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Cindy realized Grant had started the fire at Paulina's and threatened to turn him in. Alexander was alive and still determined to ruin Carl. Sofia and Nick announced their engagement. Rachel shot and killed Alexander when he attempted to kill her and Carl.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on AW
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Monday, January 12, 1998

Lila lets Gary know that while Josie was away he can talk to Lila about anything should he need a friend. Gary thanks Lila for the offer but seems more concerned about what was on Lila's mind. At first Lila doesn't seem to want to talk but does tell Gary she feels confused about where she stands in Shane's life since he found out he will be fine. Gary can understand how Lila feels but Lila doesn't want to talk anymore. She told Gary she'll be going now and told Gary that things will work out for her and Shane one way or the other. Lila went home and calls a home the manufacturer of a home pregnancy test to ask how early after trying to conceive the test was used? She seems happy with the response. There was a knock at the door Lila asks who it was and realizes it was Shane. Lila wonders why Shane didn't use his key. Shane told Lila it did not seem appropriate to use the key. Shane went on to tell Lila he will no longer be staying with her. He needs to get on with his life. Shane told Lila he will devote all his passion into his work. Lila was putting up a good front and told Shane she was glad they were able to share the past few days together. Shane told Lila he has no regrets. When Shane leaves he told Lila he was glad he can trust her and that they can be friends. He kisses Lila's cheek and leaves. Lila was in tears and can't believe Shane only wants to be friends. She throws a vase at the door and cries into her hands.

Cindy and Grant are in the back seat of the limo when they hear the news about Nikos over the radio. Cindy seems concerned that with Alexander presumed dead Grant won't have a chance to get custody of Kirkland. Grant does not seem so disappointed with Alexander's demise and reassures Cindy that a judge will give Kirkland to Grant once Vicky's wandering ways come to light. Cindy asks Grant how he can be so sure Vicky will cheat on Jake and Grant told her it was in Vicky's nature. Grant and Cindy share dinner at the Harbor Club and Cindy can't stop thinking about Paulina and her situation. Grant told Cindy to stop brewing over spilled milk. Cindy realizes if the pin was found at Paulina's house Grant could be in big trouble. Grant doesn't seem very concerned and points out that it was Cindy not he would be in trouble. Cindy was shocked Grant would let her take the wrap and she threatens Grant with exposing him. Grant tries to calm his wife down and told her he was sure all will be fine because things seem to be going his way lately. They leave the club and before getting into the limo Grant sees someone he has to speak to and leaves Cindy alone. Cindy enters the limo and sees the dry cleaning. She checks the stack for her cashmere sweater and notices a note on Grant's jacket. The note says the wax stain was unable to be removed from the sleeve and to check the item in the pocket. Cindy looks into the pocket and sees the pin. Cindy realizes Grant was at Paulina's the night of the fire. Grant comes into the car and Cindy hides the pin in her purse.

Felicia was on the balcony at the Harbor Club and Cass comes out to talk with her. He knows she was thinking of Alexander but he told Felicia he was scum of the earth and she shouldn't give him a second thought. Felicia really doesn't want to hear it and asks Cass to leave her alone. Cass told Felicia they should go in and have some dinner. Donna walks out and wonders if they will be using their table. Donna was clearly jealous of Felicia and Felicia does nothing to reassure Donna, in fact, Felicia goads her. Felicia enters the restaurant ahead of Cass and this gives Donna the chance to ask Cass if he was ever planning on calling her. Cass told Donna he will call as soon as things settle down with his friends and he went after Felicia. At their table Cass manages to cheer Felicia up when he told her Charlie told his teacher and friends the best book of the decade was The Heart That Heals by Felicia Gallant (while the rest of her friends were naming off such books as the Berenstain bears).

Meanwhile Donna was on the patio thinking about Cass when Michael interrupts her. Donna was glad to see Michael and suddenly remembers he had a doctor's appointment. Michael told Donna he was in complete remission. Donna was very happy. Michael told Donna he had two thoughts when he got the news. The first thought (and they both say) ' was thank God', Donna asks what the second was; and, Michael says it was to tell Donna. Donna says it was perfectly natural because they have shared so much together. Donna told Michael she thinks he was the only person who totally understands her and Michael told Donna he feels the same way about Donna. They lock arms and go off to share a drink.

Jake wonders why Shane was hugging Vicky and Vicky told Jake the good news about Shane's recovery. Jake says he was glad to hear it but wonders what Shane was going to do with his life now. Shane told Jake he will throw his life into his work. Jake seems apprehensive and Shane asks Vicky if he could have a word alone with Jake. Vicky leaves the room. Shane told Jake he plans to keep the promise he made to honor Jake and Vicky's marriage. Jake says he isn't worried about Shane ruining his marriage. Jake asks Shane how he happened to get the news about his recovery. Shane mentions it was because of Lila. Lila made Shane go back to the hospital and while they were there he received the call from the doctor saying the medication was working. If it hadn't been for Lila he would have died because he wasn't taking his medication due to the fact it was making him foggy. Jake thinks back to his run in with Lila at the hospital when she slipped up saying Shane had to take the medicine that was saving his life but doesn't say anything to Shane. Shane leaves and Vicky returned into the room. Vicky makes a point to talk to Jake about what he saw when he walked in. Jake assures Vicky he trusts her and knew there was an explanation to what he saw. His only concern was Vicky and he was very glad she won't have to lose anyone else she cares for because Jake knows she has been through enough. Jake asks Vicky if she really thinks Shane will stay away and Vicky says yes because Shane has not broken a promise to her yet. Jake asks Vicky if Shane said anything else and Vicky thinks back to Shane saying their feelings and passions for one another still exist; but, are buried deep inside and will surface when the time was right. Vicky looks at Jake and says nothing else was said. She declared this a Shane free zone. The phone rings and Jake gets some information he asks to be faxed to his home. Vicky asks what it was all about and Jake was glad to tell Vicky about Carl and Nikos. Vicky was amazed Carl was OK. Jake told Vicky he was going to go up and Shower Vicky says she'll start a fire. Jake returned and says she already has. Vicky looks at Jake and says I Love You. (The way she says it we understand it, as she loves Jake not Shane) Jake says ' I love you. It's all stored up inside. He went upstairs and we see Vicky practically in tears. Vicky was on the couch sleeping when she has a dream about Shane at her stairs wearing no shirt and beckoning to her. Vicky reaches out to take his hand and she wakes up startled. Jake comes down and he and Vicky go up to bed. Before going up the stairs Vicky shakes her head, turns off the lights and follows Jake.

Tyrone went to Gary's office and asks for help with the search of his father. Toni was in the hall listening to the conversation and just as Tyrone mentions Etta Mae's involvement in the case Toni interrupts. Toni asks Gary if he heard from Josie. The phone rings and it was Josie. Gary leaves the room to speak with Josie in private. Tyrone asks Toni how much of the conversation she heard. Toni says she knows he was still looking for information on Artie and the fact that her mother was being difficult was not helping. Tyrone and Toni talk about how Toni was feeling and she told Tyrone she understands Tyrone doesn't love her and maybe she doesn't love him either. She admits she wants something more when she can't have it. Gary walks back in and Toni leaves. Once Toni was gone Tyrone told Gary he believes Etta Mae was his (Tyrone's) mother.

Etta Mae was at Carlino's and Chris comes in to Talk with her. EttaMae was glad to see Chris and tries to encourage him to pursue Toni. Chris isn't sure that was what Toni wants. EttaMae told Chris Tyrone moved out and Toni seems very quiet. She went on to tell Chris she doesn't think Tyrone and Toni share anything anymore and that Chris should make his move now. Chris was thinking about what EttaMae told him and Toni walks in. EttaMae says she has to make a phone call and insists Toni and Chris wait for her. Toni told Chris she's glad to see him. She told Chris she was still confused but would like to try again if Chris wants to. Just as Chris was about to say something when a tall and gorgeous woman strolls in and apologizes to Chris for being late for their date. She was all over Chris and he introduces her to Toni. Chris and Randy leave for their date. EttaMae returned and wonders where Chris went Toni clearly jealous told her mother about Chris' date and says it serves her right. Toni and Etta Mae start talking and Toni told her mother she just spoke with Tyrone who was asking Gary for help in his quest to find his father. EttaMae was shaken and when Toni leaves to go to work EttaMae calls Tyrone and told him she was ready to tell him the truth.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Cindy thinks back to the night Grant requested she place the bug in Paulina's home. Cindy drops the pin into an envelope along with a note telling Paulina to keep it safe until Cindy gets in touch with her. Cindy addresses the envelope to Paulina care of Carlino's restaurant. Grant reenters the limo and Cindy asks him when he saw Paulina last? Grant told her it was a while ago at Carlino's when he and Cindy were together. She then asks when he was last at her house? Grant says months. Cindy told Grant she has to mail a letter and to think about the fact that he should always tell his wife the truth. Grant follows Cindy to the mailbox and wonders what was going on. Cindy asks Grant to what extremes he would go to get custody of his son. Grant says there are no limits to what he would do. Cindy mails the letter. Grant wonders what was going on and Cindy says the letter was an insurance policy on her life. They leave to go home. Once they arrive Grant continues to wonder what was wrong with Cindy. Cindy told Grant she was leaving him because she knows he caused the fire at Paulina's house.

Carl and Rachel discuss the ordeal Carl went through and the possibility of Matt's involvement in trying to set him up. Carl told Rachel about Nikos' plans to impersonate Carl and went on to tell Rachel the information Nikos had on Carl was not easily come by. Rachel realizes her children may be involved and was determined to find out where Matt's loyalties lie. She calls Matt and warns him she'll be passing by in the morning.

Nikos reappears cloaked in a blanket. Nikos arranges to meet his thug and their hideout. When Lucio arrives, Alexander told him he hasn't finished with Carl just yet.

Donna and Michael are sharing drinks and toasting each other. They talk about their lives and their children. Donna told Michael everything was looking up in her life except her love life. Michael teases her about Cass and Donna asks if he was jealous. Michael says no. During their conversation Donna reveals the incident at Vicky's wedding when Jake almost married Marley. Michael says her daughters need her and so does he. The two continue to reminisce and Michael asks Donna to be his date at Sofia and Nick's wedding. He then suggests they go on a trip somewhere together. Donna told Michael they have walked down this path many times before. Michael seems to want to rekindle something but Donna was not jumping at the chance, as she would have in the past.

Sofia and Nick are waiting to tell Joe the news about their engagement and kiss. Joe walks in and Sofia asks her brother to congratulate her. She and Nick are going to be married. Joe looks at her and gives her his blessing. Joe told Nick he was happy for them and that he does believe Nick has changed his life around. Donna wants to throw them a little party and Joe agrees to stay. He talks with Sofia and starts planning a wedding for her like their dad would have wanted complete with striped tent, Orchestra and waiters. When Sofia recalls they no longer have a backyard Joe says they'll rent one. Sofia told Joe she doesn't need a fancy wedding all she needs was the way Nick feels about her. After the little party Nick and Sofia are outside on the patio at the Harbor Club discussing the possibility of eloping. Sofia told Nick about Joe's plan for a big wedding. They begin kissing and Sofia suddenly decides they should elope. Nick realizes he has to call Sofia's father to ask for her hand in marriage. Nick says that after he gets Sofia's father's approval he and Sofia can elope. They call using Michael's cell phone. Nick gets down on one knee, hold's Sofia's hand and asks her father for his blessing to marry Sofia. Mr. Carlino gives his blessing and when he says h He hopes it will be a long engagement Nick says he and Sofia were just saying that it would be.

Paulina /Joe
Paulina calls Joe at the precinct wondering if he was coming home. Joe says Rachel's house was not home. Paulina told Joe she was waiting for him so they can go through the real estate papers. Joe told Paulina he was on his way. Sofia calls and asks Joe to come by the Harbor Club. At the Club Joe says he has to call Paulina. He leaves a message with Rachel that he has been detained, Rachel tried to pass the phone to Paulina but Joe hung up as soon as he heard Paulina's voice. Paulina was obviously upset with the hang up but does not want to let on to Carl and Rachel. They wonder if Joe was deliberately avoiding the house and Paulina doesn't deny it. Rachel and Carl try to offer their help but Paulina was sure Joe does not want their help. Paulina went up to her room and while she hugs Dante she told him she will get help her way. Paulina walks over to the phone and calls her priest asking to meet with him as soon as possible. When Joe finally gets home Paulina was still waiting for him. Joe told Paulina about Sofia and Nick and Paulina was so excited she starts planning the reception complete with striped tent, orchestra and waiters right in Rachel's backyard. Joe does not seem too pleased with the suggestion. There was obvious tension between them but they both say they love each other and Paulina reaches out to her husband. She asks if they could just forget about their problems for one night. They make love. Afterwards they can't get beyond their problems. Instead of hugging they turn their backs to one another and even the mere touch of their hands causes them to retreat. Paulina eyes swell with tears and Joe was clearly upset too

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Cindy returns home and demands that Grant confess to arson. Tyrone explains to a fuming Etta Mae why he can't stop digging for the truth about his past. Insisting that what she's about to tell him remains just between them, Etta Mae tearfully reveals how she had an illegitimate daughter whom she gave up for adoption. Rachel asks her son straight out if he helped Nikos kidnap Carl. Denying that he's still in cahoots with Alexander, Matt bitterly reminds Rachel how her husband's criminal past keeps coming back to haunt them all. Meanwhile, Amanda considers assuaging her guilty conscience by spilling the beans about Hadley Prescott. After Grant finally admits how he drugged Paulina and started a small fire to ruin Mrs. Carlino's credibility, an outraged Cindy threatens to turn him in. As his quarrel with his mother escalates, Matt suddenly claims that Carl tried to kill him at the clock tower. Etta Mae told Tyrone that Irene and Artie never had a child together. In the face of Carl's wrath, Amanda gets cold feet and decides once again to keep mum about her pivotal role in the Hadley fiasco. Alexander forces Cindy to agree to come tend to his bullet wound.

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Shane went to Carlino's for take out and when he doesn't order his usual meatball sub Paulina asks him why. Shane told her things are changing for him so he trying new things. Shane told Paulina he went by her house and asks how she was handling it. Paulina says she was fine. Joe walks in and Shane leaves. Paulina thinks Joe was checking up on her but was glad when he says he came by to have lunch with his wife. Gary comes by and told Joe about the apartment that Joe asked Gary to look into. Paulina was not happy that Joe went behind her back to look for somewhere to stay. Joe says he only asked Gary to do some footwork for them and that he would never sign a lease without talking to Paulina first. Paulina can't talk about it now because she has somewhere to go but does not tell Joe where. Gary and Joe talk man to man. Joe confides in Gary and told him about the problems he and Paulina are having. Joe says he does not feel comfortable in the Cory mansion, he feels the more Paulina stays with the Cory's the more she becomes like them (Joe feels the Cory women don't know how to handle it when they don't get things their way). Joe also says he finds independent strong women sexy (Paulina used to be his rock). Gary says he knows what Joe means and even though Josie was a woman like that she also needs help sometimes and Gary told Joe that all people are high maintenance sometimes. Paulina was at the hospital and runs into Shane. Shane asks what she was doing at the hospital and Paulina admits she had an appointment with Father Gordon but was late and missed him. Shane told Paulina to come into his office and talk with him. Paulina finally breaks down and told Shane Joe does not trust her. Although Paulina told Shane Joe believes she started the fire and she told Shane about the bottle of pills Joe found in the ruins Shane says he believes Paulina. Paulina becomes upset because she believes Joe was taking over her life and realizes even her therapist was Joe's priest. Shane suggests Paulina find her own therapist. Paulina suddenly feels empowered and decides not only to follow Shane's advice but she was also going to tell Joe she and Dante are staying at Rachel's. Paulina can't thank Shane enough and leaves his office. Outside Paulina sees Joe leaving Father Gordon's office and asks Joe if he was trying to get information about Paulina from the priest. Joe says he was just visiting a friend Paulina turns to Joe and told him she doesn't trust him.

Cory Mansion
Rachel and Carl talk about who could have supplied Nikos with Carl's dental and medical records and Grant comes to mind. As they discuss the possibility of this Cindy calls Grant and told him she has information on Grant, which might interest Carl, and she was sending a car for Carl so they can discuss this in private. Rachel was worried this may be a set up and told Carl she wants to go with him. Carl told Rachel not to worry and he'll be back in no time. They don't know Nikos had a gun to Cindy's head and made her make the call. Cindy patched Alexander up and tried to give him a needle full of drugs but he outsmarted her. Cindy was tied up and injected with the drug.

Amanda was at Matt's place and tries to tell him she wants to be a mediator between him and Carl. Matt told Amanda to give it up; he and Carl will never get along. Amanda continues to tell Matt she wants to tell Rachel about Hadely Prescott. Matt told Amanda she has to be kidding doesn't she know if Rachel found out she would tell Carl and Carl wouldn't just hate Amanda he would kill her. Amanda went to Rachel's and finally told her mother all about Hadely. Rachel asks for details and Amanda explains how she impersonated Hadely. Rachel says she thinks she always knew it was Amanda but didn't want to admit it to herself. Rachel told Amanda she can never tell Carl. It would destroy him. Amanda asks her mother to forgive her. Rachel says she'll always love her child but it will be a long time before she can ever trust her again. Rachel makes Amanda promise she will never let anyone manipulate her again. Amanda also promises her mother she will never hurt her again. Later Amanda calls Matt and told him what she has done.

Matt went to the Harbor Club and sees Donna. Donna was in a very good mood because she and Michael may be giving their relationship another go. Matt has business on his mind and asks Donna if she would be interested in selling KBAY. Donna says no. She told Matt he wants to start something on his own and that's exactly what he should do. Donna notices Matt was bitter about love and told her ex never to give up on love-she hasn't.

Nikos dresses up as Carl and waits for his arrival. Carl shows up and sees Cindy covered in a cloth unconscious. Carl sees Nikos and while Carl's back was turned Lucio knocks Carl out. Nikos takes Carl's clothes and ties Carl up. When Nikos and Lucio leave Carl opens his eyes and takes the tape off Cindy's mouth. Cindy unties Carl with her mouth and Carl asks what she knows about Nikos. Cindy told Carl what she knows. As Carl dresses himself he told Cindy to contact the police and tell them Rachel was in danger. Cindy asks Carl to untie her but he can't because he has to rush to save Rachel's life.

As Nikos enters the Cory household Amanda told 'Carl' Rachel was in the studio and to tell her mother not to wait up for her because she'll be late. 'Carl' heads for the studio and as the phone rings he went outside and cuts the phone lines. Rachel was in her studio sculpting clay and 'Carl' enters.

Friday, January 16, 1998

Paulina and Joe discover that they've both made separate appointments to see Father Gordon. Cindy warns Grant that Nikos has turned himself into an exact duplicate of Carl in order to kill both Hutchins and Rachel and then kidnap Felicia. Vicky asks Shane to find her another doctor for Kirkland so they can sever the last connection between them. Joe again turns a deaf ear to his wife when she repeats her assertion that she took no drugs on the night of the fire. Rachel welcomes her husband home with a hug but immediately realizes that the man in her arms was an impostor. Grant and Cindy report their bad news to Joe, who rushes off to mobilize his officers for a possible showdown at the Cory estate. Carl enters his wife's studio and finds Nikos holding a gun to Rachel's head. Meanwhile, Toni heads to the Harbor Club and informs a shocked Felicia that her former fiancé was alive and well and back in Bay City. Severely disappointed by the results of a home pregnancy test, Lila steps up her campaign to become the mother of her ex-husband's child. As Nikos prepares to plunge a carving tool into Carl's chest, Rachel picks up the gun and fires. When the wounded man gasps out Felicia's name, Carl remains unmoved but Rachel agrees to summon her friend to the scene. Later, Alexander dies in Felicia's arms.

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