One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on OLTL

Mel got drunk. Todd vowed revenge on Blair. Ian and Blair made an offer to the staff at the Sun. Dorian tried to locate Mel. Kevin consoled Cassie. Bo didn't want Nora to work with R.J., as he believed that R.J. was responsible for kidnapping Max's twins.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday January 12, 1998

The Cramer House:

Mel and Dorian have a serious fight about her refusal to confront her past or Miss Stonecliff. Dorian rants at Mel, accusing Mel of wallowing in her pain so that he doesn't have to face his own. Finally Mel can take no more and goes to the Palace Hotel to get a drink. Afterward Kelly finds Dorian staring out the window forlornly. Dorian tries to get Kelly to understand that her childhood wasn't all abuse and pain. The Cramer family did experience some happiness, especially when Sonya played the piano. Kelly tells Dorian to hold on to the good memories to help her deal with the bad. Dorian interprets Kelly's statement as more pressure to deal with the past and swears that if everyone doesn't leave her alone she will lose her mind. That's when Dorian starts to hear her mother's voice in her head. When Mel returns to the house, Kelly tells him that she fears that they may have done the wrong thing by pressuring Dorian. Mel gently tries to apologize to Dorian for walking out on her earlier and tells her that he loves her. Dorian, again, tells him to leave her alone. Mel says if that is what she wants, that's what she will get. He then goes to Rodi's and begins knocking back martinis


Dorothy tracks Kevin down and asks him for encouragement to go pursue Joey. She decides to finally make a play for Joey by planning a special celebration for his birthday and requests that Kevin not tell Joey so that she can surprise him. Joey arrives at Rodi's for his bowl of birthday chili just as Dorothy is leaving and she invites him to her place to "hang some pictures." After she's gone Kevin tries to get Joey to wake up and see that Dorothy is interested in him romantically and Kelly has moved on, but Joey refuses to acknowledge the truth.

Nora's office:

Nora and Bo get into yet another fight about how each does their job and Bo walks out to lunch by himself. Later, after reviewing some contracts R.J., Rachel and Jacara decide to ask Nora to be counsel for Blue Jay Music. After much cajoling and begging, Nora agrees to represent Blue Jay Music only, not Club Indigo. That night, Nora asks Bo to meet her in her office and then in the effort to be honest she tells him that she is the new attorney for Blue Jay. Bo congratulates her and walks out without saying another word.

Palace Hotel bar:

Bo and Mel have a long conversation about the women in their lives. Mel's problems with Dorian have him dangerously close to falling off the wagon and Bo can see that. He manages to distract the reporter by talking about the Holden kidnaping long enough to get him over the urge to drink. Mel finds the strength to put down his martini and return to Dorian's. Later, Joey stops by on his way to Dorothy's. Renee gives her former step grandson his birthday present and points him towards Kelly, who is sitting at a corner table. Joey makes his way over to Kelly and asks her to confide her problems to him.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

The Palace Hotel Bar:

Joey and Kelly discuss what has happened between Mel and Dorian. Kelly tells Joey how scared and insecure she's feeling. Dorian has always been her rock and now that rock is crumbling. Joey does his best to be understanding and let Kelly know that he sees that she is strong enough to deal with whatever happens. He also asks her if now that their relationship with Dorian has changed maybe couldn't they give it another try. At that moment Ian appears and asks if he can join the conversation. Joey becomes tense and snotty as usual, saying that he and Kelly were talking about love and that's something that Ian wouldn't understand. After Joey leaves, Ian tells Kelly he wants to cheer her up by taking her out for the evening. Kelly loves the idea. But soon after, Blair calls Ian on his cell phone and tells him to meet with her and the Sun's employees tonight on his yacht

Dorothy's Apartment:

Dorothy surveys the arrangements she has made for Joey's birthday: candlelight dinner, Pavarotti on the stereo, balloons, fresh baked bread. While she is taking care of details, she imagines Joey's reaction, complete with a passionate kiss. Later, as time wears on Dorothy begins to realize that she has been stood up. When there's a knock at the door she rushes to open it, expecting Joey. Instead, Dorothy finds her father standing there with the smell of alcohol on his breath. She accuses Mel of showing up so that she will get mad, say something hurtful and he can use that as another excuse to keep drinking. When the conversation gets too intense, Mel tries to leave but Dorothy grabs his coat and his keys and asks him to stay and talk things out. Mel continues to bait her, going so far as to begin opening up a bottle of bourbon right in front of her. Dorothy smashes the bottle to the floor in rage. Mel tries to leave but Dorothy throws his car keys out the window. Mel is oblivious to her attempts to help and leaves his car behind. Dorothy is on the couch crying when Joey finally shows up he apologizes saying that Kelly needed him. When he sees all birthday decorations he is touched, but by then Dorothy is too disheartened to care. She begins to cry and Joey thinks it is because he stood her up. Dorothy tells him to get over himself. She's crying because her father fell off the wagon. Joey tries to stay and comfort her, but Dorothy doesn't want his comfort. She went through a lot of trouble for him but he was too busy chasing Kelly. Joey realizes too late that Dorothy's feelings are about more than friendship, but by that point she's too disgusted to deal with him and asks him to leave. Heartbroken, she shuts the door in his face and proceeds to tear down the birthday decorations.


Mel is on his second martini when Blair comes in to solidify her plans with Max. Seeing Mel, she berates him for falling off the wagon. Mel, not in the mood for disapproval, leaves for greener pastures and drier martinis. Blair brings Max up to date on the fact that their plans for Ian and Todd are right on track. The next step is to set up a meeting with Briggs. Blair reaches for her cellular phone and asks Briggs to meet her at Rodi's tonight. When Briggs shows up, Blair hit him with her proposal. "Someone," she says, has approached her with the proposition of starting up a new newspaper and she's looking for a staff. Briggs figures out that the "someone" is Ian Armitage. He also tells Blair that Todd is pretty close to knowing that she broke into his office disguised as a cleaning woman and stole a computer printout. Blair confesses and asks if Briggs is willing to jump on the bandwagon. Briggs is nervous but ready to take the chance. He and Blair begin making a list of prospective staff from The Sun. Blair returns to Max at the bar and tells him that Briggs is on board, but Todd is also suspicious. In the interest of staying ahead of Todd, Blair calls Ian and schedules a meeting with the Sun's top employees aboard the Armitage yacht tonight. Ian balks. He has made plans with Kelly and wants to put the meeting off until tomorrow. Blair warns Ian not to give Todd any opening and tells him the meeting must take place tonight.

Club Indigo:

Mel manages to walk 20 blocks to Club Indigo, orders another martini and then proceeds to insult R.J. by questioning his involvement with the Holden kidnaping. When R.J. doesn't show enough reaction, Mel continues to pick a fight. Finally Wendy cuts Mel off and Mel retreats into the night. However, at the door, Mel realizes that he can't remember how he got there and doesn't know how he will get home.

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

An Alley- Mel, the Eggman and Bo

Mel is looking for the car keys. He holds a one way conversation with the absent Dorothy, calling what she did a dramatic gesture and saying she knows Daddy can hold his liquor. He wonders how he is gong to get home and decides to lay down in the alley when he hears a door slam, opens his eyes and notices a fresh egg van with the key in the ignition. Mel calls it divine intervention and asks permission to take the van to no one in particular.

He starts the van as the Egg Delivery Man comes out and asks what he is doing. Mel tells him he will give it back to him as soon as he gets home. He crashes the van into the dumpster and winds up with broken eggs on his face. The delivery man calls him a lame brain and asks what he is supposed to do. The drunken Mel answers that he can make a big omelet. The Egg Man is not amused. He has a lot of deliveries to make. Mel replies that he does not mean to minimize his loss, but he is sunny up and over easy. The egg man goes off to call the police.

A few minutes later, Bo arrives with a uniformed officer. He shakes Mel awake. Mel apologizes that the van smells like a bar. Bo is perplexed just how his friend got into this predicament. Earlier the same evening he talked him out of taking a drink. Earlier this evening I got my brains scrambled, Mel replies. Bo tells the officer to get Mr. Hayes out of the gentleman's van. Mel asks what he is being arrested for, poaching? The Egg man asks Bo to stop the puns, but Mel says "the yokes just keep on coming". Bo wants to know to know why Mel did this. Mel talks about Humpty Dumpty. Bo replies Mel is not Humpty Dumpty except that he put himself back together again. He wants to know what made Mel fall off the wall again. Dorian? When Mel won't give a serious answer, Bo orders the officer to handcuff Mel. He is under arrest.

At the Llanview Jail, Bo offers to call anyone- Dorian, Dorothy, Mary, even Clint or Viki. Mel doesn't want to call any of them. Bo warns him he may be there for a while. He is charged with DWI, damage to property, theft of the vehicle, which is a third class felony. Bo is doing it by the book. He broke the law and he is drunk.

The Palace-Kelly and Ian

Kelly does not understand why Ian has canceled their plans for a business meeting with Blair. She thinks it is jealousy over Joey. Ian reassures her that he believes her about Joey and wonders why she does not believe him about Blair. Kelly asks to go to the meeting, but Ian says that it is crucial that the guest list be limited to those involved. It is Top Secret. "Even for Me", Kelly asks and he says Yes.

Penthouse- Todd and Téa

Todd just hangs up the phone after a mysterious conversation when Téa comes down the spiral staircase in her robe. She sits next to Todd, who gets up and tells her not to get too comfortable because she has a job to do. Todd says he heard an argument between Kelly and Blair at Starr's party in which it was mentioned that Blair had a business deal going with Ian. Téa replies that doesn't mean they are paired up to get Todd. Todd fills her in about the office break-in and the lady janitor wearing high heels. Téa says she wears high heels too and he has no proof it was Blair. She is certain he is just threatened by Blair's visitation rights. He orders her down to the Palace to spy on Ian. He tells her she is his lawyer. She reminds him she is also his wife. Téa calls him on his fear of close contact and says that this is like the other night when he went slamming out of the Penthouse. Todd replies that he is grateful he did that because that is how he found out what is going on with Blair in the first place. Téa labels him delusional and tells him not to worry, she understands they do not have a relationship. As she goes back upstairs, Todd demands to know where she is going and when she is going to see Ian. Téa tells him that as his lawyer, if he has something to say, he can make an appointment and as his wife, he better never take that tone with her again. Todd picks up his coat and leaves.

The Palace- Todd, Luke the Bartender and Kelly

Todd is disappointed to learn from Luke, the bartender, that Ian has already left. But he grabs a dish of nuts and approaches Kelly, who is sitting at a table by herself. He asks her where Ian is. She replies he has been and gone. Todd criticizes Ian's accent and tells Kelly that Brits can't deal with women. And you do? Kelly asks. Finally, she explains that her "predator" cousin is having a meeting with her boyfriend. Todd agrees about his ex wife's predatory nature and speculates that Blair has taken Ian to some remote spot to roll him for his money and then kill him. Right now, Ian doesn't even remember Kelly's name. Kelly tells him they are on Ian's yacht and leaves. Todd says aloud "Too easy".

The Waterfront-Blair and Max

Blair worries that Ian will spot her with Max, but Max promises to stay out of sight. Briggs arrives and says the all the workers are intrigued with Ian's proposal, but live in fear of Todd. Blair assures him that they can get this deal done before Todd gets his key in the ignition. She tells Briggs to wait on the yacht and when he is gone, Max comes out of hiding. She feels just like a child on Christmas. She will wipe the smile off Todd's face. He will lose the Sun (his baby) like she lost Starr. It is a bad analogy, Max says and he reminds her that this is not just about her. He has a stake in it too and can not afford to see anything go wrong. Ian shows up and Max slips back into the shadows. She assures him that all the workers want to work with her, which makes her indispensable. And she never goes back on a promise. Ian says that if this works, he will be forever indebted to her. Max listens to this and then Ian and Blair go up the gangplank to the yacht.

At the Palace- Téa and Andrew

Téa is sitting at a table sipping on a tropical drink. Andrew is pleasantly surprised to see her and jokingly calls it "Carmen Miranda's hat in a blender". She asks if that is an ethnic slur, which he denies and then she wants to know what he is doing there. He replies that he is lonely and needed an excuse to come to the Palace. He figured he and Renee could discuss vestry business. Now it is her turn to fess up. Téa tells him that Todd has been treating her like a lawyer and so she stormed out. She is his lawyer, Todd reminds her. Yes, but lately things were almost nice. Now he is treating her like one of his employees. He is reconstructing the wall with his, Don't tell me, I will tell you attitude. Andrew says he believes in changes in a marriage, but she is the only one doing the changing and so she is setting herself up to be emotionally battered. She asks him to shut up. She is not a quitter, plus there is Starr. Besides, the reason she came here is to forget. So what is the real reason Andrew is here at the Palace?

He looked at the calendar, and although the date was not circled, he remember it was his and Cassie's anniversary. It just snuck up on him. Just another day in Llanview. He criticizes her marriage, he admits because he does not want to dissect his own. Andrew says that spiritual advisors are human- sex, drugs and rock and roll. Téa asks what do you do when God doesn't answer prayers. God answers, Andrew says, he just answers no. It is God's will be done, not your will be done. Andrew goes skiing in the mountains and has one on one conversations with God. That is how he discovers what path he is on. She is a human being and one day she will find out what he has been talking about. He says he better get going and Téa is ready to go too, but she can't get her balance after drinking. She doesn't feel like going home. Andrew suggest a fresh air walk by the river and escorts her out of the Palace.

The Armitage yacht-Briggs, Blair, Ian and Todd

Ian tells Briggs that he believes in hiring the best with minimum interference. He will make him managing editor. He will get to make major decisions because Ian is for delegating duties. This, and the fact that Blair says Ian will leave room for Briggs family life, makes the deal sound terrific to Charlie Briggs. He has not had fun since he left the Banner- except of course for Blair. He needs to talk to Helen, but he will tell the others he is behind Ian and Blair's take over. They toast with champagne and Blair says that the days of the slave ship Manning are behind them.

Meanwhile, on the docks, Max hears noise and tries to divert Todd from boarding the yacht. A surprised Todd says he could have given him a heart attack. He is suspicious of Max, who says he is surveying the waterfront in connection with a development deal and asks if Todd is interested in an investment opportunity. Todd doesn't do dockside deals. He walks away and up the gangplank. Mel places a call on his cell to Blair. She hides Briggs in the galley and grabs Ian for a passionate embrace and a long and wet one. Todd knocks on the open door. Well, you have changed Blair, he says and then gazes toward Ian to add, "She usually does the guys who talk funny on the floor". Blair asks if he has been following her and calls him a stalker. Todd tells her not to flatter herself. She threatens to have the social worker add his behavior to her report. Ian chimes in that Todd is criminally trespassing. Todd says that despite Blair's ego, he came to see Ian to make sure there was no hard feelings about his turning him down and not selling the Sun to him. The Sun is not for sale at any price. Ian says that things are awkward now. Todd agrees to leave, but not before suggesting that Ian gets Blair to do that "thing she does with the apple butter and bananas". And to warn them that if anyone is setting up a plot against him, he doesn't forget anything. He compliments Blair on her nice shoes.

Ian is concerned that Todd is on to them. What did he mean about the Shoes for instance. Todd knows Blair too well. Blair thinks they are fine for the moment. She lets Charlie out of the galley and he too, thinks this may be a mistake. He is not a young man and has a kid in college, he cannot afford to have this blow up in his face. He does agree to stay for the meeting. Blair says don't worry, she can take care of Todd. Briggs asks who phoned her and warned her of Todd's arrival. She smiles and says that she doesn not leave anything to chance.

Meanwhile, down on the docks, Téa and Andrew enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. She confesses that she thinks of him when she is alone in her bed at night and he admits it is the same with him. She wonders what it would have been like had she found him before she became entangled with Todd. They come close together and almost kiss until they see Blair on the deck of Ian's yacht and Téa says for them to hide. She is amazed to see Todd's upper management meeting with Blair and Ian. So Todd was not paranoid. There really is a plot against him, she tells Andrew. She has got to get home and warn Todd.

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Written by: Jeanette Girosky

Dorian was expecting Mel to walk in, but it was only Kelly. Dorian snappishly asked where she was going because Kelly had a suitcase. Kelly told Dorian she wanted to move back in. Dorian was overjoyed and glad to have her back because it had been so gloomy without her. Kelly promised she would be Dorian's ray of sunshine, but didn't think Blair would be so happy to see her. Dorian hoped they could work it out. Kelly told Dorian she was worried about her. Dorian reassured her and then told her that she and Mel had a big fight and she had really made a mess of things.

Mel sat in Viki's kitchen after Viki bailed him out of jail. Viki tried to make him eat, but he was too hung over. Viki wanted to know what happened, because he had smashed his drink against the wall in the country club. Mel told her about his fight with Dorian after Starr's party. He said he wanted to retire to lick his wounds, but that seemed unsanitary so he used gin instead. Viki yelled at him for "borrowing" the egg truck and driving drunk. He could have hurt or killed someone. She wanted to know if things were going to get worse.

Téa rushed home and was surprised to find Todd still awake. Todd said sleep was for girls and besides, you had to stay awake when the whole world was out to get you. Téa apologized and told him he was right and he wasn't paranoid. Blair was really out to get him. She told him she had seen something really weird at the waterfront. He wasn't concerned about Blair because he had gone to Ian's yacht himself because Téa wouldn't. Then he grilled Téa about why she was walking along the waterfront alone at that hour. She wasn't alone, she told him. Anyway, he didn't care. He wanted to know what she saw that was so weird. Téa told him she saw the Sun's high level employees going onto the yacht for what looked like a business meeting with Blair and Ian. Todd figured Ian went to Blair for help in getting his paper because he wouldn't sell it. Téa asked what they were going to do and Todd blew up at her for suggesting their was a "we" after she told him during their fight earlier that there wasn't and told her to make up her mind.

Ian and Blair held their meting with the Sun employees. Ian explained what he was doing and how Blair fit into everything. Blair charmed them and reminded them how bad it was working for Todd. She told them whoever would come on board with her and Ian would get a 10% raise and profit sharing. She told them she understood how risky it was for them to even listen to their proposal, but encouraged them to take the gamble and encourage their fellow employees to do the same. She reminded them how much fun she was to work for and told them how badly she and Ian needed their talents.

Viki asked Mel if he had hit rock bottom yet and accused him of being proud of his shame. She reminded him how upset his daughter was and sitting there being contrite was one of Dorian's tricks. Mel felt bad and said he hadn't given enough of himself to either Dorian or Dorothy. Viki told him that was bull and that he was there for Dorian while she faced her past. But Mel felt bad for stirring up her demons. Viki thought it was better that he was at least there for Dorian and told him about how she had to face her past alone. Time was the remedy, but she didn't know how much time him and Dorian had left as Dorian was taking a huge toll on him. They had better fix things fast. Mel asked her what he should do next and she told him to get in the shower because he reeked of eggs and gin! She sent him to get Sloan's old robe.

Kelly asked Dorian what had happened with Mel. Dorian told her they had had a fight and Kelly had walked in on the middle of a bad day. Kelly felt she had made it worse, but Dorian told her she had snapped only because of the fight and Mel's relentlessness. She was not going to therapy or to talk to Ms. Stonecliff. She had told Mel to leave her alone and now was afraid he had taken her literally. She was afraid if she doesn't take action, she will lose Mel and if she takes action, she will lose her mind. Kelly told Dorian about her talk with Joey and how Joey had said even when Dorian was vulnerable, she was still strong, brave and never fell apart. He felt Mel was the best thing for her. Dorian couldn't believe that Joey had said that about her. Kelly told her the point was to pick herself up and get with the program.

As the Sun employees left Ian's yacht, Briggs joked to remember they had gone bowling. He was worried that Todd was onto them. Ian and Blair reassured him and reminded him how well he would be rewarded. Briggs left. Ian congratulated Blair on her performance. He told her she was so good he had forgotten her main goal was to make him part with his money. Blair told him he was cynical and besides why should it matter as long as they had similar goals? Ian warned her again if this went through, it was business only and that was it. Blair didn't care and said that was all she wanted for now, but if things changed, it would be because he wanted it. Ian told Blair he wants the Sun so he can give Kelly a future. Blair told him he was a smart man and would soon figure out where his real interests lie.

Blair ran off the boat to meet Max. She told Max how she hid Briggs in the galley of the yacht and when Todd walked in, he saw her making out with Ian. She thought Todd was a little suspicious, but wasn't worried. Max told her to hurry up and wrap things up. Max drove Blair home and they gloated about the money they were going to have.

Todd was upset and trying to figure out what Blair was up to with his employees. Téa told him she saw all the department heads. Todd figured that Blair was trying to pull a coup, but he was more mad at Téa for not going to the yacht when he told her to. Téa reminded him she didn't take orders, especially when given rudely. Todd accused Téa of only being concerned with the Sun because if Blair takes that from him, he won't have the money to pay her at the end of their first year of marriage. Téa told him it had nothing to do with that. She wanted to make Blair regret pushing her out a window. Todd softened a bit and called her scary. Téa knew that was a compliment and reminded him it was not easy being on his side. Todd told her easy was no fun.

Viki went upstairs to check on Mel and ran into Joey in the hall, who was shocked to see Mel sleeping in Viki's bed.

Bo sent Benny to wiretap Charbonneau's phone and to tail him 24 hours a day. He wanted everything checked out so he can "connect the dots" so they can see the big picture. He knew R.J. was going to be in the picture. Benny left and Nora came in as Bo was sitting down to eat some pizza. Nora wondered why he hadn't come home or called.

Viki told Joey it wasn't what it looked like. Joey joked he was going to have to go into therapy now. Viki told Joey that Mel had gone on a real bender and really hurt Dorothy. Joey knew and told Viki Mel actually just finished breaking her heart, some other clown had started it, meaning himself. Viki told Joey how Mel had got drunk, stole and crashed an egg truck, then was thrown in jail. Mel had called Clint to bail him out of jail, but seeing as Clint was out of town, Viki went and picked him up. She brought him home, fed him and made him go take a shower and the end result was he passed out in her bed. Joey chuckled and decided to go tell Dorothy her father was ok. Viki was surprised he was going, even though Dorothy wasn't speaking to him. Then she reminded him that she was the one with the real problem because she had to call Dorian and tell her Mel was ok, but he was asleep in her bed. Joey laughed as he left.

Dorian called all the hospitals trying to find Mel. Kelly thought maybe he was drinking. Dorian hoped their fight didn't push him over the edge. Kelly told Dorian if he drinks, it's his choice, not her fault. Besides, he was probably just staying away to give them some room to cool off. Kelly made Dorian go to bed and promised her things would be better in the morning.

Blair got home and invited Max in for a night cap because she wanted to toast wrapping Ian around her finger. She thought they were alone.

Bo told Nora he was mad, but also busy. Nora pretended to cross examine herself in order to try to get Bo to understand her dealings with Blue Jay music. She told Bo she wanted to do the contracts because they were easy and it gave her an excuse to work with Rachel. If she didn't like any dealings over there, she would walk. She didn't think the mess they were in had to do with Blue Jay music.

Blair told Max all the details of how the meeting went. Max and Blair gloated about the takeover. Max asked her how the takeover of Ian was going. Better then expected, she thought. Ian claimed it was strictly business, but when Todd walked in and she pretended to kiss Ian, Ian wasn't pretending! She gloated about how Ian wouldn't even know how she got under his skin. Max felt sorry for Ian, even though he didn't like him. Max left and told Blair to fall asleep counting Ian's money. Blair didn't know Kelly had moved back in and had been listening at the door. As soon as Blair went upstairs, Kelly quietly stormed out.

Viki muttered Mel really owed her one as she called Dorian. She told Dorian that Mel was fine and nothing happened to him but he was asleep in her bed. Viki tried to explain, but Dorian dropped the phone and ran off.

Todd and Téa tried to figure out exactly what Blair was up to. Todd wanted to call Briggs, but Téa wouldn't let him because it was so late. As they were bickering over taking orders from each other, the doorbell rang. Kelly was at the door and told Todd she knew everything Blair was up to.

Friday, January 16, 1998

Todd, Téa and Kelly

Kelly rants to Todd about how Blair doesn't care about anyone but herself and that Blair is jealous of Kelly's relationship with Ian. That's why she's come to tell Todd everything she knows. Todd is not happy when Kelly informs him that Blair is working together with Max. They are both after Ian's money, Kelly explains. Téa tries to calm Kelly down and learn everything that Kelly knows, "what exactly does Blair want?", she asks. Blair wants Ian and she's using The Sun to help her get it, she's working out a plan to steal The Sun right out from under Todd.

That's it, Blair's after The Sun? I knew that already, Todd tells her. Téa explains that she was on the dock earlier that evening and saw members of The Sun's staff on Ian's yacht for a meeting with Ian and Blair. Todd breaks the news, none too gently, that he saw Ian and Blair kissing when he visited the yacht earlier. Téa glares at Todd to get him to shut up and reassures Kelly that anyone can see that Ian cares about her very much. Kelly says that Ian insists that he's onto Blair and isn't fooled by her, but Kelly isn't so sure. Téa tells her that men like Ian (and Todd, who gives Téa a look, but says nothing) think that they can handle women like Blair, but she and Kelly know better. Keep Blair from delivering on her promise, Téa suggests, then Ian will have no reason to continue business with Blair.

Kelly goes on to reveal more details of Blair's plan, the 10% raise they are offering and the profit sharing plan. Todd wants to know if Briggs was at the meeting, but Kelly can't say for sure, she didn't hear his name mentioned, but Blair was very smug about the whole thing, like she'd gotten all the major people on-board. Téa promises Kelly that she and Todd will keep Blair from digging her claws any deeper into Ian or The Sun. Téa thanks Kelly for coming and shows her out. Todd holds onto his temper remarkably well until Kelly leaves, but once the door closes behind her, he loses it. He picks up a large vase and is about to break it until Téa rushes over and makes him put it down. He then switches to the sofa pillows, throwing them and kicking them, threatening to rip Blair's heart out, tear it into little pieces and shove it down her throat. Téa watches his rage, staying out of the way, but not seeming scared of him or concerned about her safety. All of Todd's rage is directed at Blair, she knows how much this paper means to him and she's using it to hurt him. "Blair has declared war, and when it's over and I've won, she will be dead", Todd swears.

After a little more pillow throwing and stomping, Todd heads toward the vases on the mantle, but Téa steps in and stops him. He doesn't really wish Blair dead, he says, then he wouldn't have the pleasure of hearing her scream. Todd's first impulse is to find out who went to the meeting and fire them. Téa tells him that's a wonderful idea, then they'll go straight to Ian and Blair. Todd insists that Briggs couldn't be involved in this, they couldn't all walk out on him. Why not, Téa asks, Todd's practically invited them to hate him, why would they feel any loyalty at all? Because I pay them. Money isn't enough, Téa tells him. "Apparently not, you walk out on me on a regular basis", Todd replies. Téa suggests he has all the tact of a sledgehammer when it comes to these things. Todd pounds a book on the desk in frustration, but Téa quiets him down. There's an art to management, she says. "Give me some credit, there's a reason that I manage the way I manage". "You're a sadist?", Téa suggests, only partly joking. "Well... no, those little workers, they need a common enemy to unite them, and I'm it". I'll tie them all to their desks, Todd decides. There's only one thing Todd can do to get them to stay, Téa tells him, give them more money, that's all he has to offer.

"You want me to reward them for their treachery? You know, If I'd know it was going to cost me this much, I might actually have tried to be nice to them!" Téa seriously doubts that. Todd agrees to give them the raise, but is really torn about the profit sharing, it means giving them some say in the way he runs the newspaper. Todd's not only going to have to match Ian and Blair's offer, but better it, she reminds him. Blair is going to pay for this, Todd promises. Téa tells him not to think about it and just do it, as soon as possible. Todd wants to wait until the regular staff meeting tomorrow to bring it up. Téa argues at first, but then apologizes and agrees with Todd's reasoning that if he tries to start doing it now, someone might tip off Blair. Téa's quick change of mind startles Todd. Téa acknowledges when it comes to planning, he's a master, it's just people he has trouble with. "Thanks", Todd grudgingly accepts the compliment. He supposes now Téa wants a raise too for her help. Téa just wants to keep Blair out of their lives, she's their common enemy. Maybe fighting against her can bring this family together, Téa suggests, hesitantly touching his shoulder. Todd, for once, doesn't move away from her touch.

Kevin, Cassie and Dorian

Cassie's sitting alone in the dark with a few candles lit when Kevin arrives home from work. "What did your mother do this time?", he asks when he notices her sitting there. Actually, it's not about her mother this time, this was her and Andrew's anniversary. Cassie takes all the blame for the failure of the marriage, she wasn't the woman Andrew thought he married. For that matter, she wasn't the woman she thought he married either. "So who are you?", Kevin asks. I'm the little girl who was abandoned because her mother was afraid she would hurt her. It's no wonder that I have a hard time feeling lovable, I probably can't even recognize love, Cassie says, "Like mother, like daughter".

Kevin tells her that's not true, she didn't learn everything she knows about love from her mother. All anyone has to do is watch her with River to see how much Cassie loves him. That's different, Cassie tries to claim. No it's not, Kevin insists. She faked her love with Andrew, Cassie says, and sometimes I wonder if I..... Cassie doesn't finish her sentence. Kevin gently kisses her. "You're not", he says and leads her over to sit down on the couch with him. He puts his arms around her and holds her close. Don't you ever get scared about us, she asks. Sometimes, he admits, but everyone gets scared sometimes. He recalls his marriage to Lee Ann, he messed it up because he wasn't ready for marriage or fatherhood. He sees it as a learning experience, maybe that's what Cassie's marriage to Andrew was, too. But how do we know that our relationship isn't a learning experience for something else, too, Cassie asks, worried.

Kevin thinks that Cassie is being far too hard on herself. He thinks that she should let her anger out sometimes, it's OK to be mad at Dorian for abandoning her. It was Dorian that took the easy way out, if she had just faced up to everything before, none of this would be happening now and Cassie might have grown up with her mother with her. Dorian's still hiding from the truth, Cassie says, but Cassie needs to know the truth. Kevin changes the subject, he wants Cassie's help with the Dr. Dougherty story. Actually, he just wants her, he says as he gives her a big kiss.

As Cassie and Kevin are working, there's a knock on the door. It's Dorian, wanting to see Cassie. Kevin tries to get rid of her, but Dorian won't take no for an answer. She asks Kevin to leave them alone, which he reluctantly does, and only after Cassie asks him to go. Dorian tells Cassie that Mel has left her.

Mel promised that he'd never leave her, but he's done it anyway. Instead of giving sympathy, Cassie tells Dorian that she makes it very hard for people sometimes. Dorian doesn't understand why everyone is being so cruel to her. Maybe we're dishing out a little reality and you're finally getting in touch with it, Cassie tells her. Dorian had to build up walls to survive for so long, Cassie continues, as far as she can see, no one's gotten through them and Dorian is fighting like hell to keep them there. Téar down the walls, Cassie begs. It might be too late for Dorian and Mel, but it's not too late for Dorian and Cassie. Cassie's connected to Dorian for good and if Dorian goes down, she'll go down with her. Save us both, Cassie begs. Cassie wants her to face this darkness that she keeps running from, Cassie wants Dorian to be on her side for once. Dorian insists that she's always given Cassie unconditional love. That's not true, you abandoned me, Cassie reminds her, rather than deal with whatever it is that drove her. It was an act of fear, cowardice, Dorian needs to get it out before it consumes her. If Dorian thinks that Cassie will be sorry when that happens, she's wrong, Cassie will finally be free. Dorian leaves and Cassie sits on the steps, crying.

Bo and Nora

Bo is sure that R.J. is responsible for the kidnapping of Max's twins and by working with him, Nora is making it impossible for Bo to protect her. He loves her too much to have anything happen to her. Nora once again tries to explain to Bo that she will be working with Jacara and Rachel, not with R.J. She will not let her guard down around R.J. and at the first sign of trouble, she will back out of her arrangement and take Rachel with her. Nora suggests a compromise, not to even talk about R.J. Bo agrees, he's really tired of all of this. "Let's go home, Red", he says and gives Nora a hug. Viki, Dorian and Mel

Viki opens the door to let Dorian in and Dorian is instantly on the offensive. "You just love this, don't you", Dorian accuses. Viki tells her to get off of it, things are bad enough as they are. "If he landed in your bed, yes", Dorian snaps at Viki. Viki really doesn't think that seeing Dorian is what Mel needs right now, she tells Dorian about Mel's adventures the night before. Dorian, being Dorian, ignores Viki's advice and heads up the stairs to go see Mel.

Dorian finds Mel upstairs in Viki's bedroom, dressed in someone's (Sloan's?) clothes. Dorian asks why he didn't call her. He wanted to give his boss the chance to fire him first, he replies. Instead, she brought him there and fed him and gave him some clothes to wear. Dorian asked him to go and that's exactly what he did, although he later chose the wrong way to deal with the situation. So, now I'm a "situation", Dorian asks, annoyed. Dorian's saved him from himself many times in their relationship, Mel explains. He was trying to do the same for her, but he obviously wasn't capable of it. Dorian has a different view of things. She feels that he dragged her into it and then, at the point that she most needed him, he quit on her. You told me that you wanted me to leave you alone, and I did the best I could, Mel corrects her. Dorian less than thrilled that Mel's "best" led him to Viki's bedroom. "Dorian, you can't kick me out, and then say I'm abandoning you", Mel tries to reason with her. The reasoning is completely lost on Dorian. "So you are abandoning me", she accuses. "No!", Mel practically yells, frustrated. But he did fail her, and that's what bothers him. Dorian tried to tell him that she didn't want to go back there, she reminds him. And now you're stuck there, he replies, and I'm stuck with you. Dorian feels that he's giving her an ultimatum, either she goes to Canton and faces her past or he will continue to drink.

Mel denies that there is any ultimatum. In fact, he's through, she can do whatever she wants to, he can't help her anymore. Dorian wants them to leave together and go to her place or his place, close the door to the outside world and discover again what they had together. It's not going to work, Mel says, they are not going to be able to help each other, he thinks they need to spend time apart. "So, you are leaving me", says Dorian.

Mel's not leaving her, he insists, there's no one else, he just can't keep trying to save her anymore, she's going to have to do it on her own. She's done almost everything in her life alone, Dorian replies, she learned from when she was a little girl that she can't depend on anyone. It made her strong. Mel, on the other hand, dives into a bottle every time things don't go his way. Mel doesn't argue with her on that point. Dorian thinks that the whole thing is a bluff, that he's threatening her with walking away if she doesn't rip open her guts and let everyone take a look. That's not true, Mel tells her, all he wants is for her to be whole and free from pain, because he loves her. Dorian sees that as the ultimate manipulation. If that's what she thinks, than she's far beyond his reach, Mel says. Dorian leaves without saying another word and has to walk down to face Viki alone. Viki asks is Mel alright? Why wouldn't he be, he's had all your tender, manipulative care, Dorian says, nastily. You finally got him where you want him, upstairs in your bed, wallowing in your enabling pity. Dorian warns Viki that she doesn't want her pity, why is it that when her life comes tumbling down around her, Viki is always somehow there? "I lose the best thing I ever had, and it happened in your bedroom", is Dorian's parting shot as she closes the front door behind her. Viki goes upstairs to see how Mel is doing.

Mel said one thing and Dorian heard another, Mel explains to Viki. He didn't end their relationship, just his deluded attempt to be her savior. He's made a mess of things, he's hurt her badly. Yes, you have, Viki agrees, but Dorian probably set him up. Viki did the same thing to those around her when she was trying not to face her past. Viki in the end had to face her past alone, maybe Dorian has to do the same thing, Viki suggests. What if she doesn't come out the other side, Mel wonders. Then you'll probably lose her, says Viki, but if she doesn't try at all, he'll lose her anyway. So I have no choice, Mel says. Viki's not sure, do we get to choose the people we love or is it all part of some great plan we can't hope to understand?

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