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Donna and Michael helped Sofia and Nick plan their wedding. Shane prepared to leave town after Vicky asked him to. Grant tried to find out where Cindy had sent the bug pin, not knowing it was with Paulina. Jake and Joe argued over Paulina.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on AW
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Monday, January 19, 1998

After Shane rejects an angry Lila, Lila runs to Matt's arms, stating she was through with Shane. Later, Shane runs into Vicky who asks him to leave Bay City. Shane considers her request. Joe and Paulina confront each other and Paulina admits she was worried they will lose each other in this crisis. Joe admits his own desperation and he was drawn closer to Paulina by her willingness to apologize for her recent behavior. Sofia and Nick move up their wedding date.

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Paulina apologizes for being late for work and explains that Dante didn't want to eat his breakfast and finally Paulina made him something he wanted. Sofia remarks that when she was growing up they ate what their mother put in front of them. Paulina continues in her good mood and says she was going to the kitchen to put raisins in the rice pudding. Sofia told her it has been removed from the menu on Joe's orders. Paulina wonders what was going on and realizes Sofia was mad at her. Paulina says she and Joe are making progress but Sofia does not seem very interested. Paulina realizes Sofia believes she started the fire and that she was taking pills at the time. Nick comes in as the two are about to start a fight and asks Sofia if she wants to go skating with him. Sofia says she can't because she was babysitting for Dante. Paulina can't believe what she was hearing. Sofia says Joey asked her to look after Dante and told Paulina to go do her hair or nails. Sofia insists on taking Dante and asks Nick if he would like to come with them to a play park for which she has tickets. Paulina remarks that it would be nice if they informed the mother next time and storms into the kitchen. Nick wonders why Sofia was being so hard on Paulina and Sofia says she doesn't trust Paulina. Nick reminds Sofia that no one believed he didn't rape Toni because of the evidence and Sofia insists that was different. Nick says things will turn out ok and the two start talking about wedding plans. Nick and Sofia want to move up the date and since Sofia doesn't want Paulina's help Nick comes up with and idea. He calls Michael who was only too happy to help.

At the Harbor Club Michael and Donna are getting very close talking about love and their plans for a getaway after Nick and Sofia's wedding. Of course Donna was only too pleased to help plan it and offers the club as the reception place. When Nick and Sofia arrive Michael talks to them and tries to find out what they want. Sofia insists she wants a church wedding and Michael says 'done' Sofia was thrilled. They are about to discuss the details when Donna pulls up a chair and asks if they liked her idea. When she doesn't get an answer she assumes they don't and says that she heard the Bowlerama had nice functions. Michael says he didn't have a chance to say anything to the couple yet. Sofia and Nick think it would be great to have the reception at the club. Donna told Sofia she knows someone who does wonderful calligraphy. She told Sofia to come up with the guest list and Donna will take care of the rest. Donna then asks Sofia if she has a dress and when Sofia says no Donna offers to take her shopping. Sofia can't believe how wonderful it all was and thanks Donna and Michael. Donna and Michael leave the young couple alone. Nick and Sofia start working on the guest list and when Nick realizes he doesn't have a best man Sofia realizes she needs a maid of honor. She mentions Felicia and Nick can't believe Sofia was not going to pick Paulina. Sofia says in the past Paulina would have been her first choice but now she just doesn't know. Nick suggests she choose Paulina because maybe this could help bring them together again.

Vicky was about to enter her house when she remembers her conversation with Shane about his leaving town. Jake interrupts her with a kiss and when he says he knows what she was thinking Vicky begins to worry. Jake says she was upset about his leaving wet towels on the bed, the two laugh and then Vicky asks Jake if he would please bring Kirkland to his Doctor's appointment because she was busy today. Jake agrees and Vicky leaves. Vicky went to the harbor club to see her mother and sees Donna and Michael together. Vicky does not get a chance to say anything because Donna and Michael seem to say everything for her. Finally Vicky was able to tell Donna she told Shane to leave town and Donna was glad to hear it. Michael told Vicky he saw Shane earlier and he didn't seem to be making any plans to leave. Vicky says then maybe she'll have to move and leaves the club. Donna told Michael to do something. Vicky went to Carlino's with a bunch of flowers. Paulina sees Vicky was having a rough day and can relate. Vicky sees Paulina's day hasn't been a picnic so she offers her the flowers. Paulina and Vicky talk. Vicky told Paulina she believes Paulina was not drinking or taking drugs the night of the fire. Paulina was glad Vicky believes her and wishes Joe would. As the two continue to talk they realize Joe may have misinterpreted Paulina's apology the other day as an admission of guilt.Vicky went home and Jake returns from the doctor's appointment. He realizes Vicky did not want to see Shane. Vicky told Jake she asked Shane to leave town. Jake asks Vicky to drop the other shoe.

Previously, Shane was in his office canceling all his appointments for the day so he could get on with his research when he notices Kirkland was due to come in. Shane has his secretary cancel all appointments but Kirkland's. Kirkland comes in and Shane asks where his mother is. Jake enters and says he was with Kirkland. The appointment went well and when they are done Shane tries to tell Kirkland a new doctor will be seeing him. Kirkland was upset that Shane will no longer be his doctor. Jake says maybe they can work something out. Shane agrees and told Kirkland to get himself a candy outside. When Kirkland leaves Shane asks Jake what he was doing. Jake says he was doing what Vicky would have done. Shane told Jake Vicky was the one who asked they find Kirkland a new doctor. Jake told Shane that Vicky would have done the same thing he did if she saw how upset Kirkland was. Jake also makes it clear Shane should not bother them anymore and that Jake will be the one to bring Kirkland for his appointments. Jake leaves and Shane says it isn't that easy.

Shane was about to leave his office when Michael storms in and offers to fully fund a research laboratory and start him off with $200,000.00 if Shane does his work in another state. Shane's response was that no one realizes it doesn't matter where he lives Vicky will always love him.

Lila, on the other hand, will always love Shane. Matt comes over with some breakfast and Lila continues to brew. She bad mouths Vicky and in the conversation Matt finds out Vicky and Shane never slept together. Lila then tries to seduce Matt but it doesn't work. Matt says he doesn't want to be her stepping stone from Shane to her next love. Lila realizes she lost the battle and admits she was still mad at Shane. As she continues to talk she says something which makes Matt wonder. She tries to get Matt to leave and asks him to let himself out while she gets dressed for the day. Matt doesn't leave and Lila reenters the room. She asks why he was still there and Matt says something to the effect that Lila knew all along Shane wasn't dying. Lila tries to deny it but realizes she's been found out. She explains what happened. Matt was stunned that Shane came up with the cure and told Lila Shane will be VERY rich, so rich in fact he can make the Cory's look like pan handlers. Matt leaves. Lila begins dreaming of Shane winning the Nobel prize. She was at his side of course. When she returned to reality she vows to get Shane back. She'll give Shane the baby they should have had years ago. Shane doesn't have to know it was not his. Lila starts thinking about using Matt.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

A dejected Lila was surprised from a visit from Matt who was interested in financing the marketing of Shane's wonder drug. Lila was intrigued and promises to propose the idea to Shane. Meanwhile, Shane gives Carl a physical and gives him a clean bill of health. Shane informs Carl that he is leaving BC because that would make Vicky happy. Carl reminds him that running away won't make him love Vicky any less. Carl then tries to get more info on Hadley and vows that he will find out who she was and tie up the last loose end regarding Alexander. Vicky and Jake talk about Shane leaving town and Jake reminds Vicky that they are a family now and have everything they want and Shane can't take that away from them. Vicky admits feeling insecure about how happy she was at the moment. Jake and Vicky make love and later Vicky has a nightmare about meeting a little blonde girl who has no coat and no home. Vicky wakes up terrified from her nightmare when the little girl told her that she was Vicky. Amanda and Rachel has lunch and Amanda tries to convince Rachel to give Matt another chance. Amanda also worries about what will happen if Carl finds out she was Hadley. Felicia arrives and she and Rachel talk about what happened with Alex. Felicia questions what Rachel would have done if someone had killed Carl before he could redeem himself and admits that she believes her love could have saved him. They agree to try and find Wally the homeless man who saved both their lives. Matt offers to sell his Cory stock to Carl in order to get enough capital to start his own company. Amanda was furious when she finds out but Matt says the deal will only make Carl look greedy in Rachel's eyes. Lila comes by to see Shane and was shocked to find out Shane wants to set up a foundation and donate the wonder drug to it so everyone in the world can have access to it. Lila reminds him of all the money he could make but he insists the real issue was saving lives. She suggests he deal with a smaller corporation and offers to look into it for him. Later, Lila is relieved to find out she has no fertility problems and can get pregnant whenever she wishes. She later shares to good news with Matt about Shane's interest in a smaller corporation financing the cure. Shane later makes a decision to stay in Bay City. Carl finds out from the fountain pen manufacturer that a Matt Cory bought the type of pen found in Hadley's apartment and had it monogrammed with the initials "AC".

Thursday, January 22, 1998

Sofia stops by The Herald to give Nick their engagement announcement to publish in the newspaper. Matt comes by the Herald as well and overhears Nick and Sofia's news. Nick says he'll rush the announcement to the copy department and when he leaves Matt asks Sofia if she really wants to marry Nick. Sofia says Nick has changed and she was marrying the man she loves. Matt asks to take Sofia out for lunch and she refuses because she has plans with Nick. Matt offers a rain check and she promises to take him up on it. Sofia asks Matt why he was at The Herald and he says that he too was moving on. He was looking through the commercial real estate classifieds because he was starting his own business. Sofia was surprised but their conversation was cut short because Nick comes back. Nick told Sofia he won't be able to make it for lunch because his deadline has been moved up. Sofia says it was fine because she understands that work was important. Nick went into Jake's office. Matt then asks Sofia out for lunch again and she accepts. Nick asks Jake if he can work on a story about Alexander Nikos; but Jake says it was old news and it has been done before. Nick comes up with a few good questions that have not been answered like why did Alexander come to town? Jake told Nick if he can come up with inside information he can write the story; but in the meantime Nick was forced to report on the dog show. Sofia and Matt go to the Harbor Club for lunch. Matt continues to bad mouth Nick and Sofia defends her fiancée. Matt gets the point and they start talking about other things. Matt told Sofia about his venture and Sofia asks how his family feels about this decision. Matt told Sofia about his situation (because they have always been able to talk about everything). Matt also told Sofia about his involvement with Nikos. As the two are finishing lunch Nick comes in and joins them. Matt leaves and Nick sits down. Nick knows Matt talked bad about him but Sofia told Nick she set Matt straight; but she also told Nick to take it easy on Matt because he has some problems. Nick wonders what problems he could have and Sofia mentions it has something to do about Alexander. Nick thinks back to Jake telling him he needs to get inside information and asks Sofia about her conversation with Matt. Sofia told Nick Matt brought Alexander to town.

Joe was at the restaurant going through the mail. Paulina was surprised to see Joe at the restaurant but he told her he was not checking up on her. He brought Paulina to the kitchen and starts telling her he was so happy they are on the right track now. Paulina was too. Joe says it will all be okay now that she told the truth about taking the drugs the night of the fire. Paulina looks confused and says she never said that. Joe wonders what she apologized for the other night. Paulina told Joe she apologized for the way things turned out and she was sorry the house burned down because she knows how much Joe loved the house. The two begin to argue and again Joe wonders how he can overlook the evidence that points to Paulina being on drugs. Jake pops in and says Joe should take Paulina's word for it. Joe was furious Jake interfered and Jake says he knows about a lot of things because Paulina had to confide in someone. Paulina asks the two to stop talking like she wasn't even there and Jake apologizes to her if he made things worse. Before Jake leaves he told Paulina she can call day or night and that went for Vicky too. Joe can't believe Paulina talked to Jake and Vicky about their problems. He says that was just another difference between them- Carlino's leave family matters in the family. Pauline says she thought she was a Carlino. Paulina also told Joe she had to talk to someone because she can't talk to him anymore and she went back into the restaurant. Joe went back to looking through the mail and Paulina brought him a coffee. We see them trying to want to talk to each other but giving up before either says anything. Joe told Paulina he'll be back early for dinner and Paulina says little to him. When Joe leaves Paulina notices a box of flowers on the counter she assumes they are from Joe and was very happy to see them. She opens the box and sees a dozen yellow roses, the note was from Jake (who sent two dozen yellow roses to Vicky with no note attached). Paulina calls Jake to thank him and says she can't stop smiling. Jake told her he was glad and that she needs to smile more often. Paulina apologizes to Jake for Joe's behavior but Jake told her not to worry about it. As Jake hangs up he turns around and Joe comes into Jake's office. Joe told Jake to stay away from Paulina and out of their lives. Jake tries to defend Paulina but Joe says he doesn't want to hear it because Jake does not know what it was like to live with an addict. Jake insists Joe needs to believe in his wife and Joe grabs Jake by the shirt and told him he doesn't know what he was talking about.

Felicia and Gary are having lunch together at The Harbor Club after an AA meeting. They talk about Felicia's feelings for Alexander and the fact that she misses having someone in her life. Felicia says the problem was that she went from John to Alexander and now she doesn't know how to be alone. Gary told Felicia he misses Josie and was worried about what their life will be like when Josie gets back. Gary also told Felicia about a friend who was an addict who swears she was not abusing; yet, there was evidence that contradicts this. Felicia told Gary addicts are the most convincing liars. Gary says he knows this but he still feels there was a missing piece. Felicia asks Gary for advice on how to go about finding someone. Gary says he'd love to help; but, Felicia told Gary she and Rachel want to find Wally on their own. Felicia told Gary she hopes finding Wally will also help her put closure on the Alexander chapter. When Felicia sees Gary was still worried about his friend she told him to go and help her. Gary does not want to leave Felicia alone; but Felicia told him she was meeting Cass. Gary notes that Felicia and Cass have been spending a lot of time together lately; but she says she was trying to make up for lost time because a lot of things went by the wayside while she and Alexander were together.

Grant tries to lure Cindy into telling him where she sent the bug pin by buying her a diamond ankle bracelet she was eyeing in a jewelry store. Cindy does not give into the temptation. Grant suddenly realizes he can find the pin without her help. Grant searches his desk and finds the radio; he turns it on and realizes the pin was at Carlino's. Cindy begs Grant to let her go and retrieve it. Grant doesn't feel he can trust his wife to return it to him; but Cindy assures Grant she will return it because she went down with him if anything happens to the pin. Grant and Cindy go to Carlino's. Grant leaves Cindy and told her to make sure she gets the pin. He leaves to run an errand. Cindy enters Carlino's as Paulina opens the letter containing the pin.

Gary went by Carlino's before Paulina opened the mail to apologize to Paulina for the incident with the apartment. Paulina told Gary there was no need to apologize because she and Joe would have argued about something else. Gary notices the flowers and says at least Joe was trying to reach out to her; but Paulina told him the flowers are from Jake. Gary told Paulina maybe she has to make the first move. She says there doesn't seem to be any hope because Joe believes she took the pills and caused the fire, no matter how many times she says she hasn't had a pill since rehab or a drink since the pilot light incident. Paulina wishes there were a way to find out how the pill bottle got in the house and why the lab test showed drugs in her system. Gary says maybe there was a way and that he would help her. Paulina thanks him and thinks this great. Gary went by the precinct and asks Adams to pull the Carlino fire file. Grant overhears the two.

Friday, January 23, 1998

While Cass and Felicia are having lunch at The Harbor Club, Felicia can't seem to get Alexander Nikos off her mine, which was beginning to bore Cass who flat out told her, she needs to quit mooning over a man who almost killed Rachel and Carl and has done nothing but bring danger into her life. But Felicia won't listen and Cass walks off leaving her to dine alone. Meanwhile Nick and Sofia come over to talk to Felicia about their upcoming wedding, but Nick has something more in mind. So when Sofia excuses herself for a minute, Nick starts to question Felicia about her involvement with Alexander and what role did Matt Cory play in his coming to BayCity. Felicia wonders what's his sudden interest and thinks that Nick was fishing because he was still jealous of Matt's involvement with Sofia. As Cass and Sofia return the foursome discuss Nick and Sofia's wedding, where Sofia reveals that she doesn't need Paulina's help with her wedding. Felicia told Sofia that she should let Paulina and Joe deal with their problems on their own and that she shouldn't let her family be torn apart by anything. Cass can't help through in his two cents by adding "like the Corys."

On the other side of town at Jake's office, Jake and Joe continue to go rounds as they argue over Joe's treatment of Paulina. Joe told Jake to stay out of his marriage and storms off, with Jake close behind him.

Meanwhile, Matt meets with Tyrone and ask him to be his corporate counsel for his new business venture. Which was marketing Shane's new drug behind his back. Tyrone states that he won't be involved in ripping off Shane to make money off of others and wonders why Matt doesn't enlist Cass since he's the Cory Family Lawyer. Matt told Tyrone he's reluctant to have Cass on-board because of his involvement with Carl. Tyrone told Matt he will have to think about it and warns Matt not to tell anyone about this current information.

Back at Carlino's just as Paulina's about to open the envelope that contains the brooch, Cindy rushes in and told her that she needs it back. When Paulina questions why, Cindy told Paulina some off the wall story about why she needs the Dragonfly brooch back. Sensing that Cindy isn't giving her the real story, Paulina refuses to hand it over until she gets the truth. A frustrated Cindy leaves and went home to find Grant listening to Gary and Paulina discussing the ramifications of Paulina and Cindy's friendship. Gary flat out ask Paulina if she trust Cindy and does she think Cindy may have had something to do with the fire. Paulina refuses to believe that Cindy was involved but considers Grant maybe involved considering he'll do anything to keep her from testifying against him. Grant was unnerved upon hearing this, but Cindy comes up with an idea and told Grant that she'll get the pin back if he writes her a blank check. Still rattled to learn that Paulina and Gary are investigating the fire Grant moves quickly to steal the records on the Carlino fire. Then after hearing Gary asking to see the records at the police station on the Carlino fire, Grant orders the records to be sealed. Upon learning this Gary wonders what Grant could be hiding.

Jake follows Joe to a nearby bar and gets Joe to sit down and talk about his marital problems, but not before almost getting into a fist fight that Matt and Tyrone rush to breakup. As the two men discuss Joe and Paulina's marriage over a pitcher of beer, Joe realizes that Jake has some good points and heads home to makeup with Paulina.

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