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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, January 19, 1998

KIM is helping MOLLY up off the floor at the Falcon Club. Kim asks her where she is going to go. "If you want sombody to help you, you might start by telling the truth." Kim offers to take her home and she finally accepts. When they get to the Hugh's home, Bob argues against her staying there but Kim says, "There's good in everyone, incuding Molly Conley." If she believes that someone cares about her and believes in her, then maybe she'll stop being so vindictive. Molly decides to stay just for the night.

HAL and NIKKI are talking about a future with Carly. Nikki tells him that Carly uses people when they let her. They talk about the age difference. Nikki storms out saying, "Do what you want to do." Later at the station, Hal and Margo talk about his discussion with Nikki. Margo says that Carly is a born con artist. Hal tells her she is wrong about Carly and she says she hopes so.

Teague drives off with JACK and CARLY in his camper. He says when they stop for gas, he will get her out of there and she can call for help. During the drive, they discuss Carly and Hal's relationship. When the camper stops, Teague comes in to get loaded guns. Carly remembers that Teague was in Molly's room dressed as an orderly. Jack gets Carly to sit close to him because it's cold and body heat keeps you warm.

At the Falcon Club, Nikki (all dressed up) orders a martini. A fellow (Matt) at the bar starts a conversation. He says he is looking for a job. She tells him about her argument with her dad. Andy watches them and dumps her second martini. Matt leaves when he hears that her dad is the chief of detectives and Andy grabs her keys. Andy drives her home and makes an excuse to Hal about driving her home.

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

DAVID and EMILY are at the courthouse awaiting the meeting with the judge over the ownership of the City Times. LUCINDA and Emily argue before going into the courtroom. Emily takes KIRK aside and tells him that she knows where the lost weapon (from Diego's murder) is. Lucinda testifies about how the newspaper was handed over to Emily. Kirk testifies that he came up with the idea of trading the murder weapon for the City Times but that it was a starter pistol. He says that Emily knew it wasn't the real weapon. The judge returns the City Times to Lucinda. Kirk tells Emily she can't put him in jail for the murder without admitting that she tampered with evidence.

HAL is visiting BARBARA at home and asks her how she is doing. She tells him that JOHN has moved out. Just then John walks in and says that he thought he would take the kids out, but Barbara says it is Hal's day with them. She suggests that in the future it would be better if he did not let himself in. Later Hal tells Barbara that he wants to talk to the kids about the woman in his life with whom he is getting serious. When Barbara finds out that it is Carly, she says Carly is a gold digger and a scam artist. Hal says she has changed.

KIM walks in on MOLLY who has her hands in Kim's wallet. She says she was borrowing a couple dollars to take a bus to go downtown. Kim offers to loan her what she needs. It surprises Molly that Kim is not throwing her out. As Molly leaves, LISA comes in and asks Kim if she has lost her mind. Kim says Molly needs help and that is what she is doing. Lisa says Molly is a lost cause but Kim reminds her that when she was Molly's age, she was considered a lost cause. John comes in as Lisa leaves and says he has tickets to a kiddie matinee but no date. He talks about his problems with Barbara, then gets an idea and leaves. He goes back to Barbara's and tells her he is back to stay, bringing in his suitcase.

JESSICA is talking with HOLDEN in his jail cell. She says all the evidence is against him and the d.a. is pushing to bring his case to trial as soon as possible. LILY walks in on this conversation. MARGO tells the guard to let Lily in the cell after Jessica tells her that Lily is an integral part of the defense team. He tells her that if he had married Molly, he would be in a worse prison. EMMA walks in and Holden suggests that she go with Lily for the sonogram. After they leave, Molly comes in and asks if she can talk alone with Holden. She says it is killing her to see him there. Holden reminds her that she is the reason he is in jail. "If you really love me, you will let me go." Lily comes back (and Molly supposedly leaves but hides around the corner). Lily brings in a TV with a video tape of the sonogram.

At the courthouse, James calls David and tells him he is making a big mistake by not delivering the money. David says to consider it payback. David tells Emily that he just put a down payment on their house. When she asks where he got the money, he tells her that he got it from his Aunt Kathleen. Just then Emily's cell phone rings and it is James who tells her that David has big trouble. He didn't deliver the payoffs as planned!

Wednesday, December 21, 1998

BARBARA is not happy about JOHN's moving back in. He says he made a promise to her and to the children--for better or for worse. Barbara is very angry. John tries to talk to her. As Barbara is telling him to leave, Jennifer comes in and has fun with John. Jennifer tells him she is glad he is back. Barbara thinks he is using her child to get to her. He says he lost his son and she says he sacrificed their son. He tells her they need to deal with it together. She brings down a pillow and blanket and gives them to John.

As JAMES is talking to EMILY on the phone, he realizes that David didn't tell her about their deal. He tells her that David has crossed him and she of all people should know what that means. He says to tell David to deliver the money. David admits to Emily that he never intended to deliver the money. "If James knows that he cannot intimidate me, he is out of our lives." Emily knows better. She urges him to give the money back; he refuses. Emily tells him that she cheated and lied to Lucinda and he tells her that she (Emily) deserved the newspaper. He says he needs the money because he wants to give her the wedding she deserves. She accepts his proposal.

HAL comes into the station with flowers. He asks Margo where Carly is and she says she hasn't heard a word from her. He searches for Carly's schedule and Margo asks why he is so upset. Later he calls Lisa to see if she has heard from Carly and Lisa tells him that Carly didn't sleep in her bed last night.

CARLY and JACK are riding in the back of Teague's camper. When it stops, they hide but "the guys" decide to wait till later to unload. Jack peeks out and says that they are at the edge of the woods so Jack and Carly scurry out and go in the opposite direction. They get in the cabin and Jack wants her to be a lookout while he searches the place but she just wants to get out of there. She is desperate to get back to Hal for their planned rendezvous so she leaves. Jack tells himself she will be back in five minutes. He hears a gunshot and rushes out of the cabin calling for Carly. He brings her back and she starts helping him search. She pulls out a book and tells Jack she thinks she has found something. It is newspaper clippings about the fire and a photo of Ben and Camille. Jack tells her it is not enough for evidence. They hear "the guys" outside.

LUCINDA is talking to SAM and KIRK asking why they want to renew their vows. She gives in and says, "Let's have a party but there's no need to rush." Kirk goes to get champagne and Lucinda and Sam go to the office to make plans. A delivery boy brings in a gift-wrapped package with Sam's name on it. The three of them find the package and Sam says it is ticking. Kirk grabs it and runs outside with the other two in pursuit. The bomb squad brings it back in and they find it is an anniversary clock "in fond memory of the day we met."

Matt comes in to the station to see Nikki. She introduces him to her dad. She says they went out last night and Hal quizzes him. Hal tells Nikki that Matt seems a little old for her and she reminds him of Carly's age.

James is on the phone requesting a personal delivery to Emily.

Thursday, January 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by SuziDee

KIRK, SAM, and LUCINDA are at the Falcon Club. Kirk is on the phone making arrangements to see James Stenbeck. Lucinda is on the phone complaining to prison officials about Stenbeck's shenanigans. Kirk tells Sam he's going home to watch TV, but Sam wants him to stay and have dinner with her. When he protests, she realizes he's up to something. He confesses that he is going to see Stenbeck. She tries to stop him, but can't. She tells him "I mean it. If you get yourself hurt, I'll kill you." BEN and JESSICA arrive at the Falcon Club. Along with Lucinda, they discuss trial strategy. Ben wants to tell the judge about Teague and Lucinda wants to tell the judge about Molly. Jessica realizes its going to be hard to control Lucinda and Ben's testimony at trial. At the prison, STENBECK is talking to one of his flunkies, describing the trap he's set for Kirk and that Kirk has taken the bait. Kirk arrives at the prison and tells Stenbeck to stay away from his wife. Stenbeck taunts him and Kirk punches him in the mouth. Later, Kirk rejoins Samantha at the club and tells her he has taken care of Stenbeck. Back at the prison Stenbeck tells his flunky that Kirk just gave him his "ticket back to Oakdale."

HAL and NIKKI are having dinner at Mona Lisa. They are discussing Matt and Carly and the "age thing." Hall tells Nikki she may not have to worry about him and Carly anymore. Things might be over with them. While they are talking, MATT walks in. He's looking for a job and makes a good impression on LISA so she hires him. Nikki talks to Matt while Lisa talks to Hal about Carly. Lisa is trying to tell Hall what Carly is like-- she runs when the walls start to close in. Nikki and Matt make a date to go out on the town for the night, but Matt abruptly cancels the date and leaves when he receives an envelope from Stenbeck. Nikki tells Hal Matt blew her off and Hal smiles. Nikki tells her dad, "We've both been dumped. Let's go get some chocolate."

JACK and CARLY are at Teague's cabin searching for more evidence. TEAGUE and his pals come back and Jack and Carly hide. They almost get caught. Teague and his buddies decide to go to the local watering hole. Carly nags Jack to leave, but he refuses. He wants to find more hard evidence. She gives in and continues to help him look. Carly finds a shirt that smells like kerosene, has a church flyer in the pocket and blood stains on the cuff. Jack is so happy he give Carly a big kiss. Carly's ready to leave, but Jack still wants more evidence. After searching some more and not finding anything, Jack agrees to leave, but Teague is waiting for them at the door with a gun.

Friday, January 23, 1998

Today's recap was provided by SuziDee

LILY is visiting HOLDEN at the jail. LUCINDA rushes in to show them the front page of the City Times-- DUMPED AT ALTAR, JILTED BRIDE LIES TO PUT INNOCENT MAN IN JAIL. Lily and Holden are upset because they know Molly is irrational, but Lucinda vows she will do whatever she can to inform the public of the truth.

KIM and MOLLY are at the Mona Lisa having breakfast. Molly expresses to Kim her suspicions about the Good Samaritan act. Kim tries to reach Molly by telling her that when we make people happy, we're happy and when we hurt people we hurt. LISA walks up to the table and shows Molly the City Times. Angry, Molly rushes out to confront Emily. JOHN, MARGO and ANDY are together at another table. John tells his kids that he has moved back in with Barbara. They are happy, but he tells them nothing has changed. Margo announces to John and Kim that Andy has gotten the police photographer job and will be staying in Oakdale for awhile. Kim comments to John that he looks pale. John excuses himself from the table and quietly rushes to the restroom where he doubles over in pain. NIKKI arrives and talks with Matt while Andy observes. Matt receives a phone call from Stenbeck and tells him everything is going as planned. EMILY and SUSAN are waiting at a table when DAVID arrives. He tells Susan he loves Emily and then presents Emily with an engagement ring. David senses that Susan is not happy, but Susan hugs him and offers her congratulations and good wishes. Emily then receives a package containing a key. David realizes it is a key to their new house. The note inside reads "Enjoy your new house while you can." They realize its from Stenbeck. JESSICA and LILY meet at the Mona Lisa to discuss trial strategy. Lily receives a phone call from her private investigator advising her that he has found the videotape editor.

BARBARA has brought some of the children's things to HAL's house for a sleep over. They discuss Nikki, Carly and John. WILL is delivered to the front door with a fever. Barbara immediately over reacts and wants to take him to the hospital. Hal calms her down. Barbara confesses to Hal that ever since Johnny's death she afraid she could lose the people she loves at anytime and there is nothing she can do about it.

JACK and CARLY wake up in a tool shed. Jack's gun is gone, but he still has the evidence. Carly is upset at their predicament, but Jack bullies her, calling her a "cry baby" and accuses her of giving up. Carly assures him she has not given up. Jack finds a straight razor and devises a plan to get Teague. Carly bangs together some pots and pans to draw Teague to the tool shed. When Teague burst in, he and Jack fight over the gun, but Teague wins when he takes Carly hostage, holding the gun to her head. He forces her to tie up Jack. Teague then ties Carly back-to-back with Jack. He tells them it will be a long time before anyone finds them.

MOLLY arrives at the City Times to find Lucinda not Emily. When she begins to berate Lucinda, Lucinda locks the door and tells her "we're going to get a few things straight." She throws the key out the window and informs Molly that they are going to spend the day together until she admits the truth.

HOLDEN comes face to face with the "devil" when STENBECK arrives as the newest prisoner of the Oakdale P.D.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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