Another World Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on AW
Gabe and John saved Lorna from the fire. Grant was pleased because he believed Vicky was dead. Vicky's family and friends grew to believe she was dead as well. Bobby was caught in a bear trap. Amanda discovered Rachel was pregnant. Cindy spiraled further out of control.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on AW
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Monday, February 3, 1997


After knocking Lorna down, Cindy escapes from the burning ladies room through a window. As Lorna lies unconscious, Gabe meets ups with Felicia & John in the restaurant. Gabe knows Lorna was there and starts to get nervous when she doesn't appear. Grant toasts Donna as the new owner of the Harbour Club. Smelling smoke, Gabe told Felicia to find Lorna. They realize Lorna is in the burning room and Gabe busts through the door to get to her. Cass makes sure no one else was in the burning room as John works on an injured Lorna. Soon, they all leave for the hospital. Grant eventually puts out the fire and then told Donna the damage was her responsibility because she is the new owner. Nick arrives and brushes off Donna's concern about Vicky. Sharlene also arrives at the Harbour Club and gets cozy with Grant who was still pleased with the fact that he thinks Vicky was dead. Searching the fire scene, Joe thinks it may be an accident but recovers a scarf he assumes is Lorna's (its really Cindy's)


Lorna was in obvious distress with smoke inhalation, a collapsed lung & internal injuries. John treats her while her concerned family and friends look on. Regaining consciousness, Lorna becomes terrified as always at the thought of being in a hospital. Gabe and Felicia try to calm her to no avail and they rush her to the operating room. Joe finds Gabe in the waiting room and reports he thinks the fire was an accident. Gabe was reminded of the fire that killed his first wife and son. Then Joe gives Gabe the scarf, who recognizes it as Cindy's. Gabe told Joe how upset Cindy was and how she didn't always get along with Lorna. He told Joe find Cindy. Meanwhile, Chris approaches Matt at the Herald and reluctantly told his suspicions of Cindy. He explains the bad feeling he has because of what he knows of her past and possible love for Gabe. Matt was understandably horrified and tells Chris to stay out of it unless he has proof.


Grant went to Cindy's apartment to find it empty. He finds her journal and rips out a page with his name in it. He makes sure the journal and her "Gabe" scrapbook are easily accessible to the police. Grant leaves as Joe arrives with a search warrant. He finds the journal and the scrapbook and realizes the extent of Cindy's obession. Joe reports his findings to Gabe who went from feelings of horror to guilt that he didn't listen to Lorna's suspicions. He told Joe to try and find cindy but keep the search quiet.


Bobby returned to the pipe Vicky was hiding in to find her gone. Every subsequent scene with him in it involved him looking in various places for her and whistling their signal. The show ends with a freeze frame of him still looking for her (it was very weird they ended it this way)

Tuesday, February 4, 1997

GRANT'S APARTMENT: Hal brought Grant an earring belonging to Vicky from the explosion site. Grant comments it was a gift from Ryan and that Vicky was always sentimental. He rages at Hal that Vicky's family was not informing him about her disappearance and that Cindy the loose cannon was still out there. Grant leaves to try and get some info from Gabe about cindy's whereabouts but Gabe isn't talking. When Grant returns he told Hal he has been waiting since the day he found out Vicky was carrying his child to be a father and now he's finally going to be. He told Hal he has a phone call for him to make.


After calling several nearby hospitals from Vicky's house, Jake went to the Herald to have Chris help him search for her from the computer. Not finding her admitted to any hospitals both relieves and frustrates Jake and of course, he takes it out on Chris. They both notice a story about a UFO sighting outside of town. Chris told Jake about Lorna and accuses him of being too wrapped up in Vicky. When Jake went to convince Gary to look for Vicky, Chris calls a friend in Boston to follow up on a hunch he has about Cindy. Chris reports to Matt that Cindy's alibi the night of Sarah and Sam's deaths does not check out and that he believes Cindy may have had something to do with Lorna's accident.


Donna waits dejectedly at the restaurant for news of Vicky. Michael arrives and they comfort each other. Donna exclaims that she never liked Bobby Reno and blames him for Vicky's disappearance. Michael was beginning to have doubts about trusting Carl but tries to remain optimistic for Donna's sake.


Lorna's friends and family hold vigil while John operates. Gabe has flashbacks of all the times he and Lorna spend together. There was tension with both Carl and Rachel waiting but both put it aside for Felicia's sake. Joe reports to Gabe that cindy may still be in BC and a threat to Lorna. Meanwhile, Cindy was hiding out in the hospital and calls to find out about Lorna's condition, disguising her voice. John brought Gabe into the operating room and has him try to reach Lorna when it looks like she won't make it. As they work furiously on her, Gabe told her he loves her and reminds her of all the children they are planning on having. That gets her heart beating again and she makes it through surgery. Meanwhile, when Amanda looks for a tissue in Rachel's purse, she finds her mother's prenatal vitamins. Amanda confronts her mother with the information and demands to know why she didn't tell her. Rachel was angry but they can't really get into it with Carl there. Carl was waiting for a call from Bobby but is stopped from answering the phone by Jake who grabs his hand and demands again to know where Vicky was.

Wednesday, February 5, 1997


Rachel doesn't want to discuss Amanda's discovery of her pregnancy with Carl so close, so they go back to the Cory mansion. There, Amanda tries to take charge but Rachel explains that this was not something she wants to discuss with her little girl and that she was going to New York for a short visit to take care of some things. Amanda assumes her mother was going to get an abortion but Rachel insists she wants the baby. Amanda was surprised but agrees to be supportive of Rachel's decision. Rachel makes Amanda promise not to tell anyone about the baby, especially Carl.


At the hospital, Jake refuses to let Carl answer the ringing phone. Jake accuses Carl of helping Bobby "kidnap" Vicky and yells into the phone that Bobby better bring her home. Actually, its Cindy on the other end who is looking for information about Lorna. Carl yells at Jake that he caused Carl to miss Bobby's call and figure out their whereabouts.


Lorna drifts in and out of consciousness while in recovery from surgery. She was able to talk and told Gabe how she had a fight with Cindy and tried to knock the pills out of Cindy's hand causing herself to fall. While Lorna sleeps, both Gabe and Felicia tell her how much they both love her. Gabe talks about their wedding and how he can't wait for them to be together forever.


In the storeroom, cindy was close to freaking out. She spills her bottle of pill and picks up all but one. She can't help herself from finding out about Lorna's condition and calls the waiting room disguising her voice again. Paulina answers, but reveals nothing under strict orders from Gabe. Paulina hangs up the phone on Cindy who slips further from sanity when she can't reach her doctor.

CHRIS/GABE: Chris confronts Gabe with what he knows about Cindy's possible involvement in Sarah and Sam's death and the possible connection to Lorna's accident. Chris questions why Cindy would come to BC after being institutionalized in Boston and suggests it may have something to do with Gabe. Gabe agrees that Cindy may still be a threat to Lorna and asks Chris to hold off on printing the story until they catch Cindy because she'll run if she knows they are on to her. Chris agrees to give Gabe 24 hours.


Bobby continues to look for Vicky and realizes one of Grant's henchmen is following him. He hides behind some bushes and hears the bad guy get a call to let him know the police are coming. Bobby comes out of his hiding place and keeps whistling for Vicky. Suddenly he stumbles into a bear trap which closes on his leg but he can't call out because he's worried he'll attract the henchman's attention.


Donna has pretty much lost all of her composure because they still haven't heard from Vicky. Donna says she wants to put out a report on KBAY but Carl says its a bad idea. Michael and Carl try to comfort her but Donna lashes out at both of them, demanding they find her daughter now!


Gary gets a call from an anonymous caller (really Grant's bad guy, Hal) who says there's been an accident outside of the city limits. Gary has a hunch this was important and reports to Joe who says to follow it up. Jake continues to harrass Gary about filing a missing person's report on Vicky and basically makes himself a nuisance in the station house, despite Chris's best efforts to keep him out of trouble. Gary receives another call confirming the blown up truck was registered to Bobby Reno.

Thursday, February 6, 1997


At Carlino's, Felicia asks Rachel how she's going to break the news to Carl. Rachel was shocked at first, thinking Felicia knows about the pregnancy but is relieved Felicia means ousting Carl as CEO of Cory Publishing. Gabe arrives and fills Felicia in on his plan to catch cindy and protect Lorna. He says he wants to send Lorna away to recuperate but have an undercover agent pretending to be Lorna to flush out cindy. He told Felicia that she must stay in BC and pretend to be with "Lorna" to make it believable. Felicia doesn't want to let Lorna be alone but reluctantly agrees to Gabe's suggestion to call Jenna to take care of Lorna.


At Vicky's, Donna was hysterical at this point and she takes the news of the discovery of Bobby's blown up truck badly. She rages at Carl and Michael that Vicky was not dead because she was her mother and would know if she were. both Carl and Michael are less optimistic. Gabe arrives and fills them in on what is going on, telling them that they've brought the wreckage back to BC to study. He then asks if Donna can set up something at KBAY for him to make a plea to Cindy. Michael thanks Gabe for taking Donna's mind off Vicky. But later, Donna screams at Michael, blaming him for giving up on Victoria.


At the farm, Sharlene and Tomas discuss whether Greg should stay home because of a fever. Josie arrives and says they should be proud of her because she cracked the prostitution case and helped some of the girls in the process. Nick comes downstairs and they inquire about his job search. He quips he wish being unemployed paid more and offers to help Sharlene run some errands. while he was gone, Sharlene gets the news about Vicky and was the one to tell Nick who gets very upset and went to find Donna and Michael to be some support. Sharlene told Greg that she loves him very much.


At the stationhouse, Joe and Gary are working hard on both of the big cases. Carl arrives and says he was to blame for not stopping Grant from hurting Vicky but of course, Joe blows him off. Gary was not pleased to find out Josie will be in danger again but posing as Lorna but tries to be supportive for her sake. Joe and Gary get the report that plastic explosives were recovered from Bobby's truck and they start to wonder who Bobby's enemies were and who had the opporturnity to plant the bomb.


Jake was naturally despondent about the news and Chris tries to support him. Everyone at the newsroom was walking around on eggshells but Jake yells at them all to get back to work. Matt told him to go home but he and Chris sit outside the Herald and talk. Jake blames himself for everything but Chris assures him tht he was not at fault and that vicky knows how much he loved her. Chris then reminded Jake that he had to be strong for Steven and Kirkland because they would depend on Jake with their mom gone. Coming back into the newsroom, Chris and Matt try to hide the fact that explosives were found under Bobby's truck. But Jake reads the headline and cries out in despair.


Grant went to search for Cindy in the hospital and makes some inquiries of Tomas who told him he thought cindy was taking a vacation. Meanwhile, Cindy realizes she needs to get some food and puts on her scrubs and hospital mask to go through the hospital undetected. Both she and Grant watch as Gabe appeals to Cindy to turn herself in on TV.


At Carlino's Matt informs Sophia and Tomas about how someone put explosives under Bobby's truck and now Bobby and Vicky are missing. Sophia wonders aloud how someone could do that which triggers Tomas's memory of seeing "Jake" emerge from under Bobby's truck. He was reluctant to tell the info to the police because he doesn't want to get in trouble but Sophia convinces him he has to.


Carl went to Ryan's grave, despondent over the news about Vicky. He hears a noise and sees Rachel come up, looking worried and sympathetic for him. As Tomas and Sophia tell Joe about seeing Jake near Bobby's truck, Paulina watches as a grief stricken Jake removes Vicky's necklace from Steven from the burned up truck.

Friday, February 7, 1997


Rachel finds Carl at Ryan's grave and tries to draw him out of his grief. But Carl blames himself for failing Ryan and not protecting Vicky. Rachel tells him that she loves him and that he shouldn't blame himself. He asks what kind of God would take the lives of everyone he loved and let Grant Harrison kill his family. Rachel begs him to turn the energy he puts into his anger into getting their family back together. Carl reminds her that love was not enough and although he can see the love in her eyes, he knows he is alone now with nothing to live for. Rachel watches him walk away, not telling him that their child was something for him to live for.


Tomas reluctantly gives Joe the information about seeing Jake under Bobby's truck. Sophia reminds them of Jake's threat to Bobby at the New Year's Eve fundraiser that if Bobby won't live to see 197 if he didn't leave Vicky alone. Joe orders a search warrant for Jake's apartment and told Sophia & Tomas to keep this quiet. Paulina arrives and told Joe she's worried about Jake. She notices her husband was distracted and asks what's wrong, but Joe blows her off and says he'll see her later at home. At Jake's apartment, Joe and his search team find some implicating evidence.


Chris and Matt discuss the two big stories - the fire at the Harbour Club & the truck explosion. Sophia arrives and asks if they've seen Jake. They say no and Matt asks Sophia to talk to the Hudson family about Vicky's obituary and she agrees. Jake comes in all wild eyed, ranting and raving that they're going to run a story on the front page about the killer Grant Harrison. Everyone watches him, afraid and no one was able to calm him down. Matt leaves in disgust, Sophia leaves in fear and after another confrontation, Chris leaves too. Jake proceeds to get the story he wants about Grant written.


Matt brought his mom some hot cocoa and asks if she's see Carl. He tries to tell her not to feel sorry for him and Rachel angrily reminds her son that she still loves Carl and when he hurts, so does she. Rachel points out that Carl was devastated because he transferred all his love for Ryan to Vicky and he was so happy that Bobby, with his connection to Ryan, was showing an interest in him. And now, Carl has nothing and no one. Matt remains unsympathetic and finally, frustrated, Rachel asks him to take her to the airport because she's going on a short trip.


John updates Sharlene on Lorna's progress and asks how she was doing. Sharlene reluctantly admits that things are much more organized after Felicia took over. She suggests to John that Kirkland and Steven come stay at the farm to give Donna a break. Nick comes in after a workout and John asks him to go get the boys. He readily agrees to help and only hesitates slightly when John told him the boys are at Vicky's. Both Sharlene and John are concerned for him and how he's handling Vicky's "death". Nick says that he and Vicky didn't get along at first and there's a lot he didn't get to know about her. Sharlene assures him that Vicky knew how he felt.


Paulina serves Tomas lunch and asks him what Joe seems to be keeping from her. Tomas was evasive and they are interrupted by Carl who has come from the cemetery. Paulina forces him to have some soup and Carl gets angry when Tomas questions Grant's guilt in Vicky and Bobby's deaths. He later apologizes, thinking Tomas knows no better. Carl asks Paulina about Vicky's memorial and she says Donna isn't going to have it until the bodies are found. Carl gets excited when he was reminded of that fact and leaves telling Paulina there might be a God yet. Jake comes in and shows Paulina the story he's written about Grant. She was worried about him and says so. Just then, Joe arrives and proceeds to arrest Jake for the murders of Vicky and Bobby. Paulina watches in disbelief as Jake's face registers the shock and horror of the situation.


Final preparations are made for Lorna to be spirited out of BC and for Josie to pose as the sick woman. There were several touching scenes between Felicia and Gabe and Lorna, especially when Gabe proposed again and put the ring back on Lorna's finger. Gary and Josie discuss their work-forced separation when Gary points out it will look strange if he hangs around too much at "Lorna's" bedside. Going to get more bandages to disguise Lorna, Felicia literally runs into cindy who was hiding behind her surgical mask. Meanwhile, after evading Gabe's questions about his relationship with Cindy, Grant has found Cindy's hiding space and picks up one of her dropped pills and a burnt match. Cindy returns after trying unsuccessfully to get info on Lorna and throws down her mask in frustration. Just then, Grant pops up out of a clothes hamper and grabs her saying, "Gotcha!"

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