Another World Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on AW
Etta Mae said she wasn't Tyrone's mother. Tyrone ended his relationship with Toni because he suspected Toni was his sister. Rain's grandmother showed up as Josie and Gary were talking about adopting Rain. Grant staged an 'accident' and left a bottle of pills in Paulina's hand.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on AW
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Monday, December 22

Grant went by Lila's apartment to pick up the letter she forged for him. Jake comes by Lila's also and informs Lila he saw her with Grant. Jake demands to know what was going on. As Jake and Lila fight Jake told her he will tell Vicky about Shane after Christmas. Lila was not pleased but her hands are full. A man calls wanting to speak to Shane about his health and Lila told the caller Shane was sleeping. Later Jake finds Grant in his limo. Jake gets into the car and could care less when Grant threatens to have Jake arrested. Jake asks Grant why he was around the house and doesn't buy Grant's explanation about wanting to get a look at Kirkland. Jake went on to tell Grant he also saw him with Lila. Grant passes the meeting off as a business transaction. Jake leaves but not before throwing it in Grant's face that Jake will give Kirkland his best Christmas ever.

Cindy demands to know why Grant went to see Lila. Grant assures Cindy there was no need for her to be jealous Lila was merely a means to an end. Grant was using Lila to get custody of his son. Cindy told Grant she discovered his rum surprise for Paulina and replaced it. Grant went on to tell Cindy he found the bug she placed for him. At this point Cindy becomes furious and insists she loves Grant more than he could ever love her. All Grant can say was he would do anything to protect his family i.e. Kirkland. Grant has the nerve to ask Cindy to bug Paulina's house and when she refuses he threatens to divorce her; he went on to say Paulina would not put Cindy before Joe and Dante. Cindy went by Paulina's to give her her Christmas gift. When Cindy was left alone she places the bug on the Christmas tree. Joe and Paulina return with Cindy's gift. Later Cindy leaves.

Just as Joe told Paulina he got rid of all the alcohol in the house, Paulina finds a gift with no sender's name it was the bottle of rum. Joe wants to get rid of it; but, Paulina insists it was fine and Joe relents. Paulina was about to get to wrapping gifts when Joe told her it's done all she has to do was relax. After Cindy's visit Paulina and Joe argue about the friendship. Paulina went up to see her son and promises she will be careful for him. She never wants Dante to grow up without a mom.

Chris and Toni are at Chris' place when Toni decides to call the station saying she doesn't want to anything to disturb them. Toni talks to Josie who told her Artie's sister died years ago. Chris wants to help Toni forget Tyrone and kisses her passionately. When they part Chris brought out a tree decorated with momentos from their dates. This gesture truly touches Toni. They exchange gifts. Toni gives Chris an electronic address book while Chris gives Toni beach essentials he hopes they can use on their trip to Bahamas. When Toni and Chris kiss Toni told Chris she wants to be with him: but, Chris senses there was something off. He told Toni he will wait for her until she was ready and insists she go home to spend Christmas with her family. Toni apologizes and with tears in her eyes she leaves.

Josie was shopping for Rain's Christmas gift. She was looking desperately for the doll Rain wants which looks like her. Toni runs into Josie and when asked why she isn't with Chris Toni confesses about her confused feelings for Tyrone. Josie told Toni to go home and talk with Tyrone. Before Toni leaves they discuss the fact that it would take a miracle to find the doll Rain wants. We see Santa lurking in the background. Later Josie finds the doll by the fireplace and hears Santa say Merry Christmas from the chimney. The Burrell household
Etta Mae insists she was not Tyrone's mother and he should leave well enough alone. Tyrone does not believe her and told Etta Mae that it all makes sense now why she didn't want him to get together with Toni. Etta Mae told Tyrone if he was her son she would be proud to admit it and he and Toni are not siblings. Tyrone thinks etta Mae and Artie had an affair when her husband was stationed abroad, she became pregnant and to save her marriage she asked Irene to raise her child. Etta Mae clearly won't admit to the allegations and begs Tyrone to let it be. Tyrone agrees not to push her anymore, but when Etta Mae went to sleep Tyrone says he can't stop his search. Toni returns home and told Tyrone about her date with Chris. Tyrone wants to believe it was the rape that stopped Toni but Toni told him it was her feelings for him. Tyrone doesn't know what to say and says he can't stay. He leaves. Toni was confused and when her mother comes down she told Toni to let Tyrone go.

Tuesday, December 23

Josie and Gary put the doll for Rain affectionately under the tree. Josie confides in Gary she was glad they were unable to find Rain's grandmother. When Rain wakes up and asks if Santa came she was given the doll. Rain was thrilled with her gift. Felicia and Cass come bearing gifts. Before they leave Gary asks Cass about the adoption procedures and Cass says it was a slow process especially since they are unable to find Rain's grandmother. Josie and Gary need to find Queenie but before they have a chance she shows up!

As Toni and Etta Mae wait for Tyrone to open presents Toni told her mother she confided in Tyrone about her feelings for him. Tyrone arrives and apologizes to Etta Mae- he can't leave the past alone like he said he would. When Etta Mae leaves the room Tyrone and Toni talk. Toni was left feeling confused when Tyrone told her he no longer wants her help in finding out the truth about his father he has to do it alone. He went on to tell Toni they have no future. Etta Mae returned as Chris shows up with gifts. Toni told Chris about her feelings for Tyrone. Chris doesn't take it well and leaves. When Tyrone finds Toni crying he told her she needs to work things out with Chris. Toni has no idea what was going on and tearfully leaves the room. When Toni and Etta Mae go to Christmas mass Cass shows up at the Burrell house and asks Tyrone what was going on with Etta Mae and Toni. Tyrone says the women he loves was his sister!

Vicky and Jake can't seem to get it together for Christmas. Donna calls Vicky and confirms Mick Jagger's arrival at Vicky's but told Vicky she was very lucky he was coming because the only reason it was even possible was because he couldn't get a flight back to London. When Jake comes downstairs Vicky shows him a stone as a hint to his gift. Vicky gets a video of A Christmas Carol and an umbrella. They can't figure out what their gifts might be. As they all are opening gifts Jake gets a phone call to come to work. He says he was not going in today but may know someone who can. Vicky was very anxious to open the gift she thinks was from Jake he told her to go right ahead because it was not from him; but, he told her they need to leave the house by ten if she wants to get her gift. Vicky told Jake they need to be home at ten if he wants to get his gift. Jake decides to call and have the trip postponed. Vicky was ecstatic with the trip to England. Unfortunately, Donna calls and told Vicky that Mick Jagger won't be coming after all because a flight came available for him ( the trip Jake just postponed!). As Jake was upstairs Vicky opens the gift she was convinced was from him only to see it's a locket with a picture of Shane in it.

Nick and Sofia are celebrating Christmas together when Cass and Felicia come with Christmas presents. Sofia shows off her heirloom engagement ring. Jake calls Nick to offer him a full time reporters job if he was willing to start today. Nick doesn't want to leave Sofia but she assures him he should go and she'll wait for him. When Cass and Felicia leave Tomas comes home. Of course Tomas told Sofia he would never leave her on Christmas Day. Sofia has enough of Tomas' bad mouthing and told him this was the best Christmas she's had in a long time and she's marrying Nick. Sofia went on to tell Tomas he should probably leave. Tomas packs his bags and as he was leaving Nick comes back. Tomas wishes them well and leaves.

Wednesday, December 24

Colleen told a stunned Gary and Josie she's come for her granddaughter. Paulina confides to Joe how nervous she was about facing all the food and wine which will undoubtedly be circulated during the party at Carl and Rachel's. Amanda's hopes for a pleasant evening fade when Lila arrives for the party on Shane's arm. Meanwhile, Vicky finds a gold locket containing Shane's photo in her Christmas stocking. Recognizing "Queenie's" voice, Rain happily runs into her grandma's arms. Later, out of the child's earshot, a weeping Josie entreats Gary not to let Colleen take Rain away from her. Forced to admit that she received a diamond bracelet from Alexander, Felicia told Carl she still has no idea where Nikos was hiding. Worried about Paulina succumbing to temptation, Joe hides the bottle of rum. Jake takes Shane aside during the party and strongly suggests that he tell Vicky the truth about his terminal illness. Certain her world was about to crumble, an enraged Lila slaps Jake across the face and hisses that he's just ruined both their lives. Following the delivery of a small Trojan horse, Carl warns Felicia to choose which side she'll be on in the impending war with Nikos. Upon learning about the locket, Jake suspects that Grant planted the surprise as part of his ongoing plot to gain custody of Kirkland. Shane collapses before he has a chance to explain his problem to Vicky.

Thursday, December 25

Due to the Christmas holiday, Another World did not air today.

Friday, December 26

Tyrone thinks about being a couple with Toni and quickly reprimands himself. He decides he should pack and leave the Burrell household. Tyrone comes down with his bags packed. He walks to the Christmas tree and picks up the ornament he put on the tree as Toni walks in. Toni asks what was going on and Tyrone told her he was leaving. Toni can't believe Tyrone was letting her mother influence a potential relationship between them. Tyrone told Toni she should head her mother's advice; but, when Toni continues to insist on sharing a relationship with Tyrone he told her he was in love with a women in Chicago and has been since before he came to Bay City. Toni can barely believe her ears. With tears in her eyes she pushes Tyrone's bags and throws a glass at the door as it closes behind him.

Joe was called into work due to a large accident. He worries about leaving Paulina alone; but, she insists she'll be fine. Paulina told Joe she understands why he doesn't trust her but she learned a valuable lesson after the accident at the restaurant. Paulina and Joe go on to talk about Grant (not knowing Grant was listening in ). Paulina told Joe she'll never let Grant get custody of Kirkland. She decides she'll testify against Grant in court and tell the judge Grant supplied the drugs that caused her addiction.

Cindy worries Grant will harm Paulina and warns Grant that he'll regret it if he hurts her fried. Jake comes to the apartment and throws the locket to Grant telling him to keep out of Vicky's life. Jake told Grant he'll never get custody of Kirkland no matter what tricks he has up his sleeve. Before Jake leaves the apartment he told Grant how nice it feels when Kirkland wakes up and comes into his and Vicky's bed in the morning. Jake reiterates the fact no judge would ever give Grant and his psychotic wife custody of Kirkland and storms out. Cindy was offended Grant let Jake call her psychotic. She accuses Grant of still loving Vicky and although Grant insists his only connection to Vicky was his son Cindy doesn't believe him and decides to visit Paulina. Grant receives a call from Nikos who told Grant a judge has been paid off. Grant decides it was time to put his plan into action.

Cindy and Paulina enjoy some time together. Paulina confesses she did not open Cindy's gift in front of Joe because her friendship with Cindy was a touchy subject. Cindy understands and asks Paulina to Open it now. It was an angel carousel propelled by candlelight. Paulina loved it and the two light it. Before Cindy leaves she reminds Paulina to snuff out the candles before going to sleep. Paulina told Cindy she was a great friend and the two hug before Cindy leaves. Joe calls Paulina to see if she's okay and Paulina assures her husband he doesn't have to worry. Joe hurries off the phone. Paulina feels she's about to doze off and snuffs out the candles before taking a nap. Grant was eavesdropping on every word said in the Carlino household. As he murmurs something Grant receives a call from the person following Vicky and told him not to let her out of his sight.

Cindy went home and does not find Grant at home. She decides to bring the toys for the toy drive to the police station. Meanwhile Grant was letting himself into Paulina's house with a set of duplicate keys. Paulina was fast asleep on the couch and Grant drops some drugs into a cup of tea on the coffee table. The phone rings and Grant hides. It's Joe again calling to see how Paulina was doing. Paulina drinks some tea to help wake her up and told Joe he can stop worrying about her. Joe feels foolish and told Paulina to get a good night's rest. Paulina hangs up and passes out on the couch. Grant puts the vile of drugs in Paulina's hand. He proceeds to set an evergreen swag on fire and stomp it out on the floor saying Joe will be very disappointed by the 'mishap'. Grant leaves and the camera zooms in on the swag which begins to rekindle.

Meanwhile Cindy was asking Joe if he spoke to Paulina. Joe told Cindy Paulina doesn't need to be checked up on.

Lila told Vicky Shane collapsed because of his allergy to champagne when Vicky told Lila Shane was not allergic to champagne Lila says the combination of the champagne and the medication he was on caused the fainting spell. Shane comes to and before he gets a chance to say anything other than "Vicky" Lila told him she told Vicky about the reaction to champagne. Lila rushes Shane home and worries about his health. She realizes he was running out of the medication and calls ahead to Tomas asking him to make a batch of pills. Vicky was in the hall and sneaks into the apartment. Before Lila leaves for the hospital Shane thanks her for all she was doing for him. Lila gets to the hospital and the pills are not ready. Lila waits in Shane's office and calls Dr Baxeley. Dr Baxeley assures Lila Shane will get better if he continues to take the medication. Lila makes it seem as though Shane was in the room with her and Dr Baxeley says Shane will be rich after he gets better. Before Lila hangs up she asks the doctor when he'll be returning and he says not for at least six months. Lila hangs up and Jake enters the room. Jake told Lila Vicky will know about Shane's illness by the end of the night even if he has to tell her himself. Meanwhile Vicky told Shane to tell her the truth about what was going on. Shane makes Vicky promise she'll go back to her kid's and Jake if he told her. Vicky thinks it was an absurd request and agrees. Shane told Vicky he was dying. Vicky hugs Shane comfortingly not able to believe it.

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