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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on GL
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Monday, January 12, 1998

Blake is still fighting and arguing with Ben while he remains handcuffed to the bed. He grabs her and kisses her, but she pushes him away, and ends up hitting him over the head with a glass vase. He passes out and is bleeding from the back of his head. Blake calls her mother for help, but she isn't home. Afraid Ben is dead, Blake calls Rick at the hospital; she describes what has happened, but in the middle of the conversation, Ben "wakes up". Before she hangs up, Rick informs her of Kevin's accident. Blake makes Rick promise that he will forget that she called.

It turns out that Ben was faking his unconsciousness, even though he really does have a nasty head injury. Blake leaves to go be with Kevin and throws him the key to unlock the handcuffs. After she leaves, Ben says that she'll be back, and he'll be waiting.

Kevin has a CT scan of the head, and is okay, and Ross takes him home.

Blake meets Ross at home, and hugs him, apologizing for not being there for Kevin. She also tells Ross that she would never be with someone else; Ross has a puzzled look after that comment.

Abby is convinced that she is a burden to Rick if he wants to pursue custody of Kevin. Rick tells her that he wants her in his life, no matter what.

Jesse walks in on Dahlia talking to Michelle on the phone, and grabs the phone away from her. He begs Michelle to tell him where she is. When she is unresponsive, he tells her that he just has to know if they are still together. Michelle hangs up without saying a word. Jesse gets in Dahlia's face and demands that she tell him where he can find the love of his life. Marcus has to intervene, since Jesse is almost losing control.

Michelle starts crying for Jesse, and her Dad walks in, and hugs her.

Jesse's Dad finds him in a bar, and tells him that he has started back to his AA meetings again, and is really sorry for hurting the Bauers, and will not do it anymore. Jesse laughs at him and says that he is too late, since Michelle will have nothing more to do with him.

Fletcher tries to talk to Holly again about relocating so Meg can go to the nest school possible. He has found a good school in Canada, but Holly won't even discuss the subject.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Annie pays an unexpected visit to Lewis Oil and says that she will soon become part of their Board of Directors. Josh laughs it off, but Reva is seriously concerned. She also invites everyone there to her upcoming wedding to Alan, and even asks if Tammy can be the flower girl. Cassie nearly knocks her down out of rage, but goes elsewhere to cool off.

Hart finds Cassie alone in another office and tries to comfort her. She admits that there is something else bothering her, and tells him of Dinah trying to run her over with her car, and also tells him of taking a tire iron to her headlights. Hart leaves in a hurry and says that he is going straight to Dinah,

Dinah is waiting for Annie to show up at the bridal shop, and is not having happy thoughts while looking at the dresses. When Annie arrives, she is overjoyed with the new veil trimmed in real pearls that she has just gotten made. In a fury, Dinah rips up her veil! Annie makes her calm down, and tells her that she needs to follow her lead, and not let people get the best of her; get even instead.

Dr. Cedwick performs an ultrasound and finds the baby to be in perfect health; and, it's a girl. She leaves the room to run some more tests on Vanessa. They decide to name their daughter "Maureen", after Vanessa's best friend and Matt's aunt. Dr. Cedwick comes back with the bad news that Vanessa's illness is recurrent, but there is still time to abort the fetus to save her life. Vanessa asks Matt to take her home right away.

Much to Blake's dismay, Ben comes over to their home just as Ross was leaving. He casually shows Blake the gold bangle bracelets that she left at his apartment (they had come off during one of her struggles with him). Ben tells Ross that he wishes to come to an agreement and become part of their family. He also asks that Griffin be asked to step down as Judge since he is personal friends with Ross. When he leaves, Blakes discretely asks him for the bracelets back, and he says for her to come & get them!

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

by CBS

Matt is stunned to learn that Vanessa never expected to survive the pregnancy in the first place. Vanessa explains how she wants to have the baby despite the danger to her health, but Matt refuses to let her trade her life for the baby's and proposes she have a C-section immediately. Vanessa and Matt are at a stand-off with the decision. Reva enlists Harley and Phillip's help in investigating Annie, and Phillip remembers a name Annie muttered while detoxing at Bauer cabin -- Eddie Banks. Reva locates Eddie by phone and he says the Annie he knows is dead. Reva vows to pay him a visit. Annie has a memorable meeting with her wedding planner as an amused Alan watches. Hart warns Dinah to leave Cassie alone. Dinah pulls Hart into a kiss, but he pulls back and tells her he doesn't love her anymore. Dinah tells him he and Cassie should worry as she threatens to make their lives miserable. Annie promises to help her.

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Hart blindfolds Cassie and takes her to the bar where she danced on the pool table when she first came to Springfield. He opens the door to reveal that he has bought and renovated the bar and named it "Cassie's." He has turned it into a classy bar sans pool tables. He bought the bar because it is a special place to him; it's where he first got to know Cassie. It was also the site of their first kiss. He then surprises her with a romantic, candlelight dinner complete with shrimp cocktail and dancing.

Jesse looks for Dahlia at the diner. He wants to apologize to her for being out of line when he heard her talking to Michelle on the phone. She's not there, but Jesse does get to talk to Buzz about the scene he caused, explaining what triggered it. Determined to figure out what Michelle is hiding from him, Jesse decides to break into the Bauer home to look for clues to Michelle's whereabouts. He persuades Buzz to help, and when they break in Jesse finds the phone number of a school where he believes Michelle may have gone. While they are there, they are detected by a motion detector alarm, and faced with an officer and a gun as they attempt to escape. It's Frank!

Michelle is examined by the resident opthamologist. He tells her he doesn't know if she'll regain her sight because there is still much trauma to her eyes. When she refuses to participate in activities, he suggests she check out in the morning and clear the room for someone who really wants to help themselves. He gives her a pep talk about trying to learn while she's there, and even makes her brush her hair, which was a mess from neglect. She then agrees to participate in the program at the rec-room, and her doctor (who is handsome, young, and flirty) escorts her there.

Beth tries to manipulate Phillip into having dinner and wine with her, but is foiled when Harley shows up to spend the evening with Phillip and Lizzie. Beth sneaks another frantic call in to Mallet to encourage him to come to Springfield -- and now! Harley tells a surprised Beth to take her time looking for a home for herself and Lizzie, because Phillip and Harley are moving in together. Beth reacts by telling Harley to relax, that she isn't a threat to her anymore. According to Beth, "I guess the better woman won." Harley tells Beth that she never meant to hurt her, and that she knows what it feels like to lose your husband to another woman because it happened to her. (Harley had walked in on her husband and his partner who were supposed to be on a stakeout!) When Harley leaves, Beth says behind her back, "Enjoy it while you can, Harley, because it won't last." Moments later, Mallet calls Beth back and says he doesn't think he will come to Springfield because Harley seems to have gotten on with her life. Beth panics and tells him that he has to come, that both of their futures depend on it. Unbeknownst to her, Phillip is standing behind her, eavesdropping.

Friday, January 16, 1998

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Sherry Adams

Buzz and Jesse were in the Bauer house looking for information on where he could find Michelle. He found a phone number on a piece of paper in the mail. They unknowingly set off a burglar alarm, which called the police. Frank and another officer showed up in response to the alarm. Frank demanded an explanation for why they were there, Jesse told him they were looking for information on Michelle. Frank told the other officer he would take care of the situation he could leave. Frank took them to the diner and stayed on their case until Eleni convinced him to leave them alone. Frank told Jesse that Michelle could have someone else in her life and he should leave her alone. After thinking, Jesse thought maybe Frank was right and was hesitant about calling the number he had found. Michelle had attended a therapy class and Dr. Dan stayed behind a few minutes to talk with her. She fell asleep and Jesse called. Dan answered the phone and Jesse asked whom was he talking to. Dan told him his name and Jesse asked to speak to Michelle. He said Michelle was asleep. Michelle woke up while Jesse was on the phone and called out Dan's name.

Phillip had picked up the phone to make a call and heard Beth on the line talking with Mallet. She asked Mallet why he wasn't in town yet and he told her he wasn't sure he was coming. Beth then told him Harley and Phillip were moving in together and was trying to convince Mallet that both of their futures were depending on him. Mallet said he would talk to her in a couple of days. When Beth hung up the phone Phillip came into the room and said he thought it was time they had a talk. Beth said OK let me get us a glass of wine and we can talk. Phillip said a glass of wine was the last thing he wanted to have with her. Phillip told her he overheard her conversation with Mallet. Beth got very nervous. She told him she only called Mallet because she knows he belongs with Harley and Phillip belongs with her (Beth). She told Phillip not to be angry with her because she loves him. Phillip tells Beth they are finished and he is tired of going over this, he and Harley are a couple now and Beth would just have to get over it. Lizzie hears Beth and Phillip fighting and comes downstairs. Phillip tells Beth he and Harley are moving in together. Beth tells Phillip she already knows because Harley told her. She told him she is also looking for a house of her own. Lizzie is still listening, but they don't know it. She is crying and asks where she will live. Beth tells her she will live with her and her daddy will not be far away. Lizzie calms down but is still uncertain. Annie later goes to Lizzie's room and finds her missing. She asks Phillip and Beth where she is and they think she is in her room. Annie tells them she is not there then they frantically start looking for her.

Annie met again with Walter Corte her wedding consultant. They do not agree on much of anything. He really thinks Annie is a witch but tolerates her behavior because she signs his checks. Annie found a wedding design that made her remember a wedding from her past. She then told Walter she really had a heart but she was tired of being left holding the bag, and when she married Alan she would never be in that position again.

Reva went to see Eddie Banks. She stood at the door trying to get him to believe the Annie he knew and the Annie she knew was one and the same. He said his Annie was dead. Reva shoved a newspaper article with Annie's picture under the door. Eddie then let her in. He was reluctant to tell her his story, but Reva finally broke him down. He was dating Annie and her mother was real sick and needed an operation. She asked him for money. He had just left a wife and children for Annie so all his money was going to his children. He helped Annie steal prescription drugs from the hospital where they were working and sell them so she could get money for the operation. Someone turned them in. Eddie was put in jail and Annie wrote a suicide note and ran her car off a cliff and they thought she was dead. He was very angry because he had felt guilty. He thought he had sent Annie to her grave. He told Reva he would do anything he could to help her get back at Annie. Reva called Annie and told her she needed to see her because she had something she had to talk to her about. Annie tried to brush her off because of the situation with Lizzie, but Reva hung up on her. When Reva left Eddie's she told him Annie wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else because of him.

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