One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on OLTL

Clint left for London. Jessica decided to put her baby up for adoption. R.J. finished up his community service. Nora's baby kicked for the first time. Barbara revealed that Cassie was able to walk. Téa received a confusing gift from Todd.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, December 28, 1998


Blair and Max bicker... same old... same old. Kelly overhears Blair make a predictably insulting remark about Kelly's ability to run The Sun, but just cutely smiles it off. She gloats since she's the only one who can bail Blair and Max out of their joint cell, for Dorian is in Europe with Starr. After finding out from Téa that the two can go free in the morning, she decides to let them cool their heels in their mutual cell overnight. (It doesn't appear to be closely guarded, so I expect the same fun we had with them in the aphrodisiac cellar.) Kelly also appears to agree with Téa's suggestion that the two of them, ADA and newspaper gal, work out a mutually beneficial relationship. They share donuts.


Roseanne and Will meet up. He hasn't read her letter, for he didn't want it to affect what he had to say to her. Roseanne clearly knows she's about to hear something she doesn't want to hear. Before the dumping, Will tells her he cares about her, but doesn't know what to do about Jessica and the baby. Ultimately, he believes he can't be anyone's boyfriend until he sorts everything out. Roseanne thinks Jessica has done nothing but mess up her life. She tells Will she's NOT going away or disappearing, then stomps off.

Later, Will reads her letter, in which she thanks him for helping her get over her delusions about Cristian. Meanwhile, Roseanne approaches Jessica when she returns to Llanfair from the church (see below). Roseanne thought Jessica needed a friend.


In Andrew's candle-lit church, Jessica joins her mother in a pew. They reminisce and discuss what their written prayers will be this year. Jessica takes hers to the basket at the altar, where she gazes at a very hideous looking baby Jesus doll, lying in his hay filled crib. She returns to the pew, pleasing Viki by announcing that she asked for guidance. Viki promises to help raise the baby while Jessica is in college, but Jess doesn't want to send the wrong message to the baby. Viki relates that she's going to write the same prayer she always does... for all of her family. She takes the opportunity to defend Clint to Jess. Jessica wonders if loving a child is enough. Later, an extremely distracted Andrew arrives from the Millhouse (see below), and while he's in a conference with Viki, Jessica overhears a youngish, sad couple pray aloud for a child, for they have more than enough love to go around.


Kevin tries to swallow the news Andrew is telling him; that his wife has known that Barbara is the one who shot her and killed Drew. It's hard for him. Joey arrives to be stunned by Kevin's (incorrect) news that Bibi is the murderer (true), and is holding Cassie hostage (untrue). Bo tries to help out by showing Joey the pictures he took, as well as telling him of all the other coincidences, but Joey stubbornly defends Barb, even when Sykes arrives to add his two cents. Andrew asks Joey where Barb might have taken Cassie, but Joey is clueless. Bo suspects Cassie is the one tormenting Barbara, not the other way around. Kevin thinks Bo's nuts. Bo figures out that Cassie's intention is probably to make sure justice comes to Barbara. Andrew supports Bo's idea. Bo tells Sykes how to run the police department, and tries to think like his ex-wife.

Sykes or Bo calls some cops to the Millhouse. As ordered by Bo, Sykes places a warrant for arrest out on Bibi, as well as ordering the tapping of the phones at the Mill and Carriage Houses. Bo orders Andrew back to the church, then reminds Kevin of how Cassie has gone cookoo before. Kevin remains full of denial about Cassie's potential evil streak, while Joey does the same bit of mental gymnastics for Barbara. Much later, at the station, Sykes officially deputizes Bo, making him the head of the investigation.


(Hey, isn't this the same tower set used on ATWT??) Cassie holds an itty bitty .22 pistol on Barbara. Barb quivers and babbles, asking Cassie to let the authorities deal with her. Cassie does wicked beautifully. When Bibi refuses to voluntarily step up to the window, Cassie offers to help her. She threatens to shoot Barb, then put her fingerprints on the gun. Cassie commands Barb to write a suicide note. Bibi complies. Cassie dictates.

When Cassie demands to see the letter she dictated, Barb takes the paper on which she was writing and throws it out the window. She smugly tells Cassie to rework her plan. Cassie cackles. She scoffs that no one will see Barb's plea for help, since the window overlooks the cemetery, and no one goes into the cemetery in the winter. (er?) Cassie demands another suicide note to be scribed.


Andrew greets Téa at the church, then she and Viki chat pleasantly before Viki leaves. Téa articulately writes her prayer: "Todd". Kevin then arrives. A small girl finds a Christmas broach on the floor. Kevin's succinct written prayer is "Cassie". The child places the ugly broach on the ugly baby Jesus doll on the altar.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Sam's Office

Things are very uncomfortable at the Rappaport Law Office. First, Clint walks into Sam's office to find Lindsay waiting there, alone. Clint demands Lindsay tell him what she wants from him. Outside, Nora arrives and she and Sam look about ready to jump out of their skin. They discuss the case briefly and Nora hands over Clint's proposal and his financial statement. When Sam's secretary leaves the room, she wastes no time asking Sam if he's gotten the results back from the test yet, but he hasn't gotten the results yet.

"I just wanted to be happy, but I guess I'll have to rework my happiness plan", Lindsay is telling Clint as Nora and Sam enter the office. They all sit and Sam explains that they are there to discuss the situation and arrive at a settlement. They are supposed to begin by reading the two proposals, but Lindsay is too busy making digs at Nora, commenting on how well she looks, the pregnancy must agree with her and then talking about how great it is when the baby's born and you can see whether they look like the mother or the father. Clint is completely oblivious to the undercurrents, but Sam steps in to get the discussion back on track. Or at least tries to, Clint and Lindsay are soon arguing with each other, mainly about her giving money to Jessica. Clint gets fed up and asks what the point of this meeting is, Lindsay has nothing to bargain with. "Oh, yes I do", she replies, looking at Nora.

Clint doesn't even want to hear what Lindsay has to say, he's had enough of this, take his offer or leave it. Lindsay continues to needle Nora about how wonderful it must be to have a husband like Bo to come home to and to have a rock-solid marriage. Clint doesn't understand, but Lindsay's is pressuring Nora to help her with Clint. When Clint tells Lindsay his offer is off the table for good, Nora tries to get him to sit down and go over the points one by one.

But then Nora decides not to cave in to Lindsay. She stands up, declares Clint is right, this is going nowhere and suggests they meet again after the holidays. Nora and Clint leave and Lindsay yells at Sam for not defending her. Sam can't believe Lindsay's behavior, she's ruined any chance for a reasonable settlement. And why should he defend her against Nora when Lindsay chops down Nora every chance she gets. Sam warns her if she keeps on the way she's going, when the dust settles she's going to be totally alone and completely empty-handed.

Lindsay starts whining that he doesn't understand what it's like, she won't have anyone to depend on after the divorce. The only thing that can help her is the money and she doesn't see what's so wrong about blackmailing Nora to get it, the Buchanan's have plenty of money. Besides, why is that more wrong than sleeping with another mans' wife, she asks him. Because they did if for a reason that was "good and worthwhile", he tells her. Lindsay is stunned, she can't believe he actually admitted to sleeping with Nora. The two of them had denied it so much, Lindsay was starting to believe it wasn't true. She didn't want it to be true. Sam tells her to "go home". "I don't have a home", she replies. "Well, whose fault is that", he says unsympathetically and holds the door open for her to leave. Lindsay walks into the hall, leans against a wall and cries.

The Banner

At the Banner, Kevin is insisting Zach clear space in the latest edition to run an article about Cassie's abduction, no matter what it takes. As Zach heads off to do this, he bumps into Joey and, of course, the article goes flying and Joey picks it up. "Killer Nurse Kidnaps Banner Reporter" he reads, and comments it sounds like a story The Sun would run. Joey refuses to give the article back, he's not going to let Kevin print this lie.

The brothers argue, quite loudly, each accusing the other of being blind to the truth. Kevin doesn't want to accept that his actions were partially responsible for Barbara's behavior. Joey feels that Kevin lead Barbara on, led her to believe it was more than a one-night stand. When are you going to accept responsibility for your actions and for the hurt they caused other people, Joey asks. Joey eventually hands the story back to Kevin and he has Zach run it with pictures of Cassie and Barbara.

The Police Station

Bo is in charge and has set up roadblocks all around Llanview. He's also checked with anyone who might have had contact with Cassie, but turned up nothing. Andrew arrives and reports that he checked with David, but he hadn't heard from Cassie and is very upset to learn she's missing. Bo turns to Sykes and asks him to explain how Richard Graham is involved in this crime.

Andrew believes that Graham was the one who ordered him shot, but Sykes insists he knows nothing about it. Bo says that once Graham learns what is going on, he will do everything in his power to stop them, only Sykes will be able to stand up against him. Just as he says this, Graham barges in, demanding that Sykes rescind the arrest warrant that was put out for Barbara.

Sykes doesn't back down when Graham demands that Bo leave. Bo then takes over, accusing Barbara of killing Drew and accusing Graham of covering it up. When did you decide it was easier to kill the people your daughter confided in than to get her help, Bo asks. It was because Graham doesn't care about his daughter, Bo continues, it was all about getting elected. Seeing that Sykes isn't backing him up, Graham tries to leave, but Sykes grabs him and forces him to stay. Graham claims Bo has no evidence and once again asks Sykes to back him up and throw Bo out. "No, I won't", Sykes says, finally finding his long-hidden backbone.

Graham tries to talk Sykes out of it, reminding Sykes that he "owns" him, but Sykes is determined to do the "right thing", no matter what the cost. He tells how when she was in high school, Barbara tampered with the brakes of a car owned by a teacher she had a crush on after she saw him together with his wife. John covered up the evidence and used circumstantial evidence to get another student convicted, a "punk" who had committed other crimes but had never been caught. Graham knew about it and has had Sykes in his pocket ever since.

Graham rants and raves, telling them he'll see them all fired. Sykes doesn't seem worried, his confession has already cost him his job. Bo says that with Sykes and Andrew's testimony, they have enough to hold Graham for obstruction of justice. Det. West starts to read Graham his rights, but Sykes interrupts her and does it himself.

Nora arrives just as Graham is being led out in handcuffs. She and Bo discuss various things, including the fact that Barbara and Cassie haven't been found yet, her unsuccessful meeting with Lindsay, Sam and Clint and visiting Rachel for the holidays.

The Bell Tower

Cassie is sitting there, running her fingers over the gun. Across the room, Barbara awakes with a start. Why didn't Cassie just kill her in her sleep, she asks bitterly. Because Cassie still needs her to write a suicide note. Suddenly, the church bells start ringing. Both women put their hand up to cover their ears. Glancing in Cassie's direction, Barbara realizes Cassie put the gun down in her lap.

But when the two are seen next, Cassie is once again holding the gun and pointing it at Barbara. Barbara starts talking about Joey and how he must be looking for her. She notices Cassie seems tired, so she starts talking quietly about a house she saw that she imagined herself and Joey living in. As Barbara talks, Cassie's eyes close. But instead of heading for the door, Barbara slowly moves towards Cassie, trying to get the gun.

After several tentative attempts to get the gun, Barbara finally decides to try to leave the bell tower. The door, however, is locked. She goes to look out another window and finds what looks like scaffolding (from the renovation) right outside. Why she doesn't climb out on it, I don't know. Instead, she goes over to the other window, the one Cassie wanted her to jump from and looks down, but there's nowhere to go. Next, she looks up at the bell and stacks two crates underneath it.

Oh, now I see what she's doing, she's trying to ring the bell to let someone know they are up there. Unfortunately, she's too short to reach and falls off the crates onto the floor. She seems to pass out for a moment and when she opens her eyes, Cassie is *standing* over her, holding the gun.

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Written by: Marina Lawson

The Community Center

Hank is playing Santa at the Community Center and R.J. is playing Santa's helper. As R.J. bah humbugs Christmas, Hank informs R.J. it will his last week of community service.

Meanwhile, Viki admonishes Jessica to take it easy as Jessica bends and moves articles around the center. Hank approaches and Viki asks Santa what he would like for Christmas. Hank says he would like out of the Santa suit and then asks Jessica if she'll cheer up the little girl across the room--her Dad has abandoned her. Viki looks at Jessica and reminds her that her Dad loves her and asks her how much longer she'll be angry with her Dad.

Sam's Office

Sam is talking to the clinic on the phone, trying desperately to get the results of his blood test. Due to the holiday backlog, he doesn't have any luck and he hangs up the phone. Will enters his office and asks Sam why he is working so late. Sam tells him he's waiting for an important phone call. Will says he is too--from Jessica. Will has left her several messages and hasn't heard from her. Sam and Will begin to reminisce about past Christmases. Talk turns to Sam and Lindsay's divorce. Will says he does not want to be left out of his child's life.

The Police Station

Bo tries to get Nora's attention; she's spaced out yet again. Bo thinks Nora is worried about his test results. He begins to talk about the baby and they get interrupted by a phone call. Nora asks him if he's gotten any news about Barbara and Cassie. When he says no, she tells him he'll find them, all of his leads have panned out so far, including the one about Senator Graham. Bo says (with a pleased look on his face) that Drew is saying "it's almost over" every time the church bell tolls. Nora tells him she's glad he donated the bell in Drew's name. Bo says Drew is watching out for his half-brother or sister. An officer approaches and gives Bo a gift. The opens it and it's a miniature Llanview PD tee shirt.

The Church

Andrew is deep in prayer and Klueless Kevin walks in. He tells Andrew he has run a story in the Banner hoping someone has seen Cassie and Barbara. Andrew asks Kevin if he has had any sleep. Kevin says no, he's been too worried. Andrew asks Kevin to pray with him.

The Bell Tower

Barbara is temporarily knocked unconscious by her fall and awakens to see Psycho Cassie standing over her. Barbara asks her if it's the first she's done it (stood up). Cassie tells her that first she wiggled her toes and then she felt movement. Barbara asks her why she's doing "this". Cassie asks Barbara if she thought it changed anything. Barbara still can't understand why Cassie is bitter. Cassie is baffled by the question. Barbara tells Cassie she can have everything back, but Cassie says everything has been ruined.

The Police Station

Téa asks Bo about Graham and congratulates him after Bo has filled her on the specifics of the case. Bo thanks her and says it will be a high profile case for the DA's office. Nora reminds Bo they must get to church when Bo is called over by one of the officers to look at a file. Nora invites Téa to go to church but she declines, saying she is waiting for a file. Nora tells her she realizes she's had a hard year with Todd and hopes the New Year bring her better things. Bo and Nora leave the station.

Téa is sitting in a corner looking at her file and overhears a female officer whispering sweet nothings on the phone to her husband. She bah humbugs Christmas.

The Community Center

Jessica is talking to "Elf R.J." about miracles as Renee walks in with Asa. Santa Hank welcomes Asa to the Center. Asa is contributing a large sum of money to the Center and makes a speech about how special kids are and how he wants to make kids lives better (what a guy!!).

Renee asks Hank if Max can be released for Christmas. Hanks says he would be stepping on his ADA's toes. Renee says Téa is being vindictive.

Jessica gives her grandpa a hug for his generosity. He tells her there is a package under the tree at his house for her. Jessica says she doesn't think she will be able to come by to get it. Asa says he knows she doesn't want to run into her Dad, but she'll understand when she becomes a parent. He realizes he's made a faux pas and says she'll know soon enough. Renee saves the moment as she says they have a lot of exciting things to look forward to. They turn to see Lindsay enter the room wearing an elf hat similar to R.J.'s (the department store must have been having a clearance).

Sam's Office

Will and Sam are discussing the emotions of the Holiday season when Will asks Sam if he ever regretted divorcing Lindsay. Sam says he didn't regret the divorce because he and Lindsay were not made to be life partners, but they did have beautiful children.

The Community Center

Jessica approaches Lindsay and asks about Will's condition. Lindsay blames Will's pneumonia on Roseanne and stress. Viki quick like a bunny intervenes and tells Jessica that there is a cookie tray that needs refilling. Lindsay apologizes to Viki for "not disappearing" . Viki again tells her how angry she is for Lindsay's part in helping Cris and Jessica run away. Lindsay tells her that she and Clint split up over it and it should make her happy. Viki reminds her they are going to be grandparents and they should find a happy medium. When Lindsay tells her she is at the Center to help out, Viki tells her she can empty trash cans. Lindsay counters she can handle the task, probably better than Viki, because she wasn't born with money. Viki shoots back, telling Lindsay that must be the reason she is so determined to marry it (go Viki go!).

Santa Hank gives Elf R.J. a gift. R.J. gives Hank a gift too, a lottery ticket. Hanks begins to read the kids a Christmas story, a hip version of the birth of Christ (I have to admit it was very difficult not to fast forward through this part, what I do for Recaps!).

The Church

Kevin is praying but can't concentrate. Andrew encourages him, but Kevin can't grasp the faith concept. Just when I thought Kevin could get through an entire episode without referring to Cassie as "my wife" (every time he says it, it sets my teeth on edge) he asks Andrew why she has to pay for his sins. Andrew tries to explain this one away and Joey enters the church.

The Bell Tower or The Bats in the Belfry

Barbara is telling Cassie-modo that her walking means she can have her life back. Barbara wants Cassie to let her go so she can turn herself in; no one has to know what happened (Cassie is looking at her in disbelief and disgust).

Kevin, for some strange reason, is heading up the stairs toward the belfry. Joey calls out his name. Upstairs, Barbara and Cassie look at each other, hearing Joey's shout below. Joey asks Kevin where he's going and Kevin explains he is going to pay his respects to Drew--Bo has donated the bell in Drew's name. Barbara tries to make a move to go down the stairs, but Cassie-modo points the gun at her and she stops. Kevin and Joey talk about Drew; Kevin reminds Joey Drew is the guy Joey's girlfriend shot, and they bicker over Barbara. Kevin starts to postulate about "his wife" and how he loves her, blah, blah, blah. Barbara and "his wife" listen from up above. Cassie is listening intently. Barbara is also listening as Joey defends her. Kevin and Joey agree they both want the same thing, for Cassie and Barbara to be found. Kevin and Joey go back down to the church. Cassie puts the gun down as Barbara looks on--Cassie has obviously been affected by the exchange between Kevin and Joey.

The Church

Nora and Bo are welcomed by Andrew and they start to discuss Barbara and Cassie. Clint and Asa are also in church and they discuss Lindsay. Nora and Bo approach them and it is clear that Bo is still distracted by Cassie and Barbara. Bo says he feels they are missing some clue. Meanwhile, Baby Jesus is in the manger wearing Cassie's pin.

Viki is telling Jessica now would be a perfect time to make up with her Dad, but Jessica says she hasn't forgiven him. Will and Sam arrive. Sam excuses himself and Will asks Jess how she is. When he asks how Cris is, she says she hasn't seen him. Will tells her that he's the baby's father and he'll be the best father possible. Andrew begins to deliver his sermon about healing and love. The faces of those being affected by his sermon are shown (Joey and Kevin, Barbara and Cassie).

The Bell Tower

Barbara tells Cassie that Kevin loves her and slowly approaches her. She continues to talk to her, telling her she has her life back, don't throw it away.

Down in the church, Andrew finishes his sermon. Clint approaches Jess and Viki, wishing them a Happy New Year. He tells them he'll be in London with Cord. He again apologizes to Jessica and again explains why he did it (the poster for Cristian's arrest, etc.). He starts to leave and Jessica wishes him a Happy New Year. Clint comes back and they tearfully embrace. Jess offers him a ride to the airport and they walk arm in arm past Lindsay.

River is next to the manger and finds Cassie's pin.

Nora's baby kicks for the first time and she and Bo share the moment. Sam and Lindsay are looking on from across the church.

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Téa and R.J

Téa stops by Club Indigo, not wanting to face her empty hotel room, and finds R.J. there alone. They drink some eggnog and commiserate that they have no one to spend the holiday's with. R.J. asks why she's being so hard on Max. After all, Todd got many people to do things they didn't want to do. Téa ponders the notion. R.J. gives her a belated Christmas present, a lottery ticket. Téa doesn't see why she should bother, she's not a lucky person.

Téa scratches off the lottery ticket and finds that she won $100 dollars. She's so excited about being a winner that you would think she was flat broke instead of have 5 million dollars. She offers R.J. half, but he turns her down, so she tells him to pour two glasses of his best cognac, one for her and one for himself. As he does so, he remembers that Hank gave him a present earlier. He opens the box and laughs when he finds a Monopoly "get out of jail free" card inside. He jokes that maybe he should give it to Max, R.J. has no intention of needing one ever again. I believe you, Téa tells him, and so does Hank, that's why he got R.J.'s community service ended a week early. Téa thanks R.J. with a kiss in the cheek and then leaves happily, exclaiming "I can't believe I won something!". She left most of her cognac behind, so R.J. picks it up and offers a toast, "To new opportunities and family, absent though they may be.

Téa and Carlotta

Téa enters the diner and excitedly tells Carlotta about winning $100 dollars. It's not the money she's happy about, it's that she thinks her luck is finally changing. Until Carlotta pulls out a gift that was delivered for her, that is. The letter and gift are from Todd. Carlotta offers to throw it away, but Téa knows if she doesn't open it, it will haunt her. She opens the small box and finds a key on a keychain. Not understanding what it means, she opens the letter. "Delgado, Confused huh? Oh well... you'll figure it out eventually. And don't worry if you didn't get me anything. The idea of Max and Blair cooling their heels in jail is present enough for me. I always knew you had the killer instinct, just like me. Feliz Navidad, Todd."

Viki, Jessica, Nora, Asa and Renee

At Llanfair, Jessica is looking at an ugly ornament on the tree that she made when she was five. To me, it's beautiful, Viki tells her. Across the room, Asa is asking Nora what they should do about Lindsay. Nothing for the moment, she replies, at least until Clint comes back from London. Nora's actually glad he went away, it will give things a chance to cool down. Asa tell her to get Clint to settle this as soon as possible. Renee enters the room with some mistletoe and she and Asa kiss. They leave because Renee tells Asa he has one more present he has to give her. Nora, Viki and Jessica sit down and Nora comments that she wishes Bo would just call and tell them Cassie's OK. Nora admires a pretty scarf that Viki gave to Jessica, part of her wishes she'll have a girl she can give pretty things to. The other half wishes for a boy, a "baby Bo". Viki remembers she has a present to give Nora. Nora opens it and finds a scarf similar to Jessie's and also a blanket for the baby. They start talking about cribs, mobiles and two o'clock feedings while Jessica sits listening to them uncomfortably.

Jessica tells Viki and Nora about seeing the couple at the church on the "Night of Miracles" and how they were praying for a child. Jess feels it's somehow wrong that they want a child so badly and she's having a baby that she doesn't even want. She decides that she has to go talk to Will and leaves.

Cris and Roseanne stop by Llanfair with gifts. When they learn that Jessica is not there and is with Will right now, Cris gives Viki his gift to give to Jessica. Roseanne also gives Viki a gift and asks her to ask Jessica to give it to Will. They both leave quickly despite Viki's invitation to stay and wait for Jessica. After they leave, Viki wonders out loud, "Why is young love always so complicated?" Nora asks Viki how she *really* feels about Jessica's pregnancy.

When Viki first heard about Jessica's pregnancy, she thought it had derailed her(Jessica's) life, all the plans that she had. And all the plans Viki had for her, Nora adds. Viki agrees. She felt terrible when Jessica ran away because it was mostly her and Clint's fault for trying to tell Jessica what to do. That's why Viki decided since Jessica came back to keep her mouth shut and let Jessica make her own decisions. Now that she's had some time to get used to the idea, Viki actually likes the thought of having a baby in the house again. Nora says that Viki helping out with the baby will allow Jessica to "have it all". Viki thinks it won't be a total unselfish act on her part, helping take care of the baby will help Viki have it all too.

Llanview Jail

Blair is cranky after being in jail for a full day and yells at Max when he taps out "Jingle Bells" on the bars with his cup. Max tells her she did a good thing, lying to Dorian about why she couldn't go to Paris with them so Starr's vacation wouldn't be ruined. Blair starts ranting about Téa keeping her away from her daughter and vows to make Téa pay.

Blair is now pacing back and forth. When she stops because she has a cramp in her neck, Max obligingly massages her shoulder and reminds her of the last time they were locked up together, in the wine cellar. And Blair reminds him he was working with "that mangy hypocrite", Asa Buchanan at the time. Asa and Renee arrive just in time to overhear her remark, which is unfortunate for Blair because Renee had just convinced Asa to post Max and Blair's bail.

But instead of apologizing to Asa, Blair is even more hostile than before. Asa changes his mind and decides to leave the two of them to rot in jail. Max and Renee intercede and actually manage to convince Asa to change his mind, but Blair ruins it again, refusing to be indebted to "that man". Renee still wants to bail Max out, but for once he acts gallantly and refuses to leave Blair there alone.

Blair, being gracious for the first time all day, thanks Max for not leaving her alone. The moment is fleeting though, as Téa appears and Blair starts calling her "the Grinch that stole Christmas". Téa tells Blair and Max that they are free to go. They think it's a joke at first and ask why. Téa replies that she's Téa Delgado, not Mrs. Todd Manning, not anymore. "As far as I'm concerned, you never were", Blair snipes back. Max tries to shut Blair up and hurry her out, but she's not finished yet. "You started something, and I'm going to finish it chiquita. I can promise you that!", Blair informs her. Max physically grabs Blair by the jacket and hauls her out the door. Téa looks down at the key Todd sent her which she's holding in her hand.

Sam, Lindsay, and Will

The long-lost Rappaport, Jenny, is talking with Sam on the phone. Will hands the phone over to Will and goes to answer the door, it's Lindsay with a present for him. Sam opens the box and is puzzled to find a small hatchet. It's symbolic, Lindsay explains, she wants to bury the hatchet. "Not in me, hopefully", says Sam, only half joking. She thought about what he said to her, that she was selfish and manipulative, and decided he was right and to do something about it. For a start, she went to the community center and helped with the children's party. Sam is impressed. She talks to Jen for a minute, but Jen seems anxious to get off the phone and they hang up quickly. Lindsay asks Will if he told Jen about the baby, but Will says he didn't want to tell her the news over the phone. He has made a decision about the baby though, he wants to be a father to the baby and help raise it. Lindsay wants him to not have the responsibility and enjoy himself, "you're only young once", she says. But Will convinces her that he's serious about this and she finally agrees to help in any way she can.

Lindsay convinces Sam to go to the diner with her to get some pecan pie, obviously a Rappaport holiday tradition. Sam obviously doesn't really want to go alone with her and tries to get Will to come with them, but he's busy playing a video game. Lindsay and Sam leave and the doorbell rings. Still playing the game, Will makes his way to the door. It's Jessica, who is there to tell him she's decided to give the baby up for adoption.

Bo, Kevin, Andrew, Joey, River, Barbara and Cassie

In the church, Bo, Kevin, Andrew and Joey are once again discussing Cassie and Barbara's disappearance. Nothing is new, Kevin and Joey are still arguing over who's to blame. But then River comes over to Andrew and hands him the holly pin that Cassie dropped. Kevin recognizes the pin as the one Cassie was wearing the last time her saw her.

Upstairs, Barbara is trying to convince Cassie that this is a miracle, that she can walk again. She can have Kevin and her life the way it was before and Barbara will turn herself in. Cassie starts freaking, accusing Barbara of being a murderer and just wanting to get the gun. Cassie starts waving the gun around and Barbara grabs for it. The two of them struggle and the gun goes off.

Downstairs, Bo is telling everyone that the police have found a cab driver who says he picked up two women earlier in the day at the Millhouse and brought them to the church. He even helped Cassie into her wheelchair and says she didn't seem under any duress. The men hear the gunshot and run to the belfry.

They arrive in the belfry to find Barbara slumped over, sitting in the wheelchair and no sign of Cassie. Joey tries to gently wake her up, Kevin is not so gentle, but is pulled back by Bo. Barbara comes to and explains that Cassie had a gun and wanted to kill her a pretend it was a suicide. You're not going to believe this, are you, Kevin angrily asks Bo. After all, Cassie can't even walk. "Yes, she can", Barbara tells them.

Kevin tells Barbara that can't possibly be true, he would know about it. Barbara replies she doesn't know when it happened, but insists it's true. Andrew steps in and asks Barbara where Cassie may have gone. Barbara doesn't know, they were struggling over the gun, Cassie hit her on the head and that's the last thing she remembers. Isn't that convenient, Kevin yells at her. Joey yells back at Kevin to shut up and says that Barbara needs a doctor. Bo decides to take her back to the police station and have a doctor look at her there. Bo and Joey help Barbara down the stairs and Kevin and Andrew are left in the belfry to wait for the search team. Suddenly they hear a creaking noise outside the window and find Cassie there, clinging to the scaffolding.

Friday, January 1, 1998

One Life to Live will not be shown today.

Happy New Year!!

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