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Monday, August 24, 1998

Carly is at the Snyder farm with Julia. She is telling Julia that she is leaving Hal and divorcing him. When she is divorced, Jack will come back to her. Julia asks if this is a warning to step aside? Carly says step aside or get run over, no pun intended. Julia tells Carly that a man like Jack doesn't want a woman like Carly. A one trick pony that will take the clothes off her back for any man. Carly raises her hand to slap Julia. Then she says that Julia is not going to drive her to violence. Julia replies, "to late." Carly tells her to go off and have herself this little week-end with Jack and enjoy herself and when she (Carly) is free, Jack will be back to her. She leaves and they show Carly on the porch outside and she doesn't look too confident.

Jack and Holden are at the cop shop and Jack is telling Holden that he is taking a little vacation. Holden can't believe it. Jack tells him that it is a romantic getaway. Holden asks, "with who?" Jack says who do you think? Holden replies, "two guesses." Jack says, "that's crazy." Holden replies, "so is ducking the truth and running away with Julia when you got Carly eating away inside of you." Jack admits that there is a lot of unfinished business between him and Carly. Then he adds that he has found so much more in Julia and he feels that there is a future with her.

Emily and the other producer from WOAK are looking at the video that he had shot of Margo and Eddie at Eddie's apartment. The producer is telling Emily that they could get some great ratings for stuff like this. Emily says that there was no affair and the producer says that he knows that. Emily says, "you mean lie to the public?" He says yes, they do it all the time, to get ratings. Kim pops her head inside the office and asks them if they are working on something big for patterns. Emily says that they really didn't have anything. She sends the producer out to get some more research on the Valletta. Emily and Kim are left in the office. Emily brings up to Kim about the gossip that is going around about Margo and Eddie. Kim informs Emily that they do not show sensationalism like that at her television station. Kim leaves and the producer comes back in. He can't believe that Emily would pass up a great story like this one. Emily plays coy and says that Margo is her friend and she would never run a story like that on her friend. She tells him that she could get big money for the tape that she is holding in her hand and throws it in the trash and walks out. The producer picks up the tape and Emily is watching outside the door. She gets a big, nasty, smile on her face.

Margo and Tom are at their house and Margo is telling Tom that she loves him so much. She says to Tom that if he wants his wife back she is here. He kisses her and says that he still wants her. They start to reminisce about there childhood summers. Then Margo says that she has worked up an appetite and she wonders what Tom is going to fix for supper. He says let's order in and she doesn't want any outside interference. She wants it to be just the family, the two of them and the two boys. He says that is a great idea. Adam comes in and is totally surprised that his mother is home. She tells him that they are going to have a family dinner. Later, Tom gets a phone call from another TV station in Oakdale and want a comment on the news item that they are showing. Tom hangs up and sees Margo and Eddie on the news and they are implying that Margo and the young man had an affair. Margo comes into the room and ask what they are watching, then she sees Eddie and herself at Eddie's apartment and they are embracing. She gives Tom a very, guilty look.

Kirk and Sam are having a picnic at the park. They think that Lucinda has set it up for them. Kirk opens the wine and Sam lights a candle. Kirk is talking about all the things that are wrong in their life and Sam wants to forget it all and enjoy their evening. Sam says that with all that is wrong, one things is very right. Kirk says, "Georgia?" Sam reply, "that's right." They decide to make a toast. To them, to the sky, Sam says to my wonderful husband and Kirk says to my wonderful Wife, and to the person who put all this together. They kiss. Cut to James. He is talking on the phone. He says, "excellent, everything has gone smoothly, with both parties? You're sure? Wonderful. There's nothing like a romantic picnic on a warm summers evening, especially when you're totally and completely in love. Back to Kirk and Sam. They are saying that with David out of the way, they can get on with life. Kirk says that they could buy a restaurant, Sam says or a casino, Kirk adds or a floating nightclub. They laugh. Kirk says that he wants to make another toast. The new Anderson Family and the life to come. They kiss and Kirk hears a noise. Sam says it is just all the pressure that he has been under. She tells him to take a deep breath in and out, he does. They kiss again and he hears the noise again. Cut back to James, on the phone again. He is saying, "it's done? I couldn't be more pleased." He hangs up and takes a drink. Fade back to the park, the picnic basket is there, the park bench is there and the candle and wine is there, but no Kirk and Samantha in sight. The wind blows the candle out.

The last scene of the day---Julia comes in from outside and discovers things from the bar has been thrown all over the floor. She slowly turns and looks at the door leading to the upstairs. She walks over to it and as she opens it, somebody leaps out at her. It is DAVID!

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Julia realizes that David is the person who jumped out at her and he has her at gun point. As she is realizing that it is David Stenbeck, Carly comes back in. Now he has two hostages. David keeps asking Julia where Lily is and Julia says that she doesn't know. Carly wants Julia to tell him where Lily is, she is concerned for her and her baby's safety. Julia tries to explain that only a few people know where Lily is. They wanted is that way so no one would let it slip to David. David decides that he is going to use the farmhouse for his hideout and run his operation from there. He tells them that one of them will be his person to go and make calls, while the other one stays there to be the hostage. Carly says that she will go. David doesn't fall for that. He realizes that she would just as soon be rid of Julia. He says that Julia will go and Carly will stay.

At the cop shop, everything is buzzing. Hal has a warrant for the arrest of Kirk and Samantha and he wants Jack to execute it. Jack tells Hal that he has a vacation planned. Hal thinks that it is with Carly. He says that he has to stay and follow the order. James is there and is causing all kinds of fuss about getting Kirk and Samantha. Hal finally tells him that if he doesn't simmer down that he is going to charge James with disturbing the peace. Hal and Jack are getting everything ready for the arrest and Jack says that he has to call Julia. Hal asks why he needs to call Julia and Jack says that she was going on the weekend trip with him. Hal is surprised to find out that it is Julia that he is going away with. He tells Jack to go and they will take care of everything there.

Margo tries to explain about what happened with her and Eddie. Tom is not happy, to say the least. Margo goes into great detail how she was enjoying the time that she spent with Eddie. It made her feel young. But, she loves Tom with all her heart and wants to keep their family together. Tom is hurt and upset, he wants to know if their life together is killing Margo. She says no and pleads with him to try to forgive her. Tom wants to know exactly what happened on the island. Margo tells Tom that Eddie was trying to keep her awake because of the bump on her head and she got really tired. She sat down for awhile and became chilly. Eddie put his arm around her to keep her warm and they shared a kiss. Then Eddie started telling her how he was falling in love with her. Margo tells Tom that she told him that she couldn't share his feelings and then Tom found them. She tells Tom that she wants to be with him and she will give him space and time, but she will never stop fighting for him.

Georgia is watching the newscast at the hospital. Her mouth is wide open. She can't believe what she is seeing. Eddie walks in and Georgia turns the TV set off. She asks him what he is doing back at the hospital and he says that he brought her some ice cream, since she ate all her supper. She tells him that she has something to tell him. Dr. Bob comes in and tells Georgia that he has come to take her to another test. She tells Eddie to wait in her room, she has something to tell him. After she is gone, Eddie stretches out on her bed and picks up the remote. He turns the TV on and sees the newscast with him and Margo. He can't believe what he is seeing. Georgia comes into the room and sees what he is doing. She yells to Eddie not to watch. Bob sees what is on the TV and he wants to know what exactly Eddie has going on with his daughter-in-law. Eddie runs out of the room and Georgia tries to follow. Bob orders her into bed. Then he says that he is going to get to the bottom of this matter.

Kim and Emily are watching the newscast and Kim is wondering how the other network got the tape of Margo and Eddie. She asks Emily if she did it and Emily says that it wasn't her. It must have been Brent, the reporter, who was trying to get Emily to run the story earlier. Emily tells Kim that she threw the tape in the trash and he must have taken it out after she left. She apologizes to Kim for such a huge mistake. She says that she didn't know the television business was so cutthroat. Kim leaves to go call Tom and Margo. Emily picks up the remote and turns the TV back on and is watching the end of the newscast. She has a big grin on her face. Susan walks in and asks what she is grinning about, she looks like the cat who ate the canary. Susan says that she can't believe the story about Margo and Eddie. Emily tells her about the reporter taking the tape to the other network and selling it. Susan catches on quick, she asks Emily if she had that set up. Emily starts to tell her if all she came there for is to accuse her...Kim walks in and then Bob joins them. Bob and Kim decide to go see Margo and Tom together. Emily tells them to tell Margo and Tom that she is so sorry about her mistake with the tape.

Lucinda goes to visit Lily. Lily lets her stay this time. Lucinda tries to explain about her and James. Lily doesn't want to hear any excuses about James. Holden comes in and can't believe that Lucinda came there, she could have led James there. Lucinda tells Holden and Lily that David was seen going down with the ship. Holden says good riddance. Lily says that now she can go home and have the baby. Holden says that she can't, because James is out for blood and could still take it out on Lily and the baby. Lucinda wants to stay with her and help her deliver the baby. Lily gives her a look and then says that she can stay. Lucinda is rejoicing and hugging Lily. While they are hugging and making plans, James is right outside the window watching them.

Back at the farmhouse, David is giving Julia instructions. Someone pulls up in the drive. David asks Julia who it is and she says that it is Jack. David grabs Carly and points the gun at her stomach. He tells Julia to go outside and get rid of Jack and to not try anything or he will shoot Carly and the baby. She goes out and meets Jack at the door. He asks her if she is ready to go and says, "Chicago, here we come!"

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Emily angrily denies the coincidence that Susan notices about Emily always being there when Margo is having problems. Bob and Kim come in as Emily denies trying to break up Margo and Tom's marriage. Margo begs Tom to remember she loves him. Adam comes upon Eddie standing outside his house and starts swinging at Eddie. The commotion brings Tom outside.

Lily tells Lucinda that the baby is late, but she won't have labor induced until she is two weeks late. James (with his cigar) watches the mother and daughter through the window. Julia stops Jack from going inside the farmhouse where David is holding a gun to Carly's head. She tells him that she can't go to Chicago with him, that she is trapped-by circumstances. Jack senses that she's not telling him something, and assumes her hesitancy is about Carly. Julia tells him about Carly's pre-hostage assertion that Jack is going back to Carly once she leaves Hal. Jack's confusion is only heightened when Julia reminds him of David and Molly's wedding on board the Valetta. She tells him sometimes you just need to read somebody's mind.

Lucinda gets a call from Hal, looking for Kirk and Sam. Hal informs her that there is evidence that Kirk and Sam were responsible for the sinking of the boat. Tom breaks up the two boys, and Margo comes running. David warns Carly-if Julia crosses him, Carly is dead. Jack storms into the kitchen despite Julia's warning.

Emily tells Bob and Kim to convey her best to Tom and Margo. Emily admits to her mother that she sent the reporter to Eddie's with an assignment, but it was to show Eddie as a hero, to make up for her fake mugging accusation against him. Susan tells her daughter that she's obsessed with Tom. She'd never get a man that way, Emily asserts. Susan advises her that if she finds out Emily is responsible for the story, she's not going to stand around like she did the last time.

Adam yells at Eddie. Tom asks Eddie to leave. Adam calls both Eddie and his mom liars and runs off. Tom goes after him. Left to themselves, Eddie and Margo go inside and wonder aloud about how the tape came about. In fifteen years, no one will know the difference, Margo assures him. Eddie exhorts Margo not to worry about him. Easier said than done, Margo rejoins.

Andy walks into Emily's office as she's replaying the tape. He notices that she wore a smirk as she watched it. Emily declares that nothing would have happened, if only Margo had listened to her and gotten Eddie out of her life. After Andy's gone, Emily resumes her smirking.

Holden and Lily return from their walk, having discussed possible baby names (Letitia if it's a girl, Mortimer if it's a boy). Lucinda informs them of there being an APB out on Kirk and Sam for the murder of David, despite a body not having been found.

Jack is hurt by the comparison when Julia tells him that he is smothering her, just like Xavier did. After he leaves, David emerges from the closet where he was hiding, leaving a bound and gagged Carly behind. He warned her of the consequences, he tells Julia, and fires at Carly. Julia rushes to help Carly. As soon as she removes the gag, Carly begins spewing invectives against Julia for deliberately provoking him, proving that she wasn't hurt. Next time he won't miss, David cautions.

Jack returns to the station. Hal wonders to his detective if the reason he's not going away is because of Carly. Jack repudiates Hal's claim, advising him that it's because of Julia-he hasn't seen Carly in several days. Jack frowns when Hal informs him that Carly is in Montana. Hal soothes Adam. Kim and Bob come upon Margo and Eddie just after he's considered kissing her goodbye, then pulled back. Kim tells them it's not the best time for Eddie to over-there are reporters outside, and they would love to find out that Margo and Eddie are alone together.

Tom catches up to Adam as he is pouring out his feelings to his "Uncle" Hal. Adam cries when Tom reminds him that he and his mother love him. Adam believes it's his fault, for pushing to have Eddie in the house. Tom begs him to go home and listen to what his mother has to say, but Adam doesn't want to talk to either Eddie or Margo. Emily looks on as Adam asks Hal if he can stay with him.

Bob sneaks Eddie out in his car. Tom tacitly gives permission when he tells Adam it's his decision. Emily comforts Tom after Adam's departure. Hal stops himself from calling Carly.

Lucinda determines that she must go back to Oakdale and find her sister. Holden finds James' cigar band on the front porch. Julia calls James, saying the lines that David is feeding her. She entreats the senior Stenbeck to come to the farm and talk about David, but he declines. Julia pushes harder, but gets only silence in response-he's hung up.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Tom is furious to find that reporters are still hanging around outside their house as he tries to leave for work. Again, Margo tells Tom she is sorry and that she will do anything to make things right for him and the boys. Tom tells her to start with Adam. Andy fights his way through the crowd of reporters because he knows Margo may need a shoulder to lean on. They talk about Adam and Andy is reminded of how he felt when Bob hurt his mother. He tells Margo that Adam may not be ready to talk to her, but she just needs to let him know that she loves him. Together Andy and Margo go to Hal's house to see Adam. Margo tries to talk to Adam, but he won't have anything to do with her. Margo calls Tom, but he claims to be too busy to have lunch with her. Hal offers to comfort Margo by taking her to lunch so they can talk about how to help Adam.

Eddie urges Georgia to give Sam the benefit of the doubt when she doesn't show up for breakfast. However, Bob comes in to tell Georgia that Sam and Kirk are missing and that they probably skipped town to avoid being arrested. Trying to comfort Georgia, Eddie tells her that they both missed out in the mother department, but they have each other. They are suddenly interrupted by a photographer disguised as a hospital orderly. Bob intervenes between Eddie and the photographer's heated confrontation. When the photographer threatens to file assault charges against Eddie, Bob counters by threatening to file trespassing charges against the photographer.

Kim adamantly refuses to allow Brent to work at the TV station. While Kim is looking through resumes, Emily suddenly suggests that they hire Tom to be their on-air reporter. Kim is a bit reluctant and tells Emily she'll think about it. Brent confronts Emily about being set up and that he plans to get even with her. Tom is furious with Brent as well and wants to take action against him. Emily tells Tom that a better way to get back at Brent would be to take his job. Tom is overwhelmed by Emily's faith in him and is eager to be WOAK's newest anchor man.

David orders Julia to call James again when he doesn't show. Carly and Julia continue to bicker between themselves. Carly blames Julia for "getting them in this mess" and boasts to David that Hal will be looking for her when he doesn't hear from her soon. David forces Carly to call Hal and tell him everything is okay. David becomes upset when Carly begins to give Hal too many hints about her whereabouts and hangs up the telephone. When David demands the two ladies return to the basement, Carly begs David not to make her go back there. She falls to the ground claiming injury to the baby, but David doesn't go for it. Later, a very cautious James approaches the Snyder house. Fearing a trap, he turns to leave, but David beckons him to stay. James is thrilled to see his son is alive.

Friday, August28th.

Just as Molly is mourning the fact that there is nobody else there to mourn David at the memorial service, Andy arrives. David surprises his father with his appearance on the Snyder porch. He confirms that he planned everything, including his own death, so as to get one last bit of revenge. In the cellar Julia and Carly argue about how to free themselves. Julia tells Carly that thinking is not Carly's strongpoint. They prepare to knock over a rack of glass jars in order to help untie the ropes. David tells his father that he's going after Lily, and muses about what Lily's last moments of life will be like. He also proclaims that it's too late to turn back now-people have already seen him.

Molly revels in Andy's presence until she spots his camera and realizes he's just there to take photos. He decides to stay for the service. James is dismayed to learn his son has taken Julia and Carly hostage-he doesn't want his son to go through what he had to. David nixes his father's escape plan-he's not going anywhere. He thinks that James has lost his edge, and that it's because of Lucinda. David gives James an ultimatum-tell him Lily's whereabouts, or leave.

Julia "accidentally" cuts Carly with the shard of glass when Carly reminds her about having been in a similar situation with Jack and having to take all their clothes off to survive. Lisa tsk-tsks to Margo about the tape, even when her daughter-in-law claims that it was heavily edited. Hal and Margo get together to discuss Adam but he has more bad news to impart first-the commissioner called to tell him that Margo's job may be on the line. The D.A. is opening an investigation into her, since it's so close to election time. Tom and Emily arrive at the Mona Lisa and Lisa alerts her son to the presence of Hal and Margo.

Outside Camille's hospital room, Sara Ruth is overjoyed when Ben reveals that he's thinking of proposing to Camille again soon. Inside, Brad fills in Camille about his breaking up with Lucinda. Brad implores Ben to turn to him if Camille needs anything. Ben grudgingly thanks the construction worker for the effect he has on Camille. Sara Ruth informs her daughter of Ben's plan and opines that if Ben is the man that Camille loves, then she should be holding Ben's hand, not Brad's.

James advises his son to drop his revenge against Lily, or he'll end up in prison-and it will break him. David makes a great show of crying and agreeing with his dad to give up his pursuit of Lily. James leaves to attend the memorial service for his son. Tom and Emily join Hal and Margo. Margo warns them about the reporter watching them at the bar. Hal escorts Emily to the bar, leaving Tom and Margo alone.

Julia and Carly succeed in untying themselves, but the door is locked. They hear footsteps overhead. In the kitchen, Cal wanders around. Molly, Andy and the minister are the only ones in attendance as the service begins. David listens to Molly's eulogy of him and then shocks her by stepping out from the trees so she can see him.

Molly faints and James pulls David back before anybody sees him. Andy looks up and sees only James, who decrees that he's the only Stenbeck than can rise from the dead. Julia and Carly decide to surprise the kitchen visitor with a jar of pickles.

Camille admits to Ben that she's not good at hinting, so if he's not going to do it, she is. She wants him to ask her "the question" again. He proposes, and this time, she accepts. However, she wants to wait and go through chemotherapy and be healthy again before they wed. Ben can't refuse her. Sara Ruth walks in on the celebrating couple and upon hearing the news, joins in the celebrations. Camille thinks that with her mother on their side, they've got it made. Sara Ruth waylays a gift-bearing Brad and tells him to avoid Camille-she's just agreed to marry Ben.

Tom apologizes for lying and saying he was going to be in meetings all day. Margo in turn catches him up to speed about the D.A.'s plan to investigate her. This is going to end, Tom decides. He gets the reporter at the bar to turn on his camera to capture Tom's address to the restaurant-goers. Hal and Emily look on as Tom defends the work that his wife has done for the community. Lisa is the first to start the clapping. It wasn't a performance, Tom assures Margo.

Andy doesn't believe Molly's sighting of David. James advises her to let it go. Julia succeeds in unlocking the door and the duo escape upstairs to the kitchen, just as David returns with his gun.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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