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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, December 29, 1997

KIM, BOB and BEN are at the hospital talking about the Christmas service last night. CAMILLE brings something for Ben to sign and it is definitely a cold moment. Bob tells Kim that he knows Ben still loves her but "there is nothing we can do about it." But Kim has other ideas! She asks Camille to get something from the supply room (where Ben is) and then locks the door so they can't get out. They have time to talk and she asks him to give her a second chance. He says he saw Lew thanking her for the Christmas gift. She tells him it was really meant for Ben and that she and Lew are just friends. Then Ben tells her that Lew knew about the reason for the break-up when the stalker was after them--that Ben was only pretending in order to keep Camille safe. She realizes that Lew was playing her just like he did in Philadelphia. She goes to see Lew and confronts him with what she just learned. She calls him a two-faced lying piece of slime. Of course he tries to make excuses but she doesn't buy it this time.

HAL thanks CARLY for his Christmas present. He thinks something is bothering her. He talks to Nikki and tells her how proud he is of her grades. He asks her how she feels about Carly and says he thinks it would be nice if they could be friends.

LUCINDA and LILY are looking at the newspaper article telling that David Allen had been arrested for fraud. Lily thinks Lucinda feels sorry for him. Lucinda says she has mixed feelings because he saved her life. She leaves to go see David in jail. EMILY is visiting David and he says he didn't cheat on his bar exam. He thinks someone must have tampered with the test results. Emily suspects Lucinda (who walks in just then) but she says she didn't put him there--he did it himself. She says she had him investigated and turned the information over to the proper authorities. She says she wanted to help him when she thought he was her son but he just wanted to be her heir. He insists that he wanted to be her son. He starts to have an asthma attack. She calls for the guard to get his inhaler, then grabs David through the bars and holds him. Later she says that his asthma was one thing that convinced her he was her son because she thought he had inherited it from her. David tells Emily that Lucinda completely denied setting him up. The guard tells him that his bail has been paid--by Stenbeck.

Carly is talking on the phone to the man who bought her ranch, asking him to loan her $5,000 but he turns her down. MOLLY comes in and wants to know why she needs the money. Carly says she is being blackmailed and that Hal would drop her in a heartbeat if he found out what she was up to. Molly shows her the newspaper article about David's arrest. Carly says she thinks her troubles are over. Then a guard brings David to the office demanding to see Hal. Carly tries to stop Hal from talking to him. When Hal and David finish talking, Hal tells Carly they have to get something straight. She thinks David told him about her situation. But Hal says, "You cannot interrupt me when I'm with a suspect." He tells her he is going away this weekend to a lake to go ice fishing and invites her to go along. He wants them to spend some time together away from the station. She says she will think about it. Carly tells Molly that she doesn't feel right about it because she would be using him. She really likes him and he is one of the honest guys. Molly tells her that if she likes Hal and he likes her--what's the harm? She asks Carly to be her maid of honor. Carly goes to get Hal some bait and lets him know that she will go with him. She says that while he is fishing, she will be sitting by the fire at the inn waiting for him. He says maybe he won't fish after all.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

MARGO is wiring Jake for his meeting with Teague; she asks him to pay up on their bet about Carly. Jake is at the bar when Teague (drunk) comes in with his pal. The pal says that he thinks Jake looks like a cop. Teague and his pal have a conversation about the night of the fire and then get into a fight. Jake enters into it and wins over Teague's "pal." He leaves and we see him showing Margo the tape. They want to get the tape to Hal but know that he doesn't want to be disturbed by any phone calls. Jack says he will go see Hal and tell him about the tape.

CARLY and HAL arrive at the inn and find that they are to be in one room instead of two like he had requested. Carly says they could share the room but Hal calls the desk and asks for another room. While waiting for the other room to be ready, they share strawberries and cream but Hal is very nervous about the room not being ready. Smoke starts building up. Hal had built a fire and not opened the flue. The bellboy knocks on the door and says the other room is ready. Before Hal leaves the room, they kiss on the bed.

LUCINDA is at home talking to a minister about the wedding. LILY walks in and says her wedding is off. Lucinda tells the minister (in private) that the wedding will take place on the 9th of January. Later Lily asks her why she has the guest list out -- she thinks Lucinda is trying to destroy the evidence (of the wedding). Lily tells Lucinda about the outtakes of the video. She says the editor could probably testify about what was on the tape but they can't find him. Lucinda phones someone to find Steve. Holden comes in and finds that he missed the minister. Lucinda tells him that she is beginning to think that the last thing Lily should do is marry him. She is worried that Molly might hurt him or Lily and the baby. Holden tells Lucinda that Iva is coming for the wedding.

After Holden takes a shower, he finds Molly in his bed. He says it will take some time to get used to the idea of being with her. He says they should wait to have sex until after they are married. She suggests that maybe he was thinking of a way to get out of marrying her. He has some things to take care of by himself. He is going to see the minister and reminds her that she has an appointment with the photographer.

BARBARA is taking the ornaments off the tree as JOHN comes in. She says she doesn't need his help as he drops an ornament that was her mother's. He tells her that he did what he thought was right--it was the toughest decision he ever had to make in his life. She says she doesn't blame him but he says he sees it in her face and hears it in her voice. She tells him that he played God.

MOLLY meets with the photographer and tells her she wants to book her but she doesn't know the date or the time. The photographer says Holden can reach her at her voice mail. Lily comes in (without seeing Molly) and orders a huge take-out meal. Molly tells her it almost sounds like she is ordering for two. She thought the extra food was for Holden. She reminds Lily that "Holden is mine now." Lily tells her that they will find the evidence that shows she is lying.

Molly puts the tape in the VCR (thinking about what Lily said about the evidence). The phone rings and it is Reverend Somers. He will be available for the wedding on January 9th at 2 o'clock.

Wednesday, December 31, 1997

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, As The World Turns did not air today.

Thursday, January 1, 1997

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Friday, January 2, 1997

by Tammy Freeman

At Java, MARGO tries to discourage JACK from interrupting Hal's vacation. Jack wants Hal's authorization to bug Teague's house but Margo reminds him that Hal ordered Jack to stay away from the case and that Jack could get kicked off the Department for disobeying orders. Margo offers to talk to Hal in Jack's place. Jack says that he got himself into this and he'll get himself out. Margo says that's stupid and suggests that she tell Hal that she made the tape with Teague admitting to the fire. Jack says no way - Hal will hear his voice on the tape and know that Jack was involved. Jack asks Margo what Hal wants most and she says justice. Jack says that that's what he's going to get.

HAL and CARLY are getting hot and heavy at the Inn but Hal stops it, trying to slow things down. He suggests that he go change his shirt which is still covered with soot. Carly tells him that she likes him just the way he is. Hal tells her that she'll like him better when he's cleaned up. Carly says that he can use her shower. Hal tells her that there are no showers - only baths! Carly says that that's nice too. Hal asks her if she would like to ice-skate, cross-country ski, etc. but Carly says that she's not good at any of those outdoor winter activities. When Hal asks what she did on all of those long, cold Montana nights. Carly says that she sat by the fire and waited for Spring because she prefers warmer weather. Hal jokes that he could've whisked her off on his Lear jet to the tropics. Carly says that she likes being there with him, cozy and comfortable. She tries to get hot and heavy again but Hal's worried about rushing her. Carly suggests that they play a game - poker? Hal's happy to play and asks what game she would like to play. Carly suggests Stud. Later, Carly is getting creamed at Stud and they play another hand. Carly's out of pennies and losing again so she bets her scarf (for starters!) Later still, Carly's down to the bare essentials and covered with a blanket. She loses again and comes off with some lingerie. When Hal worries that Carly is going to get awful cold if she loses another hand, she says that Hal can help warm her up. Hal sets out to warm things up but his pager goes off - it's Nikki. He goes, reluctantly, to call her, promising Carly that he'll be back. Carly is understanding and sure that she knows how to heat things up again. Later, Carly lights candles and rehearses her invitation then steps into the tub. In the hall, JACK asks a bellboy if this is the room that Hal booked. The bellboy says yes, but... Jack insists that it's ok - he's a friend of Hal's. Jack knocks and Carly calls for him to come in, thinking it's Hal. Jack walks in, surprised to find her. Carly's back is to him, so she doesn't know it's him.

On the phone in Holden's room, MOLLY learns from Rev Summers the time and date of "her" wedding to Holden then practices saying her wedding vows. When she discovers Holden's picture of him and Lily, she cuts Lily out and throws it in the trash. HOLDEN walks in and demands and explanation. Molly says that the phone rang and she wasn't thinking when she picked it up. She tells him that it was Rev Summers and that she knows when the wedding is. She's excited and says that she's got a million things to do - like shopping for some special lingerie for the honeymoon! Molly leaves giddily. Holden calls Rev Summers and says that he won't be getting married on January 9th at 2:00. Later, IVA calls Holden. He tells her about Molly and Iva asks if all is still well, if Holden and Lily are still getting married on January 9th. Holden says yes, but it'll be noon, not 2:00. Iva asks which side of the church she should sit on at the wedding. Holden says that that's the least of their worries and explains the fake wedding with Molly. Iva is confused but Holden insists that all will be fine once he and Lily are married. They say goodbye and Holden wonders what Molly was really doing in his room. He notices that his VCR's been messed with and looks for the video. He finds the cut picture of Lily in the trashcan and the empty picture frame. Holden decides that if Molly can mess with his room, he's visiting hers. When Molly returns to the room later, she puts her tape in the VCR, only to find that she's got a tourism tape on the Eiffel Tower. Molly freaks -- "What happened to my tape?!"

At the hospital, LILY and BEN discuss meeting with Rev Dansby. BOB and KIM arrive and they all discuss turning the recent tragedies into something good. TOM and JESS arrive to offer legal support for the cause. REV DANSBY arrives, panicked. BEN tells him that they're forming a community action group to help rebuild the Milltown Baptist Church. Rev Dansby is overwhelmed and grateful but hesitant, telling Lily that he's surprised that she is involved because of Holden. Lily defends Holden, saying that he's innocent. Rev Dansby points out that if Holden is involved, people will think he's doing it for the publicity. Lily says that Holden is innocent and they're going to find who really did it. Lily says that she's doing it for the church, not Holden. Ben backs Lily, saying that the fire was a hate crime and pushes for Rev's go ahead. Rev Dansby finally gives in and agrees. When Kim tells Ben it was a stroke of genius to get Lily's help, Ben insists that all he did was make a suggestion and Lily was all for it. Bob, Ben and Jess discuss security from people who won't be happy with the project. Ben says it's a risk he'll have to another chance. CAMILLE walks up. Tom and Lily are talking about Holden marrying Molly. Tom tells her that they're still not out of the woods because of the DNA tests on the skin under Molly's nails. Lily insists that the video tape will show how it got there and that Holden's looking it for it now. HOLDEN arrives, saying that he hasn't been able to find it. Holden says that he had no luck finding the video, then tells her about the picture in the trash. Tom tells Holden to get Molly out of his house but Holden insists that he thinks it's ok now that Molly thinks Holden is marrying her. Ben and Camille are talking and she tells him that she let Lew have it for lying to her and says that she wouldn't take his smooth talk. Ben tries to make her feel better about their situation but Camille is still beating herself up. She asks if there's still a chance for them. Ben tells her he's not sure. The press has arrived and Ben begins telling them about the Christmas celebration in the parking lot and his decision to rebuild the church. A reporter interrupts, pointing out that Ben is talking about rebuilding the church while the person the Oakdale PD think caused the fire is in the room. All go abuzz as several call for Holden's exit. Ben asks for everyone to calm down and states his belief in Holden's innocence and insists that they have to consider the possibility that it was a racially motivated hate crime. Parishioners protests that Holden's a hot head and that he shouldn't be involved in the project. Holden steps up to proclaim his innocence and insist that there is no proof of his guilt. Parishioners are still skeptical so Holden decides to leave. He says that the important thing is that the church be rebuilt. Lily wants to go with him, but he insists that she stay to support the cause. Ben concludes the press conference then goes to Lily. Tom points out that by Holden being there, they're ensured front page coverage. Ben says he just wants the responsible party caught. MARGO takes Ben aside and tells him that the Department is working on finding the responsible one and are damned close to finding the one who did it.

DAVID's visiting JAMES in prison. David doesn't want any pleasantries and attacks James for bailing him out. James asks if David would've preferred to stay in jail. David says that he could've gotten out on his own because the charges are bogus - Lucinda set him up. David says that he passed the exam and he's gonna sue for false arrest, defamation of character... James interrupts, saying that that's not a good idea - the charges are true. David didn't pass the Bar exam. David realizes that James is responsible for all of this. David figures that James set him up to put him in jail with "Daddy." James says that he had watched David's academic career through college and law school then he got an offer from the best law firm in Chicago. James found out David's Bar score - he missed passing by one question, so James fixed it so David passed. David says that he could've taken the exam again and passed but James insists that he wouldn't have gotten a second chance with the law firm. David says that Jack took away his profession but Jack insists that David can do anything he wishes. "Like be a criminal?", David asks. He refuses to join James' position in life. David says that James will get his blood money back and then David wants James gone from his life.

MOLLY goes to see EMILY at the City Times. Emily informs her of the layoffs and downsizing and that Lucinda is trying to get the paper from her. Emily figures Molly's trying to get her job back but Molly tells her that she wants to post her and Holden's wedding announcement. Emily laughs at her and tells her that she shouldn't believe it because he probably doesn't mean it. Molly says that it's happening and she wants to announce it in the City Times. Emily says fine, it'll be $25-cash. She asks if there's a photo. Molly gives her one that she's taped together. Emily balks, saying people will think it's a fake but Molly insists that it should go in tomorrow's edition. Emily tells her that Molly's announcement is the least of her worries and asks Molly about the bill for the video equipment rental. Molly says that she'll pay for it once she's Mrs. Holden Snyder. Emily laughs and says since when does Holden have money? Molly says that Holden has a very good job but she wouldn't care if he was flat broke because she loves him. Emily tells her that love doesn't pay the rent. Molly says that love is all that matters and that with all the trouble David's in, Emily should understand that. Emily says that she'll print the announcement. Molly thanks Emily, saying that she's the only person in this town that she can count on. She turns to leave and runs into DAVID, who asks about Carly - how can he reach her? Molly says that she knows all about David and Carly's conversation and tells him that she refuses to help him blackmail her cousin. Emily's ears perk up. David presses on, trying to get info. He says that there's a legal document that Hal may want to see if Molly can't help him. Molly finally tells him where Carly is and leaves. Emily confronts David, who tells her that Molly is crazy but Emily is unconvinced. David explains the terms of Rosanna and Carly's trust agreement, including the money. Emily insists that what David is doing is blackmail but David rationalizes that Carly needs protection from money sharks. Emily says she knows they're in a hole but his integrity has already been questioned, don't add fuel. Plus, she adds, he can beat the rap and open up his own law firm. David tells her not to count on it because the charges are true - James fixed David's results on the Bar exam. David swears to her that he never knew but it'll be hard to prove and if he can't, he'll never practice law again. Emily wants to hire the best lawyers but David points out that they don't have the funds, which makes the deal with Carly so important. David begs for Emily's understanding. Emily is angry that James has put them in this position but she tells David that she loves him and is on his side, no matter what.


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