One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on OLTL

Téa arrived in Llanview to help with Antonio's case. Marty asked to meet Patrick's parents. Cord announced that he would be moving to London. Téa and Antonio followed up a lead in Philadelphia.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, January 27, 1997

Antonio, Nora, Andy, Carlotta and Clint

Nora and Andy argued with Antonio about Carlotta bailing him out. Antonio didn't want his mother going into debt to get him out. After a while Nora finally gave up and told Andy to convince him. Andy told him that he was in for the fight of his life and that he needed to be outside to help Nora if they were going to win this case. She told him that he was looking at life in prison and that he had to make up his mind, do you accept help and fight or let his pride keep him in prison the rest of his life? He finally agreed to accept the help his mother and Clint offered. Carlotta thanked Clint again for the money and told him that she would pay him back with interest and he told her that he didn't want interest. Nora comes up and tells them that Antonio is balking at accepting the bail. While they are talking Téa' Delgado comes up. Carlotta explains that this is the granddaughter of Abuelita. She is an attorney in New York and has come to help with Antonio's case. Nora is visibly upset. She asks to speak to Carlotta. Carlotta assures her that she wants her on the case and that Téa' is there only to translate anything that they don't understand. Nora agrees to keep her filled in. Antonio comes out and hugs his mother. She cries, you're free! He tells her, no mama, freedom is along way off. He turns to Clint and tells him that he will pay him back with interest. Clint tells him the same thing, no interest. He then says, it's just the right thing to do. They shake hands and Clint leaves. Téa' then speaks up and says that Antonio is as stubborn as he was as a boy. Antonio looks at her like, who are are you and what business is it of yours. She looks and says, you don't remember me do you? He then recognizes her. Carlotta introduces her to Andy and Antonio explains that he could hardly stand her as a child, why should he now. He tells her to go home, that Nora is all the attorney he needs. Carlotta convinces him that she is just there to help. He said he could translate anything she didn't understand. Finally he agrees to let her stay. As everyone is leaving, Antonio and Andy to have some time together, Téa' says that no matter how good a friend Andy is, she is a cop and that she and Antonio should not be left alone together. Antonio starts to disagree and says that she was a brat as a child and she's a brat now, but Andy stops him, Yes, she is right, we are on opposite sides. But remember this, no matter whether we see each other alone, or talk to each other, I am with you every second of the day until you walk out of here a free man. Antonio told her, " Don't you know that I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe that."

Cord, Tina, Asa, and board

Asa calls the board members to vote on CEO of Buchannan Enterprises. On the way to the meeting, Cord runs into Tina and tells her what is going on. She goes with him and is outraged that Asa could do this. Cord asked her how she was going to calm him down if she was so upset. When they get to the office, Asa hasn't arrived. Cord and Tina talk about Cord's future. He says that he wants this, but that he doesn't feel right and doesn't know what he's going to do. She tells him to follow his heart. He says, Thank you, Mary Poppins. She then says, When the time comes, you will know what to do. The board members are tired of waiting for Asa and come in the office and tell Cord that they are happy with him as CEO. They then start talking bad about Asa. Saying that they aren't sure he is even capable of running the company. Cord winds up taking up for Asa and telling them that Asa is the company. Asa comes in in time to overhear Cord. After hearing Cord praise him for his work, he walks in and tells the board that if Cord wants the job it's his. Cord tells him that Buchanan Enterprises is him. Bo and Clint tell Asa that if he wants to fight for CEO, they will vote for him against Cord. Cord basically hands the job to Asa. Asa tells Cord that he is the most honest and gutsy man he knows and that he wants him by his side. Cord tells Asa that he wants to spread his wings and fly on his own. All leave and Tina asks him if this is what he wants. He says yes. They have a tender moment talking about knowing each other better than anyone. She tells him that Baltimore is a great place to start over. He says that he needs to start something of his own, on his own. Tina, "No matter where you are, your home base is with me."

Patrick and Marty

Patrick waits for Marty to get back from her Board exams. She tells him that she thinks all went well. He asked her if she had her penny. She pulls it out of her pocket and tells him that it will always be with her. After spending some touching moments declaring their love for each other, Marty said she just might start to believe in happy endings. They then have a snowball fight and head for home.

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

Max and Maggie

While rolling around on the floor having a real good time, the door bell rings and the Bishop comes a-callin. He brings an old family photo album and tells Maggie that he thought that with her mother and brother gone she might like to have this. Max gets a phone call about a leaky pipe and leaves. Maggie tells the Bishop thank you. He says now maybe they can put the past behind them. Maggie says that she still has too many questions. She is haunted by what happened and wants some answers. What was your relationship with Eleanor. Bishop told her that she was just someone from his past. "Have you ever met somebody and it was so powerful that you never forget that person, well that was how I felt about Eleanor." Maggie asked him if he ever really loved her mother. I look at these pictures and she looks so happy, but you don't. He told her there were happy times too. "I met your mother in Bible study class and we had the same interests and goals. When you were born, I remember holding you in my arms and looking at your face and it was then that I knew what a miracle really was. I went to church Sunday and I preached on it." Max returns and the Bishop says he must leave. He turns to Maggie and says, I hope that now we can really put the past behind us. He leaves and again Max asks what that was all about. She told him that she had no idea what he was up to. They start looking at the album and she remarks how beautiful and happy her mother was and how Bishop looke hollow, like he was missing in action. Max agreed that he did. She held Max and said that she felt that hollow place too. Max held her and told her that she would be OK.

Blair, Dorian, Todd and Janice, the social worker

Blair is getting ready for a meeting with the social worker and Todd. The social worker wants to see them together to see if they can work as a team in raising Starr. Blair looks in the mirror and removes her jewelry. Dorian asks if she is going for the June Cleavor look. Dorian tells Blair that she has a realtor coming to the house with a potential buyer. Blair says, just make sure that word doesn't get to Janice that the house is up for sale. Dorian assures her she can handle that. The door bell rings, Janice and Todd arrive and Janice tells Blair that they need to have the meeting there instead of at the office. Dorian says its not a good time, she has a business appointment. Todd interupts, Can't you change it, I mean, anything for Starr. Dorian says she will make the phone call. Blair takes them into the study. Janice tells them that she wants them to do a couple of exercises to see if they can agree on the raising of Starr. She asks Blair what she would do if 15 years from now Starr wanted to go her first date. Blair said I would first ask who the boy was - Todd says I would meet him first. Blair said I would ask about his family. Todd again interrupts, I would talk to the boy and tell him that Starr has to be in by 7:30 or I'd kill him. An argument ensues and Todd tells Blair that she has to be a responsible parent. With that boys hormones raging there is no way that I would let her go out without knowing all about this boy. At this point, in walks the realtor with a potential buyer. Dorian does her best to get them to come back another time, but the realtor is insistant that they show the house now. They are walking around right in front of Todd and he stands up. Dorian... you're not planning on selling the house are you?? She tells them that she just wants to get an idea of the value. In comes the realtor again talking about deals and selling and buying. Todd looks at Dorian. Dorian tells them that she is looking for a bigger house. Todd says, this is the only place that Starr knows here and my house. Wouldn't this be a stressful situation for Starr. The phone rings and it is another realtor wanting to show the house. Todd again asks Dorian about reasons for selling. "Are you in financial trouble Dorian?" Dorian finally admits to a "temporary financial situation." With all this going on, Janice decides that now is not a good time to visit and says she'll reschedule. Todd tells them that he will go with her and give her a ride and "talk" to her. He takes Janice and show her his place and again asks about what Janice thinks about the fact that Starr will once again be put into a stressful situation. "She needs familiar surroundings and Dorian's and my place are the only ones he knows, won't this be harmful??" Dorian tells Blair after everyone leaves that she doesn't think it went too bad. Blair rolls her eyes and says it was a fiasco! They decide to go to dinner and of course they go to the same place that Marty and Patrick are celebrating.

Marty and Patrick

They go to dinner to celebrate Marty passing the board exams and being certified. She thinks it's going to be a quiet dinner with Patrick and she turns around and it's a surprise party for her. Viki sent a present by Jessica and said she'd be by later. She gave her a foot massager and a doctor's bag. Larry gave her a pad of prescriptions. She was then told that she needed to work on her writing, it was too legible. Larry toasted to her compassion and love for everyone. Marty and Patrick announced that they were getting married. Andrew asked if they had picked out the church or the preacher. Marty assured him that they hadn't and that they were going to wait until after the baby was born. Blair and Dorian came in at this time and was told what they were celebrating. She congratulated Marty. After she left, Marty told Patrick that she sounded like she almost meant it. He said he thought she did. Andy teared up when listening to Marty talk about her life going so well, so Marty asked Patrick to wait for her and she went to talk to Andy. Marty told Andy that her strength had helped her when everyone thought that Patrick was guilty of killing Carlo and that her strength and love for Antonio would help her now. They then went into the ladies restroom. As they walked in, Blair was putting Marty down. Marty told Blair that they would have to see alot of each other after the baby was born and that it would help if she would be honest with them and with herself. She turned and left. Marty and Patrick are leaving and Patrick can see that something is bothering Marty. He asked her what it was, she said that she wished her parents could be with her at her graduation. He told her that they would be, they were a part of her life. She said she would like to meet his parents and that maybe in the spring they could go to Ireland. Patrick looked very troubled but told her, Yeah, sure.

Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Joey, Kelly and Dorian

Kelly is busy packing her trunk and discussing their trip to Paris with Joey when the doorbell and phone ring at the same time. Joey answers the phone while Kelly opens the door. Dorian makes her entrance and asks Kelly, considering the situation, is she still planning on going to Paris? Joey departs since he is already late for the gathering at Llanfair planned by Cord. Kelly tells Dorian she is going. Dorian tries every trick in the book to get Kelly to stay in Llanview. She tells her about the 15 million she has had to pay to the Buchanans and the $5 million more she still owes and how she will have to sell her house for the extortive amount Cord and the others are demanding. She is certain that they are all at Llanfair celebrating and gloating over their success at blackmailing her. Kelly defends the Buchanans and reminds Dorian she is paying them back for all the damage she has done to their business. Dorian says that the money she is giving is not an admission that she is guilty of what they are accusing her of. The only reason she gave into their demands was that she could not afford to jeopardize Blair's custody case by going to trial. Next, Dorian remarks on the fact that Kelly's spending habits equal the national debt. Kelly begins to worry how Dorian being short on cash will effect her semester in Paris. Dorian tells her that she is a survivor and will rise from the ashes stronger, wiser and richer, it is just that she was rather hoping Kelly would stay with her. Kelly wants to know why Dorian paid for her schooling in advance if she wanted her to be in Llanview. Dorian pretends to be agreeable about the trip and changes the subject. She looks through the clothes Kelly has been packing and notices a designer original she paid a great deal of money for. She gives Kelly permission to take it with her and mentions she hasn't been concerned about money since Victor Lord died. Of course, she can't count on Blair to help her now. Her assets in Melador are tied up by the divorce. But she will make Melador a huge success, even without its signature face. Kelly is fallling for the guilt trip. She says, you are trying to make me stay. Dorian denies this and tells her to go to Paris and that somehow she will keep the family afloat. Kelly replies she would love to help her aunt out but she is worried what will happen if Joey finds out that she warned Dorian about the Buchanan's plan to unmask the person behind Cameron's actions. She is certain that Joey will leave her. That is why she must get him out of town before he discovers her disloyalty. Joey calls and tells Kelly to come up and see Cord because he is leaving the country. She tells him she needs a few more minutes to see the trunks are picked up. Dorian acts noble and tells Kelly not to worry she will be all right. After she leaves, Kelly guiltily looks through a stack of newly purchased clothes, trying to decide what to return to the store.

Antonio, Nora, Bo, Linda, Carlotta and Téa

Nora stops by the police station and asks Linda for the transcripts of the tapes of Carlo's and R.J.'s conversations. Linda informs her that Bo had said that, in addition to the transcripts, he would be willing to give Nora copies of the audio tapes. She asks Nora if Antonio has a chance to win his case. Nora tells her she is hopeful. Bo walks up from behind and half jokingly asks if his wife is trying to turn his assistant over to her side. Nora looks puzzled by the remark while Linda shakes her head. Nora blasts Bo as being unfair. He should have more faith in his employees. Bo replies that his employees are not her sources. Nora defends herself and reminds him that it is her right under the rules of discovery to ask for whatever evidence he has and if he doesn't like it, he can take it to the Supreme Court. Bo agrees that is true and they continue with a normal conversation about what to order for dinner and Bo kisses Nora goodbye as Linda looks stunned at the quick change in attitude. Bo tells Linda that he is leaving for a family get together. He mentions that he is not really angry at her. He knows that Nora is smart and knows how to get information. He reminds Linda that she is not on the side of the defense, that she works for him the Police Commisioner. Linda replies that she will not turn her back on the Vegas and that after work she will raise money and do all she can do to help Antonio. Bo says he has no problem with that as long as the information that reaches her desk is treated as confidential. She tells him that she is grateful that Bo believed enough in her to give her the job and assures him she will not leak anything to Nora or anyone else.

Meanwhile, at Carlotta's diner, Carlotta thanks the young attorney and family friend for her help. She asks Téa for her honest opinion on Antonio's case. Téa replies she does not think there is enough evidence to convince a jury that her son is innocent. She knows that Nora is a good lawyer and maybe she can cut him a deal for 25 years to life. With good behavior, Antonio could serve only 15 years and many people come out of prison at 45 and live good lives. Antonio up from behind Téa and asks her what she thinks she is doing. He turns to his mother and says he does not value Téa frank opinion. He grabs Téa by the arm for a private discussion. She tells him he doesn't stand a "snowball's chance in hell." He tells her if he didn't think there was hope, he would have left the country. Téa warns him that he and everyone else is in for a long, hard fall when he is found guilty. Antonio tells her he does not need her slick New York attitude. Téa counters that her high powered law firm would not even let his case come to trial. They would convince him to take a plea. Antonio says Nora would disagree with them and Téa responds that Nora has been listening to Antonio too much. Nora interrupts and takes Téa' aside, saying she is interested in the young woman's take on Antonio's case. Antonio walks over to his mother and tells her not to listen to Téa. He is not like her law firm's rich, guilty clients. He is innocent. Meanwhile, Téa discusses a case her law firm handled which was similar to Antonio's case. The defendent was a FBI informant who had doubled as a lieutenant to a New York mob boss. The mobster was murdered and the informant was accused of the crime. The district attorney offered him a plea bargain of 7 years which he refused, believing that a jury would not convict him since the victim would not be missed. He was found guilty of murder and received a sentence of 25 years to life. Téa says she is only being helpful. Nora asks how involved was she in the case. She recalls her own experience as a junior associate and how her contribution was limited to depositions and research. Téa is forced to admit she did not have as much involvement in the case as she claimed. Nora admires her ambition but explains she would need years of experience in criminal law before she throws around her opinions as gold. Téa tersely apologizes for being out of line for interfering in Antonio's case. Then she regroups and informs Nora that she did spend 2 years in the D.A's office and her opinions do have some value. She never thought of Antonio as her favorite person but she wishes him lluck. She coldly thanks Nora for showing her her office. Nora asks her to send over Antonio. Téa goes over to Carlotta and apologizes to her, telling her she did not mean to hurt her.

At a nearby table, Antonio and Nora talk about his case and she tells him that Téa reminds her of herself years ago. They discuss the videotape Hank has and Nora says she is worried about the tape, but her main concern is that if Carlo is setting him up, there may be more surprises. As they review the transcripts, Nora comes across the one for November 21, the day Carlo was called and sees that R.J. answered a phone call from someone named Fritz Van Hinkle. She is asking Antonio if he know who this man is when Téa, who is just about to leave, does a 180 degree term and surprises both of them by stating she knows who Fritz Van Hinkle is.

Cord's Long Goodbye

Cord asked the whole family to join him at Viki's for an announcement. Viki tells the family that Cord has not told her what this is all about. Most of the Buchanan Clan is there. Drew, Jessica, Clint, Kevin, Tina, CJ and Sara when the doorbell rings and Asa walks in. Drew informs him that Bo is still at work and Kevin volunteers that Joey has not shown up yet since he is busy with Kelly. Cord comes down the stairs with Tina and the children. Tina tells him that no matter what anyone else says, she thinks he is doing the right thing. Clint wants to know why his son has called them all together. Cord tell the assembled family members that he has made a decision and he wants to tell them all about it. He says he has already spoken to Tina and his children. Kevin jokingly asks if Tina and Cord are getting married again. Cord laughs and explains that he has purchased a North Sea oil drilling company name Norscott and its offices are based in London. Clint is not pleased that he is moving so far away. Cord says he has been thinking about this for a long time and that he wants to prove he can build a company from the ground up like Asa did and the time and the opportunity is right. He tells his family he is enthusiastic and the only downside is the kids. Tina says the kids will miss him and Viki says she expects they would. Asa tells Cord it is a great idea and he admits for the first time that Cord was smart to take the reins of Buchanan Enterprises when he did and equally smart to hand them back. Asa explains that a company is like a horse. The man who breaks it, is the one who should ride it. He offers Cord seed money, but Cords turns it down, saying the idea is for him to do it on his own. Clint is angry at Asa, telling him that first his father pushes Cord out and now he has forced him to go halfway around the world. Cord asks Clint not to blame Asa. If he wanted to, he could have stayed on as CEO of Buchanan Enterprises. But this is what he wants and he would like Clilnt to be happy for him. Clint says he is happy for him but unhappy for himself because he will be so far away. Drew takes Asa asides and asks him if he will miss having Cord around. He tells Asa he is a good listener. His Grandfather invites him to his office to discuss his potential.

For Cord is the beginning of a new life away from his friends and family in Llanview. There are many goodbyes to be said. Jessica hugs Cord and tells him she will miss her "one nice brother." He invites her to visit him in London. Viki hugs him and tells him how much she thinks of him and hopes he gets all he wants. Tina cries and Viki complements him on the way he deceived Dorian, not once, but twice. She knows what a formidable opponent Dorian can be. No one else has ever acheived such success. Max comes to the door and asks Cord why he had to find out about his buddy leaving from Tina. Cord reviews his plans with Max and assures him he will be back to share a couple of brewskis with his friend. They reminisce about all the scrapes they got into and Max thanks Cord for all the times he pulled him out of jams. He would not be alive today if it was not for Cord. When Cord leaves, he will be without his best friend. Bo arrives and hugs Cord and wishes him good luck. As they are speaking, the doorbell rings. Dorian makes a grand entrance decked out in furs and finery. She informs him that she is putting the house up for an asking price of $6 million dollars and it will take some time to finish paying off what she owes. Cord informs her that he is leaving his position at Buchanan Enterprises and that she will have to deal with Asa. She coyly remarks that she hopes Asa won't do anything against Kelly. Cord doesn't know what she is talking about. She feigns surprise and proceeds to fill him in on how Kelly warned her about his plans to unmask the identity of the person behind Cameron's actions. This gave her the jump on getting Cameron out of town. Cord tells Dorian Kelly need not worry. Joey has heard all that Dorian has said which is precisely what she wanted. After she leaves, he comes into the hallway. His sad face tells the whole story. Cord pats him on the back and Joey goes home to confront Kelly about her betrayal and tell her he knows she lied to him.

Cord spends the rest of the evening with Tina and their children, CJ and Sara. He tells the kids that England is not so far away and that they can get together often by E mail and by flights on the Concorde. Clearly, they will all miss each other. As the night comes toward an end, this is Cord's most important and longest goodbye. As all four curl up on the couch in a group hug, Tina has tears in her eyes and the scene is a warm goodbye to a man well loved by his friends and family.

Thursday, January 30, 1997

CARLOTTA'S DINER-Nora, Antonio, Téa

Téa overhears Nora and Antonio talking about Fritz Van Hinkle, and says that she has heard of him. She asks if he is relevant to their case. Nora tells her that he is, because he spoke to Carlo on the day he died, and if they can figure out the connection between the two men, it may help with the case. Antonio doesn't think Téa knows what she is talking about and doesn't want her help. Nora does think Téa can help, and asks her to find out more. Téa agrees to call her contacts to find out more about Van Hinkle. When she leaves, Antonio tells Nora it is a mistake to get help from Téa, but doesn't give a reason. When Téa returns to the table, she tells them that Van Hinkle is "very connected", he is not only a forger, but considered an artist in his circle, and he is well known from Miami to Maine. Nora feels that it is important that they get to Van Hinkle before Hank does, but however will they find him? Téa informs Nora that not only does she know where he is, she has a meeting with him this afternoon in Philadelphia. She told him that she needs a passport, fast, and he agreed to meet her. Nora and Antonio are against it, but they have no other way to contact her, and tell Téa to go ahead as an undercover agent for the meeting. Nora heads back to her office, telling Antonio to keep the faith. Téa gets up to leave, saying"Well, I'm off to Philadelphia", Antonio replies"Not without me, you're not." Téa thinks it is a bad idea, what with him being on parole and all, but Antonio insists on going to make sure everything goes well. Téa says ok, and off they go.

LLANFAIR-Todd and Viki

Todd is putting a photo of Starr on the mantle when Viki comes into the room. She is glad to see a picture of Starr with the family photos. Todd points out that he also brought flowers, to thank Viki and Jessica for their advice about how to look like a caring person and good parent. He tells Viki that working in the hospital has worked well, and Janice is impressed. Todd is feeling confident about the custody case. Viki asks him "What about Blair?"Todd says,"well, someone has to lose, right?" Viki tells Todd that although Blair has her faults, she is a very devoted mother. Todd says that Blair will just have to devote herself to something else, like gardening, or finally learning how to cook. Viki asks Todd what he is up to, Todd tells her that he isn't out to undermine Blair, Dorian is doing a fine job of that herself. He mentions that financial instability can be very hard on a kid. Viki says,"what are you telling me?, that Blair and Starr have nowhere to go? Do you think that's good for your daughter?" Todd replies"No, of course not, but Blair knows that Starr has a big comfy room at my penthouse, she should just hand her over." Viki asks Todd if he really loves his daughter, he acts like she is a prize in a game of tug of war. Todd says" oh, so it's ok for Blair to keep me from seeing my kid, but it's not ok for me to try to get her back." Viki replies"wouldn't it be better for Starr if you weren't enjoying her mother's predicament so much, and tried to help them?" Todd says"I'd love to stay for another one of your pearls of wisdom, but I'm off to see my new best friend, Janice.She's a social worker."Viki tells Todd that what comes around goes around. Todd says, "I know, now I get to be the guy on the white horse, and Blair gets to be the bad guy. Live and learn, sis."He leaves to go see Janice.


Cord and Tina are in the living room at Llanfair. Tina gives Cord a gift; it is a brown suede jacket. Of course it's a perfect fit and Tina says it looks wonderful, like it was made for him. Cord thanks her, not just for the jacket, but for everything. For taking time off from work to be with him while he is making life changing decisions. He thanks her for her support and undying faith. Tina tells him that he had the courage all along, and just needed to be reminded of how strong he is by someone who knows him. Cord tells Tina that he will think of her every time he wears the jacket- he says he will think of her all the time, even when he isn't wearing it. Tina says," I guess you never were good at good-byes", Cord replies,"No, I guess the 3 marriages are proof of that." Tina asks "so, it's not the good-byes you have trouble with, it's sticking to it."Cord looks her in the eye and says,"No, what I'm saying is-what I have trouble with is saying goodbye to you."He tells her that he told CJ and Sarah that even an ocean can't keep you away from the people that you love. He says that he wants to visit the kids and Tina a lot. They talk about each other's new lives. Tina tells Cord that she thinks he will meet that special someone. Cord tells her that he is going to want her to come to London soon and often. He also tells her that every time he pictures his life he can't do it without seeing Tina and the kids. Cord tells Tina that he can't see a future without her. They hug and they kiss and head out of the room.

THE GATE HOUSE-Kelly and Joey

Joey confronts Kelly about lying. She tries to deny it, saying that she doesn't know who's been telling him that. Joey tells her that he heard it straight out of Dorian's mouth, he overheard her defending Kelly to Cord.Joey is really mad and asks Kelly "to make me understand why you lied to me." Kelly explains that at first she didn't know the truth, but found out when she went undercover for Cord.Kelly tells Joey that she was worried about Dorian, that Cord was going to have her arrested, she would have no money or family, no Melador...and no face of Melador, Joey points out. Kelly admits that she was worried about herself, her career, but mainly she kept quiet for Dorian, who has done so much for her. Dorian had told her that the whole thing would just blow over, and that the Buchanan's business was fine.Kelly tells Joey that she wanted to put the whole thing behind her, Dorian was pressuring her all the time not to tell. The lie kept going on and on and Kelly was afraid that it would cost her the only thing she ever had in the entire world-Joey. She asks him if he wants anything to do with her anymore. Joey tells Kelly that he won't leave her, but he is really angry. He wants to know why she can't just trust him with the truth. He tells Kelly that Dorian is manipulating her. Kelly doesn't think so. She thinks she owes Dorian for all the love and support she's given her, but Joey says that Kelly doesn't owe Dorian a thing- her debt is paid in full. Joey tells Kelly he wants to make sure that Dorian never uses her again, he wants them to get on the plane and go to Paris, they will be free of Dorian, along with her lies and games. Kelly tells Joey that Paris may not be the right thing to do anymore. She doesn't want to leave the family in a time of crisis, with the custody case of Starr, and Dorian being broke. She says that Dorian has helped her so much, how can she turn her back on her now? Joey tells Kelly that Dorian is guilt tripping her, he says that Dorian is trying to break them up. Joey says that now is the time for Kelly to let go of Dorian, before she breaks them apart. Kelly says she won't let that happen. She tells Joey that they can go to Paris next semester. Joey says that isn't good enough-it's now or never. He tells Kelly that he is going to Paris either way. He says he is going to finish packing. If Kelly wants to save what they have, she will pack, too, and come with him to Paris.Otherwise... His voice just trails off, and he walks up the stairs, leaving Kelly to think.

DORIAN'S HOUSE-Dorian, Blair, Todd, Viki, Janice

Dorian arrives home(still wearing her fur hat from yesterday, which she leaves on all day) just as Blair is hanging up the phone. Dorian asks if it was Kelly, saying she isn't looking forward to the next time she hears from her. Blair says no; it wasn't Kelly. Dorian starts talking, but sees that Blair is preoccupied. She asks her what is wrong. Blair tells her that she has good news and bad news, Dorian wants the good news first. Blair tells her that the realtor called; they have a buyer for the house-6 million dollars in cash. The bad news is that they would need to be moved out by tomorrow. Dorian isn't happy about the deadline, but they don't have much of a choice, they need the money. Blair is also upset about this, because it will look bad to the social worker if Starr has nowhere to call home, even if for a short time. They discuss it, and decide they can stay at the Palace Hotel until they think of somewhere else. They decide that taking the deal is their best course of action under the circumstances. Dorian goes to call her real estate agent to accept the offer. The door bell rings, Blair answers. It is Viki. She says she has heard about their financial troubles and wants to help. Viki suggests that Blair and Starr move into Llanfair, they have plenty of room, they could use the west wing. Dorian comes out of the living room as Viki is saying this, and naturally doesn't want it to happen. She tells Viki to take her charity and leave. Viki says it isn't charity, it's friendship, a word that isn't even in Dorian's vocabulary.Dorian says they wouldn't even be in this mess if Viki hadn't stopped publication of her book, and that it is all her extended family's fault.While they are arguing, there's a knock on the door. This time it is Todd, accompanied by Janice Talbert. Viki introduces herself to Janice, and asks her to excuse the confusion, she explains that Dorian has just sold her house and needs to be out by tomorrow, so everyone is anxious. Todd speaks up now, saying"there is no need to be anxious, I think I have a solution for everybody. My broker called me a little while ago, I understand you have accepted my terms."Dorian and Blair are shocked Dorian yells"you bought my house?!"Viki says she will be leaving now, but before she goes she asks Todd if he knows how anxious he has made everyone. She also asks why he had the deadline. He says it was so he could be sure Starr has a safe home, instead of waiting for the house to sell on the market- he says he would have been worried. He also tells Blair and Dorian that they don't have to leave- he actually bought the house for Starr, and Dorian can stay there for as long as she wants as long as she pays Starr a dollar for every year she is there. Janice says "what a gesture." Blair says"what a crock."Dorian says" the only reason Todd did it is to score brownie points with you." Janice tells Dorian"I am not naïve, I know his motives. Still, I commend his actions to save Starr's home." At that moment Starr wakes up from her nap upstairs, and starts crying. Todd wants to get her, but Blair insists on going. Janice goes with her. Todd tells Dorian that it must be hard to lose everything so fast and to be bailed out by him. Janice and Blair come down with Starr.Janice leaves. Todd is also leaving As he is going, Blair thanks him for saving the house, because it is important for Starr.Todd says that once he has custody he may just tear it down and build a new house. Blair tells Todd that the house doesn't matter, and it won't ever be a home for Starr unless her mother is there. She tells Todd that he of all people should understand that. Todd doesn't reply, he just walks out the door.

Friday, January 31, 1997


At Rodi's, Max is on the phone trying to get a plumber to come and fix the kitchen faucet, which he's holding in his hand. Maggie comes in and Max tells her all the problems he's been having with Rodi's lately, he especially needs a full-time bartender. The worst part is, he wants Rodi's to fail, Max says. "What am I doing here?", he asks. He's been feeling this way for a while now, sort of trapped. He and Renee purchased Rodi's right after Luna died, when he needed a diversion. He kept Serenity Springs running because it was Luna's dream and as long as it was around, a part of her was still alive, Max felt. Jeff, the fill-in bartender calls and tells Max he won't be in tonight and Maggie offers to fill in for him.

Maggie asks Max what he dreams of doing instead of running Rodi's. He mentions cattle ranching in Argentina, but what he really misses is running the Palace Hotel when he owned it before Renee. Maybe he could open a chain of luxury resorts. Andrew comes in to visit with Maggie and has some news about the radio station Luna used to be on. In order to get the money he needed to buy Dorian's house, Todd put the radio station up for sale for 1 million dollars. Max might be interested in buying it and getting out of this rut he's been in. The plumber arrives and Max is amazed that he actually showed up when he said he would. Max goes in the back with the plumber and Maggie and Andrew start talking about the Bishop. Maggie doesn't really know him that well, especially about his past and she thinks it's time to learn more.

Maggie and Andrew are looking at the photo album the Bishop gave Maggie. They look at a picture of the Bishop and Maggie's mother on their wedding day and Maggie wonders if the Bishop looks happy. Andrew can't really say. Maggie tells him to look at any picture, does her father look happy in any of them? Andrew wonders what Maggie is looking for. Maggie thinks somthing was very wrong between them. Andrew remembers the Bishop as being aloof, but then again, so was his own father. Everyone loved Maggie's mother, said she must be an angel. Maggie wonders if they said that because she was putting up with the Bishop having an affair. Maggie doesn't want to judge her father, she just wants to know what happened.

Maggie begs Andrew to think about it, to remember anything at all from that time. Andrew's told her everything he can think of and suggest she ask the person who knows, the Bishop. Andrew apologizes for not being more help and leaves. Maggie pulls out the newpaper with Eleanor's obituary and remembers being in St. Maarten with her father and Eleanor lying on the bed, dead.

Max is at the bar looking at his checkbook, it's not looking very good after he just paid the plumber. Maggie suggests that they drive up to the Mountain Sunset Inn, but Max claims he's too stressed after paying the plumber to drive. Maggie encourages him to find some way to buy the radio station and break free of the past. She'll try to do the same, she says, closing the photo album.


At the hospital, Todd is talking with a nurse about his voluteer work with the children, it helps him get in touch with his "inner child." The nurse has nominated Todd for "Volunteer of the Week." Todd turns to leave and almost runs right into Marty. Marty tells him she knows this volunteer work he's doing is just to impress the judge in his custody case. Once the custody case is over, the children at the hospital will never see him again, she accuses. Todd claims he wouldn't give it up for the world, he's starting to understand why Viki does all that volunteer work. Marty doesn't believe a word of it, tells him so, and walks off. Larry comes up to the nurse with Todd and tells her to call a helicopter to take a patient to a donor kidney at Mass. General Hospital. There are no helicopters available due to a freeway accident the nurse tells him. Todd overhears that the kidney is for Matthew, one of the boys he reads to, and offers the use of his plane.

Larry doesn't want to use the private plane for insurance reasons, but Todd convinces him that it's worth the boy's life to do it. Todd calls to get his airplane ready to go. The nurse, who's been listening, offers to write a letter to the judge in the custody suit to support Todd. Todd thanks her, it would mean alot to him. The boy, Matthew, is wheeled up to Todd on a stretcher. Matthew recognizes Todd as the "story man." Marty is surprised that they are going to be using Todd's plane to transport Matthew, but agrees to go along. Matthew begs Todd to go with them on the plane, he's scared. Todd agrees to go and they bring Matthew down to the ambulance.

Todd, Marty, Matthew and Matthew's mother are on Todd's plane going to Boston. All of a sudden, they run into turbulance and the plane begins to shake. Todd starts telling Matthew his own version of Hansel and Gretel to get Matthew's mind off the turbulance.

Todd and Marty are in the airplane, having dropped Matthew and his mother in Boston. Snowflakes are drifting past the windows of the plane. Marty explains that they had to take Matthew to Boston to have the operation because Llanview Hospital is no longer set up to do those kind of operations due to cut backs. Matthew would have had a better chance if the kidney had been flown in. Suddenly there's a loud noise and the plane begins to shake. The plane was hit by lightning and both engines are out, Todd reports after talking to the pilot. They are going to have to glide for a while and make an emergency landing. "Oh my God, we're going down!", Marty exclaims.


Téa and Antonio are at the bus station, waiting for the bus to Philadelphia. Antonio's worried about this meeting Téa has arranged with Van Hinkle, he's sure to know right away that Téa is a fake. Téa assures him that she can handle herself. If Téa doesn't have this meeting, Antonio will have nothing because the cops will get to Van Hinkle and he'll clam up. This is the only way they'll find out why Carlo had a meeting with a forger the day he died. Antonio grabs the tickets, tells Téa he'll handle it and tells her to go back to New York. Over Antonio's shoulder, Téa notices Andy arriving at the bus terminal.

Téa points out to Antonio that Andy's there and Andy comes over and explains that she was putting a witness on the bus for Baltimore. Antonio tells her he's there to put Téa on the bus back to New York. Antonio's already heard Téa's opinion of his case, "Antonio's screwed. He's going to get life." She and Antonio have to leave now, Téa explains, they are meeting a friend of their's in Philadelphia.

Andy wishes them a good trip, then Antonio tells Téa to get on the bus and wait for him. Téa reminds them that they shouldn't even be talking to each other. Antonio gets angry and tells Téa to back off. Téa goes to get on the bus. Antonio starts to explain what's going on, but Andy stops him. Téa's right, Antonio shouldn't tell her anything about the defense he and Nora are working on. They change the subject and Andy tells him that she thinks about him all day long. Antonio tells her how much he wants to hold her right now. Antonio's bus is called and he leaves.

Téa and Antonio are in Philadelpia at the coffee shop behind the train station to meet Van Hinkle. Antonio sits in the booth behing the one Téa is in. Antonio tried to convince her again that this is a bad idea and they should leave, but she refuses to go. Van Hinkle comes into the coffee shop wearing a beret and dark rimmed glasses. Téa stands up and introduces herself under a fake name. Van Hinkle tells her if she needs help with her passport to see the State Deparment. Téa tells him that her friend said he did a better job. Van Hinkle claims she must have gotten him confused with someone else. Téa says it was Carlo Hesser who gave her his name. "You've got the wrong man", Van Hinkle says, turning to leave. Antonio jumps up and tells him to stop. Van Hinkle stops just as he's opening the door and turns back to face Antonio.

Antonio introduces himself. Van Hinkle recognizes him as the one who "did" Carlo and doesn't want Antonio to get him involved. He starts to leave, but Antonio grabs him and tells him the police have taped conversations between himself and Carlo. Van Hinkle says that there's no way the police can connect him with the passports he did for Carlo. Van Hinkle thanks Antonio for the warning, though, and leaves. Téa's upset that Antonio butted in, but he reminds her that Van Hinkle was leaving without talking to her when Antonio stopped him. Van Hinkle did say he was making passportS, plural, for Carlo. Maybe Carlo was planning on taking someone with him and that person saw who shot Carlo that night.


At Serenity Springs, R.J. is working out lifting weights. Hank comes in to work out and admits that he called Club Indigo to find out where R.J. was. He wants some info. on what Carla was doing right before he was murdered. R.J. has told Hank all that he's going to tell him. "Was Carlo planning anything involving Antonio Vega?", Hank asks.

Hank and R.J. are dressed in light blue Serenity Springs bathrobes. Hank apparently followed R.J. to the pool and bugged him with questions while he swam laps. If R.J. wants him off his back, all he has to do is answer his questions, Hank says. R.J. still doesn't answer. Hank tells him that if they can find the money that Antonio supposedly stole from Carlo, they'll have a rock-solid motive for Antonio killing Carlo.

Later, after they've dressed, Hank tries one more time to get information from R.J. R.J. doesn't like Antonio, he thinks he's a "punk", but even if R.J. showed up with a tape of Antonio killing Carlo, Hank and Bo would doubt it. They always give Antonio the benefit of the doubt, but never do the same for R.J. R.J. tells Hank that Carlo was planning to relocate permanently and wasn't taking Antonio with him. R.J. claims that Antonio must have known this. He says that Antonio was really stupid, though, not disposing of the body so that everyone thought Carlo had just disappeared before the cops could bust him.

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