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Monday, January 5, 1998

Richards' House
When Caitlin tries to break the news about her miscarriage gently, Cole assumes that she's having doubts. He then heads off Caitlin's apparent doubts by encouraging Caitlin to set a date for their wedding as soon as possible.

Caitlin told Cole that it would be best for her to stay in Gregory's home until after the "baby" comes. Cole isn't happy, but he agrees.

South Bay General
While Caitlin is looking at the babies in the nursery, she runs into Tyus, who told her that she's overdue for her appointment. Tyus asks about her "friend" and when she told him that her "friend" is definitely infertile, Tyus suggests that her "friend" adopt a baby.

Cole's Apartment
Cole calls Caitlin and, when she doesn't answer, assumes that Caitlin is taking a nap.

Ricardo comes to visit Cole to tell him that he got a report from the FBI about Jade and Cole told Ricardo that he hasn't seen Jade for over a year. Meg's Island
When Michael and Casey go to carry the bags up, they notice that Mark has disappeared. While they're collecting the bags, Grogan reminds them that he's their only way off the island.

We see hands pull a skull head mask and butcher's knife out of a duffel bag.

Jade told Casey that her company is called Dinners to Die For. She opens the cooler and discovers that the food hasn't been cooked.

When Meg picks up the phone, she gets a dial tone but then the dial tone disappears.

Michael told Vanessa scary stories. As they begin to get romantic, Casey and Vanessa come in.

Meg, Sean and Gabi notice that Mark's missing.

When Vanessa is looking for a coat, she's attacked by a dressmaker's dummy.

Mark resurfaces and told the others a story about a group of people who came to the house for a party who were all murdered. Mark says that the others should keep their eyes open for clues about the murders and he offers a prize to the first person to bring back a murder weapon.

Meg and Gabi go down to the basement together, where they find a doll hanging from a noose. They resolve that it's a practical joke and not to be frightened by it, but after they leave the room, the shadow of a figure grabs the body of the doll and pulls it off, leaving the head suspended in the noose.

Michael and Vanessa discover the dumbwaiter across the hall from their room, and when they open it, Casey's body falls out. Casey, who is fine, told Michael and Vanessa that he was investigating the dumbwaiter and it slammed shut on him. When he heard Michael and Vanessa coming, he decided to play dead to scare them.

While Meg and Gabi are in the kitchen, they hear a scratching noise coming from inside a pot. When they open it up, there's a motorized gag hand inside it.

When Virginia confronts Jade about her lack of cooking skills, Jade admits that she doesn't know how to cook, and Virginia offers to help her.

Sean is investigating the basement when he encounters a knife- wielding person in a skull mask. Sean pulls the mask off of the person and recognizes his attacker.

Meg and Gabi get increasingly uncomfortable, especially when Gabi tells Meg that she saw Mark researching the island at the Java Web.

Michael, Gabi and Vanessa notice that Sean's missing.

Meg is alone in the living room when Sean stumbles in with a knife sticking through the back of his sweater and collapses at Meg's feet.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

The Adoption Agency
Caitlin inquired about adopting a newborn and was frantic when she was told that it would be a year wait. She fled insisting that she couldn't wait that long. Outside, Caitlin saw a young pregnant lady that had came into the office earlier while she was there and left. When Caitlin saw how distraught the lady was, she approached her and asked if she was okay. The lady said no.

A Diner
The pregnant lady explained to Caitlin that her mother was sick and needed an operation that would cost ten thousand dollars. Her boyfriend had left her and there was no way she could care for her baby that was due at the end of the next month. This was just the stroke of luck Caitlin needed. Caitlin told the lady she could help her with both of her problems.

Annie and Bette's House
Cole complained to Olivia that Jade had wiped him out. Jade might even try to cash the check that Olivia had given him. Cole offered to take care of Jade if Olivia would give him the steamy video of him and Jade. Olivia claimed that he has nothing on her and she planned on keeping the tape. She suggested that he pay Jade a little visit on the island and bring back Sean when he came back. Bette and Eddie came in and interrupted them. Eddie had been injured on the job, and much to Olivia's dismay, Bette announced that he'd be staying with them until he had recovered.

Alone again, Cole questioned Olivia about her doctor's appointment. Olivia voiced her concern that Cole was becoming too attached to her baby. Cole didn't think he could live without ever knowing if the baby is his or not. Olivia said that if the baby was indeed his and he found out, he wouldn't be able to stay away and then he'd lose everything.

Cole told Bette that he feared if Olivia tried to go through with the divorce from Gregory that their affair would be revealed. Bette speculated that Olivia and Gregory would stay together. Eddie overheard them say to keep quiet because he was in the house. Eddie wondered what he just walked in on. He commented that Cole and Bette probably never even had an affair.

The Hospital
Olivia was delighted when her ultrasound showed that she was having a boy. Tyus commented that it seemed to him that she wanted to reconcile with Gregory. Olivia lamented that what she wanted to do and what she had to do were two entirely different things.

Terror Island
Meg's screams brought everyone in the house running. They all stood horrified looking at Sean lying on the floor with a knife in his back. Mark checked Sean and said he was dead. When Casey and Michael rushed to perform CPR, Sean jumped up and scared everyone. Meg, who had been extremely upset, was not amused by Sean and Mark's joke. Mark promised there would be no more tricks from him. Just then the door opened and a figure in black stumbled in smeared with blood. The figure turned out to be Tim who also had Amy in tow. The two of them had taken Gregory's speedboat to get to the island. Unfortunately, the tides caused Tim to wreck the boat and that's why he was bloodied. Meg was furious that Tim had came. She decided to take a walk to see if she could spot Ben. Meg was spooked, but unaware that she was being followed. Tim frightened her when he came up from behind. Tim explained that he had came to protect Meg. The two of them argue over Ben.

Back at the house, Meg suggested that everyone prepare for dinner. When Meg washed up for dinner, she took her engagement ring off and left in lying next to the kitchen sink.

Jade went out to pick fresh herbs in the garden when Virginia suggested that the soup needed to be spiced up. She was mumbling something about scamming Ben when she ran into Grogan. He was holding an axe and saying that he had to shut her up. Jade was scared, but he explained that she shouldn't say too much on the island. He said he was stuck at the island for the night because of the tides.

Someone mysteriously adds something to the soup.

Everyone but Jade and Grogan were eating the soup up. Tim casually kept making cracks about Ben. Meg told him to shut up or swim back to Sunset Beach.

(The hallucinations begin) Tim looked at Meg and saw blood running down her face. No one understood why he was insisting that she was bleeding and needed to be taken to a hospital. Vanessa was frightened when she looked in a mirror and saw herself transform into something very wrinkly and burnt looking.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

A Diner
When Caitlin offers cover the cost of Rachel's mother's operation and to provide a home for her baby, Rachel says that she needs the money right away, or they'll throw her mother out of the hospital. When Rachel says that she fears that giving her baby up would make her a bad person, Caitlin says that giving her baby to Caitlin would be the best thing she could do for the baby.

Gregory's Office
Gregory calls a meeting of the Liberty Corporation shareholders, but they're unable to locate Ben.

Annie tries to con Alex out of her Liberty Corporation shares, Alex refuses.

When no one can find Ben, Gregory cancels the meeting.

Tyus comes by to see Gregory, but, fearing what he'll say about Olivia, Bette stops him. Annie overhears Tyus promise Bette not to tell Gregory about Olivia's situation. After Tyus leaves them, Annie told Bette that she intends to find out what Olivia's secret is.

Alex shows Gregory her portfolio, including a picture of Jackson Harrison's dead body. Later, Tyus sees the picture of Jackson and flashes back to finding Jackson's body, but he told Alex and Gregory that, despite having lived in South Central at the time, he wasn't aware of the Grand Avenue gang war.

Annie's House
Eddie told Cole that he watched the videotape and threatens to show the tape to the Richardses. When Cole gets the tape away from Eddie and destroys it, Eddie told him that it was the wrong tape.

Cole's Apartment
Caitlin is looking for Cole's stash for the money when Cole arrives and told Caitlin that his stash has been stolen. Caitlin decides that Gregory stole Cole's stash and she leaves to do something about it.

Richards' House
Caitlin is in the process of stealing the $10,000 that she needs from Gregory's legal office, when Gregory walks in on her.

South Bay General
Tyus returns to his office and finds Annie sitting in his chair.

Meg's Island
Tim hallucinates that Meg's scalp is bleeding and that the blood is running down her face.

Vanessa hallucinates that she's been disfigured. When Michael tries to stop Vanessa's hallucinations, Virginia makes them worse by needling her about her mother.

Casey asks Mark if the hallucinations are another practical joke and Mark swears that it isn't.

Amy hallucinates that Sean is attacking her with a knife, and Mark hallucinates that the silverware on the table has turned into poisonous snakes.

Michael hallucinates that he's killing Jackson Harrison again. While Michael is reliving Jackson's death, Virginia comes over to comfort him.

Jade rifles through Sean's wallet and steals his gold card, then she pockets Meg's engagement ring. Jade went outside to open a box of canned food while wearing Meg's coat and brandishing a butcher knife.

Mark, Tim and Vanessa come out of their hallucinatory states.

When Michael comes out of his hallucinatory state, he tells Virginia that he'll never be able to forgive himself for killing Jackson. Virginia told Michael that he shouldn't hold himself responsible for Jackson's death. Michael told Vanessa that he relived Jackson's death, and Virginia insinuates herself into their conversation.

Jade hacks her way into the box of cans with the knife. when she turns her back for a moment, the knife disappears.

While the lucid Surf Centralites try to keep calm indoors, Jade is outside being attacked by the person with the skull mask.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Dr. Robinson refuses to give Annie any information and told her to leave as he gets a phone call. Annie is on her way out the door, when she spots an envelope with Caitlin's name on it, she takes it. When she looks at it, inside are pamphlets on infertility.

Caitlin lies to Gregory and told him the money is for her wedding dress, after all, he did say he'd pay for the wedding. After Caitlin leaves, Gregory mumbles that as soon as her baby is born, he will have to get rid of Cole...forever. Outside her house, Caitlin talks to Rachel and told her to wait at the pier, she will be there shortly with the money. Caitlin then runs into Annie who insists they talk, about her infertility.

Bette and Olivia discuss Olivia's short lived affair with Cole, and look where it got her. Gregory arrives and told Olivia that they must be together, for the baby. Olivia slips up and told Gregory the baby is a boy, after he sees the sonogram. Gregory talks about calling him Gregory Jr. Olivia told him no, although she still loves him, they cannot be together, he can't have her nor the baby.

Cole breaks into Ben's safe, but then decides he can't do he is about to leave, Caitlin and Annie walk in, so he hides. Annie again, asks Caitlin why she needs information about infertility. Caitlin told her it's for a friend. Annie tries to butter Caitlin up for information, saying how she wants to help Caitlin, but Caitlin doesn't buy it and says she has to go. Annie tries to go after Caitlin, and doesn't realize she left her purse behind. Cole finishes up putting back everything he was going to steal, when he is about to leave, Annie walks in.

Rachel told Caitlin she has changed her mind...

Meg has a hallucination that Ben is attacking her with a pair of scissors. Gabi hallucinates that her father is going to rape her again. Tim suggests that all the hallucinations have to do with everyone's deepest fears. But Meg refuses to believe that...why would she fear Ben murdering her? Michael suggests that the hallucinations are because of the soup...they all had some. Virginia asks Vanessa what exactly she saw in the mirror...Vanessa doesn't answer. Virginia then mumbles that she will definitely make Vanessa's fears a reality. Casey tries to find Jade, but comes up empty handed. Jade runs from the masked person, until he/she catches her again. When he catches her, they struggle, at that time, she pulls the mask off and recognizes him/her.

Friday, January 9, 1998

The masked person kills Jade, but not before she sees who it is. The masked person drags Jade's body under a bush and puts twigs over it. The gang tries to put the hallucinations in the past, and try to have fun. Sean and Amy dance, while Mark and Gabi clean up the kitchen. Casey went to search for Jade. Michael and Vanessa plan a secret rendezvous outside. Meg realizes she lost her engagement ring and went out to look for it. While Meg looks for her ring, the masked person watches her. Tim walks up to Meg and scares her, she told him that she is fine, to leave, so he does. The masked person continues to watch her, as she is looking through the dirt, the masked person hovers over her with a axe. Virginia rains on Michael and Vanessa's parade. She places a black widow spider on her arm, then makes it seem as though she is terrified. Vanessa told Michael to go ahead and walk her back to the house, she'll be waiting. As Vanessa waits, she sees something in the bushes, she looks closer, and sees it's Jade's lifeless body...Vanessa screams.

Cole told Annie he was there to leave a note for Ben about a job. When Annie asks him why he didn't say hi to her and Caitlin, he said that if he would have, Caitlin would have worried about how they will make ends meet.

Rachel says she changed her mind and won't give her the baby. Then, Caitlin convinces her to give her baby up, for a better home and better life. As soon as Caitlin is going to give her the money, Rachel's boyfriend appears saying he won't let her give up the baby without his own $10,000. Caitlin says she can't get it right away, but she will. Then, Annie appears blowing their "cover." Annie says she called the police and that the two con artists are going to jail. They run. Caitlin asks how Annie knew it was a con. Annie replies that it was just a guess. Annie realizes that Caitlin isn't Caitlin didn't have her pillow in.

With the intention of finding out what's up with his and Caitlin's baby, Cole sees Dr. Robinson. Tyus told Cole to make sure that Caitlin sees him for an appointment. Cole told him she saw a doctor in Santa Barbara, but Tyus told him that he is her normal ob-gyn, so he needs to see her. Cole reassured him that he will make sure Caitlin went a.s.a.p.

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