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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on SB
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Monday, January 12, 1998

After hearing Vanessa's screams, everyone went to Vanessa's aid. They all seen Jade's body and went back to the house. Everyone tried to stay calm, but then Amy brought up that maybe the killer is among them...

Cole found out from the bartender where Caitlin was headed. As he was about to go, Ricardo stopped him and asked him once again if he knew where Jade was. Coel said no, and Ricardo warned him, for Paula and Elaine's sake, do not go back to his old ways.

Caitlin confessed to Annie that she lost the baby in the accident and can no longer have children. Annie and Caitlin went to a coffee shop. Coel showed up and asked a homeless person if he had seen Caitlin...a blond pregnant girl. The old man said yes, but that she surely didn't look pregnant, in fact she had a nice figure. He also told Cole she was with a red headed woman.

Caitlin and Annie discussed Caitlin's options. Caitlin showed her her pregnancy pillow and told her how she has deceived Cole. Annie kept thinking that this is good to have Caitlin in her corner. Cole shows up and spots Caitlin....

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

After Tim found the bloody fishhook in Mark's bag, Tim suspected that Mark was the killer. Mark ran out of the house to find the real killer. Casey and Michael went after him. Looking for food in the kitchen, Sean found Jade's purse, which contained priceless jewels, and his credit card. All the lights went out in the house...downstairs, Virginia heard a voice, she seen that Mark's camera had recorded something from on the boat, it was Elizabeth, she thought nothing of it. The killer came in and grabbed the fishhook, and stepped up behind Virginia. Michael and Casey returned without Mark and the killer hid. Upstairs, Meg, Gabi and Vanessa searched for blankets for them all to sleep downstairs. Michael found them and they all went downstairs. Sean showed them what was in Jade's purse, Meg concluded that Jade stole her ring, not found it. Michael and Casey went back out to search for Mark, Vanessa and Meg went as well, without anyone knowing. Tim, Sean, Vanessa, Gabi and Amy stayed behind. Amy found Mark's camera, as they all watched the videotape, they seen the masked person attacking Elizabeth. Vanessa's light went out, so she went back to the house, Meg was about to go behind her when she heard some noise, she called out Mark's name, unbeknownst to her, the masked person was watching her...

Annie spilled soda on Caitlin so that Caitlin could go to the bathroom without Cole noticing she didn't have her pregnancy pillow in. Cole asked Annie what they were talking about, Annie lied saying that Caitlin asked her to be in her wedding party. In the bathroom, Caitlin practiced telling Cole the truth, as she is tired of lying. Annie told her that after talking to Cole, maybe it isn't best to tell him, she may lose him. While Cole went to get the car, Caitlin told Annie that she is glad to have her on her side, and can't wait to see how Annie will find a baby for her. Annie wonders how she is going to get a baby, Caitlin is really counting on her, and she can't let her down...she needs Caitlin's support for her inheritance.

Gregory gives Eddie an assignment, and tries to get him to watch Olivia while he's at Bette's, but Eddie refuses too. Bette waltzes in and told Gregory that the only way he will win Olivia back is if he backs off a bit...

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Annie's House
Gregory apologizes to Olivia for nearly hitting her. When he says that he was out of his mind with pain, Olivia says that the way that they love each other will always lead to pain for those they love. Olivia overhears Gregory acting out teaching their son to play golf and then they reminisce about Olivia's pregnancy with Caitlin. Olivia told Gregory that alcohol led her to do her share to ruin their marriage. Gregory tries once again to initiate a reconciliation by asking if he can hold Olivia for a little while. They kiss. When Olivia breaks off the kiss, Gregory gives her a goodnight kiss and then leaves. After Olivia closes the door, Gregory congratulates himself on his progress toward winning Olivia back.

Meg's Island
When Tim accuses Mark of being the killer, Gabi insists that he's wrong. Tim told Gabi that Mark has never taken to him, and Gabi says that it's because Mark was being protective of Meg. Gabi re-watches the tape, determined to find something on it that will prove that Mark isn't the killer. She also begins to convince Sean that Mark isn't the killer. Tim can't find Meg in the house, so he went after her. When she can't find Vanessa, Virginia, picking up a knife, says that Vanessa may need her help and leaves the house. While looking for Mark, Casey and Michael discuss whether he killed Jade. Casey and Michael find Grogan's boat - complete with a puddle of Elizabeth's blood. When Vanessa's flashlight went out, she realizes that Meg has disappeared. Vanessa wanders away from where she and Meg had been and falls down into a hole. Meg continues looking for Mark while being stalked by the killer. Just as the killer is about to get Meg, Mark appears and the killer retreats into the shadows. Mark told Meg that he's not going to go back until he can prove that he's not the killer. Meg and Mark each insist that the other has to return to the house. Mark professes his love for Meg, which began the day she poured her heart out to him on the pier when she first came to Sunset Beach. In an effort to get him to go back to the house, Meg gets Mark to admit that he loves Gabi. Unfortunately, then Tim arrives and accuses Mark of murdering Jade. Casey and Michael return to the house and tell Sean, Amy and Gabi that they found Grogan's boat, and Sean, Amy and Gabi tell Casey and Michael about the videotape that shows Elizabeth being killed. Sean, Amy, Casey, Michael and Gabi return to the boat. Vanessa climbs out of the hole and collapses at Virginia's feet. Virginia helps Vanessa up and Vanessa finds that she hurt her ankle when she fell. Virginia told Vanessa that Elizabeth was murdered on the boat and that the murder was caught on tape. Virginia starts telling Vanessa that no one is safe on the island and then lashes out at her with the knife. Meg wavers in her belief in Mark when Tim says that they saw Elizabeth's murder on the videotape. When Mark tries to leave, Tim tackles him. While the two grapple, Meg leaves to find Casey, with the killer in hot pursuit. Michael arrives and breaks up Mark and Tim's fight and tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Tim that Mark is innocent. Tim told Michael that Vanessa came out with Meg to look for Mark. Casey, Sean, Amy and Gabi arrive at the boat. When they see the blood on the porthole that the killer shoved Elizabeth out of, they realize that the sharks that they saw were eating Elizabeth's body. When Amy finds a radio on the boat, Casey says that he and Michael tried it and found that it doesn't work. Meg returns to the house and went upstairs to look for the others. The murderer follows her into the house. After searching the upstairs, Meg finally realizes that none of her friends are in the house. Meanwhile, the killer makes sure that the doors and windows to the house are locked and snuffs out the candles and then begins climbing the stairs toward Meg. Meg realizes that she's being stalked and locks herself in one of the bedrooms. The killer jiggles the doorknob a little and, just as Meg starts to relax, jabs the fishhook through the door.

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Virginia killed a snake that was about to bite Vanessa. Vanessa and Virginia had a heart to heart, acknowledging that they will both be in Michael's life. On the boat, they decided to stay there until the tide comes in, which should be in 2 hours. Michael said he was going to find Vanessa and Virginia first. Gabi sneaks off the boat to find Mark. Mark found Gabi. Gabi told him about Grogan's boat, he told her to go back but she refused to leave without him. When he asked why, she told him she cared for him. He told her he was staying on the island to clear his name, she asked him if that was more important than his life... Michael and Tim found Vanessa and Virginia. Michael carried Vanessa to the boat while Virginia and Tim went to find Meg. At the house, the killer, who followed Meg into the house chopped down the door to the bedroom in which she was hiding behind. She opened a window to make it look as though she had gone out it when she was really hiding in the armoire. Once she thought the killer had left, she came out and was about to go downstairs when the masked maniac jumped out and grabbed her. She hit him in the face and she ran downstairs, as she did so, she fell. When she got back up, the masked maniac was behind her again, she tried to go out the front door, but couldn't because he jammed it with a knife where she couldn't reach. She ran into the kitchen where he grabbed her and started to choke her... Tim and Virginia busted the door in, the heard a scream, Tim went upstairs thinking Meg was up there and Virginia went to the kitchen. Virginia went after the masked maniac with a knife, but he threw her to the ground where she hit her head. He went back after Meg...cornered her on the table and began to choke her. Casey found keys to start up the boat, as he put the key in, he is unaware that when he starts the boat, there is a bomb rigged up to go off in 5 minutes...

Alex gives Tyus a check to donate to the free clinic he helps out in. She tells him she is leaving to go to work. She also asks him to take care of Olivia and Gregory's baby, that the baby will bring them together. He says okay, but as she leaves, he mumbles that Gregory would be livid if he found out Cole may be the father.

Olivia is there to pack up some more things, when Gregory sees her, he believes that she is back for good. Olivia gives into Gregory's passes when he tells her she belongs there and that he loves her. The two are about to make love when someone is at the door. Gregory answers it, it's Alex who says goodbye to Gregory as well as Olivia telling them she is going back to work in the gulf. Gregory kisses Alex goodbye on the lips, as he escorts her out the door. When he looks back at Olivia, she's nowhere to be found.

Friday, January 16, 1998

Cole asked Caitlin why of all people, would she choose Annie to be in her bridal party. Caitlin just said she was a good friend. Cole asked Caitlin where she really went with Tim that day because Gregory denied having been with her. Caitlin lied and said she was doing a surprise for him, and that Tim was in on it. Cole wanted to touch the baby and feel it move, but Caitlin told him the baby wasn't moving. He asked her to get an appointment with Dr. Robinson because he doesn't think it's normal for the baby not to move, and she does need a check-up. She told him she'd call him in the morning, and he left.

Annie looked at Del's will, including the part that says she must marry Gregory by June of this year. She thought to herself that having Caitlin on her side is a plus, and she will be the perfect person to bring her and Gregory together. Gregory showed up looking for Olivia, she wasn't there, so he said he'd wait. Annie was about to tell him about Caitlin when his phone rang. He had to go to Ben's office and get some papers Ben didn't file for the resort. Gregory asked Annie to tell him what was wrong with Caitlin. At that time, Caitlin barged in saying she needed Annie's help...Gregory asked for what. Annie covered saying it was plans for the wedding. Gregory left. Caitlin told Annie that Cole wants her to go see her ob-gyn as soon as possible. Annie told her to lie and say Tyus can't see her until next week, that will buy her some time. Caitlin asked Annie how she was going to find her a baby.

Cole waited for Ben to ask about a job. Gregory showed up, surprised to see Cole there. Cole said he was waiting for Ben to see about a job. Gregory told him that Ben was out on an island. Cole left. As he left, Gregory thought that it won't be much longer until Cole will be gone from Sunset Beach.

On the boat, Sean and Casey searched for a map of how to get back to Sunset Beach. While searching, Casey came across a box of explosives. Meanwhile, Amy was anxious and started the boat, which initiated the bomb, Casey realized this and made everyone get off the boat. Everyone got off safely and went back to the house. Mark admitted his feelings for Gabi, while she said she cared for him, but felt she wasn't good enough. He gave her a 200 year old British coin that Ben gave him for good luck. At the house, the masked maniac began to choke Meg, but she threw him off, he got her again, but Tim came down and stabbed the killer in the leg, the killer in return knocked Tim out. Meg knocked him out with a pan, as she was about to run, he grabbed her leg. Mark and Gabi arrived, Mark hit the masked killer with a stick, the than ran, with Mark in pursuit. Meg and Gabi revived Tim and Virginia. The rest of the crew arrived and Meg and Gabi told them the killer was there, and now Mark was after him... The killer, injured, limped his way through the woods, when he stopped, Mark jumped on him. They struggled, until the killer was about to kill Mark with the fish hook, Mark was able to unmask the killer... to his surprise (and ours) it was BEN!!!!!

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