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Cass warned Rachel that Lumina was up to something, and it could be the ruin of Rachel's family. Tito stole Remy's locket and pretended he might be Paulina's child. Marley stashed Vicky in the old Love house. Rachel began to wonder if Lumina was controlling Matt and Lila.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on AW
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Monday, December 14, 1998

Matt resists Lila's attempt to seduce him. She says she'll understand if he doesn't want her, but asks him to kiss her.

Marley tries to stall Jake from going to the basement, but he sees right through her. He warns her that if Vicky was in the basement, she'll be miserable for the rest of her life. By the time he gets to the basement, Cindy has already gotten Vicky outside. But Jake knows Vicky was there and demands that Marley tell him where she is.

Cass tries to convince Rachel that Lumina was up to something, and that her family could lose everything as a result. She still thinks he's blinded by his love for Lila. She says if he cares about Lila, he'll leave her alone. When Cass points out the strange things that happened with the Brava investors, she takes him more seriously and resolves to investigate it more carefully. She calls Stark, but Ms. Allen refuses to put her call through.

Cindy drives away with Vicky in her trunk. She was surprised to get a phone call from Grant, who says he needs her right away. She leaves Vicky in the trunk and went to Grant.

Jake and Marley scream at each other. He says that room wasn't in the basement when he rented the house for her. She makes up excuses about the room being a place for her to go to feel safe. When Jake doesn't believe her, she really starts to freak out.

Despite Lila's best efforts, Matt still manages to resist her. However, they talk, and are about to kiss when the smoke detector went off, compliments of Cass. Matt runs off to get Jasmine, and Cass comes in. He stops Lila from leaving, but she's frantic and says, "they're playing a trick", meaning Lumina. Cass admits that he's the one who set off the smoke alarm. When she realizes he did it to interrupt her and Matt, she's furious.

Jake turns away from Marley and sees a button on the floor, which he picks up and puts in his pocket. He went back to Marley, who was crying and begging him not to yell at her anymore. Jake apologizes, and plays along with her story about the room. She regains her composure, and tells Jake they should just never mention the room again. He just wants to get Marley to trust him, he was still sure she has Vicky. Cindy calls Marley and told her that Vicky was in the trunk of her car which was parked at the hospital. The keys are in the sun visor. She told Marley that she better get there before the air runs out, and that she's on her own now. Marley told Jake he should go home and get some rest. He says he can't face the night alone and asks her to come home with him. He told her that he needs her.

Rachel went to Lumina and barges into Stark's office. She asks him what happened when Matt was there the day of his wedding. He's behind his chair, and she demands to see his face. He told her to be careful what she wishes for, and reveals his face to her.

Angry at Cass, Lila starts a pillow fight with him. It continues until they are rolling around together on the bed.

Cindy was disappointed to learn that Grant only summoned her to draw some blood, because the hospital worker can't find a vein. Still, she complies with his request.

When Jake gets Marley to his house, he asks her to check on the boys. She agrees, but told him she can't stay very late. After she went upstairs, he finds a picture of Vicky wearing a coat with buttons matching the one he found. He shows it to Donna and says he found it at Marley's, but Donna says Vicky could have lost a button there at any time. Jake questions her again about what she remembers, but her memories are fuzzy again. She repeats the same line, "everything that happened was my doing". Suddenly, Donna remembers Marley talking about building a room in the basement for Vicky. She asks Jake where in the house he found the button. In the basement, he says. In tears, she tells Jake what she remembers. He's livid, and warns her not to tell Marley what he knows. Marley comes downstairs and says she has to be going home. Jake convinces her to let him escort her.

Grant asks Cindy why she's being so helpful to him after the hell he put her through. She says she just wants him to get well. She helps him do some walking, and he almost seems to enjoy having her arms around him. Cass starts kissing Lila. She says he should leave, but doesn't sound convincing at all. Soon, she starts returning his kisses, just in time for Matt to come in and catch them.

Rachel was not bothered by Stark's appearance. He told her Matt was confused when he came to Lumina, but when he left he knew what he wanted and had the strength to go after it. She asks what caused the change. He simply says Lumina helps people be who they really are. She says after visiting with Stark, Matt married a woman he doesn't love. Stark asks if she's sure he doesn't love Lila. He points out that this was not the first time Matt surprised her with his choice of a bride. She warns him that if he's manipulating her family, he'll have to deal with her, and he won't like that.

Lila gets Cass to leave and begs Matt to let her explain. But Matt isn't angry. He told her everything was OK, and that their marriage was meant to be. Then he kisses her.

Jake gets Marley home. He apologizes for his earlier behavior, and tells her to call him if she needs anything. He gives her a hug and leaves.

Lila's confused about her feelings and pulls away. Matt says they can wait, they have forever to be together. He leaves to check Jasmine. Lila finds Cass's pen on the bed and rushes to return it to him before he leaves, but she just misses him.

Stark told Rachel that if Matt wants her to know what happened to him at Lumina, Matt will tell her. Before she leaves, she asks why he returned one of the paintings he bought from her. He says it's her favorite, and that she'd appreciate it more than anyone else because she's an artist. Rachel wonders how he knows so much about her. Grant asks Cindy to stay with him to be his recovery nurse after he's released from the hospital.

Marley went out to get to Vicky, and Jake follows her.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

Jake follows Marley to the cemetery. She knows Jake was following her and starts talking to Michael. She asks him to show Jake that she really loves Vicky and she wants her home. Jake assumes she was lying and wishes she would just lead her to Vicky.

Vicky was in the trunk of the car and wakes up. She was disoriented at first, but then starts to freak out. She calms herself down and says she was not moving so people can hear her. She looks for something to make noise with. Marley went home and Jake was still watching her. Jake gets a call from Paulina, who was at his house. She says he needs to get home because the boys are asking for him. He starts talking and was making no sense to Paulina and she told him to get home now. He decides to leave because Marley isn't doing anything. When Jake leaves, so does Marley but she went to Cindy's car. Tyrone comes up and she was trying to get rid of him. Unfortunately, Vicky found a crowbar to bang with and Tyrone hears it. Marley manages to get him to leave by saying she forgot where she parked so he went to look for it. Marley takes off with Vicky in the trunk.

Jake was back at home and telling Paulina he thinks Marley knows more than she was telling. She told him that she knows that Marley has an eye out for him but kidnapping her own sister was a bit much. Just then, she realizes what time it was and rushes out. Jake starts talking to God and asks him to bring Vicky home. And, Donna has a flashback. She remembers Marley talking about how Jake will become hers.

Marley takes Vicky to the old Love basement. She ties Vicky to a bedpost and tells her this will be her new home. Vicky says she can't leave her here because there was no heat and she will freeze to death. She then asks Marley what she will do with her if her plan works. Marley says that when her plan works, Vicky will be in trouble for shooting Grant and Jake and her and the boys will move away to get away from all the bad memories. She then leaves and Vicky sees a huge rat which freaks her out.

At the airport, Paulina was there to meet someone (Tito). Tito finds her and asks her if she was the one who put the missing persons ad in the paper. She says yes but she doesn't think he was her child because she thinks she had a girl. Tito says that's ok because he was used to let downs and why would his mom show up because she gave him up. Paulina says she may not of wanted to give him up and Tito says all he has of her was a locket. Paulina asks to see the locket and it was the same on as hers. She can't believe that he was her son and he says he can't be because she had a girl. She told him that they never told her but she saw it's face and she assumed it was a girl. They decide to get a blood test and keep in touch through the paper and to not tell anyone. Tito told Paulina his name was Timothy.

Jake went back over to Marley's to spy on her and she again knows he was watching, but she was also talking to her mirror friend again. He wonders what the heck she was up to.

At a restaurant, Paulina was sitting down and Remy comes in. Remy says she can tell something was wrong and Paulina says not to worry about it and she has to go. When she leaves, Tito went to talk to Remy. He told her that instead of leaving Bay City tomorrow like he originally planned, he was going to stay awhile. He feels Bay City was full of luck. Remy does not look to pleased by this plan.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Paulina lies to Joe when he wonders why she's been sifting through boxes in the attic. Jordan informs Zak that a copy of Beyond Imagination somehow survived the purge and has fallen into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Chris reports to an intrigued Cass that a copy of Stark's book is on its way from London. At the Cory mansion, Lila attempts to convince a skeptical Rachel that her marriage to Matt is now real and strong. After Etta Mae takes some advice from a friend and converts the Lucky Lady into a coffee bar, Toni asks Chris to use his influence with the Love Lady to convince her to make a personal appearance to draw in more patrons. Rachel told a rattled Lila she finally had a face-to-face encounter with the elusive Jordan Stark. Remy confides to Paulina how her childhood asthma combined with a strong will made it impossible for her to find a permanent adoptive family. Jordan orders Lila to bring him Rachel's wedding ring. Zak uses his mental powers to turn Beyond Imagination into dust just as Cass begins to lift the book from its box. Tito sneaks into the Carlino house and swipes the diary Paulina kept as a teenager.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Lila called Stark to say she was having trouble getting Rachel's ring. He insisted she could do it and told her not to fail him. As Lila tries to argue her point to Stark, Rachel shows up and Lila hangs up on him. Rachel comes into the study and showed Lila some of the gifts she got during Christmas shopping. They talked about what gifts they were going to be giving this year and Lila tried to figure out what to get Rachel. Lila decided to give Rachel a full facial and manicure. She convinced Rachel to let her give Rachel her present that day. Rachel knew Lila was up to something, but decided to play along. As Lila was giving Rachel her little beauty treatment, She takes Rachel's ring off so she doesn't get it wet and stashes it in her pocket. Cass shows up and Lila quickly finishes up and then excuses herself and runs upstairs to get something. Cass asks Rachel what Lila was up to. Rachel told Cass that she'd like to know that herself. Rachel then filled Cass in on her visit to Jordan Stark. She told Cass she was more convinced than ever that Jordan did something to Matt. Cass was glad to hear that somebody else sees what he sees was going on. Just then, Rachel realizes her wedding ring was gone. At the same time Lila comes downstairs and says she has to go out. Cass smells a familiar, Southern-fried rat when Rachel's wedding ring suddenly disappears. Accosting Lila, Cass demands that she return the ring, Lila denies taking it, but Cass doesn't believe her, then enjoys slowly frisking his prime suspect. As Cass was frisking Lila, she starts getting turned on by it and was about to kiss him when he manages to get the ring out of her pocket. They wrestle over it, but Cass wins the war and informs Rachel that Lila had it in her pocket. Lila went in to see Rachel and told her that she must have unconsciously taken her ring. Neither Cass or Rachel buy this excuse, but decide to let it go. Lila excuses herself and go upstairs. Meanwhile Cass and Rachel continue talking about Jordan Stark. Later, Lila calls Jordan and told him that she couldn't get Rachel's ring and says she's sorry. She begs Stark not to do anything to her or Jasmine and give her a little more time. Back in the living room, Rachel begins to wonder if the Lumina Foundation was controlling both Matt and Lila after Cass gives her a run down about all the coincidences that have been occurring since the Lumina Foundation has arrived in Bay City.

Cameron visited Josie at work. Surprised to see him there, she asked why he wasn't in Key West. He replied he couldn't go with Amanda. Josie was angry at Cameron for not being able to get on with his life. Gary came by and wondered himself why Cameron was there. Cameron told Gary he'd broken up with Amanda. Gary encourages Cameron to go after Amanda and was mad, seeing Cameron make what he thought were the same mistakes he'd made before. Cameron tried to explain telling Gary that he was not what Amanda needs. Unable to listen to Cameron talking about why he left Amanda when she knows the real reason was because of the baby, Josie excuses herself leaving Gary and Cameron to talk alone. Gary calls his brother a coward. Cameron says he's walking away because he doesn't want to ruin her life like the other men from her past. Gary urges his brother to make up with Amanda, warning Cameron that he'll live to regret it if he lets this good woman slip away. He then told Cameron that Amanda was hoping to make this weekend special for him. Gary leaves and Josie returns and Cameron told Josie that Gary doesn't know anything. Josie talks to Cameron and told him to listen to his heart about Amanda. Josie told him that he has the kind of love for Amanda that can last. Josie then told Cameron that he can have a life with Amanda, but Cameron thinks he cannot be with her and keep such a secret from her. Realizing Cameron had memorized the flight schedule, Josie urges Cameron to go to Key West.

Marley stuffed blankets and a coat into a bag as Tyrone came by. Jake emerged from the bushes and grabbed Tyrone as he headed for Marley's. Inside, Grant called Marley, and she tried to get him off the phone. He told her to bring Kirkland to him. Outside, Jake confided in Tyrone that he was trying to find Vicky, and he thought Marley was involved. Tyrone told Jake about the parking garage and the cars. Tyrone offered to tag-team watch Marley. Jake said he could pretend to open up to Marley, and Tyrone agreed that might work. Jake knocked and came in, pouring his heart out to Marley. He asked her to stay with them for the holidays. She was excited, but had to tell him that Grant wanted to see Kirkland. Jake pretended to be manipulated and said that was okay. Jake left, and outside he told Tyrone he thought Marley bought the act. He believed Marley was involved with Grant somehow. Tyrone promised to follow Marley wherever she went. Jake left, and Tyrone knocked on Marley's door, asking her to coffee. Knowing she couldn't get rid of him otherwise, Marley agreed to follow him in her car, and they left.

Cindy brought Grant home. She asked him if he wanted her to get the Christmas tree out of the basement. He said he wanted a real Christmas tree, and that he wanted Kirkland back with him for the holidays. He called Marley and told her to bring Kirkland over. Later, Jake and Kirkland arrived. Nobody was thrilled to see Cindy with a plateful of cookies and Jake wondered what she was doing there. Grant told them that she was helping him out. Kirkland becomes upset at the site of Cindy and Grant says that Cindy was only helping him. He also told Kirkland that Cindy wants to apologize to him for being so mean and asked Kirkland to go smooth things over with Cindy in his room. When Kirkland and Cindy were gone, Jake and Grant argued. Grant told Jake that he wants Kirkland to stay with him for the holidays. Jake says no way so Grant threatens to call his attorney and Jake told him to go for it, but it won't do any good. He then told Grant that nobody will grant him custody because the police found passports and one way tickets to Italy and know he was planning to kidnap Kirkland. Grant asks Jake what in the hell he's talking about. Jake, of course, doesn't believe him. Jake threatens Grant and suggests he come clean about what he knows about Vicky. Jake also offered to up Kirkland's visitation rights if Grant came clean with what really happened the night he was shot. While Cindy peaks around the doorway afraid Grant might tell Jake that Vicky didn't shoot him.

Etta Mae frowns in disapproval when Tyrone arrives at the Lucky Lady with Marley in tow. As Etta Mae takes Tyrone aside to give him a piece of her mind, Marley takes the opportunity to steal a knife and sneak out the back way. After Tyrone told Etta Mae he'll explain, he ends up turning around to discover that Marley has given him the slip. Tyrone asked Etta Mae to call Jake, and ran out after Marley. He came right back and finds that Etta Mae hasn't gotten through to Jake. Tyrone then told Etta Mae that his tires were slashed and he thinks Marley did it. He called Jake to let him know he had lost Marley.

Shivering in the damp basement of the Love mansion, Vicky fights to stay awake. She finds a little dollhouse with two blond twin dolls in it, just like Vicky and Marley. Eventually, Vicky passes out. Marley finally makes it to the Love Mansion and finds Vicky passed out and told her that she's sorry it took her so long to get to her. Marley gives her a blanket and gives her some hot soup. Marley sees the dollhouse and her dolls and says she forgot all about them. Marley says she used to pretend that she had a twin just like her dolls. Vicky told Marley that she's going to die down here, but Marley says she won't. Marley then informs her horrified sister that she's moving into her home with her family and that Jake asked her to move in. Vicky refuses to believe it. Marley told Vicky that she has to go home and pack and leaves Vicky alone again. Vicky holds Marley's twin dolls and prays to herself that Marley will remember that she loves her and will come to her senses and let her out of there.

Tyrone went back to Marley's place just as she arrives at her door. Tyrone calls out Marley's name and she instantly turns around and starts lying. She then comes down off the porch and asks Tyrone what happened to him, because she was in the ladies room and when she came out he was gone so she left. Tyrone sarcastically says so you where in the ladies room. Tyrone then told her while she was in the ladies room, someone was slashing his tires. Marley pretends she was concerned and told him how terrible it happened to him. She then told him that she would love to invite him in, but she has to go pack and proceeds to leave. Tyrone grabs her by the arm and told her she was not going any where and he wants to know what was going on with her.........

Friday, December 18, 1998

Due to NBC News coverage of the impeachment arguments for and against President Clinton and the continued strike against Iraq, Another World was pre-empted.

Friday, December 11, 1998

Before they prepare to leave for Key West, Amanda shows up at Cameron's to apologize for always seeming so suspicious. Amanda told Cameron that she wants him to know she believes him and won't let her insecurities cause them any more problems. A guilty Cameron feels even worse about lying repeatedly to Amanda when she profusely keeps apologizing for ever doubting his honesty. Cameron then says maybe they shouldn't go away, but Amanda told him that they need this vacation. She then told him to pack his bags and come over later so they could go on their trip, and then she left. Cameron paged Josie and then left shortly after.

Tito intercepts the message for Remy, the message Paulina left her about meeting her at the airport which was delivered by the Personal Ads Message Service at the Herald and decides not to give it to her, but comes up with another plan instead. Remy came home, disappointed that he was still there and asked if anyone called for her and he told her only the aluminum siding guy. He asks her if she was expecting a call and Remy says no. When she wasn't looking, Tito stashed the ad, Remy's locket, and jewelry box under the sofa. Tito told her that he won't pressure her into duping her friends. Remy invited Tito to a tree lighting at the restaurant, but he declined telling her he has things to do. He then got ready to leave for the meeting with Paulina, but when he opened the door, he found Nick standing there. Nick asked Tito where were his shelves, but Tito says that they aren't in the apartment, they are at his workshop. He told Remy he'll call her when he's done, and then he leaves. Nick told Remy that he maybe building shelves for her, but that's not why he's always here. Remy says she knows when a guy was attracted to her, and that Tito doesn't look at her that way. Nick still didn't believe the carpenter story this time and told Remy, Tito was out for more than just home repair. He offered to throw Tito out for her. Remy was flattered, but told Nick that she could handle it. She then changed the subject and told Nick about answering the missing persons' ad and how she went to the airport, but the person never showed up. He said he was sorry it hadn't worked out, but told her not to give up searching for her mother.

Paulina was decorating the Christmas tree when Joe and Jake return and inform her that Grant told them nothing and claimed he didn't know who shot him. As Jake was on the verge of tears, Joe and Paulina comfort him and Paulina asks Joe to let her speak to Jake alone. Jake was sad and disheartened, especially when he talks to Paulina about Christmas. Jake misses Vicky and cannot pretend. Paulina talks to Jake and told him that Vicky will be found, but in the meantime Vicky was counting on him to get her kids through this. Jake acknowledges and hugs Paulina and thanks her for being there for him. He then told her that he has to go pick the kids up from Marley's and he'll be back to join them in the tree trimming party and the lighting of the Christmas tree. Jake leaves and Paulina told Joe that she has to go run an errand. When he quizzes her as to where she was going, Paulina just told him she forgot something for the party and will be back soon and leaves for the airport. Meanwhile across the room sitting at a booth, Josie and Gary are having lunch and discussing Josie risking her life as well as the babies to save Amanda and Cameron. Gary opens up to Josie about his past and his father and he told her that he doesn't know what he'd do if he ever lost her or the baby. Josie assures Gary that she was well and the baby was going to be fine and he will never lose her. Just then Josie gets her page from Cameron as Amanda calls Gary to the Cory house and told him that they have some information they need him to check into. Gary leaves.

Later Outside Carlino's, Cameron meets up with Josie and told her that he has to tell Amanda the truth about the baby. Josie begs Cameron not to ruin their happiness. She then told him that he has Amanda and Gary has her and that this was Gary's last chance so please don't ruin all of their lives by telling Amanda about the baby. Cameron agrees to keep quiet and then leaves to head over to the Cory's. While Josie heads home.

Marley brought Steven and Kirkland back to her place to wrap Christmas gifts. Marley mentions that Jake was dropping by and Vicky thinks he's coming to save her. Meanwhile, down in the basement, Vicky eagerly listens to her sons's voices as they discuss making a welcome home card for the day they see their mother again. While the boys are having cookies and milk, Marley slips away and comes down to the basement to taunt Vicky about how close she, Jake and the boys are getting. Marley told her sister that she was sure Vicky's stay would be temporary, just until Jake fell back in love with her. Marley then tried to surprise Vicky by giving her a small Christmas tree, but Vicky flung it back at her and told her sister that she hopes she rots in hell. Marley told her that's a wicked thing to say and leaves to go back upstairs. Jake shows up and Vicky hopes he was there to save her, but then realizes that he doesn't even know she's here. Jake sees a card Kirkland made for Vicky. Jake told Marley that he doesn't think he can take anymore of this. Jake says whoever made Vicky write that letter deserves to be killed. Marley says that maybe, just maybe, Vicky was really guilty. Jake says that some monster was holding Vicky hostage and she was counting on him to come save her. Marley told Jake he can't give the kids false hope, because she may not come back. Jake begins to sniffle and Marley told him that he never has to pretend in front of her. She then put an arm around him and made sure Vicky knew she was holding Jake. They boys return from the kitchen and Jake thanks Marley, and asks if he can come to the tree lighting party with her and the boys. Downstairs in the basement, Vicky was dismayed to hear Jake ask Marley if he can accompany her and the boys to the tree lighting party at Carlino's. Before Marley can answer, the boys tell them both that they don't want to attend a tree lighting party without Vicky. Jake ends up convincing the boys to go to the tree lighting, for Vicky's sake. As they all get ready to leave, Marley told them to go ahead, she wants to lock up the place and will be right out. They leave and Marley went back downstairs to twist the knife a little more in Vicky's back. Vicky ignores Marley while Marley told Vicky that no matter what, she was sorry. Marley told her she was still her sister, but she's married to the man she loves, who was her husband. Marley offers to take the monitor out if it was too much for Vicky, but Vicky angrily curses Marley and told her that she just wants out. Vicky swears to God that if she ever gets out of here, she will kill her. Marley told Vicky that she was a very dangerous person, and she then leaves.

Paulina shows up waiting for her long lost child and flashes back to the day she gave her baby up for adoption. She remembers the doctor telling her not to tell anyone what happened here today and to forget the baby ever existed. Paulina then remembers asking a nurse to give a locket Paulina had to whoever takes the baby and tell them its from the babies mother. As she comes out of her flashback, Paulina prays she can find her baby. When the person doesn't show up, Paulina leaves. however, Tito was spying on Paulina and while watching her twirling the locket, got an idea. He then headed back to Remy's place where he retrieves Remy's locket out of her jewelry box. Noticing it's a dead ringer for Paulina's locket, Tito decides to pocket it and says to himself that it looks like he'll be sticking around in Bay City after all as he looks up to God and says thank you.

Cameron shows up to tell Amanda that he can't go with her to Key West because something came up. Amanda was angry and wants to know why, but Cameron just says that he isn't what she needs, he's trouble. Amanda asks Cameron if he's dumping her. He tries convincing her he's not the man she thought he was, and that she should move on. Amanda doesn't understand. Cameron told her that maybe they aren't right for each other and says that fate was always trying to keep them apart. He then went on to tell her about all the jerks she always gets mixed up with and that if she stays with him, it'll just be the same, that was why she needs to walk away. Amanda refuses to give up, but Cameron says that he can't change who he was and can't be the guy she needs. Amanda told Cameron she was going any way and the cab was waiting. As she leaves out the door, she told him that the plane leaves in a half-an-hour.

Jake and the boys arrive and Jake meets up with Joe. Joe confirms that it was Vicky's handwriting on the letter. He added that they'd found a fiber in the envelope, that look like a piece of wool, but that it couldn't be traced. This intrigues Jake and he asks if he can see the report. Joe lets Jake read the forensics report. Jake looked at the fiber and as he reads the report, he starts remembering Vicky telling him that if she needed him to come rescue her, she would raise a red flag. Jake then began to make the connection. Later as the Carlino's light the Christmas tree, Marley comes and stands in front of Jake with the boys. Jake sees Marley's red scarf and as he looks down at the shaggy end of Marley's scarf, he notices that the fiber looks exactly like the same fiber that was found in Vicky's letter........

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