One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on OLTL

Both Bo and Sam tested negative for Gaucher's disease. Blair and Max ended up in jail after their plan backfired. Will threatened to take Jessica to court. Cassie suffered a mental breakdown.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, January 4, 1999

In the Rappaport home, Jessica reveals to Will that she's determined to give their baby up for adoption, and doesn't listen to a word Will says in defiance of her reasoning. She turns into her mother. She tells him coolly that if he would think about it, he would realize that adoption is the best thing for the child. She leaves. Will ponders.

Later, Roseanne arrives. With some difficulty, she tells him that she's willing to have a relationship with him, and has accepted the situation with Jessica and the baby. He informs her of Jess's decision. At first, she thinks Jess's choice is a good one, but then discovers how truly upset Will is, for he wants to be a part of his child's life. She encourages him to use his rights and fight for what he wants. Will is elated, as he hadn't thought of this move on his own.

At Llanfair, Nora and Viki bond over the joys and toils of motherhood. Viki wonders what part of the family Jessica's baby will look like, and mentions Sam, which gets a look from Nora. Nora then reveals about the potentially fatal disease the baby might have. (Gaucher's) Jessica comes in. Viki gives her Roseanne's gift to Will as well as a gift to her from Cris. Jess tells her mom of her choice to put the baby up for adoption, and Viki handles the news well, but after Jess leaves, she shows Nora how disappointed she is. Later, Jess opens Cris' present, which is a teddy bear. Meanwhile, Viki walks sadly around the deserted Banner, then sits at Kevin's desk.

In the police station, Joey walks down the corridor with a whimpering handcuffed Barbara. Bo orders Detective West to process her, impatient to start the interrogation. Hank vows to throw the book at her. Barb weeps and gasps and gulps and simpers to Joey. Bo begins his questioning right there in the middle of the crowded room, while all the cops and whoever else is there watch and listen. (She doesn't have a lawyer. I don't see anything or anyone recording the talk.)

Bo asks her what happened. Barb chews up every inch of the scenery, but tells the story. She apologizes to Bo, who isn't moved. (I think Joey is, though. He has a corny look on his face.) Barbara cries wretchedly to Bo that it seemed Drew knew he was going to die. He had no fear. Bo refuses to forgive her and tells the cops to lock her up. She is guided gently from the room. Later, Bo hugs Nora, telling her that it's really over now, and he can focus solely on her and their baby.

On the scaffolding on the church, Andrew and Kevin do what they can to prevent Cassie from jumping. She is quite hostile to Kevin, though he doesn't really notice. She asks twice for his removal. When he leaves the first time, the bell tolls suddenly, and Kevin comes back in a hurry. Cassie warns him off. She feels truly horrible, and thinks she is beyond redemption, and so finds jumping her only solution. Andrew speaks to her of River, and she calms down enough to not notice Kevin, who sneaks up from behind and pulls her away from the edge. She weeps.

At the diner, Lindsay and Sam have some pie. She tells him that she's willing to forget Sam and Nora's secret, since he's handling her divorce, and since Will is having a baby. She departs. At another table, Hank makes a date with Detective West. She bumps into Nora on her way out. Hank watches (but doesn't hear) Nora ask Sam if he received the test results yet, but he hasn't. When Sam leaves, Hank approaches Nora with the mildest of suspicions about their relationship, to which Nora is vastly over-defensive. He's just concerned about her.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At the Sun...

Blair walks in to see Kelly seated at 'her' desk. Blair then presents her proposed headline for the next edition of The Sun, which states that she and Max had their convictions reversed. But Kelly presents her headline which states that Barbara Graham is the murderer and that Sen. Graham is an accessory to murder. They bicker over which headline to go with, and they both know that it will be up to Max to decide which headline to go with.

At the Llanview Jail...

Joey visits Barbara. There, he reconfirms his love and loyalty to her and promises to be by her side through this whole thing. He also asks her if she got close to him because she really loved him or because she just wanted to be closer to Kevin and Cassie.

At Sam's office...

Lindsay walks into Sam's office unannounced and reminds him about the big bash at the Country Club. He then reminds her that he is really trying to work on her case and to leave him alone.

Bo and Nora's place...

Nora's plans for a relaxing day with Bo is changed when he tells her that he was asked to the police station to talk to John Sykes. Asa arrives at their place and tells Nora that they have some business to talk about, unaware that Bo is there. Asa then sees Bo and congratulates Bo on solving the case (finding Drew's killer) and hope that he doesn't return to the police force. Bo shrugs that last comment off. The phone rings and it's the hospital with Bo's test results and they are negative for Gaucher's disease. When Bo leaves, Asa tells Nora that she has to tell Sam to be tested also for the disease. She tries to throw him out, but he threatens to call Sam himself. With that, she calls Sam herself.

When Sam answers the phone, Sam tells her that he cannot talk to her right now because Lindsay is in his office (Lindsay doesn't know that Nora is on the phone with Sam). Nora tells Sam that he has to get the results of the his tests soon because Asa is giving her pressure about the whole thing. Sam then tells Nora that he will try his best is getting the results soon. After the phone call, Asa tells Nora that she and Bo should go for a vacation and that he has fueled up his jet and it is ready to take them to Nassau. But Nora tells Asa that they cannot go because Bo really wants to go to that big party at the Country Club.

Back at the Jail...

Barbara tells Joey that maybe her sad childhood has a lot to do with how she is today. She also tells him that she feels different around him, proclaims her love to him, and apologizes for what she has done.

Upstairs at the Police station...

Bo runs into Hank and Lisa. Hank asks him if there is anything wrong and Bo tells them that he and Nora had a little scare about their gene pool but that everything is alright. Bo then tells them that John wanted to see him. Bo meets with John and, with everyone in the precinct around, John offers Bo his old job back and that he is stepping down as police commissioner. Bo accepts and then tells John that he would like to have in the department. Bo gives Kelly Drew's badge.

Back at the jail...

Joey tells Barbara that he has come to know two different Barbara's: one that is caring and loving, and the other is scared and confused. She then tells him that she is tired of people making excuses for her mistakes, and Joey tells her that she still loves her. Barbara then tells him that she has to pay for her mistakes. Joey tells she that she will not go through this alone. She tells him that she can do this alone now because she is stronger now. But Kelly walks in and asks her if that is how she felt when she shot Drew.

At the Sun...

Blair is still miffed that Max chose Kelly's headline over hers. Max tells Blair that he did that as a good business decision and that Kelly's headline will sell more papers. Max is fascinated with Blair's obsession to get even with Téa and points out to Blair that she is jealous that Todd actually fell in love with Téa.

At Sam's office...

Sam asks Lindsay to leave so that he can work on her defense against Clint. Lindsay notices a brochure on Gaucher's disease on Sam's desk. She then tells him about how devastated his aunt was when she lost her child to the disease. Her statement scares Sam. Lindsay leaves and Sam calls the lab and demands that they put a rush on his test results.

Back at the Jail...

Kelly tells off Barbara, with Joey trying to cool off Kelly (he doesn't succeed). Kelly goes on telling Barbara how she killed so many of her dreams and plans.

Back at the Sun...

Max tries to invite Blair to the big bash at the Country Club, but she reminds him that he already has a date: Miss Téa Delgado Manning.

Back at the Jail...

Joey tells Barbara that she didn't deserve to hear what Kelly had to say, but Barbara tells him that she did deserve to hear every word that Kelly said. She then tells Joey to leave her to deal with this alone. Joey leaves.

Back at Bo and Nora's...

Bo comes home and tries to tell Nora the good news, but Nora has something to tell him, too. She suggests to him that they should get away and go to the Bahamas. He then tells her that he is the police commissioner again and she congratulates him. He then tells her that they cannot go on a vacation because of the transition that will be taking place at the police department and that the big bash at the Country Club is close at hand.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Written by: Marina Lawson

The Banner

Blair is trying to convince Max to take Téa to the dance at the country club. Max is resisting, but Blair convinces him to do it, telling him she has a plan to take revenge on Téa for putting them in jail. Max finally agrees, but tells Blair she is going to owe him "big time." Max asks Blair what her plan is. Blair pulls out a diamond necklace (Dorian's) from a drawer. Max leaves and Blair calls in "Mike" (a Banner employee) and blackmails him into participating in her plan.

Cassie's Hospital Room

Andrew comes into Cassie's hospital room where he finds Kevin next to a sleeping Cassie. He asks Kevin to come outside. Andrew talks to him about Cassie's breakdown. He broaches the subject about putting Cassie in a "facility." Kevin is in denial, not believing that Cassie is sick and refuses to institutionalize her.

The Country Club

Bo and Nora walk into the country club. Bo feels "like a million bucks." Asa is surprised to see them there (thinking they have gone on their trip). They tell him that Bo has been re-appointed police commissioner. Asa is not happy with the news, but Bo defends his decision. Asa pulls Nora away for a talk and tells her it was a bad idea for Bo and Nora to be there. Nora tells him she had no choice, but Asa continues to press her, telling her that Sam will be there. Nora says Sam won't show, he's waiting for his test results. Asa tells Nora she is coming apart and she goes back to find Bo.

Sam's Office

Sam is working late at his office. Lindsay walks in and startles him. When he questions her as to why she is there, she reminds him that she was coming back to take him to the country club dance and pulls out his "penguin suit."

Sam refuses to go, but Lindsay pleads, cajoles and massages. When Lindsay tells him she'll pull out all the stops to get him to go, Sam over-reacts. Lindsay calms him down and begins to talk about how her attractiveness quotient is diminishing, and again asks Sam to take her to the party. Sam tells her he is waiting for an important phone call. She tells him to have the call forwarded. When that doesn't do the trick, she pulls out the last trick; she wants to go to the party to show she hasn't been affected by the divorce. Sam gives in.

The Country Club

Nora is looking at her cell phone and is startled when Bo comes up behind her. Bo is in fine fettle, but Nora is looking tortured.

Blair enters the club. Kelly approaches her and asks where Max is. Blair tells her he has other plans for the evening.

Téa's Room

Max knocks on the door and Téa nearly kills herself getting off her treadmill to answer the door. When she asks him what he's doing there, he says he is there to make up with her. Téa is not buying it and closes the door in his face. Max yells at the door that he is not leaving until he convinces her otherwise. She opens the door and Max shoves flowers at her and goes into her room.

Outside Cassie's Room

Andrew is telling Kevin about how nice the "facility" is for Cassie. Kevin says he doesn't care how nice the facility is, it is Cassie's worst fear to be put into an institution. Andrew tells Kevin no one knows better than he does, he's been through it before. Kevin (who has been irritating me to no end lately) the King of Denial, tells Andrew it's different, Cassie can walk now. Andrew tells him it's not a physical problem, it's Cassie's mind that is in trouble. He reminds Kevin about Cassie's behavior. Kevin still thinks that now that the kidnapping and torture is over, that Cassie will recover on an out patient basis. Andrew can't believe it; Kevin sounds like he did once. Kevin reminds Andrew (as if Andrew somehow has forgotten) that he's no longer married to her, he is. Andrew again reminds him about the Cramer family history of mental illness. Kevin stupidly tells him that he's not a psychiatrist. Andrew continues to try to talk sense into him, but Klueless Kevin re-emerges and he walks away from Andrew into Cassie's room.

Cassie is awake and tells Kevin and Andrew she heard voices. She wants to know what they are talking about. Kevin tells her they were talking about how much everyone loves her. Andrew leaves and Kevin asks her how she is feeling. She tells him that she feels as if her brain is wrapped in cotton. Kevin tells her it's the sedatives. Cassie asks Kevin again what they were talking about. When Kevin avoids the question, Cassie asks if it's about having her committed. She tells Kevin she can be taken care of in the hospital and begs Kevin not to commit her.

Téa's Room

Téa again asks Max if what he wants is a headline. They talk about Todd and Max apologizes for his part in not letting her know that Todd was lying. He tells Téa that he was blind-sided by love and that he's ready to move on. Max talks Téa into going to the country club party. She agrees, because she knows Max is up to something.

The Country Club

Blair approaches Mike and a very elegant woman who happens to have a diamond necklace on (the necklace is similar to the one Blair had in her hand at the Banner). Blair gets a phone call--it's Max telling her that they're ready.

Bo is telling Hank and Nora and about his plans for the future of the police department. They talk about party plans for the millennium and Nora finally gives Bo a smile. As Bo talks about how lucky he is, Nora stops smiling when she sees Sam walking into the room with Lindsay. They look at each other from across the room.

As Sam and Lindsay talk, Asa approaches and chastises them for being there. Lindsay refuses to leave and threatens Asa. Sam takes her away from the melee and warns Lindsay. She says she can't help rattling Asa's cage.

They approach Bo and Nora and Lindsay congratulates Bo. Nora tells Sam that she didn't expect to see him there. As Sam explains his reason for being there, Nora asks him about the results of his "case." Sam says he is still waiting for a phone call. Lindsay makes cryptic remarks about how Sam and Nora are so connected, they speak in code.

Sam spirits Lindsay away; Bo goes to talk to Kelly, leaving Nora looking even more stressed and tortured.

Blair sees Max and Téa and "blows up" at the sight (what a convincing actress) of them together. Max says it's a New Year, it's time to mend fences. Blair huffs and puffs and flounces off. Téa is watching with amusement.

Blair leans over the shoulder of Mike's date and asks if she would like to accompany her to the powder room. As they walk past Téa and Max, Téa wonders what they are up to.

Cassie's Room

Kevin tells Cassie he won't allow her to be taken away; he and Bo will see to it that no one gets near her. When she seems puzzled, Kevin explains that Bo has been reinstated as police commissioner. Cassie tells Kevin why she didn't go to the police and how terrible it was knowing that Barbara was the shooter. (Writer's comment: Watching Kevin's face as he talks to Cassie, he looks a lot like a chimp). She tells Kevin that now that she has her life back, they can have their honeymoon and they can dance. Kevin tells her they will dance all she wants to, but she must a little physical therapy first. Cassie tells him that Barbara can do that, she's a nurse. Kevin is taken aback and Cassie explains who will punish Barbara if they don't? The light finally goes on in Kevin's Klueless head.

Kevin tells her she isn't making any sense, Barbara will be in jail. Cassie doesn't understand who will punish Barbara and why is Kevin defending her? She asks Kevin if he wants to sleep with Barbara again. Kevin tries to tell Cassie that he loves her. Cassie asks Kevin for the 50th time if he going to put her away. Cassie is scared and Kevin tries to reassure her.

The Country Club

Nora is clearly uncomfortable with Sam and Lindsay there. Hank notices that Nora is tense. Bo comes back from his talk with Kelly and asks Nora if she is all right; she seems distracted. Asa approaches and takes Bo aside for a talk. Renee tells Nora that she is wound up tighter than a drum. She asks Nora about Sam's test results (I must have missed something along the way, because I don't remember when Renee found out about Nora and Sam). She tries to talk Nora into going home, but Nora gets even more upset and leaves the room. Bo asks Renee what happened. Renee says she was the one who upset Nora, but Bo can't understand what has gotten Nora that upset.

Max sees Blair across the room. She nods at Max and approaches Téa and Max at their table. She asks Téa if she has heard from Todd. Téa tells her that she has and that she received a Christmas gift from him. When Blair asks what it was, Téa says, "as if I'd tell you." Blair excuses herself and drags Max away from the table. Téa opens her handbag and takes out the key Todd sent her. She looks down at it pensively.

Blair hands Max the diamond necklace and instructs him to put it in her purse. Max returns to the table. Max and Téa smile at each other.

Cassie's Hospital Room

Kevin is outside Cassie's room talking to Andrew. He is telling him about how out of it Cassie is (DUH) and how she still wants to punish Barbara. Andrew again tells Kevin about the facility, but Kevin refuses. "His wife" looked him in the eye and told him she would not go to an institution and he gave her his word. Andrew says to let the doctors make the decision. Kevin goes into Cassie' room and finds her gone.

The Country club

Bo sits down with Nora at a table. Nora is still preoccupied and way out of it as Bo tells her that Clint was right about Lindsay, he thinks Lindsay is still in love with Sam. Nora is distracted by Sam's phone ringing and looks across the room. Bo can't help but notice that Nora is more interested in Sam's phone call. Sam leaves the room to take his call.

Asa approaches Lindsay and gives her a big bribe check. She tears it up. They trade barbs about Sam and Nora.

Kelly approaches Bo and Nora and asks to speak to Bo. Nora excuses herself to go to the powder room. Kelly gives Bo the charm from the necklace that Drew gave her.

Max sees Bo and Kelly and calls Téa's attention to them. When Téa is distracted, Max takes the necklace from his pocket and slips it into Téa's handbag. Blair watches from across the room in delight. Téa tells Max that Bo and Kelly must be talking about Drew and then apologizes to Max for being so suspicious. She tells him it was sweet of him to take her to the dance and that he's a nicer guy than she gave him credit for. She gives him a kiss and Max is feeling guilty. Blair is still watching from across the room and is wondering what Téa is up to.

In the next room, Sam is finishing his phone call. Nora rushes in and Sam says he is still waiting for the doctor to call. She starts to lose it again saying she knows it's bad news. Sam tries to calm her down. Sam's phone rings and the results are negative. Nora collapses in relief and she begins to cry. They embrace and Bo walks in and surveys the scene.

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Blair's plan to incriminate Téa backfires when Téa figures out what she's up to. Blair has Astrid make a big scene that her diamond necklace is missing. But when Astrid accuses Téa and Hank has Téa dump out her purse, there's no necklace. Téa then mentions she saw Blair leave the restroom when Astrid was in there. Sure enough, when Blair is forced to dump her purse, there's the necklace, which Téa obviously put there. Blair, furious that her plan failed, is dragged off to the police station.

Bo walks out into the hall and sees a crying Nora in Sam's arms. Nora rather lamely explains that she was telling Sam about the genetic problem that the baby could have had and started crying with relief. Sam and Lindsay make a hasty retreat back into the dining room. Bo, however is not satisfied with Nora's story, why would she even be telling Sam about the genetic problem at all? Nora, unconvincingly, explains that Sam had shown such concern about the baby when she was in the hospital the last time, she just felt she could tell him about it. Bo doesn't buy it and wants to know what's *really* going on. He decides he's not in the mood for the party anymore and goes to get their coats. Nora goes back into the dining room and is approached by Asa and Renee. She tells them the good news about Sam's test results and the bad news that Bo saw her and Sam hugging. Bo returns with her coat and the two of them quickly leave.

At the hospital, Andrew and Kevin find that Cassie is not in her room. After determining that she's not out having tests, they alert security to look for her. In Cassie's room, Kevin looks at Cassie's music box with the ballerina on it and declares that he knows where Cassie is. Meanwhile, at the country club, Cassie all of a sudden appears and starts dancing on the dance floor, holding a bouquet of flowers as if it were her dance partner. No one does anything, they just stand around watching her, looks of amusement or concern on their faces.

Finally, Kelly steps forward and speaks to Cassie, who seems perfectly calm, but not in touch with reality. Although she's dressed in a nightgown and shawl, she seems to think she's wearing a ball gown that Dorian gave to her. Kelly tries to take her out of there, but Cassie insists on staying. Kevin promised he'd meet her there and they'd dance, according to Cassie. Finally, Kevin and Andrew do show up. Kevin and Cassie dance while everyone else stands and watches, and then Cassie allows Kevin to take her "home." Instead, they go back to the hospital and Cassie is in bed, asleep. Kevin and Andrew go outside to talk and Kevin agrees that Cassie needs help, more help than he can give her, and agrees to look into professional help for Cassie.

Meanwhile, Blair is once again cooling her heels in jail. Téa tries to call a truce and offers her hand to Blair to shake, but Blair refuses to give up on her vendetta. Max, once again trying to be gallant, tells Téa that planting the diamond necklace on her was his idea, Blair had nothing to do with it. Although Téa doesn't believe him, his gallant offer lands him just where it did before, in jail with Blair.

Bo and Nora arrive home and Bo presses Nora to tell him what is wrong. When did you stop trusting me he asks? Nora insists that she does trust him and there is nothing to hide, but her protest is unconvincing. When Nora tries to drop the subject and suggests they go up to bed, Bo tells her to go ahead, he'll turn out the lights. They both say "I love you" and Nora heads up the stairs. Bo does turn out the light, but instead of going upstairs to bed, he goes out the front door and shuts it behind him.

Friday, January 8, 1999

Kevin feared that the Cramer madness had finally taken control over Cassie and he blamed himself for her downfall. Viki told Kevin that his love alone couldn't cure Cassie. Kevin received a message that Dorian was flying home. Bo questioned Asa about Nora, but Asa pretended that nothing was wrong. Sam warned Nora that Bo would eventually learn the truth about the baby. Nora couldn't believe how out of control things had gotten and realized that sleeping with Sam had been a stupid idea. Nora feared that when Bo found out the truth, it would destroy him and their marriage. Sam advised Nora to trust that Bo would forgive her. Sam returned to his office to find Bo waiting for him. Meanwhile, Cristian and Jessica agreed that it would take time to mend their relationship. Will threatened to take Jessica to court over their baby. Will didn't think it was fair of Jessica to make decisions about their baby without taking his feelings into consideration. Will and Jessica agreed to think about both their decisions.

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