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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on GL
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Monday, January 5, 1998

Michelle & Jesse finally got busy in the sack, now that they made vows to each other as "husband & wife". Afterwards, Jesse tells Michelle how he loves her and looks forward to a life with her; Michelle brushes him off and says that she is tired.

The next morning, while he is asleep, Michelle calls Dahlia to come get her, and leaves the "goodbye" note for Jesse. Jesse awakens later and is crushed when he reads Michelle's sad letter.

Dahlia and Marcus perform at a club, but Marcus can tell that something is wrong with Dahlia. Remembering to keep Michelle's secret, she doesn't admit anything to Marcus. Marcus's father announces that he has been appointed to the bench as a judge.

Ross and Blake try to enjoy dinner together without the children, but Blake is preoccupied with Ben lurking around in the background. Ross also keeps pushing her as to what exactly the bet was about that she made with Ben. Excusing herself to check on the twins, she cautions Ben to keep away from her. Ben laughs it off, and reminds her that she will lose her side of the bet with him.

Phillip is saddened by Beth's confession that she is still in love with him, but he is committed to Harley, and tells Beth that he loves her. In the midst of their conversation while locked in the attic, it comes to Phillip that Harley is in NYC. Using a metal iron, he bashes a hole in the door, and takes off. Beth is left behind, crying.

Alan takes Annie to the new lab where "Simply Annie" perfume will be created. They find Michael in the lab, and he appears to be nervous. He asks that in the future, he receive notice of any visitors. Later, when he is alone, he tells his cat (who is there in the lab w/him) that they were almost caught, and must be more careful.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Jesse confronts Rick about where Michelle is, begging and pleading for him tell where she is. Rick admits that he knows where she is, but will not give that information out to anyone, since Michelle doesn't want to be found. Jesse is left alone in Michelle's room and he silently vows to never give up on her.

Michelle is getting situated at the Institute for the Blind, and refuses any sort of help, She breaks a lamp, and cuts her finger. One of the employees (I never did catch if she is a physician or what) tries to talk Michelle in being realistic with her goals in learning to be blind; she even tells Michelle that she is also blind.

Reva and Blake are having breakfast together at the club, and Blake tells Reva about the horrible bet that she made with Ben. Reva can't believe that Blake agreed to sleep with him if Ross loses the court case, but says that she will help Blake formulate a plan to get Ben out of town.

Beth takes Ben out for breakfast, since she stood him up on New Year's Eve. Ben tells her a little about his past; says that he is adopted, and always had this lifelong wish that he could find his real mother and tell her that he was okay (ever since he heard that she cried and cried the day she gave him up for adoption). But, he was never told of his mother's whereabouts until she was dead.

Phillip runs into Harley in the hotel room in NYC. They said that it was fate the brought them back together and they decide to celebrate New Year's Eve all over again. Harley finds out that Phillip never got the plane ticket, and Phillip also tells her of getting locked in the attic with Beth. But, Harley loses it when Phillip tells her that Beth is staying in Springfield permanently. She bolts out the door, and tells Phillip to call her when he gets over his feelings for Beth.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

by CBS

Reva, Blake, Abby, Jenna and Harley gather to figure out a way to rid Springfield of Ben Warren. Blake is clearly agitated by all the talk of Ben. Phillip is baffled by Harley's contention that he has unresolved feelings for Beth but Rick questions his buddy whether Harley might be right. Phillip assures that Harley's the one for him then proceeds to ask Beth to move out of the Spaulding mansion. When Vanessa surprises Michael with a visit to his lab, at first Michael covers then confides that he only agreed to design Annie's perfume so he could have access to the best facilities for his own research. He tells Vanessa how important his research could be for her situation. Matt nails Dinah for tricking him into a kiss, but Dinah says he's only upset because he enjoyed it. Matt lashes into Dinah until Vanessa shows up. He escorts Vanessa away to dinner without telling her of his brawl with Dinah. Alone in the parking garage, an out of control Dinah sees Hart and Cassie kiss and, after Hart leaves, drives her car straight at Cassie.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Ben Warren interrupts a meeting between Abby, Reva, Blake, Harley, and Jenna. He says he knows Harley has been asking questions of his former lovers. He brags about how everyone is interested in his sex life, glancing at Blake. Blake thinks back to their bet. Ben then speaks to Abby alone and tells her that Rick's chances of getting custody of his son will most certainly be hurt if he is associated with a murderer (her). Abigail sees through him. She tells him that she knows that he doesn't really care about Kevin, Rick, or her, but only wants to encourage Rick to go for custody of Kevin in order to hurt Ross. Abby goes to the hospital to tell Rick about Ben's visit and advice to her. She tells Rick that she thinks Ben may be right about her hurting his chances of getting custody.

Reva tells Blake to forget about the bet she made with Ben Warren. She tells her that Ross needs her to "keep it together" for her family now. Blake agrees, but then leaves, saying to herself, "I'm going to get rid of Ben Warren right now -- for Abby, for Ross, and for myself."

Dinah spies on Hart and Cassie kissing goodbye in the parking garage. Parked in the car next to Cassie's, Dinah waits for Hart to leave before attempting to run Cassie down. But Cassie dives out of the way, leaving her safe and Dinah pretending that it was an accident. Cassie knows better though, and accuses Dinah of trying to kill her. She picks up a crow bar and threatens to show Dinah exactly who she's messing with! Cassie starts smashing Dinah's car with the bar and forces her to confess that she tried to run her down. Dinah confesses to trying to scare her, but tells her that she doesn't give a damn -- about anything -- and that, besides, no one else will ever know what she did, since they are alone. But...they aren't alone. Matt is there. He has come into the parking garage and overheard. When Cassie sees him, she leaves Dinah to him. Dinah tries to leave, saying, "I don't want to go through this with you again, to hear what a miserable excuse for a human being you think I am." Matt surprises her by saying, "That's not what I was going to tell you. I was going to tell you that I want to make love to you." THEN he says, "That's what you want, right, Dinah?" with sarcasm that leaves us relieved. He points out that even if she did succeed in making love to Matt and running down Cassie, her life would still be a miserable mess. Matt asks Dinah where it all ends. She cries to him about how she was dumped by Hart, and how she drives everyone away, including Matt, who she has always been able to count on. Matt tells her to save her tears, calls her a hollow, shallow person who needs professional help, and tells her to wake up!

Holly visits Ross. She tells him that one of the WSPR reporters interviewed Ben Warren about Abby's trial and he did a hatchet job on Ross. She also tells him that Fletcher wants them to move out of town to find a better school for Meg. Ross offers to speak to Fletcher about this, and while he's consoling Holly, Kevin falls down. Ross leaves Jason with Holly and takes Kevin to Cedars to have his wrist examined.

Beth argues with Phillip about why she must move out of his house. She doesn't want to leave and tries to convince him that they still have a future together. When he disagrees, Beth begins a verbal attack on Harley. Phillip quickly puts a stop to it, though, telling Beth not to diminish his relationship with Harley or sell short his feelings for her. Phillip yells at Beth about being so condescending towards Harley. Beth then turns to Rick for help. She asks him to talk to Phillip on her behalf, to remind him of what they once had. She tries to convince Rick that Harley and Phillip are only together in a rebound relationship. Rick says he doesn't see it that way, and won't get involved. A hurt Beth says to herself, "If you won't help me, I'll just help myself."

At show's end:

  • Phillip goes to Harley and asks her to live with him.
  • Beth calls A.C. Mallet and pretends that Harley is in trouble.
  • Ross brings Kevin to Cedars and Rick says, "What did you do to him?"
  • Blake goes to Ben Warren's apartment. He opens the door and says, "I've been expecting you."
  • Friday, January 10, 1998


    Harley is surprised when Phillip suggests that they move in together. At first she is against it, but agrees to think about it. As Phillip walks away, she calls him back and tells him yes. Harley wonders where they will live. She doesn't want to move into the Spaulding mansion, so he agrees to move in with her. She reminds him of everyone living there and he tells her that he will find them their own place.

    Jesse has to see Rick, but Abby stops him. Rick has an emergency.

    Rick is upset at finding Kevin in the ER. He wonders what happened and why wasn't Ross watching him. Ross assures him that he was watching. He was talking to Holly when Kevin fell from a chair. He tried to get there before he hit the floor, but couldn't. An orderly comes in and says they need Kevin's last name. Ross says "Mahler," at the same time that Rick says "Bauer."

    Michelle is getting adjusted at the rehabilitation center. Irene tells Michelle that it won't be long and she will be getting around well enough to go home. She watches as Michelle puts herself to bed.

    The lovebirds are in the diner cooing when Buzz joins them. He wants to know when they are getting married. Harley is embarrassed while Phillip is shocked. They tell him that they are moving in together and this doesn't please the father of the "bride." They talk him around and he finally gives his blessing.

    Blake shows up at Ben's door. Inside, she begins to come-on to him. At first he is suspicious, but she finally convinces him that she is serious. She has him close his eyes. When she does, she takes a pair of handcuffs out of her purse and chains him to the table. She continues to work her seduction act and he seems to enjoy it until she pulls a knife and begins to caress his throat and chest with it. She wonders how it feels now to be held prisoner. He says he wasn't holding her prisoner, but she tells him that he has been holding her an emotional prisoner.

    Jesse calls Dahlia trying to get Michelle's address or phone number. Dahlia stalls and tells him that she doesn't know.

    Abby walks into the ER room as both men give their last name as Kevin's. The two begin to argue.

    Michelle is trying to go to sleep when she hears a noise. She springs up in the bed and asks who is there. Again she hears the noise. Who is in here? She asks as she gets out of bed. In the darkness, she slams into a chair, which overturns. She is now hysterically screaming. Irene comes rushing back into the room asking what is wrong. Michelle says she thought someone was in her room. Irene tells her to be still and silent and see if she can hear the sound again. They are quiet and the sound is heard again. Irene tells her to close her eyes and focus on the sound. Let your ears be your eyes. Michelle walks toward the sound. "It sounds like wind and something hitting against the window," she says. "And since we are surrounded by trees, I would assume you are correct," Irene tells her. She then sits by her bed until she is asleep.

    When they are alone, Phillip gives Harley a small box. He wants her to open it. When she does, she finds a ring.

    Rick finishes taking care of Kevin and begins to ask some rather pointed questions of Ross. Did you touch Kevin? What did you do to him before he fell? What did you do IMMEDIATELY before he fell? Did you shake him? Ross finally realizes that Rick is questioning him about CHILD ABUSE. He tells Rick angrily that he didn't abuse Kevin; are you going to call in social services? Rick says it is his duty to question him about suspected child abuse. Ross says he knows the law; he knows it is up to the discretion of the doctor whether to do this or not. Rick finally settles down and Ross leaves. Abby, who has been watching this exchange tells Rick that he will never get custody of Kevin if she stays with him.

    After hanging up from talking to Jesse, Dahlia calls Michelle at the center. Jesse walks in and grabs the phone. "Michelle?"

    "Jesse," Michelle whispers.

    Finally tired of "playing" with Ben, Blake decides to leave. He tells her that if she leaves him chained, he will have to shout until someone comes. Then he will just have to tell the police that Mrs. Mahler did this to him. Wouldn't look good in the press, would it? She starts to toss the key into the room, but he reminds her that he has to be able to reach it, or he will have to start yelling. She comes over to unlock the handcuffs, but he grabs her. He pulls her down on top of him and kisses her. At first she struggles, but soon, she stops her struggles.

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