Another World Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on AW

Jake was arrested for Vicky and Bobby's murder while Vicky and Bobby found refuge in a secluded cabin. Sophia battled her lingering feelings for Nick while celebrating Valentine's Day with Matt. Cindy told Gabe it was Grant who had 'killed' Vicky and Bobby.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on AW
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Monday, February 10, 1997


Joe insists on arresting Jake for Vicky and Bobby's "murder." Paulina pleads with Joe not to arrest Jake and even went as far as trying to bar the door so they can't pass. Jake told Paulina not to get herself in trouble and jokes he doesn't want to be responsible for a cop's wife being dragged to jail. Reluctantly, Paulina moves out of the way and Joe drags a protesting Jake out. Later, a jittery Sophia comforts Tomas about his part in Jake's arrest.


Still distraught, Donna wonders how she was going to tell the boys about Vicky and again blasts Michael for giving up on their daughter. She insists that she would know if Vicky was dead because a mother would feel something like that in her heart. Grant arrives with flowers in the pretense of mourning Victoria. Donna flies into a rage and screams at him to get out. Grant insists that he be the one to tell Kirkland Vicky was dead but Donna grabs the flowers and throws them in his face. Michael angrily reminds Grant that Vicky left the boys with them, so he and Donna have legal custody. Grant leaves in a rage.


Joe and Jake arrive at the station and Jake was thrown in the slammer. A hysterical Paulina follows close by and again tries to convince Joe that Jake would never hurt Vicky. He informs her the evidence says he did it whether she wants to believe it or not. Paulina busts into Gabe's office to try and get his support but Gabe was in the process of interrogating Dr. Forsythe about his possible insurance fraud with his "stolen" BMW and he tells Joe to control his wife. Paulina told Jake that she can't reach Cass so she called the first lawyer in the phone book under A. A sleazy divorce lawyer arrrives and but told Jake he's in over his head. Amanda arrives to cover the story for the Herald and was shocked but amused Jake has been arrested. When she tries to get info from Jake, he screams at her and Paulina makes her leave. Joe tries to get Jake to confess to the bombing.


Grant finds a shaken Cindy in the hospital and convinces her Gabe has a manhunt out for her. He taunts her with her part in her sister and nephew's deaths and now what she did to Vicky and Bobby. He convinces her to take some of the tranquilizers she has with her. Meanwhile, Josie and Felicia come to a truce when they are forced to spend so much time together in the hospital which pleases Gary.


Bobby, with his leg hurt by the bear trap frantically searches for Vicky in the woods. She was losing consciousness but manages to call for him. Bobby climbs up to get her but she's passed out. He gathers her in his arms and tells her to hang on.

Tuesday, February 11, 1997


Sophia brought over some food for the Hudson's and tries to offer some sympathy to Nick. Nick angrily throws it back in her face saying she's made it clear how she feels about him and that he doesn't want her pity. Sophia tries to tell him she still cares, but Nick told her to leave him alone. Frustrated, she does leave.


Cass was at Grant's to tell him to leave Michael and Donna alone and that they have legal custody of the boys. Grant tries to convince Cass that he be the one to tell Kirk about Vicky and even tries to use Frankie to get Cass's sympathy. Cass reminds Grant that no body was found so it could take up to 7 years for Vicky to be declared legally dead. Cass says that Grant is unfit as a parent and he'll keep Grant tied up in court for years so as not to allow him to have custody. Later, Grant rages at Hal that he will get custody and for Hal to find cindy.


Nick brought the boys over and told donna and Michael that Steven saw the headline about how Jake killed Vicky and Bobby. Donna tries to explain to the boys that their Mom won't be home for awhile and Steven acts angry and upset and asks if their mom was dead. Before Donna can say anything, Michael says he believes Vicky was still alive because Donna feels it in her heart and they are going to look for her. Donna later thanks him for his support and he says she can always convince him even when the facts point the other way. Later, Nick does a great job of rising Steven's spirits, reminding him that Vicky was a fighter.


Paulina slams pots and pans around while Joe was studying and they continue to argue about Jake. After Paulina accues Joe of being jealous of her relationship with Jake, he storms out to go to work. Sophia returned and says how much Nick's reaction bothered her because she still cares about him. Paulina cautions about remaining friends with an ex.


Carl accues Gabe of looking the other way once again when it comes to Grant and maintains Grant had the means and opportunity to frame Jake. Cindy listens when Carl told Gabe that cindy was involved with Grant. Carl leaves in disgust and Cindy went back to her hiding place where Grant is waiting. He told her to get blood samples from Vicky and Bobby's files but she refuses. He threatens her again and makes her swallow a handful of pills. Thinking she's passed out, he leaves to get Hal. But cindy spits out the pills and went to a phone to call her doctor.

Wednesday, February 12, 1997


Bobby brought Vicky to his friend's Daniel's cabin. Daniel seems to be some type of medicine man who lives in the wilderness without contact to the outside world (no phone, no modem, no electricity). Bobby was very worried about Vicky because she was still unconscious and told Daniel about the explosion and how they had to hide out in the woods and the cold. Daniel examines Vicky and makes a chant (or something) over her and told Bobby to put her by the fire. He then forces Bobby to relax so he can examine his leg. Bobby says that he must get to a phone to let everyone know they are okay but they can't call the police because Grant was monitoring the scanners. Daniel offers to make the 30 mile walk to call but Bobby says that Carl will only accept a call from him. Bobby reiterates his concern for Vicky's unconscious state but Daniel told Bobby to let her have time to "come back" explaining that Vicky "died" and visited the other side but she came back b/c it wasn't her time. Bobby talks to an unconscious Vicky about her kids and her house and Jake and she slowly opens her eyes.


Chris visits Jake in jail and of course, Jake jumps all over him about allowing Matt to print the headline about Jake being arrested for the "murders." Jake begs Chris to get him out of jail so he can find the evidence to implicate Grant but its obvious Chris has had enough of Jake's tirades and told him there was nothing he can do. When Jake starts yelling at him again, Chris leaves in disgust. Paulina arrives and gets into another fight with Joe who was irritated she was making him justify his work and his investigation. She told him no amount of evidence will convince her that Jake hurt Vicky. Jake told Paulina that she needs to spring him out of jail. After listing all the reasons why she shouldn't, Paulina agrees to listen to Jake's plan and was shocked when he told her to poison him.


Grant calls the judge in charge of Kirkland's paternity case and told him he was calling in a favor and wants custody of his son. He then told Hal to go kill Cindy who should be unconscious from the pills in the hospital storeroom. But when Hal gets there, all that remains are a pile of sheets. Cindy has faked taking the pills and was again wandering the hospital. She hovers near Lorna's room. Inside, Josie and Felicia discuss how futile this plan was because Cindy hasn't tried anything and that they both believe she has left town. Just then Gabe arrives and told them Cindy was in the hospital b/c they traced her calls to her doctor and for them to sit tight because he's getting a bunch of plain clothes officers to the hospital. Hal spots Cindy in the hall but then notices all the plain clothes cops and must rethink his plan. Gabe was told he has a call and when he picks it up, its Cindy on the other end.

Thursday, February 13, 1997


At Carlino's, Nick runs into a pretty nurse named Emily Maddox who asks him to give Sophia a menu for a bridal shower she's throwing. Finding out neither has plans for Valentine's Day, Emily asks Nick out but he says he's not looking for anything. Sophia arrives and Emily comments how cute Nick is to which Sophia acts slightly jealous. She asks how Vicky was doing but Nick says he doesn't want her pity and leaves. Sophia then gets a call from Matt and she unenthusiastically told him she was looking forward to seeing him. Paulina arrives and accuses Tomas of falsely accusing Jake. He tries to defend himself saying he didn't draw any conclusions but Paulina throws him out. In the kitchen, Sophia says that she wants to make Matt's favorite cake but Paulina snaps at her and angrily asks where all the cilantro is. After ordering some, Sophia asks Paulina what she's making and Paulina snaps, "soup! Do you have a problem with that?" Sophia gets angry when Paulina makes disparaging comments about Tomas and Joe and leaves.


Jake told Paulina she needs to poison him with cilantro because he's highly allergic and needs to get out to find out how Grant killed Vicky. The mechanic who was involved in insurance fraud with the BMW-doctor doesn't want to share a cell with a "murderer." Gary talks to him in the interrogation room and lets him know they have a witness to his crimes. Paulina brought the soup to Jake but Joe arrives before she can give it to him and asks if the soup was for his lunch. Paulina admits its for Jake but says there's enough for two. Joe wonders why she would make cold gazpacho in February. Joe spits it out and asks why she added so much cilantro. Jake chokes down the soup and Paulina says she's new at the poisoning business. Paulina is worried Jake may get really sick and Jake says he's seen it in the movies all the time. He told Paulina to go back to the restuarant. Jake starts to have his allergic reaction and begs Joe to let him go to the hospital. Joe laughs at him and says they brought a doctor to him. A doctor with a really big needle arrives much to Jake's dismay.


Gabe tries to convince Cindy to come to him but she says she's scared b/c Grant wants her dead and has sent a man to kill her. Just then Grant grabs her and she drops the phone. Gabe yells "Cindy, where are you?" Grant threatens Gabe but Cindy says she hasn't told Gabe anything and begs Grant not to hurt him. Grant then says that suicide by jumping through a window is said to be the best way and asks cindy her opinion as he pushes her toward a window. But Cindy stabs him with a hyperdermic needle and runs out. Gabe told Gary that Cindy thinks Grant was after her but that it might be a trick. Gary says Grant might be involved and that he believes Jake's claims Grant was the one who killed Vicky and Bobby and wonders what his connection to Cindy is. Sophia comes to the hospital and talks to Emily about Valentine's Day. Nick arrives with a bouquet of roses and Sophia starts to say that Nick must have misunderstood her intentions. But Nick interrupts her and says the flowers are for Emily and gives them to the pleases nurse as Sophia watches. Nick and Emily talk about their plans for tomorrow. After Emily leaves, Sophia tries to apologize to Nick for jumping to the wrong conclusion but he says that he understands why she did because he's been hounding her for weeks. Nick says he knows now there was nothing between them and wishes her a happy Valentine's Day. Nick runs into Grant who says Michael and Donna better watch out or they'll never see Kirkland when Grant gets custody. Nick cautions Grant about threatening his family and points out Grant was bleeding. When Grant leaves, Nick vows he won't ever let Grant take Kirkland. Sophia tries to talk to Tomas who angrily told him to leave him alone and that its her fault everyone was mad at him because he turned in Jake. Cindy calls Gabe again who promises to protect her from Grant. But Cindy says Grant said he would hurt Gabe if she told and hangs up leaving Gabe screaming into the phone again.


Vicky was still unconscious and Bobby was worried. Daniel told him that sometimes the body needs to be unconscious to heal and told him to wet Vicky's lips with some tea. Later, Bobby says the tea isn't working and Daniel says she might be slipping into a coma and they need to get her to a hospital. Bobby wants to walk to the phone but Daniel convinces him that its not a good idea and that vicky will freak out if she wakes up and finds herself with a stranger. Daniel says he will make the walk to call Carl but tells Bobby its his call. As Daniel makes preparations to get help, he tells Bobby to talk to Vicky and hold her hand to keep her connected to this world. Bobby thanks Daniel for helping him again and Daniel reminds him that he was put on this earth to help Bobby and Bobby was here to help Daniel. After he leaves, Bobby talks to an unconscious Vicky saying how much he cares about her and how wonderful and beautiful she is. He pleads for her to wake up and be okay. Bobby says he's going to tell Vicky a story and begins a modified version of the 3 Bears but then remembers that Vicky likes fairy tales. He starts one about a magic cottage in the woods and a prince who was masquerading as a carpenter. He laughs to himself and wonders aloud how he would start a fairy tale. Vicky whispers, "Once upon a time." (FREEZE FRAME)

Friday, February 14, 1997


Vicky wonders how long she's been out and Bobby realizes she's regained her memory. Bobby figures out its Valentine's Day. Vicky remembers the explosion and says they must get back so she can tell her kids she's okay and get to Kirkland before Grant does. Bobby assures her Daniel has already gone to contact Carl and makes her sit down for some soup. He says he was really scared he was going to lose her and Vicky holds up the heartshaped bread from her sandwich asking if this was how Bobby was asking her to be his Valentine. Vicky says the heart has triggered something in her memory and wonders how to tell Bobby what she remembered. Bobby says she can tell him anything and she says that after she hurt herself in the explosion, she saw Ryan. Bobby says he can't judge her because he's seen thing no one would believe what he had seen. Vicky recounts her time with Ryan and told Bobby she knows it wasn't a dream because they had some unfinished business after he died which they now finished. She explains it was like a gift because now she feels full and warm again which she hasn't felt since Ryan died and she no longer feels she's missing a part of herself. Bobby says he's happy for her and Vicky says she's made a very important decision while with Ryan. She explains that she was so happy with Ryan that she didn't want to come back. But that Ryan showed her the future and he helped her realize she had to come back for her kids and then she hesitates. Bobby prompts, "and what?" Vicky continues that she had to come back for whatever else was waiting for her.


Paulina sneaks a call to the hospital to inquire about Jake's condition but Joe hears her and asks what's next – will she make him a calzone with a file inside. Paulina asks how he could have sent a man in Jake's condition to county jail and Joe angrily reminds her she showed him up in front of the other officers by aiding and abetting a criminal. Realizing he's late for his captain's exam, Joe hurriedly throws a card at Paulina and leaves.


Gabe, Gary and Josie wonder where Cindy was and Gabe says he knows that Grant is the one who was scaring her off. In her disguise, Cindy sees Grant in the halls and went into the lounge where she dons a coat and hands and sneaks outs. Gabe runs into Grant outside Lorna's room and asks if Grant is looking for cindy. Grant tries to play it off but Gabe says that cindy told him some things about Grant. Gabe then says that Grant can't use their friendship anymore and then says, "I know, Grant, I know." (remember when Ryan said the same thing after Grant shot him). Carl watches the confrontation. Felicia visits John in his office and they kiss in celebration of Valentine's day. Felicia gives him the key to her heart and John says his present was that he's moving back to her place. Carl again confronts Gabe and asks if he's covering for Grant again. They get in an argument (witnessed by Gary) where Carl says his son needed help at one time too and that he's not going to let Gabe get away with allowing murders to walk free again. Gary brought Josie chocolate body paint as a V-Day gift.


Matt brought Sophia a present but must leave right away, saying he'll call later with details. Sophia opens her gift to find a small charm of the statue of liberty. Sophia and Paulina talk and Sophia reminds her that Joe doesn't have the liberty of having personal feelings about Jake's innocence and that Paulina and Joe's love reminds her of her parents love and she shouldn't let this come between them. Paulina asks how Sophia got so smart. Sophia asks if Paulina still loved Jake and Paulina said she'll always love Jake but it won't come between her and Joe. Sophia then says how she baked Matt a cake for Valentine's Day. Matt calls and told her where she can find another part of her gift and that more was on the way, including dessert. Sophia looks at her cake and says to herself that it was a good idea anyway. Carl arrives and asks Paulina if she knows where Rachel is. Later, Paulina sees Sophia has changed the names on the Valentine' cake to Joe and Paulina's names. Paulina reads her card from Joe and his gift to take her somewhere special every month.


At the captain's test, Neil Johanssen an Internal Affairs agent introduces himself to the candidates. Joe starts his exam but was distracted by thoughts of Paulina and Jake. Later, he opens up his study book and finds it filled with V-Day cards from Paulina. Grant comes in and tries to find out if Cindy has contacted Gabe.


Sophia arrives all dressed up and sees that Matt has decorated the room for a romantic dinner. His gift was a completed charm bracelet signifying all their special times. She says she's sorry she has nothing for him but he says she was the best present he could ever have.


Gabe realizes where Cindy might be and finds her in the hospital chapel. She tries to get him to leave because he'll be in danger. Cindy confesses that Grant killed Bobby and Vicky and set up Jake and begs him to forgive her for what she did because it was all an accident. Cindy does admit she watched Sarah & Sam die and while she didn't kill them she didn't do anything to stop it. Cindy then says that its fate that they should be together. Gabe tells cindy its all over now and that he wants him to come with her and that he'll protect her. Gabe leads Cindy out of the chapel, through the hospital corridor and toward the stationhouse surrounded by a lot of other officers. Cindy was still scared but when she sees Grant come out of the stationhouse she has a look of terror on her face.


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