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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on GL
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Monday, February 10, 1997

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Tuesday, February 7, 1997

Coop is sick in bed at Quinn's apartment. Lizzie, realizing that he's sick, heads out to get him cold medicine and things to make him feel better. Coop calls Buzz to call off work. Buzz tells Ava she'll have to make the bank deposit because Coop is sick in bed. Ava leaves Company. Ava shows up at Quinn's apartment to check on Coop. She has brought brunch for him and Lizzie. She sends him off to take a shower while she arranges the meal. When Coop comes out of the shower, he tells Ava she'll have to avert her eyes because his clothes are in the room with her. He becomes dizzy when he tries to get dressed, and Ava starts to help him back into bed. Coop and Ava lose their balance and tumble onto the bed together. Just then, Lizzie walks in carrying all the stuff she's picked up, including food from Company, to help Coop recover quickly. Coop explains that "things aren't how they look" (him on top of Ava on the bed) and Lizzie tells him she knows that . Lizzie offers to walk Ava out of the room while Coop gets back under the covers. Out in the hallway, Lizzie confronts Ava about trying to take Coop. Lizzie calls Ava a slut. Ava shoots back at Lizzie about catching Lizzie kissing Quinn. Ava openly admits that she's after Coop. Lizzie tells Ava she doesn't stand a chance at breaking them up. Ava tells Lizzie she doesn't have to break them up...she just has to wait for Lizzie to screw things up herself. Lizzie returns to Coop and starts to fuss over him. She begins to call Nettie, the maid from the mansion, to come help take care of Coop, but Coop stops her. He tells Lizzie that she's the one that makes him feel better...all he needs is her.

Josh and Olivia are at the office working. Olivia offers to go get coffee for both of them. At first, Josh refuses, but Olivia convinces him to let her do something for him. As she's leaving the office, Cassie walks in to chat with Josh. Cassie tells Josh that she understands why he doesn't want to help her with her questions about Jeffrey anymore. Cassie fills Josh in on Jeffrey catching her with the CIA agent and being angry, the documents about Jeffrey being shredded, and Jeffrey's admission that he'd fallen in love with Cassie while playing Richard. Josh tells Cassie that she should choose LOVE. After everything she's learned about Jeffrey, if she still feels love for him, she should choose love. Josh starts to realize how choosing love could affect his own life. He talks through his broken relationships and how they could have been different if he had made different choices. Cassie tells Josh not to be a stranger as she leaves the office.

Reva and Billy meet at Company. They are discussing how Olivia could be blown out of the water if they told Josh the truth about the switching of the drinks. Buzz overhears them talking, but misses the part where Billy and Reva say they wouldn't be telling Josh. Buzz sees Olivia approaching and walks outside to meet her. Buzz informs Olivia of Billy and Reva's supposed "plan". Olivia questions his motivation for telling her, and Buzz explains that it's time someone gave her a break. Olivia leaves for Josh's office. When she arrives at the office, she tells Josh that she has something to confess. She tells Josh that she could have stopped Billy from taking that first drink (she doesn‘t admit to switching the drinks though), but her desire to have Bill get the job in Venezuela kept her from doing it. She tells Josh that she feels remorse, but understands if he can never forgive her. She admits that as she and Josh got closer, she knew she'd have to come clean with him or she'd never be able to allow their relationship to grow. She tells Josh that she's going to go to CO2, and if he wants to talk to her, that's where she'll be. As she leaves the office, she runs into Billy and Reva. She tells them that she "stole their thunder' and they have no control over her anymore (since she's already told Josh about her involvement in Billy's drinking). Reva and Billy are confused since they had no intention of telling Josh anything about it. As Olivia storms off, Josh comes out of the office. Josh isn't too happy to see them. He asks them if they came to tell him about Olivia. Billy and Reva tell Josh they didn't plan to tell him anything, but as the conversation continues Reva tells Josh that Olivia actually switched the drinks on purpose. Josh says he's not sure he believes her. Billy takes responsibility for his drinking. Josh says that he no longer needs to justify his choices to anyone and he leaves. Billy and Reva are stunned and confused. Reva tells Billy that she's going to get him back on the wagon and then the two of them will show everyone how business is done.

Jonathan and Tammy stop by the farmhouse to collect some of Tammy's things. RJ sees them kissing on the couch and tells Tammy that what she's doing is wrong. Jonathan spies RJ's roller blades and offers to show RJ how to skate. They head outside. Cassie comes back from Josh's office to find Tammy at the farmhouse. She's happy to see Tammy and agrees to let Tammy take her things. Jonathan comes in carrying RJ who fell while skating. Cassie accuses Jonathan of being responsible for RJ's injuries. Tammy tells her mother that she was the one who gave RJ permission to go skating. Cassie makes another angry move at Jonathan, and Tammy tells her mother "you don't' get to do that anymore". Tammy and Cassie step outside to talk. Tammy tells Cassie that she cannot continue blaming everything on Jonathan. Cassie says that ever since Jonathan came to town bad things have been happening. Cassie says if Tammy wants to put herself in danger that's fine, but she shouldn't be putting her brother in danger. Tammy responds with how Cassie put the whole family in danger when she married Edmund (the psychopath). Cassie slaps Tammy. Tammy tells Cassie not to say anything more and goes inside to collect her things. Cassie walks back in and once again tells Jonathan that if he really loves Tammy he'll leave her alone. Tammy comes into the room to see the two talking, and knows that it can't be good. Jonathan takes Tammy's things and says he'll wait outside for her. Tammy tells RJ that he'll see her and Jonathan soon and then leaves. On the farmhouse porch, Tammy tells Jonathan that she no longer needs to fix things with her mother to move on with her life.

Wednesday, February 8, 1997

Jonathan is on Main Street in front of the movie house. He's alone, it's dark and there's a thunder storm raging. Then, he's at the door of Company calling through the door that nothing will ruin this day for him and Tammy, nothing. He's then in a room at the Beacon where a hotel employee is arranging flowers. He tells Jonathan thunderstorms are omens of spirits with unfinished business being awakened. Jonathan laughs it off and requests more flowers and ice. As the employee leave the room, Jonathan's phone rings. It's Tammy and she teases him that she can't make the evening as something has come up. She's just kidding and is excited about them being together, with a fresh start and no one coming between them.

Jonathan glances over to the window and sees Alfred/Nate's spirit standing there. He's agrees that a fresh start is a great idea but reminds Jonathan that he doesn't get a fairytale ending.

Alfred and Jonathan are in the doorway of the room where Jonathan seduced and had sex with Tammy when he first came to Springfield. Nate reminds Jonathan of how he treated Tammy and as Jonathan remembers his eyes fill with tears. He escapes the room and slides down the wall on to the floor. Nate continues to bait him about his past. Back in the Beacon room, Jonathan screams for SpiritNate to leave him alone and that he's different now. He throws the vase of flowers against the wall where he'd seen Nate. As he picks them up, there's laughter and SpiritDinah is sitting on the bed painting her toenails. He complains to her that now he has to deal with the living as well as the dead. Dinah tells him it's all in his mind but that the one thing she loved about him the most was he was really good in bed. He was a major turn on and not delusional or a hypocrite like others. She warns him not to change. Nate reappears. When Jonathan tells Nate that he's different now, Nate leads Jonathan over to the mirror. Jonathan's reflection is evil looking with his snake wrapped around his neck. He hears Nat's voice jeering at him that he'll always be the same, the one who destroyed Tammy's life and will continue to do so time and time again. Jonathan fights off Nate and Dinah as they poke fun at him and they disappear. A lady from down the hall knocks on Jonathan's door and he apologizes for the noise. He tells her that he's having some visitations from his past. The woman emphathizes with him and tells him to order a drink and find a good game on the TV because it always works for her. Dinah and Nate reappear and Jonathan tells them that they cannot ruin his evening with Tammy and they'd better be gone when he returns. He leaves.

On Main Street Jonathan admires a piece of jewelry in a store window and sees himself putting it on SpiritTammy. He bumps into SpiritSandy who tells him he's just checking up on him. Jonathan is skeptical but Sandy declares himself to be just a figment of Jonathan's warped imagination. He invites Jonathan to let him take him to places. They visit the farm where SpiritCassie and SpiritTammy are arguing about Jonathan. Tammy wants to take RJ to the zoo and Cassie tells her she cannot if Jonathan is going along. She wants to give Tammy some of her belongings for her new home with Jonathan. Tammy is taken aback and thinks that the farmhouse is also her home. Cassie wonders if Tammy is happy with Jonathan after wanting to be with him for so long. Tammy tells Cassie that even though she loves Jonathan, he is who he is and will never change. She wishes that loving him didn't hurt so much. Jonathan is upset at what he hears. Cassie suggests that Tammy could leave Jonathan but Tammy is hesitant. Cassie worries that she's afraid to leave him for fear of what he might do. Jonathan states that Tammy isn't afraid of him and SpiritSandy responds "Not yet, maybe!"

SpiritSandy gives Jonathan a glimpse of his and Tammy's wedding. No one other than Reva turns up and the church is empty. Sandy tells Jonathan that everyone hates him and is disgusted that he and Tammy are together. Sandy asks how long Jonathan thinks he and Tammy can survive on just their love and Jonathan tells them that they'll leave town. Sandy then shows Jonathan Tammy's future. Jonathan meets a man, Dustin, who takes Jonathan to his home, his home with Tammy. They are married, Dustin's just made partner in his firm and they have a young daughter, Katie. Jonathan watches as Tammy expresses her unhappiness when she was with Jonathan and her happiness with Dustin. She undresses to take a dip in the hot tub with Dustin.

Jonathan finds himself on Main Street again in front of the movie theater. The thunderstorm still rages. SpiritCassie approaches him and asks if he's seen the movie. It's The Living Dead, a movie with a message, she tells him. Jonathan questions why she's there and Cassie tells him it's because he wants her there. Jonathan assumes that Cassie is happy with what happened to him and Tammy. Cassie tells him that Tammy left him to save herself from being hurt by Jonathan. Jonathan is angry with Cassie for thinking this and grabs her by the arms as Cassie taunts him that he'd never hurt Tammy, never grab her or shake her, right?

Cassie and Jonathan are outside Company and SpiritTammy is inside with Dustin. Jonathan says that this was supposed to be his date with Tammy. Cassie tries to persuade Jonathan to leave Tammy and let her find a new life. He enters Company to find it empty and beautifully laid out. SpiritTammy arrives. Jonathan talks to her about their future and that things won't always be difficult for them. He tells her that their rebel lifestyle will wear thin and one day she'll want more. She'll want a home, kids, and money and he'll not always work in a bar. The spirits of Dinah, Nate, Sandy, Cassie and Dustin sit around watching and listening and throw insults and barbs in Jonathan's direction. Tammy reassures him that she'd be happy in that kind of life and can't wait to show him how much. As they leave, the spirits goad him and in his frustration, Jonathan tells them that if he could go back to his first day in Springfield, he'd change everything.

Jonathan finds himself outside the farmhouse with SpiritNate. Tammy is outside. Nate tells Jonathan that this is his first day in Springfield and asks how he wants to play it? Jonathan introduces himself to Tammy in three different guises: her cousin, a recent arrival in Springfield and as himself. As her cousin, Jonathan warns Tammy that Sandy is an imposter. Tammy is delighted to have a cousin and declares that he can be like a big brother. She's not impressed when the second Jonathan tells her that he in acquisitions and mergers, and she seems uninterested in him when Jonathan #3 declares she's the most beautiful creature he's ever seen. Nate tells Jonathan he needs to face the truth that he'll never be good enough for Tammy Winslow.

The scene flips back to Company where SpiritTammy is outside and being annoyed by a fellow student who is drunk and pawing her. Jonathan rushes out and angrily pulls the guy off Tammy. All the while, the other Spirits are jeering at Jonathan and reminding him that he's got a violent streak and that if Tammy had any sense she'd just drop him. SpiritTammy persuades Jonathan to let the guy go. Jonathan is upset and tells her no one is allowed to treat her that way. The Spirit Chorus cries out "You did!" A tearful Jonathan tells Tammy that the guy didn't treat her like a person but as if she was there for the taking, like he did. The guy reminds him of himself when he first came to Springfield and how he wanted to hurt Tammy and what he did to her. Tammy exclaims that she thought they were past all that but Jonathan wonders how they can ever get past it, He shamed her and violated her but let her know he enjoyed every sick minute of it. SpiritTammy tells Jonathan that she's fine now, she knows why she's with him and he's worth loving. Jonathan doesn't think he's worth anything.

Jonathan finds himself back in the room at the Beacon and is distraught. He looks at his reflection and expresses hatred for himself and starts to trash the room. Tammy arrives and Jonathan tells her get as far away from him as she can. Tammy yells at him to not give up on her after all they've been through. She accuses him of being too scared to love her and asks if he's going to smash everything up, even her? She tells Jonathan that he did hurt her in the worst possible way but that he also saved her life and brought her love and passion. She forgave him a long time ago and that doesn't mean she's forgotten, but she's knows who Jonathan is inside. Jonathan still worries that he can't erase that part of his past and the person who did what he did is still inside. But Tammy has faith in Jonathan, she trusts him and now he must trust himself. She's right where she wants to be. Jonathan sobs in her arms while Spirit Dinah, Sandy, Dustin and Cassie watch. Jonathan looks over at them and sobs: "You lose. I win!"

Feeling better, Jonathan asks to be excused. Outside the door he finds SpiritNate who congratulates him on a nice little speech. Jonathan tells Nate that he's done with him and he's going to let him go. He doesn't need him anymore and was only keeping him around as an out if things didn't work out with Tammy. Jonathan tells Nate that when you're young and your parents slap you, you don't know any better and no one can persuade you otherwise. But as you get older you understand that there is something that can change that: unconditional love, something that Nate wouldn't know about. Nate reluctantly takes his leave of Jonathan saying that he hopes he won't see him again. Tammy joins Jonathan in the hallway as she thinks she heard voices and she was scared that he'd run away. A happy Jonathan tells her he's through running away from them. He reminds Tammy that there are a few things that they promised they wouldn't do under Reva's roof and suggests that they get their own place together. Tammy is overjoyed at the idea and jumps into Jonathan's arms laughing her agreement.

Thursday, February 9, 1997

Dinah and Mallet wonder if their relationship is just about sex. They agree to be exclusive "bed buddies" . . . or maybe just "partners." The police station calls to give Mallet a chance to interview his new partner.

Jonathan wants to get a find a place where he and Tammy can live together. Jonathan intercepts a note from Sandy to Tammy. Jonathan angrily confronts Sandy and warns him to stay away from Tammy or he will kill him. Sandy admits to wanting Tammy.

R.J. wonders why he doesn't see Tammy and Jeffrey as much anymore. Cassie realizes that she has pushed her entire family away. She tells Reva that she respects her choices. Reva doesn't respect Cassie for turning in Jonathan and Tammy to the police. Cassie and Reva confess to missing each other. Reva asks Joshua if he wants to spend Valentine's Day together. Joshua declines because he is still trying to figure out what it is that he needs. Frank asks Olivia about her Valentine's plans.

Joshua apologizes to Jeffrey for investigating him. Jeffrey wonders if there is any chance that Cassie will ever get over it. Jeffrey ends up in the hospital after an accident. While he is on pain medication and thinking that Mel is Cassie, he confesses that he slept with her while posing as Richard. Mel wonders whether she should tell Cassie. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he fell off a horse while he was trying to channel his "inner Richard." Mel decides not to tell Cassie when Cassie says how relieved she is that Jeffrey is OK.

Friday, February 10, 1997


At "Lizzie's" condo, Coop sees her looking at the newspaper article regarding Alan's memorial service. He tries to encourage her to go, but she refuses. She says it'll only be a joke anyway - Alan had no friends; the only people there will be suck-ups trying to impress her family. Lizzie goes on to say if it weren't for Alan, Gus would be home. Plus, she feels funny because her family keeps hurting his. Coop tries to assure her that she is not to blame for her family's actions; she's a good person. Lizzie reiterates that she's not going to Alan's memorial, but she will come to Company later to meet Coop. Coop takes off for the Cooper dinner at Company while Lizzie takes a shower. When Lizzie gets out, she's a more than a little annoyed that Quinn has let himself in.

Quinn reminds her it is his place and he could take it back. He tells her he's there to take her to her grandfather's memorial service. Lizzie tells Quinn she's not attending the service and tells him to get out. She'll be meeting with Coop for his family's dinner. Quinn gets a little annoyed at the mention of Coop's name and tries to convince Lizzie that he's the better man for her, especially considering all he's given her. In appreciation for all he's done, Lizzie kisses him and drops her towel. She scurries to get ready to meet Coop, leaving Quinn again tired of hearing about Coop and alone in the apartment. However, by the time she gets to Company, Coop has already left to check up on her, wondering what's taking her so long. Upon seeing Quinn, he demands to know what he's doing there. Quinn tells him it's his apartment.

Alexandra is on her way to Alan's memorial service and is shocked when Alan-Michael tells her he's not going. She's upset but unable to change his mind. Not really wanting to go in alone, Alex sits outside the church. Suddenly, Olivia walks by on her way to the service. Alex tells Olivia she's surprised she's going. Olivia responds that she can't figure out why Alex isn't already in there. Alex admits she's not ready to say goodbye to her brother. He was her worst enemy and her best friend. Olivia tells Alexandra that Alan was good to her once and that's why she's going. She convinces Alex that she needs to say goodbye. She offers to go in with Alex. Alexandra accepts the invitation. After the service, Alexandra comes across Alan-Michael who is on his way to the Spaulding Valentine's Day party. Alexandra tells Alan-Michael she knows he has a big night ahead of him.

Gus and Alan are spending a restless night. They start bickering, blaming each other for their situation. Alan says Harley and everyone else has given up on them, but Gus doesn't believe it. He proclaims at least people will mourn him. Suddenly, the pair hears someone on the other side of the door: it's Beth. Alan tries to plead with and bribe his unknown captor, but only ends up injuring himself when he angrily bangs on the door. Alan reiterates that everyone's given them up for dead. Gus doesn't think Harley believes it. Alan starts contemplating what kind of funeral Alex gave him. He's sure that dignitaries from far and wide came to speak about the loss of a great man. Gus tells Alan he is not a great man; he's a man who killed his son in cold blood. Alan snidely asks Gus who he thinks Harley will turn to.

Harley sets out to attend the family dinner at Company and passes by Mallet on the way out. When Mallet goes back into his place, Dinah tells him they need to go to the dinner also. Mallet tries to tell her it's just a family thing but she insists they should both go there because they both care about Harley. Mallet's still uncomfortable, which Dinah chalks up to his missing his partner. She convinces him that both he and Harley need to say goodbye to Gus.

In the meantime, the Coopers have closed Company for the night. They are having a special family dinner, though, at Harley's request, it's not to be a memorial service. All Harley wants is a nice normal dinner. Before dinner starts, Zach shows Harley a picture he drew of Gus in Heaven. The picture upsets Harley and she rushes out to get some air. Beth, who's on the way to Alan's service, sees her sitting there and tells her she's sorry. Beth tells Harley they share something - they've both lost a husband. Harley points out their circumstances do not compare. Beth insists her marriage wasn't entirely devoid of feeling. Harley doesn't want to pick a fight and tells Beth it doesn't matter. At least Alan isn't controlling her anymore. Beth defensively points out that Alan wasn't using her; she's in control. Harley unexpectedly offers Beth a job at Spaulding, in the PR department. She tells Beth they do share something - uncertainty over what happened to their husbands. Beth leaves and Buzz comes out.

At the cabin, Gus is examining the door, looking for a way out. Finally he spots something. There's a painted-over window above the door leading to the other room. Gus asks Alan to boost him. Although Alan worries that he won't come back for him, Gus gives his word that he'll take his father with him.

Outside Company, Harley rants to her father about not being able to tell Zach the right thing. He tells her she's being strong but she retorts she doesn't want to be strong; she wants someone to help her. Buzz hugs her and tells her to let her family do it. Harley admits she's afraid if she grieves, she'll come across as pathetic, but Buzz assures her it doesn't matter what other people think He tells her it's all right to act like the man she loves is gone. Harley doesn't know how to do that. His reply is to take her inside so they can have a dinner to honor Gus. During dinner, Harley is sharing stories about Gus when suddenly Mallet and Dinah arrive. They're not alone - they have several policemen with them. They present a touched Harley with the widow's flag.

At the cabin, Gus succeeds in breaking the window. He gets into the kitchen area and finds a cell phone with a low battery. Hoping there's enough power left, Gus places a call.

At the same time, the Cooper dinner is over and Mallet is telling Harley he hopes he didn't overstep. She replies, no, she needed this. At this point, with everyone occupied, the phone rings and no one is answering it.

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