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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on GL
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Monday, January 27, 1997


Annie and Josh argue over Annie's accepting a job with Alan, to be his private nurse. Annie insists that she needs the job, that it will be good for their marriage. Josh tells her that he thinks she can get a better job. She tells him that working for Alan is just what she needs to build up her self esteem, and help her again become the woman that Josh fell in love with.

Matt tells Roger that he should leave before the dedication ceremony, but Roger refuses.

Alan tells Annie that she will be glad that she took the job with him, as he will be able to help her with Reva.

Fran makes small talk with Phillip about Annie.

Hart and Dinah argue, Hart wants to leave the ball early. Dinah asks him to stay for the dedication ceremony. Jean-Luc admits that he will never win Dinah back.

Ross and Reva dance, and Ross tells Reva that he has located someone to help her find her sister. Annie sees Ross and Reva talking and corners Blake, demanding to know Reva's business with Ross.

The dedication- Bill speaks, and thanks everyone for coming. Dr.Grant accepts the donation from Matt on behalf of Vanessa. Matt begins his speach but is unable to finish. Dinah goes to him and comforts him. They talk about Vanessa, then return to the ceremony where Ross is speaking about the history of Cedars hospital, Matt finishes his speech about how proud she would be. Dahlia sings "Someone to Watch Over Me."


Buzz and Jenna share a kiss at the lighthouse. They then talk, and Buzz tells her he just wanted to remember what it was like to kiss her, also that kissing her made everything else seem unimportant. They talk about their past good times. Buzz and Jenna are walking arm in arm when Jeffrey finds them. After Buzz leaves, Jeffrey tells her that he is angry because Jenna has wasted time. He has the addresses of all the best jewelery in Springfield. Jenna says that she does not want to rob people any more, and tries to talk Jeffrey out of robbing everyone. Jeffrey reminds Jenna of when they met, how Jenna broke into his hotel room to steal his bearer bonds, he woke up, and eventually took in Jenna and the baby. In return, he wants Jenna to be his partner in crime. Jenna tells him she just wants them to leave Springfield, but he says not until the job is done.

The coast guard tells Michelle that Zachary's boat washed up on shore, broken in half, with his life jacket in it, and that there is little hope for him. Michelle is not accepting this. Michelle is taken home, and Meta talks with her and validates the feelings Michelle had for Zachary. Meta talks about how strong first love can be, and tells Michelle that she will never forget it, and that she should always cherish it. Meta falls asleep, and has a dream that Zachary comes back to see that Michelle is alright. He tells Meta that he is on a journey.

Zachary tells Vanessa that this will be his last visit to her. She is upset because he is her link to Springfield and her family. She tells him that Roger knows that she is alive, and the deal she made with Roger to keep quiet. Zachary explains to Vanessa that he was sent to Springfield as a messenger and protector, and Vanessa guesses that he fell in love. After he leaves, Vanessa's head begins to hurt her, and she is very happy because she can feel that pain.

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

Buzz dropped by Reva's with a lead about her lost sibling which surprised Reva. Buzz says he was there for himself and would stick with her until the search for her sister was over. Reva didn't think she should let Buzz do that and told him that she had hired Ross. A knock came at the door and Reva answered it. Ross was at the door. Ross told her he had bad news about her sister.

Ross informed Reva that the adoption records were sealed and unsealing them could take years. This made Reva a little upset. Ross said he would file a petition and got her signature. He told her he would do what he could and left. Buzz asked her if she wanted to change her mind about his offer to help. Buzz said that Ross had to go by the book, but he didn't. Reva accepted his offer. Buzz and Reva then left.

Jeffrey commented that they might have missed a big haul last night, but that they would soon make up for it unless she wanted Buzz to know whose child little Coop's was. Jeffrey asked why she came her if she didn't want Buzz to know he was the father. Jenna told him she was making a fuzz out of nothing and that they would soon be leaving and everything would be fine. Jeffrey told her thought that they shared something and wanted her to tell him the truth about Buzz. Jenna said that a few months ago she started to think about him again and that maybe Buzz and Coop had a right to know each other. Jeffrey insisted that he was doing a good job as Coops father. Jenna told him she was grateful to him and that it was a mistake coming here. Jeffrey pointed out that he saw the way she looked at him, and that he knew she wanted him. Jenna told him she didn't want Buzz to be obligated to her and stay with her out of duty. Jenna insisted that Buzz was completely out of her system. Jeffrey said he was glad to hear that and left. Jenna told herself that she had to get over Buzz.

Jeffrey promised after this one hit tonight, they would leave. Jeffrey told her he had to take care of some things and left. Jenna picked up the phone and called the nanny to check on the baby who was home in London. She talked to little Coop and then hung up. Someone knocked at the door and it was Buzz. He told her he needed her and asked her to come with him.

Buzz wanted help breaking into a place. Reva insisted that this was a mistake and tried to leave. Buzz stopped her and told Jenna that he had promised to help Reva and she was the only one he knew who could help them. Buzz told Jenna they were breaking in the Department of Records. Buzz pulled Jenna aside and told her it was important to him because he wanted closure with Reva before he could move on. Jenna agreed to go and take a look and the three of them left.

Buzz, Reva, and Jenna were on a plane and Reva thanked Jenna. Annie showed up for her first therapy session with Alan.

Alan commented that Annie was making a pact with the devil and that if she utilized the resources he had she had a good chance of ensuring that Reva didn't walk away with her husband.

Annie asked Alan how you could find out why someone was consulting an attorney. Alan pointed out that attorney's kept notes. Alan pieced together that Reva had been to see Ross. Phillip came in and introduced his new nurse to a shocked Phillip.

Phillip told Annie that he recommend that she leave and forget she ever talked to his father. Annie told him she could take care of herself. Phillip tried to convince Annie that this wasn't a great idea, but Annie said that she better now. Alan told Annie to tell Phillip why she accepted his offer and left. Annie told Phillip that she was unemployable and his father made her a good offer. Phillip sensed she was hiding something.

Phillip couldn't understand why she would want a job that would be nothing but stress. Annie insisted that she could handle Alan. Phillip wished her good luck and warned her to keep her eye on her father.

Lucy and Alan-Michael showed up and were surprised to find Annie was Alan's new nurse. Lucy and Alan-Michael told Phillip that they decided to go. Alan came in and told Phillip he should be trying to convince his brother to stay. Phillip told Alan that he understood why he wanted to leave and respected him enough to make his own decision. Phillip told them to get out while they could and wished them the best. He hugged them. Annie left.

Alan-Michael handed over his keyes to Phillip. Alan tried to convince them to stay, but Lucy handed over their letters of resignation. Alex came in and said that she had found a way that they could all continue to work together.

Michelle was distraught over Zachary. Rick, J, and Abby tried to comfort her. The doorbell rang and Rick answered it. Lucy and Alan-Michael dropped by to see Michelle.

Lucy and Alan-Michael offered their condolences. Michelle said that if they really wanted to help they could leave her alond and burst into tears. Lucy and Alan-Michael left. Rick went over to Michelle and told her he didn't have to work this afternoon. Michelle told him to go and he told her how much he loved her. Rick then left. J went over to Michelle and held her.

J told Michelle that he was a jerk about Zachary and that under different circumstances he might have even gotten along with Zachary. Michelle thanked him for saying nice things about Zachary and told J that she couldn't stop thinking about him. J said that that was only natural.

Rick and Abby walked on the beach. Rick told Abby that he just loved looking in her eyes and it made him believe that he had finally gotten a chance at real happiness. Rick and Abby kissed. They told each other how much they loved each other and Rick asked Abby to marry him.

Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Abby is overwhelmed with Rick's proposal, and wants to know why he would ask her to marry him. Rick told her that he can't imagine life without her. He also would like to be alone with Abby, and make love with her, to be that close to her. She has also thought about that. Abby has doubts, she is afraid that she will never be able to live up to Rick's image of her as a perfect woman. They discuss what their wedding would be like, and Abby gets sad when she realizes that her family won't come. Abby finally accepts Rick's proposal.

Alan-Michael and Lucy are ready to leave Springfield. Alex told them that she has thought of a way for them to continue to be involved with the company by taking over the European operations. Alan-Michael declines, explaining that he just does not want to be involved in the company at all. Phillip defends this choice. Alex is upset because she thinks they need Alan-Michael to fight Roger. Amanda came in, and asked if she could change Alan-Michael and Lucy's minds. Alan-Michael told them that he wants to leave to do something meaningful with his life, something his kids could be proud of. He wants nothing to do with Spaulding Enterprises. Amanda states that she would like to be president of Spaulding, but Phillip says that he intends to be the president.

Jenna helps Buzz and Reva break into the courthouse to get the records on Reva's half sibling. To get in, they set off the fire alarm, and then sneak in. Jenna does not understand why Buzz feels that he has to help Reva, but Buzz explained that he gave Reva his word. The three find the records and learn that the people who adopted the baby are the Dwights, and they live near Springfield.

Josh again told Annie that he does not like her working for Alan Spaulding- he thinks it may be too much for her. Then he wanted to call her doctor to talk it over with him/her. Annie talked him out of that. Josh left with Annie promising to take a nap, but she soon left to see Ross. After she snooped on Ross's desk, she found the folder marked "Baby Shane." Now Annie is wondering if Josh and Reva slept together, and is Reva carrying his child. Ross came in, and Annie told him the reason she was in his office is because she is worried that she will lose Marah and Shane now that Reva has left Buzz. Ross assured Annie that Reva never changed the custody agreement. Annie made a quick exit, as she left, Ross told her he would tell Blake that Annie had been in, and Annie asked him to be sure and tell her that. When Annie got home she tried to call Reva because she wanted to her it from her that she is pregnant with Josh's baby. Reva wasn't home, and Annie heard Josh come back at that point. She had to think of something quick, so she grabbed a bottle of liquor and poured it into a glass so that when Josh came in he thought she was drinking.

Thursday, January 30, 1997

Buzz and Jenna are walking into the firehouse apartment and talking about how frustrating it is that the adoptive parents of Reva's sibling, the Dwights, were not at home. Buzz tells Jenna that he had forgotten how smart she is -- she broke into the files and risked arrest for he and Reva. Jenna says that she didn't know why he was risking everything helping Reva after the way she dumped him. He tells her that even though the relationship is over, it doesn't mean that you stop caring about someone. Jenna says that she agrees that some feelings last forever. Buzz looks into her yes and says "tell me about it."

Annie hears Josh coming in, she pours a drink, puts it up to her mouth and pretends she is drinking it. Josh stops her. He asks what happened to make her want to take a drink. She says that she came downstairs and he was not there and she felt so alone and she just poured one for herself. She begins hysterically crying. He says that he is there and everything is fine. She says that she is glad because she doesn't know what she would do without him She says she had a nightmare about the Ball and all of the problems with Reva. In the dream people were laughing at her and saying that Josh would be with Reva if it wasn't for the baby. She apologizes to Josh for almost taking a drink and says she knows that he loves her or he wouldn't be with her. She asks him to forgive her.

Jenna and Buzz are kissing. Jenna breaks away and tells him that they can't do this. Buzz says that he almost forgot that they were married to other people. She says it won't happen again and tells him that she and Jeffrey are leaving in the morning. It was a quick decision, she says, and she was waiting for the right time to tell him. She asks him if he is really going to live at the firehouse. He says that he would like to stay somewhere that has nice memories. Jenna brings up an old memory. Buzz asks her why she keeps doing that. He asks her if she has something to tell him – if she does, do it now. She opens her mouth to speak but Harley comes to the door.

Josh tells Annie that he is sorry that he didn't reassure her sooner. He asks her to sit down. He says that he should have told her sooner that Reva is not a problem. She says that she knows that he loves her. He says he hopes that she does know this and that he will start being there for her more. He offers to start working from home more to be with her. She is thrilled that he would do that for her. He asks her if she is still going to her AA meetings. She says that she never misses them. He says that maybe she should double up on meetings. She says that she can't because she has her job now. He tells her that Alan Spaulding is just going to have to get a new nurse. She says that she likes her job, she likes to help Alan. She says that it makes her feel good about herself. The job doesn't upset her, people talking behind her back do. Everyone knows that Reva is just waiting for her to mess up and lose Josh so she can step in. And everyone is talking about it. He denies this. She says that she can see it happening. It says that she is blowing this out of proportion. Could it possibly a mood swing Josh wants to know. She sarcastically mimics the words "mood swing", but then decides to tell him that yes, perhaps that is what it is. Josh picks up the bottle of liquor and tells her he will get rid of it for her. She says she is glad that he understands how difficult it is to battle urges every second of every day.

Hart is at Company . Bridget comes out of the kitchen and jokingly tells him her name is Bridget and she will be his waitress today. He laughs and tells her that he doesn't think that even she could help him today. She says "try me." He laughs and says he has it under control. She guesses that he is waiting for Dinah. It's slow today so does he mind if she keeps him company while he waits. Hart picks up the phone to call Dinah. The phone is busy. He wonders why she is still at home if she is supposed to be there. Hart and Bridget talk about Peter for awhile. She asks him if he would like to go sledding with she and Peter. He says that he'll check with Dinah to see what day is good with her. Bridget says that she hopes Dinah isn't late for that, too. She would hate for Peter to be disappointed like he was for the ice show. Hart tells her that Dinah felt very bad about that. She says that she thought she would never see the day that Hart Jessop let someone treat him like this. He tells Bridget to mind her own business. She apologizes. He says that he hopes she means it because if she keeps up with this attitude he is afraid they might not be able to be friends.

Dinah is talking on the phone to someone from the TV station. Her doorbell rings and Claudine enters. She is crying and tells Dinah that Jean Luc is in trouble and he needs her. She tells Dinah he is in his suite so be prepared for the worst. Claudine tells her that she can't go with her because then Jean Luc will know that she told her. Dinah tells her to wait in her suite so if Hart calls she can tell him where she is. After Dinah leaves, she smiles.

Jean Luc tells Georgio that the show is ready to begin. He asks him to hit him, but not in the nose – he likes it just the way it is. Georgio hits him and he falls to the floor.

Harley is looking through the firehouse apartment. She tells Buzz and Jenna that she and Mallet had some crazy times in the place – some she wishes that she could forget. She says that she forgot that they used to live there, too. She tells them that she will be leaving soon. Buzz tries to talk her into staying. She says that she had said goodbye to Frank and Eleni and stopped by the cemetary to say bye to Nadine. She says it is so hard for her to believe that Nadine is gone. She and Buzz hug. She says that her plane will be leaving soon.

Jenna asks Harley if she is still a policewoman. Harley says that she works for an insurance company as an investigator. They sent her to Springfield because they thought that there might be a robbery at the Cedar's Ball. In fact when she saw Jenna she thought that she might be up to her old cat burgler ways. Jenna and Buzz laugh. Buzz says that Jenna has put all her past behind her.

Hart tells Bridget that he has to set a few things straight. He loves Dinah. Bridget is his son's mother and he cares what happens to her very much and he will be there forever for her and Peter – but Dinah is the woman he loves. He tells Bridget that he can't give her what she wants. In case she has any ideas about getting together with him, he wanted to set the record straight. She says that she doesn't want anything from him and to stop flattering himself. He says he is neither stupid nor blind and he has noticed how she wants to spend time with him with Dinah isn't around. He doesn't want anymore misunderstandings. He tells Bridget that he isn't in love with her, he was never in love with her and he will never be in love with her. But, there is no reason they can't be friends. Bridget sarcastically says that she wants to get this straight – "I had your baby and now you want to be friends and I shouldn't be the least bit hurt by this?" She tells him not to worry she won't bother he or his precious Dinah ever again.

Dinah knocks on Jean Luc's door and he answers wearing sunglasses. She can tell that his face is bruised. She asks him what happened. He accuses Claudine of telling her. She says that she hasn't seen Claudine. She asks him to let her call a doctor. She says that she will take care of him. She puts some ice on his eye. He tells her that he has been gambling again and that he has lost all his money. He tells her that he owes $20,000 in gambling debts and the men have threatened to kill him. He tells her not to worry because he will take care of it himself. She says "no you won't." She picks up the phone to call the police. He talks her out of it because he doesn't want to be humiliated in public. She tries to talk him into running away to Argentina or somewhere. The men he is running from have very long arms, he says, they will find him. She offers to pay his debts for him. He says no.

Hart tells Bridget that they have to talk. She deserves to have someone love her. She tells him he had better not make one more patronizing remark or she will hit him over the head with a chair. She says that she is a big girl and that she gets it. She is out of his life forever. He tells her that he doesn't want her out of his life. He wants her to be happy. She tells him that we all want what we can't have. She walks away.

Claudine enters. She asks Hart if Dinah has gotten there. She says that Dinah was leaving to go see Jean Luc when she last saw her, and Dinah asked her to tell him she would be there as soon as possible. Jean Luc has been hurt and Dinah went to check on him. Hart is angry that Dinah isn't there because she is with Jean Luc. Hart grabs his coat and runs out the door.

Annie tells Josh that she doesn't want to be a burden to him. He asks her if she is okay. She says her stomach is upset. Josh tells her that he wants to get her to the doctor. He is worried because she fainted at the Ball, she has not gained any weight and now her stomach is churning. She talks him out of it. She tells him she is fine and that she feels like she cleared a pretty big hurdle tonight by not drinking. He leaves the room to get some work done and Annie calls the fertility clinic. It is closed. She is upset, but then she cheers up and tells herself that there is only one thing for her to do. She walks out of the room smiling.

Buzz, Jenna and Harley are still talking. Buzz is telling Harley that Jenna has traded in her diamonds for diapers these days – she is taking care of her husband Jeffrey's child. Cute kid, Buzz says – a lot cuter than old Jeffrey.

Buzz tells Harley he loves her and they hug. She leaves for the airport. Jenna observes that it is hard to say goodbye to someone you are close to. Buzz resonds that it is the hardest thing in the world He then asks her if she is really going to leave.

Nola and Bridget are in the kitchen. Nola asks her if she will talk to her – she says she hates to see Bridget hurting. Bridget starts to cry and hugs Nola. She tells her that she was right and that Hart never loved her. Nola says that she wishes she wasn't right. She knows how hard it is to love someone when they don't love you back. It makes you feel worthless and unwanted. But, it isn't as bad as it feels. Bridget says that she thought she could make him love her. Without Hart she has nothing to look forward to. Nola tells her that she has Peter and watching him grow up. She also has all the wonderful things that haven't happened to her yet. Nola says she knows that great things are going to happen to her.

Annie comes back from the store. She brings home a home pregnancy test. She tells herself that she has to be pregnant this time. "I just have to," she says.

Dinah writes Jean Luc a check for $20,000. He tries to refuse. She says that he is still her friend and she wants to help. He takes it, for old times sake. He asks her to have dinner with him the next night. She refuses. He tries to talk her into it. He says that losing her was the biggest mistake of his life. She says that because of Hart, it is impossible to go out with him. He asks her for a kiss. She gives him a very chaste kiss. She leans back from the kiss. The door opens and Hart and Claudine enter.

Jenna tells Buzz that she is married and her husband and "their" son need her. Buzz tells her that he needs her. He asks her if she is really sure. She says yes. He opens the door for her and she tells him goodbye and to take care of herself. She tells him that she already misses him. She says goodbye. Buzz closes the door. Jenna leans against the door and cries.

Buzz is sitting at the table – he jumps up, grabs his jacket and runs out the door.

Annie is nervously waiting for the test results. She picks up the test stick and happily says "I'm pregnant."

Friday, January 31, 1997

Annie is looking at the home pregnancy test strip. She is ecstatic that she is pregnant. Josh comes downstairs. She runs to him and kisses him. She tells him that she is sure for the first time that everything is going to turn out all right.

Reva is nervously approaching the door of the adoptive parents of her sister. Buzz walks up behind her. He says that he told her he would see her through finding her sister. He says that he is behind her all the way. She thanks him. She gets ready to knock on the door.

Dinah and Hart are in Jean Luc's hotel suite. Dinah tells Hart that everything is all right, she has taken care of it. Hart says that if $20,000 is a small problem he would hate to see what a big one is. She tells him that this is between she and Jean Luc. Hart tells her to let him be the judge of that.

Dinah asks that they not talk about this right now. Hart asks why. She tells him again that it is between she and Jean Luc. He says he thinks that it is his business why she gave this man $20,000 dollars. She tells him that she doesn't want to discuss this. Hart demands to know what the problem was, maybe he could help. Jean Luc tells him that it is no longer a problem. Hart asks what is with all the "stone walling."

Dinah explains that Jean Luc owed some people some money and she helped him out. She says that Jean Luc would never have asked Dinah for the money. She tells Hart that she just found out about it and helped Jean Luc because she was able to. Jean Luc says that he feels very lucky to have Dinah as a part of his life. Hart questions Jean Luc about the debt. Georgio enters and acts surprised about Jean Luc's face. He questions them about what is going on – all the while knowing that Jean Luc put him up to hitting him so his face would be bruised when Dinah came.

Hart asks Dinah if she is able to cover the check. She says yes. He takes her hand and pulls her toward the door. They leave.

Annie is telling Josh that she had a rush of wonderful feelings come to her. She is talking about names for the baby. She says she is drunk on adrenaline. She then says that "drunk" is not a word that she should be using. She assures Josh that she will never be drunk again. She tells him that she is going to double up on her AA meetings. She tells him that she is going to give him the happiest, healthiest little baby in the world. She starts to ask him about Reva when she was pregnant. He tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it, and he is sure that she doesn't either. She tells him that she wants him to know that she is not obsessing over Reva and letting Reva control her life. She says that the slip she almost had wasn't due to this. He tells her that he knows she is strong and can get through anything – no matter what it is.

Reva knocks. A woman comes to the door. Reva tells the woman her name. The lady says that she doesn't know her and starts to shut the door. Buzz tells her that they have something to say to her that is important to both of them. He asks if they can come in. She lets them in because she believes that they are there because she has won some sort of a prize. Buzz and Reva enter the house and Reva looks around curiously.

Ross arrives home late. Blake greets him with a kiss. The twins are down for the night and they plan a evening at home together. Ross tells her that he has been thinking about how blessed they are. He tells her that Annie came to his office today. She has a lot of unresolved feelings about Reva, he tell her. He says it must be tough to have the love of Josh's life and the mother of his children always there – after a while it begins to take its toll on someone. He says when she left his office she was a little unstrung. He is afraid that if things don't change he is afraid that something is going to happen. He speculates that at the Lewis household things are not really happy. They cuddle up on the couch. Blake remembers she needs an ingredient for their dinner and leaves to go to the store.

Buzz and Reva are at the Dwight's house. Mrs. Dwight mistakenly believes that they are there to give her prize money. She asks if the fact that her husband has died disqualifies her. Reva tells her that they are not there because they know someone in common – Sarah Shayne. Reva explains to Mrs. Dwight about Sarah's baby. Mrs. Dwight tells them to get out.

Annie and Josh come downstairs after putting the kids to bed. She asks Josh to snuggle up with her. Josh tries to make excuses not to sit down with her. He finally agrees.

They sit on the couch and Annie tells him thank you for calling her strong and believing in her. She says that she gets nervous like this and things are hard for her because she feels like people are talking about her and the situation with Reva. She says that she feels this way because she never saw the kind of good marriage when she was being brought up. She said that the only good marriages she saw were like the ones you see on TV sitcoms, and she has a hard time believing that there can be good marriages in real life. Josh tells her that good marriages are real and that she deserves to have one – he starts to say something else but there is a knock at the door. Annie goes to the door. It is Blake and she says that she is worried about Annie.

Josh asks her what brings her there. She says she is just there to check on the expectant mommy. Josh leaves to go to the videotape store. After he goes Blake tells her that Ross says she went by his office today. She says Ross says that she was nervous and on edge. Annie says she wasn't on edge. Blake tells her that she knows how nerve-racking it is to keep a secret from your husband. Annie comes back with Blake would definitely know how that is – she wrote the book on it. Annie tells her that her marriage and the baby are fine. Blake asks her if she has stopped to consider that maybe Reva isn't the problem she thinks she is. Annie says that Reva is definitely a problem. She says that she read something about Reva in Ross's file today that has her worried. Blake asks what. Annie says she didn't get to see much before Ross came in – but the file said "Shayne Baby." She says she has a feeling that Reva is pregnant and that Josh is the father. She says that she has to find out what else is in her file. She tells Blake that she is going to help her find that out. Blake looks shocked.

Dinah and Hart walk into her apartment. She says that she only gave Jean Luc $20,000. Hart says "only." She says that it isn't that big a hardship and Jean Luc is going to pay her back. She says that everyone goes through hardships now and then and friends step in and help. Hart tells her that he thinks her friends are trying to scam her out of $20,000. She says she is not that stupid and Jean Luc really does have a gambling problem. He reminds her that that is why she came back to Springfield is to scam some money for Jean Luc and that when the money dried up he left. Hart asks her to think about why Georgio's hand was swollen. He says he thinks that Jean Luc had Georgio hit him so Dinah would rush in to help. He says if she doesn't see that she is in big trouble.

Josh comes to Ross's house. He asks if he has time to talk to him. Ross says that he does because Blake isn't home and the twins are asleep. Josh says that he knows because Blake is at his house talking to Annie. Ross has a puzzled look on his face and asks Josh how he can help him. Josh tells him that he wants to set up an irrevocable trust for Annie and the baby. He says he wants her to feel secure. Ross tells him that if a man wants his wife to feel secure that this is not the best way to go about it. He asks Josh if he wants to tell him about it?

Blake asks Annie if she knows what kind of punishment there is for looking through an attorney's files. Annie says no and she doesn't care. Blake tells her that she is also risking Ross's career. Annie tells her to stop playing innocent – who was it that asked Annie to delete her file at the hospital so Rick couldn't see. Blake tries to tell her that this is not the same thing. Annie tells her that it is exactly the same thing. She put herself on the line for Blake and wants Blake to help her. She says that if this baby is Josh's he would leave her in a minute and go to Reva. She asks Blake what she thinks Ross would do if he found out that one of the twins wasn't his. How long do you think he would hang around? We are just fighting for our marriages Blake. She asks Blake to just talk to Ross and try to find out what she can. Blake says she will do what she can. Annie tells her that she is a great friend.

Mrs. Dwight tells Buzz and Reva to get out again and threatens to call the police. Reva tells her that she doesn't want to interfere with the relationship Mrs. Dwight has with her daughter, but that at the courthouse Mrs. Dwight was listed as having adopted her mother's daughter. She says that she just wants to let this girl know that she was the product of a loving mother. She has to do it for her mother's sake. She made a promise to her mother and has to keep it. She says that she just wants to know her name and a little bit about her life. Mrs. Dwight says that she doesn't want to go through this, she says that the adoption records were supposed to be sealed. Reva says that she noticed that there are no pictures of her daughter there. She asks her if she survived.

Ross asks Josh why he wants this trust. Josh says that Annie has been feeling a lot of pressure lately. She has heard people talk about Reva. He says he wants her to feel safe. Ross says – oh, in case something happens to you. Josh just answers that he wants her to know that she has her own money. Josh says that Annie always thinks that the worst is going to happen. Ross asks why that is. Josh says that it has to do with her upbringing. Ross says that Blake told him Annie was lonely as a kid. Josh says that she didn't have much of a family. Ross speculates that this must be the reason why the family she has now means so much to her. It would be hard to let down someone like that. Josh thanks Ross and leaves.

Blake comes home. She doesn't tell him that she has been at Annie's house. She makes an excuse that the line was long at the store. She goes in the kitchen to cook dinner. Ross has a thoughtful look on his face.

Dinah asks Hart if he really believes that Jean Luc had himself beat up he is crazy. Jean Luc is a very vain man and he wouldn't have done that. Hart says that he doesn't care about Jean Luc, but he loves her. She says that she is a big girl and she knows what she is doing. She says he thinks that she is stupid. He says that he thinks she is big hearted and that she tries to see the good in people even when there is none. She says that she can trust her own instincts. He tells her to put a hold on the check so he can check it out. She tells him that it is not a scam and that it that. She storms off to the bedroom.

The twins have awakened. Ross is trying to put them back to sleep. He is acting silly. Blake comes in a sees him. He threatens her not to tell anyone what she saw. She says that she wishes everyone they know can see him like this. She says that they are the luckiest babies in the world and she is the luckiest woman. She asks him never to leave her as she hugs him. He says that she is stuck with him. They snuggle up on the couch. Ross questions her about the long lines at the supermarket. He asks how Annie is. She tries to avoid the issue. He tells her that Josh stopped by and told him that she was at his house. She says that she just wanted to check up on her. He asks her why she decided not to tell him. She says that she didn't tell him because she didn't want him to think she was worrying needlessly. She sends him into the other room. She starts looking through his files. He calls her from the other room.

Dinah and Hart are arguing through the bedroom door. She tells him to go away she wants to be alone. He leaves the apartment and slams the door.

Blake closes the file up before he comes into the room. He gets a call and she gets the file back out. She looks at the file and has a puzzled look on her face.

Mrs. Dwight opens the door and tells them to leave. Reva keeps asking if her sister is alive. She tells them she is going to call 911. They agree to leave. Buzz says when they are outside that he thinks Mrs. Dwight is hiding a lot more than an adopted daughter.

Blake calls Annie. She says that she looked at the file and that Reva is not pregnant. She says that Reva is looking for a sibling. Annie says that she is very relieved and grateful. Annie says that this is the last time that she will ask her to anything like this for her. When she hangs up the phone she says "for now." She runs upstairs excitedly.

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