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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on PC
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Monday, January 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Susan Stanfield

Upon Rex's request, Lucy meets Rex for drinks; Lucy launches into her nervous banter, "a little early to be celebrating, Don't you think? The jury isn't in on Scott yet." Rex: Well, I'm Optimistic." Changing the subject, Ah well besides you know you're the cause of my health kick lately. Because of those health pills you've given me. I'm kinda not imbibing" She went on to explain that she has come up with a name for his product; "Orient D-stress" Rex likes it, smiles and then told her the real reason he asked her here. "I have a personal question to ask you. I was worried about the reaction between the herbal remedy you are taking and my pills, so I asked my chemist. To my surprise they are fertility enhancers, is there something your not telling me Lucy are you still hung up on Dr. Collins???" Now this is Lucy so listen to this...."No, oh no. Kevin, no. Its really very simple. You see I still want to have children and I want to be ripe and ready when Mr. Right does POP UP." (Yes , she actually said that. She blunders on to make sure that Rex believes her and adds that Kevin is seeing someone else. A Nobody she doesn't know who. She then invites him to have dinner with her and he accepts. She then rushes off the tie up loose ends.

Ellen and Winston meet at the hospital outside if the operating room; "Winston, Mother is stabilized, they are just finishing the surgery." Then Winston went into this snotty, prejudice attitude "including the Doctor in the chair??" Ellen accuses him with, "Prejudice comes in may different forms", well said.

Scotty brought Katherine to meet Serena, and introduces her as her, "Aunt Katherine".

Meanwhile Lucy rushes over to Eve's apartment to enlist her in this new scheme. Eve is hesitant at first. But of course Lucy talks and talks her into it. While she's there, Kevin returns her call. Lucy then describes the situation and what the new scheme is: Listen, You've got to take Eve to dinner tonight." Of course Kevin is also a bit hesitant at this but finally agrees to it. After he hangs up, Kevin: "the things I do for love."

Back at the restaurant with Scott and Katherine, Serena asks her to 'tell me all about my mommy....' Katherine smiles and told her a bit, then the nanny takes Serena away. Scott asks Katherine to his place to discuss Rex...

Ellen is caught off guard when Winston recalls that Ellen always hated hospitals. This triggers a memory flash of a very young Ellen and her Mommy at the hospital and how Mommy gently coaxed her baby girl to allow the doctors to stitch up a wound. Ellen seemed to Winston as if very sad. 'Don't worry Momma will be alright.' 'Yes I know', Ellen says knowingly and smiles. She still carries the little golden doe her mother gave her on that very day.

Eve in a rush to get ready for this dinner date with Kevin, has a hard run in with Lark. Who tried on the very dress Eve was going to wear. Julie tried to intervene but Lark was already a bit too angry....she ran up stairs to take the dress off. Julie told Eve she shouldn't have been so hard on her. Later Lark came downstairs with the dress and scissors, and she added some well placed slits and smiled.... Kevin arrives, and Eve comes downstairs in the little black dress only to discover that it has these slits... oh I can't wear this and she runs upstairs to change... Lark smiles again.....

Matt comes out of the O R to tell Ellen and Winston that their mother is going to be fine...

Scotty and Katherine discuss Rex and she told him everything she knows about Rex, but she was just a little girl then and Rex had already been in and out of the mental hospitals.

Meanwhile, Rex and Lucy are engaged in dinner and the usual Lucy repartee. She heavily flirting and him panting.... when Kevin...and Eve; who is wearing a sleek red dress and looking very fine, walk in... look out! Lucy is turning green already... and of course Rex notices as well... Careful here...

Katherine recalls an episode when she and Dominique were playing and Rex got very rough shod and nasty with her, grabbing her by the arm...and refusing to let go, to the point where Dominique ran to get her mother. Rex and Katherine's mother engaged in a horrible fight where Rex was eventually carted off to the Mental Hospital---again. Dominique and Katherine used to accompany them on their visits, but she couldn't remember the name of the hospital, but she knew it wasn't Forest Hills...But she knows someone who would...The caretaker at Serenity, Mr. Redfield. He hates Rex. Rex used to poison his cats....

Back to the dinner... Lucy told Rex she is finally ready to find another someone like him... They begin to discuss how people react to them, personally and about gossips, what people say and have said in the past about them. My goddess I think they're bonding here... Rex seems to really be falling for it/her. Then Lucy moves on as she does...Those pills you've been giving me are really making me tingle right here in my forehead. Rex then has a momentary lapse in his lower-consciousness because he takes the pills from her and decides not to poison her after all..(Go Figure)This batch has been recalled, too much ginseng but, I don't think you've taken enough to hurt you though,

Rex's phone rings "ohh, isn't that interesting...well take some notes and fax them over to my office." the scene end with Lucy and Rex smiling endearingly into each others eyes and holding hands....

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Susan Stanfield

In order to keep Rex busy so that she can search Rex's Mansion; Lucy gets Eve to keep his attention focused on her. Eve agrees.

Julie promises Lark that she will take her shopping after she complains about not having any nice clothes. However, Julie later finds that due to circumstances beyond her control, she can't do it. Not good! So she tell Lark that she will call Windham's and have one of their personal shoppers bring over several sweaters in her size. Lark is pleased.

The photo shoot is going strong with Eve decked out in Marilyn Monroe Attire. She recreates the scene from 'The Seven Year Itch', (WOW! Eve can give ANY woman a good run and she sure proves it here) just as the photo shoot begins. Lucy is sure that her scheme is working. Rex is enjoying the show, immensely in fact. Lucy pretends to have lost a favorite bracelet and makes a get away.

Kevin makes sure that Scott is aware of Lucy's scheme, as they make their way to Serenity. Mr. Redfield, the caretaker, told them all he knows of Rex. His take on Rex is that he is the embodiment of pure EVIL.

Rex is called by his security head, and told that Lucy is inside the Stanton Mansion.

Julie finds Lark has stolen some of the sweaters that the personal shopper brought. She told her that they must be returned immediately.

When Rex suddenly disappears from the photo shoot, Eve panics.

Lark is furious over Julie returning the sweaters.

Rex walks in on Lucy in his bedroom.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Rex arrives home unexpectedly and catches Lucy at his place, all dress in sheik black, including gloves. The excuse she uses? 1) She thinks she left her bracelet in his bedroom; he doesn't buy that one; she's never been in his bedroom. So onto... 2) She came to surprise him. How, you ask? "I was going to surprise you by getting in your bed so you could come home and find me under your covers," she blurts out, then adds "but now you've gone and ruined it." (Now with that revelation, would any red-blooded male react any different? Come on Lucy, this is Rex-the-Psycho.) Rex enjoying the 'Cat and Mouse game', grins and comes on strong! However, he gives her an out when she fauns shyness! (Lucy, shy? As if!) He suggests she take her clothes off in the bathroom. Okay, she'll buy that one, and darts for the door. She tosses all the towels out the window. It looks like Lucy has more bedroom trouble than she bargained for; Rex is waiting patiently on the bed.

Joe and Julie discuss the problems with Lark. Julie finally admits Eve was right about how difficult Lark is going to be.

Ellen explains to Matt, that during her mother's surgery, she had a rush of memories. Then she relates the story about how her mother calmed her when she needed stitches, "Just remember how it felt when the deer tickled your nose, at the petting zoo, and it will be all right." She showed Matt the Deer, she still carries, and added that she wished her mother were the same woman she used to be back then.

Lucy tries to escape Rex's clutches by sending him for champagne. However, he just waits to catch her trying to escape. She told him there are no towels in his bathroom, and that she simply must wrap up its so cold. So he hand her a white terry cloth robe. This should keep you warm, then he kisses her deeply.

Joe talks to Lark, trying to understand her motives. And tell her what Julie expects from her as a houseguest. Lark told him a sad story about how her mother ripped up all her clothes.

As Ellen enters her mother's room, Alice calls her "sweet pea," her pet name when she was eight. Alice then begins to relate an 'out-of-body' experience and a dream she had during surgery. Remarkably it is the same story of the stitches and the deer. Ellen get teary eyed. Alice told Ellen she probably doesn't remember, and she says, "I remember."

When Lucy comes out of the bathroom in the robe, Rex is waiting for her. After a grappling match, Lucy asks where the champagne is. Rex went to fetch it from the fridge it wasn't chilled enough. Trying madly to escape, Lucy dashes to the window and opens it, but the alarm went off. Rex comes into the room to see what is amiss and discovers Lucy in a panic. She is flustered and is about to use that as an excuse to leave when she notices that in her earlier rush she left the picture/door to the safe ajar. Oops!

Ellen removes the deer from her pocket and hands it to her mother, "I want you to take it now." "I guess Samuel didn't help you through medical school as he promised, now did he?", Alice asked smugly. Ellen wipes away tears and told her mother, that no, he didn't; because he died before he finished law school. Alice is taken by surprise and asked, "why didn't you tell me." "I tried," Ellen states flatly and leaves the room before Alice can respond.

Joe relates everything Lark had told him, to Julie and that he believes that a little patience will pay off. Julie agrees that once she feels secure Lark will calm down. Meanwhile Lark prances downstairs and after surveying the area for security, lights up a joint and states flatly, "Lets see what this does for my attitude."

Lucy kisses Rex and pushes him up against the wall closing the safe. Then abruptly changes moods, states she simply isn't ready for all this right now. A slight argument insues, however, Rex finally relents and she darts to the bathroom for a quick change. While she is 'changing', Rex makes a quick call to security and requests the security tape of his room, but they tell him that the power surge erased it. Blast! Lucy almost immediately comes out fully clothed, makes her "Ta's" and leaves. Once that door shuts, she actually runs away. Inside, whiley Rex smiles...

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Photo Courtesy of ABC Daytime Joe finds Karen asleep in the on-call room. They start to kiss, but are interrupted by Chris. Lucy told Eve that she needs to set up a meeting with Scott and Kevin. Meanwhile, Scott and Kevin go to Oak Park to try and find Kevin's admission file, but come up with nothing. The interns talk about the weirdest places they've made love. Ellen told her mother what happened to Sam, and they get closer to making up. Joe and Karen decide to make love in the on-call room shower, but the shower is broken. Then, they decide to go to Karen's house, but are put on double shifts. Chris decides to discover why Matt is so secretive about his past. Scott and Kevin realize Rex may have been admitted to Oak Wood, not Oak Park.

Friday, January 16, 1998

Scott and Kevin learned that Rex had been a patient at Oakwood Mental Hospital, but the Admissions Clerk was unable to tell them anything else. The clerk recommended that they return at the beginning of the week and speak with Dr. Clemmons, who had been one of Rex's attending physicians. There was, however, a photo on the wall that showed Rex dressed as an orderly. Rex told Rollins that he was now convinced that Lucy was on his side. Rex was surprised to find himself truly falling in love with Lucy and he had a fantasy about ruling an empire with her at his side. Later, Rex gave Lucy a bottle of pills with an emerald engagement ring buried inside. Against his better judgment, Matt went ahead with the newspaper interview. Chris eavesdropped on Matt and realized that he was hesitant to talk about information about his past. Joe and Karen were barely able to keep their hands off each other as they spent the day working together. Joe and Karen made plans to see each other after work, but their hopes fell when Joe was paged just as their shifts at the hospital were ending.

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