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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on PC
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Monday, January 19, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Susan Stanfield

Joe meets Karen; she has made dinner and lit candles and a fire in the fireplace. This is all very romantic. Lucy meets Eve at the hospital; Eve told Lucy that the Boys (Kevin and Scott) have gone to Oakwood Mental Hospital where Rex was once a patient when he was young. Lucy told Eve that she needs to talk to Kevin because Rex has asked her to marry him. Eve looks shocked and concerned.

Kevin and Scott are in a deep discussion with Rex's doctor; his opinion of Rex? "I remember thinking... Now this may not sound very professional... That boy is just plain evil."

Meanwhile, Rex is ordering flowers for the woman of his dreams, "No,... it's three dozen long stem red roses, waiting for Lucy Coe in her hotel room when she returns. Yes, that's the Port Charles Hotel. And sign the card, 'Crazy for you. Love Rex' " He hangs up, takes a sip of his tea, and sighs, "Ahhh".

Kevin and Scott continue to question the doctor, especially about another patient in a picture with Rex they notice hanging on the wall. The doctor remembered that the two were close, but can't remember the name of the fellow. He is then called away. "Well, he was long in opinion and short on information." Kevin snorts. Scott reaches up and steals the picture from the wall, stating he wants a souvenir and the gift shop is closed. Lucy explains that she needs Eve to contact Kevin ASAP. She can't weigh a marriage proposal without consulting her fiancée first. Eve sees her point. So do I, I think.... "Ask him to meet me on the roof."

Chris's father calls him and Chris asks him how much money he needs now? Too much that's for sure. Chris explains that he used all the insurance money on the tuition. Now he's broke. After he hangs up, he calls his Dad, a jerk.

Joe told Karen that she is incredible, "We aim to please..." She unplugs the phone. No more distractions. She turns on very seductive music and moves in for the......yes! Finally. Whoowe! Too hot... clothes here.... There, everywhere.. Major kissing here... too passionate to describe. Especially if this page is rated. Ohhhhhh, Nooooooo! You'll never guess. In the throws of major foreplay, Karen opens her eyes and see the fire in the fireplace going absolutely crazy, spreading beyond the fireplace. "We have a fire!" The alarm went off; Joe rushes to put it out. Karen runs for water, and splashes Joe right on his chest and pants. "Oh my, I'm sorry."

Chris meets his attorney, Dave and asks for a $5,000 advance on the final settlement of the insurance payment. Apparently this Lawyer is swindling Chris out of the insurance money by taking a very large chunk of it. He told Chris that the accident was legitament and the he did what any attorney would do under the circumstance. He then told Chris to cut back. The discussion ends with, "Just to show you I'm a nice guy, I'll loan you $1,000 and that's all." Chris accepts but then realizes that he absolutely must get the Quartermaine Fellowship. Now, he doesn't have a choice. Poor Chris, maybe he should tell his Dad to cut back, or maybe get a job, or maybe just tell him to buzz off.

Joe finishes putting out the fire; the Firetruck sirens are in the background. There stand Karen and Joe without their tops on. Winston and the Firemen rush in to discover.... Everything. "We put it out." The building has a central alarm hooked to the station. They hand Karen her sweater, which was too close to the fire. That's what started it they say. No embers present so the firemen leave. Joe and Karen look at each other, "Well you wanted our first time to be special." Then they begin to finish what they started. No not that fire, the other one... Finally they make love at last.

Scott and Kevin meet Lucy on the roof and tell her all. She told them about Rex's proposal. Kevin's reaction? "I'll rip his lungs out." Lucy: "No, no you can't do that, because I'm going to say yes." Both men look at each other in dismay. Kevin erupts, "N-o, spells no." Scott agrees with Lucy. "I'll do anything to protect Serena." "You're not even thinking clearly. He's dangerous. I'm not trying to control you, I want you to control yourself." Trouble, I smell trouble....

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Susan Stanfield

Julie complements Chris for saying such nice things in the article about Matt. Matt is evasive and showing modesty over the article. Downplaying the article. Eve ribs Chris about Matt possible getting the Quartermaine Fellowship. "He's got it all, doesn't he? Success, fame a girlfriend and the Quartermaine all sewed up but no hard feelings, right Chris." "He doesn't have it yet." Chris matter-of- factly and smiles.

Serena has a nightmare about being kept away from Scott. In her dream a male voice say, "Serena can't see her father, not ever. Not ever." She awakes, screaming "Daddy!" When she is more awake she shouts for her grandma (Gale), who comes running. Serena told her she's been having a nightmare and the man said she could never go home. "What man?" Gale asks. "The kidnapper!" Serena moans. Gale coaxes and soothes Serena into telling her more about the kidnapper. But I thought you said that you stayed with a woman with very long dark hair." "I did, Serena explains, "but there was also a man, I watched him through the door."

Joe calls in sick in order to stay home in bed with Karen. They make love most of the day. "You should be ashamed of yourself, lying to get out of work." Karen laughs.

Ellen compliments Chris for his contribution on the article about Matt, "You surprise me, Dr Ramsey." Then she lets him know that Joe Scanlon called in sick and that he would have to cover for him.

Gale told Scott about the nightmare and Serena's memory coming back about the kidnapping. Scott arranges to bring Kevin over after school.

Jake has to call Joe about one of his patients, because he can't read his handwriting.

Winston lets Ellen know of their mother's condition. Then he let it slip about the fire at Grace's house. Ellen told him that she will run over on her lunch break and get some of their mother's things so that she can walk around.

Grace pages Joe, for Jake. Joe calls in to talk to Jake. Then Karen suggests that they take a shower.

Scott arrives at Gale's to see Serena. "Hey pumpkin! I heard you've had a bad dream." "Yes Daddy. It's that dark man who kidnapped me and I can't come home again. I want to come home Daddy. When can I come home?" "As soon as the Jury says so." "But you didn't take me that bad man did!" "What's this about a bad man I thought you said it was a lady?" "I forgot about him, Daddy." "Tell me about him." "Okay, well I've been dreaming about him and I'm scared he's gonna take me again." "No one is going to take you." He askes her to tell him in more detail about the dream. But she gets frightened again when he asks her what he looked like.

Grace and Matt have a private conversation about having dinner and if she ever thought he couldn't hack it as a surgeon. She admits that she had had her doubts about the chair, but Matt admires her for being straight with him. Matt told Chris it was real big of him what he said in the article.

Ellen went to her mother's house to get her mother's things only to discover Joe in Karen's room. "So you're sick, huh?"

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Dr. Burgess is livid when she discovers Joe at Karen's place. "You had better be at the hospital by the time I get there" Ellen hisses.

Kevin meets Scott and they discuss Serena's nightmares and her memory problem. Kevin suggests hypnosis to assist her in remembering the kidnapper's identity. Scott: "No way! Nobody is hypnotizing my kid." Kevin tries to convince him that this may be the best way. Eve told Kevin that Lucy wants them to go to dinner at Mario's again and make 'goo goo' eyes at each other. Scott asks them both to be very careful around Rex, and reminds them how dangerous he really is. "Yeah well you what? So am I. Alright?" Eve states angrily, "I would love to get my hands on him and just tear him apart, limb for limb; for what he's doing to Serena. Anyone who abuses a child deserves to suffer," said Eve. (You go girl!)

Lark overhears a message from Julie to Frank; inviting him out to dinner. When Frank comes into the room He asks her how school is going and she explains to him how rough Algebra is. He offers to help. Lark then smiles and expresses how much she appreciates everything he has been doing and that she wants to repay him by preparing a spaghetti dinner for him. She then runs off to get dinner fixings and a movie.

Chris ribs Eve about dating Kevin, as he is doing so, Joe rushes in and explains is a rush that he is now able to work and is relieving Chris. Chris is surprised begins to question him so Joe explains quickly and apologizes for the inconvenience. "I owe you one." Joe and Karen are both in serious trouble with Dr. Burgess, she told him to act like he wants to keep this job.

As Frank assists Lark with her algebra homework, Julie comes in and is surprised that he isn't ready for dinner. So Frank invites her to join them in the spaghetti dinner Lark has prepared. Lark rented the movie Ransom and Frank thinks that Julie might be upset by it and told Lark that he doesn't think that particular movie was a good idea, and explains why. Julie interjects and says, "Me, miss a chance to watch Mel Gibson? Forget about it". Lark was not aware of the kidnapping and appears genuinely concerned.

Scott told Gail about Kevin's suggestion to hypnotize Serena. Gail thinks this might be a good idea. She explains how it might actually help her to deal with all the pent up fear and post traumatic stress disorder. Scott asks Serena to try to remember her dream and she becomes very agitated and cries, "I cant, I try but I can't!"

Dr Burgess talks to Joe and compliments him on his great ability as a doctor. Then explains how irresponsible his actions were and that this type of activity will take the Quartermaine Fellowship out of his reach. "Don't give less than 100%," she scolds. I won't, he apologizes again. As Ellen walks away, Matt comes and expresses his sympathy and concern for Joe. He gives Joe some sound advice on how to continue in his career.

Lark, Frank and Julie watched the movie and ate popcorn after dinner. After Lark retires to bed, Frank suggests he and Julie make out with a smile.

At Mario's restaurant that evening, Rex seems to truly be smitten with Lucy, not that he trusts her. Lucy accepts Rex's proposal at dinner, then promptly sits on his lap, and kisses him. During dinner, Kevin stands up, takes Eve in his arms and kisses her passionately, surprising both her and Lucy. Rex notices this and watches Lucy's reaction (which isn't good).

Thursday, January 22, 1998

As the interns prepare for their pediatric rotation, Chris invites several of his co-workers to dinner at his place. Accepting congratulations on his engagement from the members of his household staff, Rex cheerfully contemplates a future with the conniving woman of his dreams. Meanwhile, Lucy pays a surprise visit to the lighthouse and is irked to find Kevin just walking in from an apparent all-nighter with Eve. Though Kevin explains how he spent the night at the library researching methods of recovering memory in pre-adolescent children like Serena, a jealous Lucy accuses him of using their situation to enjoy himself in another woman's arms. Scotty reconsiders his stand against hypnosis following a talk with Eve. Over dinner at Mario's, Julie and Frank discuss their rocky relationship with the volatile teenager currently living under their roof. Annoyed to see Frank sitting with Julie at one of the tables in her station, Lark gives the intern the cold shoulder while waiting on her and her date. While Kevin complains to Eve about his fiancée's impulsive behavior, Scotty commiserates with Lucy about her boyfriend's stubborn streak. During their evening together, Chris repeatedly attempts to engage Matt in conversation about his mysterious past. Scotty finally gives Kevin permission to hypnotize his daughter.

Friday, January 23, 1998

Lucy became uncomfortable with Rex's pushy attitude about the wedding and was no longer certain that she could keep him at bay with regard to becoming intimate. Meanwhile, Kevin hypnotized Serena in the hope that she would remember the specifics about her recurring dream involving her kidnapping. At the end of her session with Kevin, a clearly disturbed Serena was able to see the face of the man who kidnapped her. Joe and Karen arrived early for work and hoped to make a good impression on Dr. May, the head of their new pediatric rotation. Karen and Joe arrived too early for the meeting and then talked themselves into making love on the hospital roof. In the process, Joe and Karen locked themselves out on the roof and by the time a janitor found them, they were already late for the meeting with Dr. May. Dr. May then said that sex was the only excuse for late arrivals. Chris called the high school that Matt claimed to have attended and learned that Matt had been a transfer student. Chris asked about Matt's athletic career and the guidance counselor at the school said that Matt was already in a wheelchair when he attended school there. Chris then called the high school where Matt had transferred from and learned that no one there remembered Matt Harmon.

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