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Josie left for the FBI training course. Paulina and Joe argued about her drug use and moving into the Cory mansion. Alexander held Matt hostage. After Alexander and Carl's plane exploded, Alexander was presumed dead. Shane told Vicky he was in remission.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on AW
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Monday, January 5, 1998

Today's recap was written by Robin

Joe wants to commit Paulina because he still believes that she's on drugs. But then Rachel gives them an offer to live at her home for a while. Joe accepts at first but then declines telling Rachel that her house was too dangerous for Dante because of Carl trying to plot against Nikos. He was very rude to Rachel and also told her that he doesn't want Dante to grow up to be like Amanda and Matt because he thinks that they are spoiled and unhappy. Paulina sticks up for her Rachel and then gets into an argument with Joe. Carl and Cass are trying to plot against Nikos with Felicia. Matt was also plotting against Nikos because he wants to get on Rachel's "good side." Josie and Gary give up Rain to her grandmother. Carl sends Matt to Argentina to keep him out of the way. All the while everyone was plotting against Nikos, he is plotting against Carl.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Josie and Toni are at Josie's discussing the possibility of going out for lunch when Josie opens her mail. She sees her acceptance to the FBI training program. Josie decides she won't go because Gary needs her. Toni feels Josie should jump at the offer. Toni leaves. Josie receives a call from Queenie and Josie was glad to hear Queenie and Rain arrived in Iowa safely. Josie speaks with Rain and assures the little girl they will keep in touch. After talking to Rain Josie calls Joe and leaves a message for him saying to take her off the FBI most wanted list. Meanwhile Gary was at the precinct and after talking with Joe Gary runs in to Toni who told him about Josie acceptance to the FBI training course. She also told Gary Josie does not want to accept because she doesn't want to leave Gary. Gary was excited for his wife and rushes home. Gary confronts Josie about her acceptance to the FBI program and urges her to take the position. Josie does not seem to agree but Gary manages to convince her she needs to do this for herself. Before Josie leaves for Washington she and Gary make love.

Joe and Sofia are rummaging through the rubble of their burnt house. Joe finds a half-melted pill bottle and told Sofia about Paulina's involvement in the fire. Sofia can't believe it. She told Joe Paulina should be put in rehab and Joe says Paulina refuses. Sofia suggests Joe move in with Cory's so they can keep an eye on Paulina; but Joe refuses. Sofia offers her place. Nick comes in and Joe decides to leave. Sofia told Nick about Paulina's drug problem and Nick tries to defend Paulina. Sofia doesn't want to hear it. She can't believe Paulina would throw her life away for some drugs. Nick and Sofia confide in each other their fear for their own relationship if a relationship like Joe and Paulina's can't make it. Nick says they need to draw strength from themselves and stop comparing themselves to other couples. Sofia agrees and the two affirm their feelings for each other.

Joe went to work and meets Gary. Gary told Joe he needs to stand by his wife if he really wants to help her. Gary also told Joe he'll hate himself if he doesn't do the right thing by Paulina. Joe thanks Gary for his advice. Gary leaves and Joe went to the hospital and told Paulina and Rachel he will move into the Cory mansion if Carl promises to involve the police in his quest to catch Nikos. Rachel says she can't make promises for Carl and leaves. Joe confronts Paulina with the pill bottle he found in the ashes of their home and she swears she never saw it before. Joe wants to believe Paulina but he can't. Paulina and Joe go to Rachel's and when Joe realizes Carl was not home he says they won't be living here after all. Paulina stands her ground and told Joe she and Dante are not leaving!

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Jake went to the hospital to visit Paulina and finds out from Michael that the Carlino's are staying with Carl and Rachel. Michael also informs him that Shane has resigned from the hospital but Jake was still worried. Meanwhile Shane and Lila enjoy some quiet time on his boat. Lila suggests they pick a place for a trip but was horrified to find Shane pouring his lifesaving pills down the drain. He says they are of no use to him so Lila concocts a plan to get them back to BC so she can get more pills. Shane believes they are going back to get their passports. Back at the hospital, Lila fakes a phone call from the doctor in the tropics and pretends to just be finding out the pills are a cure for Shane's disease. She gets nervous when Shane wants to talk to the other doctor himself. Paulina and Joe argue about staying at the Cory mansion. Joe was worried that the Carl-Alexander war will put his family in danger and that Dante will grow up to be a spoiled rich kid. Rachel intercedes and told Joe that she needs Paulina. Joe agrees to stay when Paulina says its only temporary and that she needs to feel useful to someone in her family. Joe tries to get some info from Matt about Carl's plan but Matt can only speculate that Carl and Cass are using Felicia as bait to get Alex. When Joe leaves for work, Jake comes by and he and Paulina have a heart to heart about their insecurities regarding their spouses. Later, Matt confides to Amanda that he has to catch Alex to redeem himself in his mother's eyes and to show up Carl. Meanwhile, a frustrated Felicia tries to kick out Cass and Carl who anxiously wait for Alex to call. Carl secretly builds a bomb which he says will stop Alex one way or another. Alex calls Matt and uses threats against Amanda to get Matt to meet him at the clock tower. Alex also calls Felicia and asks her to meet him at the clocktower too. Felicia insists on going alone but Cass grabs her and ties her up in another room so Carl can go meet Alex. Carl arrives and finds Alex holding Matt hostage.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Lila feigns a call to Dr Baxeley and makes it seem as though the Dr was telling her Shane was getting better but needs to take his medication. As Shane rips the phone away from Lila she hangs up making it seem it was a bad connection. Shane and Lila try to find Dr Baxeley's phone number in Brazil. Before Shane finds it Lila hides it in her coat pocket. Shane asks Lila to remember exactly what was said. Lila told Shane he needs to continue taking his medicine. Shane wonders if Lila was lying and she told him to run his own tests. So he does. Shane runs the tests and realizes he was getting better. When Shane questions why Dr. Baxeley hadn't called earlier Lila says he did call before but the connection was bad and she assumed it was bad news. She says all she heard was Shane needed to continue taking the medication. Shane was not upset with Lila; he was thrilled to get his life back. He told Lila he needs to get his life together so he and Lila can start friends! Shane leaves a message with Dr. Baxeley's answering service in Chicago to call him back immediately. Lila was devastated when Shane says he has to go tell Vicky the good news. Lila calls Dr. Baxeley's office posing as Shane's secretary and leaves a new message saying that he does not need to call Dr. Shane Roberts back and that all was well. Lila hangs up and wishes it would be that easy to deal with Vicky.

Vicky was putting the Christmas decorations away and comes across Jake's stocking. She thinks back to when she found out Shane was dying. Jake enters the house and Vicky told him she missed him. She wants to go upstairs and make loves since the kids are not home. Jake stops her and says he knows she was thinking of Shane. Vicky does not deny her thoughts and Jake understands. They talk about what they did to save Shane's life when he was on death row. Vicky says she and Jake make a great team. They talk about telling the boys together and as they continue the discussion Jake makes it slip he knew about Shane's illness. Vicky can't believe Jake did not tell her and wants to know why. Jake explains it was Shane's last wish. Vicky doesn't buy it. She told Jake he did not tell her because he was afraid she would leave him for Shane. Vicky can't believe Jake would think that. What she and Jake share was so much deeper than what she and Shane ever shared. Doesn't Jake realize that? Vicky told Jake she will never leave him-ever. Jake and Vicky share a tender hug nestled in the bay window and they discuss how they will handle telling the kids. They decide to go upstairs and make love. They are interrupted by a phone call from Amanda. Amanda told Jake about the situation with Carl and Nikos. Jake does not let on to Vicky and leaves claiming there was an emergency at the herald. Vicky was looking at a picture Kirkland drew for Shane when she hears a knock at the door. It was Shane.

Alexander has Matt at gunpoint and told Carl to go ahead and shoot but if he does Matt will die. Carl thinks Matt and Nikos are working together and told Alexander to go ahead and shoot Matt. Matt told Carl to shoot Nikos and Carl surrenders. Matt was released but not before Nikos' thug hits Matt in the head causing him to fall to the ground. Carl went with Nikos and told him it was Felicia who turned on Alexander. Alexander believes he will be able to win Felicia back. Alexander tell his thug to take care of Matt and Nikos and Carl leave. When Matt was approached he and the Thug wrestle. Carl and Alexander go to Alexander's plane. Alexander pours Carl a drink and in this time Carl places a bomb in the humidor. Carl notices his dental and medical records. Nikos shows Carl the videotape of his life and demise. Nikos gloats over the success of his plan to exact revenge on Carl when Carl told him to look in the humidor. Nikos can't believe Carl placed a bomb in the plane. Carl says he doesn't care if he dies so long as Rachel was safe. Carl told Alexander the bomb will detonate when the plane reaches 25,000 feet. Nikos immediately told the pilot to land the plane and told Carl to disengage the bomb. He and Carl struggle and the gun went off.

Cory Mansion
Rachel confronts Amanda about Matt's whereabouts. At first Amanda tries to hide the truth from her mother but she soon gives in and says everything she knows. Rachel can't believe her daughter would jeopardize her brother's life like this. Paulina immediately calls Joe to tell him Matt went after Nikos at the clock tower. Joe was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lies and deceptions and told Paulina as much. He does thank Paulina for calling and hangs up before Paulina can say she loves him. Joe relays the message to his crew and they get a message a body was found at the clock tower. Rachel gets a call from Felicia saying Carl went to the clock tower to meet Alexander. Rachel wants to go to Carl notwithstanding objections from Paulina and Amanda. Rachel opens the front door and Joe shows up with Matt. Matt told his mother Nikos captured Carl and it was Matt's fault. Matt tries to tell his mother what he was trying to do but Rachel thinks Matt was working with Nikos to set Carl up. Joe intervenes and says if only everyone was honest from the beginning no one would be in danger right now. He went on to say that Matt was brave and if it weren't for him the situation at the clock tower would have been worse. Everyone begins to blame himself and Joe insists they need to let the police handle this. Everyone agrees. Joe was worried about Paulina and told her he was proud of her when she told him she has not succumbed to any temptations. Joe leaves and when he returned he told everyone Nikos' plane was tracked down, they believe Nikos and Carl were on board but there was an explosion over lake Michigan and there was little hope for any survivors. Rachel turns to Matt and says ' you did this'.

Friday, January 9th">

> Lila
Lila was at the office working on the computer when Gary comes in and told her she has to stop working so hard. Gary and Lila talk about what has been going on in their lives. Gary told Lila about giving Rain to her grandmother and about Josie's appointment to the FBI training program. Gary asks Lila how things are going between her and Shane. Lila told Gary she thought things were looking up but as soon as Shane had something to celebrate he ran to share it with Vicky. Gary told Lila Shane was a fool because Lila was everything Shane could want in a woman. Lila thanks Gary for the compliments. During their conversation Lila asks Gary if he thinks she would be a good mother and Gary says he does. Lila says she hopes so.

Jake was at the precinct talking to Joe about how he was going to handle the article in The Herald of Carl and Alexander's demise when Jake realizes Joe has no sympathy for the Cory's. Jake doesn't understand how Joe could be so negative towards his in-laws and doesn't really care but he does care about Joe's treatment of Paulina. Joe doesn't want to hear Jake defending Paulina but it doesn't stop Jake from speaking his mind. Jake told Joe Paulina was trying to straighten out her life and Joe should consider himself lucky to have a woman who loves him so much. Joe says that sometimes love isn't enough. Jake also told Joe not let Paulina down when Joe says he isn't letting her down Jake disagrees and gets up to leave. He has to tell Vicky the news about Carl before someone else does. Joe gets a call.

Vicky was surprised to see Shane and lets him in the house. Vicky asks Shane if he was staying in Bay City and he says he was because it was his home now. Shane does not tell Vicky right away about his remission. He starts talking about the success of his research and Vicky looks confused. Shane realizes he hasn't told her the good news. When Vicky learns Shane will live she was very happy. Vicky says Jake will be happy to hear the news too. Shane tries to tell Vicky they can resume their relationship but Vicky doesn't want to hear Shane out. Vicky told Shane she cares for him and was very happy he won't die but she was committed to her marriage. Vicky starts talking about Shane and Lila; but, Shane quickly told Vicky he and Lila are only friends. Vicky says she thought she and Jake were only friends and look what happened there. Shane finally says he will honor Vicky's decision and as they hug Jake enters the house.

Rachel retreats to her studio where she does not want to speak to anyone. Amanda was upset her mother was shutting her out. Paulina tries to help keep the family together. Joe points out to Paulina that Rachel was not her mother but Paulina quickly reminds Joe how she feels about Rachel. Felicia shows up not knowing about the recent developments. Amanda told Felicia about Carl and Alexander and Felicia rushes to Rachel's side. Rachel opens up to Felicia. Rachel admits she can't accept something may have happened to Carl and she told her friend she won't be able to go on without him. Amanda can't believe her mother was confiding in Felicia. Meanwhile Rachel was telling Felicia she now believes Amanda was Hadely Prescott. Felicia can't believe Amanda would do such a thing and asks Rachel what she plans on doing about it. Rachel says she can't believe her children could be so evil and she no longer knows what to do or think. In the house Amanda and Matt argue about their involvement with the Carl/Alexander feud. Paulina told them to stop feeling guilty but also told them they should have turned to Joe from the beginning. They receive a call from Joe who has some news. Amanda, Matt and Paulina rush to tell Rachel someone parachuted from the plane. Rachel asks Felicia to drive her to the docks. Amanda protests but Rachel told Amanda to stay home. At the docks Joe tries to tell Rachel not to get her hopes up. Someone comes up wrapped in a blanket-it was Carl! Carl told Rachel it was all over. He looks to Felicia and apologizes but Felicia says she was glad it was he. Rachel and Carl leave and Felicia looks out into the foggy night. The camera focuses on the water. A hand reaches out of the water and grabs hold of a branch.


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