Another World Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on AW

Jake rescued Vicky from the fire. Lila threatened suicide if she couldn't be with Shane. Nick admitted he'd blacked out the night of Toni's rape but swore he was innocent. Vicky and Jake left town with the boys. Rachel and Carl took their son home.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on AW
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Monday, June 30, 1997

Jake arrives at Vicky's to see the chimney on fire. He calls 911 on his cell phone. His yells don't awaken Vicky so he enters by a window and races upstairs. Vicky was finally awakened by his shouts, and he desperately tries to save her. He wraps her in a sheet, and carries her out through the flames. As they escape, he grabs Vicky's photo album. He hands it to her outside when she panics about losing the boys childhood things

In Shane's room, Lila looks at a picture of Shane with Vicky and the boys. She places it in a drawer, and recalls an earlier conversation with Shane regarding the divorce. Patty shows up to see Shane, and was surprised to find Lila there. Patty tries to make Lila see the truth, but Lila doesn't want to. She threatens suicide again if she can't be with Shane.

Sophia drags Emily from her work to the police station, saying they both are to be questioned regarding Nick's behavior that night. The police want to talk to Tomas as well, but he was away.

At the station Nick asks Toni why she's accusing him. The police are using his medallion found at the scene as evidence against him. Then in Joe's office, Toni told Dana that she was sure it was Nick who raped her, and confirms to Joe that they have a case against him. She recounts the evenings earlier events and recalls Nick's erratic behavior after his fall. She can't remember the rape. .

At the Harbour Club, Tyrone, Cass, Chris and Gary toast Tyrone's joining the firm as Donna calls to beckon Cass. Chris heads out, to check out the Jane Doe rape case for the paper. Later Donna was talking to Michael about her missing jewelry when he receives a call to help track down Cass for Nick. Michael meets Tyrone and hires him. Nick's drinking was discussed.

John discusses with Shane his joining the BCUH staff as a surgeon once he writes his state exams. John will get him a job in the lab until then.

Nick wants to tell his story without a lawyer. Josie questions him in her "best" police character. She plays the tough cop well, as Rayburn joins the questioning and eggs Nick on. Nicks scratches from his fall are suspicious and there was blood on his jacket. Rayburn takes it to the lab for testing. Nick remembers nothing of that night.

Neil questioned Sophia about Nick the night he fell off the roof, as Joe questioned Emily. She said that he had been out of control lately, "drinking does something to him". Sophia and Emily leave the station. Sophia gives Joe a "why are you doing this?" look.

Josie returns home after work to find the apartment decorated in South Pacific motif and Gary playing the ukulele. He told her that they'll be going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. After talking about that, she told him about Nick being accused of Toni's rape.

John confirms the lab job for Shane, for which he was grateful. Just then, Jake and Vicky are brought into the ER. Shane checks Vicky out as no other doctors are available, and told her that he has asked Lila for a divorce. He told Vicky he loves her, and was not giving up on being with her. Later, Vicky and Jake are finally left alone in an examining room getting oxygen, and the again reminisce about the past.

Tyrone interrupts Cass and Donna to tell him about his first case, Nick. She overhears, and Cass swears her to secrecy. The two men head off to the station. Michael was at the station already, attempting to help Nick but meets resistance from Rayburn. Rayburn says not to expect any special treatment because it was an officer who was attacked and states "money won't buy your son out of this one".

Shane returns to the boarding house to find Patty, and they discuss Lila's behavior. Shane told how he asked for a divorce, and Patty tell him about Lila's' suicide threat and feels she may go through with it this time.

FINAL SCENE - At the station, Chris sees Toni, and realizes she was the Jane Doe. He tentatively reaches out to her, and she falls into his arms. Michael told Nick that Cass was coming to help him. Nick says that he didn't do it, that he couldn't rape anyone and Chris and Sophia overhear. Sophia was shocked.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

Felicia's enjoyment of breakfast with Alexander was temporarily disturbed by John's arrival at the Harbour Club. She turns down another proposal from Alexander, saying she' not ready for commitment yet but does express interest at meeting Alexander's wayward daughter Zoe. Alexander's offers to pick her up from Rachel's shower. Before she leaves, a glum but determined John told Felicia he was not giving up on her yet. Later, Alexander and John confront each other with may the best man win. Grant told Cindy he wants to have a large family but Cindy insists that she wants more money before producing him his desired offspring. Later, Grant blackmails another candidate into dropping out of the mayoral race even though Kirkland is there listening. Grant opens a package addressed to Cindy and finds it filled with cash. Paulina was depressed and lethargic while preparing for Rachel's shower. Cindy arrives with new pills and invites herself to the shower despite Amanda's protests. Carl gleefully told everyone that Cory can come home this afternoon. When picking up Felicia, Alexander spies Carl and says that he has been searching for Hutchins his whole life. Sophia talks to Nick after he's questioned by the police. She was determined to stand by him because she says she knows he couldn't have raped Toni. Nick is not so sure because he can't remember what happened and was very scared about the outcome of his being accused. Sophia promises to find a way to clear him. Later, when Nick was talking to Cass, he admits that he blacked out and can't account for his whereabouts the night Toni was attacked. Shane was annoyed to find Lila in his room again and told her she needs to move on, away from him. Lila continues to insist that she needs him to help her get through the separation. He finds her another place to stay. Later, while looking for a job in the want ads, Lila calls the fire station and the hospital to inquire about Vicky's recovery from the fire.

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Tyrone gets back from Chicago and was horrified to find out Toni was the victim in the rape case he agreed to defend. He storms over to Cass's office and demands that Cass drop the case. Cass reminds him they must honor their obligations and Tyrone was free to leave the partnership if he wishes. Tyrone says he wants to stay but will have nothing to do with the Hudson case. Chris has a fit when he sees Amanda gives lots of clues to Toni's identity in a story and screams for Jake to stop it. Amanda and Jake get in an argument when Jake sides with Chris. Toni was questioned by Dana the DA and was cautioned that her personal life will be under scrutiny. The Burrells and Chris are relieved with Tyrone's decision not to be involved with Nick's defense.Vicky gets ready for her trip to NYC with Jake and the boys while the house was being fixed and to take her mind off Shane. She has another confrontation with Lila who thanks Vicky again for backing off. Later, Lila goes to talk to Gary and finagles herself a job as his office mangager, allowing Gary to think it was all his idea. Josie does not seempleased. Alexander told Felicia about his and Carl's past and says that some things can't be forgiven. Felicia tries to explain that Carl has changed and admits that she once was involved with Carl. Carl and Rachel prepare to bring Cory home. Outside the hospital they come face to face with Felicia and Alexandr. Shane watches as Vicky drives off with Jake and the boys.

Thursday, July 3, 1997

Due to NBC's continuing coverage of Wimbledon, Another World did not air today.

Friday, July 4, 1997

Due to NBC's continuing coverage of Wimbledon, Another World did not air today.


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