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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on SB
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Monday, January 19, 1998

Annie's House
Olivia is stunned when Annie told her that Caitlin has asked her to be a bridesmaid. She told Caitlin that Annie is trying to put a wedge between them, and Caitlin counters that there already is a wedge between them.

When Caitlin begins to get upset, Annie interrupts with the excuse that getting upset isn't good for the baby, and Caitlin leaves the room.

Olivia told Annie that this is just another in a series of attempts to steal what Olivia has for herself. She says that Annie has always wanted what Olivia has, including the love of both Del and Gregory. Olivia gives Annie permission to go after Gregory, but warns Annie away from Caitlin and Sean.

When Olivia says that she can tell that Annie's trying to steal the affection of Sean and Caitlin, Annie says that Sean and Caitlin will automatically gravitate toward anyone who pays attention to them.

When Caitlin returns to the room, Olivia tries to mend fences with Caitlin, with mild to moderate success. However, after Olivia leaves the room, Annie encourages Caitlin to carry a grudge against Olivia. Caitlin told Annie that Olivia's not nearly as culpable for her miscarriage as Gregory is, but she leaves before she told Annie what Gregory did.

Meg's Island
Mark escapes from his attacker, who follows, limping from the wound where Tim stabbed him.

Michael, Vanessa, Amy and Sean return to the house. Michael checks Virginia out for concussion from the knock she got on the head trying to help Meg. Vanessa admits that Virginia's a good person to have around during a crisis, and Virginia says that she learned survival skills from years in South Central.

Virginia sinks into a depression about going to the island and leaving Jimmy to fend for himself. She then asks Michael and Vanessa to raise Jimmy if anything happens to her. Vanessa tells Virginia that she'll be happy to help Michael raise Jimmy. After Michael and Vanessa leave the room, we learn that this is part of some new plan to break them up.

Sean and Amy comfort each other. Amy is feeling bad about thinking about herself before the others, and Sean is guilt- ridden over Elizabeth's death.

Casey and Gabi continue looking for Mark. Gabi gets increasingly upset about Mark's whereabouts. Gabi told Casey that Mark was the first person who ever believed in her, and Casey told Gabi that they're all lucky that Mark chose them to be his friends.

Meg and Tim find Mark, who falls over with a hook in his back. The killer lurks in the bushes as Meg and Tim scream for help. As Meg screams for Casey, Mark utters his last words, which only Tim hears, "It was Ben."

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Olivia complains to Bette about Caitlin's strange choice of a new best friend. Meanwhile, Annie eavesdrops on Gregory as he questions his daughter about her decision to put Bette's niece in the wedding party. Virginia continues to play on Michael's sympathy in her latest bid to woo the man of her dreams away from Vanessa. As a weeping Gabi and Meg look on, Casey tries frantically to stem the bleeding but is unable to bind Mark's massive wounds in time. Olivia told Bette she fears Annie is trying to poison Caitlin's mind and turn the girl against her mother. Leaning over Mark's lifeless body, Gabi wails hysterically while Tim repeats their friend's dying words to Casey and a stunned Meg. Caitlin angrily informs Gregory she will never let him control her again. An enraged Meg accuses Tim of lying about Mark's last words. As Gabi vows to make Grogan pay dearly for his crimes, Casey discovers a bloody trail leading away from the clearing back into the woods. After Vanessa awakens from a nightmare, crying out for her mother, Virginia wonders again what her rival's secret could be. Casey and Gabi find Grogan with a knife in his chest and the death mask at his side. Pointing to the wound in the dead man's right leg, Meg reminds Tim that the injury he himself inflicted on her attacker proves that Grogan was the killer all along. Bette is spellbound by a familiar face at her front door. Certain their long nightmare is finally over, the survivors congregate in the island house to mourn for Mark.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Cole makes a strong impression at the employment agency as a drooling Christie Thompson assures her new applicant she can find an interesting position for him. Caitlin wonders how much longer she can postpone her appointment with Dr. Robinson. Olivia and Eddie are startled to find a strange man sleeping on Annie's sofa. Just as Eddie prepares to give the intruder the bum's rush, Bette arrives and introduces ex-hubby Vincent Duke to her friends. On the island, Ben bandages his wounded leg and practices walking without a limp so no one will guess he's been stalking them. Meanwhile, at the house, Casey gently explains to Gabi why they can't risk destroying crucial evidence by bringing Mark's body inside. Cole scans the help wanted ads and realizes he isn't cut out for any honest labor. Vincent told Bette how he went from multimillionaire to vagrant. Relieved to see her fiancé walk in, a weeping Meg throws herself into Ben's arms while the others spell out the horrific details of their nightmarish New Year's Eve. Feigning shock and grief at the news of Mark's bloody demise, Ben turns snappish when Tim accuses him of murder. Bette presses several hundred dollars and a gold watch on Vincent and wishes her dear old friend good luck. As the bedraggled survivors return to Sunset Beach, Ricardo takes statements about the killing spree. Bumping into Sean at the police station, Vincent gives the young man some fatherly advice and passes along the gold watch as well.

Thursday, January 22, 1998

Ben is interrogated by the police, then Tim and him get into an argument.

Virginia is able to get herself into the hospital, saying she is Vanessa. She overhears the head nurse tell someone on the phone she is short of staff. As she is about to see Lena Hart, a nurse who knows Vanessa walks in, but only sees Virginia's back when another patient calls for help. Virginia is able to sneak out without being caught, and without seeing Lena.

Vanessa has to be taken to the hospital as her ankle is still not better. She begs Michael not to take her as she has flashbacks of herself being a child and seeing her mom be taken to the hospital.

Caitlin calls Annie saying she was at the hospital, Annie told her to stall until she gets there. Dr. Robinson told Caitlin to change, as she is about to do so, Annie comes barging in saying she's in pain.

Ben holds a picture of Meg and repeats that he is sorry....

Friday, January 23, 1998

Casey shows up telling Meg and Ben that they are going to have memorial for Mark. Ben says he has to go to the Deep and leaves. Casey and Meg iron out the details of the memorial, when she needs to ask Ben something, she calls the Deep, but he isn't there.

Annie barged in saying she was sick while Caitlin was at her appointment. Caitlin and Cole left, as they did so, they ran into who Olivia and Gregory who told them 4 people died on the island, but names were not released. They went to see if Sean was home. Dr. Robinson, suspecting Annie was faking told her he'd have to operate. That made Annie all better real quick. She jumped out of the bed when Michael carried Vanessa in. Annie left.


Virginia decides in order to see Lena, she'll have to disguise herself as a nurse. She went to Mrs. Jones' house. Jimmy sits home all alone when Michael comes in. He told Michael he is worried about his mom. Michael told him that she is fine, she went to see Mrs. Jones.

Virginia convinces Mrs. Jones to go to the store and get her tea. Virginia searches for a Mrs. Jones nurses outfit and name tag and finds it. As she is about to leave with the bag in her hand, Michael is outside the door, she drops the bag.

Olivia, Gregory, Cole, and Caitlin rush to the house to see if Sean is there. He is, he told them that Mark, Elizabeth and Jade died on the island. Caitlin is devastated and went to her room to lie down. Cole says goodnight. On his way out, Olivia stops him and told him how convenient it is that Jade died after he said he'd "take care of her." He told her he did nothing, but she warns him of any other past lovers that may pop up to hurt Caitlin. Gregory asks Olivia to stay awhile longer in the house but she does not answer him. Annie sneaks in to see Caitlin. She told Caitlin that now is the time to make amends with Gregory, as you never know when that person may be taken away. Annie asks Caitlin to make sure the coast is clear to sneak back out, as Caitlin does so, Annie looks for the tape Sean spoke to her of (not knowing what is on it). Annie finds the tape just as outside the door, Olivia is about to walk-in.

Ben looks at Meg's picture again and says he should have finished it all on the island...

Ben returns as Meg comes downstairs crying. She told Ben she can't do this anymore, she can't keep busy enough to forget what happened on the island, then after him not being at the Deep, it just made her more frantic. She begged Ben to hold her, he wrapped his hands around her neck as if to strangle her....

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