Another World Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on AW
Vicky met Jake at the swing set and told him he, not Shane, was the man she wanted to marry. Evidence in Nick's trial looked damning against Nick, but Josie discovered some new evidence that made her question Nick's guilt.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on AW
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Monday, August 4, 1997

Gary welcomes Josie back from her trip, unaware they were both in Chicago. Josie wonders about their capabilities as parents and Gary admits his insecurities about being a good father. But in the end, they resolve to do their best and Gary pulls out a White Sox outfit for the baby (BOO!!) while Josie shows him a little Cubs uniform (YAY!!!). At the Cory dinner, Amanda makes friendly overtures to a suspicious Carl who plays along for Rachel's sake. John and Felicia continue to lock gazes across the room. Everyone (except Amanda) was upset by Alexander's arrival. Carl politely but coldly asks him not to visit the house again after Alexander makes some caustic remarks about not putting Carl's family in the line of fire. Alexander leaves Amanda with his card. Later, an angry Felicia told Alexander that she won't let him come between her and Rachel. Shane and Vicky continue their intense conversation on the terrace. She insists she wants to marry Jake but Shane begs her not to make a mistake because he knows that she really loves him. He says she can't run away from that love by running to Jake. Vicky mentions something about loving Jake even after Shane was gone but he quietly told her that he's not going anywhere and he's not going to let her marry Jake. Meanwhile, Jake watches the two of them and starts to feel insecure. He gets another pep talk from the still energetic Paulina, who is still flying from her diet pills. She warns him to play it straight and wait for Vicky at the swings tomorrow as planned. Later, Paulina went to talk to Vicky and begs her to be sure about her feelings so as not to break Jake's heart again. Jake was surprised to see Lila in the hall between their rooms again. She was bitterly "celebrating" her separation from Shane and asks Jake to join her. When she congratulates Jake on his engagement to Vicky, he told her to save it til tomorrow. While getting ready for bed, vicky thinks about both Shane and Jake. Suddenly Shane crawls through her window and passionately kisses her. She resists for a millisecond and then kisses him back. Vicky comes to her senses and orders him to leave. He begs her not to marry Jake again and then leaves. Cass told Tyrone that he really wishes he had his partner's help and Tyrone replied he would if he wasn't so close to the Burrells. Michael and Cass discuss the case and Cass hopes the prosecution doesn't have any surprise witnesses (which of course they do). Later, Tyrone makes notes on Nick's case, saying even Nick Hudson deserves a fair trial.

Tuesday, August 5, 1997

Wednesday, August 6, 1997

The courtroom was stunned when the judge allows Joanne Taylor to testify. She says that while they were in high school she and Nick sort of dated but then he attacked her one night at a party after he had been drinking. She said her parents filed charges but then dropped them for her sake and Nick's mom had the files sealed. During cross-examination, Cass points out that Joanne didn't call for help when there were people near by and asks if its possible she made up the story of attempted rape to draw her parent's attention away from her own behavior. Horrified, Sophia races from the courtroom when the judge takes a break. Nick was frustrated because/he can't go after her and explain. Vicky rushes around to get the kids ready for camp and keeps checking the clock. She remarks that she may go to Lassiter and it could change all of their lives. Steven picks up on her indecision and tells her that wherever she goes, he and Kirkland will go too. Lila drops off some of Shane's diplomas at the hospital and gives them to John. when she runs into Shane she says she's there for a therapy appointment. Vicky and the kids arrive at the hospital for the boys' physicals. Shane begs Vicky again not to marry Jake and points out that she Jake doesn't make her feel the way he does. He asks her to meet him for dinner at Carlino's but she leaves without answering. A nervous Jake gets a pep talk from Paulina and he shows her the new ring he bought. Amanda arrives and can't help but take some pot shots at Jake about "unrequited love." Amanda and Paulina go on a walk, leaving Amanda exhausted but Paulina still full of energy. Amanda was horrified when she runs into Neil because/she's all hot and sweaty. He was disappointed when she refuses a date so she can go to a concert with Carl and Rachel. Back at the Cory mansion, Carl and Rachel talk happily about their new family and Rachel makes a comment on how she wants to redecorate because the rooms remind her of the past. Amanda listens and then continues to try and butter Carl up. Jake waits for Vicky at the playground, Shane waits for her at Carlino's and Vicky was about to make a phone call but hangs up and says to herself that she's sorry and wishes she didn't have to hurt someone.

Thursday, August 7, 1997

A despondent Jake thinks Vicky's not coming and starts to leave the playground. Just then, a frantic Vicky rushes in and screams his name. Jake returned and she jumps into his arms. She explains why she was late and how she told Shane that the only man she wanted to marry was Jake McKinnon. She gets down on one knee and proposes to Jake again as she slips the ring he brought onto his finger. They sit on the swings and happily talk about their future. vicky nervously comments that she will be his "wife" soon but Jake remarks she wants her to be his "bride" first. Vicky asks if there was anything about him that annoys her and he says no and asks the same question about himself. Vicky reluctantly admits that it bothers her that he deals with problems by joking about them and he assures her that he will take their marriage seriously. Meanwhile, Shane was doing everything he can to track down Vicky. He was discouraged when he looks through her window and sees the RELY ON JAKE headline prominently displayed. Carl visits Gary's office and runs into Lila. She tries to play up to him but is rebuffed when Carl points out that Vicky was very dear to him. Carl writes Gary a note about helping him find out if Grant was doing anything sneaky during the election. Later, Lila opens the letter and reads it with a sly look on her face. Shane comes in and asks if Jake has checked in with Gary. Lila locks him in the office necessitating him to break down the door. Sophia confides to Paulina that she was shaken by Joanne Taylor's testimony. Paulina advises her to give up on Nick but she refuses. However, when Tyrone comes to find her to ask her to testify for Nick she tearfully remarks that she can't. Tomas testifies for Nick, telling what he saw on the night of the rape. He said Nick was drinking beer and was wearing his watch on his left hand. Cass scores points when Tomas states that he doesn't think Nick was physically capable of raping Toni that night. However, the DA gets the last word when Tomas admits that he initially believed Nick was guilty. Outside, Josie and Toni talk to the Security Guard from BCU who was also raped. She mentions she might have seen her attackers face but she also had an imprint of a belt buckle on her thigh. Josie starts to look suspicious when the guard says she definitely smelled gin on her attackers breath.

The final portion of today's episode was pre-empted for coverage of a Fine Air cargo plane crash.

Friday, August 8, 1997

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