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Stark broke into the Cory mansion to get the family Bible. Jordan became convinced Amanda was the woman he was looking for. Cindy gave Marley antibiotics for Vicky but warned that Vicky needed a hospital. Donna told Marley she remembered everything and demanded to know where Vicky was.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on AW
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Monday, December 28, 1998

Matt, Lila and Jasmine gather around the Christmas tree. Matt told Jasmine that the three of them will have many Christmases together, but Lila was thinking about Cass. Cass was thinking about Lila, too.

Vicky wakes up to the sound of Christmas bells. She renews her determination to get out of her predicament alive. Her thoughts turn to memories of Christmas past with her family.

Marley was trying to buoy Jake's spirits. She told him that after today, things will be better, if he'll let it. She also tries to make him realize that Vicky isn't coming back.

Grant does his best to make Kirkland's Christmas a happy one with many gifts under the tree, but he can't give him the one thing he really wants... Vicky. Grant says he too wants Vicky to come back, and fantasizes that Vicky returns and wants to renew her relationship with him. When the doorbell rings, Kirkland was disappointed that it was Cindy, not Vicky. She has presents for Kirkland to help distract him from the fact that Vicky isn't there, which impresses Grant.

Lila sees how much Amanda and Cameron are in love. Amanda says she never thought she'd meet someone who knows all her faults but loves her anyway. Lila told her that it was rare... she should hang on to it and never let it go. Meanwhile, Cass fantasizes about spending Christmas with Lila. Lila finds a present under the Cory tree for Jasmine. It's from Jordan. Lila's upset by the gift. Steven was spending Christmas with the Corys, but he obviously misses Vicky very much. Matt tries to cheer him up.

Marley tries to convince Jake that the sooner he accepts the reality that Vicky isn't coming back, the sooner he can heal. Etta Mae and Tyrone visit to help Jake get through Christmas. Marley tries to tell them that it's not a good time, but they insist Jake needs his friends. However, Jake went along with Marley, and told them he'd rather be alone.

Paulina really enjoys having Remy spend Christmas with her family. She dreams about having Tito spending next Christmas with her. Grant asks Kirkland if there's anything special he'd like to do for Christmas. Kirkland whispers something to Grant, and Grant says it's a great idea. The two of them go out.

Jake decides he doesn't want to go to the Corys for dinner, he just wants to be alone. He's surprised when Steven and Kirkland suddenly arrive at home. They say they wanted to be with Jake for Christmas, because Vicky always said when you're a family, you stick together. Paulina suggests to the Corys that since they're all so lucky to be together, they should go out and spread some Christmas cheer to those who are less fortunate.

Jake, Marley, Donna and the boys finally decorate a Christmas tree. They think about last Christmas, when Vicky was there. Jake was overcome with sadness and starts to walk away when Paulina arrives, along with ALL of Jake's friends. They're singing Christmas carols. Far away in her prison, Vicky can hear Jake sing.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

Lila was in the study and Cass comes in. Things get really awkward. He says that he was only here to see Rachel. Lila starts checking things off for her New Years party and Cass asks her what she was doing. She told him planning a party and she supposes he won't come. He says he won't but not because he has given up on her. Matt comes in and was not happy to see his wife and Lila in the same room together. They leave to go give Jasmine a bath. Rachel comes in and told Cass she has a way of finding out more about Stark. She is going to sculpt him.

At Jake and Vicky's, Jake comes down stairs looking for Marley, when he finds her in the kitchen he told her he was worried that she left because he needs her. Steven comes in and told Jake that Kirkland was on the swing crying because Jake promised that Vicky would be home for Christmas and she wasn't. Jake invites Marley to help him talk to Kirk but she declines. As soon as Jake leaves to talk to Kirk, Marley takes off her robe, (she was dressed underneath it) and leaves to go see Vicky.

At Grant's, Grant was upset that Kirkland went to be with Jake instead of him. Cindy tries to talk to him but he won't listen. The doorbell rings and Cindy answers it. It's Joe. He wants to see if Grant remembers anything by reenacting when he got shot. Grant agrees much against Cindy's wishes and says he remembers hugging Vicky before he was shot. Joe says that forensics told him the bullet came from the doorway of his bedroom. He wonders how Vicky did it when she was standing in front of him. Joe asks Grant if he has any guns. Grant says no because Kirkland was always at his house. He used to have one but he got rid of it. Joe says the gun used to shoot him was registered under his name. He also wonders why, if Vicky was in front of him not shoot him then instead of walking all the way to the bedroom and why Grant would just let her walk around and just stand there. Cindy points out to Joe that all the evidence points to Vicky, including a note that she wrote and she confessed. Joe wonders if someone was holding Vicky because she witnessed the whole thing and forced her to write it. The phone rings and Cindy answers it, it's Marley. She was worried about Vicky, but Cindy told her she can't talk right now because Grant was there with Joe. Marley has Cindy put Grant on the phone and she told him that she still has the tape where he confesses to burning down Paulina and Joe's house. He hangs up the phone and told Joe he doesn't remember anything else and Joe leaves. Grant asks Cindy if she shot him and Cindy was very hurt that he would think a thing like that. He says that her and Marley seem to make a nice team and Cindy asks Grant if he was the one working with Marley because then Marley could get Jake and Grant would get Kirkland. The phone rings again and it is Marley. Grant leaves and Cindy talks to Marley. Marley was worried because Vicky has a temp. of 103, was always coughing, has chest pains, and was hot one minute and shivering the next. Cindy says it sounds like she has pneumonia. Marley starts freaking out because she can't take her to a hospital without blowing their cover. Cindy says she can bring over some antibiotics.

At Lumina, Rachel was drawing a picture of Stark and Stark was asking her a bunch of questions. He then asks her about the Cory family history, if she kept records of the family history, and where she keeps them. This makes her very suspicious. But she told him that she keeps the family history in a Bible in the library.

Back at Jake's, Marley returns and throws her robe back on to make it look like she never left, little does she know that Jake was watching her. He asks her when the charade was going to be over. She asks him what he means by that and he covers saying that he was sick of waiting for Vicky to walk through that door. He told her he just realized that Marley was also affected by Vicky leaving because that was her sister. He says he can't wait for Vicky to come home because then he can tell her it was over. He wonders what he did to make her just leave. Marley was very pleased by this news that he might be over Vicky. Jake told her that he just needs to see her one more time to tell her it was all over before he can get on with his life and possibly meet someone new.

Lila gets a call from Stark. He told her that he needs her to get everyone out of the house immediately. She starts to act like she can't breathe so Matt takes her to the hospital and, much to her dismay, Rachel stays to look after Jasmine.

At Jake's, Cindy comes to the door and gives Marley the antibiotics but she tells her that this won't make Vicky better. What Vicky really needs was to get to the hospital but Marley told her that was impossible. Then Marley tells her she needs another favor.

At the Corys', Stark breaks into the library and starts to look for the Cory family history. He hears someone and hides. It was Rachel she returns something back to the library then leaves. Stark comes out of his hiding place and looks at the family Bible.

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Paulina made plans to meet with Tito to discuss the DNA testing. Tito managed to pluck a hair out of Remi's head claiming that he saw she had a gray hair. Tito met Paulina at the pier. Paulina was feeling guilty and vowed to make it up to Tito if they were in fact mother and child. Paulina said she doesn't feel like she was his mother because she doesn't feel it in her heart. Tito brushed it off as that happening only in the movies. Tito then urged Paulina to keep their secret.

Cameron and Josie felt relieved that their baby will be okay. Josie told Cameron about her desk duty position and what lead to this. Cameron was determined to get the baby-stealer behind bars.

Jordan, while inside the Cory mansion, found the Cory family tree. Amanda walked in the house and heard a noise coming from the study where Jordan was. In the study, Amanda noticed the class display case that the family tree was in was cracked. Jordan watched Amanda and had a flashback of a blonde woman rubbing her fingers through her hair. Jordan managed to escape from the house when Amanda went to answer the door. It was Cameron. Suddenly Amanda felt safe.

Amanda expressed interest in the baby steeling story. She asked Cameron to accompany her on the interview. Cameron informed Amanda that Hail was not in jail due to Josie forgetting to read the Miranda rights. Amanda was convinced that Josie has a one woman mission to destroy her life. Amanda wanted to expose Hail and give the new BRAVA a good opening story. After she calmed down, Amanda showed Cameron the family tree. Amanda invited Cameron to Lila's New Year's Eve party.

Jordan told Zak about what he found at the Cory mansion. He plans to become part of the Cory world. Jordan told Zak to get used to unexpected plans when it comes to Jordan. Jordan told Zak to leave him alone. Then Jordan held tightly on a key. Suddenly his deformed appearance changed into an handsome man.

Cindy refused to help Marley on her next scheme. While Marley tried to talk her into it, Jake looked at them through the window. Cindy noticed Jake and put on an act for his benefit. Finally Cindy agreed to help Marley once she threatened to tell Grant about the shooting. Cindy was to dress up as Vicki and check into a motel.

Jake called Tyrone and told him about Cindy and Marley talking outside. When Marley walked in the house, Jake hung up with Tyrone. When Jake questioned Marley about her confrontation with Cindy outside, Marley said Cindy was there to deliver a message from Grant. Grant wants to spend more time with his son. Of course, Jake didn't believe her Cindy, in disguise, used Vicki's credit cards to check herself into a room at a motel. When she left the checkout desk, the manager called the police. Joe showed up.

As Marley went to fix Donna a cup of tea, Donna was remembering some of Marley's odd behavior patterns, which occurred while Donna was staying at Marley's. She freaked out and spilled the tea. After she calmed down, Marley was able to get Jake out of the room so she could ask Donna to leave her and Jake alone for a while. A reluctant Donna obliged when Jake came back in the room. Marley tried to urge Jake to get on with his life. Jake tried to get some information out of Marley by complimenting her supportive ways. Then Jake told Marley that maybe they were supposed to be together. In a seductive voice, Jake told Marley to drop the secrets. He moved closer to Marley and was about to kiss her when Joe knocked on the door. Joe said he thinks they found Vicki. Marley was relieved. She knew her plan with Cindy worked. Jake asked Marley to join Joe and him to go see if Vicki was in fact at the motel. Marley gave an excuse to stay behind. Jake begged Donna not to let Marley out of her sight.

Jake and Joe got to the motel to find that the woman who was supposed to be Vicki left. Joe called Josie and told her to go to Vicki's house and keep Marley there until he and Jake can get there.

After Jake and Joe left, Marley planned on leaving herself. Donna started telling Marley what she remembers just to keep her there. Donna remembered everything and was telling Marley that she knows. Donna began to yell for Marley to tell her where Vicki is. When Marley headed for the door, Donna faked a chest pain, as per Jake's suggestion, but Marley didn't buy it. Marley left. Donna fell out of her wheel chair trying to reach for something. Josie got their in time to find Donna lying on the floor unconscious.

Joe called Paulina and filled her in on what happened with Vicki. Jake, Joe, and Josie where at Vicki's house to hear Donna say she knew where Vicki was just before she passed out.

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Josie was at Jake and Vicky's, Nick was there with her and Josie continues to look for clues as to where Vicky may be. She finds Marley's twin dolls and asks Nick about them. Not knowing they belong to Marley, he told her he's never seen them and Vicky likes keeping things like that. As Nick asks her about Donna, Josie told him that Donna told Jake, Joe and her that she knew where Marley was keeping Vicky, but before Donna could tell them she passed out. Suddenly Gary comes bursting through the door to bring Josie some breakfast. He asks her about being on desk duty. She thanks him for breakfast and then told him Joe released her from desk duty and had her come over to look for clues to find Vicky. He cautions her about working so hard in her condition and told her he can't help worrying about her. She told him that she was almost through searching for clues and will meet him at home when she was done. Gary leaves and Nick calls the florist and wonders if they have delivered the flowers he has sent to Remy. They tell him that she should be receiving them today. He gets disappointed and told them that they guaranteed it would be delivered yesterday. He learns that due to the Holiday season they will be late and there was nothing more he can do about it, so decides to deal with the fact that she will get them today and hangs up. Josie decides to leave and head home and told Nick she will see him later. Nick stays behind and watches after Steven and Kirkland until Jake returns from the hospital.

While Remy was in her room, the florist delivers Nick's flowers to her and Tito signs for them. As the florist waits for his tip, Tito told him to look both ways before he crosses the street and then slams the door on they guy. He then intercepts Nick's note explaining to Remy about why he had to break their date and Donna being at the hospital and Jake being there with her. Tito stuffs the note in his pocket just as Remy comes out of the bedroom. She asks them if they are from Nick and he lies taking credit for them and passes off the flowers as his own gift to Remy. Remy was not so sure she believes him, but decides to let it go. As Remy waits in vain for Nick to call, Tito not wanting Nick to call and mention sending he flowers, suggests a better way to kill some time and asks Remy to go to the bowlarama with him to bowl a few games. Remy decides to take him up on his offer they both leave. While they are gone, Nick calls and leaves a message for Remy.

Jordan Stark was sitting in his office when Zak comes in and questions him about canceling all of his sessions today. Stark confirms that he has and Zak then asks him if he was going back over to the Cory's. Stark told him very good and then hands him a package of CD's and told Zak to load the information he has given him unto the Who's Who section of the webpage. Zak asks Jordan who was David Halliday and wants to know what this was all about so he can help him. Jordan just told Zak to go, so Zak leaves to get started on his assignment. Alone, Jordan Stark then pulls out some old fashion door key and holds it in his hand. As he starts concentrating, the key in his hand begins to glow. The disfigured Jordan Stark was then transformed into a man with no facial flaws at all. He then decides to go meet Amanda.

Gary and Josie ends up making it home and Gary was in the mood for love when she arrives. Josie puts him off and told him that she really needs to get started on the report for Joe. She went into the bedroom and Gary gets an idea. He then scribbles a note on a piece of paper and puts it on his electronic toy truck and grabs the control and makes the truck deliver the message in the bedroom to Josie. She receives it and comes to the doorway dressed in a nighty. Gary grabs her up and the two start kissing and end up making love. Later they decide to get dressed and go bowl a few games before heading to the Cory's for the New Year's Eve Party.

Tito and Remy are at the bowlarama and decide to bowl a few games. While they are bowling, Tito asks Remy if she wants something to munch on. She asks if he was treating and Tito hands her a 50 dollar bill and told her to grab some chips and some sodas. Remy asks Tito where he got the money from. He lies and told her that Etta Mae paid him. Remy questions him getting paid so early since he hasn't even worked a whole week yet. Tito gives her some excuse about his work being so good, that Etta Mae decided to give him and advance on his salary. Remy was still sceptic, but went to the counter to retrieve their items. The counter-girl was so engrossed in a novel she's reading that she barely looks up at Remy. She does however, give Remy some chips and sodas and then gives her change back from the 50 dollar bill. Remy stuffs the remanding change in Tito's pocket and then sits down and waits for her turn to bowl. As she was bowling, Tito decides to go get change and walks back up to the counter-girl who was still engrossed in her novel. He lays a 5 dollar bill on the counter and told her that he needs her to break it for him. The girl gives him 5 one dollar bills. Tito lies and told the girl that he gave her a 50 dollar bill. The girl told him it was a 5, but he told her it was a fifty that he got from his aunt that says Merry Christmas to my nephew on it. She sees the 50 Remy gave her with the writing on it and thinks she has made a mistake so then she gives Tito back change for a 50. He walks back over to Remy's and continues to bowl thinking he pulled it off well. Suddenly Gary and Josie arrive to bowl a few games before heading out to Lila's New Year's Eve party at the Cory's. Upon seeing them, Tito makes a hasty retreat. At the same time, the counter-girl notices that she has been stiffed for the money. Remy catches on to what Tito has done and while Josie and Gary are finding out about what happened, Remy takes her potato chips and soda and sets it over at another table where it was hidden out of site. The angry counter-girl explains to Josie and Gary about the guy who gave her a five dollar bill and told her it was a marked 50 he had gotten from his aunt. They tell her it was an old con that people use all the time. The counter-girl then accuses Remy of conning her with the help of the guy who passed her the five. When Josie and Gary asks Remy about it, she told them that she came here to meet her boyfriend, but got stood up, and doesn't know the guy the counter-girl was talking about. She then adds that he was just some guy hassling her. They recognize her as one of the employees at Carlino's and Remy confirms it. The woman eventually leaves Remy alone and Josie and Gary take the woman aside so she can give them a description of the con-artists. While they are talking to the counter-girl, Remy decides to slip away and head home.

Tito has arrived and sees the answering machine blinking. He listens to Nick's message for Remy and then erases the message Nick left for Remy on Sofia's answering machine, just as Remy returns home. Remy immediately lights into Tito, for pulling the scam and leaving her there to hold the bag and cover for him. He told her it was just like the good old days when they use to pull that con at a million different places. She told him that those days are over. Nick shows up and Tito hides in the bedroom. Remy learns that Nick called her to tell her he'd be late and sent her the roses. She thanks Nick and hugs him. Nick told her to get her jacket so they can go. Remy went into her room to get her jacket and warns Tito that if he keeps this up, he's history. Once they are gone, Tito comes out of the room and then starts breaking the roses off the stems that Nick sent Remy.

Amanda and Cameron are in the Library and Amanda was reading a note that Cameron left for her, telling her to meet her somewhere for a romantic evening. Amanda asks Cameron for a clue as to where they are going, but all he does was kiss her. As they are kissing, Cass comes in and interrupts and told Amanda that a Brava investor, David Halliday, has arranged to meet with her today. Amanda fears that he will try and tell her how to run the magazine just because he has invested a lot of money in the magazine. Cass asks her if she wants him to stick around. She thinks he feels she can't handle it and Cass just wants to be prepared in case Mr. Halliday brought his attorney's. Amanda was ready for a fight, Cass then asks Cameron to talk some sense into Amanda. He told her as long as she was done by tonight, he has no problem. She smiles at him and told Cass he can stick around if he likes. Cass told her he has to juggle a few things around in his schedule, but will be back. He then leaves, and Amanda and Cameron pick up where they left off before Cass came in. Cameron breaks it up and told her he has to go. She asks if he was going to stick around to meet David Halliday. He told her he needs to go get ready for tonight, then kisses her and ducks out. Amanda was sitting on the couch with her back to the doorway when Jordan Stark shows up disguised as David Halliday. He walks in and sees her playing with her hair and becomes mesmerized. Sensing someone was behind her, Amanda thinks it was Cameron and turns around to meet Jordan Stark disguised as David Halliday. He was very nervous and clumsy around Amanda and ends up stuttering a lot. However, Amanda likes him and the meeting went well. Amanda was pleasantly surprised to find that Brava's major backer seems kind and unassuming. Exuding a charming awkwardness, "Jordan as David" soon has Amanda eating out of the palm of his hand. He told her that he has no intention of telling her how to run Brava. Sensing he seems familiar, Amanda asks if they've met before. Jordan says no. Amanda then makes a joke that it must have been in another life. Jordan thanks her for seeing him at such short notice and told her he looks forward to working with her. Amanda agrees and thanks him for coming. Jordan leaves, but then steps back into the Library unseen by Amanda and watches her as she tosses her hair behind her ear. He then has a flashback of the women he was searching for and remembers how she use to always play with her hair in the same manner.

Meanwhile in the Study, Cass returns as does Cameron and while Amanda was in her meeting, they decide to dig up some information on Mr. David Halliday. Cass and Cameron looked him up on the web and found him in the Who's Who listing. They then read David Halliday's bio on the Internet and are impressed with the financier's credentials, he's loaded and successful. Cass was glad to hear this news and decides to leave so he can get ready for the party. Jordan runs into Cameron in the Study as he was leaving. Cameron introduces himself and asks how the meeting went. Jordan as David told him it was great and Amanda was extraordinary, he then adds, as a editor and publisher. Cameron agrees and Jordan proceeds to leave. Amanda comes into the Study as Jordan eavesdrops outside the doorway and told Cameron it was a great meeting and she really likes David Halliday. She then told him that New Years was a time for new beginnings and that however this year turns out, she couldn't be anymore happier than she was right now. Cameron and her kiss. Pleased at hearing that, Jordan smiles to himself and then finally leaves for real. Afterwards, Cameron ducks out to get ready and while he was gone, Amanda reminisces on all the good times she has had since she has met Cameron.

Jordan went back to Lumina and was very weak and tired. He looks at his book and then has another flashback of Amanda playing with her hair and how the woman he was searching for use to play with her hair as well. He was convinced now more than ever that Amanda was the woman he has been searching for. As he thinks about her, the scene flashes back to the Cory's and shows Amanda all dressed up with her hair up (It was similar to how the woman in Jordan's flashbacks hair was styled). Amanda starts playing with it again in the same manner. Cameron comes up behind her and blindfolds her. He then leads her off to his romantic surprise for her. As the scene returns to Lumina, Jordan continues reminiscing..........


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