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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, May 18, 1998

by Soap Central

Today's recap was submitted by Kathy Gire

Jack lies to Prince Xavier by telling him that Julia has taken a plane to New York City and meanwhile assures Julia that he will stay with her to make sure she is safe.

Kirk calls Lily from the Valetta to apologize for not making it to Luc's party in time to play clown. Lily and family realize that the clown who showed up is not Kirk, and now Luc has disappeared! A frantic search turns up the missing boy by the front door, safe and sound. He is clutching the clown's "Bozo" mask in his hands.

Molly finally gets David to reveal his plan about tormenting Lily. His aim is to get Holden and Lucinda to take Lily away for the remainder of her pregnancy leaving WorldWide and Lucinda's other holdings vulnerable to a hostile takeover by David.

Holden finds a small present addressed to Lily under a table in the living room. He and Lily take it outside to open it, and inside find...nothing!

Carly and Hal go to "The Lantern," the bar and grill Jack recommended, and reminisce about their first meeting at another bar, "Yo's" in Oakdale. Hal is very loving and apologizes to Carly for being so hard on her at the hospital.

Holden realizes that the empty box from David sends a message of "I am so clever I can upset you over nothing." Lily experiences a contraction, and the doctor advises her to avoid all stress and get plenty of rest. Lily realizes that they cannot allow David to control their lives. "To hell with David Stenbeck," cries Lily. Holden grabs his coat and leaves the house.

Lucinda goes to the police station with Sam to press kidnapping charges against David. The police can do nothing without some sort of proof. The fingerprints on the clown mask turn out to be only little Luc's.

At "The Lantern," Jack and Julia join Hal and Carly for dinner. Julia announces that she and Jack have just moved in together, neglecting to mention it is for bodyguard purposes.

Holden surprises Molly on the Valetta, and he tells her the police are coming to arrest David. Molly inadvertently admits that David was behind the kidnapping and runs to warn David. Uh oh, Holden has a gun!

Kirk goes to the police and tells a fanciful story about being attacked by a sumo-wrestler. He conveniently never mentions Molly and her attempts to seduce him. The police do not believe him, but Sam does. She has a surveillance tape from the Falcon Club which she believes will back up Kirk's story. Molly suddenly appears at the police station too.

David goes in to his office on the Valetta and finds a confrontation with Holden.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Holden goes to see David and pulls a gun on him. Holden forces David to sign a confession admitting all that he has done to scare Lily. He then has David write a goodbye note to Molly. Holden then takes David to the docks and orders him to jump. David tries to talk Holden out of it but he will not listen. Lily and Molly arrive at the docks. Lily pleads with Holden to please put down the gun. Holden lowers the gun and shows everyone that the gun was empty, which makes David mad. At home Lily asks Holden that if the gun was loaded would he have killed David. Holden answers "yes".

Over dinner, Jack announces to Hal and Carly that he will not be coming back to Oakdale. That he has taken a private case in Chicago. Jack and Hal go to the bar to get more drinks when Jack's cell phone rings. Carly answers it and is surprised to hear that it is the prince. Carly and Hal then guess that Julia is the missing fiancée and that Jack is working for her. Hal and Carly swear that they will tell no one they saw her. Jack and Carly dance and say their goodbyes. Carly tells Hal that they can forget about going to see the specialist but Hal says no. They will go see him.

The surveillance tape is played and Sam is furious to see Kirk kissing Molly. Sam takes the tapes out of the VCR and says she will finish watching it later. Kirk tries to deny that he did anything wrong but Sam will not listen.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Ben walks Camille to work at the clinic. Ben tells Bob that he is going to ask Camille to marry him. Ben asks Camille to have lunch with him. Susan tells Camille she would like to schedule a mammogram for later today. Camille agrees but after listening to Nancy talking about one of the patients she changes her mind. Susan tries to get her to keep the appointment but Camille won't listen.

Margo checks in on Eddie and is shocked to discover a broken chair in his room, also how angry he is when he wakes up. He tells Margo that he sat in the chair and then it broke but he will fix it. Tom tells Eddie that he has to get a job.

Lily tells Holden that they have to leave town today. Holden agrees to leave with her. Lily tells Holden that she already talked to Iva about coming to visit. Lucinda walks in on their conversation and wants to know what is going on. Lucinda tells Lily that she wants to go with them. As Lily goes to pack Molly enters the house and wants to speak with Lucinda. Lucinda tells her that she has her book deal and the penthouse back. Molly tells Lucinda that David's plan is to scare Lily out of town and hopefully Lucinda will go to leaving David to take over her company. Lucinda decides to stay in town. Lily and her family leave after a tearful farewell with Lucinda.

David has a breakfast meeting with Wendy and they talk about buying all the stock they can. David gets a phone call from one of his men and is told that Lily is packing and is leaving town. That makes David really happy.

Thursday, May 21, 1998

A vibrant Lisa approaches John about being her escort to the charity ball and he agrees. Later, John finds Barbara at the cemetery. They've both arrived to be with Johnny on the six-month anniversary of his death. John tells Barbara he'll leave if she wants her privacy, but Barbara tells John she needs him to stay with her. Barbara asks John to repeat what he said at Johnny funeral. After he tells her, they embrace and finally share their grief for their son.

Margo persuades Emily to interview Eddie for a job at the Argus. Emily reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Tom is reading Eddie the riot act, warning him that he needs to make an effort or he'll call his parole officer. When Emily arrives to interview Eddie, things do not go very smoothly. Emily offends Eddie by asking him if he can read. Eddie blows his top and his chance of working at the Argus. Margo stays to talk to Eddie while Tom and Emily go to the Mona Lisa. While at the Mona Lisa, Emily offers Tom a job as a reporter and Tom accepts.

Ben has designed an elaborate presentation for his proposal to Camille. The waitress is to serve them caviar and when she raises the dish cover, Camille will find the wedding ring. However, when Ben begins to tell Camille how much he wants to be with her, Camille misunderstands him and thinks he wants them to live together. She tells Ben that at this point in her life she needs to be independent--to feel that she can make it on her own without anyone's help. Understanding, but disappointed Ben stops the waitress before she can reveal the ring.

Bob and Kim are having lunch at the Falcon Club. They discuss Tom's irrational behavior. Bob wants to ask Tom to see Dr. Michael's, but Kim tries to persuade Bob to look at things from Tom's point of view. She tells Bob she thinks Tom is brave for confronting his feelings about his career .

Hal is relieved to find out from the specialist that Carly does not have a heart condition, but he is furious at John for what he put them through and vows to make him pay. Later, at the Mona Lisa, Barbara asks John if he will go with her to the charity ball. John agrees and excuses himself so he can find Lisa to tell her about the change in plans. Suddenly, John is confronted by an irate Hal who threatens John with a malpractice suit. When Barbara and Lisa lead Hal away to calm him down, John warns Carly that she needs to nip the lawsuit in the bud or they both will lose everything.

Friday, May 22, 1998

When Julia becomes uncomfortable by Jack's barrage of questions about her past, she tells Jack she no longer needs him and that she will be leaving Chicago. However, before she can leave, she receives a call from the hospital that one of the children has been asking for her. Jack tells her it's not a good idea to go back there, but Julia insists and, unbeknownst to Julia, Jack follows. While Julia is calming the child, the hospital is notified that a tornado has touched down in the area and Jack and Julia help with the crisis.

When Hal continues to threaten John with a lawsuit, John warns Hal that he will counter-sue for defamation of character. Privately, he also warns Carly of what will happen with her secret if everyone is paraded through court. Upset, John leaves and Barbara follows after him. Lisa asks Carly why she has involved John in her scheme. When Carly is vague with her answer, Lisa threatens to tell Hal everything. At John's office, Barbara tells John it is all her fault that Hal is mad at him. She also confesses that if he wasn't so distracted by the divorce, none of this would have happened. John assures her that he didn't make a mistake and none of this is her fault. Barbara tells John that she won't turn her back on him this time. Elated, John embraces Barbara and they share a kiss.

Eddie turns on the charm for Nikki when she arrives at the Hughes' to babysit. However, he becomes angry with Margo for not trusting him to babysit the boys and for hiring Nikki to watch over him. Margo assures Eddie that was not her intention at all--remember no slave labor. Later, Hal interrupts Eddie making a move on Nikki.

Emily assures Tom that he has made the right decision by agreeing to write for the Argus. Later, when Margo arrives to meet her husband for dinner, she is surprised to hear the news.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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