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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on GL
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Monday, August 24, 1998

Blake looks around in desperation for the incriminating video tape, and finally finds it in a closet. Ross comes in when she gets the tape down from the shelf, and she is able to hide it from him. He excuses himself to leave again, saying that he had to return something. When Blake is not looking, he picks up a stack of videotapes, which contains the tape of Blake and Ben. Ross is already out the door before Blake realized what happened.

Rick gets Kevin and Jason ready to go home, and is having a very hard time letting go of Kevin. When Ross arrives, he assures him that he will always be an important figure in Kevin's life. Rick is not so comforted by this, and starts blubbering when Ross leaves with the boys.

Ben bellies up to a local bar, and is befriended by an attractive lady in a red dress. He tries to brush her off, since he is not interested in talking about his love-life, but this lady is persistent. She boldly asks him to come back to her place, but he refuses.

Dead Clone Reva now becomes Ghost Clone Reva and appears before Real Reva and asks that she move on with her wonderful like. Ghost gives Reva back the cross and chain that she had once given to her. Reva wakes up and thinks that it is all a dream, but finds that she is wearing this chain, that she thought was buried with Dolly. Josh walks in to receive a huge hug from Reva, and she vows that she will always love him.

Frank and new detective (can't remember name) discuss what a terrible disaster it would be to his marriage if Ben brings out his name in court (since he slept with Blake at one time). New detective later tells Eleni that she has something to tell her.

Vicki is adamant that she is moving into a wing of the Spaulding mansion. Phillip and Alan are furious that she thinks that she is deserving of sharing in the Spaulding riches. Harley jumps all over Alan and Phillip and reprimands them for treating a member of the family so poorly. Alan later brings Vicki into the study where they can discuss a resolution of this situation. Alan tells her that her grandfather would be very proud of her, and welcomes her to the family.

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

The show begins with Alan and Vicky acting like they're one big happy family! Yeah, right!

Detective Teri tells Eleni that Frank is reluctant to discuss his' sleeping with someone else with her. Huh!

Abbey tells Rick that she is so sorry for everything he has gone through and understands how much he must be hurting (finding out that Kevin is not his son). Rick says she can't help him, and that he doesn't want to talk about it again. She reminds him that it's not so bad because Ross has told him he wants Rick to stay in Kevin's life, but that apparently is not good enough. Rick tells her he doesn't want to talk about it, and leaves.

Ross leaves for the office and kisses Blake goodbye. He picks up the video tape to return it to the video store on his way to work and leaves. As soon as he walks out the door, Blake wheels herself over to the table to get the tape and realizes Ross has taken the wrong tape! Just then Holly walks in and she quickly tells her to run outside and catch Ross before he leaves, but Holly says he has already driven away. Blake tells her that Ross has the tape of her and Ben making love, and is in the process of returning it to the video store! She tells Holly she has to go to the video store and rent the tape before anyone else does! Holly explains she doesn't have her car with her and has taken a cab there. Blake tells her she just has to rent another or find some way to get that tape before someone else sees it. Holly yells at her and tells her she was supposed to have destroyed the tape anyway, and if someone sees it, it's her own "damn fault!" All right Holly!!!

Meanwhile, a worried Eleni tells Teri to be direct and tell her who Frank is sleeping with. She asks her if she knows her, and Teri replies "yes". She then tells Eleni that it isn't someone he is currently sleeping with, but rather someone whom Frank has slept with in his past. A relieved Eleni assures her that everyone has a past, and if she's talking about someone he was involved with before they were married, she doesn't care. Teri tells her she may care when Ben Warren brings it up in court. She explains that Ben told her he plans to bring up all of Blake's old affairs in court, to try to discredit her, especially the one between her and Frank. He believes it will also cause Frank to back off, because he doesn't want his wife and daughter to hear about his checkered past. Teri tells her she believes Frank is mostly worried about how all of this will sound to Marina, their daughter. She admits to Eleni that Frank has no idea she is telling her all of this. Frank walks up and Eleni says, "So, what are we going to do about Ben Warren?" Frank glares at Teri.

Harley tells Phillip she knows she can count on him to be diplomatic with Vicky. Harley leaves. Meanwhile, Vicky is telling Alan that she would like to sit in on his meeting at Spaulding, as the board should get to know her, since she will be working there. Phillip walks in and asks to speak with her. Alan excuses himself. Phillip tells a surprised Vicky that he just wanted to welcome her into the family. He apologizes for his past behavior, and promises not to fight with her anymore. He says he is just a little overprotective of his family. She accuses him of being upset because his grandfather had a "dark little secret", but he says that's not it at all. He tells her he would like to know everything about her, her mother, her family in Barbados, and his grandfather's other life. Vicky says that if he's serious, then Alan will not like it. He laughs and tells her it's o.k., because he and his father disagree about almost everything. He tells Vicky that Harley pointed out to him that he was being a jerk for not accepting her into the family. She replies that she likes Harley better all the time! Phillip tells her she is family now, and she can trust him. He suggests they have a welcoming dinner for her. She agrees to the dinner, but as to his sudden change of heart, she is a little suspicious, and tells him "let's just see how it goes". Meanwhile, Alan is on the phone to somebody high up in Spaulding telling them that he and Phillip are in perfect agreement on this issue, and he doesn't care how they do it or what it takes, he wants Vicky out of Spaulding and out of their lives for good. He glares at Brandon's picture on the wall. The old guy has sullied their good name again!

Vanessa is talking on the phone in her office at Spaulding, and carrying her baby around with her when Jenna and Harley come in to discuss the new daycare center there. They both tease Vanessa, and Harley asks to hold the baby for awhile. After a few minutes, Jenna and Vanessa notice that Harley is crying. Jenna explains that it's because she is thinking of the little baby she had to give up for adoption many years ago. Jenna says that it's because her birthday is coming up soon. Harley says she knows she made the best decision at the time, and doesn't regret it. She just hopes that the baby knows how much she loves her and that she gave her up because it was the best thing she could do for her at the time. Vanessa tells her she is sure that the girl knows this, and suggests to Harley that she concentrate instead on her new life she is beginning with Phillip and Lizzie. Ross comes in and asks Vanessa for some help with Blake.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Holly is still yelling at Blake. She tells her she is destroying her life. She says she has been given an unbelievable second chance, but is screwing it up. She asks Blake why she hasn't gotten rid of the tape a long time ago. Blake says she meant to, but someone or something always stopped her. (I think she hasn't destroyed it because she feels she will be destroying her relationship with Ben, and she secretly doesn't want to!) She asks for Holly's help in getting rid of it. Holly tells Blake that she slept with Ben of her own free will, and she just wants her to see the situation for what it really is, and stop it! Blake tells Holly that Ben told her he plans on telling everyone about all of the affairs that Blake has had in court, including her relationship she had with Frank, to try to discredit her. She tells Holly she really needs her help, and Holly (of course) agrees, "for the sake of the children". She leaves in hot pursuit of the tape, in Blake's car.

Eleni tells Frank that Blake was raped, and that Ben has no business bringing up her past. Their daughter comes in and leaves, affter telling her "daddy" how much she loves him. Eleni tells Frank she's glad that Teri told her, and they must prepare Marina before the trial begins. Frank tells her his biggest concern is for her and Marina, but Eleni says they must tell Marina the truth, and that they can handle it.

Frank grabs Teri before she can sneak out and yells at her for telling Eleni. He tells her to stay out of his personal life from now on.

Vicky goes in to see Alan, and he offers her the Vice Presidency, but she refuses, saying she has thought about it and wants to work her way up, like Phillip suggested.

Meanwhile, Rick has gone to see Phillip. He fills him in on the fact that he's not Kevin's real father. He tells him that Abbey is trying to help, but she can't, and he needs Phillip's help.

Ross asks Vanessa, Harley, and Jenna if they will consider having their meeting at his and Blake's house. He feels that Blake will really appreciate it. They agree.

Meanwhile, Meta comes over to get her crossword puzzle book, and notices Abbey looks down. She asks her what's wrong, and Abbey tells her about her inability to help Rick, and that she is afraid of losing him. She suggests to Abbey that she kick everyone out of the house, make a fancy dinner, and get Rick to start a family of their own, to take his mind off his troubles. At first Abbey disagrees, but then thinks it's a good idea!

Meanwhile, Blake is waiting for Holly to return from the video store with the tape and begins to see her life with Ross flash before her eyes. She remembers them saying their marriage vows, sees Ross with both of the boys immediately following their birth (delivered by Rick, of course!), she and Ross taking a bath together, she and Ross and the boys all in bed together as a family, etc. Then she sees Ben propositioning her by telling her if she goes to bed with him, he'll forget his vendetta against Ross. Then finally, she sees herself and Ben the night they slept together wrestling around on the floor. She begins to pray to God again and asks that if he's going to give her more trials to face, could he please give her the strength to face them. Just then Holly comes in from the video store and announces to Blake that they have a BIG PROBLEM!

Phillip tells Rick to give Abbey more credit than he has, and that he has to let his friends and Abbey help him. He also needs to give himself some time to get over this. He reminds him that he and Abbey can also have children of their own, but Rick says, "no way, I am not having another child for a long, long time! (Do you suppose he told Abbey this?)

Vicky tells Alan that soon they will be living in the same house and working in the same place. She mentions the dinner Phillip suggested, and Alan replies that is a great idea, and why doesn't she plan the menu! Alan tells her he must check his email and there he finds a message saying, "I may come back home, but need some financial help from you". The message is from ANNIE!

Meanwhile, Abbey is planning a romantic dinner and evening for herself and Rick!

Holly tells Blake that someone rented the tape from the video store before she arrived! Jenna, Vanessa, and Harley arrive. Perfect timing!

We are saving the best for last! They show a man in a suit with the video tape (THE video tape), taking it out of the box, putting it into the VCR, and settling back to watch it.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Abbey cooked a romantic dinner for Rick, but Rick tells her that he doesn't think that he would be good company because he is still having a hard time coming to terms with Kevin not being his son.

Abbey tells Rick that it doesn't matter that he is not his son, that he will still love him and the still be a very big part of his life. Rick settles down and they have dinner, dance, and then they go upstairs. Abbey tells Rick that she wants him, that she wants everything and that she wants to have a baby with him. Rick tell her that he wants to have a baby with her but that the timings in not right, he wants to have a baby with her for the right reasons and not to try to take the place of Kevin.

Vanessa, Beth, and Jenna have arrived at Blake's house to have the "second chance" meeting. Ross suggested to Vanessa that it might be a good idea to have the meeting there because it might be a good thing for Blake.

The only thing that Blake is interested in is getting that tape of her and Ben together from the video rental.

Harley show up late to the meeting and explains that she was in a minor car accident, but that she is okay. Blake interrupts and says that she isn't in the mood for a get together and is about to ask everyone to leave when Holly interrupts and asks everyone what they would like to drink.

Eleni show up for the meeting and Vanessa starts the meeting by telling Holly that the article that she put in the paper was a big help and that they received a lot of letters from parents needing financial help with their children and wanted think of some things they could go to help raise money for this cause. Blake interrupts by excusing herself to make a phone call.

Blake calls video world and asks if they could hold the tape "Wait until Dark". She tells them that she knows that it had been rented. They tell her that the person that has the tape had bought it. The next scene we see is a man sitting in a recliner watching the tape of Blake and Ben together. His face is hiding conveniently by the lamp shade of the lamp on the table next to his chair!!!!!!

Holly gets Blake to rejoin the meeting and that she would take care of the problem. Holly tells them that she will pay them twice what the other person paid for the tape if they could get it back.

Harley donates a check and Vanessa ask how she came into the money and Harley told her that it came from a client, but she had only talked with him on the internet twice. Jenna walked up behind Harley and stated how she, Phillip, and David didn't like the idea that she didn't know very much about this person. Harley told Jenna that she was getting ready to do a check on him and she ask Holly if she could come by the "morgue" and see if she could find anything on this person. Holly told her that Friday would be okay, but Harley told her that Friday would not be good for her. Jenna chimed in and said that Friday would not be good for her, but that today would be a good time to talk about Friday. Harley disagrees and then reluctantly tells everyone that Friday is her daughter's birthday that she had giving away when she was a baby.

Reva and Joshua are on a getaway. Reva asks Joshua where they were going and he told her that he could show her. He hands Reva a photo of the cottage on Sunberry Lake where H. B. and Miss Marthia had their honeymoon.

Michelle is working on medical records as Jessie comes by and show her an ad from the paper of a one bedroom apartment that he is going to get for them.

Michelle tells Jessie that she is so proud of how well his paintings are selling. She doesn't know that the money that Jessie has come into has been coming from the poker games that he has been playing and not from the selling of his paintings.

Back at Blake's house, the girls try to convince Harley that she did the right thing by giving up her baby for adoption, that she was too young when she had the baby and that that was the best present that she could have given her was a family that loved her and would take good care of her.

Vanessa tells Harley that she can still have a second chance to have another baby and with that Blake explodes and says that she has had second chances and always keeps blowing them and tell everyone to just get out!!!!!! Holly calms her down and Blake explains how Ben is dragging up all the affairs that she has had in the past to use against her in court on the rape charges. Vanessa starts to tell her that everyone here will support her and Blake interrupts and tells Vanessa that the only reason that she would support her is because she never slept with Mat. Then she asks the others, would they?

Beth then comes over to Blake and sarcastically tells her that the only way she can keep all of this out of court is by telling the truth about what happened that night, that Ben didn't force himself on her, that she wanted him that night.

Jessie told Michelle that he wanted to take her some place nice tomorrow to celebrate and that he wanted to rent a limo. He wanted it to be a really special night. He went into the other room to make the reservations, but called to set up another poker game instead.

Blake blurts out about Beth attempting to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony after she heard about Phillip and Harley's engagement. Blake taunts her into telling who kept her from jumping, which was Ben. Harley is shocked by this and starts to ask Beth if Phillip knew about this when Holly steps in and tells everyone that they are not here to talk about Beth, but here to help Blake. Beth again tells Blake that the only thing that will help is her telling the truth. Beth has had enough and starts to leave as Harley grabs her by the arm and tells her that she wants to talk to her and follows her to the porch outside.

Harley asks Beth if it was true that she tried to kill herself and Beth tells her that she doesn't want to talk about it. Harley tells her she doesn't care that she doesn't want to talk about it. She then asks Beth why she had to be so cruel to Blake in there and Beth tells Harley that this has nothing to do with Blake but about Harley's guilt for breaking up Beth's family and that it is her fault that her daughter Lizzie is without a father.

Harley tell Beth not to play the "mother card" with her, that she should have thought about that before she got involved with a man that her daughter had to kill to protect her. Beth told her well at least my daughter has a mother unlike your daughter.........

Everyone has left Blake's house and Blake asks Holly to call the video rental again. She tells Holly that she feels like she is in a nightmare and can't wake up. Blake is afraid that the person that bought the tape has already watched it by now and has recognized her and Ben and will use it against her. Holly tells her not to think that way and to just calm down that she is getting too carried away......

Once again we cut to the scene of our "mystery man" watching to tape and giving an evil little chuckle!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Joshua wakes up and tells Reva that he is sorry that he brought her to the cottage with it being in such a mess and that it wasn't honeymoon worthy. Reva tells him that it is fine and that it brings back memories of H.B.. Joshua starts to reminisce about H.B. and how he would talk about the cottage and wanted to bring Joshua up here as a boy to fish, but they never did. Joshua then tells Reva that he thanks God everyday for her. They start to kiss and as Joshua takes Reva into his arms, the bed collapses underneath them and they both bust out laughing.

Hart asked Cassie if she had talked to Reva and she told him yes, that she was as giggly as a school girl. Cassie tells Hart that she is glad that Reva and Joshua were able to get away, that they deserved it after everything that they had been through and that she had been really worried about them. Hart tells Cassie that he had really been worried about her and asked her how she felt this morning when she woke up. Cassie told him that she was fine and Hart asked her if she was being straight with him, she said "yes", and that she felt a little sluggish, but was fine now. That all of them had been through a lot of stress and that in a few days everything will be back to normal.

Shane and Tammy come in the room ready for Cassie and Hart to take them rollerblading. Tammy tells Cassie that she wants a pair of roller blades like Shane's and Cassie tell her that she can have a pair for Christmas. Shane tells them that he is getting ski's and that Hart is going to teach him how to ski. Hart tells Shane, "We'll see....." Cassie abruptly sent the kids outside and then confronts Hart and tells him that she thought that he had planned to spend Christmas with them. Hart tells her that he will have to think about it because that is when Dinah's due date is.

Sean comes into Dinah's office and wants to know why she wanted to see him. Dinah tell him that she didn't like the way is had carried on at Towers, acting as if there were something going on between the two of them and ruining any chances that she might have with getting Hart to be her labor coach and getting back with Hart. Sean tells her there is no way that she and Hart will get back together.

Holly is sitting at her desk looking at a picture of Megan, crying, as Harley walks into Holly's office and asks if she can go through the archives and look for information on Don Minyard. Harley then notices that Holly has been crying and she tells Holly that she is sorry about all this with Blake. Holly tells Harley that it's not just Blake, that it is also about not knowing how Megan is doing, not being able to just pick up the phone and talk to her like she used to do around this time of the day.....Holly tells Harley that she expects one day for the pain to go away, but it never does. Harley tells Holly that she knows how she feels, that she feels the same way about her daughter, Daisy. Holly then tells Harley how it could be the same, that her daughter was taking away from her, where Harley just gave her baby away and she asks how Harley could have done something like that. Harley just looks at Holly dumbfounded, like a deer caught in headlights. This enraged Harley and she asked Holly how in the world could she had ask her that question after the meeting that they had the other night and she explained then how she was just a kid in high school and that was the only thing she could have done. That she gave her away because she loved Daisy and wanted the best for her. That is was hard not knowing what she looks like, how she sounds when she laughs. Holly then asks Harley how she deals with all the pain and Harley tells her that she gets through it by telling herself that Daisy has both a father and a mother that loves her and will take good care of her. Holly tells Harley that she has this hole and that nothing can feel it. Harley tells Holly that you have to feel it with the love that you have for other people and others children, but you will never forget it and it will never go away.

Phillip asks Beth if it would be okay if Lizzie had lunch with Harley on Friday. Beth has Lizzie leave the room and tell Phillip that, yes, she has a big problem with Harley wanting to have lunch with Harley on Friday, that she feels that Harley is trying to steal her daughter away from her.

Sean tells Dinah that he could be her labor coach and she asks him why would she want him as her labor coach when she doesn't even know him and what she does know about him, she doesn't like. Dinah wants Sean to call Hart and explain to him that there is nothing going on between them. Sean agrees, but only if Dinah promises not to interfere with Cassie and Hart again. Dinah then tells Sean that she will promise him nothing and that he could be damn sure of that.

Debra comes in and tells Dinah that there has been a family problem come up with her and that she would not be able to go with Dinah tonight to her Lamaze class. Sean toys with Dinah, giving her other options of people that she could get to go with her to her class. Dinah says no to all of his ideas and so he tells her that he guesses that just leaves it for him to go with her. Dinah looks at him as if he has lost his mind.

Cassie starts to rip at Hart, telling him that she is upset that just the mention of Christmas to him and the first thing that comes to his mind is Dinah's due date!!!!! Hart tells Cassie that this has become a big deal to him, that he could be the father of this baby and Cassie tells him very sarcastically that she is starting to see just how much of a BIG DEAL it has become!!!!!

Phillip tells Beth that he finally thinks that she has lost her mind and that she had better stop with all the absurd accusations about Harley wanting to take Lizzie away from her. (Frankly, I wish Beth had been able to take that "jump" when she had the chance to, but that is just my personal opinion). Beth continues to tell Phillip that it is obvious to her that Harley regrets giving up her daughter and want to replace Lizzie for her daughter. Phillip tells Beth that the only thing that is obvious to him is that Beth has finally snapped. Phillip tells to Beth to stop with all her crazy accusations against Harley and that they will have lunch together on Friday and turns around to confront Beth face to face and notices that Lizzie is standing, crying in the doorway and has overheard their conversation.

Joshua and Reva continue to reminisce about the past. Reva finally tells Joshua that she is starving and Joshua gets up to go out to get a breakfast fit for a Queen. As Joshua leaves, Reva gets out of bed to take a shower. She has her back to the camera and it is as if we are looking at her through that window of the room. She turns to leave the room and the camera moves as if not wanting her to see "someone" watching her.

Holly tell Harley that she took it upon herself to find information on her client, Don Minyard, and that the files came up empty, that there was no such person and that there wasn't even a social security number with the check that this person deposited into Harley's bank account. Harley then tell Holly that she is worried, that Phillip tried to warn her about something like this happening, that she should have had this person checked out a long time ago....(DUH, you would think that a private investigator would know better!!!!!!!)

Beth and Phillip calm Lizzie down and she leaves the room and Phillip lays is on the line to Beth that she will stop all these accusations about Harley and that Harley and Lizzie will have lunch together. That he is tired of Beth trying to "poison" his and Harley's relationship with wild and insane paranoia.

Camera comes back to Reva, she turns around, looks into the camera and says "Oh, I thought that you were someone else". (Interesting!!!!!)

Phillip tells Beth once again that Harley and Lizzie will have lunch together as he turns to walk out the door and Beth yells at him and tells him that they will have lunch together over her dead body and then says no, over Harley's. Beth picks up a book and throws it at Phillip as he leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

Friday, August 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Reva and Josh were startled by a man claiming to own the house that they were staying in. They quickly left and boarded the Lewis jet, destined for Maui.

Blake continued to try to get the videotape back, but was unable to reach Holly. Ross brought Dr. Bradford to the house to talk to Blake about the upcoming trial. The doctor told Blake that if she didn't deal with her problems, she may never walk again. Blake ordered the doctor to leave after she suggested that Blake tell the truth. Meanwhile, Ross paid Ben a visit and asked him why he must hurt everyone else. Ben told Ross that if the three of them could get together, the situation could be resolved -- but Blake must tell the truth. Ben also told Ross about the two tapes -- but Ross wouldn't believe any of it. Their discussion is interrupted by a phone call from the man who rented the tape.

Harley told Phillip that she was no longer working for Mr. Minyard and apologized for not listening to him in the first place. Phillip had news of his own and told her about Beth's suspicions. Beth called to tell Phillip that she was taking Lizzie away on a vacation for a few days and he quickly left to stop her.

Blake got a call from the man with the tape and he asked her to meet him at the docks in half an hour -- she called to Meta for help.

Harley got a mysterious fruit basket with a note that read: "A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket I wrote a letter to my friend and on the way I dropped it." It was signed by Don Minyard. As she read the note, she was being watched by someone.

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