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Blair and Max broke into Todd's office at the Sun. Dorian divulged her reasons for abandoning Cassie. Mel resisted the urge to drink. Dorian had dreams about her dead mother. Kelly had suspicions about Blair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday January 5, 1998

Mel stops by to see Dorothy and to give her belated X-Mas gifts since he's been out of the country in Italy with Dorian. He explains that Dorian has had a major meltdown and these next few days/weeks are going to be critical. He's worried, but Dorian has full support from the 3 girls - Kelly, Cassie and Blair - which surprises Dorothy given the numerous cat fights they usually have. He's going to be meeting with them all later. Dorothy opens her presents - a designer blouse from a famous and favorite Italian designer, which draws a comment from Mel that now she has something in common with Dorian. She loves the same designer. The second present is a book about Italian Renaissance painting. This draws a glum look from Dorothy and Mel asks if she doesn't like it. She covers up and says she does. We all know why - reminds her of Joey. Mel then asks what's been going with her and she explains that she gave psychological advice to a client (nameless, though we know it's Joey and Mel does too) on his relationship with an ex and though she meant the opposite, using all the psychological hints she was trained to use, it seems the client took her advice to the other way - to pursue the girl with everything he has. She's basically shot herself in the foot. She concludes that sometimes it may be better to be direct. Mel agrees and with that, Dorothy thanks him for his help and rushes out to go meet someone......

At the same time, Kevin and Joey discuss the situation with Kelly. Joey confides that Dorothy advised him to go after her with all the things he can use. To Joey, this means his cooking, dancing etc. and then says he wishes he could make her laugh again like he used to. Kevin then tells him that's exactly what he needs to concentrate on - making her laugh again. After Kevin leaves, Joey starts tap dancing and waltzing around the kitchen with a broom for a partner. As he waltzes, Dorothy arrives and watches him delightedly for a few minutes through the french back door until Joey notices her. She's clearly impressed and tells him so. Joey then starts talking about his strategies to win Kelly again. At this point, Dorothy really loses her cool and tells Joey he's a fool for running after Kelly and Kelly is a bigger fool for not making up with Joey all this time. She tells him he's making a mess of his life and she never advised him to go after Kelly, just the opposite. She then storms off leaving Joey flabbergasted.

Max meets Blair at Dorian's and tells her he's found a way for her get Ian, Starr and stick it to Todd at the same time. He tells her that Ian is interested in the SUN and Todd won't sell as expected. Since the employees at the SUN despise Todd and love Blair, she can maneuver the situation to her advantage and get everything she wants. What he wants in return is the money and power that Armitage Enterprises can afford him once Blair is in control. He leaves Blair to ponder on the strategy.

Later, Cassie, Blair, Kelly and Mel meet with Dorian to discuss the secrets surrounding the Cramer family and get to the bottom of it. At first, Dorian evades the questions, but finally explains how their mother was cruel and made the sisters hate each other. Making Addie punish Dorian and Dorian be violent with Melinda. Dorian refused and she bore the brunt of the punishments from their mother. Their mother would blame her for things she didn't do including Melinda's accident and made it look like Dorian did it. She even told their father, who refused to believe it, causing her mom to lunge at her and she doesn't remember what happened after that.

Cassie then asks why she prevented her father from meeting with her and why she switched Melinda's medication. She explains that she had promised David that she would tell Cassie everything herself and because David could not face Cassie and avoid the truth, he left the hospital in Vienna. Cassie then asks why David took her away from Dorian when she was a baby. Dorian explains that she was trying to protect Cassie from her own pain and she was never sure how she would react given a certain set of circumstances and her family background. They all still felt there was more to the family secrets and Mel urges Dorian to go to Canton and face Ms. Stonecliff squarely to get to the bottom of it all.

In the meantime, Asa goes to Rodi's to offer his condolences to Max. Max is very curt with him and serves him his usual drink. Asa then explains that now that he knows the reasons that compelled him to sell the Waterfront property to him, he'd like to give him the opportunity to get a piece of the action on the development because he does not feel good about the circumstances under which he acquired it. Max basically tells him to shove his pity and get lost.

Later, Renee tells Asa that Max is still under a great deal of pain, but Asa tells her that Max's reactions are more than being in pain. Max is back in the ring and is a contender. He just does not know what Max is up to yet. Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Todd, Téa, Ian and Blair

Téa joins Todd at the bar in the Palace Hotel. She just had a meeting with Blair's lawyer and worked out the visitation so it is completely on their terms. The visits will always be in Todd's home at a mutually agreed upon time, Blair cannot leave the penthouse with Starr and the social worker must always be present. Todd's worried that the terms will change in the future, he knows Blair is persistent and won't give up. Téa assures him that they will both be there to guard against any attempts Blair makes. Ian comes over and joins them, he has a job for Téa, he wants her to save her husband from himself.

Todd tells Téa to ignore Ian and Téa tells Ian that Todd does fine on his own. The bartender comes over with a message for Ian, supposedly from Kelly, asking Ian to meet her there at the Palace Hotel. Turning back to Todd, Ian says that two things are standing in the way of Todd making lots of money, caution and sentimentality. Téa replies that Todd is neither of those and that she backs his decision not to sell The Sun. Blair just "happens" to arrive at the bar and comes over to say hello. Todd and Téa quickly start to leave, with Todd telling Ian to keep a tight hold on his wallet(while Blair's around). Blair stops them before they get far and asks Téa to pass on a message to Starr, "tell her that her real mommy can't wait to hold her".

Téa thanks Blair for reminding her that she has to prepare Starr for Blair's visit, Starr isn't very comfortable around "strangers". Todd suggests that they leave, there's too many windows around. Todd and Téa do leave. Blair admits to Ian that Kelly isn't coming, she is the one who left the message. Blair thinks that she can help him get The Sun. Ian is surprised that she knows anything about it. Ian agrees to listed to what she has to say. Max sneaks into the bar and sits down to listen to the conversation hidden behind a newspaper. All of the staff at The Sun hate Todd and love her, Blair explains. What Ian needs to do is announce that he's starting a third newspaper in Llanview. Blair will call a secret meeting of The Sun staff and offer them a 10 percent raise and a profit sharing plan if they come to work for Ian. Ian would get a complete staff for his paper and Todd would be left crippled or completely out of business. In return, Blair would like a well-paid executive staff position. Ian wants specifics before he agrees to anything. He wants to see the current payroll figures for The Sun. Blair promises to get him the figures. Ian warns Blair that even if this does all work out, there is still nothing personal between them. Blair agrees with him. Ian leaves. Max comes over and tells Blair she did good work.

Blair and Max try to figure out how they can get the payroll figures by tomorrow. According to Blair, the figures are all on computer, but they can only be accessed from the computer in Todd's office. Blair doesn't think that breaking in will be all that difficult. Their main problem is getting past the security desk and making sure Blair isn't recognized by someone that knows her there. Max tells her to leave that to him.

Dressed as janitors (except for Blair's high heeled shoes) and pushing janitor's carts, Blair uses the secretary's key to open Todd's office. They rush over to the computer and turn it on, (which miraculously takes about 1 second). As the files are printing, Todd steps out of the elevator and heads toward his office. Noticing the janitor's cart standing there, he starts to open his office door.

Todd and Téa

Back at the penthouse, Téa comments that she shouldn't have let Blair push her buttons, she and Todd are both going to have to learn to control themselves better. Todd says not to worry, Blair will be on her best behavior during the visits, trying to show off for the social worker. Téa all of a sudden notices that he's reading this little book she's seen him with several times before. What is it about, she asks, and goes over to him to get a closer look at it.

Leaning over Todd's shoulder to read it, Téa finds that it is a book about meditation. Todd quickly gets up and moves away from Téa. She calls him on it, telling him that he doesn't have to move away every time she gets close. Todd made himself very clear, she has no insidious seduction schemes in mind. Todd claims that her "personal magnetism" had nothing to do with him getting up just then, he has a lot of work to do. Todd grabs his jacket and leaves to go to The Sun.

Kelly and Blair

Kelly is at Dorian's, packing a few more things to take back to the carriage house. Blair joins her in the living room, Cassie is upstairs with Dorian, trying to get her to rest. Kelly asks Blair if they can come to some sort of truce. Their mothers were forced into a sick rivalry with one another, but Kelly would like to break the cycle before it hurts the next generation. Kelly would like to move back into the house. Blair doesn't look thrilled, but agrees it's a big house and they should be able to co-exist. After Kelly leaves, Blair calls and leaves a message for Ian, but she says the message is from Kelly.

Kelly and Joey

At the carriage house, Joey is practicing a dance number down the stairs, complete with a hat and a rose, to make Kelly laugh. Kelly comes in just a he is finishing. She's surprised to see him there since neither Kevin nor Cassie are at home. Joey says he was waiting for her. He offers to listen to her troubles, the way she helped him when his mom was having problems, but she doesn't seem to want to talk to him about it. He's about to leave when Kelly stops him and asks why he was waiting there for her. He tells her to forget about it, it was a stupid idea, he was going to try to make her laugh. He was wrong though. He point out the Italian treats he made her, which are sitting on the table, and starts to leave. Kelly calls out for him to wait. Joey apologizes again, she's obviously not in the mood to laugh. But could he get a quick smile? Joey does a little tap dance and Kelly gives him a small smile.

Kelly sits down on the couch with Joey and starts to tell him a little bit about her day. She learned about Dorian's childhood today and how horrible it was. Kelly thought her own childhood was bad, but it was nothing in comparison. She doesn't understand how someone could hurt a child like that. Despite all of Dorian's successes, she still seems to be scared of someone hurting her and taking it all away from her. Joey says that when he was together with Dorian, they never discussed her childhood and he never pictured her as a little girl. Kelly, on the other hand, he could look at and see a vulnerable child with sad eyes and want to go back into the past and make everything better for her. Joey wishes he could erase all the bad things in her life as proof of how much he loves her. He looks over to see Kelly's reaction, but she has fallen asleep. Joey gently puts the rose in her hand and quietly leaves. Kelly wakes up when the door closes, calls out his name and notices the rose that he left.

Dorian and Cassie

Upstairs at Dorian's, Cassie brings Dorian a cup of tea to help her relax. Cassie apologizes for pushing her so hard about why David took her away, but it's very important to her. Cassie recalls going to see Santa when she was a child and all she would ask for was "to see her mommy". Cassie starts crying. She never understood why Dorian completely abandoned her when she was a baby. She's very grateful to have finally learned the truth. Dorian again explains that the terrifying feelings inside of her, the fear of being like Sonya were what made her give Cassie away. Dorian says Cassie can't possibly imagine what it was like. Cassie disagrees, she's had some of those same feelings inside her too. Cassie and Dorian hug one another.

Dorian knows how horrible it was for Cassie when her baby died, but she recovered. Sonya could never find her way out of that dark place, neither could Melinda or Addie, but both she and Cassie fought their way back, Dorian says. Dorian believes that they can survive anything if they try, the sins of the past don't need to control the present. Cassie thinks that Dorian should go back to Canton so that they can all be free of the past. With a final hug, Cassie leaves Dorian alone.

Dorian is in bed sleeping. She has a dream that she(as a child) is walking with Miss Stonecliff in a dark place lit only with candles. Miss Stonecliff warns her to be quiet, she must not disturb her mother. She pulls back a curtain to reveal a coffin with Sonya lying inside and Cassie, Blair, and Kelly as well as Addie and Melinda, as children, standing around it. Dorian kneels beside the coffin and whispers to her mother that she knows she(Dorian) was wicked, but she never told anyone. Sonya, in the coffin, opens her eyes and says to leave her alone. Young Dorian screams and suddenly she is the one lying in the coffin. Dorian screams.

Cassie runs in to Dorian's room to see what is wrong. Dorian is awake, but very confused, saying that Sonya was there. Dorian tells Cassie about her dream. Dorian says that she won't go to Canton and she won't let Cassie go either. Cassie tries to tell her it was just a dream, but Dorian won't listen. Cassie thinks they should discuss it in the morning. Dorian starts talking about how beautiful Cassie was as a child and how she loved to hold her. She would also realize, though, how fragile a child is and how she was responsible for her. Nobody had ever taught her how to love like that. When David took Cassie away, her arms and soul were empty. Cassie tries to comfort her, saying that Dorian isn't alone and that everything will be alright.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Palace Hotel- Bo and Hank

Over drinks, Bo tells Hank about Antonio's information on R.J. He has a sudden desire to go to Club Indigo. Hank reminds him about the parameters of Standard Operating Procedure. Bo still wants him to go along with him. Hank says it could be a disaster or a catastrophe- the only two choices, but he agrees to accompany the Police Commissioner to...

Club Indigo- Jacara, R.J., Hank and Bo

Jacara is applying her make up and daydreaming about the rematch of Blue Jay and Club Indigo. R.J. arrives and compliments her on how good she looks. Jacara teases him how hard Nora is at work complicating their agreement. R.J. replies that she can have whatever she wants. J puts her hand to his head and asks him if he is well. He clasps her hand and says he is confident, certain and has desire. This was meant to be. Jacara replies that in the past she gave him hell for not knowing the meaning partnership, but now, since she has gone solo again, she realizes she has stuff to learn. Especially after she panicked over Tommy Edwards. R.J. laughs and tells her opposition brings creativity. It is like a violist rosining the bow. Friction makes for great music. Bo arrives and R.J. asks if he is there for business or pleasure. Bo replies that he takes pleasure in his business. "My business is pleasure", R.J. counters. They walk over to a table and Bo informs R.J. that he knows he lied about his connection with Charbonneau. The man worked for R.J. Why is it that R.J. misled Bo about this? Hank intercedes and says that sometimes the Commissioner has a hard time kicking back. R.J. speculates that Bo's unreliable source is Antonio and the report is skewed because Antonio is being self serving. Now if Bo wants an official conversation, let him know. Bo replies he will let him know when he books him. Hank puts an end to the discussion. He tells Bo this is not the time or the place and he will not have him compromise his case by harassing R.J. He tells Bo to sit down and have a drink. R.J. tells his brother he will buy him one and goes to the bar. Hank warns Bo that he is being very uncool. He undercut Hank in a professional situation He is putting him in a bad position, as a District Attorney and as a friend.

Meanwhile at the Bar, Jacara comments to R.J. that this cannot be easy for Hank. R.J. jokes that his brother is just being protector of truth, justice and the American Way. Jacara replies that it was her impression that it meant more to Hank than that, but what really surprised her was Bo. She thought he was laid back, smooth. She never saw him this intense. He has seen it plenty, he tells her. Jacara commends R.J. on his coolness. He asks her how do you get to play Club Indigo? Practice. Jacara says she is not sure she could have played the situation that way given the provocation Bo provided. R.J. assures her that Bo is not a distraction for his life. He enjoys his moments with her.

Hank is still arguing with Bo about his methods of interrogation. Bo replies it is just fun. So Bo thinks it is a game, Hank asks. No, it is not a game for Bo. He wants to know how Hank stands up for R.J. Why does he defend him? What changed? R.J. changed, Hank replies. He has nothing to do with this crime and you do not have enough to make a case. Bo says Hank is testy and indicates the reason by pointing in the direction of Jacara, who is cozy at the bar with R.J. Hank tells him he is way off the mark. He does not have to work with Jacara, but he does have to work with Bo. If Bo pursues this, they will have a big problem. Bo rises from his seat and says he will give him a case he can prosecute in his sleep. He will do it clean and he will do it his way. Bo leaves and with each stride out the door, his eyes focus in a glare at R.J.

The Sun-Blair and Max, Todd and Briggs

The printout of the personnel report is taking longer than Blair would like. She is very fidgety and more so when Max and she hear Todd outside the door, talking to Briggs and inviting him to continue the discussion in his office. Blair and Max scurry before Todd hits the lights. Blair is under Todd's desk and Max is hiding in the shadows. Briggs needs Todd's crisis management regarding the color on an advertiser's supplement. It is all wrong and makes the jewelry look tarnished. Todd leaves, accompanying Briggs to the press room. Blair emerges from the desk and Max from the shadows, but Todd is already making his way back. She pushes Max out the door and they run into the janitor's closet leaving the door open. Todd instinctively pushes it out of his way and slams it shut. Max is angry that Blair rushed him out of the office before they got their hands on the reports. She admits this is bad, but does not know how bad it is until she tries to turn the doorknob. Todd locked them in!

Max rules out his breaking down the door. Todd would hear them. He suggest Blair climb through the transom. On her first try she realizes she is positioned wrong and will land on her head. Max tells her to suck it up and take one for the team. She tries again, but in his office, Todd notices the report is in the printer bin. He steps out of the office and Blair quickly lands back on the other side of the janitor's room door before he can see her. On the third attempt, with Todd out of sight, Blair makes it over the transom and in the corridor. She tells Max she should leave him locked in there so he can take one for the team, but she unlocks the door because she needs him. Ian has to get the Sun so that she can have Ian's money and get custody of Starr. Max in turn will get his cut of Ian's money. They retrieve the report and get out of the room just in time. They walk past Todd with their heads down. As the elevator shuts, Todd catches a glimpse of Blair's high heels. He goes back in his office and records his plans for the day- fire the press room staff, they are slackers, buy milk for Shorty and millet for Moose when his eye wander to the printer and he sees the report is missing. He heads for the elevator and it is as if a light goes off over his head and he is angry.

Back at the Palace, Max and Blair celebrate. She tells him that she renegotiated half the contracts of the people on the list. They did not want to work for Todd. It was she who convinced them to stay. They toast each other and to the mine fields they are setting for Todd and Ian.

Dorian's House- Dorian and Cassie

Cassie calls Kelly. She wants to speak to Kevin but he is not at the Carriage House. Cassie tells Kelly that Dorian is terrified of going to Canton. Kelly offers to come over, but Cassie says that things are under control despite the nightmare Dorian had, so she needn't come.

Upstairs, Dorian has the same nightmare. She wakes up just before Cassie comes in to check in on her. Dorian wonders what she has done to deserve being haunted this way. Cassie affirms she has done nothing to deserve this. Dorian is afraid she is losing her mind.

The Banner-Viki and Mel

Mel admits he is tempted to drink. Viki says she is not in the least surprised considering the burden he has decided to shoulder. Is there anyone who can help him. Max replies if she is suggesting a program, 12 steps is all he needs to send him to the nearest bar. She withholds comment and he appreciates it. He apologizes for the scene at the City room. Viki tells him Dorian would not appreciate his apology, that was just Dorian being Dorian. Viki wants him to be happy even if it is with Dorian. But if he is going to be with Dorian, he is going to have to let Dorian take her knocks. Mel replies, Oh she is taking them, Mel explains. She has gone to such great lengths to hide the truth from her from her family and/or herself. Viki calls Dorian hurling herself down the steps evasive action.

Mel says that Dorian has told them about the David Renaldi situation. Viki questions whether he is free to tell her this. Mel responds that he knows he is betraying the confidence of Dorian and Cassie (what's new), but he can trust Viki to be dispassionate. David took Cassie because Dorian allowed him to. She was afraid of hurting Cassie like her mother hurt Dorian. Viki questions if he believes this is the truth. Yes, Mel says, she is going through hell- terror, anger, fear of inherited insanity. Dorian is in a black pit to which he led her. No, through it, Viki corrects. Mel says that Dorian never wanted to go there. Viki says maybe the trip is not a good idea. Mel answers that he has to shake the truth from Miss Stonecliff. Viki wonders if Dorian can endure it. She has sympathy for Dorian, but she worries about him. He is this far from the bottle, she says indicating a small distance between her thumb and first finger. He signs back with even a minuter distance between the fingers. Viki worries this is too much for him to bear. He assures her he is fine-for now. Viki asks if he loves Dorian. Yes is his answer. Viki says she admires him. Dorian's behavior has been to scorch like a flame thrower. He agrees that it is not fun to be on the receiving end. Viki is certain it is not a lot of fun for Dorian, but asks Mel not to tell Dorian she said so. Dorian does not want sympathy from her enemy. Mel promises to keep his lips sealed. Cassie calls Mel and tells him Dorian needs him. Mel thanks Viki for listening and leaves. Viki shakes her head to herself and turns out the lights.

Dorian's house-Cassie, Mel and Dorian

Cassie says that Dorian is not in any condition to see Miss Stonecliff. Dorian has had another dream. She describes the dream to Mel and Cassie. Her mother is in the open coffin. Dorian kneelt down and her mother's eyes opened and she said "Leave me alone". No, Dorian says, her mother would not want her to go. She can't remember anymore, she does not want to. She is worried she will turn into a pillar of salt if she looks back. Mel comments on her bravery and how he needs her whole. She asks if she is not enough for him. He shouldn't ask her to do this for love. Mel replies that love is all he's got. They need to get through it. It began with her fears for Starr. She owes it to the family to find out what happened. Dorian says that what she owes the family is to "stay sane, which is more that I can say for the rest of my generation of Cramers. The truth, whatever it is, broke them. I won't let it break me. And if we don't stop, Mel, I swear, I will go totally insane"

Back downstairs, Cassie tells Mel her mom can't handle the trip to Canton. There is a part of Cassie who can't help but wonder if this an orchestrated stunt. Mel tells her that granted, she knows her mother in ways he does not, but he knows her mother in ways Cassie does not. Cassie says her mother has been terrified all her life, but it does not mean she is not capable of snowing them. Mel is sure it is not a play. He says that Dorian is tin can empty. She is stripped of defenses and her nerves are shot. Whatever edge she is on, he can't take responsibility and neither should she. The question now is what do they do?

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Written by: Jeanette Girosky

After his fight with Téa, Andrew went to Ian's yacht. Ian invited him in for a drink. Andrew wanted to know why Ian bought the yacht. Ian said he bought it because he could and because he thought it would be fun for Kelly, but admitted that it was named Fortune Hunter for Blair. Ian admitted Kelly and Andrew were the reason he was staying in Llanview.

Kelly congratulated Blair on regaining her visitation rights for Starr. Blair sarcastically reminded her that they were supervised visits. Kelly told her that she really just wants the best for Blair and Starr. Blair was surprised that Kelly remembered Starr's birthday. Kelly mentioned that she was on her way to take up some tea and toast to Dorian as she had had a rough night. Blair told Kelly that Cassie had filled Blair in on all the details. After Kelly left the room Blair sarcastically wondered if Kelly could get tea and toast right.

Todd returned home from the Sun and was in a good mood until he realized that Téa wasn't there. He started telling his bird about how he knows that Téa always leaves after they have one of those "fight things like husbands and wives do", then realized the bird wasn't there either. He yelled at Judith for having the bird in her room and then wondered out loud if Téa had left him for real.

Nora had a meeting in her office with Jacara, R.J., and Rachel. She advised R.J. that he should have his own attorney present. R.J. didn't think he needed one because they could always look over the paperwork later. R.J. wants to give Jacara everything she wants to make the partnership work. But, he did want to set some limits.

Blair called Ian and asked if she could "come and play". Ian asked if Blair had the information about the Sun's payroll. She reminded him he had said this morning. Ian said it wasn't a good time for her to come over. Blair insisted on 15 minutes and said she would make it a good time and then hung up the phone so he couldn't say no. Blair did not know that Kelly had walked in on her conversation and when Blair left, Kelly called a cab to go to the marina.

R.J. refused to give Jacara so many out clauses in the contract. He understood her worries about Tommy Gregory, but explained the point was that it was still just an issue to be resolved. And every time they had a problem with each other he didn't want to see her back going out the door. He wanted to make sure Jacara would stay and work out any issues that would arise and said that by eliminating her out clause, Jacara was making the commitment that R.J. needed. Jacara agreed to R.J.'s provisions and said she was ready for commitment. Rachel joked that they should both be committed and as they were enjoying a good laugh, Bo walked into take Nora to lunch.

Bo apologized for walking in on their meeting, after a tense hello to R.J. Nora kissed Bo quickly and told him that they were almost done and she would meet him at the Palace Hotel for lunch. After Bo left, Rachel and Jacara told Nora about Bo coming into Club Indigo and flinging accusations at R.J. R.J. didn't seem to concerned as he claimed he was used to being accused every time something happened. Jacara also told Nora that Hank had stepped in and told Bo he was being unprofessional. Nora was very surprised as Bo hadn't mentioned anything to her.

Ian told Andrew he was planning on buying the Sun. Andrew couldn't believe Todd would sell the Sun and was worried about Téa. He just wanted what was best for her. Ian wanted to know why Andrew cared so much about Téa and her marriage. Blair walked in and Andrew left. Blair was very upset that Ian was talking to Andrew because he was a direct line to Téa, who was a direct line to Todd.

Téa came home and she and Todd discussed Starr's birthday plans. Téa wanted to know who Todd invited. Todd said no one, but Viki would probably be there with her family. Téa thought Todd should invite Blair, but Todd didn't want any Cramer women there. Téa asked if she could have a few friends over and Todd took it to mean Andrew. Téa said no, she meant Carlotta and Rachel, which was fine with Todd. Then they looked over the presents they had bought Starr and pulled out a matching presents. They were almost playing together when Todd remembered he forgot to buy Starr a hopping frog toy and rushed out the door to go get it.

Ian told Blair to relax because he hadn't said anything to Andrew. Blair was a little worried that Andrew still could figure out what was going on. Blair was proud she was at least honest about being manipulative. Ian was amazed how Blair obtained the figures and how she took the initiative in calculating how long it would take to make his investment pay. Kelly listened at the door.

Bo and Nora met for lunch. Bo wouldn't eat till Nora told him why she was getting involved in R.J.'s business. Nora said her business was with Jacara, not R.J. Bo still couldn't understand and accused her of trying to tick him off. Nora said she was doing it for Rachel and it would be unprofessional to break her contract with Jacara. Bo said the same professionalism got Max's kids kidnapped. Nora asked how professional it was to question R.J. at Club Indigo.

Andrew went and apologized to Téa. Téa accepted Andrew's apology. She lamented her lack of friends to Andrew and told him he would always be her number one friend.

Ian told Blair how impressed he was with her. She said she would come up with a proposal for Todd's staff. Ian formally accepted Blair's offer. Blair hugged him, but Ian reminded her of their agreement. Blair said she was just happy thinking about Starr. Kelly walked in.

Bo said he went to Club Indigo as part of his job to question a suspect. Nora accused him of harassment. Bo claimed R.J. was nervous and that made him guilty. Nora said maybe R.J. was just nervous. Bo told Nora he thought she had bad timing getting involved with Jacara and Club Indigo. Nora accused Bo of trying to control her client list. After some more angry words Nora walked out of the Palace without lunch.

Téa invited Andrew and River to Starr's party. Blair's social worker called and arranged Blair's first visit on Starr's birthday. Téa said ok as long as it was over before the party. She told Andrew she didn't trust Blair or her motives.

Ian told Kelly that Blair had just stopped by with a good business deal and that was all that was going on. Blair left, but stayed outside the door to listen. Kelly wanted to know why Ian would have anything to do with Blair at all. Ian told Kelly that Blair was a necessary evil because of a mutual business deal. Kelly told him to be careful because Blair was always in control. She admitted to being jealous of Blair. Ian reassured Kelly. Blair walked away quite happy and certain she would get Ian.

Friday, January 9, 1998

Blair went to the penthouse to visit with Starr. When Todd saw Blair's shoes, he realized that Blair had posed as the cleaning lady at The Sun. To Téa's dismay, Todd agreed to allow Blair to come to Starr's birthday party. Mel asked Mary for advice about Dorian and finally admitted that it was more than he could handle. Mel then said he loved Dorian so he had to see her through it. Dorothy came to Mary for advice about Joey and Mary suggested she just go for it. Kelly was supportive when Dorian said she didn't want to go to Canton. Dorian flipped out when Mel said that Mary suggested she see a psychiatrist. Blair returned home excited about Starr's party and told Dorian and Kelly that Todd made it clear that they couldn't come. Dorian was furious and decided she was going anyway so Mel and Kelly followed. While talking to Viki, Andrew was distracted thinking about Téa. One by one, the Cramer's arrived at the party. Viki acted as buffer when Dorian started to verbally assault Todd and caused a scene. Mel had Cassie take Dorian home and he apologized to Todd who just laughed. Todd overheard Blair accuse Kelly of bringing Dorian to Starr's party as revenge for Blair doing business with Ian. Mel came very close to having a drink, but he resisted the urge. Todd approached Kelly and asked if she wanted some help trying to figure out what Blair and Ian were up to.

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