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Dimitri was left in serious condition after a tree fell on top of him. Adam saw a ghostly figure floating in the trees. Tad saw a mystery woman on his lawn. Allie told Jake that she had forged her undergraduate transcripts. Janet told Trevor that she could not marry him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, January 5, 1998

All eyes were on Erica as she stood atop the stairs. No one knew that she was going to make an appearance---not even Erica's galpal Opal. Palmer knew nothing of how Edmund aided Erica in her petition for early release from prison, so he worried that Edmund might boot Erica out of the ball. The partygoers watched quietly as Edmund approached Erica. He took Erica by the hand and helped her down the steps. He smiled sincerely as he welcomed her to Wildwind. Erica opened her handbag and presented Edmund with a sizeable donation for Maria's memorial fund. Edmund assured her that her donation would be put to good use. He took a few moments to tell Erica that she looked "stunning," so stunning in fact that Erica had someone waiting in line to dance with her. Jack took her by the hand and escorted her to the dance floor. The crowd parted and formed a circle as Erica and Jack began their waltz.

An emergency ended Edmund's good mood. Tad told him that not only had he been unable to locate Dimitri, but now Gillian was missing. Edmund and Tad were about to split up and search for the two missing persons, but other business scrapped his plans. A spotlight shined down on Edmund and Mateo told him that it was time for him to deliver his speech. Edmund was caught off guard, but he knew that he had to make the speech his top priority. He walked to the entranceway and asked for everyone's attention. In short, he explained that the memorial fund was an extension of the charity work that Maria had done.

While Edmund delivered his speech, it seemed that very few people were listening. Trevor poured Janet a glass of champagne and cozied up to her. Janet's face glowed as she told Trevor that she felt that she was floating on air. Trevor closed his eyes and leaned over to give Janet a kiss. Their lips met, but only momentarily. Janet pulled away and ran off into the crowd. Trevor managed to track her down, but Janet was in no mood to talk. Fumbling for her words, Janet claimed that it was late and she needed to go home to bed. Late for Amanda maybe, Trevor chuckled. Janet tried to bolt again, but this time Trevor grabbed her and wouldn't let her leave. He got down on one knee and presented her with a beautiful diamond ring. He told her that he loves her and that he wants her to be his bride. Janet was speechless. Trevor feared that something was wrong with the ring. Janet couldn't answer him... she simply couldn't find the words. She managed to give Trevor the slip and raced towards the front door. Trevor pursued her and caught up to her before she could open the door. He stilled flashed his pleasant demeanor in spite of having the woman he proposed to run away---twice! He dared her to tell him that she is not in love with him. In what had become commonplace, Janet was again unable to issue a reply. Trevor took Janet's silence as a declaration that she does, in fact, love him. The only question left in his mind was why wouldn't Janet agree to marry him?

Tad asked Gloria if she'd seen Dimitri. The question caused Gloria to wonder why Tad was looking for her husband. Tad insisted that his intentions were honorable. He explained that Edmund was looking for him. Gloria seemed content with the explanation and celebrated the idea of Edmund and Dimitri patching things up. Gloria wondered if Tad would ever admit that he was wrong about Dimitri. Tad wouldn't go as far as to say that Dimitri was a gold ole guy, but he did admit that he was wrong about "a few things." After Tad left, Gloria shared a dance with Joe. She talked happily of her future with Dimitri---but Joe wasn't ready to hear that Gloria and Dimitri are trying to conceive a child.

Needless to say, David wasn't at all pleased with Jake's macho outburst. He warned Allie that he'd have to tell Jake "the whole truth." Allie turned and cast David an icy glance. Through gritted teeth, she told David that she had told Jake everything that he needs to know. The side talking annoyed Jake to a point that he order David to "get over it" and face the fact that he'd lost Allie. With a sneer on his face, David told Allie that he needed to talk to Joe about a matter that had dragged on long enough. A penultimate fear struck Allie and sent waves of terror through her. Jake begged Allie to tell him what was going on, but Allie couldn't open herself up to him. She teetered on the verge of telling Jake the truth, but an interruption from Tad squashed that. Tad asked Jake if he'd seen Gillian or Dimitri. Jake shook his head and cursed his brother's lousy timing. By then, Allie had already excused herself and headed to the restroom.

On the patio, David and Joe discussed an "ethical dilemma." As Allie approached, her face grew grim. Her mouth gaped open as she profusely chattered that she could explain everything. Joe turned and cast her a funny glance. He wondered how (or why) she would feel a need to explain the ethical dilemma surrounding organ transplants. Allie's face blushed and David didn't offer her a lifeline. Joe's mind wandered to other topics and he told Allie that she'd been recommended for some new rounds at the hospital. Joe caught sight of his lovely wife motioning for him to join her on the dance floor. Joe returned to the party, leaving Allie and David to continue their feud. Allie told David that she wanted to talk to him---in private. Jake walked onto the patio as they walked off together.

In the mausoleum, Gillian jumped backwards upon seeing her cousin. Gillian asked Dimitri why he was there. Dimitri wasted no time, he told her that he knew she was the mysterious blackmailer. Gillian tried to pretend that she was concerned that Dimitri was being blackmailed. In effect, Dimitri told her to can it. "They're called checks in America," said Dimitri referring to Gillian's fatal faux pas. Ever the clever conniver, Gillian claimed that Dimitri was "distressed" and set out to find Gloria. Dimitri wasn't about to let her get away. He forcefully took a hold of her arm and yanked her back towards him. Dimitri inhaled deeply and made the oddest comment. "Death has a unique air," he growled. "Do you smell it Gillian?" Gillian firmly stated that she had no idea what Dimitri was talking about. Her denial sent Dimitri into a fit of rage. His face turned a bright shade of crimson as he told how painful death by strangulation can be. Gillian cracked; She confessed that she'd been the one who placed the phone calls. The first domino had fallen and the others were nervously awaiting their turn to topple. Dimitri managed to get Gillian to confess that Tad and Edmund were her co-conspirators. All wasn't lost because Gillian managed to slip in that Edmund only wants Dimitri to own up to what he'd done so that he could forgive him. Dimitri found that hard to swallow. A confession leading to total forgiveness? Preposterous! Gillian insisted that she was telling the truth. Dimitri apologized for his erratic behavior. He told her that he hasn't been feeling like himself for several months. He allowed her to leave, but requested that she tell Edmund that he wants to see him.

Gillian returned to the main house and was promptly confronted by Edmund. Gillian told Edmund that she'd been duped into telling Dimitri about their scheme. Tad showed up a few seconds later and was crushed to learn that their planning had amounted to nothing. Not so, said Edmund. He told Tad that with a little shuffling they could still continue their sting. Gillian worried that her life might be in danger and asked if she could be sent on a vacation like the nurse (who could testify that Dimitri knew that Maddie was not his daughter before he fled the country). Edmund reached into his wallet, grabbed his credit card, and handed it over to Gillian. He told her that his card has a limit and urged her to keep her trip as inexpensive as possible.

Allie asked David why he won't leave her alone. His reason was actually quite simple: he wanted Allie to admit that she still loves him. It didn't happen. Allie told him quite honestly that she is no longer in love with him. She does, however, want David to head back to California. David's patience wore thin and he threatened to let Allie's secret out of the bag. Allie no longer cared and she stormed out of the room.

Allie met up with Jake and told him that she'd had yet another run-in with her former beau. Jake wanted Allie to know that she could trust him with whatever truth she was hiding. A weak smiled masked Allie's sadness. She asked Jake to wrap his arms around her and dance with her. After that, she said, she'd tell him everything.

Gillian packed her bags and prepared to head off on her spur of the moment getaway. Scott happened upon her departure and asked her why she was leaving. Gillian offered a very weak excuse, but Scott didn't press the point. He offered to drive her to the airport, but Gillian turned him down. If he wanted to help, Gillian said that he could give her some cash. Scott had only five dollars in his wallet, so he offered Gillian his credit card. Gillian gladly accepted it and assured Scott that they'd pick up where they'd left off when she returned. Unbeknownst to either of them, Kelsey had overseen the exchange. She bowed her head and ran away before she was spotted.

Erica's grand entrance enchanted just about everyone at the ball---except the one person she wanted to wow. Every time Erica tried to confess her feelings to Jack, Jack concocted some excuse to change the topic. First he claimed that he was thirsty and then he asked Erica to listen to the song the band was playing. Erica was furious at Jack's interruptions. Rather matter-of-factly, she told him that she loves him. Jack said nothing in return. "Don't just stand there!" she yelled. But that's all he did.

In the crypt, Dimitri had several flashbacks of memories of the various phases of relationships he'd ad with Edmund. In one, he recalled sharing stories of his childhood with Edmund and his then-wife Angelique. The threesome agreed to put their rocky past behind them and to enjoy their newfound friendship. His second vision was one of a far less happy time. He remembered his numerous feuds with Edmund after he'd won custody of Maddie. A sound at the door disrupted his recollections. He turned and saw Edmund standing at the door. "You wanted to see me?" Edmund smiled.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Finally, Jack broke his silence. He inferred that Erica's feelings for her were feelings of being grateful for all the things he'd done for her. Perhaps, he suggested, in six months Erica can re-evaluate her feelings and make a more well-balanced decision. Erica was furious by Jack's statement. She told him that if she were grateful, which she admitted she is, she'd have sent him a nice letter or offered to buy him a car. Oh, this was not gratitude! She again told Jack that she loves him. Rather than argue with Erica, Jack allowed his feelings to be known: He loves Erica.

Tad took center stage and announced that Devlin, a magician, would be starting his act in a few short minutes. Tad's speech featured a noticeable pause due to a surprise appearance from Adam. Adam strolled over to Hayley and he told her how beautiful she looked. Hayley accepted the compliment, but told her father that he probably should've steered clear of the ball. Adam pulled a check from his pocket and smiled broadly. He told Mateo that he wants to donate a sizeable amount of money to Maria's charity. Jim accused Adam of offering "blood money," and insinuated that the donation consisted of funds saved by Adam's purchase of shoddy turbine blades. Brooke listened to Jim's outburst, but she couldn't shake the memory of finding the suitcase in Jim's hotel room. Tad played peacemaker and spoke on Edmund's behalf. He told Mateo that Edmund would want to accept the check. Mateo nodded, but he still wanted Adam to leave. Brooke pulled Adam aside and told him that she needed his help. Adam is always willing to help Brooke and told her that he'd do anything for her. In another bizarre request, Brooke asked Adam if he could help her learn how to lie. She claimed that she's working on an article for Tempo and dealing with a less-than-honest source. Adam told her that eye contact is important; If one dodges eye contact, then they are probably trying to hide something. The most dangerous liar, Adam noted, is someone who can look someone straight in the eyes and tell a bold-faced lie. Adam also noted that many top-notch liars base their lies on the truth. That way, he explained, it's easier to remember the lies they told.

Tad found Gloria in the livingroom area gathering her belongings. Tad told her that she couldn't leave yet because an early departure would end Dimitri and Edmund's reconciliation. Gloria agreed that Dimitri and Edmund needed some time along. She accepted Tad's offer to accompany her to Devlin's magic show.

Janet explained that she could not marry Trevor because she'd caused him too many problems in the past. Trevor chuckled and told her that the past was behind them. If she wanted, though, they could go to a therapist and try to deal with their problems. Now Trevor searched for another reason as to why his proposal had been turned down. Reluctantly, Janet told him that there was someone else in her life---her ex-husband Mr. Green. Trevor nearly fell over laughing. It'd been many years since Janet and her husband had divorced and he noted that she didn't even have a first name for the man. The laughter continued when Janet revealed that her first love's first name was Axel. Janet took offense to Trevor's laughter. She told Trevor that she'd been seeing Axel since early December and that he asked to be a part of her life again. Trevor still couldn't believe what Janet was telling him. He told Janet that his heart is telling him to fight for her, but he decided to follow the old parable of "if you love someone, set them free." Janet thanked Trevor for allowing her to walk. She told Trevor that she had to return home so that she could call Axel and tell him that she'd ended her relationship with Trevor. Trevor handed over his cellphone and told Janet to call Axel and tell him that she'd changed her mind. Janet said it be unfair to Axel to that. Trevor bent over and picked his engagement ring off of the ground. "Don't talk to me about unfair," he said softly. Trevor turned and walked away. Janet collapsed onto the sofa and sobbed. She looked towards the sky and told Natalie that she'd kept her promise. Then the floodgates opened and Janet burst into tears.

Back at home, Amanda waited for her father to return home. When he entered her room, she spouted off her plans for a wedding reception. Trevor told Amanda that there wasn't going to be a wedding because Janet had turned him down. Amanda was crushed. Trevor told her that Janet's first husband wanted to be a part of her life. Amanda said that she hated the man for ruining their happiness. Trevor agreed that things had taken an unexpected turn, but he asked Amanda not to be too sad. He suggested that the Dillon family pack up and head out on a mountain vacation.

Tad took Kelsey by the hand and led her to the stage presumably to be a part of the magic show. When the show began, Devlin searched the audience for yet another volunteer. Tad convinced the audience to chant Gloria's name so that she'd have no other choice, but to volunteer. Gloria walked onto the stage. Devlin asked her to close her eyes. Devlin wiggled his fingers and Gloria suddenly fell backwards into his arms. He and his assistant lifted Gloria into the air and placed her on a table. They covered her body with a silk drape. As an eerie aria blasted over the loudspeakers, Devlin motioned upwards with his hands. Obediently, Gloria's silk draped body slowly rose into the air. As her body levitated several feet in the air, Devlin yanked the drape away---but Gloria was no longer there! For his second trick, Devlin had his assistant, Kim, tie him inside of a red velvet bag. Once inside the bag, Kim put him into a large trunk and locked it from the outside with a padlock. She stood atop the trunk and lifted a curtain over her head. When the curtain dropped, Kim had disappeared and Devlin was standing atop the chest! Devlin unlocked the chest and untied the bag. If you follow magic tricks, you'd expect to see Kim inside the bag---but she wasn't! The bag fell to the ground revealing Kelsey. The audience roared wildly. Opal leaned over to Palmer and Erica and asked them if Devlin was ever going to bring back Gloria!

Backstage, Gloria climbed down a ladder and created a ruckus as she stepped through magic props. Tad told her to keep it down. Gloria accused him of setting her up. Tad admitted that he did set her up. He wanted a few moments alone with her. He told her that he's never lied to her---and that he never will. He asked her if she has enough courage to hear the truth about Dimitri once and for all.

Edmund was surprised that Dimitri wanted to meet with him especially since Gillian had spilled the beans about their scam. Dimitri sighed and noted that he was getting tired of hearing about his "wicked, wicked deeds." Edmund corrected his half-brother. It wasn't about what he'd done, it was about who he'd become. If Dimitri were not harboring a guilty conscience, he would have hung up when Gillian placed her threatening phone calls. He didn't and that proved, at least to Tad and Edmund, that Dimitri was hiding something. Dimitri wondered what Edmund was after---remorse? Regret? "I want my brother back," Edmund stated. Edmund asked Dimitri to remember how close they were at one time. Had losing Erica turned Dimitri into this monster? Edmund warned Dimitri that his habitual lying would cost him Gloria if he isn't careful. That struck a nerve with Dimitri and nearly sent him off the deep end. Dimitri told Edmund to "stay the hell away" from him if he doesn't like who he's become. Sure, they were brothers, but Dimitri didn't feel that he owed Edmund anything. Edmund told Dimitri that he wasn't going to turn his back on him. He worried that Dimitri's downward spiral had turned him into their father, Hugo Marick. Tad appeared at the doorway and gave Edmund the bad news: Gloria wouldn't listen to him. Dimitri cackled maniacally. He rejoiced in his latest win. The win went to his head. He began spouting off how easy it had been to fool the people of Pine Valley. Tad, he said, was so na´ve about women that he couldn't keep Gloria. According to Dimitri, all Tad wants from a woman is for them to laugh at his jokes. And Edmund, he continued, was so caught up in Maria's death that he couldn't even hold on to his child. He confessed that he would have won custody of Maddie even if he hadn't slipped the amphetamines to Edmund. Skye was also an easy mark. He smiled sinisterly as he recounted how Skye trembled when he confronted her. Next on his list of suckers was his current wife, Gloria. All Gloria wanted, he laughed, was a happy ending. With his back to the door, Dimitri had no way of knowing that Gloria was standing behind him. No one, he growled, could prevent his happy ending with his wife---no one. "Oh yes there is," Gloria snarled from behind.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

By all accounts, the Crystal Ball was a success---the event itself, that is. Belinda and Miles complimented each other on their dancing skills. Belinda claimed to be a natural with no lessons while Miles confessed that he took dancing classes in his teen years. Miles tried to capture a perfect moment with a kiss, but Belinda asked if he could slow down a little.

Joe and Ruth searched for Gloria, but they could find her nowhere. Ruth began to wonder if Devlin had really made her disappear! Joe, always pragmatic, assured Ruth that Gloria was hiding somewhere. Both, however, got a sneaky suspicion that Tad was somehow involved in her disappearance.

While her grandparents argued over the believability of illusions and magic, Kelsey took more of a "hands on" approach. She returned to the stage and poked through Devlin's chest of props. Several items piqued her curiosity, but none more than a pair of handcuffs. She latched one of the cuffs to the trunk's handle and, for some unknown reason, she put the other end around one of her wrists. She probably should have tried to figure out how the cuffs unlatched before she got that far. She didn't. Now Kelsey was handcuffed to the chest with no means of escape. One might call her a bumbler, but her happy-go-lucky attitude has a certain appeal to it. Kelsey didn't want anyone to make fun of her, so she had to put on an act when Scott entered the room. He asked her for a dance, but Kelsey had to decline. She told him to track down Gillian and dance with her. Of course she wanted nothing more than to be whisking across the dancefloor in Scott's arms. She tried to play it off for as long as she could, but Scott knew all along that she was in a sticky predicament. He tried his best to free her, but he had no luck. Kevin entered the room, saw the two in what could have been easily misinterpreted as a compromising position, and started to walk away. Scott called out to Kevin and asked him to lend him a hand. The two men took opposite ends of the cuffs and yanked with all their might. The cuffs flew off and Kelsey was freed. Kelsey thanked Scott for coming to her rescue. He told her to think nothing of it and adjourned for the evening. Kevin gave her a nudge and a silly look. He told her that her handcuff ploy was a nice pick-up scam. Kelsey insisted that it was accidental, but Kevin didn't believe her. Kelsey remained adamant that it was an accident, but she liked the end result. She told Kevin that she's going to try to get closer to Scott just in case Gillian dumps him.

Adam noticed that Brooke was standing by herself, so he took it upon himself to join her at the punchbowl. Somehow, Adam detected that there were problems between Brooke and Jim. When Brooke denied it, Adam became even more insistent. Brooke advised him to take up a hobby that would limit the amount of time he had to stick his nose in other people's business. Adam surmised that Brooke had caught Jim in a lie, hence her desire to know more about liars. Again, her denials were met by resistance. Somewhere between Adam's lecture about Brooke falling in love with the wrong man and Brooke's backtalk, the topic of Flight 149 popped back up. Adam professed his innocence---perhaps a little too loudly. Palmer strolled over and laid into Adam. He told Adam that he was very much at fault for the plane's crash and told him that he'd gotten everything deserved when his family and friends turned against him. Adam was crushed and, without saying a word, walked away with his head bowed.

Jim told Brooke that he had a surprise for her. Brooke, however, told him that she isn't big on surprises. Brooke's interaction with her suitor was mechanical; She offered very short replies and avoided eye contact at all costs. Jim asked Brooke if she was having any doubts about their relationship. Brooke learned a lot from Adam's impromptu lying seminar and convinced Jim that their relationship was intact. She explained that she wanted to return home so that she could spend time with Laura on her last full day in Pine Valley.

Hayley tracked her father down and offered him some support. Adam was relieved that Hayley was by his side, but he worried that he didn't deserve her love. Hayley assured her father that she'd always be there for him. Adam took a gigantic leap and determined that Liza might still be there for him. Hayley tried to dissuade Adam from his grandiose fantasies, but Adam was hell-bent on a reunion with Liza. He begged Hayley to help him turn over a new life. Hayley told him that he needs to free his secrets, meaning that he has to open up to people if he expects people to want to be close to him.

In the crypt, Dimitri cackled gleefully upon seeing Gloria. He told her that he'd been playing a game with Edmund. Gloria was silent as Dimitri explained that he had to make up a fake confession in order to play along with his brother's scheme. "It's all an exact," he said over and over. Gloria turned a quarter of a turn before smashing her fist against Dimitri's face. Small in stature, Gloria still managed to send Dimitri reeling. Dimitri was shocked that Gloria didn't believe him. His speech became more and more halting, his pitch lowered, and he breathed erratically. Gloria believed what Dimitri had said, but not the part that he wanted her to believe. She felt like a fool for believing Dimitri's lies. Now, after hearing Dimitri's confession, she knew what to believe. Dimitri tried and tried to explain his version of "the truth," but Gloria demanded to know the "real" truth. The corners of her mouth turned down as her lips puckered slightly. She barely moved other than to push Dimitri away from her. Dimitri finally confessed that he'd lied when he said he didn't know Maddie was Edmund's child. For months, Dimitri had acted cold and callously. Now he was falling apart in front of his brother and wife. Dimitri's hair stood on ends, sweat formed on his brow, and his teeth flashed like fangs every time he spoke. He blamed his actions on his love for Gloria; He told Gloria that she was meant to be a mother and that he did what he had to in order to make her a mother. Relief washed over Gloria as she thanked God that Maddie was not Dimitri's child. "This marriage is over," she snarled as she turned and ran out of the mausoleum. Dimitri ordered her to stay. Gloria wasn't taking any orders from anyone.

Tad chased after Gloria and eventually caught up to her. He wrapped his tuxedo jacket over her shoulders to protect her from the crisp night air. Gloria was too ashamed to look Tad in the eyes and once again ran off. Tad remained in pursuit and again caught up to her. He asked his parents if they could take Gloria back to their house and make sure that she was okay. Tad worried that he shouldn't have sprung the news on Gloria---especially after seeing her meltdown. Joe told his son that he'd done the right thing even if it doesn't look that way.

Adam walked on to the patio with Hayley and Palmer's voices echoing in his head. He sat down on a chair and tried to clear his thoughts. A bright light flashed near the treetops. He looked up and saw a vision of a blonde-haired woman in a long flowing gown hovering in the sky.

Dimitri wanted to chase after Gloria, but Edmund told him that the game was over---and he'd lost. Dimitri refused to give up. After she'd slept on it, Dimitri was sure that Gloria would forgive him and run back to his arms. Dimitri's rage turned to Edmund. He accused his brother of trying to sabotage his life and steal everything that was his---his wife, his money, his name, and his family legacy. Edmund closed the door to the crypt and told his brother that they were not leaving until the old Dimitri returned. Dimitri tried to get past him, but Edmund told him that he could only leave over his dead body. Dimitri removed the pistol from his back pocket and appeared ready to take Edmund up on his offer. Edmund extended his hand and asked Dimitri to hand over the gun. It was time to start over, Edmund said softly. "No!" Dimitri screamed. "I don't want to." The sound of a gun firing echoed throughout the crypt.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

As a storm hit Pine Valley, Dimitri's gun fired and Edmund collapsed to the ground. Through the thunder and lightning, Tad heard the shot and raced back to the crypt. Dimitri screamed at the top of his lungs for Tad to call the paramedics. Tad bent over Edmund's body and searched for a pulse. There was none. Dimitri refused to believe that Edmund was dead, but the cold reality soon hit him. In a fit of rage, he'd shot and killed his own brother.

Jack returned to his hotel room at the Valley Inn by himself. He may not have wanted to start off his New Year alone, but he wasn't about to let his pride get in the way of Bianca's recovery. He started to undress and to the shower. While he was in the bathroom, one of the hotel's maids slipped into the room completely disregarding the Do Not Disturb sign on the front door. Jack heard a noise and returned to the room to see who was there. Wearing the tiniest of French maid's outfits and a blonde wig, Erica put on her best French accent and attempted to seduce Jack. Of course Jack knew that the maid was Erica and Erica knew that Jack knew it was her, but that didn't stop them from teasing each other. Erica plucked a chocolate from her bustier and offered it to Jack. Jack leaned over and readied to plant a kiss on the maid's lips, but he told her that his significant other would never forgive him if he kissed her. Erica spoke highly of Jack's girlfriend. Before long, the two were in each other's arms. After making love, Jack fell asleep. Erica quietly got dressed and tried to slip out of the room. Jack woke up and asked her to spend the night with him. Erica worried that Bianca would wake up and not be able to find her. Jack had a simple suggestion: Spend the night and return home in the wee hours of the morning. He was sure that he could come up with something to occupy her time.

Gloria asked Joe to drop her off at Stuart's house. Sensing that Gloria would be at ease with Stuart, Joe obliged her. Stuart was obviously concerned for his friend. Gloria broke down in tears, but asked that Stuart not feel sorry for her. In her mind, she'd gotten what she deserved. Gloria wondered if she'd ever find happiness and, citing some of the condescending things her mother had said to her, claimed that God didn't feel that she deserved to be happy. Stuart fended off the harsh words and told Gloria that she, more than anyone, deserves happiness. He pointed to all of the charity work she does---reading to the blind, volunteering at the shelter, among other things. Still Gloria felt like a fool for falling for Dimitri's lies. She kicked herself for trusting Dimitri while accusing Tad of betraying her. All the while, she chuckled to herself, it was she who had been betraying Tad. Stuart took Gloria in her arms and did his best to comfort her.

Adam referred to the heavenly image as "Joy." In his mind, Adam knew the angelic figure. The woman beckoned Adam, but she disappeared as abruptly as she'd appeared. Jake walked on to the patio and asked Adam what he was up to. Adam told the doctor that he had seen a woman in white. Jake commented that nearly all of the women at the party had been wearing white. This one was different, Adam snapped. She was floating in the air. Jake worried that Adam was suffering from another mini-stroke, so he checked his vital signs. Everything checked out okay, but Jake suggested that Adam return to the hospital and undergo another series of tests. Adam wasn't about to return to the hospital. Allie overheard the dispute and backed up Jake's suggestion. Adam thanked Allie for her heartfelt advice, but still wasn't about to make an encore appearance at the hospital. Once Adam had left, Jake asked Allie if she planned on telling him her tale of woe. Allie changed her mind about 'fessing up and told Jake that she didn't want him to get tangled up in her web of lies. Jake turned around and walked out on Allie. Allie chased after him and hoped to offer an explanation. She told him that it was best that he didn't know what she'd done. Jake rolled his eyes and snapped that the "best you didn't know" line is one of the oldest lines in the book. Allie explained that Jake would be an accessory if she told him. And being an accessory, she noted, could end him up in jail. Allie was determined to keep Jake out of a prison uniform. Now Jake was all ears. He assured he was on her side---no matter what---and begged her to tell him the truth.

Dimitri kneeled on the ground and leaned over his brother's body. "Oh my poor brother," he blubbered. "I'm so sorry." Edmund's eyes fluttered and suddenly opened. Dimitri leapt to his feet and stumbled backwards. He called Edmund a "heartless bastard" for tricking him into believing that he'd been killed. Edmund explained that the magician had slipped Dimitri's gun out of his pocket, replaced the bullets with blanks, and then returned the gun once again. Only Dimitri could make himself out to be the injured party. Edmund reminded Dimitri that he was the one who pulled the trigger---not the other way around. Still, Dimitri accused Edmund of being the bad guy in it all. In his arrogance, Dimitri failed to realize that he nearly lost his brother---forever. Tad and Edmund gave up on a reformation and walked out on Dimitri.

Tad and Edmund realized that their plan only batted five hundred. Yes, Gloria was free of Dimitri, but the old Dimitri was still lost inside of a monster. Tad tried to convince Edmund not to give up on his brother, but Edmund didn't have the energy to continue. He washed his hands clean of his brother.

Adam returned to the patio and looked up into the sky. He called out for Joy to return, but she was nowhere to be found. His eyes slowly crossed and his mind wander. He saw a vision of Joy in a coffin. Suddenly, his face turned pale.

Tad returned home. As he opened the front door, he saw something moving in the bushes. He turned and saw a woman dressed all in white running from the rain. It was Joy.

Back at the crypt, Dimitri's breakdown continued. He stood in the rain and taunted the heavens. He asked the Gods to do their best to impress him. He called for lightning to strike him, but it didn't. Again his arrogance flared. "I don't need you," Dimitri shouted as he looked upwards. "I refuse to be vanquished. No one---not even God himself---can stop me."

Friday, January 9, 1998

The party over, Edmund treated himself to a special treat----watching his children sleep. He was surprised to find Peggy also engaging in a late night observation. Peggy commented on the resemblance between Maddie and Maria. Edmund, too, noticed the resemblance, but he wished that he could have Maria back by his side. Peggy quoted the old thought that Edmund has to believe that God took Maria away for a reason. Another door, she said taking his hand, will open for him.

Jake wondered what David had over Allie that would make her self-confidence crumble away. Seeing no alternative, Allie finally confessed, She told Jake that she'd faked her undergraduate records. While all of her grades and courses were true, she had a computer savvy friend create transcripts with a different college's name on them. Allie knew that her transcripts from a second class state-run school would never have gotten her into Stanford. Jake laughed merrily for several minutes until he realized that Allie wasn't kidding. Allie told him that her falsified transcripts allowed her to have access to grants and loans to help pay for her schooling. If the truth ever leaked out, she could receive five to ten years for illegally obtaining the funds. Jake now knew why Allie had taken such offense to his comment about her using her "feminine wiles" to get things done. Allie explained that some of her classmates at Stanford had accused her of sleeping with David to get ahead. Allie denied it, saying that she worked hard to get her four-point-oh grade point average. Looking back, Allie now knew that she should never have told David about her forged transcripts. But she was so much in love and never expected David to hurt her. She also knew that she could never tell the authorities that David was blackmailing her because she'd be shooting herself in the foot. The pair was simultaneously paged by the hospital and both headed off to the hospital. When they arrived at Pine Valley Hospital, David approached them and informed them that he had been the one who summoned them to work.

Adam left Wildwind and headed straight to his brother's house. Stuart was happy to see Adam, but he knew that Adam didn't just drop by for visits. Adam admitted that he had something on his mind and asked if Stuart had time to lend him an ear. Stuart invited Adam inside and laid down some ground rules. He told Adam that he needed to keep his voice down because Gloria was sleeping in the next room. Of course that led Adam to ask why Gloria wasn't at home with Dimitri. After Stuart brought his twin up to date, it was on to the second rules: Adam couldn't ask for advice on how to win back Hayley, Liza, or Mateo because he couldn't help. "Of course you can," Adam shouted, violating rule number one. Adam told Stuart that he'd been thinking about the past. In a rare glimpse inside Adam's mind, he spoke of the dog he had as a child. The dog was an excellent hunter, but it raided the farmers' henhouses killing chickens and eating eggs. The farmers complained and the sheriff ultimately was called in to kill the dog. Adam felt a lot like his dog---an old dog who couldn't be taught any new tricks. Stuart advised Adam to take a new route, to open himself up to the people around him. Adam balked at the idea of telling intimate details of his life to perfect strangers. Stuart shook his head and flashed his brother a crooked smile. He explained that the people Adam needs to open up to are already in his life. Gloria walked into the room. She swore that their discussion hadn't woken her up. The hospital paged her, she explained, and she figured that since she couldn't sleep she might as well do some good for others. Adam offered to take Gloria to work. She accepted his offer and waited for him in the car. Before leaving, Adam told Stuart that he hadn't been completely honest with him. He added that he'd been thinking about someone from their past---Joy. The name instantly struck close to home for Stuart, who said that "everything changed after that." That was all the detail that was offered. Adam walked out to his car. Stuart closed the door and looked out the window. The mention of Joy's name upset Stuart and caused him to express extreme concern for Adam.

Tad called out to the mystery woman, but as he walked towards her, he tripped over Jamie's bike. That allowed her to make a clean getaway. Joe heard the racket and walked out on to the patio to investigate. Tad told his father about his meeting with the mystery woman, but Joe didn't believe him. Tad realized that arguing with Joe would be pointless, so he gave up. He knew, though, that he hadn't hit his head and that he wasn't drunk. There was definitely a woman on his lawn. Something sparkled in the light of the moon. Tad walked over to investigate and found a small locket. He read the inscription---"Joy."



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