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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on PC
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Monday, August 17, 1998

Lark is still denying that she or her mother had anything to do with the GH murders. Frank points out all the evidence and asks Suzanne where she got the money to buy the voice activator. Suzanne blames it all on Lark. The three of them head down to the PCPD station and talk to Garcia. He asks if it's true that Lark asked her to buy the voice activator - Suzanne doesn't remember. Both Lark and Frank explain that Suzanne is pretty much out of it. Lark tries to get her mother to say it was someone matching Julie's description who told her to buy the device. Frank and Lark yell at each other about Julie for a bit. Suzanne told Garcia that Lark has been trying to kill her since she was a baby. Lark told Frank and Alejandro that she may have done a lot of stupid things in her past, but she wouldn't murder anyone. Frank assures Lark that he just wants to get at the truth - Lark thinks he just wants to clear Julie. Garcia returned from calling the hospital - Suzanne had been released a month ago and they had contacted Lark. Lark admits she knew but didn't tell anyone because she was afraid the adoption wouldn't go through and she'd be forced to live with her mother. Garcia opines that Lark kept it a secret so she could use her mother to help get rid of people she doesn't like. Suzanne starts ranting about Lark, and told them that Lark controls her via a computer chip that lark had implanted in her brain. At this point, Garcia realizes that she's really mentally disturbed. Frank points out that until Suzanne is back on her medication, she won't be lucid. They start to leave, when Suzanne mentions the button on the floor of Matt's bathroom. Alejandro pulls Frank aside and tells him that they had found a button of Kevin's on the bathroom floor, but didn't let that news out - only the killer would know!!

Kevin and the Helicopter Guy are searching for signs of Lucy. Kevin wants to go lower, but HG says it's too dangerous. Meanwhile, Lucy is laying on the ground bemoaning having eaten too many marshmallows and her shoes being ruined. The chopper went over and while she is trying to flag it down, she hears a roar - the bear has returned! She decides she can't play dead, since the bear saw her moving. After explaining to the bear that she's just skin and bones and wouldn't make good eating, she feeds him the rest of the marsh- mellows. Up in the air, they decide that a search needs to be done on foot. Just then Kevin spots Lucy and realizes that a bear is with her. They fly off to find a place to land. Lucy gets upset that the chopper left and she's out of marshmallows. She sings the bear to sleep. She starts to inch away and runs into HG with a gun about to shoot. She knocks the gun away, it went off and wakes the bear. He explains that it's a tranquilizer gun. Kevin comes out of the bushes and Lucy is thrilled to see him. She went on about sending him mental messages and knowing he would come. He told her of course he'd be worried about her. She starts to tell him about Ellen - Kevin told her that they found Ellen and she is at GH. He wants to take Lucy there to be checked out as well.

Matt is in the hospital taking Ellen to GH. Ellen is very worried about Lucy. Once there, Ellen worries some more - but Matt thinks Lucy can survive. Lucy stops in at Ellen's room when she gets to GH. She told Ellen she was worried she wasn't going to make it. Ellen says she was also worried, and Lucy tells her about the bear and how Kevin risked his life to save her. Lucy and Kevin go out into the hallway - where Lucy told him now they can start over fresh. Kevin told her that it isn't possible - he loves her, but doesn't trust her. Lucy tearfully told him she wishes he had left her in the woods - it would be easier on her than what she is going through now.

Tuesday, August 18

Serena, Scott and Karen talk about group therapy when Lucy walks up. Serena is very excited to see Lucy, but Scott told Serena they have to go. Lucy leaves, and Serena gets mad, saying that she doesn't have any friends anymore now that she's blind. She leaves for therapy and Scott told Karen that he's failing as a parent. Later, Scott and Serena run into Eve. Scott invites her over to the lighthouse, and Serena is ecstatic--all of which Lucy overhears.

Lucy visits Ellen in the hospital and told her about the reception she got from Kevin when they returned. Ellen told Lucy that she probably deserved the treatment she's been getting and that she needs to take responsibility for her actions and stop acting like a diva. Lucy gets mad and storms out, running into Kevin on the way. Ellen told Kevin about their conversation. Later, Lucy returns and Ellen apologizes for being so hard on her. Lucy told her that she's been thinking, and that if Lucy has to change, then so does Ellen. You need to relax and go with the flow, Lucy says. She gives Ellen a slinky nightgown...the first step in getting Ellen to loosen up.

Mary told Joe that she can't find the key to the safe deposit box, so he can't give Karen the ring. Joe went to the bank and convinces them to open the box. He gets the ring and gives it to Karen in a very romantic scene. She accepts.

Frank told Kevin about Lark and her mother, and how Suzanne mentioned the button in Matt's apartment. They go to the mental hospital to visit her. When Kevin asks Suzanne about the button, she told him it was a "push button" and Lark is continually signaling it. As Kevin and Frank start to leave, they see Greg Cooper staring out of a window.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning.

Frank visits Julie and told her that Lark's mother is the woman who bought the voice activator. He also told her Lark's mother and Greg Cooper are in the same hospital. Julie theorizes that Lark's mother and Greg Cooper could be in on this together. Frank told her to ease up on the conspiracy theories. He wants to talk to Lark's mother before word gets out that he is investigating this. He is unsure when her medication will take affect so that he can have a lucid conversation with her.

Lark calls the hospital and speaks with her mother's doctor. She learns that her mother should have better reasoning skills within a few days.

Karen, Neil, and Courtney talk in the hospital. Neil has made a present for Serena. Courtney asks if Karen and Joe have set a date for their wedding yet. They haven't. Courtney then comments on Karen's engagement ring and learns it belonged to Joe's grandmother. Karen tells her that she finally feels like part of the Scanlon family.

Eve visits Serena. Eve and Scott talk for a while before Serena wakes up. They talk about the Quartermaine residency and Serena's accident. Scott told Eve what drives him crazy is that she and Lucy go on like nothing has happened while Serena's life has been completely altered. Eve told him she is shocked to hear him say that. She says that everything about her life has changed. Scott says that nothing they have went through can compare to what it's like for Serena to live in total darkness. Eve says she wasn't comparing it and Scott blows up. He stands up and says that he thought he was over this but he's not. He gets twisted up inside every time he thinks about what Serena is going through right now and it drives him crazy. Eve starts to leave, saying she will come back when Serena is awake. Serena hears her before she leaves and asks Eve to come up and talk to her. Scott told Eve to go on up.

Courtney and Karen talk again. Courtney told her she used to work as a special events coordinator. She offers to help Karen plan her wedding. Karen tries to dissuade her but Courtney won't give up. Karen finally agrees to talk to Joe about it.

Eve gives Serena a game, Simon. Serena asks Eve to open her gift for her. Scott looks worried as Eve opens the gift. After Eve explains the game and asks if she wants to play, Serena says she doesn't feel like playing and she wants Eve to carry her back up to her room. Scott tries to get Serena to go up the stairs on her own but she won't. Eve carries her up.

Karen visits Julie in jail. She asks Julie to be her maid of honor at the wedding. Julie jokes that they may have to have the wedding there and Karen says that she's sure Julie will be out by then but if not, they will just have their song changed to "Jailhouse rock" and have an Elvis impersonator marry her and Joe. Julie accepts and thanks Karen. Julie then told her all the news Frank has discovered about her case. She then asks Karen to keep and eye on Lark at the hospital. Karen agrees and then Julie warns her to be careful.

Scott told Eve he has realized how helpless Serena has become. He says from now on he is going to make Serena do things on her own. Eve asks if he is sure tough love is the way to go at this point. Scott says it will be a lot harder on him but he wants Serena to have her life back.

At the hospital, Karen talks to Lark. She asks Lark is she has been to see her mother. Lark says she went months ago but her mother screamed at her to get out so she hasn't been back since. She comments that she hates those places.

Frank went to see Lark's mother's doctor. He asks if Lark visits her mother. The doctor says that Lark comes there every week but she doesn't visit her mother, she visits Greg Cooper.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Frank confronted Lark and demanded to know why she had been visiting Cooper at the mental hospital. Lark denied ever visiting Cooper and said that someone must be setting her up. Later, Frank went to the lighthouse and told Kevin about Lark. Victor interrupted Frank and Kevin while they were discussing the murders and accused Frank of being the killer. Victor pointed out that Frank's character in the book had no alibi and was not considered a suspect, just like Frank himself. Frank lost his temper and stormed out, leaving Kevin dismayed by his outburst. Victor then volunteered to go undercover at the mental institution to try and learn more about Cooper. Scott struggled to make Serena more independent and refused to give in to her request to carry her down the stairs. Courtney and Neal stopped by the firehouse and Scott admitted to Courtney that Serena wasn't doing very well. Courtney related some of the troubles she had experienced with Neal and offered Scott her help. After Courtney and Neal left, Scott stood his ground and still refused to carry Serena downstairs. Karen thanked Mary for allowing Joe to give her his grandmother's ring and assumed that Mary had known about it. Mary, however, was shocked to see Karen wearing the ring and could barely contain her displeasure. Later, Karen told Joe that she thought Mary still didn't approve of her, but Joe calmed Karen's fears. Joe then confronted Mary and made it clear that he and Karen were in love and were going to be married.

Friday, August 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning

Frank told Julie Lark's mother still isn't lucid. She still can't remember why she bought the voice activator or whom she bought it for. Lee, Julie's attorney, says his strategy is to show another suspect that had motive and opportunity, Lark. Frank becomes angry and told Lee, "you are not going to pin this on Lark." Lee says he is only proposing a defense strategy. He reminds Frank that Lark was either present or unaccounted for when each of the murders was committed and that she also had access to Julie's water bottle when Julie was overdosed with morphine. Frank argues that having access to the water bottle doesn't mean she did it. He says Lark had no reason to kill these people. Lee told them he needs to present another suspect to the jury and Lark fills the bill. Frank is angry that this could send Lark to jail. Julie questions whether he cares at all if she ends up on death row. She says from the way he is acting he cares more about Lark than her. He told her he is working every waking moment trying to clear her but you don't right one wrong by creating another. Julie believes Lark could be responsible. Frank angrily tells her, "I will not let Lark take the hit for this."

Lark visits her mother in the hospital. Her mother kisses her and tells her she is sorry she was off her medication. Lark told her mom there are a few things they need to discuss about the voice activator she bought. She asks her mother if she remembers who gave her the money to buy the voice activator and if she remembers the store. Her mom can't remember either. She then remembers speaking with a salesman and a policeman. Lark wants to know why her mother put her name on the receipt. Her mother becomes upset and accuses Lark of trying to hurt her. She strikes Lark. Lark cries, "why can't you just this once help me?" Her mother continues to tell the orderly to get Lark away from her. Lark screams, "I hate you" and runs out.

Frank comes home to find Chris waiting for him. He has brought the DL56 to Frank. Chris questions Frank about any side affects he may be experiencing. Frank is still angry and yells at Chris but Chris told him if he doesn't cooperate the deal is dead and his precious DL56 is gone. They begin to discuss Julie's case when Courtney comes in. Chris and Courtney flirt a little then Frank told her Chris was just on his way out. After Chris leaves, Courtney says, "good looking and a doctor too. Does it get any better?" Frank replies, "you know it does" and pulls her to him. He kisses her roughly and she pulls away. They then kiss again, Courtney as willing as Frank. Frank believes she was flirting with Chris to make him jealous. She denies this. Frank mentions the fact that she went to bed with him when she was dating Joe. She told him she can do a lot better than him now. They later make love on the couch. Afterwards they agree that neither of them want Joe to find out what happened between them, past or present. Lark then comes in and told Frank what happened when she went to see her mother.

Victor wants to go undercover in the hospital but Kevin refuses. He tells Victor being there with Greg Cooper is too dangerous. Victor told Kevin he will do this whether Kevin wants him to or not. Kevin says Greg Cooper will be suspicious the minute he checks in. Victor says that if Cooper does any checking he will find out they were in the same hospital at the same time before. Kevin is worried that Cooper is responsible for the murders and he fears for Victor's safety. Victor is insistent because lives are at stake. He says that what he didn't do in the past caused Ryan to be hurt. He says he may just possibly have the chance to save someone's life. Kevin reluctantly agrees but says Victor has to do everything exactly as they plan. Kevin says he will leave a list of instructions with the doctors to give him his medication. He warns Victor to make sure he gets his medication every day. He will be in locked room with Cooper and without the medication he will become incoherent and will be a target. Kevin voices his concerns. Victor assures him he will be fine. Kevin then makes a call for an ambulance to take Victor to the mental hospital. Kevin admits his father to the hospital and leaves the written instruction with the doctor. Victor plays the part of the mental patient. Kevin must then say goodbye.

Chris visits Julie. She told Chris of Frank's reaction when Lee suggested using Lark as a defense strategy. Chris told her he never suspected her but Julie doesn't believe him. Julie told him that on Monday, Lee will prove to everyone that Lark is the killer.

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