One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on OLTL

Andy and Antonio were married and left for California. Mel fought with his daughter over the phone. Cassie planned to get custody of River. Blair left the hospital in order to visit with Starr. Clint voiced his displeasure to Viki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, August 4, 1997


* Antonio climbs down the side of the building when he is stuck on the roof on his wedding day.
* Cristian refuses to climb down and is finally rescued in a cherry picker.
* Rachel fills a curious Jacara in on some of the family history between Hank and R.J.
* Andy and Antonio get married, which is followed by a large street party reception in Angel Square.
* Cassie is worried to learn that Eli is living with Andrew and River. She is worried that if Eli gets hurt, he won't know what to do or care enough to keep River safe.
* Andy and Antonio leave for California.

Tuesday, August 5th, 1997


* Mel starts drinking heavily, reminded of his wife Muriel by the wedding. Dorian is furious and leaves him alone, but later that night, Kelly comes to check on him and tuck him into bed.
* Téa tells Todd about her impoverished upbringing. She also talks about her ethnic background, that she is not accepted by her own Latino people and has tried to distance herself from them in her struggle to succeed. Téa feels she really doesn't belong anywhere.
* Cassie doesn't feel there's anyway she could win custody of River, but Kevin suggests Cassie speak to Nora about the situation.
* Mel calls his daughter to leave a message and is surprised when she picks up the phone. They end up fighting, Dorothy is very upset that he is drinking himself to death and refuses to watch him do it.

Wednesday, August 6th, 1997

After the top of the cake is stowed away in the freezer and the first pictures of the wedding are framed, everyone gets to reexamine their own relationships with their children, husbands, lovers, community and the world. Joy for Marty and Patrick, Pain for Blair, Friendship for Eli, Estrangement for Téa, Téars for Starr, sadness and happiness both for Carlotta. Dinner for the Bird. And for Todd, the usual thirst for revenge.

The Mill House-Marty and Patrick

Marty's temperature is 99.6 and has been for several days. A worried Patrick frets that her lupus has been reactivated. But Marty has a surprise for him. She shows him the second clue. A bottle of Folic Acid, needed in the early part of pregnancy. He is very happy. Marty tells him she thinks she became pregnant last week when they made love all day and afterwards, does he remember they looked at the mill wheel and she said she knew they were more united than they ever were before. She would have told him sooner, but she understood that he was still grieving for Brendan. She confirms that it is still too early for a home pregnancy test, but she gave her blood to the lab and they can give results within 2 days of conception. She calls the hospital and there are tears of joy in her eyes as she tells him they are going to have a baby. They have made their way through the darkness to the end of the night. Patrick and Marty hug and kiss. He plants a wet one on her belly. She says she has been thinking of naming the child after his sister if it is a girl. Patrick thinks that the baby should have a name unshared by ghosts.

Marty confesses that there might be complications with her pregnancy. There is a 2 percent chance she will pass the lupus on to the baby and a 3 percent chance of neonatal lupus which the baby would soon outgrow Patrick is concerned for his Margaret. He cannot lose her. She reminds him that she has been in remission for a long time. There couldn't be a better time for this pregnancy, although she does admit there is a higher chance of miscarriage. Patrick does not like the danger. But Marty tells him that it was danger that brought them together before he ever knew he could trust her or life to protect him from the Men of 21. And look where the journey took them. To this moment, to this life they created together.

Marty unpacks a gift her father gave her before he went on a business trip. It is a tiny, charm size bell. Her dad had told her that when he was away all she had to do was ring it and he would send her a kiss when she needed it most. One day when she was scared, she heard it ring and felt so protected. She wants the same magic for their child. When her parents died, she wasn't sure they could hear it where they were. Patrick assures her that he believes they can hear her now. She rings the bell and he swears he can hear it. Her parents will always love her and their child will have the bell and they will be in his or her heart.

The Rectory-Andrew and Eli

Andrew wakes his house guest up for a hearty breakfast and his meds. The boy accuses him of being a hypocrit. He gives him a watch, tells him to be responsible for his own schedule and then he says he has to take care of him. Eli thinks the food is a heart attack waiting to happen. He would prefer stale corn flakes and powdered milk. Andrew asks if he is worried about living the high life. He tells him to get dressed. They are going to Angel Square.

The Diner-Carlotta, Cris, Jessie, Mickey, Eddie, Eli, Hank

Carlotta wraps the top layer of the wedding cake. On Antonio and Andy's first anniversary, they will thaw it out and eat it so they will be happy and have children. Cris tells his Mom his idea for his next political cartoon. He knows he wants to show Maggie juggling the warehouse, the building code and Asa. Cris offers to watch the diner. And Jessie arrives with flowers from Viki. Eddie asks who died. Jessie says they are meant to cheer Carlotta up and she also volunteers to help out Carlotta. Carlotta wonders why everyone thinks she needs cheering up but she can't stop a tear from forming in her eye. Antonio's pals say they miss him too and want to help Mrs. Vega for all the meals she served them. Andrew and Eli arive with a framed copy of the blessing he gave Antonio and Andy. Carlotta hopes God will watch over them. Eddie and Mickie recognize Eli from the newspaper. He says yeah, he is the Aids orphan. Eddie acknowledges that the kid has had a rough time, but they want to welcome him to the hood. He is impressed that they shake his hand and don't seem scared of him. They invite him to play hoops at the Community Center and Carlotta frees Cris and Jessie to join them.

Andrew tells Carlotta how happy it makes him that Eddie cut through Eli's defences. After he fills her in on the boy's history, Carlotta promises to ask around East Llanview for a foster family. Andrew says he is a tough sell. He is 15, but looks younger. He tries to be upbeat, tell Eli of the amazing drugs which can give him a long productive life. But, Carlotta guesses, he just stares, like Antonio years before when he saw Angel Square as a trap he could not escape. It took a long time for her son to realize that Angel Square was not the trap, the trap was not believing the dreams he had could come true.

Hank arrives with a beautiful framed picture of the groom and his mother. Carlotta is touched by the gift. But she tells Hank, she thinks she will have to look at it some more later because it will make her cry right now. She says he is a nice guy and why didn't she see it sooner. Andrew feels they are intruding on her private emotions. No, she says they are keeping her mind off her work which keeps her mind off Antonio. She will clear the dishes from the breakfast mess.

Todd's Penthouse-Téa, Todd, Bird, Blair, Starr and Dorian

Téa comes down the stairs hunting up some coffee. Todd is feeding Bird, who has woke up on the wrong side of the perch this morning. He is squawking and Téa says she is convinced he doesn't like her. Todd says looks like he isn't the only one who is paranoid. Téa replies that she hates to be a stool pidgeon, but when Todd isn't around, Bird tries to bite her. Todd tells the parrot to say something nice to her. All it means is that he gets fed twice. Téa says that they both have to live in this gilded cage, so they might as well get along. She is offering Bird some food when the door opens and all hell breaks loose. It is Blair, straight from the hospital and barely able to walk despite the arm braces on her crutches. She demands to know where Starr is. Todd tells her she should be in the hospital and draws closer. Blair says not to come near her. She wants to see her daughter now. As for Téa, She may be Mrs. Todd Manning and she may have wormed her way into Todd's heart and his wallet and put her "crap" in his house (Blair knocks over the statue of St. John with her crutch), but she is just a gold digger who had no right to steal her daughter. Téa threatens to call the police if Blair doesn't calm down.

Blair begins to rant about the bombing and what Patrick told her about Todd killing Armitage. Maybe she should call the police on him. Todd says with friends like Patrick whispering in her ears, it is no wonder she has lost her way and asked for a divorce. She tells him he was fast to marry while she was in her coma. He replies he had to act fast and fight back. Blair replies dreams of Starr were what brought her back to life and now she wants her daughter. The stress of the argument puts Blairs weakened body off balance and she collapses to the floor.

Todd helps her into a chair. Téa remarks that seeing her mother walk and fall could scare Starr. Todd has brought Blair water and she throws it into the second Mrs. Manning's face. She says she will see her daughter NOW! Todd calls up to the nanny and Téa interjects that this could ruin his case. Blair is in poor shape, both physically and mentally and she is explosive. Blair retorts that she doubts anything live could come out of Téa's body. She asks Todd if her daughter missed her when she came back home after the bone marrow transplant and Todd admits she did. Blair says he is a monster to take Starr away from her. Téa again interrupts warning Todd that Blair is guilt tripping him. Todd tells her to shut her mouth and then says to Blair that she will see her daughter. Téa goes off to call Dorian. Blair is in need of help and Todd is obviously unable to give it to her. Blair hugs Starr and says how much she missed her. She marvels at how big she has gotten. Viki told her what a water baby she has become and how much she loves the water and cries when she has to get out. Mommy will take her swimming when she is better. and she willtuck her in at night and sing her songs. Blair begins to sing "Mockingbird", then sobs and starts Starr crying.

Starr is upstairs and still crying when Dorian arrives and reprimands Blair for leaving the hospital when she is so weak. Blair said she got a taxi and Dorian says that she should have called first. Dorian commands Todd to get Starr ready. He says that Starr is not going anywhere. She had a meltdown because her mother cried too much. He knows it wasn't Blair's fault but it scared Starr. Take her to the hospital or your house, Todd says. She got here on pure adrenline and then fell down. Dorian is anxious to get her niece out of Todd's Penhouse. He tells Blair to call first next time.

Téa comes down stairs and she is angry that he allowed a poisonous situation. Isn't this why he wanted custody, to keep this from happening? It is her job to keep him from doing stupid things. Todd becomes vicious and tells her it is her job to shut up and she blew it. He knows how to handle Blair. "Don't tell me to shut up ever again. I am the only friend youhave, Mister Manning and don't you forget it"

Back at the Dinner- Carlotta and Téa

Téa arrives at the diner and Carlotta thinks she is another in a long line of consoling friend, but soon discovers that it is Téa who needs the consoling. Téa confesses that she now believes she has been kidding herself. She did not marry Todd just for the money. She needed to find a place where she belonged. But she doesn't belong anyplace and never will.

Back to the Penthouse

Meanwhile, Todd has a heart to heart with bird. The baby is crying, people are screaming, women on crutches falling down. Is it this exciting where Bird comes from? He remembers a year ago when he was trying to learn how to walk again to get back to Blair. He knows how much pain Blair is in and what it took to get here. To walk in on him and Téa was not nice. Not as bad as Blair and Patrick but not nice. But he has to keep stalling because of Patrick. He returns a call to Armitage Publishing. They agree to launch a series of stories about Patrick and Lord Whiting. He offers his notes from the Kinneally meeting and background material on Thornhart. He is going to sleep a lot better knowing that Patrick will sleep in an Irish Jail facing murder charges. "We got him, Bird", he gloats, "Patrick is going down."

Thursday, August 7th, 1997

Mel, Clint and Viki

A hungover Mel is in Viki's office at the Banner. Viki is sure that his hangover will not affect his work, but he can't go on like this indefinitely. Mel leaves and Viki turns on the TV to see an interview with Dr. M. Maude Boylan. Mel comes back in and catches her watching it, but leaves without Viki noticing him. Then Clint arrives and Viki quickly turns off the TV, embarassed. Clint recognizes Dr. Boylan and turns the TV back on, commenting on how terrific Boylan is. Viki tries to ignore the TV as Dr. Boylan talks about how fantasy is key to a healthy sex life.

Clint is enjoying watching the interview, even laughing when one of the callers makes a funny remark, but Viki is completely embarassed. Dr. Boylan thinks the most important thing in a sexual relationship is play. After a little free publicity for ABC (Joy Behar, who will be on "The View" with Barbara Walters is the interviewer and she mentions the new show), Viki quickly grabs the remote from Clint and turns off the TV. "What's the matter, you don't like to play?", Clint asks. Clint teases her about how she gets squemish every time the topic of sex is mentioned. Viki really doesn't think the topic is appropriate for work and changes the subject to Mel and his seemingly permanent hangover.

Clint is gone and Marty catches Viki just as she is about to leave her office. Viki hates to tell her this, but she won't be able to come to her wedding. She's going to Europe for a publisher's conference and then on to Italy to visit with Joey. Marty's disappointed, but she has good news to tell Viki, she's pregnant. Viki is naturally thrilled with the news and hugs Marty. Marty's thinking of taking a few years off from medicine to have the baby and take care of it. She doesn't want to stress her system by doing too many things at once.

Viki is alone when Clint returns and invites Viki to go to dinner with him. She accepts, and Clint invites himself to have dinner at her house. He intends to pick up their conversation from that morning(about Dr. Maude), Clint warns.

Dorian, Mel and Blair

Dorian is also watching the interview with Dr. Boylan at her house, agreeing with everything she says. As Blair comes in, Dorian quickly turns off the TV. Blair announces that she's not going back to the hospital in Philadelphia, she'll be staying at Dorian's. This way she can be close to Starr, and be able to get in Todd's face. Blair complains that Todd let her hold Starr for just a little while and then whisked her away. Blair wants to make Todd pay for getting full custody of Starr and plans to use the money she got in the divorce from Todd to help. Dorian has to explain to Blair that in order to get the quick divorce that Blair requested, she had to give up getting any money from Todd. Blair is very upset, but then calms down and admits she knows Dorian did the best she could.

Dorian tells Blair about her troubles with Mel, how he drinks too much in an attempt to ease the pain of his wife's death. Dorian's not sure what she's going to do now about Mel, she think she's met her match. Blair says maybe Mel's her soul mate, she can't give up on him. Mel arrives. Dorian asks him what is he doing to himself, and what can she do to help him. Blair leaves to give them some privacy. Mel is impressed by how tough Blair is, she has such drive and determination. Dorian doesn't think Mel should be admiring Blair's determination to put her life back together when he won't do the same. Mel gets angry and starts to leave. Dorian asks Mel to listen to her, please.

Dorian wanted to go get Mel the other day and bring him back to her bed, but she knows she can't. She doesn't know what to do, she's watching him slowly commit suicide with his drinking. Mel doesn't want to die, but he's not real crazy about living either. She's not sure she can do enough to make him want to live, and if she's not able to, she would really miss him.

Téa, Todd and Rachel

Téa returns after being out all night and tells Todd it's none of his business where she's been. Téa's still upset and angry about their confrontation with Blair and Todd telling her to shut up. They need to get some things straight or she's going to leave and not come back. Téa just wants to be sure what happened yesterday won't happen again, for all their sakes, including Starr.

Blair's dangerous to them, Téa says. If she managed to drag her self out of the hospital and get to Llanview all the way from Philadelphia just to see Starr, imagine what she can do when she's back to 100%. Téa fears they'll have a real fight on their hands to keep Starr. Téa thinks that Todd and Blair should reconcile. "Your nuts", is Todd's reply. Téa's serious, if there's some way he and Blair can work things out and get back together again, he should do it. Todd loves Blair. Téa suggests maybe she should leave now, before Starr gets too attached to her and Todd can then approach Blair. He's got two options, wait around for the huge custody battle to begin or reconcile with Blair and give Starr a real family. It's not going to happen and Todd tells her to stop pushing it. Téa leaves.

Téa and Rachel are having coffee at their apartment. Rachel tells Téa what's been going on at Club Indigo. Téa tells Rachel about Andy and Antonio's wedding and the party afterwards. Rachel says that Téa's whole manner changes when she talks about her roots. Of all people, Téa thinks that Rachel would understand being from two different world, but belonging to neither. Rachel, though, never thought of herself as half black and half white. Téa's never had that sort of balance. She always saw everyting in the Anglo world as better and went after it. She's very sucessful, but very alone.

Rachel wants to know what Todd has done to upset her. Todd has given her a hard time about many things, but he's been very supportive of who she is, Téa insists. It was actually easy to talk about it with Todd. He knows what it feels like to never feel really at home, even in his own skin. Todd "does have a problem with one race, it's the human race. He's an equal opportunity irritant.", Téa says. Rachel thinks that Téa is fooling herself, she doesn't realize how sick Todd really is.

Back at the penthouse, Todd is talking to Bird. He can relax now, Téa is gone, but Bird need to be nice to Téa, they need her right now. Todd gets a fax from Mr. Green of the Armitage Enterprises. The Irish authorities have agreed to reopen the investigation into the murder of Lord Whiting. Todd enjoys the thought that "Patrick Thornhart is finally finished."

Friday, August 8th, 1997

Todd, Téa and Blair

Todd, in his penthouse, is on the phone with Mr. Green of Armitage Enterprises congratulating him on getting the Whiting case reopened. Mr. Green is not very pleased at being woken up in the middle of the night, but Todd tells him to concentrate on Patrick Thornhart, that's where the real story is. While Todd's on the phone, Téa comes back from Rachel's. That's where she was the night before, when she didn't come home, she informs him when he hangs up the phone. Todd tells her that she's welcome in his home, he has no intention of trying to reconcile with Blair as she suggested. Téa won't argue that with him again, but she does want to do whatever she can to protect Starr.

Todd asked Téa to be a real mother figure to Starr in Blair's absence, now Blair's back. How will Starr feel if she gets attached to Téa and then Téa leaves at the end of their agreement? Téa was "abandoned" when her mother died when she was 7 years old, so she knows how it feels and she doesn't want to put Starr through that. She'll still have me, Todd says. It's not the same thing, Téa tries to explain. When her mother died, her father did everything he could for her, he even bought and read copies of Seventeen magazine to understand what it was like to be a girl. He could relate to Téa's brother, Jose, but Téa was his "little princess." Starr's too young now to understand, but she still feels things. If people abandon you, it's easy to learn how not to trust. She'll end up like me, or like you. Is that what you want for her, Téa asks. Todd's only reply is to wonder if Téa is trying to get an extension on their deal.

Téa's fine with the deal the way it is, she assures him, she doesn't want more money or anything else. She thinks it would be in his best interest to work out a generous visitation schedule for Blair. It will look good to the judge in any further custody hearings and that way, Starr won't feel abandoned. Todd agrees, but it doesn't mean he and Blair will be getting back together, neither of them wants that. One more thing, Téa adds, they should do a better job of their marriage, do the things that married couple do. "Like what, exactly?", Todd asks.

What she means is that Todd needs to take her out in public and show her off as the new Mrs. Manning. Todd understands, she wants to show everyone she's moved out of the janitor's rooms in the basement. Téa thinks she'd like to start with Viki and asks Todd to invite her to lunch tomorrow. Téa goes upstairs to take a bath and Todd calls Blair. She almost hangs up on him, but he mentions Starr. No, nothing's wrong, he wants her to come visit Starr tomorrow. Blair agrees to come.

Max, Maggie, Ian, Renee and Asa

Maggie, sitting at the bar at Rodi's, is looking at the cartoon Cristian did for the Banner, which shows her juggling Asa, the building code, Angel square and a bag of money. Maggie likes it, she thinks Cristian is very talented. Max, being pessimistic as usual about the project, thinks that he sees panic in her eyes, that it's all going to fall down around her ears. Renee thinks it shows that Maggie has everything very nicely balanced as long as she doesn't have to deal with Max and Ian, too. Renee tells them to "back off." Maggie wants to find a way that everyone can win, that's why she's invited Asa to meet her there at Rodi's.

Asa has arrived and Max suggests that Asa sell the waterfront properties to him. Asa wonders what Max will do with them, does he plan to get Maggie between the sheets and convince her to sell him the warehouse? Maggie and Ian come over and join the discussion. Asa offers Maggie twice the money she paid it for. Maggie reminds them all that part of her deal with Dorian is that she not sell the warehouse. Maggie has a proposal, to work together on this. Asa would be willing to go into partnership with Maggie, but she can't ask a grizzly like him to work with those two "mangy coyotes." Maggie thinks they could make something special happen if they all work together. Asa refuses to compromise, he will build his mega-mall on the rubble of Maggie's broken dreams if he has to.

Max and Ian are still fuming about Asa threat. Maggie compares them all to little boys with toy guns. Angel Square doesn't want their battle, she says, take it someplace else. Maggie's dream is about love and peace and joy, theirs is about greed and petty competition. He and Max are not as bad as Asa, Ian protest. Well, if their not careful, their going to end up just like him. Maggie replies. Maggie and Renee leave to go take a look at Maggie's warehouse.

Renee loves the warehouse, but Maggie is a little discouraged by how much of a mess it is. She hopes that she can convince the community to support her performing arts center. She needs their participation and also donations in order to qualify for non-profit status. Why can't Max be more supportive, Maggie wonders. "No matter how enlightened they like to think they are, men don't really want to see women playing their game and winning." Max overhears this last bit and says if he didn't know Renee better, he would swear that was a sexist remark.

Max has brought a radio, wine and glasses with him to apologize. Renee makes a hasty exit as Max pours some wine. Maggie kisses Max and they keep kissing until they are disturbed by a strange sound. It's just the boiler, she tells him, it makes that noise every time it comes on. Max turns on some music and they start dancing and kissing.

Viki, Clint, Jessica, Kevin and Cassie

Viki is in the kitchen chopping onions and has the book "Sex and the Mature Woman" on a bookstand so she can read it at the same time. Jessica comes in and wonders why Viki is crying, but it's just because of the onions. Jessica is surprised to learn that Clint is coming over for dinner. That's twice in one week, she comments, but she thinks it's great. Viki hides the book in a pile of other books, but Jessica finds it a few minutes later and is shocked and embarrassed when she reads the title. Viki admits the book is hers and even says she has another one on order, "Sex and Religion." Jessica doesn't want to know what that's about. Clint arrives and spots the book and wonders what Jessica's reading. Jessica doesn't say anything and Viki gets a look of panic and embarassement on her face.

Fortunately for Viki, Jessica claims it's just a cookbook and puts it back in the pile. Jessica quickly leaves, she's got someplace to go, she can't remember where, but she's late. Viki's disappointed, she was looking forward to a family dinner (and not being alone with Clint), but that wasn't what he had in mind. He plans to finish their earlier discussion about his and Viki's sex life. He goes outside to put the steaks on the grill. After he leaves Viki says to herself, no Clint, we've got a lot to deal with first.

Viki is slicing tomatoes when Clint comes back inside. Clint suggests that maybe they could eat outside and then go skinnydipping later. Or I could throttle you first, Viki replies. Clint is just trying to distract her with all this talk about sex, Viki wants to talk about his anger about Sloan. They can't just ignore their divorce and her marriage to Sloan and go on as if nothing ever happened. Clint accuses her of picking a fight. Viki just wants to have an honest, straightforward discussion with him. As usual, Clint runs, this time to go check on the steaks. Viki is so frustrated she throws a tomato at him. It misses and hits the wall instead. Viki is laughing as Clint comes back and looks at the mess in amazement.

Viki starts laughing even harder and tells him he was lucky it was something soft. Clint isn't very amused. Viki's been trying to tell him, she's not the same person that she was before. All of her personalities are integrated now, he can't pick and choose which one he wants to deal with because they're all one person now. It still surprises the hell out of her sometimes, Viki admits, continuing to laugh. More seriously, Viki says that Clint's problem is he doesn't even recognize the anger he feels, he does his best to avoid it. Like you avoid sex, Clint asks, then apologizes for saying it. Clint doesn't understand, sex doesn't make her uncomfortable, it absolutely terrifies her. She can't even entertain the thought of having a sexual feeling, let alone a sexual encounter. It wasn't a problem for them before, but Viki didn't know about her father's sexual abuse of her when they were together. Now she does know and everything in her life has changed. Viki feels that if they are going to move on from where they are now, he has to understand how she feels. Even with Clint, she feels extremely unsafe. But I've always tried to do everything to protect you, Clint protests. That's the problem, Viki replies, he protects her from everything, including his own anger. Unless he learns to let it out, she's always going to be afraid of his unspoken anger, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. "I cannot move on until I resolve the past", Viki insists.

Down at the carriage house, Cassie is working on a story about Angel Square for the Banner and Kevin distracts her by massaging her neck. Cassie wishes she had Kevin's help on this story. Kevin laughs and reminds her of their former competetion, like when they snuck in to see Dr. Durbin's body at the morgue or their "mud bath" at Serenity Springs. Not to mention the steamroom, Kevin and Cassie kiss. Jessica arrives on the front porch, and rather than interrupting again, calls Cassie from her cel phone to see if she can stop by. As she's talking to Cassie, Kevin opens the door and catches her standing on the porch.

Jessie is finishing eating a bowl of something, she didn't realize how hungry she was. She tells Kevin that Clint is over again for dinner and Viki is reading a book about sex for old people(her words, not mine:-). Jessica thinks maybe they'll be getting back together. Kevin tells her not to get her hopes up and read too much into a couple of steaks. All of a sudden they smell something. Very well done steaks, Jessie says.

Back up at Llanfair, Viki begs Clint that if he has something to say, to just say it. OK, Clint says...can I check on the steaks? Fine, says Viki, but she is far from happy. She picks up Dr. Maude's book and yells at it that she should write a self-help book for men, "Sex and the Immature Male." Clint comes in with two steaks, burnt to a crisp, not even fit for the dog. We don't have a dog, Viki says trying not to laugh. The burnt steaks, of all things, finally makes him mad. His anger isn't about food, Viki tells him, this is about Sloan. Clint flings the burnt steaks into the sink and glares at her.

Clint finally admits he's angry about Sloan, in fact, he's damn angry. If you hit a mule with a two by four, you'll get his attention, Clint continues, and I guess I that mule. Clint goes on to list all the things he's done over the years: kept Viki's family business afloat, adopted her kids and loved them like they were his own, sat up with Joey at night when he had asthma attacks, stood by Kevin when he was accused of rape, held her when Megan died, fought to help her walk and talk again after her stroke, put up with Niki Smith and Dorian, not to mention Tina. He never let her down, Viki agrees. That's a mule for you, he may be stubborn and crude, but he is steady, keeps plugging along and getting the job done. He did everything he could for Viki and he did it because he loved her, he loved her more than life. And in return, she dumped him for Sloan. He was angry and he still is, is that what she wanted to hear? I guess so, she says quietly. Then I guess you got what you wanted, just like always. Viki asks him what that means. Clint refuses to answer, he's had enough and he's leaving. Viki says he can't leave, they're finally getting somewhere. Clint walks out the door and Viki throws another tomato after him in frustration. She walks to the doorway and sadly watches him leave.

Down at the carriage house, Kevin notices the smell of burning meat has faded and then sees Clint's car drive away. Kevin encourages Jessica to back up to the house and see what's going on. Jessica leaves, commenting she doesn't know if she should burn Dr. Maude's books or thank her.

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