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Monday, January 5, 1998

MOLLY figures out that Lisa has her outtake tape. She calls the hospital to see if Lisa is volunteering today.

LILY meets LISA at the hospital and they talk about Holden's situation. HOLDEN runs into Lily who warns him against Molly seeing him with her. Tom comes in and invites Lisa to dinner. He leaves when Molly walks up. She apologizes to Lisa for the way she acted while she was a patient there. She tells Lisa that she was watching "Brigadoon" but didn't finish watching it. As Molly rifles through the tapes in Lisa's basket, Lisa tells her to go rent it. Molly gets upset and says, "I want my damn tape." As Molly grabs Lisa's checkout list and runs off with it, she says that her tape had no title and had a little red dot on it. Lisa remembers the tape and decides that it is not "Brigadoon." Tom runs into Holden and Lily and tells them that Molly is there in the hospital and that he is going to try to get the trial delayed for a few weeks. He warns them not to let Molly see them together. Holden insists on accompanying Lily for her appointment with Dr. Samuels. In her office, Dr. Samuels tells them that at this point, everything looks fine. She warns Lily to avoid stress.

Molly comes back to Lisa and says no one on that floor has her tape. When Lisa leaves, Molly starts to break into the film cabinet when she hears Holden and Lily come down the hall talking. Molly says that if he is going to marry her, he must stay away from Lily. He gets upset and tells her she cannot tell him what he can and cannot do. She says he'd better rethink what he just said. Tom comes up and tells Holden that the judge won't give them a delay and the district attorney is going to go for a life sentence.

CARLY is sitting in a tub full of bubbles (with her back to the door) when there is a knock on the door. Thinking it is Hal (but it is really Jack), she asks him to wash her back. He takes the sponge without saying anything. When she turns to kiss him, she sees it is Jack and pulls away. Just then HAL knocks on the door and asks her if she is decent. She tells him she is getting dressed and wants him to give her 5 minutes. She rags at Jack and he says she is taking advantage of Hal. He tells her she is too scared to admit that she is attracted to him. He goes out the door and Hal asks him what he is doing there. Jack tells him he came there to see him. He wants Hal to convince the district attorney to let them plant a bug in Joe Teague's apartment. Jack admits that he went undercover and got a tape to serve as evidence to take to the d.a. Hal is extremely upset with Jack for disobeying his orders. He tells Carly that something has come up and he must go back to Oakdale. He suggests that he go back with Jack and she can stay there until tomorrow and drive back in his car. But she doesn't want to stay there without him. Jack comes back to Carly's room while Hal is making some calls. She takes her own luggage and walks off alone.

DAVID and EMILY get off an elevator prepared to meet a court-appointed lawyer for David's hearing. The lawyer says that he is afraid this looks like an open and shut case. David tells him that James Stenbeck is his father and that he fixed the test score but that he wants no help from him. The lawyer asks him if he thinks the judge is going to take his word for it that he didn't cheat. Reporters come in and throw questions at him. Later David, Emily and the lawyer come out of the hearing. The lawyer thinks that they should make a deal but David refuses. He and Emily decide that what they need is to come up with enough money to retain a good lawyer. He calls Carly and tells her he needs the $5000 by 5 o'clock this afternoon and that he will meet her at Al's Diner. David tells Emily that the kind of lawyer he needs would not even look at it for less than $50,000. He says he should go for a plea bargain.

Lisa goes home and finds the missing tape, puts it in the VCR and is shocked by what she sees.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

LUCINDA is talking to SAM about plans for the wedding reception. Lucinda fusses at Sam about taking off her bracelet and putting it back on. Sam says it is not comfortable because it's not from Kirk (as he is outside listening). They talk about sifting through the garbage looking for his bracelet.

MOLLY comes into the hospital preparing to break into the tape cabinet (which she does). BOB approaches and asks her what she is doing. She says she was donating some tapes to the hospital. He asks her where they are. She says she already put them in there. He says in the future when she wants to donate, give them to Lisa (and she takes off for Lisa's).

LISA is viewing the Molly tape, then calls Holden and leaves a message telling him she has something he ought to see. She then calls Lily but finds her not at home.

At Lucinda's, the phone rings and it is Lisa saying it is urgent she gets in touch with either Holden or Lily. She tells her about the tape and Lucinda tells her to hang onto it. She is on her way there right now. Kirk comes in and says he wants to hear about the bracelet right now. Sam makes up a story of the bracelet and says she just did not feel right about it. He asks her when she decided he was dumb enough to buy that story. He asks her if there is another man. She tells him the truth about getting the first bracelet from another person. She says she wants to hock this bracelet and put it in their savings. He agrees--just as soon as she tells him who the admirer is. Kirk guesses that it is James and she admits it. "Once I've killed him, we won't have to talk about him any more. I should be home around eight.. I'm not going to do anything stupid." He goes to see James. "I want you to stop bothering her." He threatens to have every privilege to be taken away. It doesn't scare James.

Lisa answers the door to Molly who says maybe Lisa borrowed the tape and brought it home. She shoves Lisa aside and sees a still frame of her and Holden on the TV. Molly grabs the tape out of the VCR and starts to leave when Lucinda arrives and says, "You leave the room with that tape over my dead body." Molly throws the tape into the fire in the fireplace. Lucinda and Lisa try to rescue it -- but no luck.

At the hospital, Bob tells John that maybe he should take some time off. John says the best thing for him is to concentrate on work. He says he did what he thought was best for both of them but he feels like he will lose his wife. Bob suggests counseling.

CARLY meets DAVID and tells him she had to max out all her credit cards to get this money. She gives him his "blood money" just as Jack comes in. He says David is out on bail and Carly is working for the same police department that is investigating him so "that wasn't a love letter you slipped to David." He thinks Carly has given him something from the police files that he is not supposed to have. David hands Jack an envelope containing a character reference signed by Lisa. EMILY comes in and David joins her. Jack persists and Carly tells him she is not going to hurt Hal. He says that being with Hal is not going to make her happy.

Emily and David talk. He is glad he had that letter in his pocket. He says the only way to get out of this is to go to James.

JOHN approaches BARBARA at Fashions and says it must be pretty nice to be back at work. She says she is not so good. She says the pain has a hold on her and she can't let it go. Cheerful KIM walks in and John leaves. Barbara tells Kim that she knows she shouldn't be angry with John but she couldn't help it. If he really loved her, he would have known what she wanted. No one knows whether she would have died. Kim tells her that she chose to live because "where we were, we had that choice." Barbara asks her, "My baby chose to live or die?" Kim consoles her. Barbara says she can't believe that. Kim says someday she will believe it. Barbara talks about how John got rid of all the things in the nursery. Kim says he did that out of love. She suggests that Barbara go back to Dr. Michaels. When Barbara is ready to leave, John is there and tells her he is moving out. He is leaving because he is not helping by being around. He is just giving her some room. "The minute you want me back, I'll be there."

Wednesday, December 7, 1998

BARBARA brings mail to JOHN at the hospital. ANDY comes in and Barbara leaves, saying "I'll be in touch." Andy doesn't understand and John tells him that he moved out. John talks to Andy about his situation with Barbara. They have a heart-to-heart and Andy helps him understand what to do. He will make sure Barbara knows that, even though he is not living at home, he is still in her life.

MOLLY and CARLY are at Fashions. Molly wants to show Carly a pink dress she wants Carly to wear at the wedding. Carly tries to tell her that she should not marry a man who is an abuser because abusers do not change. Molly tells her that she doesn't remember that night so she doesn't know that Holden is an abuser. LISA asks Molly how she could have the nerve to show up there. Molly shows her the newspaper with a picture of her with Holden in the Weddings section. Molly tries to buy the wedding gown from Lisa who tells her that it will be over her dead body. She says that unless Lisa wants a lawsuit on her hands, she'd better bring out her wedding dress. Barbara intervenes and Lisa leaves to find out how Molly engineered this wedding. Carly picks out a white brocade dress. Molly gets the wedding dress shortened. Carly wants to know if Holden is going to take her back to the farm. She doesn't know. She tells Carly she will marry Holden no matter what Carly says.

HOLDEN is at Lucinda's where she tells him what happened to the tape. She tells him that the film editor seems to have vanished and that he should postpone the wedding. She gets a phone call from Cal. Lily has asked him to look after Luke because she had to get away for a few days. Lucinda says that if Lily is not found, he must cancel the wedding but he says there is no way he is going to postpone the wedding (just as Iva comes in). They tell Iva that Lily has disappeared. Lucinda will make some lists for each of them to try to find her. Holden and Iva leave to look for her.

EMILY and DAVID are talking. David says he just met with the court-appointed attorney. The d.a. is going to throw the book at David. He will do major jail time. The $5,000 he got from Carly is not enough to get a good attorney. Emily says she inherited some jewelry from a cousin. It is worth $10,000 but David refuses it. It would take at least $50,000. She doesn't want him to take anything from James. If you take from James, you have to give back--on his terms. He promises--no deals with the devil. She goes to a meeting. He makes a call to find out the visiting hours for James.

Lisa goes to Lucinda to find out what Molly has on Holden. Lucinda doesn't tell her about the blackmail but she does say they must find Lily in time for the wedding. She says that Molly needs to get to the wedding on time (at 2 o'clock) and dressed to the nines. Get her to come to the store and do a makeover, etc. They need to keep her busy all the time until the last minute. Lucinda finally tells Lisa the whole plan.

IVA and Holden come to Fashions. Holden tells Barbara he doesn't want Lily to know he is looking for her because he doesn't want it to mess up his plans. Molly hears this and wants to know what those plans are. Holden tells her he doesn't want Lily to mess up his plans with her. Molly wants to know why Iva is there. Iva makes an excuse. Lily has disappeared and Iva is very worried. Molly says she is not out to hurt Lily; she is marrying Holden because she loves him. Molly suggests that they should leave Oakdale after they are married but Holden says he can't because of the charges. She says that after the wedding, she will get the charges dropped because she will feel more settled and maybe her memory will return. Lisa comes back and apologizes to Molly and Carly. She invites both of them to dress for the wedding at Fashions. Carly is suspicious. After they leave, Barbara asks Lisa what that was all about. Lisa says she can't tell but something is going to happen tomorrow. Barbara says that John moved out last night.

DAVID goes to see JAMES. David asks him if he can really get him out of the mess he is in. James will get him out of his present difficulities but he must do something for James in return. James will get the charges dropped if David will get him out of prison. He will arrange to get David a large sum of cash and a list of individuals who are to receive this money (which David will deliver). David says he will not let James make him a petty criminal, but James tells him his options are rather limited. "Better a petty criminal than a covicted felon." David agrees to do it but says he will never be a chip off the old block. Later Emily starts to show the jewelry to David but he says he may not need a lawyer because he talked to a couple of his buddies in the governor's office and they're going to see if they can do something for him. She doesn't look satisfied with what he has told her.

Holden and Iva return to Lucinda's and tell her they couldn't find Lily anywhere. Lucinda tells him to go team up with Jack to find the real culprit. She and Iva will find Lily together.

Thursday, January 8, 1998


The search is still on for Lily. Holden goes to see Jack at the police station. He lets him in on his plan to marry Lily while letting Molly think he is marrying her. The problem is, Lily is missing. They can't have a wedding if they don't have a bride. Nikki interrupts the two men; she needs to borrow a quarter from Jack. As he gives it to her, she notices his unique key chain.

Jack and Margo are disappointed that they don't have Teague behind bars yet. Jack decides to go back undercover as Jake. Against Margo's advice, he calls Teague and wants to go "bar-hopping." Teague is in the mood for Al's Diner; tonight is meatloaf night. He insists that Jack meet him there. This is not a good idea, Margo warns. Jack can't help it; he has to do it. He has to wear a wire because Teague only talks when he is drinking. Margo agrees to remain at the station and be his backup.

Lucinda goes to the stables and there she finds Lily saying her good-byes to all the memories she has of herself and Holden. Lucinda tries to convince her not to leave, but is having no luck. Holden arrives and tells Lucinda that he will talk to her. He finally convinces her that he needs her the next few days. He also tells her that Jack is sure he is on to something. She relents and agrees to stay in Oakdale.

Molly and Carly walk into the Lakeview, the scene of Molly's upcoming wedding. Molly begins to give orders about what she wants. While waiting for the caterer, Carly has a daydream. She is huge with pregnancy and in a white wedding gown. She is marrying Hal but Jack is there trying to talk her out of the wedding. She is torn between the two of them.

The caterer arrives (interrupting Carly's daydream) and begins to go over the plans for the reception. She accidentally lets it slip that the wedding is scheduled for noon. Molly tells her that it is for two in the afternoon. No, objects the caterer, I have it down on my schedule. It is for noon. Molly freaks! Carly gets her calmed down and they have the caterer check on her paperwork. In the meantime, she and Carly will check with Holden.

Jack arrives at Al's Diner where Teague is waiting. He bumps into Nikki and drops his key chain. When Nikki calls him Jack, he tells her she has the wrong person. He flirts a little with her. She mentions his key chain and he says they have these at all the truck stops across America. He tells her the "J" stands for Jake. She looks puzzled but accepts his story. When he starts coming on a little strong, she gets disgusted and leaves.

At the table, Teague tells him that he is fooling with jail bait. Real jail bait, he says. She is the chief of detective's daughter. Jack acts like he is glad to be out of that trap. Nikki has forgotten something. When she comes back in, Jack tries to hide from her. At that point, Teague plainly sees Jack without the beard. He now knows exactly who this is. He excuses himself and goes into the alcove with the phones. He calls a buddy.

Back at the station, Hal wants to send Margo to the hospital to interview a young assault victim. She needs a woman to talk with her. Margo tries to get out of it, but in the end, she has to follow Hal's orders.

In the café, Teague complains about the service. He will just go to the counter and get his own coffee. At the counter, a man hands him a little bottle. Back at the table, he distracts Jack and pours the contents of the bottle into Jack's coffee.

Jack becomes dizzy and disoriented. Teague is talking to him about the fire and beating the girl. He admits to it all. When Jack wants to go out for some fresh air, Teague helps him out. But instead of taking him outside, he takes him to some stairs and pushes him all the way down them.

Friday, January 9, 1998

by Tammy Freeman

In her den, LUCINDA, dressed in a fancy suit, is pacing when LILY arrives and asks if she is going somewhere. Lucinda bluffs and asks about LUC. Lily says that he's with CAL. Lucinda is happy to hear that because she wants to take Lily out for a spectacular lunch. Lily is angry that Lucinda would want to go out to a fluffy lunch on the day that HOLDEN is marrying MOLLY. Lucinda protests that she only wants to distract Lily from the unpleasant thought but Lily refuses to leave. Instead, she goes upstairs to find one of Luc's toys. While she's away, Lucinda calls Holden and asks for IVA. She tells her that they have a problem and asks Iva for a favor. Later, Lily returns with the toy and says she's going to leave. Lucinda apologizes for her earlier behavior and asks Lily to stay for tea and some pampering from ROSA. Lily declines, saying that Rosa is not there and turns to leave but runs into Iva who is standing in the doorway. Lily is thrilled but wonders why Iva is there. Iva and Lucinda play Iva's presence off as concern for Lily. When Lily asks about Holden, Iva tells her that he is fine and doing what has to be done. Lucinda asks Iva to join her and Lily for lunch. Lily is suspicious but Iva and Lucinda plead with Lily to follow along. Lily says that since Iva and Lucinda are agreeing on something, it must be important and agrees to go out to lunch with them.

At the Lakeview, HOLDEN is trying to reach JACK but can't get in touch with him. IVA, EMMA and MJ come in and Iva says that Holden looks sad. She calls out into the hall, inviting someone in. In rush AARON, JULIE and CALEB. Julie says that she wants to give Molly a piece of her mind and asks if the plans are still the same. Holden says yes, but worries about Lily getting there on time. Julie, Emma and the boys leave to freshen up (Julie's got a stain on her dress courtesy of Aaron) and get the boys something to drink. Caleb asks about Jack and Holden says that he's still waiting to hear back from him. Caleb can't believe that Holden's going to go ahead with the wedding, not knowing what Molly could do to him without the proof Jack was looking for. Holden argues that he has to and that Jack is his last hope. He wonders where Jack could be as the camera cuts to Jack laying unconscious in the basement of Joe's Diner. Caleb points out that Molly shouldn't be antagonized but Holden argues that he doesn't want to not marry Lily because of Molly. The brothers begin to bicker and Julie enters, chastising them both for reverting back to their old habits so quickly. Julie says that she has to get a new dress because the stain won't come out. She runs off to shop for a new one with Caleb following her to keep her from over spending.

At Fashions, LISA assures MOLLY and CARLY that all is well and tries to stall them but Molly insists to Lisa's dismay that they get ready at the Lakeview. Lisa tries telling Molly that she may need last minute adjustments on her gown, then that she doesn't have a proper garment bag to transport the gown, then insists that Molly sign a release and goes on about legalities. Carly baulks and wants to know why Lisa doesn't want them at the hotel. Lisa giggles and says that she has a surprise, a present for Molly - hair and make-up pros to make her up! Molly is skeptical at first but Lisa insists that she wants to make-up for being so rude before. Carly is suspicious but Lisa leads her out, telling the hair and make-up ladies that they know what to do. Later, the ladies are hard at work and Molly, whose back is to the camera, says that she wishes she had a mirror to see their work. Lisa and Carly walk in as they turn Molly around. Molly has very big Marie Antoinette-like hair complete with two fake white doves on her head and very heavy eye make-up. Molly starts crying and Carly is angry but Lisa is tickled pink behind their backs. After Carly dismisses the make-up woman away, she fixes Molly back to her old self. Molly wants to head over to the hotel but Lisa points out that things haven't been going according to plan so far and convinces her that it's a better idea to get dressed at Fashions in case something goes wrong with the dress. All three head to the dressing rooms as JULIE and CALEB enter to find Julie a gown to wear. Julie banters with the sales clerk and tells her that they're in town for the Snyder wedding at noon. The sales clerk, Joan, remarks that the wedding is at 2:00 and the bride is there. Julie and Caleb stammer for an explanation, telling her that there are two Snyder weddings, with two different couples. Caleb tries to shoo Julie out to avoid Molly, but she comes out of the dressing room before he has a chance to escape. She throws herself into a hug with Caleb and introduces herself to Julie. Lisa and Carly enter. Lisa is pleasantly surprised to see Julie and Caleb and they explain the they came in town as a "surprise for Molly". Julie cattily tells Carly that they're going to be related now but Carly is less than thrilled. Lisa notices the stain on Julie's dress and sets out to find her a new one. Away from the others, Lisa tells Julie that she's trying to stall Molly and Carly but things are more difficult than she thought they would be. Julie finds the perfect dress and she and Caleb set out to leave. Molly stops them, saying she wants to ride with them to the church even though Lisa and Julie try to tell her it's not a good idea. Casually, Julie tells Molly that she sees a thread on the back of her gown. She goes to "pull it" and rips the train. Carly is angry and Molly is distraught, but Julie has bought Holden some more time. Joan comes over to fix the rip as Julie and Caleb leave. Molly whines that nothing is going right but Lisa assures her that everything is right on schedule. Molly is getting stitched up and asks Carly to do her maid of honor duties. Half-heartedly, Carly doles out the somethings: old: Carly's watch, she says she's had it forever; new: a 1997 penny; blue: a movie stub; borrowed: Lisa gives her a safety pin. Molly is disgusted that so little thought and emotion went into it. Carly leaves but forgets her purse so Lisa runs after her with it. Joan tells Molly to relax, that they have plenty of time because they have to wait for the other Snyder wedding to be over. Molly whirls around, "What other Snyder wedding?!" Molly knows something is up and tells Lisa that the jig is up, saying, "There's only gonna be one Snyder bride - ME!" and rushes out.

In the Ballroom of the Lakeview, SAM and KIRK arrive and Kirk asks his wife what's going on, they know Holden's not marrying Molly, so what's up? Sam tells him that there IS something going on but she can't tell him what. MARGO and TOM enter, both disbelieving that Holden is going to marry Molly. KIM comes in, saying she feels like she's attending a funeral! Margo asks CAL if he's seen Jack, but he says no. ANDY and JOHN come in, John telling his son that he didn't ask BARBARA to come along because things aren't great between them. Holden enters, worried about Jack. Cal goes to talk to the guests as Margo and Holden ponder what's keeping Jack. Margo goes to make a call but Holden stops her, saying he needs to make an announcement. He tells everyone that there is going to be a slight twist to the wedding and asks for their help. LILY, IVA and LUCINDA walk into the lobby. Emma greets them and escorts them into the ballroom. Lily is disbelieving that they brought her Holden and Molly's wedding. Holden tells her that it isn't Molly's wedding, it's hers, theirs. Lily starts to panic about Molly showing up and putting Holden in jail. Holden assures her that it won't happen that way. He tells her that he never could have married Molly because he loves Lily. Lily is overwhelmed as Holden asks her to marry him. He tells her that he's waited his whole life for this day. That she is his whole world and asks her to marry him. She tearfully says yes. Everyone cheers and the ladies whisk Lily away to get ready. Kim rushes off to get Bob. Caleb comes in and tells Holden about Molly and warns him to get a move on. Lily is getting ready upstairs with Emma, Lucinda, Iva and Sam's help. Cal enters to give Lily her "something new": a beautiful bracelet. She tells him that she wants one more gift from him - him to walk her down the aisle! He tells her of course he will and leaves so she can get ready. Iva presents Lily with her "something blue": a ribbon that was on the first bouquet that Holden ever gave Lily. Lucinda has the "something old": the #1 Mom necklace that Lily gave Lucinda years ago. Emma gives the "something borrowed": Holden's rocking horse for the baby. They have a toast (Lily with milk!) To Lily and Holden. In the ballroom, Caleb straightens Holden's tie as the groom asks his brother to step in as best man and Aaron to stand up with them. Julie and Andy look on and Andy remarks that it's nice to see how great things are going for all of them. Julie tells him that they're trying to be honest with Aaron. John is talking to Margo when Iva and MJ walk up, he visits with both of them. Emma and Lucinda enter, signaling Cal. Lucinda hugs Holden, who is still worried about Jack, who is just starting to stir in the basement of Joe's. Cal enters Lily's room to escort her out. Down in the ballroom, Holden is ready and the doorknob turns.


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