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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on GL
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Monday, December 29, 1997

Vanessa finds Hart and Cassie together in her old house that she has loaned to Reva. Cassie is embarrassed, and offers for she and Tammy to move out, but Vanessa wants her to stay. Hart tells Vanessa that he just couldn't love her daughter anymore, and also said that he made the promise to take care of Dinah only for Vanessa's sake. Vanessa immediately apologizes for putting that burden on him.

Dinah walks into Vanessa's old house, and is shocked to find Cassie there along with Hart and her mother. She is absolutely crushed to find out that Cassie is living there, and her mother is seemingly okay with Cassie's new relationship with Hart. Dinah storms out of the house, with Hart following her. He explains that they would never last together, since there were so many lies told by Dinah. Vanessa comes out and also tries to console Dinah, and says that Hart is not the only one to make mistakes; she makes mistakes too. Dinah vows that she will dedicate her life to making her mother's life miserable.

The physical therapist talks to Matt about making sure that Vanessa controls her emotions, and does not get overly upset about anything, as it could endanger her and the baby.

Matt calls Dinah, who asks if she can come over, since she just had a bad fight with her mother. Dinah rings the doorbell at Matt's house, and before he answers the door, puts on perfume, and poses with this saggy, sad look. He invites her in and she tells him about getting angry at her mother for letting Cassie live in her old house. Matt berates her for disturbing her mother in such a way. Dinah invites herself over for New Year's Eve, and shows a wicked smile when she faces away from Matt.

While Harley and Phillip and dining at the club, Ben and Beth walk in also. Phillip is instantly enraged that Beth would be socializing with such a creep. Harley tells Phillip that Beth is able to take care of herself, but against her wishes, Phillip goes over to their table. Ben excuses himself to go visit with Harley. Phillip warns Beth that Ben is an unscrupulous, deceitful man; Beth firmly tells him to mind his own business. When Phillip comes back over to Harley, she stomps out of the restaurant, much to Beth's pleasure. Ben uncovers the truth from Beth, about wanting to make Phillip jealous, and says that he is willing to help, and has some ideas.

Cassie asks Hart about their future together, and Hart says that he prefers to take it slow, including long walks in the park, and lots of movies. She feels like they haven't seen the last of Dinah.

Against Rick's advice, Michelle wants to keep up the charade of covering up her blindness from Jesse. She essentially breaks up with him, and says that she need more time to herself to recuperate, and that she is also taking a trip. Jesse leaves in a huff, but returns and asks her to come to the light house with him on New Year's Eve so they can watch the fireworks together. She accepts, but later cries when Rick correctly guesses that she won't show up. Michelle is adamant that she will go to the School for the Blind and learn Braille.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

Making a difficult, but firm decision to go to the Institute for the Blind, Michelle asks Rick to help her write a "good-bye" letter to Jesse. In the letter, Michelle explains that she needs some time alone, and for him not to try to find her and go on with his life. She plans to leave the note at the lighthouse, before Jesse gets there.

Jesse goes to the diner and asks Buzz's advice on how to make their New Year's date very special; he tells Jesse to get plenty of flowers and he will have Eleni cater the dinner.

Dahlia comes over, and is ready to drive Michelle to the lighthouse and to the Institute. Michelle says farewell to Rick, who assures her that he will come get her if she should get homesick. (Aunt Mayta and Ed are out of town).

Dahlia takes Michelle to the lighthouse and as she is trying to place the letter, Jesse walks in behind them.

Harley talks to Jenna, who has the great news that Buzz plans to raise Jeffrey's unborn baby as his own. She gives Harley some suggestions on attracting Phillip, mainly by using romance.

Nola comes in the diner, and Jenna announces to her that Buzz knows the truth, and has come back to her nonetheless. She rushes out of the diner when Jenna tells her that she is no longer welcome, but Buzz goes after her. He later returns and says that everything is still okay.

To make Phillip jealous, Beth fakes receiving a phone call from Ben, and makes New Year's plans with him. Phillip makes it known that he does not want Ben in his house, but Beth says that she will go out somewhere with him anyway. She gets herself into more trouble by saying that she has decided to stay in Springfield and accept a job. Phillip keeps pushing her as to what the job is, but she won't tell. Beth later admits to Annie that it is all a lie.

Harley stops by the Splading mansion, claiming that she has car trouble. Phillip hurries out the door to help her, but Harley stops him. She confesses that it was a ploy to see if he was really the "man in shining armor" that he makes himself to be. Harley tells him that she has secret plans for them tonight, and leaves. They make up, and end up kissing, much to the dismay of Beth, who is spying.

Later, we see Beth on a plane to NYC, and she tells the attendant that she is expecting someone on the next flight and makes sure that there is no inclement weather.

Annie and Beth overhear all this, and Beth argues that there is no way to compete with her. The doorbell rings, and it is a messenger service with a package for Phillip. Annie accepts and opens the package, only to find a love letter from Harley (which she rips up) and an airline ticket.

Matt gives Vanessa a lecture about keeping her stress level down, and makes her promise that she will not engage in anything emotional that might endanger her or the baby.

Dinah comes over to Matt and Vanessa's house and brings some champagne. She also brings a red robe for her mother (as a "peace offering"), and asks her mother to go try it on. While she is gone, she gets Matt to drink more champagne, and reflects on the moment when she tells Vanessa that she will dedicate her life to making her hurt the way she is now hurting.

Wednesday, December 31

Today's recap was written by Dionne Lewis

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Thursday, January 1, 1997

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Due to the New Year's holiday, Guiding Light did not air today.

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Friday, January 2
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