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Monday, December 28, 1998

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Joe and Courtney have landed on a deserted island. Both believe that they will be rescued. Until that time comes, they realize that they will need some sort of shelter and fresh water. Joe finds a fresh water stream about 100 ft from their location. He then decides to build a makeshift house out of tree branches to offer them some sort of shelter. Afterwards, Courtney starts to reminisce about the last time that she and Joe were on a Greek beach. It was the last time that she saw Joe. They had declared their love for another and made love on the sand. Joe had asked Courtney never to leave him. Joe brought Courtney back to reality by asking her to leave the past in the past. She wished she could change the past. Joe changes the subject by asking Courtney about Neal's Christmases in Greece. Courtney talks about the caroling and the presents under the tree. She also describes the similarities between Joe and Neal. She first noticed them when Neal was about one year old. Joe wished that he had known Neal then. He makes a resolution to spend a long time making up for the lost time. He then reassures Courtney that they will indeed get Neal back. Joe tries to make the best of spending Christmas Eve on a deserted Island by planting a little olive tree as a make do Christmas tree. He thinks about last year when he received a ticket for cutting down a pine tree. He said that it was worth it just to see Karen's happy face when they placed their star upon the tree. Courtney and Joe stare up at the open skies and look into the beauty of the stars. Joe remarks, " Just think, our loved ones could be staring at the same stars."

At General Hospital, Lucy is just being released. Scotty is there to pick her up. However he has no new news regarding Kevin and Eve. They realize that Gail might have some information that might help them to locate Julie. When Gail, Lee and Serena arrive at the hospital, Lucy questions Gail. Gail could not recall anything that might help them, however she did suggest that they might want to visit with Frank since he saw a lot of Julie before he caught the flu.

At Karen's apartment, Karen receives a call from the lab technicians. Apparently, Frank's body is healing with out the DL-56. Frank is still convinced that he is dying. A yelling match ensues with Frank threatening to destroy the apartment in search of DL-56 is Karen does not give him more. Karen stands her ground and adamantly refuses to give in. Frank's whole attitude changes. He apologizes, then breaks down crying. Karen agrees to give him another drug that might help to relieve the symptoms of the withdraw. Later, Karen tries to get Frank's mind off of the pain by trying to convince him to help her put up the Christmas tree. Frank is amazed that she can think about Christmas after all that has happened and the fact that Joe is in Greece with Courtney. Karen said that for no reason at all would she ever miss another Christmas. She shares some of her childhood memories with Frank. It seems that more Christmases than not, Karen were taking care of her drunken mother than opening presents from under a tree. Frank understood since he had similar experiences with his father. Karen decides to lighten the mood by finding the star for the top of the tree. When she leaves the room, Frank searches through her medical bag to find some Dl-56. All that he could find was bottle of Diaspan. As Karen enters the room, Frank puts the Diaspan into his pants pocket. Scott and Lucy arrive at Karen's. They need Frank's help finding Julie. Frank had no idea that Julie had escaped from the jail. He blurts out that Julie is carrying his child and she must have escaped in fear for her child. He completely ignored the fact that Cooper aided her escape. Frank decides that he has to find Julie before she does something foolish. At first Karen objects to Frank going, but when she sees how adamant that he is she relents. She decides to go along, however Scotty wants her to stay with Serena. When Lucy, Scotty, and Frank take their leave, Karen notices that her medicine bag was sitting open. After she searched her bag, she realized that Frank must have stolen the Diaspan.

At the Stanton house, Kevin and Eve are sitting close together on a couch. Across from them is Marsha alias Julie and Cooper who is swinging a gun at Kevin and Eve. Cooper is mad that Kevin has not thought of a way to kill Eve. Eve speaks up. She explains that good writers need silence and Kevin is no exception. Cooper decides to leave the two alone for a while. However he reminds them that the surveillance cameras will monitor them. Once the two of them leave, Kevin and Eve hook up the modem so that they can email for help. However, the only addresses that they can remember is Serena, Ramsey, and Victor. They know that Victor can be no help since he is thought to be in the poconos with Mary. A little while later, Cooper and Marsha re-enter the living room where Kevin and Ever were located. Cooper wants to hear what Kevin has written. As Kevin looks down at his blank screen, he improvises a story for Cooper. Cooper does not like his story and wants Kevin to print out a copy so that he can revise it. Thinking fast, Kevin claims the screen just went blank. Cooper is very angry until Marsha reminds him of the gift that they have for Kevin. Cooper hands the box to Kevin. Inside is a hand-drawn Cooper original. It is a chart of all of the General Homicide victims. The actual deceased victims are "X"ed off.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

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Wednesday, December 30, 1998

At the Stanton house, Kevin and Eve try to stall for time in hopes that Serena, Chris, or Victor will read their e-mail and send help. While Cooper and Julie are out of the room, Kevin has Eve stand in a spot blocking the security camera and logs onto the Internet to send more S.O.S. messages. Cooper bursts into the room and catches them in the act, so he threatens to blow Eve's brains out if Kevin doesn't come up with a plan for her demise in short order.

Still visiting with Karen, Serena asks if she can check her e-mail for messages from her pen-pal in England, but is disappointed to learn that Karen doesn't have a computer. When Karen borrows a computer from her neighbor, they discover that it doesn't have a modem.

Mary and Victor track Joe and Courtney's movements to the Greek cafe, but Victor realizes he's left his laptop in the taxi. The cafe owner welcomes them and offers to contact the cab company to track the computer down. When Victor shows him pictures of Joe and Courtney, the cafe owner says they are criminals who stayed in his upstairs room and disappeared a few days before. Victor contacts his old friend Gunther and asks for his help finding Joe and Courtney. While they sit in the cafe reminiscing about their old spy days, the cab driver returns with Victor's laptop. Victor manages to log on and finds his mailbox full, but before he can read his messages, Mary accidentally knocks the computer off the table, breaking it to pieces.

Scott, Lucy, and Frank break into Chris and Eve's apartment to look for clues, but come up empty-handed. When Chris comes homes, still dressed in his Santa suit, he almost throws them out, but Lucy calms him down when she explains about Julie's escape. The four try to think of ways they might be able to figure out where Cooper and Julie have taken Kevin and Eve, and Scott insists that Kevin's computer must be the key. Frank suggests that Chris try to log on to the hospital's server and access Julie and Eve's accounts. Before he can make any progress, however, the server boots him off the system.

Back at the Stanton house, Cooper rejects Kevin's "first draft" of Eve's demise (by garbage disposal, no less) and threatens to shoot them both on the spot. He levels the gun at Eve, but holds back, sending Julie into the other room to get something. She returns with a straight jacket and told Eve to put it on.

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Cooper forces Eve into the straight jacket, then shoves her into an alcove where he plans to encase her in the wall. In an attempt to get Cooper and Julie to leave, Kevin told them he has already contacted several people by e-mail, but Cooper refuses to believe him.

In Greece, Victor works on repairing his computer while Mary frets over their having heard no news of Joe and Courtney. Once Victor gets the computer up and running, he logs on to the Internet and checks his e-mail. He reads Kevin's message and immediately calls the PCPD, where he leaves a message for Garcia. While he is worrying about Kevin's safety, Victor plans to hack into the PCPD computer system but is distratcted by a phone call from his friend Gunther, who says he's turned up some information about Joe and Courtney. Mary takes the news optimistically and told Victor she hopes he'll get some good news about Kevin soon. Gunther arrives a few minutes later and told Victor and Mary about the shipwreck. Mary is crushed by the news.

While Lucy, Scott, Frank, and Chris continue to brainstorm ideas about how to find Kevin and Eve, Chris's computer sounds the e-mail alert. Chris checks his e-mail and reads Kevin's message. They take off for the Stanton house immediately, calling the police along the way. They arrive at the house at the same time as Garcia and his men. When Lucy suggests they storm the house, Garcia insists they take things slowly since the house could be wired with explosives.

Inside the house, Eve tries to stall Cooper from his bricklaying, but nothing dissuades him until Kevin accuses him of being a copycat. Kevin boldly accuses Cooper of plagiarizing Edgar Allen Poe's "A Cask of Amontillado" because he can't really be creative at all. Cooper grows agitated, but Kevin refuses to back down. He uses their argument as a distraction and lunges for the gun in Julie's hand. Before he can reach it, Cooper activates the electronic containment anklet, and Kevin collapses to the floor. After Cooper returns to building his wall, Eve takes Kevin's lead and starts taunting both of her captors, calling them shamelessly incompetent. While Cooper and Julie direct their anger at Eve, the police manage to slip a fiberoptic camera down the chimney. Outside, Garcia informs Scott and Lucy that they have achieved visual contact. When Lucy hears that Kevin is unconscious, she panics, but Scott calms her down. Both Frank and Scott grow impatient with Garcia's waiting game, and Scott tries to grab the bullhorn from Garcia's hand. Garcia stops him and uses the device himself to inform Cooper that he and his men have the house surrounded.

When Julie hears Garcia's voice, she becomes frightened and suggests that she and Cooper start looking for a way out. Cooper refuses to go and assures her he has a contingency plan. When Garcia calls them on the phone line, Cooper demands to talk to Lucy, whom he plans to trade for Eve. While Cooper is on the phone making his offer to Lucy, Eve shouts for Lucy to refuse him since he just plans to kill her too.

Friday, January 1, 1998

Due to the New Year's holiday, Port Charles was not broadcast.

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