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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on PC
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Monday, January 11, 1999

Eve and Kevin
At the start of the show, Kevin and Eve arrive at the Lighthouse for a cozy dinner for two. However before long their dinner for two is invaded by two others, Lucy and Scott. Everywhere at the Lighthouse are subtle reminders of Lucy. Looking at the music selection brought back memories of Scotty for Eve. Kevin and Eve are having problems forgetting the other two. Eve informs Kevin that she will not be used as a warm body to take the place of Lucy. Kevin responds by saying that he had the chance to be with Lucy tonight yet he chose to be with Eve instead. Kevin had an idea to make this date special with out the interruption of ghosts from the past. He decided to take Eve to their favorite spot, the Karaoke bar and grill.

At the bar and grill Kevin sings first. He decides to dedicate the song, "Feelings" to all of those people who are trying to forget someone they loved. Later, Eve joins in on a off key duet. Afterward, they share a very special kiss. Kevin asks Eve to come back to the Lighthouse with him. She agrees, but first she wants to enter the Limbo contest. Kevin decides to show off and wins the Limbo contest. Unfortunately his back is not what it used to be. Eve and Kevin both agree that this was the best date that they have ever had.

Karen and Frank
At the hospital, Frank told Karen that his mother is in Greece. He informs her that Joe and Courtney were arrested for smuggling, stowed away on a boat that sank, and are now presumed missing or dead. Frank and Karen decide to hop on a plane to Greece and help the man that both of them love.

Courtney and Joe Courtney is still delusional. Joe is worried that she will not survive. In Courtney's delusional state she dreams that Joe has just realized that he still loves her and wants to marry her right there on the island. She is thrilled with the idea. As they are saying their vowels, Karen and Frank try to intercede. Karen is hurt that Joe is leaving her. Joe explains that if he knew that Courtney was going to come back into his life, then he would never had asked her to marry him. Frank tried to warn Joe about Courtney's infidelity. He told Joe that he had slept with Courtney the whole time that they were dating. However, Joe refused to be influenced by the past. Joe finished his vowels. In another part of her dream she and Joe are saying goodbye to Neal as they leave for their honeymoon. Courtney is awaken from her delusional state. She told Joe that she does not think that she will make it.

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Eve comes to the lighthouse and finds Kevin recuperating on the couch. While they share a breakfast of raspberry croissants, Kevin flirts mercilessly with Eve. In the process of tracking down a cup of tea and some aspirin for Kevin, Eve stumbles across countless reminders of Lucy. Before she gets ready to leave for the hospital, Eve told Kevin how uncomfortable all of Lucy's possessions make her feel. After she leaves. Kevin looks around the room and begins to think about getting rid of his mementos of Lucy.

Joe, Courtney, Victor, and Mary land on the Kanelos' island and begin to cook up a plan to get Neil back. Joe throws together a disguise from some of Victor's tings, and Courtney gives them a detailed description of the property and told them that the secret password she has with Neil when someone else picks him up from school is "double cheeseburger." Claiming to be an eminent archaeologist and his research assistant, Victor and Joe gain access to the house and meet with Costas. Victor asks Costas if he can get a look at an ancient Minoan temple that stands on the island. Just as Costas agrees, Neil comes into the room and almost blows their cover by recognizing Victor. Later, Joe and Victor join the Kaneloses for lunch, and Victor takes the opportunity to talk about food. He manages to work Neil's password into the conversation and hopes the boy will realize what he is up to.

At the firehouse, Lucy turns her attention to Jax cosmetics, which is in disarray and in danger of being edged out of the business by the merger of two other cosmetics companies. Serena told Scott and Lucy that Claude, the document restorer, will be stopping by with the paper Scott brought back from Florida. She told them she's hoping it will turn out to be a treasure map. Claude shows up and told them that the document is really just a dress pattern. Lucy told Scott she wants to keep it as a memento of their romantic adventure in Florida. Scott takes a mildly disappointed Serena to school and returns a while later to find Lucy wearing the dress she found in the Florida mansion. When Scott asks for an explanation, Lucy told him that she now feels their rekindled romance is a good thing, one that she wants to continue. Scott takes Lucy in his arms and kisses her passionately.

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Mary came up with a plan and with Courtney's help, they held the Kanelos' guards hostage. The tables then turned, however, and Mary and Courtney were taken hostage by the guards. Meanwhile, Joe explained to Neil that Courtney was alive and wanted to take Neil back to Port Charles. Joe signaled his escape plan to Neil just as the guards arrived with Mary and Courtney. Neil then ran into Courtney's arms. Julie told Frank that there wasn't anything left to say and asked him to leave her alone. Julie asked Garcia if it was possible for her to redeem herself and agreed to answer his questions about the murders. Julie also began feelings the effects of morning sickness. Frank told Karen all he had done to protect Julie. Karen suggested that Frank try to make amends with Eve. Later, Frank apologized to Eve.

Friday, January 15, 1999

While Eve complains to Chris about the overwhelming presence of Lucy in Kevin's house and life, Kevin finishes packing Lucy's things and pays a courier to deliver them to the firehouse.

Lucy opens the box from Kevin and decides that having her things around her might help her come up with a great inspiration for saving her company. Scott encourages Lucy to take chances in her attempt to bring the business back on track. When Lucy told Scott that she is afraid she won't be able to stir new interest in Jax Cosmetics with Brenda gone, he playfully suggests that she put on her Florida dress and go before the cameras herself. Lucy seizes on the idea, and told Scott she plans to manufacture a new line of romantic clothing. Thrilled that they've finally come up with a winning idea, Scott and Lucy share a passionate kiss.

Ellen pays a visit to Kevin, who told her about his decision to get rid of Lucy's things. He admits that his friendship with Eve could grow into something more serious, but he is afraid that Lucy will never really be out of his life. Ellen hands some of Kevin's own advice back to him and suggests that it is time for him to make room in his life and his heart for something new.

After her conversation with Kevin, Ellen heads over to Matt's place. She gives him towels with her monogram on them and explains that she wants to make sure his life is full of reminders of her. Matt told her that he could never even think of his life without her, and they share a romantic moment. After Chris advises Eve to go after Kevin if she really wants him, Eve calls Kevin and leaves a half-dozen awkward and contradictory messages on his answering machine. When Kevin finally picks up on the sixth call, explaining that he's been in the shower, Eve starts to back-pedal and apologize. Kevin tells her to hang up and come straight to the lighthouse.

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