Another World Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on AW
Amanda and Cameron struggled to escape Scott. Gary, Amanda, Joe, Josie, and Cameron were all in danger when Scott set off a bomb. Matt asked Lila to move into the Cory mansion. Cass showed Lila proof that the Cory family was broke. Gary and Amanda were presumed dead in the explosion.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on AW
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Monday, August 24, 1998

Donna questions Grant about the potato incident in Jake's car. He denies having anything to do with it. He told her he can tell she was hoping it had been him, because she thinks that Marley did it. Cindy listens from behind the door.

Grant told Donna that he knows Marley wants Jake back and that he hopes she's successful so he can get Vicky. Cindy hears this. Grant then reminds Donna that if she interferes with his plans, he'll tell Marley who really ran her down. Cindy was shocked because Grant said she did that and he knew all along that she didn't. Donna told Grant his threats no longer work, because she already told Marley and Marley forgave her. Cindy was happy to discover that she didn't do it, and angry that Marley and Grant let her think that she did.

Grant carries on his charade with Cindy while she probes him for information. She told him she's getting bits of memory back, and nothing she remembers makes her feel like he loved her. She told him she thinks he doesn't really love her, he's just pretending. Grant makes up an excuse to leave, and an angry Cindy swears revenge against him.

Grant returns home with presents for Cindy to convince her that they have a loving relationship.

Due to Vicky's case of poison ivy, it was decided that Jake should sleep in the other tent with Marley and the boys. Jake and Vicky fight their romantic feelings for each other, but still manage a kiss.

As Marley was walking in the woods with the boys, she meets Tyrone. They talk a while and Marley told him she's feeling much better. Tyrone says he can tell, because she looks great. He then asks her to call him and she says she will.

Around the campfire, Jake told ghost stories and involves everyone except Vicky who was sitting alone so as not to spread poison ivy. She feels left out watching the fun.

In Boca Linda, Gary searches for the door to the underground room. Meanwhile, Scott keeps Cameron and Amanda tied up and taunts them. When Cameron tries to tell him that the police will be arriving, Scott pulls out a switch and says in the event that it was necessary, one push of the switch will ignite explosions of the entire house. Scott then taunts Cameron about the time he spent with Amanda. He tries to make Cameron think they slept together.

Gary pretends to be Scott on the CB radio and told Scott's men not to intercept the American plane that was landing or its passengers.

Cameron told Scott that the only reason Amanda let him touch her was to save herself. Scott punches him as he was tied up and defenseless. He tells Cameron that Carl was his brother. Then, he takes Amanda and tells her to stand on a table but Cameron warns her not to do anything else he told her to do.

Gary and Josie are reunited. Gary was surprised to see her, he thought it was Joe.

Scott told Amanda that not following his orders would be worse for her than following them, so she gets on the table. He then makes Cameron get on it too, facing her. They whisper their love for each other.

After more taunting from Scott, Cameron head-butts him. Scott says if he wants a fight, he's got one. Scott hits Cameron for a while, then orders them both back on the table. He ties them together and leaves. Then something starts seeping into the room.

As Scott was escaping, he runs into Josie. They face off at gunpoint. While Gary tries going through the tunnel to the secret room he was overcome by fumes.

Amanda was panicking. She says the smell was awful. Cameron told her it is hydrochloric acid. It'll eat right through them, he says.

Tuesday, August 31, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Lila told Zack that he was like a good luck charm.

Gary, still crawling through the tunnel, realizes that he can smell something.

Josie and Scott are holding guns on each other. Josie gets Scott to drop his gun. Josie told Scott to take her to Cameron and Amanda. Scott told her that it would be a really bad idea.

Cameron and Amanda are standing on a table with muratic acid all around them. Cameron drops a quarter onto the floor, it disintegrates almost immediately. Cameron told Amanda that she needs to be strong. Cameron says that he wants to use the acid to eat through the ropes. It works and Cameron and Amanda are untied! Amanda asks to be held. Gary arrives through the tunnel at the grate.

The Boca Lynda police show up and stop Josie from arresting Scott. After they handcuff Josie, Scott takes her ID bracelet and the Boca Lynda police haul her off to the docks.

Felicia was on the telephone with the US Embassy, trying to find out about Alli. Paulina was totally freaked out about Alli having been kidnapped. Rachel says that she was OK with everything. She says that Elizabeth has reminded her of how strong the Cory women are.

Matt, Sofia, Lila, and Zack are all at Matt's apartment. Matt and Sofia have hired Zack to help them produce records. Sofia asks Lila why she was there. Lila offers to help, she says that she will do anything. Matt and Sofia both tell her that her help was not necessary. Lila suddenly has contractions. Lila was really scared; the baby was coming too early. Zack offers to take her to the hospital, Matt says that he will.

A police officer arrives at the Cory Mansion with a note for Paulina from Joe. Joe wrote to say that he was sorry, but he went to Boca Lynda.

Josie was trying to psyche out the Boca Lynda policemen. The policemen end up telling her that it does not matter where the boat was going because she will be dropped off on the way there. Josie sees Joe hiding in the bushes.

Cameron comes up with a way to get out of the room. They will shimmy their way across a pipe to the grate. Amanda was very scared and says that she was never any good at gymnastics. Scott was standing in the doorway. Scott threatens to shoot Amanda and make Cameron watch.

Sofia was talking to Zack about music and the music company, she refuses to take credit for what she has done and says that it was all a team effort. Zack starts laughing at Sofia.

Lila was terrified. Matt gets her to calm down some by talking about the baby. Sofia says that she wants a boy and that she "feels" that this baby was a boy. Matt thinks that a girl would be good; she could be the "apple of her daddy's eye." Matt says if the baby was a boy that he could teach him how to hunt, fish, play ball, but that first he had better learn how to hunt, fish, and play ball. The doctor comes in and says that Lila's contractions are Braxton-Hicks contractions and that everything will be fine. Matt says that he will stay for the sonogram.

Joe rescues Josie from the Boca Lynda police.

Scott shows Gary Josie's bracelet and then threatens Josie's life. Scott says that since they have made so much progress at escaping that he will just have to kill everyone the old-fashioned way, Amanda first. Gary throws a tire iron into the acid. The acid splashes Scott's face and gets in his eyes. Scott falls to the floor in agonizing pain. Cameron told Amanda that she has to leave NOW! Amanda was on the pipe when it suddenly breaks, luckily it was tangled in some cloth and she does not fall. Scott was looking (feeling) for his gun. Amanda makes it to the grate and into the tunnel. Scott finds his gun.

Joe has the Boca Linda policemen tied up. Josie brought Joe up to speed on what was going on.

Zack told Sofia that he was the "original positive energy guy" and that it was funny that Sofia was giving him a pep talk on positive energy.

Matt and Lila are watching the sonogram. The doctor says that she cannot tell if the baby was a boy or a girl but it was healthy.

Paulina says that she wishes that she crocheted or something so that she would have some mindless activity to do while they waited. Felicia answers the telephone. It was Jeffery at the Embassy, Alli has been found safe and sound!

Cameron told Gary and Amanda to get out of there. Scott has the gun pointed at Cameron. Cameron told Scott that everyone else was safe and so if he has to shoot Cameron to go ahead and do it. Suddenly, Cameron uses the ropes and swings at Scott, knocking him down. They struggle on the floor and someone was shot!

Zack asks Sofia if she would like to go for a drink. Sofia declines; she needs to wait there in case Matt calls with news about the baby.

Lila told Matt that it helped that he was there today. She says that she has really enjoyed the chance to see the Cory family together. The Cory family pulls together and was strong when there are problems and Lila says she wants her baby to have that. Lila thanks Matt for giving her something to live up to. Lila says that she was glad that Matt was the father of her baby. Matt says that he was glad also.

Cameron runs into Josie and Joe. They cannot find Amanda and Gary. Scott was dead, Cameron announces.

Scott opens his eyes.

Joe calls Rachel to let her know that they have found Amanda. Rachel told Joe that Alli has also been found.

Scott pulls the remote for the bomb out of his pocket and pushes the button.

The tunnel starts to collapse on Gary and Amanda. Joe, Josie, and Cameron are all hit with flying debris and knocked down.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Matt and Lila went to see their baby via sonogram. Everything appeared to be all right. Matt and Lila were encouraged to sign up for Lamaze classes. Lila came up with excuses why she didn't sign up. Matt convinced her to sign up with his help.

Sofia waited impatiently in her apartment to hear news about Matt and Lila's baby. To her surprise, Zack showed up. He persuaded her to wait at the hospital.

Matt and Lila each apologized for everything they did to each other and agreed to be good parents together. In a bonding moment, they hugged. Just then, Sofia and Zack entered the room. Lila saw them behind her and Matt through the mirror but pretended not to. Sofia was jealous. She was especially upset when Lila asked if she wanted to see the sonogram pictures.

Zack took Sofia home. Sofia expressed her frustrations about her hatred for Lila. She decided to forget about Lila and concentrate on her business while keeping a positive attitude.

Matt took Lila home. There, they discovered she had been evicted. When Lila became hysterical, Matt begged her to stay in one of the guest rooms at the Cory Mansion. Lila pleaded with Matt to put her up in a hotel instead so she wouldn't have to but heads with Rachel. Matt assured her that everything would be fine as long as she stayed out of his mother's way.

Joe was on the cell phone with Rachel, Paulina, and Felicia sharing the news of finding Amanda. Rachel told Joe that Alli was also found. The tunnel then exploded with Gary and Amanda inside. Josie, Joe, and Cameron were thrown outside the tunnel by the impact. Josie and Cameron quickly ran to the tunnel and started calling out for Amanda and Gary. Meanwhile, the phone line went dead when the explosion occurred.

Paulina, Rachel, and Felicia knew something was wrong. Rachel and Felicia tried to keep Paulina calm along with themselves. They tried to keep their mind off the whole situation until they heard from Joe. Rachel and Felicia discussed Felicia's new book and how great Amanda would be at promoting it. They both agreed that Cory Publishing needs to get back to publishing. In spite of their efforts though, they continued to worry. Gary and Amanda were trapped in the rubble of the tunnel. They tried desperately to dig their way out. In the meantime, Josie, Cameron, and Joe continued to dig toward Gary and Amanda shouting out their names the whole time. They realized that Scott must have blown up the tunnel (not to mention the rest of the house).

Joe, Josie, and Gary continued to dig for Gary and Amanda. They hoped that they were digging in the right place. At the same time, Gary and Amanda continued their attempt to dig their way free. After much digging (and screaming), they all heard each other. As they were all digging their way towards each other, Cameron told Amanda that he loved her. Just when they thought they were getting close to finding each other in the tunnel, it collapsed.

The rescue workers that arrived to help told Joe, Josie, and Cameron said that they thought it was impossible for anyone to survive that collapse. Josie and Cameron refused to believe that. They vowed not to stop looking for Amanda and Gary until they find them. Joe went to check out other possibilities of other entrances to the tunnel through the basement. Joe quickly called Rachel to keep her posted. He tactfully warned her that he didn't know if Amanda was alive.

Matt and Lila arrived at the Cory Mansion. Together, Rachel, Felicia, Paulina, Matt, and Lila hoped and prayed for the safety of Amanda and Gary. Alli called the Cory Mansion trying to find out about her mom. Rachel tried to sound positive to her and told her to think about how much she loves her mother and how much she appreciates her until she hears from her. When Rachel hung up the phone, Lila announced that her baby was doing a dance, kicking up a storm. At first, everyone's reaction was to roll their eyes. Their frowns turned to smiles when Rachel went over to Lila, crouched down beside her, put her hand on her stomach, and smiled.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Lila was hanging around in the hallway of her apartment building. When Sofia comes into the hallway and knocks on Matt's door, Lila leans against her door in an unusual way. Lila told Sofia that Matt was not home and offers to give him a message. Lila told Sofia that Matt probably will not check in with Sofia because he has so much going on with Amanda missing. Sofia asks why Lila was leaning on her door like that and Lila says that she locked herself out and she was waiting for Cass to come by because he has an extra key. Lila casually mentions that she saw Matt back at "the house." When Sofia questions her about "the house" Lila says that after the problems with the false labor that Matt asked her to move back into the Cory Mansion.

Remy was upset that Nick has not called and tries to call him again and gets the machine. Remy writes in her computer journal that things with Nick are getting worse.

Carlino's was remodeled and open for business. Chris ran a background check on Remy for Nick and says that Nick will not like what was there.

Jake and Vicki are at the hospital because of Vicki's poison ivy. Jake called the mechanic and found out about the potato in the tailpipe of his car. Vicki says that was was probably Donna.

Donna and Marley are having breakfast at The Lucky Lady. Marley told Donna that Vicki fell into the poison ivy and they had to cut their camping trip short. Donna was concerned because Vicki was highly allergic to poison ivy. Donna makes many hints about potatoes and Marley says to quit beating around the bush and get to the point. Donna asks if Marley sabotaged Jake's car so that Jake and Vicki could not go to France. Marley says that she did. Donna says that she was worried about how much Marley has been lying lately and that it was so out of character for her. Marley says that she was taught to lie by a master.

Lila told Sofia that she was just there to pick up a few things before moving into the Cory Mansion. Lila admits to Sofia that she was actually evicted and that was why Matt was letting her move back into the Mansion. Lila told Sofia that Gary and Amanda may be dead because of the cave-in. Lila suggests calling off the recording session that was scheduled for tonight. Sofia says that Matt was the one that insisted that the recording session go on. Cass and the superintendent arrive and unlock the door. Cass says that he refuses to believe that Gary and Amanda are dead. Lila was upset and says that Gary was her only friend in the whole world. Lila told Cass that he does not need to be her Lamaze coach because Matt was going to do it.

Jake says that it was probably just a kid's prank. Vicki agrees with him. Jake says that "our kids" would not do that. Vicki points out that Jake called the boys "our kids" and told him how much she likes that. Vicki and Jake see a set of twins and start talking about having their own child. Jake told Vicki that Marley was having breakfast with Donna. Vicki thinks that it was cool that Jake and Marley exchanged schedules.

Donna says that she knows that she has done this to Marley and suggests counseling again. Donna wants to tell Vicki the truth. Marley does not understand why she would want to tell the truth, "the truth keeps you a prisoner." Donna leaves and Tyrone walks up and says hi to "Marney."

Nick was reading the background check while Chris was telling him about it. Remy dropped out of the system at the age of 10 and there was nothing on her after that. The report shows that she was in a lot of foster homes, but all that she told Nick about was the group home. Remy's brother did not turn up at all. Chris suggests dumping Remy.

Cass was working at his desk when Felicia comes in and says that Rachel was finally resting. Felicia was on the way to see her editor with the first half of her new book. Cass was trying to transfer the Cory money from the Boca Lynda bank but it takes time. Felicia picks up a notepad with doodles about Lila all over it. Felicia says that she does not want Cass getting involved with Lila because she was bad news. Felicia vows to dedicate her life to making Cass happy and promises to take him on a cruise. Then Felicia remembers that everyone warned her about Alexander and that she would not listen so she gives Cass permission to proceed with Lila.

Marley was really jumpy with Tyrone. Tyrone was at the Lucky Lady to have Etta Mae patch up his short stop. Tyrone asks Marley if she has any kids and then quickly apologizes for getting too personal after he sees the look on Marley's face. Tyrone asks Marley how everything was going with "her guy." Marley says that she used to be married to the guy that she likes, but that the marriage fell apart after they discovered that she could not have children. Marley mentions that she was not the same person that she used to be.

Donna walks right past Jake and Vicki at the hospital and into the therapist's office. Donna told the therapist about the explosion at the hospital and about Marley's hatred for Vicki. Donna says that Marley's new behavior was frightening her.

Tyrone's short stop, Marcus was OK now. Vicki and Jake come in and Tyrone wants to introduce them to "Marney" only "Marney" was nowhere to be found.

Sofia calls Zak and leaves a message to contact her about the recording session.

Chris says that Remy was scamming Nick, and that it may be because of the money that Nick inherited from Michael. Remy comes into Carlino's and eavesdrops. Nick says that he will find out why Remy was keeping a file on him. Remy comes over and told Nick that she has been trying to call and that they need to talk.

Lila brought lunch to Cass as a way to apologize for being rude earlier. Cass told Lila that she was rude and insensitive. Lila says that she wants to donate a hospital wing, with the Cory money, of course. Cass told her again that the Cory money was gone. Lila still does not believe him so he shows her some papers that prove that the Cory's are broke.

Etta Mae invites Jake and Vicki to the recording session. Vicki declines, because of her poison ivy, but says that Jake can go with Marley. Marley returned in, saying that she saw the rented mini-van in the parking lot. Vicki told Marley that Donna was talking to the therapist. Jake leaves. Marley lies and says that this was Donna's first session. Vicki thinks that it might be a good idea if she also went to see the therapist. Marley says no, that the therapist only can work with one family member at a time. She also says that Donna's therapist thinks that it was best if Vicki stays away from Donna for a while, because Vicki seems to be aggravating Donna's condition. Marley walks outside. Marley says to herself that Donna was completely out of control and must be stopped.

Remy says that she came to see Paulina about coming back to work. Nick agrees that they need to talk and get some things out in the open. Remy invites him over around nine tonight and leaves.

Lila was absolutely stunned that the Cory's are broke.

Friday, August 2828tht">

After convincing Grant to take her out for dinner again, Cindy went into Kirkland's room to try to figure out the significance of the wallpaper again.

Marley was excited to be going out for the evening alone with Jake, but then Vicky changes her mind and decides she's going too. Marley told Vicky that she doesn't have to go to the Lucky Lady with them, and Vicky says it would be really nice for her and Jake to spend some time alone together.

Joe told Josie and Cameron that the rescue workers in Boca Linda say there was no way that anyone could have survived the cave-in. The search is being called off. Josie swears that she won't stop looking until she finds Gary and Amanda alive.

A rescue worker told Joe they just found two people in the rubble, a man and a woman, and that the bodies are being brought out for identification.

At the Lucky Lady, Sofia tries to call Matt to see how his family was doing and if there's any news. Lila answers and takes a message for Matt to call Sofia. Then Lila asks herself what she should do with the message.

Grant told Cindy that Gary was killed. He notices that she seems upset by this news. But she covers up her feelings to convince Grant she still has no memory back. But when he leaves, she was upset because Gary is her only friend against Grant. Then suddenly, she remembers the significance of the wallpaper. She calls Marley and demands she meet her at the Lucky Lady.

Josie and Cameron view the bodies. It was not Gary and Amanda. Josie says that means they're still alive in the tunnel. Joe tries to convince her not to hold on to false hope. He gives Josie back the bracelet that Scott took from her.

Joe plans to go back to Bay City. Cameron and Josie are going to wait until Gary and Amanda are found. They leave the tunnel however as a storm approaches. Inside the tunnel, a hand was sticking up in the dirt, and it was wearing Gary's wedding band.

Matt and Rachel meet at Mac's grave. Rachel says she can tell Amanda was still alive, that she can feel it. Lila told her she believes her. "Of course you do," Rachel says as she pats Lila's stomach.

Billy Rush and Toni perform at the Lucky Lady. Jake and Vicky are dancing, and Marley arrives. But she leaves them alone to dance. Next, she runs into Tyrone again. Then Cindy told her to meet her outside. Cindy borrows Marley's cellphone, then told her to distract Grant for a while. She threatens to expose Marley's secrets if she doesn't help.

Joe arrives home to Paulina. She told him to talk to Rachel, because she's not accepting the situation. Joe told Rachel that Amanda was gone, but she told him she's still alive, and that she has to get to Boca Linda immediately. Sofia arrives at the Cory's and Matt told her they called off the search. Rachel continues to insist that she knows her daughter was still alive.

Josie told Cameron that Gary said Cameron was a better man than he gave him credit for, and that he had really wanted to tell him that. Cameron is moved.

As Josie sleeps, she dreams of Gary there beside her. He reminds her that he said he'd never leave her. She awakens suddenly, with a renewed faith that Gary was still alive. However after she realizes it was no more than a dream, Josie starts to lose it, and Cameron tries to calm her down. He says they both need to accept that Gary and Amanda are dead. They try to come to terms with the fact that they've lost the most important people in their lives. Cameron holds Josie as she cries. He told her they'll get through it together.

Inside the tunnel, the hand moves.

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