Another World Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on AW
A fire in the hospital left Marley badly burned. Carl was presumed dead and sneaked out of town. Cameron was set up to take the fall for shooting Carl. Grant discovered Cindy had lied about him not being Kirkland's father. Jake and Vicky reconciled.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on AW
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Monday, May 18, 1998

On A Plane Bound For Bay City,
Sofia told Matt that she doesn't mind leaving New York, because his family needs him. Matt told her it's okay because his family has been screwed up for years and now that Carl has been shot, there's no telling what could go wrong next. As Sofia sits by Matt she was pleased with the fact that she now knows she loves him. She then has a flashback to time they spent in New York in the hotel room and of all the things Matt does that makes her smile. Bringing her out of her daydream, Matt told Sofia in just a few more minutes they'll be arriving in Bay City and then he'll have to head straight to the hospital. Sofia asks him if that was where Rachel will be and he sarcastically answers back, that was where Carl will be. Sofia told him that all of this has to be really hard and if he needs her, she was there for him. Matt went on and on about Carl and how he's a violent man and all that. Sofia told him that his mother loves Carl and he needs to come to terms with his feelings about Carl. Matt asks her if she was thinking about Nick. Sofia told him yes and then adds that her feelings for him have changed and he has to know that. She then tells Matt that she plans to tell Nick when they get home that she was in love with him now.

At Bay City General Hospital,
Donna returns to the hospital and Vicky corners her mother and demands to know what was it that she has done that has got Donna so mad at her. Donna tells Vicky that she can't get into this with her right now, because she might say some words she will later regret. As they argue, Jake jumps in and told Donna that he was tired of the Vicky bashing and also wants to know why Donna has been acting poorly towards her. Donna told Jake to stay out of it, but Jake tells her he was already in it. Donna then told him that once she told him what she knows then he won't want to have anything to do with Vicky neither. Just as Donna was about to tell them, somebody yells fire in the ICU and tells them they will have to vacate the premises. Vicky says, Oh My God, Marley. Then they all try to run up the stairs to save her. As Jake, Vicky and Donna rush upstairs, hospital staff and patients begin rapidly fleeing the burning building. Meanwhile, a series of explosions rocks the ICU, blowing Marley from her bed. Before they can get to Marley to save her, one of the hospital staff stops the threesome from going any further into the building. However, Jake bum rushes past the guy and dashes through the flames making a beeline for Marley's room.

Meanwhile downstairs, Joe and his officers begin supervising the evacuation of the west wing, while Felicia and Paulina try to keep Rachel from panicking. Vicky and Donna arrive back downstairs and Donna told them all that Jake rushed upstairs to try and save Marley. Rachel asks her about Carl and if she knows anything, but Donna and Vicky are shocked to learn that Carl was there. Amanda arrives and Rachel told her to talk about something anything to keep her mind off of worry about Carl. Amanda talks to her mother about things they use to do together in the past and then Paulina shows back up to comfort Rachel. Not being able to take the pressure, Donna went out in the corridors for some air and runs into Cass who told her he was glad to see her and glad that she was okay. Meanwhile back inside the waiting room, Vicky told Paulina how afraid she was of losing Jake and Marley. Paulina told Vicky that she needs to pray that they will be okay. Not really listening to Paulina, Vicky tries to cause a diversionary tactic to get upstairs. Paulina stops Vicky from running up to ICU after Jake who's gone to rescue Marley. Vicky told Paulina she was so scared and her friend told her to pray. Just then, Nick shows up and Vicky told him that Marley was trapped upstairs and Jake has gone up there to rescue her. When Vicky tries to comfort Nick, he snubs her and runs to comfort Donna. Feeling left out by her family, Vicky heads to the Chapel like Paulina told her, so she can pray for Jake and Marley's safety.

Upstairs, Jake finally arrives at Marley's room only to find it engulfed in flames. The doorknob was hot from the fire, but Jake manages to get in and finds Marley lying on the floor. Jake wraps Marley up in wet towels and then tries to find an escape route through the raging inferno. Meanwhile down in the Chapel, Vicky prays hard for Jake and Marley's safety and told Jake that she knows he can do it because she believes in him, adding that they have been through worse times than this in Lassiter and she knows he can get through this as well. Upstairs, Jake makes it down one of the smoke filled hallways to an exit that was automatically locked. He lays Marley on one of the operating tables and begins to give up when the smoke gets ready to engulf him. Vicky keeps on praying for Jake to make it and told him that she loves him. Sensing Vicky's presence, Jake hears Vicky's words telling him that he can do it and sees a vision of her in the smoke. Jake picks himself up off the ground and continues down the hall with Marley in his arms and sees another doorway and manages to break the glass door, getting himself and Marley to safety. Jake tells Joe that Marley's face was burned badly. Joe asks Jake about Carl and Jake told him that there was no way Carl could have gotten out on his own alive. Back inside the Chapel, Vicky continues to pray to God to spare Jake and Marley's lives. Jake arrives and overhears Vicky in the Chapel saying she would do anything and take anything as long as Jake and Marley are okay. Vicky sees Jake and thanks God when she learns that he got to Marley and they are okay. Jake told her how badly burned Marley was and that her prayers saved his life. Jake told Vicky that when he was trapped in the fire she came to him and saved his life. Overjoyed, the two of them embrace. After they embrace, Jake told a stunned Vicky that he loves her and makes a promise to her that he will always take care of her and the boys and where ever she is, it is home.

In the waiting room, Joe finally shows up to make an announcement to everyone waiting to hear news of their loved ones. First, Joe told Donna and Nick that Jake and Marley are okay, but that Marley was badly burned. Nick wonders how badly burned was she and Joe told him that it was severely bad and she may not survive. Rachel then asks Joe about Carl. Joe told Rachel that he was sorry, but he was afraid that Carl didn't make it. Rachel doesn't believe that it is true and Joe told her that the fire started in Carl's ICU room from a spark in his oxygen tank and by time the emergency team got to his room it was too late. Rachel still doesn't believe it and asks to see Carl's body. Joe tells her that they haven't found his body. Rachel thinks he made it out, but Joe tells her that it's not uncommon for the body not to be found in an explosion like this one. Rachel says if Carl was dead she would feel it, adding that she needs Carl and so does the twins and they can't lose there father at this stage in their lives. Rachel then screams that Carl isn't dead and almost faints as Paulina and Amanda try to calm her down. Sofia and Matt finally show up and Matt told his mom how sorry he is. Rachel says that she thought this is what he wanted. Matt tearfully told his mother how sorry he was and Rachel breaks down again and cries in Matt, Amanda and Paulina's arms. Nick runs to Sofia and told her how glad he was to see her home, adding that she was the only one he can count on. Sofia tries to reassure Nick that he has lots of family that love him, but Nick told her there was only Donna and he really can't count on Vicky because she lies, but not Sofia, she loves him and gives him hope. As Nick holds Sofia in his arms, Sofia feels guilty as Matt watches from a distance as he was comforting his mother.

In another part of the hospital, Donna has gone to see Marley whose face is all bandaged up. As Donna makes promises to Marley that she'll make all of this up to her and she was going to be alright, Marley becomes conscious and tries to speak. Also in another part of the hospital outside of the waiting room, Amanda speaks to Cass about Carl who told her that Rachel will be okay in time, but the main thing was that now that Carl was gone they will all be safe.

On A Private Jet To Part's Unknown,
Carl was alive and well and looking at pictures of him and Rachel and the twins. He then reminisces back to the time when he and Rachel first met, to where they fell in love, to them being married and then having the babies and so on and so forth to the events leading up to his departure now. As Carl comes out of his daydream he looks at his wedding ring and twists it around his finger as if he was going to take it off, but doesn't. He then just looks at pictures of him and Rachel.....

Goodbye Charles Keating, you will be sorely missed!

Tuesday, May 19th">

A guilt-ridden Amanda confides to Matt how she fell for the guy who nearly killed their mother. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Cameron threatens to spill the beans about Josie's operation if he's framed for the shooting. Though Grant panics to discover that he's being transfused, Cindy quietly assures her husband that his secret was still safe. In the burn unit, Donna encourages a frightened Marley to believe that she will make a complete recovery. Jake gets down on his knees before Vicky and fervently repeats the vows he made at their wedding. Ecstatic to realize she's been given a second chance, Vicky tells Jake how she's prayed for just such a miracle. Donna bitterly informs Nick she blames Vicky for every tragedy which has befallen their family in recent weeks. Matt told Amanda he's glad Carl was dead. Joe peppers Josie with questions after guessing the nature of her connection to Cameron. As Nick explains to Donna that Jake has forgiven Vicky, Marley takes a sudden turn for the worst.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

At The Cory Mansion,
Rachel was in her art studio sculpting a head statuette of Carl, when Amanda comes in to see how Rachel has been doing. Amanda asks Rachel if she has eaten anything and then told her that she went to the police station and gave a statement and it may her realize that Rachel could have been shot. Rachel says they all (meaning everyone but her) thought something was wrong with Carl, but she knew he never would have hurt her. Amanda says, well if he would have, but Rachel cuts her off and snaps he wouldn't and then Amanda says again if he would have, it would have been her fault. Amanda told her that she knew Cameron had a gun. Rachel replies so did everyone else apparently. Amanda then tells her but she trusted him anyway. Rachel told her so did Carl. Amanda says Carl hired him, believed in him and she had no reason to trust him, but she did anyway. Rachel told her that was what people do. As Amanda babbles on about wishing she could have seen ahead of time what was going on and always getting involved with the wrong kind of guys, but Rachel cuts her of and says that none of that will bring Carl back. Amanda then says that she still can't understand why Cameron would do something like this, it doesn't seem like him and even though he can be a little arrogant and unpleasant, she can't see a killer. She then told Rachel she was gonna go out for a little while and asks if she was gonna be alright by herself. Engrossed in her sculpting, Rachel nods for Amanda to go on. Just then Felicia shows up saying, who says that your mother will be alone. Amanda leaves and Felicia and Rachel talk. Rachel tells Felicia the last time she saw Carl they where up at overlook and were talking about starting their new life together, and now he was gone. Rachel sympathizes and gives Felicia some incite as to how she handled the pain and sorrow she was going through when Alexander died.

At Bay City Police Station,
Tyrone shows up to visit Cameron and to tell him that he has decided to represent him. Cameron was in his I don't need anyone to help me moods and tells Tyrone that he doesn't need some second rate public defender taking his case. Tyrone informs Cameron that not only was he not a second rate public defender, but he was there to offer him the best legal counsel and he has been asked to defend Cameron, his fee has already been taken care of. Cameron asks Tyrone who hired him and Tyrone told him it was the Cory family. Cameron tells Tyrone he has got to be kidding and then asks which Cory hired him. Tyrone says it was Amanda and then says he wants Cameron to level with him about what happened, but Cameron will only say it was Carl's plan from the beginning to set him up. Tyrone and Cameron then talk about everything that happened leading up to the shooting and everything Carl had him doing at the Cory's. Just as he was telling Tyrone that Carl wanted him to spy on Matt and Amanda, Amanda comes to the jail and overhears Cameron saying Carl wanted him to spy on Matt and her. Amanda and Cameron start arguing and Amanda asks if he shot Carl while trying to hit her mom. Cameron told her that he didn't shoot anyone, but whoever did could still be after Rachel. Cameron asks Amanda to help him find whoever it was that set him up. When Amanda hesitates, Cameron reminds her he can't hurt her from jail. Amanda then told him she doesn't know if she can help him or even depend on him, but before she can answer whether or not she will help him, a guard told her that she has to leave and drags her off.

Outside of the Hospital,
Cindy has just finished coming from a shopping spree for Grant. She then thinks back to the day she changed Kirkland's blood type to make Grant think Kirkland wasn't his son, back to Grant in his hospital room telling her not to let anyone give him a blood transfusion so they won't find out he was not Kirkland's father and then she thinks back to her telling Grant she handled the situation and then telling an unconscious Grant that he wouldn't have died from a blood transfusion from Kirk, because he was Grant's biological son. Coming out of her flashback, Cindy says to herself now that we got out of this, I promise, I swear Grant that I will never lie to you again. She then heads into the hospital to visit her lover man. Meanwhile upstairs in Grant's room, a nurse has come in to give him another bag of blood. Upon seeing this, Grant gets hysterically upset and told her that she was going to kill him. The nurse told him that this was his third bag and if it hasn't killed him yet, it's save to say it won't. Grant then thinks that the nurse must have talked with Cindy and she was in on the blood switching scam. The nurse told him that she doesn't know what he was talking about because she has never switched any blood types and he has been tested as having Type A negative blood, she then leaves the room. Grant was confused and then checks his medical bracelet to see that the nurse was telling the truth he then begins to question the veracity of Cindy's story about Kirkland. Just then Cindy enters in a happy mood with all of her presents and things for Grant. Grant plays along with her for a while and told her that she and Kirkland mean the world to him and even though Kirkland was not his biological son, that he was grateful to Cindy for helping him to hide the secret. Cindy told Grant that she'll do anything for him. As Grant went on and on about his love for Kirkland and Cindy's devotion. Cindy comes over to Grant and hugs him and told him that she loves him. Suddenly Grant grabs her and calls her a liar. Grant told Cindy that he knows she lied to him about his blood type and he now knows that Kirkland was his biological son. Cindy begs for forgiveness and told Grant that she only did it so he could love her. Grant told her she almost let Kirkland die when he needed a transfusion. Cindy told Grant that she only wanted to make him need her and no harm was done. Grant becomes angry and Cindy says that he was all she has and she didn't want to lose him. She then went on about all of the things she has done for Grant like getting him elected mayor and getting him out of the Carlino fire situation. Grant acknowledges, but was still unforgiving towards her. Cindy then asks Grant for another chance, but he tells her to get out of his room and get out of his house. Cindy says they can get past this and Grant says he'll never forgive her and as for loving her, he never did.

In The Hospital Chapel,
Jake and Vicky are Chapel lighting a candle to celebrate their rediscovered love for one another. As they are embracing, Vicky senses that Marley was in trouble and her and Jake dash out of there up to the ER. Meanwhile, Marley takes an abrupt turn for the worst, her cardiac monitor suddenly went flat line. Donna was scared she will lose Marley and can't shake her guilty feeling of running her daughter down. Jake and Vicky arrive and Donna begs Jake to save Marley, but he told Donna to stand back and let the doctors do their job. While a panicking Donna, Vicky and Jake look on, the doctors finally succeed in resuscitating Marley. Vicky sees Marley's face and can't believe how she looks. The doctor told the family that they don't know if they could bring Marley back if she flat lines again and told them Marley's fate was in her own hands. Vicky blames herself and says that this was all her fault, but Jake told her that this isn't her fault and Marley won't die. Jake went into see Marley and Vicky overhears Donna blaming herself. Vicky asks Donna what does she mean by it's her fault, but Donna covers telling her that she just meant she begged Marley to come home to Bay City. Vicky comments that it's her fault because she wasn't a good enough daughter, so Donna had to ask her real daughter to come back. In Marley's room, Jake begs Marley to fight for her life and promises to stay by her side if she chooses to live. Marley hears Jake and manages to squeeze his hand. Jake told Donna and Vicky and as they enter, Marley starts to become conscious as Jake urges her on. Marley then comes out of it and her vital signs start to improve and everyone around her is grateful. Vicky asks Jake to go get himself checked out again so that they can go home. Jake agrees and they hug and tell Donna they'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile In her room, Marley asks for Jake and Donna promises Marley that Jake will always be by her side.......

Thursday, May 2121st">

A chatty florist told Gary that another man recently ordered two dozen yellow roses for one Josie Sinclair. Though Vicky suggests that they hold off giving her sister the good news about their reconciliation, Jake can't resist thanking Marley for bringing him and his wife back together again. Cindy tries frantically to make her husband understand that she was motivated by love, but a furious Grant orders her to pack up and leave town. Taken aback by Jake's announcement, Donna promises a crushed Marley that she'll make things right. Josie's superior at the Bureau berates her for letting her seemingly endless personal problems get in the way of solving her case. Grant informs an enraged Cindy that she could never compare with the mother of his son. After being treated for a broken leg and some minor burns, Jake returns home with Vicky. As Grant sets the wheels in motion for his imminent divorce, a sudden flash of memory about the accident brought back the face of the woman who ran him down. Gary icily informs Josie that he's tired of her lies. Marley's doctor warns a stunned Donna that her daughter's face was gone and will require total reconstructive surgery. Later, Donna vows to wrench Jake away from Vicky so he'll be free to be with Marley.

Friday, May 22, 1998

At Lila's Place,
Lila finds herself once more in dire financial straits after learning from Cass that the check she wrote him has bounced. Cass told Lila that he knows she went out and spent a lot of money and now she was broke again. Lila tells him that's ridiculous because she knows she has plenty of money. Cass says, okay explain the bounced check. Lila told him she'll explain it, as she prances over to the phone to call her bank. On the phone with the bank manager Lila told him about Mr. Winthrop's check bouncing and needs an explanation of why it wasn't paid out. The bank manager told her that she has no money in her account. Lila told him one of her benefactors was suppose to deposit a check in a large amount of money into her account weeks ago. She then gives the bank manager the account number of the check. The bank manager looks into it for her and then informs her that the person who wrote the check, stopped payment on it. He then confirms, a Mayor Grant Harrison. A steamed Lila hangs up and decides that this was war. Cass sarcastically told her that he assumes her ship has sunk. Lila decides to go let Grant have it, but Cass advises her not to and to stay calm, instead of adding more fuel to the hit and run case against her. Cass told Lila he has decide to defend her free of charge. This calms Lila down and also makes her wonder if Cass likes her more than he pretends to let on. She then thanks Cass and told him she was grateful and then they both head out to the hospital.

At Vicky and Jake's Place,
Jake and Vicky are still out in the yard sitting in the swinging chair up under the trees, basking in their reunion as they kiss each other and thank God they have found their way back to one another. Just then, Vicky starts thinking about Marley and pulls away from Jake. Jake asks her what's the matter and Vicky told her that she still feels so guilty about Marley and can't shake the feeling that Marley's accident was all her fault. Jake tells Vicky to stop blaming herself, because she's not to blame. Vicky told Jake that she can't help it because she was connected to Marley and feels all of her pain, despite the distance between them. Suddenly Vicky realizes that Marley's face will never be the same and just being around her sister could cause her pain. Jake told Vicky it's going to be all right and they will be there for her to help her get through it. Then he and Vicky go back inside and up to their bedroom and start talking about having a baby again. Vicky swears to Jake she'll never take one moment with him for granted ever again. Jake told her that he plans on making all of the time they spend together special and as they are about to kiss, Grant calls and was surprised when Jake answers the phone. Grant told Jake he wants to speak to Vicky, but Jake says she was busy, as a matter of fact she's busy all week and hangs up. They then get ready to settle in to a night of lovemaking and making up.

At The Prison,
Tyrone shows up to consult with his client and finds Cameron fighting with a guard. Tyrone intervenes and has to break up the fight and makes Cameron apologize to the guard. He also gives Cameron a lecture and warning about his temper. Cameron told Tyrone that he wants out, but Tyrone told him his bail has been set at two-hundred, grand. As Cameron and Tyrone talk about the events of the night of the shooting, Tyrone realizes that Cameron has no witness to confirm his whereabouts that night. Cameron also gives Tyrone a day-by-day account of everything he did for Carl and as they are looking through his papers, Tyrone notices a letter Cameron was writing to Amanda and is concerned. He then becomes upset when he realizes that Cameron and Amanda were beginning a relationship and tries to explain to Cameron that this information could be turned against his favor and will look bad in court if it comes out about Cameron's involvement with the rich man's step-daughter.

At The Cory Mansion,
The hitman was there spying on the goings on in the Cory Mansion as Felicia arrives to check up on Rachel and bring Amanda a present for her birthday. Amanda greets Felicia and as they plan to celebrate Amanda turning another year. Paulina also arrives and upon seeing Amanda having a party so soon after the day Carl died, Paulina trashes Amanda for being so inconsiderate. Rachel comes in with a cake and told a stunned Paulina that this party was her idea, not Amanda's. As Amanda, Rachel, Felicia, and Paulina try, at Rachel's bequest, to celebrate Amanda's birthday, they are all unaware the hitman is closely watching them all. After they sing happy birthday to Amanda, Rachel tells Amanda to make a wish and blow out the candles. Amanda says she wishes for Alli to come home and blows out the candles, but dreams of Cameron. Rachel says she hopes Amanda finds the happiness she had with Carl and Rachel leaves the room. Rachel returns with some gifts, which Carl had originally bought for the twins to give to Amanda. Later as Paulina and Amanda talk about the fire at the hospital, Rachel and Felicia discuss Carl. Paulina told Amanda that the fire was an arson and points out that if Cameron was locked up, he couldn't have started the fire. Realizing that Paulina was right, Amanda calls Tyrone and asks him to arrange a meeting for her with Cameron. Over in the other corner, Rachel told Felicia in private that the MRI the doctors did on Carl showed something was wrong with his brain. Stunned, Felicia apologizes and told Rachel that she wishes she would have told her about it sooner, so she could have been there for her. Felicia then hugs Rachel as the hitman is still watching.

At Bay City General Hospital,
Grant was in his room still steamed at Jake for hanging up on him. He then flashes back to (remembering about Donna being the one who ran him and Marley over) and smiles to himself saying, McKinnon had better enjoy his time with Vicky now, because he plans on making sure Donna gets him everything he wants. Just then, one of the doctors come in to see if Grant has remembered anything about the accident, but Grant claims that he has no memory of the accident. The doctor told him that it was not uncommon and reassures Grant that it will return and then leaves. Outside Grant's room, Lila and Cass have shown up and Cass told Lila to stay cool as he went to check up on Donna and Marley. Back inside the room, Grant ponders ways he plans to use his new found information, Lila shows up to see Grant and told him to call the bank and take the stop off the check. Grant told her that she didn't keep up her end of the deal, so she's not getting paid. Lila informs Grant that she has the journal back, but now knowing what he knows about Donna, Grant told Lila he doesn't care and it's too late, everything between them was off and for her to get out and leave him alone. Lila threatens to expose Grant with what she knows about the forged journal unless he pays up. Grant, confidently laughs off her threats and tells her that she won't do that, because she wants Jake and Vicky apart just as much as he does. Upset and mad at Grant, Lila senses that there was more to Grant's change of heart, but Grant keeps mum about the identity of the hit- and-run driver, deciding instead to bide his time until he can use the information for his own gain. Lila leaves and then realizes how she can kill two birds with one stone and races off to confront Vicky to get the money from her.

Outside Marley's room, the doctor was discussing Marley's condition with Donna and told her that Marley won't be strong enough for surgery yet and her survival was up to Marley herself. Realizing that Marley was gonna need a whole lot of support, Donna went back in to see Marley and she told her that she will bring Jake back to her. Marley doesn't believe Donna and says that she doesn't even want to think about what she looks like. Donna told Marley that she will get through this and she will do it for Jake if she can't do it for herself. Marley told Donna that telling Jake the truth will only hurt him, but Donna says being with Vicky will hurt him even more in the long-run. Donna tries to hammer into Marley's mind that she was the one Jake should be with because she was the honest one. Though Marley reminds her that stealing Vicky's husband was immoral, Donna stubbornly insists that the only way to save Jake is to break up his misbegotten marriage to the wrong twin. Donna also tells Marley that Jake and Vicky are planning to have a baby. Marley hears enough and asks Donna to just leave her alone for awhile. Donna leaves and went and calls Jake and asks him to please come to the hospital, because Marley's asking for him. With Vicky's blessings, Jake agrees to go see Marley spoiling his and Vicky's night of love. Jake kisses Vicky and promises that he'll be right back. Jake then heads back to the hospital while Vicky gets the house ready for a romantic adventure. Off the phone with Jake, Donna thinks to herself that her plan will fall into place. Just then, Cass shows up with some food for Donna and as they talk, Grant laughs when he sees Donna talking to Cass outside the window of his room because he now knows she was completely in his power.

Jake arrives and Donna told him not to let on to Marley that she called him to come. Jake agrees and then went in to see Marley. Jake asks Marley how has she been doing, but Marley was too disturbed by what Donna told her about Jake and Vicky to think of any thing else. As Jake went on about him and Vicky, Marley not being able to stand it any more blurts out or more like mumbles to Jake that Vicky lied to him and slept with Shane over and over again. Meanwhile back at Vicky's and Jake's place, Vicky was happily awaiting Jake's return when Lila shows up and walks in like she owns the place. Upon hearing someone coming upstairs, Vicky thinks it was Jake, but was startled when Lila walks into her bedroom.

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