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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, August 17, 1998

Jack and Julia are at the hospital and he is telling her that he has said everything that he can say. "You know how I feel," he says. "If you want to give me a second chance, you know where I live." Jack starts to walk away and Julia grabs his hand and pulls him to her and kisses him. She says, "there is your answer Jack Snyder". Jack gets a big smile on his face and they kiss again.

James Stenbeck is at the docks and his cell phone rings. He is asking the person on the other end if they have found David. The person on the other end tells him that they have not found him yet. He hangs up and shouts "No". Emily is close by and gets a camera man and reporter to go over and start questioning James. Lucinda sees what is happening and makes everyone get away from James. Emily leaves to go to the hospital. Lucinda tries to comfort James, but James is mad at her for carrying on the vendetta that she had against David. James tells Lucinda it is her fault that David may be dead and that any feelings that James had for Lucinda are gone.

At the hospital, Bob is examining Margo. Bob says that he is going to run some test and depending on how the test come out she may get to go home. When she and Eddie are alone, she says that they need to talk.

Emily is hopping all around the emergency room. She talks to Barbara about Margo and Eddie. She talks to her camera man about Margo and Eddie. She tells the other reporter that Eddie and Margo are going to be their next big story. She puts some thoughts into Tom's head. She was a very busy bee today.

Jack and Julia have moved to the pond and Julia is telling Jack how much she loves this place. She tells Jack that she was about ready to give up on them when she thought he had stood her up for Carly, again. She says that she is not worried about Carly anymore. Jack tells Julia that if she loves this place so much, why doesn't she make Oakdale her home. He says that he is not sure what is going to become of them and he doesn't want to rush into anything. They start to kiss and Julia says that she has dreamed of this from when they first met. They kiss some more. Julia whispers to Jack that she wants him and he says that he wants her too. They start to kiss some more and Jack's cell phone rings. He answers it and gets the news that James Stenbeck is a free man. When he hangs up he tells Julia how dangerous James is. Then he ask if he is scaring her, she says no. He tells her he better go and she says to be careful. Jack says that he is always careful. Julia reminds him that he was in the hospital just a few hours after they met. He says now I have something to be careful for.

John and Lisa are away on their bed and breakfast weekend and they are kissing each other. The phone rings and John answers it, it is Barbara. She starts telling him about the disaster of the Valletta sinking and Margo is all right. When he hangs up, he tells Lisa about it and they decide to go back to Oakdale.

Lily can't sleep and she is watching television. A news report comes on the screen about the Valletta sinking. Iva comes in and ask her why she is up and she tells Iva about the ship sinking and David is missing. She wonders if he is dead. Maybe she can go home? She says that she is going to go pack. Iva tells her that she can't do that. Then she says that she is going to call Holden. Iva reminds her that she can't call, either. Then, the doorbell rings. Iva is scared of who it could be at this hour. She tells Lily to hide. When she answers the door, Holden is standing there. He comes in and starts to tell them about the disaster and how he was helping rescue people off the boat. Lily tells him that she wants to go home. Holden tells her about James being back in town and he is a free man. They talk about how Lucinda is acting towards James and Lily says that she doesn't understand her mother. She says that James has tried to kill so many people in her family and she doesn't know what her mother is thinking.

Back at the hospital, Margo gets a clean bill of health and she can go home. Tom goes to get the car and she and Eddie are alone together. She tells him that they need to meet somewhere and talk. Eddie says, "anywhere you, name it." She says "your place later this afternoon." Margo walks over to Tom and says that she is going to go home and take the longest bath of her life. Tom says "and you can tell me your version of what happened."

John is looking for Lisa. He asks Barbara if she has seen her. Barbara retorts that she is not Lisa's keeper. Barbara walks away and Lisa walks in. John goes up to her and she says that she has been looking for him. She starts explaining to John that he might have felt strange and that they are friends and things happen between friends and that it was her fault that they kissed. John interrupts her and says that it is not all her fault and that he wanted to kiss her.

Tuesday, August 18


Today's recap was provided by Michelle C.

Brad and Camille are at the construction site, she is insisting that he take it easy and rest a bit when Ben shows up. Surprised to see Camille there but he has come to talk to Brad. Ben thanks Brad for taking care of Camille during the whole Valletta incident, says he was glad he was there for her. Ben offers to help with the construction and Reverend Dansby shows up at the site to see Ben working. He tells Ben he was generous enough to give him a check, he should go to the hospital and tend to patients. Camille comes to stand by Ben as he tells Reverend Dansby how he quit his job at the hospital and how he is the one who vandalized the construction site. He tell the Reverend that he was angry with life, with God. Reverend Dansby tells Ben he needs to let go of the anger and do something constructive.

John and Lisa
At the hospital talking about the kiss and their conversation last night. John tells Lisa how much he cares for her, he enjoyed the kiss. Lisa thinks John is trying to make Barbara jealous, he insists he is not. He cares for both women and does not want to hurt anyone. He tells Lisa he needs some time as he walks away.

Kirk and Sam
Poolside at Lucinda's he is watching news clips of James and Lucinda, She is trying to track down information on Georgia. They see on TV how Lucinda is defending James. Lucinda is telling Emily (on TV) that she is exploiting the tragedy. Lucinda comes outside. Sam and Kirk ask her why she is defending James and Lucinda replies "That is the question of the day". As Kirk and Sam continue to question why Lucinda is defending James Lucinda tells them that she once had a child with James and she cannot just forget that, if Sam were a mother she would understand. Later Lucinda is alone by the pool and she calls Iva and asks to speak to Lily, who will not speak with her. As she is reminiscing about James Brad shows up. They talk about how alone they are, how they have no one. Then they kiss.

Hal, Jack, James, and Holden
At the station discussing the Valleta sinking. Jack thinks it was deliberate. They are trying to tie James to the incident when in walks James. He wants information regarding David, wants to know what the department is doing to find David and the person responsible for the accident. Julia comes in to make a statement and James asks her if she saw David on the boat. Jack grabs James by the collar and tells him to stay away from Julia. After Hal pulls Jack off James, Julia tells him that she saw David in the dining room with Holden telling everyone to get off the boat. She tells him the last time she saw David he was on the dock helping people into lifeboats. James says David is a hero. Jack tells Julia she should steer clear of James and they go into the interrogation room and start getting mushy. Jack has a trip to Chicago planned....Sears Tower and Cherry sodas. She agrees to go. James stares at them through the window. James tells Jack that he is going to live in Oakdale as a free man with his son and his grandchildren by his side. Hal tells him to leave and that he will call when they learn something, but James says he is not leaving, he will stay to see what is being done. Holden gets to the station just in time to hear Jack... they brought up the engine and it was sabotaged. Holden came in to make a statement also. He tells Hal that he was near the engine room when the engine exploded, but he didn't see anyone else, he says he never saw Jimmy Cameron. Of course James does not believe Holden. He tells Hal of Holden's vendetta against David and how he held a gun to David. Holden admits that but says he has no idea about the sinking of the Valleta. Hal tells Holden that as things stand, it doesn't look good for Holden. James tells Hal to arrest Holden. Kirk comes in for questioning. Tells Hal that he did hire Jimmy Cameron but doesn't know anything else. In walks the insurance agent with paperwork documenting that a million dollar policy was taken out by Kirk and Sam. Kirk says he was framed, but James keeps insisting he was not. Jack learns that $50,000 was transferred to Jimmy Cameron's account from the Falcon Club account. Jimmy Cameron is no where to be found. Hal detains Kirk for questioning and tells him to get a lawyer, Holden goes to get Jessica Griffin.

Barbara and Kim
They are at Kim's house and Barbara is talking about how jealous she is that Lisa and John went on this trip. Kim asks Barbara if she would have gone had John asked her but Barbara says she just doesn't know...maybe. Kim tells Barbara that the world does not revolve around her and she cannot continue to treat John this way. Barbara is insulted at Kim's insinuation that she is enjoying this. Kim tells her, it looks like she is enjoying calling all the shots while John jumps through hoops for her. Barbara leaves telling Kim she is going to find John to tell him she wants him to move back in. When she arrives at the hospital to look for John, Lisa is also looking for him. Both women ask Bob at the same time, if he has seen John. Bob has, he tells Barbara and Lisa that John has requested a leave of absence.

Georgia and Sam
Georgia is cleaning Eddies house when Sam knocks at the door. Georgia answers and says "oh, hi mom" and slams the door on her. Sam continues knocking on the door and finally picks the lock. They have a heated exchange and Georgia starts wheezing and passes out. Sam calls an ambulance and Georgia is brought to the hospital. Bob runs some tests and determines that Georgia has an Atrial Septal Defect which she was born with, it can be corrected with surgery but it is potentially serious. Sam's cells phone rings, Kirk tells her that they have been framed. He tells her to clear out the bank account and get out of town. She is staring at Georgia and telling Kirk she can't leave.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Eddie learns from a nosy neighbor about Georgia being rushed to the hospital. He runs inside to answer the ringing phone and as expected, it's Margo. James informs one of the detectives that Kirk had to have had help-"That bozo couldn't sink his little rubber ducky, let alone a big boat like the Valetta." Kirk fills in Sam on Cameron's apparent double-cross. He wants her to leave the country but she doesn't want to leave Georgia's bedside.

Brad and Lucinda stumble into his bedroom without breaking their lip-lock. Margo agrees to meet Eddie at noon. Tom overhears and wishes he were her mystery lunch date. Kirk wants to take the blame alone but Sam's having none of it. James won't let Molly help in the search. Brad asks Luce to leave when she mentions the women from his past. Margo lies to Tom and tells him her assignation is with a troubled rookie cop at the station. Tom asks her for her version of events with Eddie.

Georgia doesn't put much stock in Sam's assurances that she is coming back. Sam questions Bob about whether Georgia's genetic heart defect could have been inherited from one of her parents. Eddie visits Georgia, who tells him about her heart condition and the surgery she needs to fix it, and about Sam's reaction to the news that she's her daughter-it was the biggest mistake of her life telling her, Georgia claims. James accuses Molly of being part of Sam and Kirk's plan to get rid of David by sinking the Valetta. Emily dispatches a reporter to Eddie's house to get a story. Brent compliments her on having a nose for news like his.

Tom informs Margo that Emily told him what everybody at the party had already noticed-that Eddie has a crush on Margo. Lucinda decides that Brad told her to leave because she hadn't paid him enough. He rejoins that she just can't believe someone would desire her, not her money and power. Furthermore, she'll never get James out of her system.

Sam offers to pay Georgia's medical bills-money is no object. Georgia tells Eddie that she's better off being an orphan. She senses the change in Eddie, that he's got a secret, and he reveals his being alone with Margo on the island, telling her he loved her and kissing her. Tom orders Margo to keep her distance from Eddie so as not to encourage him.

Molly and Andy spar over David. Andy can't understand why Molly would care about David. Kirk goes for James' jugular when James insinuates that Sam will be going to jail along with Kirk. He'll die before he lets Sam go to jail, Kirk vows. Brad tells Lucinda that somebody James is going to regret letting her go. The way Brad regrets letting go of Camille last night? La Walsh queries archly. He's not for her, Brad denies. Molly explains why she loves David, and Andy reaches to wipe away one of her tears.

Sam arrives at the station and tells Kirk it's time to face her mistakes-all of them. Emily clues in Tom to the fact that Margo is not at the station. Waiting for Margo, Eddie daydreams that she says she loves him back. As he wakes up, there's a knock on the door. A detective that Tom questions can't verify Margo's excuse and Tom latches onto Emily's explanation of Margo going someplace more private.

Tom surmises that his wife has gone to meet Eddie. Eddie bids a hasty farewell to Emily's reporter at the door, who promptly phones his boss and tells her something must be about to happen. Bob tells Georgia about Sam covering her medical expenses because she is her former employer and wanted the best care for her. Lucinda leaves when Brad asks if she would give up everything she has for James, effectively answering Brad's question.

After she and Kirk are allowed to go home, Sam promises Jessica they won't leave town. Emily asks Tom not to assume the worst and he agrees, just as Emily's reporter calls to update her with the news that Margo has just arrived. She asks Brent to get it on tape.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Due to CBS News coverage of the bombings in Afghanistan and The Sudan, As The World Turns did not air today.

Friday, August 21

Molly dreams that David returns and they share a romantic reunion. She awakes to a harsh reality, however, as James orders her to move on. Thanks to Jack's legwork, Hal heads to the airport to nab Cameron before he can leave town. Jack stays behind for some "personal business" and is surprised by Julia. Their embrace has the boys at the station whistling as Carly walks in and sees the two of them.

Emily goes home with Tom to keep him company and Adam wonders where his mom is. Margo tells Eddie that it's time she confess how she feels. Outside Eddie's window, a camera records the dramatic tableau. She agrees with him-what she feels for him is not maternalistic, but they can never be lovers. They already are, Eddie points out.

Molly surmises that James is throwing her out of David's suite. Sam brings Kirk along when she visits Georgia in the hospital. They tell her they're under suspicion of sabotaging the Valetta, but they're going to be cleared. Sam assures Georgia that her timing in telling her she had a daughter was perfect. Margo tries to explain what her state of mind was when she first met Eddie.

Carly learns that Hal is not expected back for a while-the usual, Carly says. Julia sees Carly and wishes her well. Jack refuses to answer Carly when she asks him how long he's going to be in Chicago with Julia-it's his personal business, he explains curtly. Molly runs into Carly's arms at the station and tells her of being thrown out of David's after having been thrown out of the suite that Lucinda had paid for. Carly agrees to give her cousin some money, but not to her request to stay at chez Munson. If her plan goes well, Carly not ever going back to Hal's, she informs Molly.

Barbara arrives at the Hugheses and asks Tom if Margo's around-she's trying to find John, who's taken an indefinite leave of absence from the hospital. Barbara and Emily exchange small talk, and Barbara mentions how Margo and Eddie danced together. Tom arrives at the tail end of the conversation and blasts Barbara-the next time she needs a gossip fix, go elsewhere, he orders. On the stairs, Adam overhears. Margo and Eddie shed tears as she tells him, through his vehement denials, that she used him-she knew how he felt and she didn't do anything to stop it. She used him to make a part of herself that was dying feel alive again. Margo cries as Eddie folds her into his arms.

A tearful Sam exhorts Georgia to come home with her-she wants a chance to be her mother. James finds a letter David wrote to him in the event of his death. In it he blames James for giving him to the Allens, among other things, and reveals to his father how empty he feels, that nothing can fill it.

Hal returns with Cameron in custody and Molly goes off on the ship's mechanic for being responsible for David being taken away from her. Carly tells Molly she and Hal mutually decided to spend some time apart, though Hal insists Carly made the decision all by herself. Carly is going back to her hometown of Musselshoal. After Carly gives Hal a perfunctory kiss goodbye, she gives Molly some cash, since Molly's huge check from Lucinda sank with the Valetta. Carly explains that she's going to get Jack back where she first got him-Montana. All she needs is to get him alone again, she believes. She'll arrange it so that he'll come after her-just as soon as she gets rid of Julia.

Tom is polite in his wording, but Emily catches on that he wants her to leave. Adam asks his dad why he got mad at Barbara and Tom explains to his son that some people don't see the good that Adam's mom is doing for Eddie. Adam can't believe that Eddie would hurt her-he likes her too much. Margo tells Eddie that she doesn't love him, not in the way he wants. She has to dash his hopes and declare that she wants to be with Tom, no matter what.

Sam confesses to her daughter that she will feel guilty the rest of her life for abandoning her. Georgia agrees to give it a try with her mother. Upon departing Sam leaves her a stuffed elephant-because elephants don't forget. Kirk can't get an update from the police on the Valetta case, but Molly does inform him that they've arrested Cameron. He attacks the hired man when Cameron claims to have told the police that Kirk and Sam hired him to do it, not David. Hal takes James aside and imparts to him (as well as a hovering Molly) the news that Cameron claims to have seen David go under.

Margo hates the fact that from the beginning, she wanted to stop Eddie's pain, and she's hurt him so much more in the process. Eddie sobs after Margo leaves. When she arrives home, her face still showing the evidence of tears, she asks Tom not to make her explain where she's been. He agrees, and she reaffirms her love for him. Emily grins when she watches the videotape her reporter has gotten of Margo and Eddie's rendezvous.

Carly arrives at the farmhouse to give Julia the news that she shouldn't bother packing for her trip. She's leaving Hal, Carly divulges, and once Jack knows, he'll be coming back to her. Jack tends to an upset Molly at the station. Kirk rescues Sam when James threatens her at the station. A very much alive David is seen in the woods.


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