All My Children Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on AMC

Kelsey and Ryan teamed up to go after the objects of their desires. Jake and Allie were unable to prove that David had poisoned Adam. Liza talked Adam out of pressing charges against Jake. Tad's mystery woman continued to evade him. Jim claimed that a loan shark had planted the bomb in his suitcase.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, January 19, 1998

Even without so much as a sigh from the caller, Tad knew that it was Joy on the other end of the line. He told her that he would return her necklace to her, but that he wanted to do it in person. Otherwise, he said, he might never get to see her again. Joy was quiet. Tad wondered if she was in some kind of trouble, but Joy's only reply, if you can consider it one, was a hang up.

Disguised with one of those "plastic glasses with a big nose," Trevor waited for Edmund to return to his office. Trevor was surprised that Edmund was able to see through his disguise. It was easy, Edmund smiled---his loud tie was a dead give away. The small talk came to an abrupt end. Edmund told Trevor about Jim's claim that he worked in Central America. Trevor's experiences in Central America allowed him to boast that he knew everyone who had ever set foot in Central America for military purposes. He never recalled seeing or hearing Jim's name. Trevor called up a favor from a friend at the State Department and learned that the State Department had no record of Jim ever being in the armed forces. Edmund, already knowing the answer to his question, asked if it was possible that Jim's records were deleted because he worked on a top secret mission. Trevor shook his head. He asked Edmund about Jim and Brooke's relationship, knowing that their findings could cause trouble for the pair. Edmund explained that Jim had attached himself to Brooke after the plane crash. Both agreed that it seemed like Jim was out for money. He'd already received ten thousand dollars from Dimitri as a reward for saving Edmund and Maddie's lives. Now he had a third ownership of Tempo. Edmund decided that he had to tell Brooke what he'd just learned---even if it meant breaking her heart.

The charges against Jake were serious. David's voice sounded like a mad dog barking. He accused Jake of not paying attention to the medication he'd take from the stock room and administering the wrong medicine to Adam. Concerned for her father's welfare, Hayley rhetorically asked if the hospital had changed its policy of helping people get well. A hospital, David remarked, is only as good as its staff. Liza exited Adam's room and defended Jake's reputation. David used Jake and Liza's past relationship as leverage. He accused Jake of not being over losing Liza to Adam. Liza argued that her relationship with Jake was "ancient history." Joe asked that David keep his mouth shut because his continued hollering reflects poorly on him and the hospital. Dr. Shimatori examined Adam once again, but this time determined that Adam was out of the woods. Jake, however, was ordered off of Adam's care until a full investigation could be done.

In a vacant room, Allie and Jake discussed Adam's near death. There was no doubt in their minds that David was responsible for the medicine switch. With a sneer, Jake commented that David had kept his promise of backing off of Allie---he'd just decided to find a new target. Allie apologized profusely for David. She decided that her only recourse was to find Joe and tell him the truth about her fraudulent transcripts and David's blackmail. Jake refused to let her do that. Instead, he said that they'd have to come up with a plan.

Liza returned to Adam's room just as Adam was waking up. He wondered if he was dreaming or if Liza was really sitting next to him. Liza smiled and assured him that he was not dreaming. He asked Liza if the inscription on the ring she'd bought him---"Love is Eternal"---was true and that she still loved him. Liza didn't reply. She rose to her feet and waited for Hayley and Mateo to enter the room. Then she wished Adam well and slowly walked out of the room. Again, Adam thought he was dreaming. Hayley assured him that Liza had really been there. Adam apologized for his near-death experience and for the heartbreak it must have caused Hayley. He thanked Hayley for catching him before he hit the ground. Hayley smiled slightly and told him that it was the ground, not her, that broke Adam's fall. She told Adam that she'd been praying for him, asking God to let Adam live because he has "so much more evil to do and so many more lives to ruin." The laughed together. Adam thanked Mateo for stopping by the hospital. He said that he knew how much he'd given up by visiting him. Mateo, who'd been sitting in the corner, rose from his seat and walked over to Adam's bed. Softly, he told Adam that he was glad he was going to be okay. "That's a start," Adam smiled weakly.

Tad heard footsteps in the hall and assumed that Joy was dropping by to pick up her jewelry. He was supremely disappointed when Liza entered his office. Liza toyed with Tad and his obsession with the mystery woman. Tad insisted that Joy ad called him, but he was teased even more when he confessed that the person who had called never said anything to him. Liza told Tad about Adam's close call with death. As they talked, Tad saw a pair of eyes peeking through the cracked office door. He tried to run over to the door, but Liza grabbed him by the arm and prevented him from leaving. She told him that it was probably just the janitor. By the time Tad wrestled free if Liza's grip, Joy had already disappeared. Tad raced to the phone and ordered security to not allow anyone to leave the station. Tad raced down the hall leaving Liza alone. With puppy dogs eyes and a faint voice, she asked "What about me? Can I leave the building?" But Tad was already out of hearing range.

Brooke demanded that Jim say something to her to prevent her from jumping to the wrong conclusion. He said nothing. With the suitcase still in her hands, Brooke walked towards the door. Jim asked her where she was going. She told him that she was going to take the suitcase to the NTSB for examination. Jim asked to stop so that he could tell her the truth. He confessed that the suitcase was his. It wasn't much of a confession. After all, Brooke did find the suitcase in his closet. He explained that Brooke nearly learned the truth about him in Edmund's office. He revisited his tale about serving in Latin America. This time, however, he added a new ending. He said that he'd captured examples of man's animosity towards man on film. His camera, he said, was his "third eye." His work in the tenuous environment had made him a hated man. He surmised that a group of assassins had planted the explosives in his suitcase as a way of getting revenge on him. Brooke was not impressed by the tale. She questioned whether a group of assassins would blow up a plane just to silence one person. She decided that the only way she could help would be to call Pierce and ask him to act as an intermediary between Jim and the assassins. Jim prevented her from calling. This time, he sighed, he was going to tell her the real truth. Jim said he felt somewhat embarrassed by his story, but he needed to come clean. He told Brooke that during his days in New York, he had been struggling from assignment to assignment and tired of the daily grind. He decided to open up a gallery, but didn't have the money to tackle the venture. A friend of his, he said, introduced him to a loan shark. As time went by, the gallery went belly up and the loan shark demanded his money back. Jim claimed that he tried to flee town, but surmised that they'd caught up to him and planted to bomb. Brooke noted something that seemed quite apparent, but it was a crucial part to Jim's story: He was still alive. Jim, still unshaken, said that he'd used the reward money given to him by Dimitri to pay off the loan shark. Brooke suggested that they contact the police and have them go after the loan shark. Jim told her that if he came forward, he'd once again be put on the loan shark's hit list. Brooke agreed to keep silent, but told Jim that in the wake of this new information she'd need to rethink her relationship with him. Jim agreed to give her space, but asked that she not keep him waiting for her decision too long. Jim gave Brooke a kiss, but the kiss was not returned. Brooke left the room and stood in the hallway---concerned, confused, and scared.

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

The sun rose on a new day in Pine Valley. Brooke tapped weakly at Jim's door. The knock was barely audible, but somehow Jim heard the noise and opened the door. Seeing Brooke at the door sent Jim's heart sailing. He never thought that he'd see her again. Brooke calmly told him that he was a part of her life and that she could not move on without him. Jim reminded her that he'd caused her so much heartache. Brooke nodded, but suggested that they leave the past in the past. Moving forward wouldn't be an easy task. Jim and Brooke's bond had been created by a horrible tragedy and neither wanted to lose that bond. Jim felt remorse for inadvertently causing the plane crash. He should be the one at the bottom of the ocean rather than Maria, he growled. Jim informed Brooke that he burned the suitcase she'd found in his closet. He claimed that incinerating the evidence would help prevent the loan shark from targeting him again. Jim wanted desperately to kiss Brooke and he asked her if she'd pull away if he tried. Rather than offer a yes or no answer, Brooke suggested that he see for himself. Jim leaned over to kiss Brooke. She met him halfway. Jim wanted to take the passion to another level, suggesting that they make use of his "big, empty bed." Brooke told him that she had to get to work. Jim accepted her response and hopes that they might meet up in the darkroom later in the day. Brooke closed the door behind her. Her head drooped and she closed her eyes. Inside the room, Jim poured himself a glass of champagne and toasted his rejuvenated relationship. Looking at a picture of Brooke, he warned the woman to be prepared to be "romanced within an inch of [her] life."

A tall, slender woman donned entirely in black slowly walked into Edmund's office. He asked the woman if he could help her. The woman lifted a thick veil from her face and smiled nervously. Gillian asked Edmund if it was safe for her to return to Pine Valley. She hoped that Dimitri was no longer out for her blood. Edmund assured her that Dimitri had bigger problems. Gillian listened intently as Edmund told her about Dimitri's accident, but she showed little concern for her cousin. "What goes around comes around," she remarked. Edmund asked her where she and her aunt had spent their vacation. Gillian rolled her eyes and stated that the five thousand-dollar limit on Edmund's credit card didn't get them very far. Edmund worried that Gillian had maxed out his credit card, but she assured him that she'd left at least one hundred francs of credit on the card. One hundred francs works out to somewhere in the neighborhood of four hundred fifty dollars. Now that Gillian was back, Edmund told her that it was time for her to find a job. Gillian wasn't thrilled by the prospect of labor, but she didn't put up a fight. She took the classified ads and headed out the door. Soon after she left, Mateo entered the office. He and Edmund looked over the tentative budget for the children's wing at Pine Valley Hospital. The plans were impressive, but Mateo felt it was a shame that Maria couldn't see the wing herself. Edmund told his brother-in-law a brief anecdote. He said that he and Sam were building a snowman and that Sammy asked if his mommy could see the snowman. He offered a simple answer, "Yes."

In Adam's room at the hospital, Joe was determined to get some answers. Of course Adam was furious that no one knew---or at least no one was saying anything---why he nearly died. Joe assured him that he was investigating the matter carefully. That offered little solace to the patient. Joe, not wanting to arouse any suspicion, asked Adam if he remember the last face he saw before the attack. "The Angel of Death," Adam snapped. He thought for a few moments before remembering that Jake was the last person he saw. Adam then mused that he might have some sort of allergy to Jake. A nurse assisted Adam back into bed. Mr. Chandler had threatened to leave the hospital before they tried to kill him again! Hayley did her best to calm her father down, but it was a fruitless battle. She managed to get him settled in bed with a promise that she'd pick up a copy of the latest financial news newspaper. Adam, always razor sharp with his wit especially so when he's angry, remarked that he checked into the hospital for some "much needed rest." He said he had no idea that he'd be signing on for "the eternal sleep!"

Jake and Allie were discussing ways to prove that David was the one who'd administered the norepenephrine (nor-EP-in-EFF-rin). As they talked, the devious doctor slinked his way up to them and asked them what they were talking about. Allie claimed that they were discussing how they need to make sure that no more accidents or mistakes occur at the hospital. Complacency, she said, is a dangerous thing. As they chatted, Joe walked by with a serious look on his face. He ordered Jake to meet him in his office immediately. With everyone out of the way, David told Allie that he needed to talk to her about what had happened. David claimed that he didn't want to look like a jealous ex-lover by telling of Jake's mistake. He only wanted to make sure that the mistake never happened again.

In Joe's office, Jake insisted that he always checks and double-checks a patient's chart before administering any kind of medication. More importantly than discussing his routine, this was a statement of his innocence. Someone, Jake implied, administered the wrong medication... but it wasn't him. Finding the person who had, Jake added, was his father's job.

Gillian visited Scott at WRCW to let him know that she was back in town. It wasn't that Scott wasn't happy to see her, he was just very busy. Gillian tried to coax Scott into taking time off from work to take her to breakfast, but he declined. When a call came through informing Scott that his uncle was in the hospital, Scott put Gillian even further on the back burner. He told her that he'd catch up to her later and that they could pick up where they left off before her impromptu trip. Scott was gone no fewer than five minutes before Ryan burst into the office and closed the door. He told Gillian that he needed her help---or he'd be a dead man. Without any kind of forewarning, he grabbed her and planted a kiss on her.

Back at the hospital, Allie walked in on David injecting some medicine into Adam's IV. She flipped and ordered him to stop what he was doing. Both Adam and David gave her a confused look---and both wanted to know what she was so worked up about. Allie asked David if he was sure that he was giving Adam the proper medication. David informed her that he never makes a mistake and told her that she could have it analyzed by the lab if she'd like. Allie apologized for her outburst and left room. Outside, a nurse informed her that Joe wanted to see her immediately. Adam was even more enraged now that he suspected that someone was hiding something from him. David called Adam an "observant" man, a condescending comment that Adam did not tolerate. He said that he's usually quite observant at least "when I'm conscious. And that's a condition I try to maintain." David told Adam that his condition was brought by a simple accident. David was no fool. He thought out each sentence well before the words left his mouth. So when he slipped Jake's name into one of his statements, he knew full well that Adam would hit the roof.

In Joe's office, Allie offered about as much information as Jake. She insisted that Jake never made careless errors. Joe asked her if she knew who might have given the wrong medication to Adam. She lowered her head and said nothing. Joe and Allie walked down the hall together until Joe overheard raised voices coming from Adam's room. Adam blasted Joe for being an accessory to attempted murder by allowing an assassin to work at the hospital. Joe realized that David had told Adam what had happened and quickly yanked him from the room. Adam got on the phone and placed an urgent call to someone, telling the person that he had a life and death situation on his hands.

Joe scolded David for telling Adam about the medical mix-up specially since nothing had been proven. David badmouthed Joe for being blind to the truth. He accused Joe of playing favorites and protecting his son. David claimed that Jake had made a careless mistake once before. Joe asked for more information, but David wasn't forthcoming. He told Joe that Jake "blew it" while working at Stanford and that whatever it was Jake had done led to his withdrawal from med school. Joe immediately flagged down Jake and asked to speak to him. Jake didn't want to talk about why he dropped out of medical school, but Joe felt that his son owed him an explanation. Jake took a deep breath and prepared to relate his story. He said that he'd misdiagnosed a patient while working in the emergency room. Everyone, he said, had flu-like symptoms and an extremely virulent strain of the flu had been going around. One man, named Cunningham, had the exact same symptoms, so he prescribed him the medicine as everyone else. That man returned to the emergency room a few hours later---unconscious. As it turns out, he was suffering from meningitis---not the flu. The door to the office suddenly swung open. Joe looked at Jack and asked him if he could come back after he was done talking to Jake. Jack said that he couldn't go anywhere because he was there to ask Jake some questions about Adam's near-death experience.

Brooke arrived at Tempo and learned that Edmund had found out more information on Jim. Brooke told him that she didn't want to hear it. Edmund feared that Brooke had become dangerously attached to Jim. Brooke assured Edmund that she knew what she was doing. That was all that she could say, but she begged Edmund to trust her. Edmund was called away to approve a layout. While he was gone, Mateo returned to the office. Brooke asked Mateo if he had time to talk to her. When Mateo nodded, Brooke closed and locked the office door. She told him that she'd learned more information about the plane crash. Before proceeding, Brooke made Mateo promise that he wouldn't tell anyone else was she was about to say---even Hayley. The new information, she said, would put everyone in danger.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Jackson's presence made both Jake and Joe uneasy. Joe called the incident a "hospital matter" and asked that Jack allow him to handle the investigation. The matter had been a hospital matter. Jack informed them that he was called to find out if there had been any criminal negligence involved. Jake agreed to answer Jack's questions, but he urged his father not to stick around. Jake explained what had happened---or at least what he was sure of. He said that he had administered a blood thinner to Adam's IV, but that somehow another medication had also been administered. Jake refused to offer any theories on who he thought might have tampered with Adam's IV. Jack suspected that Jake was hiding something from him. He speculated that his previous inquiry into his "friend's" phony transcripts might somehow pertain to the mix-up. Jake denied that there were any ties. Jack watched Jake's mannerisms and listened closely to everything that he had to say. When Jake had finished talked, Jack came to realize that Jake was telling him the truth. He promised to go to bat for him against Adam and make sure that his license was not revoked by Adam's tirade.

Acting purely out of the goodness of her own heart---and quite possibly out of guilt---Allie dropped by Adam's room to discuss the medical mishap. Allie's defense of Jake was paid little mind by Adam. He assumed that Jake had charmed her into bed and therefore she felt some sort of devotion to Jake. Allie assured Adam that a full investigation was underway to find out exactly what happened. Needless to say, Adam wasn't overly encouraged by the fact that Joe was overseeing the investigation. Adam told Allie that Jake had tried to kill. His failed attempt, Adam groused, was further proof of Jake's incompetence. The attempt on his life, Adam growled, was brought on by Jake being upset that he'd lost Liza to him. Allie argued that Jake was not hung up on a lost love, but Adam didn't believe her. Scott entered the room and Allie, unable to handle dealing with the difficult patient, exited. Adam immediately pressed his nephew for news on Liza. Scott refused to be a go-between. Since that got him nowhere, Adam began telling Scott about Jake's attempt on his life. Scott didn't buy into the murder conspiracy theory and accused Adam of harboring a grudge. Jack entered the room and all fell silent. Adam drooled in anticipation of hearing news of Jake's arrest. The announcement never came. Scott could see that things were going to heat up, so he slipped out of the room before things got too hot. Jack told Adam that there was no proof that anyone acted maliciously---it appeared to be a simple mistake. If Adam couldn't win on one count, he decided to shoot for another. Perhaps it wasn't a mistake, he implied. Maybe it was sheer incompetence. That one didn't go over too well with Jack either. Adam felt that he could prove malicious intent by showing that Jake wanted to steal Liza from him. Jack ended the conversation by telling Adam that he was not going to file any charges against Jake---now or in the future.

Gillian asked Ryan who he was running from. All Ryan would say was that a stranger was chasing him. He planted another kiss on her just as Liza entered the room. The intrusion ended the spontaneous kiss. Liza was appalled by what she saw and reminded the pair that her office was not a cheap motel or a drive-in. She then noted that Ryan had work to do and asked that Gillian remove herself from WRCW property. Liza was called away on business, but she told them that they'd better not be engaging in any hanky panky when she returns. It took but a minute for Gillian to realize that Ryan lied about being pursued by a stranger. Gillian stroked Ryan's chest gently before taking hold of his tie and slowly strangling him with it. Ryan managed to break free of her stranglehold and still had enough air left in his lungs to offer an apology. He claimed that when he saw Gillian from the doorway he felt an uncontrollable urge to meet her. Out of view from the kissing bandit, Gillian reached out and grabbed a pair of scissors. She hid them in her hands as she asked Ryan if he wanted to know what happened to the last man who stole a kiss from her. She snipped off Ryan's tie as she yelped that she "cut it off!"

When Liza returned to her office, Gillian had already vanished. Ryan, however, still hovered over some files. She looked at him strangely and asked him why he was wearing only half of a tie. Ryan chuckled to himself and stated that it was a fashion statement. Ryan changed the subject and asked how Adam was doing. Liza's voice was soft as she told Ryan that Adam had suffered a legitimate attack of some sort. She thanked him for prodding her into visiting Adam. Still Ryan couldn't understand how Liza could show such concern for her husband, yet seem so nonchalant. Scott returned with an update on Adam's condition. Ryan left to allow them to talk in private. Liza was furious when Scott told her about Adam's crusade against Jake. She grabbed her coat and stomped out of the room.

Down the hall, Kelsey wandered into Tad's office looking for Ryan. He asked her how her plight to win Scott's heart was going. She told him that she'd barely had any impact on Scott. She told him that she needed to make herself unavailable to Scott. For that, she smiled deviously, she'd need a man. She used glowing terms to describe the type of man that she'd need---handsome, witty, tall. She leaned over and stared Ryan in the eyes. Ryan knew what she was implying and quickly turned her down. His mind was quickly changed, however, when Scott and Gillian strolled into the room. Gillian gave Ryan the cold shoulder. Scott, knowing nothing of the two's encounter only minutes before, introduced Ryan to Gillian. Scott and Gillian got quite amorous as they discussed their plans for the evening. When they left the room, Kelsey told Ryan that she could never ever compete with the likes of Princes Andrassy. Not so, replied Ryan. Kelsey has a secret weapon in her arsenal---him!

Liza's encore appearance in Adam's hospital room sent Adam head over heels---figuratively, of course. He told her that seeing her made him feel better. She asked him if his doctor's had given him an update on his condition. Adam beamed as he told her that all of his vitals were back to normal. Liza was happy to here that---because then she wouldn't feel bad for letting him have it. She blasted Adam for attacking Jaker. She pointed out that his charges could bring an end to Jake's medical career. She downplayed any notion that she and Jake were an item-they weren't. And neither were she and Adam. She noted that Adam is always claiming to be a changed man. If he really is, she stated harshly, Adam will drop the charges and get over his bruised ego. She turned and walked away without waiting for an answer.

Brooke told Mateo that Jim owned the suitcase that the transportation board had located. Mateo assumed that somehow the explosives had rubbed off onto Jim's luggage. Brooke explained that forensic testing proved that the explosives were inside the luggage---and that there was no "rubbing off." Mateo wondered what kind of man would deliberately take a bomb on board a plane---especially a plane that he was on! Brooke related the loan shark story to Mateo. The tale reeked of lies and Mateo didn't believe a word of it. Mateo naturally wanted to know why the loan shark was no longer on Jim's heels. She told him that Jim had used the reward money to pay him off. If the loan shark was out of the way, Mateo suggested that they contact the police. Brooke handed over the file that contained the dirt on Jim's past. Brooke asked Mateo if he'd be willing to look into Jim's past and see what he could dig up. Mateo nodded enthusiastically and vowed to "get them." They turned around and saw that Jim had let himself into the office. He asked whom they planned on "getting." Mateo quickly developed a wonderful lie. He said that he and Brooke were working on getting more people to contribute to his sister's memorial fund. Jim told Brooke that he was headed to the darkroom. She nodded and sent him on his way. Brooke made copies of Edmund's file so that Edmund wouldn't notice that the originals were missing. She told Mateo that she wants to keep their private investigation a secret. Mateo picked up on the uncertainty in Brooke's voice and realized that she had doubts about Jim's story. She tried to get Mateo to promise that he'd back off of the case if he found that Jim had ties to any big crimes figures like the mob. He told her that he plays hardball and that he will not back off for any reason. Jim returned to the room and was greeted by a smile from Brooke, but cold stare from Mateo. Jim questioning Brooke on Mateo's expression after Matt dashed off. Brooke explained that Mateo is slow to warm up to new people. Jim told Brooke that he couldn't get her off his mind and that he had to take a break from his work. He talked endlessly of how happy she makes him and how thankful he is that she believes his story about the bomb. He pulled her close to him and stroked her hair. He spoke of how happy their lives will be together. Brooke's eyes and mouth drooped and a morbid expression emerged on her face.

David pulled Allie aside and asked her why she reacted so peculiarly when she found him giving Adam his injection. Allie claimed that paranoia had made her overreact. David insisted that he would never deliberately put a patient's life at risk. Allie nodded and brushed off her former lover. She met up with Jake and the two discussed their next step. Allie told Jake that she'd spoken to Adam, but that she thinks it had little effect. Allie worried that Jake might face a malpractice suit and felt compelled to tell Joe the truth. Jake made her swear that she'd keep quiet. Joe entered the room and asked if he could speak privately to his son. Joe faced the hardest decision of his career: Suspending Jake from duty until after the investigation had been completed. Jake accepted the news, but not happily. He was upset that he was being suspended without proof of guilt. Jake returned to the locker room and told Allie that he'd been suspended. Again Allie wanted to tell the truth. She tried to get Jake to join her for a drink, but he told her that he'd rather be alone. It was a cold shoulder that made Allie feel even worse about something she'd already felt she'd been responsible for. Jake left the room and David entered a few seconds later. He asked Allie how she was dealing with the news. Allie rose to her feet and locked the door. Without any warning, she ripped open her blouse and exposed her nearly naked torso to David. "This is why you came to Pine Valley? You want it? Then come and get it!"

Thursday, January 22, 1998

All My Children was cut short on the East Coast by a special press conference at the White House. I've done a little undercover work and hobnobbing and managed to patch together the missing twenty minutes of the show

The sight of Allie standing half-naked in front of him didn't even cause David to break a sweat. In fact, he coldly asked that Allie put her clothes back on. He made a movement towards the door and Allie raced to blocked his path. She accused David of wanting to drag their war out even longer, a charge he denied. Allie repeatedly taunted the doctor to "come and get it." David claimed that it wasn't his style. Allie was enraged. She lunged towards him and pushed him against the lockers. Allie implied that David is only attractive to submissive and mindless women who possess no powers of thought. Allie didn't hold back any longer. She told David that she knows he was the one who nearly killed Adam. Of course David claimed that he would never risk one of his patient's lives. Why then, Allie asked him, did he magically have the proper medication to reverse Adam's reaction in his hands when he entered the room. David had no answer, but he again professed his high ethics and how he would never put a patient's life on the line on purpose. David told Allie that he meant what he said when he told her that he was setting her free. He told her to take a long hard look at herself. It was obvious that she didn't care for him. Allie refused to believe that David was giving up. David grabbed a handful of money from his pocket and threw it Allie. "Thanks for the cheap thrill," he sneered. He unlocked the door and left. Allie kicked and punched the lockers as she vented her anger and frustration. She leaned against the lockers and then slowly slid to the floor as she sobbed.

Down the hall in Adam's room, Joe prepared to deliver Dr. Shimatori's findings to Adam. Adam wasn't pleased with the hand-me-down diagnosis and insisted that he pays good money to hear a diagnosis from his doctor. Joe looked over the top of his eyeglasses and told Adam that Jake had been suspended. Adam yawned out of forced ennui and suggested that Joe's supposed investigation into the matter would be tainted by favoritism. Joe went over Shimatori's diagnosis point by point. Dr. Shimatori determined that neurological dysfunction did not trigger Adam's illness. He did, however, have an explanation for Adam's hallucinations of "the floating woman": Adam was suffering from dementia. The mere mention of dementia sent Adam into fits of rage. He declared his sanity at the top of his lungs and flat out refused to see a psychologist. He stomped over to the dresser and grabbed his clothing. Joe tried to prevent Adam from leaving, but he knew that Adam would never listen to him. Joe snapped back at Adam and told him that he'd have his release papers waiting for him. Adam waited until Joe left the room-and then started to chase after him. He told Joe that the poor treatment he'd received while in the hospital would nix his plans to ever donate money for The Adam Chandler Wing!

Kelsey called Kevin and learned that Scott and Gillian had rented a private dining room at The Valley Inn. Kelsey worried that the private dinner would squash plans to make Scott jealous by pretending that Ryan was her boyfriend. Ryan grinned devilishly and told Kelsey that he had a plan.

At the Valley Inn, Scott and Gillian sat at a private table and made casual conversation. Gillian wanted to know everything about Scott's past. Scott said that he didn't want to dwell in the past. Gillian was slightly miffed and told him that getting her dates to talk about their past is her best form of seduction. Scott laughed and told Gillian that he admires her honesty. Gillian looked longingly into Scott's eyes---but she didn't see what you'd expect. She saw Scott sitting in his chair wearing a big smile... and hundred dollar bills covering much of his body. The waiter entered the room and told the couple that a horrible mistake had been made. Apparently the person who'd made the reservations had goofed and double-booked the dining room. Gillian refused to be kicked out. She stuck her nose in the air and announced that she was the Princess Andrassy. Kelsey and Ryan entered the room and watched the argument unfold. Ryan smiled sincerely and told the two young friends that he didn't want them to have to leave their table. He pulled up a chair and announced that he and Kelsey would be joining them for dinner. Out of sight, Ryan slipped the waiter a hundred-dollar bill. When the food arrived, Kelsey offered Gillian a sample of her food. Gillian's stomach turned at the thought of eating off of someone else's plate. Ryan, however, didn't have a problem with it and graciously accepted the offering. The song "Let's Get It On" blared over the loudspeakers. Ryan took Kelsey by the hand and reminded her that this was "their" song. The two danced and discussed the next phase of their plan. Ryan told Kelsey that he'd "borrowed" the money he paid the waiter from WRCW's petty cash fund. Ryan reminded Kelsey that she was supposed to be dating him---and that meant that she had to stop making puppy dog eyes at Scott. At the table, when Scott told Gillian that Ryan had only been in town for about a week, Gillian figured out that the double-booking must have been a lie. Apparently they had made their reservations many weeks in advance. Gillian wanted to leave, but Scott told her that he didn't think it was safe to leave Kelsey alone with Ryan. When Kelsey and Ryan returned to the table, Ryan tried to make small talk. Gillian, however, announced that she was allergic to small talk. While she groused, Gillian had to fight off flashbacks of Ryan's kiss. Things didn't get any easier when Ryan took her by the hand and whisked her off to the dance floor. Kelsey concocted a lie about going on a ski trip with Ryan. Scott told her that she didn't know Ryan well enough and strongly urged her to reconsider.

At WRCW, Tad had Maizee---is temporary secretary and promising artist---create a sketch of his mystery woman. Even though Tad had only seen the woman once---and it was only for a few seconds---the sketch looked eerily similar to the mystery woman. Tad was so overjoyed with Maizee's work that he hoisted her into the air and gave her a big hug. Liza returned to her office and ordered Tad to put the woman down. Maizee dashed back to work and Liza scolded Tad for wasting the station's time and money on his ghost hunt. While they talked, Tad received an urgent phone call. Someone had broken into his house. Tad took the news quite well. In fact he asked that the security guards not contact the police. He let out a yelp of joy. Liza was perplexed by Tad's response to his home being burglarized. Until, that is, he told her that he believes his mystery woman is the burglar. Soon after Tad left, Liza received a visitor---Adam. He told Liza that he'd decided to drop the charges against Jake. Adam tried to tell Liza about his visions of a mystery woman, but Liza showed little interest.

Myrtle returned home and found Jake sitting on the couch in the dark. She knew that something was wrong and that fear was compounded by the fact that Jake's belongings were stacked on the floor. He assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. He explained that he cleaned out his locker at the hospital and casually added that he'd been suspended. Gloria dropped by Myrtle's to bid her final farewell to her friend. Gloria wanted to make a quick getaway, but Myrtle told Gloria that she couldn't leave. One by one guests began arriving for a surprise party in Gloria's honor. Joe, Ruth, Stuart, and Allie wished Gloria well and presented her with present. Ruth gave Gloria a hard hat as a joke gift. She told Gloria that she could use the protection now that she'll be living in earthquake prone California. Stuart gave Gloria a picture of an arial view of Pine Valley. The two shared a sentimental goodbye and promised to never lose touch and never to forget how special they are to each other. (I wish I could have provided more material on this departure, but the press conference deleted this portion of the show.)

At Tad's house, Joy poked around looking for the necklace. She had no idea that she'd tripped the alarm. She heard a noise at the door and hid in a hall closet. Tad noticed the open window that the woman had used to gain access to the house. He also saw her sneak into the closet. He opened the door, looked around, and then returned to the front door. Again he opened the door and then closed it to make it seem like he'd left. His plan had the desired effect. Joy opened the closet door and readied to resume her search. She looked around and then came face-to-face with Tad.

Friday, January 23, 1998

Most of today's All My Children was pre-empted on the East Coast---again---by coverage of the White House "sex scandal." I took to the phones and placed some calls to people in high places and have been able to piece together the show.

At WRCW, Belinda told Liza that she'll be leaving Pine Valley for six weeks. That meant that her divorce petition would be frozen until Belinda returned. Liza wanted no delays. She argued that she wanted her marriage to be over---immediately. Belinda noted that Liza raced to the hospital the minute she heard that Adam had fallen ill. Liza claimed that her concern was irrelevant. Belinda, however, advised Liza to take the six weeks to decide if she really wants to go through with the divorce. Marian strolled into the office and overheard part of the women's conversation. She told Belinda that a delay would not be tolerated and ordered Belinda to nix her plans and stay in town until the divorce was finalized. Even though Liza could see that Marian meant well, she asked that her mother keep her mouth closed.

Jake did his best to romance Allie, but considering what she'd just been through, she wasn't really in the mood for love. Allie told Jake that she confronted David in the on-call room at the hospital. Allie worried that their plans to expose David as the person who gave Adam the wrong medication went up in smoke when she accused him of trying to frame Jake. She wanted to tell him exactly what took place, but she lost her nerve. She went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of cider. While she was gone, David paid a visit to tell Jake that Allie was unraveling. Jake was unimpressed by David's statement that Allie was letting the stress from her job affect her. Then David informed Jake that Allie had performed a "striptease" for him in the on-call room. There was little response from Jake. He told David that he'd said what he came to say and showed him to the door. Allie returned from the kitchen and told her account of the incident. She said that she was infuriated by David's arrogance and went over the top. Jake surprised her by telling her that he doesn't really care what happens. He told her that he's happy that she's on her side and that he doesn't want her career ruined by David. The next words out of his mouth were the words "I love you."

Joy was startled to see Tad standing before her. This time she didn't run. She told Tad that she wanted her necklace back. Tad told her that she'd get the necklace, but asked that she tell him why she's been so elusive. Joy said nothing. She paced nervously around the room, circling Tad. Tad asked her if she was in any trouble and offered his help if something was wrong. Still the mystery woman said nothing. Tad assumed that the woman's name was Joy, but she wouldn't even confirm that for him. Suddenly, a bright flash illuminated the room. In a puff of smoke, Joy suddenly vanished. The eruption was certainly no coincidence. Joy used a few tricks she learned from traveling with the magic troupe to set up her escape.

At Chandler Mansion, Phoebe dropped by to ask Adam for a donation for the Daughters of Fine Lineage. Adam agreed to donate some money. While he was writing out the check, Phoebe slipped into Dear Aggy mode and began probing Adam's personal life and his marital woes. Adam told Phoebe that he didn't feel comfortable talking about his private life. After the check was written, there was no apparent need for Phoebe to hang around. Adam walked Phoebe to the back door and she went on her way. Adam returned inside and heard a loud squeal from outside. He raced outside and learned that Phoebe had fallen. Phoebe refused to let Adam move her into the house. Adam dashed inside and called the paramedics and Brooke. As Adam was tending to Phoebe, the doorbell rang. Adam hoped that it was the paramedics, but it turned out to be his mother-in-law. Adam told Marian to leave because she'd only be in the way. Marian saw Phoebe lying on the ground and immediately went to her side. She held up her fingers and asked Phoebe if she could tell her how many fingers she was holding up. Phoebe rolled her eyes and told Marian that she'd hurt her leg... not her head. Phoebe was forced to humor her---and humor her she did. Marian asked Phoebe if she knew what day it was and who was president. Phoebe smiled wryly and told her that Grover Cleveland was the President. Marian accused Adam of pushing Phoebe down. "She fell," Adam snapped. "Don't be ridiculous." Brooke arrived and shared some tender moments with her aunt until the paramedics arrived. With the accident out of the way, Marian figured that she had the floor. She told Adam that she was there to hammer out divorce plans on Liza's behalf. Adam tuned Marian out and paid her little mind. Marian was shown to the door. Adam returned to his sofa and started to relax. Something distracted him and he rose to his feet. He walked back out onto the back patio. There he found an elaborate set-up of candles, flowers... and a coffin! He watched in awe as the mystery woman slowly sat up in the coffin. Adam's heart pounded in his throat and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.



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