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Carl told Paulina that Joe was planning to take custody of Dante. Joe realized Grant, not Paulina, was behind the fire. Gary told Josie his brother was in prison. Lila got Jake arrested in connection with Shane's accident. Paulina went on the run with Dante.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on AW
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Monday, March 9, 1998

At Sofia and Nick's Place, Sofia was worried that Nick won't show up, but he does and apologizes to Sofia for leaving. He shows Sofia a calendar so they can pick a new wedding day right away. Although she's surprised, Sofia told Nick she can't get married. Nick ask Sofia was she still wants to marry him. Sofia assures him that she does, only not right away because she accepted Matt's job offer and can't ask for the time off right now. Angered, Nick told Sofia he thinks Matt was trying to make a move on her. Sofia told him that's not what Matt was doing, and that he's concerned for her as well as for Nick. Nick doesn't buy it and told Sofia about witnessing Matt and her hugging each other the other day. Sofia ask Nick if he was mad at her for accepting Matt's job offer. Nick told her he's not mad but he needs to take care of something. Sofia ask Nick to stay and talk with her instead of shutting her out and leaving all the time. Her pleads go on deaf ears, as Nick gets up to leave. Cut to the basketball court where Nick finds Matt playing ball. Matt asks Nick if he would like to play a little one on one. Angered, Nick told Matt he's only got one word for him, then slugs Matt. Nick accuses Matt of hiring Sofia to satisfy his own agenda. Matt says he only offered Sofia a job because she's smart, way to smart for you. He then told Nick that Sofia love's you and he respects that. Matt told Nick that he isn't the only one hurting and he told him he's lucky to have someone like Sofia to be there for him. Recalling his own father's death, Matt adds that he wishes he would have had someone like Sofia when his father died. He then told Nick to grow up, go apologize to Sofia, bring her flowers and dance with her. As the two men discuss Nick's silliness, they are unaware that Sofia was close by and overhears everything Matt has told Nick. Feeling like a bigger fool, Nick leaves to go make peace with Sofia.

Cass and Felicia search one of Wally's old haunts hoping to find a clue which will reveal how "Winthrop Crass" met his maker. As they look around for clues they are startled when they find Carl there as well. Carl was also looking for Wally. Carl warns Cass that Wally was dangerous, but Felicia refuses to believe that. Carl has arranged for Cass and Charlie to fly to Paris for the time being. Felicia thinks that it was absurd and Carl says that it's "better than staying and waiting for a rattlesnake to strike." The mention of the snake jogs Felicia's memory and she says that someone did get bit by a snake in the book, but she can't remember the details. Felicia ask Carl how he knew about the snake. Carl says that he's read all of Felicia's books, as Cass adds "that' s scary." Carl continues by saying that he doesn't know if the snake was in "Embers In The Snow." Felicia was sure it was and on that note, Cass decides to exit so he can get ready to leave. Felicia told him to be careful as she and Carl continue their discussion about Wally. Carl told her that Wally has a mental history of violence and instability. Felicia told him that she doesn't care, Wally saved her life as well as Rachel's and she knows that he wouldn't hurt anybody. Carl told her he can remember when she said the same thing about Alexander Nikos. As they continue to argue about Wally's guilt; Carl finds a very important clue, a dead bat! Carl says that if Wally was bringing Felicia's story to life, Felicia cuts Carl off finishing the sentence by adding that Cass could die. Agreeing that this was all a little to coincidental, Carl and Felicia decide to pursue the mystery tomorrow morning and leave.

Over at the McKinnon's, Jake and Vicky are lying in bed after making love, when Vicky told Jake that this was the first time she's felt any peace since Michael and Shane's death. The mention of that night makes Jake stir and brought back his feelings of guilt. Vicky told Jake that she's going to change and he will never have to wonder where she was again. When Jake apologizes again for mistrusting her, Vicky nervously assures him she isn't holding a grudge. Looking to change the subject to get both of their minds of that fatal night, Jake starts running around the house fetching a lantern and picnic basket. Vicky ask Jake what he was doing and Jake told her to get up and get ready, it's all a surprise. Unbeknownst to both of them, Lila was lurking outside spying on them. Now knowing that she can prove that Vicky wasn't in Chicago the night that, Lila can't wait to spring this piece of news on Jake. As Jake and Vicky leave the house, Lila hides by the house. Lila thinks to herself and realizes that Jake still wouldn't believe her if she shoved the cellphone bill underneath his nose, he would still stick up for Vicky. Recalling the conversation she and Vicky had, Lila remembers Vicky warning her to stay away from Jake. Lila then decides to take a new course of action against Vicky and that was to get revenge on Vicky, through Jake.

Back at the Basketball court, Sofia comes out of hiding and gives Matt some tips on his free throw shots. Matt was impressed, but Sofia gives all the credit to Joe. She then told Matt that she heard everything that he told Nick and thanks him. After Sofia leaves, Matt recalls her free throw advice and scores a basket. Back at Sofia and Nick's apartment, Sofia has returned, but Nick still isn't there. She paces wondering if he really listened to what Matt was telling him. Nick then shows up with flowers for Sofia. He apologizes for acting like a jerk and told Sofia he loves her and he's not going to shut her out of his life anymore. Sofia told Nick she loves him too, and will always be there for him. The twosome end their evening dancing in each other's arms, glad that they found their way back to one another.

Jake takes Vicky to a playground that looks like the one was Lassiter. Jake told Vicky that this was there place and nobody can come here and touch them. They talk for a bit and Jake ask Vicky if she was jealous of Lila because she's having Shane's baby. Vicky told him that she didn't mean to hurt him, but it just took her awhile to let go of Shane. Vicky assures him that she loves him and only him now. Jake then shocks Vicky by suggesting that they have their own baby. Jake gets a shock himself when Vicky says yes, yes, yes and hugs him as they enjoy their wonderful evening in their very own park.

Over at Winthrop Law offices, Cass has gone to his office and was packing for his trip to Paris. Lila stops by and ask Cass how a person can be punished for warning Shane that the roads were a sheet of ice on the night of the accident. Cass told Lila if she can prove intent by the person who didn't warn Shane of the bad road condition, she might have a criminal and civil case. Lila hires the sleazy lawyer Cass warns her against and gets the state trooper to sign an affidavit that Jake told the trooper there was no one else on the mountain to warn....

Tuesday, March 10

At Gary and Josie's place Josie and Toni are talking about the letter that Gary got and tore up. Toni mentions Gary doing a print out on her computer at work and Josie said she saw it but Gary took it from her. Josie wants to know if Toni knows what Gary was working on, she has no idea.

At Joe's office Gary and Joe are going over the fire and the file on it . Gary suggest Joe have an open mind and instead of looking at it as Paulina as the suspect to change the name to Jane Doe. Joe says it won't work cause he sees Paulina's name while looking at file. Gary says use other names in Paulina's place and see who comes up with something to gain.

At Carlino's , Paulina and Carl are discussing her and Joe's separation. Carl told Paulina about hearing Joe talk to Tyrone. Paulina says Joe would not do that to her. Carl says he heard Joe say custody of Dante. Paulina can't believe it. Carl says he will go and talk to Joe to find out about it.

Back at the station Joe and Gary are talking about Cindy being a suspect Joe said he ruled her out. Gary suggested Grant. Joe was unsure about opening the investigation saying if it went before a judge (the fire case) that all that Paulina has done would be enough to make Paulina loose custody of Dante. Carl in the mean time walks in and hears only the last part of the conversation. Carl was outside the door, Joe comes out to find Carl who happens to have the file on Wally having worked at Cory's. Carl begins explaining how Wally was in a fantasy world and may be behind all the bad things happening to Cass and that Cass was out of town till they can find who was doing all the pranks making one of Felicia's books come true. Joe takes file but doubts that that was why Carl came by for. When Carl leaves Joe told Gary he wants Paulina back but he has to be sure he can live up to Paulina and believe in her. And that at the fire he saw not guilty in her eyes, that she was as shocked as he.

Back at the restaurant, Carl comes in to tell Paulina he overheard Joe say that a judge would take Dante away from her. Carl says it is worse than he thought. He gives Paulina a card with the name of a lawyer on it. Paulina was very upset about this and says she will disappear before she would loose Dante. Carl told her that Joe even has a file on her to use against her in Court. As Carl gives Paulina the card Joe walks in and ask what they are talking about. Carl changes subject. When Paulina and Joe are alone Joe tries to talk to Paulina but she was not willing to talk worried about loosing Dante. She ask Joe to check the vent in the kitchen and this gives Paulina a chance to look at the files that Joe has and it was true Joe does have a file on her and on top of that the card of Tyrone Montgomery Attorney at Law was in the file.

Gary arrives at home and told Josie he has to talk to her. She ask if it was about the letter he tore up from that prison in California. Gary says yes and that it was from his younger brother. Gary went into detail how he raised his brother because his Dad was like him an alcoholic, and that he apparently didn't do a good job raising his brother. This was why he was not ready to have a baby, feels he won't be a good father. Josie told him he will be a great Dad. Gary says he had to tell her about it cause they do not keep secrets from each other. Just then the phone rings, it was another hang up. Gary wants to use call return but Josie doesn't want him to. Says it was a wrong number again.

Back at Carlino's Paulina was having an avalanche of thought that Carl was right and Joe was going to take Dante away from her. Joe is having thoughts that Grant was the one with something to gain from Paulina being accused of starting the fire, and thinks Paulina may be right.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

THE STATIONHOUSE Gary told Joe that he would be conducting this investigation very differently if Paulina wasn't involved and forces him to go through the evidence as if the suspect as "Jane Doe." Joe comes to the conclusion that Grant probably had something to do with the fire and set Paulina up so she wouldn't look like a credible witness against him in his custody battle for Kirk. Gary tries to convince Paulina that he believes her but Joe wants to wait until he has proof so as not to get her hopes up. Joe hatches a plan to try and make Cindy think he was going after Paulina so she'll open up about Grant (bad, bad idea Joe!). Meanwhile, Josie was on the phone with her mystery caller and hangs up quickly when Gary comes out of Joe's office. She tries to talk to him about his brother in prison but Gary gets upset. They look to see if his brother made parole and find out he didn't. Josie is sympathetic but Gary was ambivalent about the news. Later, Josie calls Cindy and disguises her voice to find out where Grant was -- Lassiter, digging up dirt on Vicky. THE HERALD A sobbing Paulina pours her heart out to Jake about her problems. She is convinced Joe was trying to get custody of Dante because she saw him with Tyrone and so did Carl. She says she's so desperate that she hired her own lawyer who told her to keep her guard up. Jake wants to confront Joe but Paulina convinces him not to. Jake told Paulina that Joe was a fool but to hope things will work out. He cheers her up by telling her that he and Vicky want to have a baby. After getting the deputy to sign an affidavit that Jake told him no one was on the mountain the night of the accident, Lila goes to see Jake. She cries that she just needs to know what happened that night. Jake offers her some money, which touches her at first because she thinks he's being sincere. But she gets angry when he says its so she'll leave Vicky alone. Lila gets Jake to confess that he told the deputy no one was at the cabin but insists he tried to call Shane himself. He asks her not to tell anyone so he can tell Vicky himself. She agrees and leaves, satisfied with herself that she got his "confession" on tape. Later, Jake calls Vicky and says he needs to tell her something. CINDY and GRANT'S PENTHOUSE Cindy arrives home after a shopping trip and talks to Grant from Lassiter. She questions his going after Vicky when he and Kirk are getting along so well but then agrees that its a good idea to kick Vicky when she was down. Cindy was happily surprised when Paulina stops by but Paulina says it isn't a social visit. Cindy tries to apologize for what happened but Paulina tells Cindy that Cindy owes her and she doesn't want Cindy to say anything more to Joe about the night of the fire. She confides to Cindy that Joe was trying to take Dante away. Cindy declares that she will do whatever Paulina wants and then says how much she misses their friendship. Both women are surprised when Joe arrives to question Cindy as Paulina listens from another room. LILA'S APARTMENT Lila listens to the tape of Jake's confession and wonders if she should edit out the part where he says he tried to call Shane. But then she has a better idea and calls her lawyer. The lawyer says they have grounds for a criminal and civil suit because Jake will have to prove he tried to call Shane. Lila smiles coldly as the lawyer says the only way Jake's claim could be confirmed was if someone else was with Shane that night.

Thursday, March 12

Joe has arrived at Cindy and Grant's place to talk to Cindy. Paulina is hiding in the bedroom listening in on the conversation. Joe wants to know the truth from Cindy. Cindy says she doesn't know what to say but that she wasn't sure of what Paulina did that night. Joe told Cindy that the case was opened and that a judge would not be as kind as he if she doesn't co-operate. Paulina hears this and also Joe says Paulina could loose custody of Dante.. Joe says Cindy has to come to the office and make an official statement. They leave the apartment and Paulina says " It was true Joe was going to fight for custody of Dante". Paulina rushes home in a panic.

Nick and Sophia are talking but Nick still doesn't want to talk to Sophia about Michael's death. Nick hugs Sophia and feels something, It is a beeper that Matt gave to Sophia, Nick was upset by this. Sophia says it was ok that She won't be available to Matt all the time. She gives Nick the beeper number so he can get her any time. Donna comes in to talk to Nick. She gives Nick a pair of cuff links that was Michael's. They all start talking about Michael and Sophia doesn't understand why Nick can talk to Donna about his father and not her. Nick says he was interested in buying the farm.

At Lila's place , she was talking with a lawyer. She plays the tape she got when she visited Jake and he told the truth about calling Shane. Lila doctored the tape to say he kept the officer from going up to the lodge the night of the accident. The Lawyer sees Dollar signs and says they have a good case, Lila told him it isn't the money but her baby should have his inheritance. The lawyer says that the case against Jake was good as long as there was no witnesses to say he did try to tell Shane about the roads. He leaves and Matt shows up. Lila tries to get rid of him and he says get used to me being there cause till he finds out he was not the father he will be very close to her. Lila tells Matt she was going to see the doctor to get a sonogram to determine the age of the fetus. Matt says ok but doubts the validity of it. Lila goes to the cemetery to talk to Shane.

Jake has arrived home and told Vicky the truth about that night before Lila can cause them trouble and Vicky was upset Lila has anything to do with it. Vicky told Jake she loves him anyway that she was the one at fault. She was about to tell Jake about her being at the cabin and the phone rings. It was Paulina, she says she needs Jake's help. Vicky says go help Paulina, that they can talk later.

Back at the police station Joe talks to Toni alone. He explains that he suspects Grant set up Paulina to get custody of Kirkland that with Paulina out with drug charges against her she can't testify against Grant for getting her street drugs when she hit Kirkland with the car and more drug charges would make her statements against Grant unreliable. He told Toni to go along with him that Cindy has only one friend and if she thinks that Paulina was in trouble that she may tip off that Grant was responsible. They go in to talk to Cindy and Joe gets pretty rough with her. Toni says that Paulina could be in trouble and Joe says that Paulina could wind up in jail. Cindy says she knows nothing to help, and wants to leave. She leaves thinking she has to do something. Joe and Toni continue to talk and Toni ask why he let Cindy go. Joe explains that Cindy will rush home to locate Grant and they will then know where he is. Josie calls Joe on phone with information that Grant was in Lassiter. Joe says that confirms his suspicions. Toni says she wishes she was a bug on the wall when Cindy talks with Grant, Bam! It hit Joe that the bug was in the diamond bug on his tree. He tells Toni that that was why Grant always knew exactly what Paulina was doing all the time. He thanks Toni and he was even more sure that Paulina was a victim of Grant. Toni tells him to go tell Paulina. Joe feels it might be too late to save their marriage cause Paulina won't get over his distrust. At the Cory mansion Paulina was very upset having heard what Joe said at Cindy's place. Jake arrives and wants to know what the bad thing that Paulina needed him in such a hurry. Paulina said she needed

Friday, March 13, 1998

At Bay City Police station, Sofia comes by to visit Joe who was ecstatic because he finally believes that Paulina wasn't lying about being on drugs the night of the fire. Sofia ask Joe how does he know Paulina wasn't responsible for the fire. Joe told her he knows the who, why and how the fire got started at the Carlino's house, but told Sofia he'll fill her in later because he must first tell Paulina how wrong he was about her. Sofia tells Joe that's great because she was also headed to Paulina's to apologize. She then told Joe that Matt made her understand that she was wrong for punishing Paulina for what she believed was Paulina's negligence on the night of the fire. Realizing that she's been far too harsh on her sister-in-law, Sofia decides to join Joe in apologizing to Paulina. Excited, Joe and Sofia jump in Joe's squad car and head over to tell Paulina of their wonderful news and to apologize. While driving over, Joe told Sofia that Paulina has always believed in him even when he was undercover and everyone thought he was a dirty cop. He remembers the look in their eyes of mistrust. He then ask Sofia what if Paulina saw that look in his eyes. Sofia told him that it will all work out and Paulina will understand. Joe then told Sofia that he's planning on a whole new future for Paulina, Dante, and himself. "The first thing I'll do was by a brand new house." Joe gushes.

Meanwhile at the Cory's, Jake tries to talk a distraught and panicked Paulina out of leaving Bay City. Paulina was adamant about leaving because she thinks Joe plans on taking Dante away from her. Jake wants to know why Paulina believes that Joe would take Dante from her. Paulina told Jake that Carl overheard Joe talking to Tyrone about Paulina. She then adds that Joe brought Cindy in for questioning so he could gather further evidence against me. Jake tells Paulina she needs to calm down and think things out rationally before she makes a move she'll regret for the rest of her life. Paulina told Jake there was no time and begs him to help her escape. Jake told Paulina she needs to sit down and have a conversation with her husband and make sure this is all a reality. Paulina told Jake that her lawyer told her she needs to stay two steps ahead of Joe. Jake told Paulina to forget what her lawyer is talking about because she's just scared and needs to stand her ground with all her friends and family around and fight for Dante. He then told her that being on the run with her son was no way to live her life and reminds her of the consequences that Vicky faced when she ran off with Kirkland. Unconvinced, Paulina told Jake that Joe has the law on his side and mounds of evidence against her. Jake told her that no judge would give Dante to Joe. He's a police captain who lives his life in constant dangerous situations, along with the fact that his schedule doesn't allow him time to look after a child. Paulina reminds Jake, that Sofia's been looking to take her place in looking after Dante so Joe has that situation covered.

Vicky was at Shane's grave site telling him that she's going to confess everything to Jake and accept whatever consequences are in store for her. Unbeknownst to Vicky, Lila was hiding listening in on her every word. Vicky leaves and Lila emerges flinging Vicky's flower off Shane's tombstone. Lila starts talking to herself saying Vicky has some nerve, she can't even stay away from Shane when he's dead. Kneeling she told Shane that she's had him in ways that Vicky could only dream about. She then told him of the baby and vows that everyone will learn the truth about Vicky. Vicky returns and the two women start trading insults. Vicky told Lila she was truly pathetic, then gives her one final warning to stay away from her family and stay out of her life. Lila told Vicky that she's never taken orders from anybody and sure is hell isn't gonna start taking them from Vicky. She then told Vicky that she'll do anything to protect her baby and doesn't give a damn what Shane's Will states. Vicky told Lila that she promises when her child was born, it will receive a fair share of Shane's estate and Lila has her word on that. Lila laughs it off telling Vicky that they both know just how much her word is worth. Vicky told Lila that Shane was dead and would want them to move on with their lives. Lila answers by saying maybe you can forgive and move on with your little life and family in the woods and have your baby and live happily ever after, but she'll never forget. Vicky then told Lila not to mistake her kindness for weakness and told her don't ever talk about Jake like that in her presence again. Vicky threatens Lila that if she starts pushing her, then she will push Lila right back. Lila applauds Vicky's little speech and Vicky decides to just leave, but then realizes something. Lila mentioned that Jake wanted to have a baby with her and Vicky wonders how she knew that and ask Lila if she's been following them around again. Lila tells Vicky don't flatter herself because she has more things to do than to follow her, but mentions that Jake told her. They continue to argue and Lila tells Vicky that Vicky will destroy Jake's life just life just like she has destroyed the life of every other man she has been involved with. On that note, Vicky turns to leave Lila in her bitterness....

Back at the Cory's, Jake continues to try and rationalize things, but Paulina tells him he won't understand her situation until he has his own child. Suddenly, Paulina sees the flashing blue and red lights outside and panics. Paulina doesn't know that Joe turned on his sirens so he could get to the Cory mansion quicker. Paulina hides and Jake answers the door. When Joe won't tell Jake why he was there, Jake tries to slam the door on him and Sofia. Joe eventually forces his way in and they start to argue. Joe told Jake that he knows now that Paulina was telling the truth. Jake was happy to hear this news and picks Joe up and hugs him. Joe rushes up to Paulina's room, but Paulina and Dante are gone! Just then, Amanda returns home from a trip and told Joe that she just saw Paulina tearing out of the driveway with Dante in tow. When Joe ask Amanda if Dante was okay, Amanda told him that Dante looked happy but Paulina looked terrified and ask Joe what has he done now.....

Vicky drops in on Donna and finds her looking through Michael's things. Vicky tells Donna that she has decided to tell Jake the truth before he hears it from someone else. Donna told Vicky that she was making a mistake and she doesn't want to see Vicky throw her marriage down the drain just so she can ease her guilty conscience. Vicky told her mother to stop it because it's not going to work anymore. All of the lies have cost her a father and a sister and she won't let them cost her to lose a husband as well. Donna tells Vicky that if she told Jake the truth, he will leave her. Vicky told Donna that she doesn't believe that will happen and says she has to e the person she wants to be, which was an honest wife. Vicky then told her mother all she can do was hope that it will turn out okay, and if not then she was prepared to suffer the consequences. Donna reminds Vicky of the boys feelings and of Grants motives if he learns of this. Vicky told Donna that she still intends on telling Jake the truth. Donna doesn't take this news very well and tells Vicky that it kills her to see her make the same mistakes she once did. Vicky eventually ask Donna to leave so she can tell Jake when he returns home. Donna leaves and makes a detour to Michael's grave site and told him that she thinks this was the payback for all the mistakes she made in the past. Donna tells Michael that everyone always use to tell her she deserved a daughter just like her, and now it seems as if it has all come true in the form of Vicky. Upset by what's about to happen with Vicky and Jake, Donna weeps at Michael's grave site.

Meanwhile, Lila returns home and gets a mysterious phone call which causes her to take off. Back at Jake and Vicky's, Jake returns home and Vicky kisses him. As the two of them are holding each other, someone starts pounding on their door. Vicky told Jake who ever it was could he please get rid of them. Jake told her no problem. As soon as he opens the door, light bulbs start flashing and Jake wonders why all of the press was their and what was going on. A Police officer steps into the door and told Jake that he was under arrest for negligent homicide! Pleased, Lila was already at Vicky and Jake's hiding in the bushes and watches as Jake was arrested.

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