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Cameron and Amanda made up. Marley realized Jake and Tyrone were working together. Marley had Jake arrested to keep him off her trail. Cass told Lila that she and her baby could have everything she wanted with him. Joe invited Remy to celebrate Christmas with him and Paulina.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on AW
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Monday, December 21, 1998

Lila and Rachel are invited to a formal dinner at the Harbor Club by Jordan Stark.

Jake was willing to give Grant more time with Kirkland if he'll say what really happened to Vicky, but Grant won't talk. He says that with Vicky missing, he'll have no problem getting custody of Kirkland. Jake loses it and attacks Grant, but he stops when Kirkland runs to Grant. Meanwhile, Vicky was barely holding it together in her prison. She keeps trying to convince herself that Marley won't leave her there to starve to death.

Tyrone confronts Marley about his slashed tires. She denies having anything to do with it, but he knows she's lying, and he's determined to get to the truth. She told him she left because she got a phone call from someone trying to sell her information about Vicky. Tyrone still knows she's lying and demands the truth.

Jake wants to take Kirkland home, but he wants to stay with Grant. Jake lets him stay so he'll be happy for Christmas.

Lila doesn't want to go to Jordan's dinner, but Matt was curious and wants to go. Lila says she wants to stay at home, and when Cass offers to stay with her, he and Matt start bickering again. Cass tries to talk Rachel out of going to the dinner, or to at least take him along. She tells him no.

Marley told Tyrone to leave her house. Jake arrives and asks what's going on. Tyrone says he's tired of Marley making a fool out of him and fills Jake in on what happened. Jake plays Marley's defender. When he orders Tyrone to leave, he does. Marley says that as soon as she packs, she'll meet Jake at his house. She believes Jake really wants her. Outside, Jake thanks Tyrone for his help. Tyrone says Marley was gone long enough to go to Vicky and come back home.

Cass told Felicia about Jordan's dinner party. The two of them are worried that Rachel or her family will be in danger, and decide to crash the party.

When Marley brought more food to Vicky, Vicky tries to convince her that if she leaves her there, she was going to die. Marley says that won't happen, but Vicky told her that she can't have both her and Jake. Vicky holds out her hands and pleads with Marley to let her go, and they can forget the whole thing ever happened. Marley reaches for her. When the night nurse arrives at Grant's, Cindy scares her away. Grant says he can't manage alone when Kirkland was there, so Cindy volunteers to stay. Grant accepts her offer.

Cass watches Lila, Matt, and Rachel from his table with Felicia. Felicia can see that he's jealous seeing Lila enjoying herself with Matt. Stark was late, so Rachel invites Cass and Felicia to join them. Rachel gets a phone call... it's Stark. He asks her to join him on the terrace. He says he wants to see her alone. She went to him and encourages him to come inside, but he says he can't. He's worried about how people will react to him. He's taken with Rachel, for she looks at him without turning away. He told her he brought her a present. When she looks at it, he slips away. Rachel returns to the table and announces that she was with Stark on the terrace. Lila sees that Rachel's wedding ring was missing. She leaves the table.

Marley says she made a mistake bringing Vicky there. She's crying, and Vicky asks her to untie her, but Marley says Vicky has to stay there. She'll never have her dream if she lets Vicky go. Vicky pleads with her, but Marley gets hysterical and starts to leave. In frustration, Vicky screams and throws the twin dolls at her. Marley realizes that Vicky just wanted to get out and get back to Jake. When Marley leaves, Vicky was crushed, but then she sees something.

Rachel opens Stark's present. It's a sculpture she made a long time ago. She had sold it, and wonders how Stark knew that she'd wanted it back. Cass leaves to find Lila. He questions her yet again about how she expects to be happy when she's married to a man who doesn't love her. She's still determined to make her marriage work. When Marley gets to Jake's house, he's there alone. She says he looks tense and offers him a massage, which he accepts. He told her how great it was having her there, then pretends to fall asleep. She lies down next to him on the couch and puts his arm around her.

Vicky finds Marley's make-up pouch on the floor. She looks at herself in a compact, and was shocked to see the toll her ordeal has taken on her appearance. She throws the mirror down and it breaks. She uses a piece of the mirror to start cutting the rope around her hands.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

Amanda was in Key West fantasizing about Cameron being there with her when who should show up but Cameron himself! He asks if it will still work out between them and she slaps him.

At the Harbor Club, Felecia was wondering why Stark gave Rachel a sculpture and suggests that maybe he was interested in her. Rachel says that was obsurd. Lila and Cass are outside and he preaches to her once again about her marriage. He asks her why she was so scared also and she makes an excuse saying that he scared her when he came up behind her. He told her she could have everything with him and not Matt. She needs true love and Cass can give it to her. He grabs her and Matt comes out and pushes Cass away telling him to get his hands off of his wife.

Back at Key West, Cameron told Amanda to get it all out and slap him again. She told him she got over the fact he was in jail and the fact that she slept w/Josie and possibly had a child with her but she cannot get over the fact that he just let her leave. He replies by telling her that he was scared of commitment but she doesn't buy that. She told him that if he leaves right now he can catch low tide and catch a plane because she wants him out of the room by the time she returns from the beach. At the Cory mansion, everyone was arriving back from the Harbor Club. Lila and Matt go upstairs and Rachel gives her gloves and coat to Claudia and realizes her wedding ring was gone. Upstairs, Matt and Lila are talking and Lila suggests that maybe Matt stay w/her tonight. Matt doesn't really like that idea and Lila says they don't have to make love, she just wants to be in the same bed as her husband. Matt says they will eventually, just not right now. Rachel comes up and accuses Lila of taking her wedding ring again.

In Jordan's office, he was comparing Rachel's ring to a ring in a book but they don't match. Zak comes in but Stark rushes out in a hurry. Rachel was about to go into the Harbor Club, but Stark stops her and asks her if she was looking for this and holds up her wedding ring. She asks him where he found that and he says that he was walking by the river and came across it. She says it's interesting how he could find it in the dark. They start talking and she asks who this girl was that hurt him but he has to leave suddenly.

In the Harbor Club, Cass was getting drunk remembering about Lila and even starts to recite part of a poem he wrote about her. He gets up to go beat up Jordan Stark and Felecia tries to persuade him out of it to no avail. At Lumina, Lila comes into Stark's office and told him that he needs to do something about Matt. Stark told her that he got Matt to the alter and he can't doing anything else, it was up to Lila. Lila was not pleased by this information and was getting ready to leave but hears Cass coming. She hides and listens to what Cass was saying. Cass was screaming at Jordan telling him to leave Lila alone and defending her and then he reaches out to grab stark but Felecia takes him out. Lila comes out and was in awe how Cass defended her. Stark told her to never see him again and Lila says that it won't be easy. Stark orders her to get rid of the power that Cass somehow has over her, and then shows her his face. Lila was sort of hypnotized by his face. At Key West, Amanda returns to an empty room. Someone knocks on the door; it's Cameron. He told her he missed the tide so it looks like he will be staying with her tonight.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Due to the flood, Cameron was forced to stay with Amanda. Cameron started out sleeping on the couch while Amanda took the bed. Due to the storm, they lost electricity. Cameron and Amanda eventually started to talk about their feelings and the mistakes that they have made. The two eventually gave in to their desires and made love.

Josie brought in the suspect from the baby steeling case, Hail, to Joe. Joe said to book him. Hail threatened to tell Gary about the true paternity of her baby. Hail tried to make a deal with Josie to let him go, or he will tell Gary everything. Josie refused to go along with Hail's plan. Just then, Hail stood up and loudly complained that his rights were violated when Josie didn't read him his rights.

Josie realized Hail would in fact tell Gary everything without hesitation. So Josie went along with the plan once Joe and Gary questioned her. Josie told Joe and Gary that she did in fact forgot. Joe was very upset and yelled at Josie. Gary jumped to her defense. Joe eventually understood why Josie forgot to Mirandize the baby stealer. Joe put Josie on desk duty indefinitely. Toni tried to comfort Josie. Josie told Gary that she had been examined by Hail and that was the reason for her nervousness.

Jake and Tyrone plotted to get Marley to lead them to Vicky. Tyrone brought a pretend drunk Jake into the house so that Marley could see Jake drunk. After Tyrone dropped Jake off, he left. Marley found a flask in Jake's jacket that didn't have very much missing from it. She questioned Jake how he could be on the verge of passing out when he didn't drink that much. Marley started to question Jake and his whereabouts for the evening. Marley caught Jake in his lie, but Jake continued to play out the story.

Marley left a sleeping Jake on the couch while Marley and went outside to call Tyrone's house to make sure Tyrone really went home or if he was going to follow her when she made her trip to Vicky's. She eventually tracked him down on his cell phone at the Lucky Lady. Marley realized that Tyrone and Jake were working together on this.

After she hung up with Tyrone, Marley grabbed the soup she made for Vicky and left. While outside, Marley called the police posing as Jake's mother and expressed her concern when her drunk son sped out of the driveway. The police said they would track him down and get him off the road, and they did just that. The police pulled Jake over and arrested him.

Vicky vowed to get free. While, cutting away at the rope around her wrist, Vicky cut herself and began to bleed. Luckily, she was able to stop it. She forced herself to stay strong. Just as Vicky broke her arms free, Marley walked in and caught Vicky. A mini cat fight between Vicky and Marley broke out. Marley got away from Vicky and pinned her. She then realized that Vicky was sick. Vicky looked as though she was going to pass out at any moment. When Marley left for some medicine, Vicky sat right back up, and with a little giggle, began to cut away at the newly tied rope around her wrist.

Thursday, December 24, 1998

With Vicky still missing and Jake behind bars, Paulina and Etta Mae gear up to make sure that Steven has as normal a holiday as possible. Remy brought a reluctant Tito over to the Lucky Lady for a job. Remy was about to bring Tito in to introduce him to Paulina and Etta Mae, but upon seeing Paulina standing there talking with Etta Mae, Tito ducks out of sight to avoid being spotted by Paulina. Remy wondered where he went and Paulina asked Remy to bring her friend to the hospital Christmas party. Outside, Nick ran into Tito and wanted to know if Tito was following Remy. They nearly got into a fistfight, and Paulina's diary fell out of Tito's pocket. Remy came outside, broke up the argument and wanted to know what was going on. Tito told Nick that he was here for a job interview and was not following Remy around. Remy noticed the diary and wondered what it was. Tito yanked it back and went into the Lucky Lady. He charmed Etta Mae into letting him have a shot at being a waiter. Nick and Remy came in, surprised to see Tito already working. Remy told Nick to cut Tito some slack because if he gets this job maybe he won't bother them anymore. Nick and Remy then order some coffee and when Etta Mae asks her how was it, she lies and says it's wonderful. Etta Mae was not convinced and told Tito to pour her some. Tito pours it down the drain and when Etta Mae asks him why was he pouring out her coffee, he told her because he thought it had sat on the stove too long. Etta Mae says that was what they have thermos's for and asks Tito didn't he know about that from his last job. Tito lies and told Etta Mae he didn't see the thermos. He then says he has to go to another job, but will return in the morning. Etta Mae says ok, but he better not run out on her again otherwise he can keep on running. Nick thought Tito was a loser while Tito headed out to his meeting at the docks with Paulina.

Amanda and Cameron wake up in each others arms after spending a blissful night making love at the house in the Keys. As they started to eat breakfast, Allie called her mother and Cameron answers. He doesn't know who it was at first, but then hands the phone over to Amanda and told her it was her kid. Alli told Amanda that she won't be coming home for Christmas this year because she's going snowboarding with her friends. Amanda was upset and told Cameron that her little girl should be home. Cameron told Amanda that maybe she doesn't want to come home because of him. Cameron offers to spend Christmas with Gary and Josie so Alli will come home. Amanda told Cameron that she won't spend Christmas without him and Alli will have to learn to accept him. Later, Cameron and Amanda make love again.

Charlie was upset to be spending Christmas at Donna's place. Cass told her they have no choice until the renovation on their place was done. Charlie told him she wanted to be with Felicia. Cass told her that Felicia was away spending Christmas with Lorna and Jenna. Charlie fears that her mom's spirit won't be able to find them this year. Cass told her that Frankie will always find them and always be with them. They get a knock at the door and Cass wonders who might it be. He opens the door to find Lila standing there with baby Jasmine. Cass tried to cover up his enthusiasm, but Charlie was thrilled to see Jasmine and was excited to be able to hold the baby. Charlie then told her dad that maybe mom was watching over them after all. Lila gives Charlie a Christmas present. Charlie opens it up and Lila told her it's a beauty/hairstyling kit. Lila then helps Charlie brush her hair and makes her look real special, while Cass looks on adorably. Lila then gives Charlie all types of beauty tips. Afterwards, Lila gives Cass his present. It turns out to be a Jazz LP he has been admiring. Charlie gives Lila a present for Jasmine, a little baby dress. Cass then gives Lila her present, her own pair of sapphire earrings. Lila was thrilled. She nearly asked them over that night, but Charlie revealed she and Cass were helping with the children at the hospital. Lila tried to hide her disappointment. She and Jasmine then left so Cass and Charlie could get ready to go to the hospital.

Marley drops some food off to Vicky and Vicky told Marley to look at her, she's dying. Vicky starts coughing violently and Marley says she just has a cold. Vicky told Marley she won't last another day, but Marley told her she was confused and to just take the medicine. Vicky can't and Marley told her that she's leaving because she's sick of listening to her talk about dying. Marley told her to get some rest and then she leaves.

Joe refuses to let Jake go until he told him what he knows about Vicky. Jake says he would have found her by now if it wasn't for him! Tyrone nods to Jake, so Jake told Joe that he thinks Marley was holding Vicky prisoner. Joe was angry with Jake for not telling him this earlier, but Jake says he feared Marley would kill Vicky if he knew she was being tailed. Joe told him that she already knows because an anonymous person gave them a tip last night about him driving around drunk. Joe chastises Jake and Tyrone for interfering with a criminal investigation. Jake says that he thinks Vicky was a killer and that's why he didn't come to him. Joe asks if they think Marley shot Grant, but Tyrone doesn't think she would go that far. Marley shows up and Jake pretends that he has a hangover. Marley asks Joe if Jake was driving drunk and Joe says that the officer said he was drunk and Jake resisted arrest. Joe told Jake to come in his office so they can talk. In his office, Jake told Joe not to give Marley a reason to be paranoid. Joe told Jake that he doesn't want to tip Marley off any more than Jake does. Jake then asks Joe if he still thinks that Vicky shot Grant. Joe doesn't say that he does, but he does tell Jake that he has to do his job the professional way, whether he likes it or not. Jake and Joe leave Joe's office and Joe told Jake not to let this happen again. Marley told Jake that she's not buying this. Marley told Jake she knows he wasn't drunk and was lying to him. Marley says she knows they think she has done something with Vicky and are trying to trap her. Marley told both Jake and Tyrone to leave her alone. Marley told Jake that she's sick of him, this town, and hearing about Vicky. Marley told Jake that she never should have returned, so she's going back to China. Jake grabs her and told her "like hell you are!"

At the hospital party, Cass and Charlie arrived and Paulina told Charlie she looked great. Shortly after, Joe arrived on edge, and told Paulina about Jake and about Josie's screwup, and how he had to suspend her. He then ran off with the Santa suit to change. Remy and Nick showed up and Paulina told them she had to go out to cover the crowd at the restaurant. Joe asked for help with the Santa beard, but when Remy told him Paulina had just left, he handed Cass the suit and ran out after her. Cass took over and dressed as Santa. When Lila and Jasmine came in, he had her sit on his knee. He then asked her to tell him what she really wanted. (Lila didn't realize it was Cass.) When Lila said all she wanted was for her baby to be safe and loved, Cass revealed himself and told her that she could have it all.

Paulina meets up with Tito at the docks, who learns that Paulina hasn't told Joe about him. Tito told her that he doesn't want to mess up her life because he doesn't even know if he was her kid. Paulina asks if he knows anything about his mother and Tito told her that all he knows was he was born on his mom's 16th birthday, which makes Paulina cry. Tito knows she thought he was a girl. Paulina asks Tito to stay in Bay City and she'll arrange a DNA test. Tito told her that he'll stay as long as he can. After Tito leaves, Joe shows up and he told her that he knows why she was here.......

Friday, December 25, 1998

Dressed as Santa, Cass again tries to convince Lila that love was her key to happiness, and that it was within her grasp. And again, she turns him down.

Rachel phones Jordan and invites him to spend Christmas with her family. Matt objects when he hears her invitation. Jordan appreciates Rachel's invitation, but declines. Matt can't believe she invited him at all, but was happy he won't be coming. Jordan wonders what was behind Rachel's invitation.

Joe find Paulina at the docks. He says he knows why she's there and wishes she would have talked to him about it. She's surprised that he is so understanding.

Marley told Jake she's going back to China. He says she's not going anywhere until they find Vicky. She says she knows that he still suspects her of kidnapping Vicky. He asks her for a chance to prove her wrong.

Joe hasn't quite figured out what's been bothering Paulina. He thinks she's upset because she was abandoned by her mother. He still doesn't know about the baby Paulina gave up. Paulina told him that her mother didn't abandon her. She died when Paulina was a baby. Joe says he just wants to make up for all the people who hurt her in the past. He says she can tell him anything; it won't change the way he feels about her. She still doesn't tell him about her baby.

Remy knows Tito was up to something, but he won't tell her what it is. She warns him to stay away from Nick. He warns her that if she crosses him, he'll tell Paulina who and what she really is.

Rachel visits Jordan and brought him a gift... a 200 year old fruitcake. He says she must have been talking to Cass, and yet she's not afraid of him. She says there isn't much that scares her. She told him she'd like to sculpt him. She also says she wants the truth. Rachel says that by sculpting Jordan, she'll know who he really is. He agrees to sit for her, if she'll tell him all about herself.

Amanda gets home. She's a little down because Alli was spending Christmas with Sam instead of her, but she doesn't want to dwell on it. Matt says he'll do whatever it takes to keep Jasmine's parents under the same roof. When Amanda says it takes love, he says he loves the way his life is right now. For him, family was everything.

Lila went to Cass and told him that he was wrong about her and Matt, but that she's worry for running out on him earlier and would like to make peace between them. He wants that, too. She says she wants him to be happy and to be loved. She leaves and as soon as the door closes, she starts to cry. Cass opens the door again and they hug. Lila says she tried so hard to not want Cass. He told her to stop trying. They kiss.

Marley went back to Jake's house to pack. He begs her not to go. He says he can't take anyone else leaving him. He told her that the reason he got drunk was because he realized how much he needs and wants her.

Tito told Remy that Nick and the rest of her new friends don't really care about her, but she says he's wrong. She says she belongs there. She knows she can turn her life around. He says he's never turned his back on her, and if there was anyone she can trust, it was him. Lila and Cass are about to make love, but when Cass says he'll explain everything to Matt, she backs off. Cass mentions Jordan, and Lila says Matt and Jordan can't find out, for Jasmine's sake.

Marley says that last Christmas, after Jake married Vicky, she thought she lost him forever. Now, a year later, he says he needs her. To help convince her, Jake kisses her gently. Marley says they need each other and told Jake she'll stay for as long as he needs her.

Even though Lila loves Cass, she can't risk leaving Matt. She asks Cass if it can't be enough for them to be together without telling Matt, but Cass says no, that isn't enough. He doesn't want to have to settle for half a relationship. He says it won't make her happy, and that's all he wants for her. Before she leaves, he told her that he's not giving up on her.

As a surprise for Paulina, Joe invites Remy to spend Christmas with them. Paulina was thrilled. Tito watches them through the window.


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