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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, January 12, 1998

LISA physically holds MOLLY (in her wedding dress) at Fahions. She tells Molly that she won't let her ruin Holden and Lily's wedding. Molly breaks loose and throws Lisa down, then runs out.

BOB asks BEN how things are going with CAMILLE. LEW listens as Nancy tells Camille that she needs to let Ben know how she feels. Later we see Lew standing in his room but he gets in the wheelchair when he hears Ben coming. Ben tells Lew that all the tests they have run show that he should be having some feeling in his legs. Ben does a pin-prick test and Lew denies feeling anything. When he leaves the room, Ben sees Camille carrying a bouquet of flowers. She says they came from Lew and she is going to return them. Ben and Camille agree to meet at the student union at 9 o'clock. Later Ben talks to Bob about Lew. He says, "Those are not the legs of an invalid." He says that when he did the pin-prick, there was something in Lew's eyes that showed defiance.

KIM is at the hospital looking for Bob (to take him to the wedding). She runs into BARBARA who has just had her postpartem exam. Kim tells her John made the decision to try to save both her and the baby. She tells Barbara it is time for her to think about John and his feelings. Kim finally sees Bob who says he is too busy to go to the wedding but Barbara says she will accompany her so that she can talk to John.

As the wedding begins, Luke walks down the aisle with the ring-bearer's pillow. Then Cal walks LILY down the aisle. SAM gets up to take Lily's bouquet. MARGO gets up to try to get hold of Jack as CARLY walks in (just as the minister is saying, "If anyone here...). She asks what the hell is going on. Margo and Julie drag her back down the aisle and out the doors. As Carly is blasting Margo and Julie, Cal comes out and tells Margo that Emma is worried about Jack who seems to be missing. She says she will call the station and have them put out an APB on him. Lily makes a little speech to Holden after both Lucinda and Iva give her in marriage. As the minister starts asking for the "I do's," Molly comes in and calls for a halt to the whole thing. Molly can't believe that Holden has been lying to her the whole time. Kirk throws her over his shoulder and carries her out, after which the bride and groom say their vows. Since Jack has the rings, Lily pulls out the ring Holden gave her when he proposed. The minister pronounces them husband and wife. Carly and Molly come in with Carly demanding to have Kirk arrested for locking Molly in a broom closet. When Molly finds out they are already married, she calls Lily a piece of trash and starts to attack her but Holden stops her, saying Lily is pregnant. Molly goes to Margo and tells her that when Holden grabbed her just then, it triggered her memory and now she remembers everything. Meanwhile Jack staggers into the wedding locale and collapses just as he starts to open the door.

Outside of the wedding, John is sitting with M.J. as Kim and Barbara come in and listen to him telling the boy how much he loves him and misses him. Barbara starts to apologize but can't seem to go through with it. She goes out, followed by Kim. The next scene shows them at Fashions with Barbara saying that it was seeing John there with his son--alive and healthy; then John walks in.

When Camille comes in her apartment, she finds Lew there. She asks him to leave. He asks how many times she has said no to him when she really meant yes. She heads for the door and, while putting on her coat, says she will have an ambulance come after him. She does not know he is walking up behind her.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

BEN suggests to BOB that perhaps Lew is faking his paralysis. They go into his hospital room and find an empty bed.

LEW tells CAMILLE that he wanted her to be the first to know that he could walk. When she starts to call Ben, he won't let her. He says he will never leave her again. He is convinced that she loves him. When she tries to leave, he locks the door. Ben knocks on the door, then hears her scream. He breaks in the door and pulls Lew off Camille, then decks him. Later Margo arrests him and Bob tells Ben and Camille he will see them both at the hospital tomorrow.

JOHN asks BARBARA why she left the wedding. She says she was not in a party mood. He guesses that seeing him with M.J. was what made her leave. He reminds her that there was something going on between the two of them before they ever knew she was pregnant. He leaves after telling her that he does not want another divorce.

MOLLY shouts so everyone at the wedding can hear--"Holden is the one who beat me up." HAL comes in and Molly tells him the same thing. Then JACK walks in and tells her that game isn't going to work any more. He produces a tape that he says will clear Holden. Hal, Jack, Margo, Tom, Molly and Carly leave for the station. Caleb toasts the happy couple and then the bride and groom dance. Before they leave, Holden thanks everyone for their love and support. When Lily throws the bouquet, it goes right to Lucinda.

At the station the D.A. is on the phone because he has heard that Molly has remembered about the beating and he wants Holden's bail to be revoked. Molly tries to keep Jack from playing the tape and insists that Holden will come after her again so they should put him in jail. When Jack plays the tape, there is nothing on it. He says that Teague must have switched tapes while he was unconscious. Carly tends to Jack's wounds and she tells him that if Molly is lying, maybe she is the only one who can get through to her. Hal takes Jack aside to hear the details of his time with Teague. Carly talks to Molly and asks her if she is so angry that she will let Holden go to prison for something he didn't do and let the real criminal go free. Molly insists that Holden did do it and "he can rot in jail for the rest of his life." Hal receives the court order from the judge to put Holden back in jail.

Wednesday, December 14, 1998

SUSAN meets KIM for coffee. Kim says she wants to get straight what has been going on between Susan and Bob. Susan doesn't understand. Kim says Susan and Bob are an important part of each other's lives. Susan has proven to Kim time and again that she should no longer be angry. Kim asked her to meet her there because she wanted to say she is sorry that she has held a grudge against Susan. She is putting what happened between Susan and Bob behind her and this time it's for real. Kim says she forgives Susan and asks for Susan's forgiveness. Bob comes in and witnesses the intimacy of their conversation. Susan leaves and Bob asks what this is all about. Kim says that after she got out of the hospital, she made a choice; she wanted to get rid of all the old grudges and resentments. She talks about Barbara's resentment against John and Molly's obsession with Holden. Bob says he feels a mission coming on.

LEW is under arrest at the station. CAMILLE and BEN come in to make their statements. Camille tells Lew that what they had in the past was a lie. She says that what he wanted was to have her on call--24-7. She tells him that she forgives him for Ronnie's sake and he needs to quit thinking about her and start thinking about his son. Later Sara Ruth comforts Camille and realizes that Lew was just angling to get Camille back. She tells Ben she was wrong about him and she knows he saved Camille today. She invites him and Camille to dinner. Sara Ruth decides she needs to go to the jail and figure out how to say goodbye to Lew and to release him from her life. Ben tells Camille that he never stopped caring for her. When he saw how she forgave Lew at the station, he didn't know how she was able to do it. But he says there is definitely a chance for them.

JACK is trying to get HAL to delay enforcing the court order to revoke Holden's bail in order to give the newly married couple some time together. MOLLY comes in and wonders why they haven't put Holden back in jail. Hal tells her she needs to make a statement as soon as the stenographer gets there. As Molly leaves the room, she sees Teague. Hal sits her down and has her tell the whole story starting with their confrontation at the station. She tells the truth up to the point where Holden left. Then she makes up the rest, using what Teague told her but saying it was Holden. Teague is listening and walks in when she finishes her story, saying he wanted to make sure he was off the hook for the attack. Jack asks him which attack he meant--the one on Molly or the one on him. Carly asks Molly if she will feel safe knowing that Teague is walking the streets. Jack grabs Teague and accuses him of drugging him, beating up Molly and starting the church fire. Molly tells Carly that Holden deserves to go to jail after what he did to her.

HOLDEN and LILY enter their honeymoon suite. He gives her a note that he has written about how happy he is this day. Emma has given them each an embroidered pillow that they are to sleep on each night wherever they are. If they must be apart, they are to take each other's pillow. They make a toast to each other. She says she never wants to lose him again. He says he will always be there.

At the station, Ben recommends that Jack go to the hospital for x-rays. Carly calls Lisa and asks her if she is still planning on spending the night at Barbara's. Then she calls a liquor store and says that Lisa wants a bottle of their best champagne delivered to her place tonight. The doorman will sign for it. In the meantime, Nikki tells Hal how tired he looks. She invites him to go get a sandwich with her but he says he has too much work to do. Carly calls and makes arrangements for dinner at a secluded table with a bottle of their best champagne.

As Molly is getting a drink from a drinking fountain, Teague grabes her arm. He threatens her and she threatens back. She tells him that she has a safety deposit box containing the whole story of the attack. If he lays a hand on her, it will go straight to the police.

Jack tells Ben about the undercover job and that he will nail Teague. Hal hears this and tells him he'd better forget that he ever heard the name Teague. Ben tells Jack that he has a minor concussion and needs stitches. Hal tells Jack that they do not have any hard evidence against Teague--Jack's word is not enough. Margo tells Hal that Tom is going to call Holden and Lily to tell them about the court order before the police get there. She tells Hal that she will go to the Lakeview and Jack says he will go too. That lets Hal off the hook so Carly talks him into going to dinner with her (as Nikki looks on disappointedly). Jack tells Margo that he doesn't feel so well after all. As she goes to check on the paperwork on Lew, Jack grabs Teague's file and takes off.

Thursday, January 15


Lily wants to run away with Holden until Jack can uncover the truth, but Holden refuses. Emma arrives with Luke and Holden says his goodbyes as Margo handcuffs him. Kirk tells David to warn James to stay away from Sam. Emily tells Kirk that David broke all ties to James. Later, David gets a call from James telling him that he can clear his charges if David agrees to do something in return. Kirk asks Sam to renew their wedding vows, but Sam doesn't commit to it, distressed over his jealousy of James. Jack listens in on the wire tap of Teague's apartment and hears him tell his buddy that he'll fill him in on the girl who got beat up when they get to the cabin in the mountains. Jack vows to follow them there. Hal and Carly go to the Falcon Club, Carly hoping that now they can concentrate on themselves, but Jack arrives and interrupts them. Jack wants Hal to give him "time off" to heal from his injuries. Hal agrees, but takes Jack aside to warn him to stay away from Teague. Meanwhile, David sits down with Carly and wants to know about her progress with Hal.

Friday, January 16


HAL takes CARLY to the bleachers of the high school football field. Carly's confused because she thought he wanted to be alone with her. Hal says they are alone. Carly tells him that she was expecting something a little more romantic. Hal says that he'll give her romantic and spreads the blanket out over some seats. Carly's memory flashes to DAVID's reminder about her running out of time. Carly and Hal cuddle up in the blanket and Carly moves in for a passionate kiss. Hal pulls away and Carly suggests that they go back to her place but Hal doesn't think it's a good idea. He tells her that the way he's feeling, she'd probably be safer where they are. Carly is touched by Hal's concern for her and they talk a bit. Carly finally tells Hal that she knows he wants her and that she wants him too. They kiss again but Hal pulls away to tell her how special she is and that he feels they've come from the same place and that they understand each other. Carly says that he's come a long way from his poor childhood in Kentucky and made a good life for himself. Hal asks her if it's the kind of life that she wants. He tells her that he loves her. Carly is speechless and Hal says that he doesn't want to rush her but Carly stops him, saying that she wants him to come with her and they leave the bleachers. In the hall outside the penthouse, Carly and Hal passionately kiss their way toward the door but Carly has trouble finding her key. She finally does and they go in, kissing all the way and pulling at each other's clothes. Hal asks her if she's sure, if she's having any second thoughts. Carly tells him that she's sure and they start to get hot and heavy. Hal's cell phone rings, interrupting the mood. It's the Oakdale PD telling him that they've made an important arrest. Hal has to leave to question the suspect. They're both disappointed but Carly asks if they can try again tomorrow night. Hal tells her ok but it's ok if she decides to change her mind. Carly assures him that she won't and kisses him goodbye. He leaves and a frustrated Carly decides that she needs a long walk.

In the Snyder kitchen, JACK tells EMMA that he's sorry about HOLDEN. Emma asks how Jack is doing. He tells her that he's ok but taking some time off to recuperate and going away. Emma tries to get him to stay but Jack tells her that he needs to get away and forget about everything. He tells her that Hal has ordered him off the case but Emma is skeptical that Jack will follow orders. Jack insists that he's going to do exactly what the doctor told him to. Emma holds up Jack's gun, which she has lifted from beneath his jacket when they hugged, and asks if the doctor told him to bring his gun along. Jack gives her a cock and bull story about a detective always having to have his weapon on him. Emma knows better and Jack admits that he's going after TEAGUE. He tells her that she has to cover for him if anyone comes looking for him. Just then, MOLLY walks in. Emma demands to know what she's doing there. Molly says that she came to get her things. Emma tells her to hurry up then. Molly goes in the fridge to get an apple (of all the nerve!) Emma lays into her for what she's done to Holden and Lily and Luc. Molly plays the poor me routine. She speaks of Holden and Lily tricking her and laughing behind her back but how much are they laughing now, she asks scornfully. Emma is fed up and yells for her to get her things and get out! Molly goes upstairs and Emma tells Jack the details of Holden's arrest. Molly comes back down and asks to use the phone. Emma says no way!! Molly tells her not to expect anything from her. "Like the truth?", Jack asks her. Emma throws Molly out then wonders with Jack what went wrong with Molly for her to turn out so bad. Jack sets out to leave as Emma worries about his safety. Later, outside Al's Diner, Jack is picking the lock on Teague's camper when Carly catches him. She figures out what he's doing and asks him if he's nuts. She goes on about how dangerous it is. Jack hears Teague and his buddies coming and ducks Carly and himself into the camper. Carly protests but Jack hushes her. He tells her to run as soon as the coast is clear but the engine starts and they start moving.

At Java, KIM asks NIKKI to join her and ANDY. NIKKI declines but they begin chatting. Andy apologizes for mistaking her for being a kid. Nikki tells him that she's planning on going into law enforcement. MARGO walks in complaining about her job and joins Nikki. She asks Nikki what's up. Nikki tells her that she is worried about her dad getting involved with Carly. Margo understands but tells her to trust Hal to catch on to Carly on his own. Kim and Andy are talking about Kim taking a mental journey. Kim explains that she's re-evaluated her priorities and she wants to make a new start but she doesn't know where to look. Andy tells her to keep her eyes open. He tells her that he has to meet someone at the Falcon Club. Kim tells him that she'll go with him. They stop by to say goodbye to Margo and Nikki. Andy insults Nikki by telling her that he couldn't see her as a detective but he could see her as a model. Nikki is riled up over the careless remark. Later, Margo and Nikki are leaving when Hal walks in. He tells him about the latest arrest. Margo leaves and Nikki asks her dad how the date went. He tells her that he had to call it short but they're gonna try again tomorrow night. Nikki tells Hal that she's glad he's dating, but not glad that it's with Carly. Hal says that he thought that Nikki was going to give Carly a chance. Nikki points out that if she acted like Carly does, Hal would want to ground her but he likes it when Carly does it. She also points out that Carly's almost her age. Giving up, she tells him, "Forget it, it's not like you're gonna marry her -- are you?!"

At the Falcon Club, DAVID and EMILY share a toast to David's future, then his freedom. Emily adds "To David." She praises him for telling JAMES to go to Hell. David is hesitant to celebrate because he still won't be able to practice law. LUCINDA walks in and Emily loudly asks David to work with her at the City Times. Lucinda tells her that she's taking back the paper, so forget it. Emily, well on her way to being drunk, tells Lucinda that the City Times is hers and she's going to fight to keep it. Lucinda tells Emily that she's sillier drunk than when she's sober. Lucinda threatens jail time for Emily but Emily tells her that the charges against David have been dropped. Lucinda gloats that things won't always be rosy and walks away to join LISA at a table. Lucinda thanks Lisa for helping with the wedding and they both vow to make Molly regret her actions. Emily is all fired up but David tries to sooth her. Emily worries about the City Times but David assures her that they'll fight and reminds her of the good news they have to celebrate. They share a kiss but are interrupted by the ringing of David's cell phone. It's James who tells sonny boy to report somewhere to pick up cash and make some payoffs. David agrees and tells Emily that he's got to meet with someone about a consulting job. Emily is excited and full of questions. David explains that it's a consulting firm, nothing to do with law and that he's meeting with some computer guy who works around the clock and expects everyone else to as well. He leaves and Molly enters looking for Carly. She takes David's seat and finishes David's dinner and drink. Emily is disgusted and leaves. Lisa and Lucinda fight over who will confront Molly but Lisa wins. She tells Molly to leave and that Carly has already left. Molly whines that she has no where to go. Lisa informs her that she will NOT be staying at the penthouse, so forget it! Molly cries about the wedding tricks but Lucinda's heard enough and orders her out. She berates Molly about all she's done to Lily and Holden. Molly says that she hopes Holden rots in jail, Lily rots in Hell and their baby...Lucinda stops her by throwing a glass of red wine in her face. Lucinda laughs and tells Molly to sue her, or better yet, throw her in jail. Molly runs out and trips. KIM, who has just entered, tries to help her up. In a deserted park, David is waiting when a man walks up and hands him a bag with the money and the list of payoffs which include judges names. David crumples the list and throws it away.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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