worry for her children sends her and Ryan back to Heaven. Ryan told her she must go back and show her boys how to love and to do that she must force herself to fill her lungs and breathe. Vicky agrees and turns to leave the light but then whirls around with a look of utter despair when she realizes going back means leaving Ryan behind. Sobbing, they embrace for a final time and Ryan told her that theirs was a love without end and everytime she feels love, he will be there with her. He says that all he wants was her happiness and makes her promise that she won't turn away from love because she won't be hurting him by loving again. Through her tears, Vicky says she was only promising because she loves him so much. As he watches her walk away, Ryan whispers, "I love you Vicky, forever and ever" (FREEZE FRAME -- I'm getting tears in my eyes just remembering!)

Tuesday, January 28, 1997


Grant earnestly listens to his police scanner, waiting for news of the accident. Suddenly, "Jake" bursts through the door and Grant nervously demands what he was doing there. "Jake" starts to laugh and proceeds to take off his mask. Grant angrily berates Hal for doing what he did. Hal says if he can fool Grant, he can fool anyone. He then demands payment from Grant who refuses until he has proof the bomb work. Later, Grant calls Cindy who accuses Grant of trying to get to her by sending over the flaming dessert to her and Gabe and demands some answers. Grant suggests she went to a public place where she's sure to be seen by a lot of people.


Vicky realizes that she must leave Ryan to go to her children. She sobs that she can't leave him again, but Ryan convinces her she must. He tells her that everytime she hugs the boys, he will be hugging her and that everytime her heart was bursting with love, he will be there too. Ryan then makes her promise never to turn away from love coming from someone else. She tearfully responds that she can't do that because there will never be anyone else. Ryan assures her that she won't be hurting him and all he wants was her happiness. She promises, saying its only because she loves him so much. He tells her its time to leave. They kiss and each gazes one last time at their true love. As Vicky leaves Heaven, Ryan watches and says he'll love her forever (I'm still in shock this was the last we'll see of PMV!!!)


Etta Mae arrives at Vicky's to find Jake asleep on the porch. He's worried to realize Vicky hasn't come home yet and that Etta Mae hasn't heard from her. Jake tries to call Paulina but Joe won't let him talk to her (Joe was really driving me nuts. I think it was incredibly jerky not to let Jake talk to Paulina). Frustrated, Jake leaves to find out more information.


At the Farm, Donna arrives to collect the boys to spend the night at her house. Gregory says they are celebrating his mom's progress. Donna and Michael are pleased to hear sharlene was improving for different reasons. Donna makes some insinuations about a deal she made with Grant but refuses to satisfy Michael's curiosity. Greg asks John when he was going to marry Felicia and both John and Sharlene try to explain that marriage to Felicia was something they BOTH want. Grant arrives to see Sharlene and was pleased to also see Kirkland. Grant talks about an outing with him and Steven who makes a smart comment and turns up the radio so Grant can't be heard. Later, Grant takes Kirkland outside and says that he loves him very much and Kirkland should be a brave boy was anything should happen today.


Bobby wakes up and went searching for Vicky. Finding her unconscious, he administers CPR and was relieved when she comes to. She was disoriented and Bobby feels she might have a concussion. Carrying the semi-conscious Vicky, Bobby finds shelter in a look out tower. He tries to keep Vicky awake and discovers she has also hurt her knee. Vicky was acting strange but Bobby attributes it to shock over what happens. They settle in to sleep and Vicky wonders to herself who the hell Bobby was and more importantly, who she is (FREEZE FRAME)

Wednesday, January 2, 1997


Nick comes to talk to Sophia and asks how she could have slept with Matt after everything that happened. Sophia was angry to find out Nick was snooping in the Cory cabin and she reminds him that even if there Matt wasn't in her= life, she still wouldn't be with Nick because she doesn't trust him and doesn't= want to. Jake and Chris arrive and Chris tries to convince Jake to stop making a fool of himself by chasing after Vicky and suggests Jake accept the fact Vicky dumped him for Bobby. Jake insists there was something wrong and later confronts Carl. Carl ignores Jake's demands about Vicky's wearabouts= and tells him not to ruin things. Jake accuses Carl of wanting Bobby to take Ryan's place; Carl warns him not to say things he'll regret. Jake says he'll blame Carl was anything happens to Vicky. Gary and Carl also discuss= the Grant situation and Gary wonders if this was just a personal vendetta against Grant. Carl says to believe what he will but he knows Gary feels something about Grant was dirty. Gary makes Carl promise any investigation must be legal. Joe and Paulina arrive. Paulina tries to comfort Carl and he praises her for her loyalty to Rachel. Meanwhile, Gary and Joe discuss Joe's taking the captain's test. Joe was worried he won't pass and will disappoint= his family. Paulina was surprised to find out Joe was taking the test and was hurt he didn't tell her. When he explains he was scared of failing in her= eyes, she assures him she was proud of him and offers to help him study.


Donna and Michael arrive and both are worried not to find any sign of Vicky. They question Etta Mae who mentions Vicky does not have her cell phone. They realize that vicky would still have tried to call to inquire about the boys. Everyone was made more nervous by Jake's arrival and Donna says to cool it because her nerves are already shot. Michael suggests they start their own search party but Carl arrives and says that's not a good idea. He= clues everyone in to his feeling that Grant was trying to kill Vicky. Donna is very upset and Jake was angry he wasn't let in on this sooner. Carl says= no one has believed anything he has had to say about Grant for the past year, so why should this have been different. He assures them that Bobby is protecting Vicky by keeping her in hiding and they can only wait to see if Bobby contacts them.


Sophia comes to tell Matt that she thinks Nick has finally accepted things are over between them. She then went on to say that Matt makes her very happy. Later, matt calls Nick into his office and says Nick's shoddy work habits have gotten him fired. Matt told Chris to escort Nick out of the building. Leaving, Nick assures Matt this isn't over.


While Bobby sleeps, Vicky tries to figure out what was going on. She looks at herself in the mirror because she can't remember what she looks like. When he wakes up, Bobby still doesn't figure out things aren't right with= Vicky. He went to get ice for her leg and Vicky frantically searches for some clue of who Bobby was and who she is. She finds a hunting knife and keeps it hidden when Bobby returns. Bobby starts to get suspicious when Vicky doesn't recognize Ryan's sweater and acts like it means nothing to her. = He asks her was she knows him and figures out the blow to her head has caused some form of amnesia. Vicky was still skittish even though Bobby assures her he cares about her and only wants to protect her. Pulling out the knife, Vicky accuses Bobby of kidnapping her and planning on raping her. She rushes out the lookout tower and gets dizzy on the high stairs. Bobby follows and tries to get her to grab his hand when she gets dizzy again and looks like she's going to fall.

Thursday, January 30, 1997

VICKY'S HOUSE (Carl, Donna, Michael, Jake):

Carl warns those close to Vicky not to let Grant know that Vicky was gone because he will just go after her to hurt her. Jake was unconvinced and was still angry Carl did not confide in him and was still favoring Bobby. Donna wonders if Vicky and Bobby have eloped but Jake reminds her that he knows better than anyone that Vicky can only think of Ryan. Donna was worried what she was going to tell Grant when she drops Kirkland off. Carl and Michael say she was a great liar and can convince Grant nothing was wrong. Michael & Donna leave and Carl told Jake that Ryan was the one who warned Bobby about the threat from Grant. Jake scoffs at teh idea and told Carl he will hold him and Bobby responsible if anything happens to Vicky.

HOSPITAL (Grant, Cindy, Tomas, Gabe, Nick, Michael, Carl): Grant corners

Cindy at the hospital. She asks about Vicky and he says its none of her business. He then asks her to sign some foundation papers. Suspicious, Cindy refuses until Tomas arrives and Grant has similar papers for him to sign. After signing the documents, Cindy leaves and Grant takes out a carbon from inside the stack of papers with Cindy's signature on it. Later, cindy runs into Gabe who was carrying flowers. For a moment, Cindy thinks they are for her but her hopes are dashed when Gabe says they're for Lorna. Leaving Gabe, Cindy was cornered by Carl who threatens her to come clean with what she knows. Scared, Cindy inquires about taking vacation from the hospital. Tomas runs into Nick and told him about orderly jobs in the hospital. Nick went to whine to Michael about losing his job even though Michael says Vicky might be in danger. Michael blasts Nick for thinking more about himself than his sister.

STATIONHOUSE (Joe, Gabe, Gary, Carl):

Gary and Gabe tease Joe about studying for the captain's test but Gabe wishes him good luck too. The captain inquires about any leads on Dr. Forsythe's stolen car and Joe replies he hasn't been able to follow it up (what is going on with this doctor guy? I can't figure out his purpose on the show). Gary receives a call from Carl and tries to play it off but Gabe is suspicious. Later, Carl arrives at the station on the pretense of making a donation in honor of Ryan but really told Gary not to let any missing person's reports for Bobby and Vicky get out to the public.

HARBOR CLUB(Grant, Donna, Kirkland):

Donna arrives with Kirkland and Grant tries to pump her for information on where Vicky is. Donna was evasive and throws Grant off by saying she had lunch with Vicky today. After she leaves, Grant calls Hall (Fake-Jake) and says someone says they've seen Vicky and he wants verification of the explosion pronto. Later, eating sundae's with Kirkland, Grant hears on the radio reports of a "flying saucer" going up in flames in the near countryside. Grant calls Hal again to check it out.

CARLINO'S (Joe, Paulina, Jake):

Jake arrives at Carlino's and tries to butter up Paulina. She asks what he wants and he finally admits he needs her to talk to Joe. Joe arrives and tells Jake to ask him himself. Jake tries to get Joe to help look for Vicky. First, Joe was resistant, saying some people who leave don't want to come back. But Jake points out Vicky would never leave her kids and appeals to Joe as a father. Reluctantly, Joe agrees to help.

LOOKOUT TOWER (Vicky and Bobby):

Vicky almost falls off the steep tower steps while trying to get away from Bobby. But Bobby saves her in time and she agrees not to run away again. She asks him to describe her life and he told her about her family and her house. Vicky asks what kind of relationship they have. Uncomfortable, Bobby says they are just friends and he works for her. He went to get more ice for her swollen knee and Vicky pulls out a picture of the 2 of them. When he gets back, she again asks if they are more than friends. He evades the question but when Vicky falls asleep, he says more to himself how there's much he wishes he could say. Bobby tenderly brushes back some hair from her face at which Vicky wakes up and asks if Bobby was going to kiss her.

Friday, January 31, 1997


Bobby told a sleeping Vicky how there was much he'd like to say to her. She opens her eyes and asks if he was going to kiss her. Embarrassed, Bobby tries to insist again they are just friends. He brought up Jake, who Vicky doesn't remember and she asks Bobby to describe him. Bobby tries to be impartial in his description but then warns Vicky he was not the best one to talk about Jake. Vicky says that the only thing real to her right now is him and what he told her. She then says that she thinks she was starting to learn who he really was and what's in his heart. They are just about to kiss when Bobby hears a noise. they see headlights and some guys looking around the explosion sight and Bobby makes Vicky pack up everything and find another place to hide. They accidentally leave the photo of the 2 of them in the lookout tower. Vicky hides in a big pipe (?) while Bobby went to find out what was going on. She wants him to stay with her but he instructs her to stay out of sight. Hal calls Grant from the lookout tower to tell him there was no way Bobby and Vicky could have survived. Later, someone with a flash light approaches Vicky's hiding place.

STATIONHOUSE (Cindy/Lorna/Gabe):

Lorna and Gabe reunite in his office and agree to meet for dinner at the Harbour Club. Meanwhile, at home, Cindy was packing and she makes a call to someone to tlet them know she was leaving BC because of the pressure but she is not coming home (maybe its someone from Boston?) She takes out her "Gabe" photo album and wonders how she'll say goodbye to the person who was her whole life. Cindy arrives at the stationhouse to see Lorna leave. She was close to losing it and told Gabe she was leaving BC. He tries to convince her to stay but she ends up running out. (sorry, I was doing laundry during this scene and missed part of it; other recaps say cindy told Gabe her real feelings and he rejected her but I didn't see it -- oops!)

VICKY'S HOUSE (Jake, Donna, Grant, Kirkland):

Jake and Donna are starting to get more and more frantic that Vicky hasn't returned. Grant and Kirkland arrive with a bouquet for Vicky but Donna sends Kirk to get cleaned up first. Again, Grant tries to force his way up to see Vicky but Donna insists she was sick. He pushes past her to go up the stairs when Cass arrives and says Grant was violated the restraining order and better leave. Furious, Grant storms out but not before telling donna Vicky had better call him tonight or he'll have her called an unfit mother. Donna & Cass leave to go to the Harbour Club while Jake decides he's going to move in until Vicky returns. Jake keeps vigil, hoping his love will call Vicky back to them.

HARBOUR CLUB (Amanda, Matt, Cass, Donna, Grant, Lorna, Cindy):

Matt asks Amanda to work at the Herald because things are in an uproar. She is reluctant because Jake and her little brother would be her bosses but she ends up agreeing. They run into Lorna and Amanda makes a smart comment about Lorna & Grant and their past affair. Lorna reminds Amanda being with Grant was a terrible mistake. Amanda asks Donna was she can do a story about the new owner of the Harbour Club. Meanwhile, Grant receives the "good news" from Hal and proceeds to sign the contracts with Cass and Donna. cindy arrives and takes some pill with a double scotch. She went into the ladies room & starts to burn the picture she has of Gabe when Lorna comes in. Cindy hides and listens to Lorna have another confrontation with Amanda. Lorna eventually apologizes to Amanda for hurting her and says she doesn't know what she'd do if another woman tried to take Gabe away from her. Amanda agrees to let bygones be bygones before she leaves. Thinking they've both left, cindy comes out to see Lorna still there. Lorna was startled to see cindy's crazed appearance and told cindy to give her the pills. Cindy hisses that Lorna could never love Gabe as much as she does and ends up pushing Lorna into a chair. Hurt, Lorna collapses as someone bangs on the door. cindy realizes a fire has started in the trashcan. Taking one look at Lorna, Cindy escapes out the window as Lorna lies unconscious on the floor.

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