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Joe and firefighters managed to save Dante and Paulina as the house burned down. Joe didn't believe Paulina when she said she hadn't been on drugs. Shane told Vicky he was dying and then prepared to leave town. Josie and Gary realized Rain belonged with her grandmother.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on AW
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Monday, December 29, 1997

Grant was in his limo imagining his life with custody of Kirkland when Cindy hops in. Grant told Cindy his worries are over. When they get home Grant was in a very good mood until he notices his jacket was burned. Grant told Cindy he was going to prepare for Kirkland's arrival. Cindy sends Grants jacket to the dry cleaners without his knowledge. Outside sirens sound and Cindy and Grant notice Joe and Paulina's house was on fire.

Nick sees Joe at the hospital and wants to talk to him about the accident. Joe thinks Nick was doing a good job on his reporting of it. Joe wants to call Paulina but decides not to. Later Joe can't resist and he calls his house. He was a bit concerned that his wife did not answer and asks Nick to ask Sofia to go and keep Paulina company without mentioning it was Joe's idea. Nick agrees. Sofia says she'll go visit Paulina once her movie was finished. Tomas finds Joe and told him his house was on fire. Joe rushes home and enters the house, which was in flames.

Paulina was knocked out and doesn't hear Dante crying or the fire alarm sound. Paulina wakes up and sees the fire she tries to get Dante but collapses.

Vicky can't believe Shane was dying she hugs him and cries. She asks how long he has and he has no answer. Vicky asks why he didn't tell her sooner and Shane told her he wanted her to be happy. He went on to say Vicky made the right choice in Jake because he can give her and the kids a future. Vicky wants to help Shane but he says there was nothing she can do. Vicky talks about regrets and as she hugs Shane it seems they are about to kiss but Shane pulls away and told her to go home to her life he will be fine because Lila will be back with his medication. Vicky kisses Shane on the forehead and leaves. Vicky went home but before she went in she apologizes to Jake and runs off.

Jake told Lila Shane better tell Vicky the truth because if Shane doesn't Jake will the very next time he sees his wife. Lila begs Jake to give her twenty-four hours. Lila told Jake her plans of getting pregnant. Jake thinks she was totally deluding herself; but, Lila told Jake he was crazy if he thinks Vicky won't run to Shane when she finds out the truth. Jake went home and when he doesn't see Vicky he calls Michael and Donna to check up on the kids.

Shane dictates some notes about his condition and the medication he created. He mentions he thought the combination would work but regrets it did not. He says he'll have to double his efforts. Lila finally gets the medication from Tomas and went home to Shane. Shane thanks Lila for her help and for caring. Shane continues dictating to himself and says he has come up with a better way to deal with his life and illness.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

Jake was waiting for Vicky and when she doesn't come home he calls Donna. Donna told Jake Vicky has not been at her place but she will call him if her daughter contacts her. Meanwhile Shane leaves Lila's after throwing his medication all over the floor. When Lila gets home and sees the mess she doesn't understand what was going on. Lila sees Vicky's scarf and assumes Shane and Vicky are together. Lila rushes to Jake's house and they argue. Lila told Jake she's positive Vicky was with Shane and she shows the scarf to Jake. Jake refuses to believe the worst. Lila mentions Shane left the pills which will save his life behind. When Jake wonders what she means she covers up by saying she only meant the pills are helping him stay alive and the longer he lives the greater the odds he will find a cure. Lila leaves and went to Shane's boathouse which was where she believes Shane and Vicky are. At the same time Shane was on his boat writing Lila a goodbye letter. He thanks her for all her help and says he doesn't want her to have to care for him around the clock. He told Lila Vicky knows the truth and it was time for him to leave. Shane also writes that his relationship with Lila was better than it has ever been and she was his best friend.

Joe manages to save Dante. Paulina was saved by the fire fighters. Sofia arrives. Joe tries talking to Paulina but she seems confused. Joe told her Dante was fine. Paulina tries to remember what happened and recalls Cindy's gift and drinking tea she says she smelled the tree but things become blurry. They go to the hospital and Paulina wants Dante. Sofia stays with Dante while Joe went in to talk to his wife. Joe begins asking a lot of questions but Paulina was not much help with the answers. Joe notices her slurred speech and inability to collect her thoughts and asks Tomas if it could be as a result of smoke inhalation. Tomas was unsure and told Joe to ask the attending doctor. Dante was given a clean bill of health and the doctor told Paulina as much. The doctor also wants to give Paulina a sedative but she insists she doesn't want any drugs. Joe continues to ask Paulina how the fire started but she continues to insist she blew out the candles on Cindy's gift. When Paulina wonders why she was having difficulty speaking Joe was to upset to talk to her and says he has to go. Outside the hospital room Joe and Sofia talk but Joe says he needs some fresh air. Joe went in the alley and lets off some steam. He asks God why? Joe went back into the hospital and when the doctor offers him a bed for the night(since their house was burnt to the ground) he thanks him and asks the doctor to run a drug test on Paulina.

When Grant realizes it was Joe and Paulina's house he recalls what happened. He calls the fire department and told the fire fighters to make sure they get the baby. Cindy asks how he knew Dante was home and Grant says he assumed as much considering the time of night. After hearing on the news everyone was fine but the house burnt to the ground Cindy and Grant decide to go to the hospital. Grant realizes their was some wax on his jacket and Cindy notices he smells like a Christmas tree. At the hospital Cindy also notices Grant seems unusually concerned for her friend and asks her husband about it. Grant insists his concern was as a parent and he feels for the Carlino's because he has a son too. Cindy doesn't buy it and questions Grant about the fire. She mentions that if Paulina was on some kind of drug her testimony in court would be discredited. Grant says they shouldn't talk about it.

Nick went to the hospital and comforts Sofia in front of Tomas. Tomas notices and later talks to Sofia. Tomas apologizes to Sofia for the way he acted and told her he can see Nick really loves her. He asks Sofia if they can still be friends. Sofia was clearly happy about this turn of events and told Tomas they will always be friends.

Wednesday, December 31, 1997

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, Another World did not air today.

Thursday, January 1, 1998

Due to the New Year's holiday, Another World did not air today.

Friday, January 22, 1998

> Gary/Josie
Gary and Josie kiss happily hoping they won't have to give Rain up. rain comes in with a picture she drew of Josie, Gary, Queenie and herself. Rain considers them all her family. Queenie shows up ready to take Rain "home" and can't believe Josie and Gary have not said goodbye to the little girl. Josie and Gary try to convince the grandmother Rain should stay with them but Queenie insists Rain belongs with her. As they discuss the issue Tyrone shows up and when he realizes Queenie was Rain's natural grandmother he told his clients to either give the girl up or come to an agreement with Queenie. Gary and Josie try to plea their case. Joe comes by to talk with Gary. Joe talks about his problem with Paulina. Joe and Gary discuss children's needs and both men realize the needs of the child should always come first. Gary walks Joe out and when he returned in to the house he hears Josie and Queenie arguing about Rain. Josie says she needs Rain and Gary asks what does Rain need. Josie and Gary talk alone and Gary makes Josie realize Rain deserves to know her family. Queenie was all Rain has left of her own family and she belongs with her grandmother. Josie was in tears and seems to agree.

Felicia and Carl argue about how they will get Alexander. Carl seems to feel the police should not be involved and Felicia should stay out of it as well. Felicia argues that Cal and Alexander will kill each other and the trap was too dangerous she wants to involve the police. Carl does not seem convinced of Felicia's cooperation. He feels she still wants Alexander and although Felicia denies it Carl doesn't really seem to believe her. Amanda was outside eavesdropping on the two and Carl finds her. Carl insists Amanda go to the hospital to visit Paulina as Rachel did. Amanda leaves. Felicia can't believe Carl doesn't even trust Amanda. Cass shows up. Alexander has made contact via a letter he slipped under Felicia's door. Soon after Alexander calls. Carl was glad and says "we have him" Felicia says or it's the other way around.

Previously, Alexander called Grant and asked him to find out if Felicia was in cahoots with Carl. When Grant doesn't seem to be cooperative Alexander mentions someone saw Grant enter Joe's house, put drugs in Paulina's tea and set the fire. Alexander reminds Grant no judge in the world would give him custody of Kirkland if this information came out. Alexander hangs up. Grant says he hates when Alexander hangs up on him.

Joe and Paulina continue to argue about her involvement with the fire. Paulina insists she had no alcohol or drugs in her system. She has kept away from both since her brush with death. Joe can't believe her. While arguing Joe told Paulina Dante would be better off without her. Paulina can't believe Joe would say such a thing. He apologizes; but, Paulina knows deep down he meant it. Rachel comes in and breaks up the fight. Joe hopes Rachel can talk some sense into Paulina and leaves. Joe leaves the room and Grant was outside the room.. Grant asks Joe how Paulina was doing. Joe knows Grant could care less and says as much. Meanwhile Rachel and Paulina talk. Paulina can't believe Joe doesn't believe her. Rachel asks Paulina if she would believe Joe if the shoe was on the other foot and Paulina says she would. Rachel listens as Paulina insists she had no drugs or alcohol. When Paulina asks if Rachel believes her and Rachel says yes. Paulina was pleased. Rachel offers Paulina a place to stay at the Cory Mansion and Paulina thinks Joe won't like that. Rachel leaves the room. Amanda visits with Paulina but doesn't make her feel any better. When Joe sees Rachel he can't believe she believes Paulina even though the evidence proves otherwise.

Amanda told Matt what she overheard at the mansion between Felicia and Carl. Matt can't believe Carl was still putting Rachel's life in danger by harping on his vendetta with Nikkos. Meanwhile Grant was eavesdropping the siblings and finds out Felicia and Carl are in fact trying to trap Alexander. Matt wants Amanda to help him make his mother see what Carl was really like when he's angry.

Joe asks Tyrone for help but doesn't want Cass to know about it. Tyrone he says he doesn't keep secrets from his partner but does assure Joe what was said was kept under client/lawyer confidentiality. Joe asks Tyrone for help with committing Paulina.


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